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Parnassus Records, 51 Goat Hill Road, Saugerties NY 12477-3008, USA


This page shows an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus does not have these items. The information is presented here for discographical purposes. If you are hoping to obtain one of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com

101 S Chopin: Preludes (complete). TOCCO. Jacket inscribed by the pianist. A.
FGR 5 S Ashley: In Memoriam Crazy Horse; Cacioppo: Time on Time in Miracles. ASHLEY, o. FS.
ALP 1005 Schoenberg: Quartet #4. KOLISCH QUARTET. A, FOT. Red vinyl. Jacket repaired.
CS 8556 S Falla: El Retablo de Maese Pedro (GOMARA, MOLINA, DE NARKE); Homenajes. FRUHBECK DE BURGOS, Spanish Nat'l O. A.
MCC 30049 Barbieri: Los Diamantes de la Corona. LORENGAR, ALITE (s), TORRANO, MONREAL (t), AUSENSI, CAMPOS (b); ARGENTA. A.
SCE 937 S Sorozabal: Adios a la Bohemia. BERGANZA, AUSENSI, DE NARKE; SOROZABAL,Madrid Singers Cho., o. A.
3145 Bartok: Piano Concerto #3. "SILVER, Philharmonic O." (probably SANDOR;ORMANDY). Hindemith: Mathis der Maler. "BERENDT, Philharmonic O." A.
DB 244 S Medtner: Sonata-Ballada; 4 Folktales; Sonata Idillica; Sonata Tragica.CLEGG. A.
Amador Films
AF 1001 Lecuona: Maria La O (from film sound track). MONTANER, LOPEZ. A.
3500 (3) Bach: Mass in b. SCHWARZKOPF, HOFFGEN, GEDDA, REHFUSS; KARAJAN, Vienna Friends of Music Choir, o. A. EP. Text.
35004 Handel-Harty: Water Music Suite; Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite. KARAJAN, Philharmonia O. A/A-, FOT. EP, dowel Jacket soiled.
35013 Ravel: Concerto in G; Faure: Ballade. LONG; CLUYTENS, TZIPINE, Paris Conservatory O. A, FOT. TE, EP.
35030 Chopin: Concerto #2 (KLETZKI, Philharmonia O.); Fantasie in f. MALCUZYNSKI. A. EP, no dowel spine.
35101 Strauss: Metamorphosen; Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms. HORENSTEIN, French Nat'l Radio Cho. & O. A. EP, dowel spine.
35130- Debussy: String Quartet; Milhaud: Quartet #12. QUARTETTO ITALIANO. A, LSM. TE, EP.
35131 Beethoven: Concerto #3. GILELS; CLUYTENS, Paris Conservatory O. A. EP.
3517 (3) Bellini: Norma. CALLAS, STIGNANI, FILIPPESCHI, ROSSI-LEMENI; SERAFIN, La Scala. A. EP. Libretto.
35204 Stravinsky: Le Rossignol. MICHEAU, MOIZAN, GIRAUDEAU, ROUX, et al; CLUYTENS, French Nat'l Radio Cho. & O. A. Boxed with libretto. EP.
35352 Beethoven: Sonatas #17 & 18. GIESEKING. M. EP. Dowel spine slightly damaged.
35388- Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto; St.-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso. RABIN; GALLIERA, Philharmonia O. A, FOT. TE, EP.
35418 Prokofiev: Cello Concerto; Milhaud: Concerto #1. STARKER; SUSSKIND, Philharmonia O. A. TE, EP.
35436 Liszt: Concerto #1; Hungarian Fantasia. CZIFFRA; DERVAUX, Paris Conservatory O. Spectacular Liszt pianism! A, LSM. EP, dowel spine.
35571 Wagner: Arias. EDELMANN; ACKERMANN, Philharmonia O. A. EP, dowel spine. Texts.
35594 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite; Prokofiev: Love for 3 Oranges Suite; Liadov: 8 Russian Folk Songs. MALKO, Philharmonia O. A. EP, dowel spine.
