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Privacy, Security and Speed

Note: Most links on this page will open a new browser page when you click them. You can use this as a jumping-off point,

Quick links to the programs i run when i am on the net (links are mostly for PC products but many of them have Mac, Linux and other ports)
- Zone Alarm Personal Firewall (Free)
- Web Washer Internet Filter (Free)
- Opera Browser (Free or $30.00)
- Agnitum Tauscan Trojan Blocker and Jammer Registry protection ($)
- At Guard Firewall/Ad Blocker/Cookie Control (Free)
- Norton Anti-Virus ($)
- Hosts File Exploits (Free)
- Ad Aware Spyware Detection (Free)

Very Important
This page is a list of links to resources which i use to make the web work better for me. I might use the web for different stuff than you do. I dont chat, i don't IM and i don't use too many shopping carts.
So, I don't guarantee that it'll work for you. The decision to download any program or binary is your responsibility. Remember, safe computing practices include backups!


The first step in securing yor computer is to make sure that you are the one in control! Only programs and people that you trust should be coming and going in your computer. A firewall is the best place to start.

Zone Alarm Personal Firewall
A free, highly configurable firewall which provides protection against incoming and outgoing malicious traffic. (Outgoing traffic from trjan-infected programs is not stopped by the firewall built into Win XP). There is also a $30.00 "Pro" version with even more configurability

Firewalls: Explanations of what they are and what they do:

Privacy and Speed

Once you have established a firewall, cookie and referer control are key to maintaining some privacy online, in addition ad-blocking speeds up your web browsing by not fetching ads from their servers. Obviously, the fewer connnections your browser makes, the faster you go.