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CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON - well, I saw it in 2001 - in Mandarin and English.
MONSTERS INC. - too cute for words. I also liked SHREK, but not as much.
HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH - my fave rock musical since Tommy. I loved the "folk festival" with 10 porta-potties and one attendee (how true!). And the bouncing-ball singalong.
DOWNTOWN ´81 - Glenn 0'Brien's tribute to Jean-Michel Basquait, the Mudd Club, DNA, and a buncha other peoples I usta know. Ah, nostalgia.
CHOPSUEY -a truly bizarre and hilarious attempt to make a movie out of Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs.


Forget eBay. A buncha people are going on-line to try to narrow their old "wants lists" but I say, posh! All you have to do is keep an eye out. This year I found a buncha things I've been looking for in the $3.99 bin at Rhino!

Also, I know that I should be checking out the Alicia Keys and Aaliyah and Pink stuff, that it might be some of the most cutting edge stuff out there, but, it just hasn't caught my car yet...

I liked the cover to Improvising, by OmU, which came out last year but I didn't discover it until this year.

Holy Modal Rounders & Friends: I Make a Wish for a Potato (incredibly ugly)(good music tho')

Top Ten CD PICKS for 2001 (well, eleven)
1. Bob Dylan - Love and Theft (memorial vote for someone who died on 09/11)
2) Little Jimmy Rushing and The Big Brass - (from 1958 -his best album, available on some CD reissues of Rushing Lullabies, but not all [1] check the back cover)
3. Arturo Stalieri - - Cool August Moon (from the music of Brian Eno)
4. Deep Dish - - Yoshiesque Two (finally they make an interesting record!)
5. Basement Jaxx - - Rooty (much more fun than their previous)
6. Olu Dora - - Neighborhoods
7. Dub Syndicate - Acres of Space
8. Suns of Arqa - -Universe City
9. Marly Walker. Clarinet - - Walking on Water (Cold Blue returns)
10. Various Artists - Selected Cuts from Blood & Fire chapter 2 (remixes)
11). AMS Comp 7 March 2001 - - Unreleased On-U stuff (this is not commercially available, so I guess it doesn't count)

Top single. EP and individual album tracks PICKS
1. Senor Coconut - - Tour de France / Expo 2000 (better than Kraftwerk's original)
2. Chicks on Speed - - The Kreidler Session /&/ Chix-52 (B-52's covers)
3. Little Annie - - Diamonds Made of Glass (the chilling ambient remix version)

Other Tune PIX that didn't make the Too 10 but were stUI goad
Audio Active - - Spaced Dolls
Bjork - - Vespertine (gotta give her credit for being so...bjorkish)
Chas Smith - - Nikko Wolverine (Cold Blue) (imagine Harry Partch goes ambient)
David Toop - - 37th Floor At Sunset - Music for Mondophrentic (noisy ambience)
Elephant System - (cool new Adrian Sherwood stuff)
Winged We Were - - A Tribute to the Incredible String Band (various Ptolmaic types)
Kid Creole and the Coconuts - - Too Cool to Congo
Lucinda Williams - - Essence
Michael Byron - - Music of Nights without Moon or Pearl (more Cold Blue prettiness)
Michael Hurley - - Sweelkorn (love songs, although a little heavy on the syrup)
Morel- - Queen of the Highway (Deep Dish co-hort)
Muscular Christians - - Dan Marino: Important Message (great title, funny songs)
Pauline Oliveros - - In the Arms of Reynols (more noisy ambience, and a funny bit)
Trans Global Underground - - Yes Boss Food Corner
The Underwolves - - Under Your Sky (some of the On-U gang on their own)

Top Tune PIX from the past (reissues)
Afro Rock Volume One - - Kona Records comp. of 70's stuff
The Carter Family - - The Decea Sessions Vol. 1 (1936) - No Depression finally on CD!
Dion - - Born To Be With You / Streetheart
Hans Conried - - Dr. Seuss Audio Collection (Uncle Tunoose! What diction!)
Jean-Michel Basquait et. al (OST) - - Downtown'81
LiliPUT / Kleenex - - (Swiss riot grri stuff on Kill Rock Stars)
K. McCarty - - Dead Dog's Eyeball - Songs of Daniel Johnson -- (should be reissued)
The People's Choice - - I Likes To Do It (Phil - L.A. of Soul Stuff from the 70's)
Various Artists - 25 Years of Rough Trade Shops (coulda been a lot better - where's Essential Logic?)
Sub Dub - - EP's original - masters 93-95
Suns of Arqa - - Revenge of the Mozabites
Tony Alien - - Jealousy / Progress (hits with the Africa 70 band)
Voices in Harmony - - English Traditional Songs (Watersons, Young Tradition &c.)

Zoot Horn Rollo - - We Saw a Bozo Under the Sea
The Strokes - - Is This It?
Senor Coconut? Whatsa matta? Running out of material?

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