Pooplist 2001

Ken Beck

Graduating Class - 2001

Pernice Brothers - - The World Won't End (Ashmont Records)
"Most likely to make Big Star & Alex Chilton drop a load in their pants"

The New Pornographers - - - Mass Romantic (Mint Records)
"Most likely to squelch any further Canadian jokes."

Ted Leo/Pharmacists - - - The Tyranny of Distance (Lookout Records)
"Most likely to end up in intensive care for severe tendon damage."

Fugu - - - Fugu 1 (Minty Fresh Records)
"Most likely to change the way most people feel about the French."

Death Cab For Cutie - - - The Photo Album (Barsuk Records)
"Most likely to crush your heart into TINY LITTLE PIECES."

Oranger - - - The Quiet Vibration Land Amazing (Grease Records)
"Most likely to go criminally unheard of."

Stephen Malkmus - - - Stephen Malkmus (Matador)
"Most likely to retain that indie-slacker-sound well into his eighties."

Ken Stringfellow - - - Touched (Manifesto Records
"Most likely to kick sand into Elliott Smith's face."

Rufus Wainwright - - - Poses (DreamWorks)
"Most likely to overshadow his father's works and make him even more jealous than he probably already is."

The Soundtrack of Our Lives - - - Behind The Music (Hidden Agenda)
"Most likely to conquer the world as their Viking fore-fathers once attempted to do."

Junior Class
Jim O'Rourke - - - Insignificance (Drag City)
Sparklehorse - - - It's A Wonderful Life (Capitol)
Sloan - - - Pretty Together (Murderrecords)
Red House Painters - - - Old Ramon (Sub Pop)
The Kingsbury Manx - - - Let You Down (Overcoat)
Sunset Valley - - - Icepond (Barsuk)

Sophmore Class
Tenacious D - - - Tenacious D (Epic)
Neilson Hubbard - - - Why Men Fail (Parasol)
Ryan Adams - - - Gold (Lost Highway)
Whiskeytown - - - Pneumonia (Lost Highway)
Tortoise - - - Standards (Thrill Jockey)

"Reissue" Class
George Harrison - - - All Things Must Pass (Capitol)

"Lost Classic" Class
Nick Lowe - - - Jesus of Cool (Demon Records)

Ken Beck

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