Pooplist 2001

Andy "Swank" Martin

Welcome fellow poopers! Here it is, the wax tracks on black that were so cool.....uhh yeah.... the top shit from us bottom feeders in da dance underground......
this was the year that we took it outta the bedroom and back to the people with Swank.
It was the year techno began to make a comeback after years of disrespect and gave progressive house (too much of the same thing is killin me!) a run for its money and in all the boxes of all the DJ's in the know....
It was the year that Daft Punk (CRAP JUNK!!!!) lost all their underground credit with Discovery an album that broke new ground for lameness and made Cher seem palatable. Yeah, it flat out sukkked!
It was a year where the Hooj label dominated the scene and where DJ's like Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox took things to a new level by upping the anty with onboard effects, 909's, foot pedals, and flat out blazin' skillz.
A year where the breaks dumped hardhouse and caught us sittin' on our hands...2 steppin to uk garage.....and then finally blown away by leftfield Norweigan house (Royksopp rules!) and without further ado....la musica

12" wax
1. X-press 2 - Smoke Machine (still chuggin' 10 years after!)
2. Royksopp - Poor Leno (subtle brilliance)
3. Untitled - Dave the Drummer - Hydraulix (mad bangin toooon)
4. Mac Zimms - Ancient Myth
5. Rhythm Masters - Heavy Soul (great singles lame album)
6. Electric J - So Good (beautiful and deep)
7. Silicone Soul - Right On! (2 years and still rulin' it)
8. Green Velvet - La La Land (what can I say???)
9. Deetron - The Vertigo EP (crackin' tech funk)
10. Lovesky - Drums 4 better Daze (more hooj madness)
10a.David James - (Always) A Permanent State (hooj again!)
11. Slam - Lifetimes (Silicone Soul remix) (What a year for the glaswegians!?!)
12. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Bushwacka! Remix)
13. Raven Maize - Real Life (simple minds house???)
14. Jakatta - American Dream (kick started the chill house thang)
15. Basement Jaxx - Where's your head at??? (One of the best remix packs of the year)
16. Blaze - My Beat (Jan Driver remix)
17. CZR & Ito - Bringin' the funk & feel the pressure
18. Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 people (deep and pretty)
19. Peter Heller presents stylus trouble - sputnik
20. Dave Clarke - The Compass (josh wink philly mix)
21. Chemical Brothers - It began in Afrika
22. Lio - rapture (just a tad over-rated but still good)
23. Freq Nasty - Amped

LP's 1. Royksopp - Melody A.M. (kinda like Air on crystal meth, flat out what Daft Punk and Air wish they wrote and beyond that... just out of nowhere brilliant)
2. The Avalanches - Since I left you (everybody knows this by now)
3. Zero 7 - Simple Things (great come down affair)
4. Oxide & Neutrino - Execute (breaks for the kids)
5. Basement Jaxx - Rooty (Far superior to first LP)
6. Slam - Lifetimes (very solid outing, maybe their 'leftism')
7. New Order - Get Ready (back with a vengeance)
8. Cricco Castelli - Streetlife (like the clash in Rio with a 4/4 beat)

Worst Releases and Biggest Disappointments
Well after Daft Punk the list is fairly short but Air definetly slipped with the second record and if I hear that Eddy Grant remix again it'll be too soon.

Best Reissues - Sergio Mendes and the Brazil 66' - Look Around

Best Free CD - Instant Party - Just Add People - Krafty Kuts

Clubs & Parties - Swank at the Rive Gauche was the party of the year on a local level and being the housedad I am, I can't comment on anything else...However....I give it up to Steve M. (African dancers and fire eater) and Alex H. (Your parties brought it all back!) for their digs as they re-injected life into us all!! Cheers to you both.

My Peeps - To all the Swank girls and boys (swankers?), without the dancers we'd be playin wid ourselves. To JK you are the scene, keep the energy going you brought it back...now lets take it to the next level!!!!,To C-dub (2 steppin flava, yo brother you'll work it out), to Steve (Massiv') Masson (what was that ill record you played?), to Dennis (mad deep, yo thanks for the boost!) and of course to the G-Man (dick butterly, chet amsterdam, george christian) take it on the road ya professional. Last but not least to my wife Judi for putting up with my never ending obsession and all the late nights. Peace. Andy


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