3561 (3) Debussy: Pelleas et Melisande. DE LOS ANGELES, JANSEN, SOUZAY, FROUMENTY; CLUYTENS, French Nat'l Radio O. FS. Libretto.
35610 "Paraphrases, Transcriptions & Improvisations." CZIFFRA. Legendary virtuoso recital, still quite amazing. A. EP, dowel spine.
35627 Kodaly: Sonata for unaccompanied cello; Dohnanyi: Konzertstuck (SUSSKIND). STARKER. A, FOT; 1/8" X. U.S. red label.
3569 (2) Gluck: Orphee. MICHEAU, BERTON, GEDDA; DE FROMENT, Aix-en-Provence Festival. A. EP. Elaborate libretto.
3599 (5) Bach: St. Matthew Passion. SCHWARZKOPF, LUDWIG, GEDDA, PEARS, FISCHER-DIESKAU, BERRY; KLEMPERER, Philharmonia Cho. & O. A. AS. Text. Blue label.
45010 Boccherini: Quintets, Op. 25, #1 & 3; 2 exc. (Album 5). QUINTETTO BOCCHERINI. A. EP.
AE 34400 S Beethoven: Triple Concerto. OISTRAKH TRIO; SARGENT. Brahms: Double Concerto. OISTRAKH, FOURNIER; GALLIERA, Philharmonia O. Digitally remastered DMM pressing. A.
AE 34413 S Brahms: Symphonies #2 & 4. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. Digitally remastered DMM pressing; amazing sound on 78" LP. A.
AE 34417 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. BEECHAM, Royal PO. Outstanding performance! Digitally remastered German DMM pressing. A.
AE 34439 D Mozart: Symphonies #32, 35, & 39. TATE, English CO. German DMM pressing. A.
AE 34448 D Dvorak: Serenade for Strings. MACKERRAS, English CO. Serenade for Winds. ENGLISH C.O. WIND ENS. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34449 S Dvorak: Symphonies #8 & 9. GIULINI, Philharmonia O. Digitally remastered DMM pressing; amazingly fine sound on 76" LP. A.
AE 34468 D Mozart: Symphonies #36 & 38. TATE, English CO. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34471 D Canteloube: Songs of the Auvergne. GOMEZ; HANDLEY, Royal Liverpool PO.DMM pressing. A.
AE 34474 D Elgar: Violin Concerto. KENNEDY; HANDLEY, London PO. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34475 D Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos in 3 & d. ZIMMERMANN; ALBRECHT, Berlin RSO. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34488 D Chopin: 19 Waltzes. ALEXEEV. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34493 S Weber: Clarinet Concertos; Concertino. MEYER; BLOMSTEDT, Dresden St. O. Digitally remastered DMM pressing. A.
AE 34494 D Mozart: Concertos #22 & 23. ZACHARIAS; ZINMAN, Staatskapelle Dresden. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34498 D Mozart: Violin Concertos #1 & 4. ZIMMERMANN; FAERBER, Wurttemberg CO. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34500 D Jacob: Original Suite; O'Donnell: 3 Humoresques; Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy; works of Vaughan Williams (2) & Grainger (2). BANKS, Central Band of the Royal Air Force. DMM pressing. A.
AE 34505 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. BARENBOIM; KLEMPERER, New Phil. O. Digitally remastered DMM pressing. A.
AV 34014 S Arias of Mozart & Strauss. SILLS; CECCATO, London PO. Digitally remastered. A. Texts.
AV 34017 S Verdi: Arias: SILLS; CECCATO, RUDEL. Most items previously unpublished. Digitally remastered. A. Texts.
AV 34034 S "Bellini & Donizetti Heroines." SILLS; JALAS, Vienna Volksoper O. Digitally remastered. FS. Texts.
