Pooplist 2001

Rich Allen


Bjork: - Vespertine
This consistently gorgeous, lyrically relevant, emotionally soothing opus is a gift from one of the music industry's true treasures. In every song, we can hear her struggling, stretching and striving for strings of hope, and holding on with all her might An icicle album from the Icelander, to be cherished year-round.

David Visan: - Chill Out in Paris
This Buddha Bar collection is a balm for the spirit, flawlessly mixed and inspirational in vision. A global mix that is much more than the sum of its parts - a cohesive, uplifting, life-affirming album.

The Avalanches: - Since I Left You
The world's largest musical scrapbook, sampled from aver 900 sources! The Avalanches resurrect long-forgotten grooves from the fields of loungecore, disco and psychedelica, and create an astonishingly unique party mix. The most original unoriginal album ever made.

Broadway Project: - Compassion
Dan Berridge's bout with chronic fatigue syndrome is chronicled in this difficult, yet compelling album. Retreating from society, he turned to music as therapy, and ultimately found himself crawling from the wreckage. His success is a triumph of the spirit; his album is a rare window into the soul of solitude.

Various Artists: - America; A Tribute to Heroes
For one night, the biggest stars in entertainment united to calm, console and encourage our nation. The speed of the response, the scale of the event and the level of cooperation required was unprecedented. The event stands as a testament of unity, the music as a soundtrack of hope.


FC Kahuna: Hayling
"Don't think about all those things you fear; just be glad to be here."

Bjork: Undo
"It's not meant to be strife; it's not meant to be a struggle uphill."

Nicole Kidman / Ewan McGregor: Come What May
"Come what may, I will love until my dying day"

Elbow: Red
"You're red: You burn too bright, you live too fast
"This can't go on too long; you're an accident starting to happen"

New Order: Close Range
"You've got to pull yourself together, man
you've got to get back on your feet again
How can I ever make you understand
uou've got the world right in your hands


A movie that reaffirms the benevolence of fate, the unpredictability of love, and the power of possibility.

There's much more to this movie than the fact that it runs backwards.
It's a story about the way we choose the interpret the past, and the lies we create to get us through.

The Others
The ending, a real shocker, makes the whole film worthwhile.
An atmospheric, languorous lesson in ciematic restraint

The Deep End
A somber film about regret, longing and second chances.
Tilda Swinton's perfomiance is pitch-perfect, the finest of the year.

Moulin Rouge
An elegant mess of a movie, often too brash for its own good; yet it succeeds in creating a kaleidoscopic world in which song lyrics and dance steps communicate all of life's mysteries.


Walking the Bible
Bruce Feiler seeks to retrace the steps of the first five books of the Bible; as he meets the current inhabitants, he gains an education in mind and spirit. This book contains numerous passages of great color and clarity; the scholarship is top-notch, spiced with entertaining asides and filled with tender sympathies. Part travel essay, part spiritual journey, part adventure, entirely satisfying.

Sailing Alone Around the Room
Billy Collins is America's current Poet Laureate. Here he demonstrates an easy accessibility and down-home sensibility. His poems, simple on the surface, belie a hidden depth. He is generous with humankind, slow to judge and eager to teach, like a beloved grandfather, full of winks and wisdom.

Uncle Tungsten
There is a world beyond this world, a world full of excitement and color, a world without hidden answers where wonder awaits and everything makes sense. Oliver Sacks escaped into this world as a child, and never leaves. It is the world of the periodic table, a world this autobiography celebrates in luminous prose.

The Life of Reilly
A collection of Rick Reilly's best columns from Sports Illustrated: small sermons that cut to the quick.

An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan
Actually released m the waning weeks of 2000, Jason Eliot's first-person narrative took on new relevance in 2001. He chronicles a cross-country odyssey that ended just before the Taliban takeover, providing a unique glimpse into the hearts, minds and dreams of a beaten-down, yet stubbornly hopeful populace.

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