Pooplist 2001

Irv Rosen

What I Listened to in 2001

There seemed to be a gap from mid-September on, but this is what I remember listening to and enjoying, of course, in no particular order:

Nick Lowe - The Convincer
Having turned his attention from rock to sweet-sounding quiet tunes, Nick turned out an outstanding set. I still dig his mood.

Dave Edmunds - Hand Picked
The other half of Rockpite self-reteases an eclectic set of (mostly) acoustic songs raging from classical to Elvis to Mason Williams. With a new replacement heart valve, Dave is in good form

Bob Dylan - Love And Theft
I really did not expect (or even want) to like this but I keep going back to it. Maybe ifs the moustache.

The Trifecta: 0 Brother, Where Art Thou
              Down from the Mountain (cd)
              Down from the {Mountain (concert movie)
I know the album has been played to death but... There is not one song I do not like.The movie concert (and cd) are great, especially (surprisingly) the late John Hartford.

John Hammond - Wicked Grin
Faux bluesman does an entire album of Tom Waits, produced by Mr. Waits. Great songs, more listenable (but not necessarily better) than the orignals.

Lucinda Williams - Essence
She keeps getting better. Like it more each time I hear it.

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings - Time (the Revelator)
What a crime that David does not get co-biTITng with GFTIian. Take away hfs sweet harmonies and all of her work is diminished. Took time but love it.

Patty Loveless - Mountain Soul
A revelation. From hack country star to rootsy bfuegrass queen.

Hasidic New Wave & Yakar Rhythms - From the Belly of Abraham (Adventures of the Afro-SemiticBiaspora)
A joint effort of a new wave klezmer band and a Senegalese percussion group.

V.A. - Avalon Blues: A Tribute to the Music of Mississippi John Hurt
This tribute thing is getting tired but t like this - probably mostly because I did not know the sonSIS before so that there was no need to compare to the originals.

Buddy &Julie Miller
Although the first official collaboration, I like it better than either one's sofo work.

Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman - Nankuru Naisa
One plays sanshm, the other National bottleneck guitar - can you guess who plays which instrument? A totally delightful collaboration (wi'th other musicians as welT). Impossible to describe this OkInawan/American hybrid.

Buddy Guy - Sweet Tea

Honorable Mentions:
Oriando Cachaito Lopez - Cachaito - Buena Vista Social Club codger goes modern.
Odetta - Lookin for a Home -songs of Leadbelly
New Pronographers - Modern Romantic
01d 97's - Satellites
V.A. - Truck Driver's Boogie - Big Rig Hits Volume 1
Jim White - No Such Place
Continental Drifters - Better Day
Beachwood Sparks - Once We Were Trees
John Hiatt - The Tiki Bar Is Open
Burlap Palace - A Tribute to the Muscle Shoals Sound
David Thomas Roberts - American Landscape - modem ragtime piano

Next year, Irv Rosen

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