AV 34036 S Works of Adam, Schubert, Arne, Handel, Caldara, & Bishop. SILLS, Chamber Music Soc. of Lincoln Center (DePeyer, Parnas, Robison, Treger, Wadsworth). Digitally remastered. A. Texts.
COLH 12 Haydn: Trio in G; Schubert: Trio #1. CORTOT, THIBAUD, CASALS. A. EP. Dowel spine, booklet.
COLH 20 Monteverdi: Madrigals. BOULANGER, ens. A. Booklet. EP, dowel spine.
COLH 35 Brahms: Violin Concerto. KREISLER; BARBIROLLI (1936). A. Booklet.
DS 37969 D Handel: 4 Coronation Anthems. LEDGER, Choir of King's College, Cambridge, English CO. FS.
DS 37983 D Handel: Recorder Sonatas, Op. 1, #2, 4, 7, & 11. LINDE, HOGWOOD, ROS. FS.
DS 37999 D Janacek: Sinfonietta; Taras Bulba. RATTLE, Philharmonia O. FS.
DS 38011 D Starer: Violin Concerto; Kim: Concerto. PERLMAN; OZAWA, Boston SO. FS. COH.
DSB 3901 D (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. SCHWARZ, L.A. CO. A. COH.
DSB 3936 D (2) Bruckner: Symphony #8. TENNSTEDT, London PO. A. COH.
DSB 3937 D (2) Brahms: Violin Sonatas; Franck: Sonata. MUTTER, WEISSENBERG. A. COH.
DSB 3944 D (2) Prokofiev: Cinderella. PREVIN, London SO. A.
DSB 3945 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #6. TENNSTEDT, London PO. A.
DSB 3962 D (2) Bach: English Suites. LEONHARDT, Lefebvre hpsi., 1755. German DMMpressing. A.
DSB 3992 D (2) Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker. PREVIN, Royal PO. DMM pressing. A.
GRB 4003 (2) Beethoven: Symphony #9. SCHWARZKOPF, HONGEN, HOPF, EDELMANN; FURTWAENGLER, Bayreuth Festival (1951). A, LSM. Booklet.
S 35399 S Balakirev: Symphony #1. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A. Red label. Dowel spine.
S 35489 S Hindemith: Concert Music, Op. 50; Symphony in Bb for Concert Band. HINDEMITH, Philharmonia O. FS.
S 35629 S Mendelssohn: Symphony #4; Schumann: Symphony #4. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 35750 S Berlioz: Damnation of Faust--3 exc.; Trojan March; Roman Carnival; Chabrier: Espana; Fete Polonaise. MACKERRAS, Philharmonia O. ("Aperitifs"). A. Red label.
S 35777 S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. H. MENUHIN, AMADEUS QT., MERRETT. A, LSM.
S 35982 S Bruckner: Mass #3, in f. LORENGAR, LUDWIG, TRAXEL, BERRY; FORSTER, St.Hedwig's Cathedral Cho., Berlin PO. A. Blue label.
S 36172 S "Tsars & Kings" (aria recital). CHRISTOFF; SEMKOW, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 36245 S Bruckner: Symphony #4. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A, LSM. Blue label.
S 36259 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. PRETRE, New Philharmonia O. A-, LSM. Canadian pressing.
S 36346 S Haydn: Symphonies #88 & 104. KLEMPERER, New Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 36387 S A. Goehr: 2 Choruses; Maxwell Davies; Leopardi Fragments; M. Williamson: Symphony for Voices; Bennett: Calendar. ALLDIS, Alldis Choir; CAREW, Melos Ens. FS. Booklet.
S 36964 S Shostakovich: Violin Concerto #1. OISTRAKH; M. SHOSTAKOVICH, New Phil.O. FS.
SB 3796 S (2) Bach: Goldberg Variations (w. embellished repeats); Variations inthe Italian Style. KIPNIS. A.
SB 3950 S (2) "Maria CALLAS in Paris: Great Arias from French Opera" (includingpreviously unpub. St.-Saens aria). A.
SCL 3593 S (3) Puccini: La Fanciulla del West. NILSSON, GIBIN, MONGELLI; MATACIC, La Scala. SCARCE original stereo edition. A. Blue label. Libretto.
SCL 3606 S (3) Ponchielli: La Gioconda. CALLAS, COSSOTTO, VINCO, CAPPUCCILLI; VOTTO, La Scala. A. Red label.
SCLX 3914 S (3) "The Art of Victoria DE LOS ANGELES: Opera, Song & Zarzuela Recordings, 1949-1969" (some items FS). A. Texts.
ZB 3896 (2) "Andres SEGOVIA: The EMI Recordings, 1927-39." A. COH.
ZB 3913 (2) "Neapolitan Serenade: 22 Favorite Songs." DI STEFANO; OLIVERI, o. A. COH.
ZD 3924 (4) Chopin: Concerto #1 (ACKERMANN); Sonata #3; Barcarolle; 2 Etudes;3 pieces; Mozart: Concerto #21 (KARAJAN); Enesco: Sonata #3; Mozart: Sonata, K. 310; works of Bach (5), Scarlatti (2), Liszt, & Ravel. LIPATTI. A. COH.
Angel (Japan)
EAC 30104 Schubert: Symphony #9. KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
EAC 30226 Beethoven: Sonatas #30-32. NAT. A.
GR 2055E (5) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. KREISLER, RUPP.
GR 2212 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer" (1952); Enesco: Sonata #3 (1949); Chausson: Poeme (1928). ENESCO, CHAILLEY-RICHEZ. A.
GR 2308 Chopin: Concerto #2 (BARBIROLLI, o.); Fantasie in f; Tarantelle. CORTOT. FS.
GR 70084 Claire CROIZA recital, from 78s. 17 songs, 8 accompanied by composers ROUSSEL, DE BREVILLE, POULENC, & HONEGGER. A.
WF 60021 Brahms: Double Concerto (BOSKOVSKY, BRABEC); Variations on a Theme of Haydn. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A.
Angel (Mexico)
SAM 35037 S Ponce: Prelude & Fugue on a Theme of Handel; Intermezzo #2; R. Halffter: 5 Bagatelles; Galindo: 5 Pieces; Chavez: 4 Preludes. DELAFLOR (pf). A.
Angel Melodiya
SR 40121 S Franck: Violin Sonata; Brahms: Sonata #3. OISTRAKH, RICHTER. A.
SRB 4107 S (2) Shostakovich: Symphony #7, "Leningrad." SVETLANOV, USSR SO. A.
SRB 4108 S (2) Bach: 6 Concertos. DEVETZI (pf); BARSHAI, Moscow CO. FS.
SRB 4126 S (2) Shchedrin: Anna Karenina (complete ballet). SIMONOV, Bolshoi O. A.
SRC 4119 S (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I. RICHTER. A.
Angel Seraphim
60009 Schumann: Piano Concerto (SCHWARZ, Philharmonia O.); Etudes Symphoniques. HESS. A.
60011 Brahms: Viola Sonatas. PRIMROSE, FIRKUSNY. A.
60017 "The Unashamed Accompanist." MOORE (lecture with music examples). A.
60116 Haydn: Harpsichord Concerto in D (BIGOT); Mozart: Concerto #26 (GOEHR). LANDOWSKA (hpsi & pf). A.
60161 Shostakovich: Piano Concertos (CLUYTENS); 3 Fantastic Dances. SHOSTAKOVICH. A.
IC 6018 (3) Beethoven: Symphonies #3, 5, & 7. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A.
IC 6044 (3) Mozart: Piano Quintet in g. SCHNABEL, PRO ARTE QT. Beethoven: Sonata #9. KREISLER, RUPP. Mendelssohn: Trio #1. CORTOT, THIBAUD, CASALS. Brahms: Horn Trio. A. BRAIN, BUSCH, SERKIN. Faure: Piano Quartet #2. LONG, THIBAUD, VIEUX, FOURNIER. Debussy:: Cello Sonata. MARECHAL, CASADESUS. A.
IC 6051 (3) Schubert: Winterreise; Schwanengesang; 2 Lieder; Lieder of Brahms& Wolf. HOTTER, MOORE. A. Texts.
S 60061 S Beethoven: Symphony #4; Prometheus Overture. KONDRASHIN, Moscow PO. A.
S 60066 S Chopin: Concerto #1. POLLINI, KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A.
S 60089 S Gliere: Ilya Mourometz (abridged). STOKOWSKI, Houston SO. A.
S 60165 S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. BEECHAM, French Nat'l Radio O. Not identical with mono issues. A.
S 60175 S Holst: The Planets. STOKOWSKI, Los Angeles PO, Wagner Cho. A.
S 60196 S Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d; Toccata, Adagio & Fugue; Passacaglia & Fugue; "Great" Fantasia & Fugue in g. GERMANI, Royal Festival Hall organ. A.
S 60222 S Paganini: Concerto #1; Wieniawski: Concerto #2. RABIN; GOOSSENS, Philharmonia O. A.
SIC 6005 S (3) Beethoven: 6 Quartets, Op. 18. HUNGARIAN QT. A.
SIC 6006 S (3) Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 59, 74, & 95. HUNGARIAN QUARTET. A.
SIC 6034 S (3) Shostakovich: Quartets #1-5. BORODIN QT. A. Booklet.
SIC 6035 S (3) Shostakovich: Quartets #6-11. BORODIN QT. A. Program notes.
SIC 6046 S (3) Ravel: Piano music. FRANCOIS. A. Box repaired.
SIC 6081 S (3) St.-Saens: 5 Piano Concertos. CICCOLINI; BAUDO, O. de Paris. Septet. LAFORGE (pf), PARIS INST. GROUP. A.
SIC 6111 Q (3) Saint-Saens: Violin Concertos #1-3; violin works. U. HOELSCHER; DERVAUX, New Philharmonia O. A.
SIC 6121 S (3) Beethoven: 6 Quartets, Op. 18. ALBAN BERG QT. A.
SIC 6122 S (3) Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 59, 74, & 95. ALBAN BERG QT. A.
SID 6007 S (4) Beethoven: Late Quartets. HUNGARIAN QT. A.
APR 7007 (2) Liszt: Concerto #1 (BROCKMAN, o); Sonata; Rapsodie espagnole; Funerailles; piano music. BARERE (live Carnegie Hall performances, 1946-49). DMM pressing. FS.
APR 7010 (2) Beethoven: Sonata #26; Grieg: Ballade in g; Schumann: Carnaval;Chopin: 12 Nocturnes; Sonata #2. GODOWSKY. From English Columbia 78s. DMM pressing. FS.
APR 7011 (2) Leopold GODOWSKY American Columbia & Brunswick recordings, mostly unpub. DMM pressing. FS.
APR 7005 (2) "Benno MOISEIWITSCH: Solo Piano Recordings, 1938-50." Disappointing transfers; DMM pressing. A.
MS 90356 S "Through the Years" (varied English songs). WOODROW (t), T. HAMMOND (pf). M. English texts.
8104 Chopin: Polonaises #3 & 6; Berceuse; Ballade #4; piano music. SOLOMON (from 78s). FS.
A001 Works of G. & D. Scarlatti, Barsanti, Stradella, & Galuppi. PHILIDOR TRIO (Humes, s; E. Smith, hpsi; Gruskin, recorder & fl). A. Texts.
A003 "The Stocking, & other favorite encores." PHILIDOR TRIO (Humes, Gruskin, E. Smith). A. Texts.
198 449 S Vivaldi: L'Estro Armonico, Op. 3--Concertos #1-4. BAUMGARTNER, Festival Strings Lucerne. A.
2533 165 S Bach: English Suites #3 & 4. DREYFUS, 1780 Dubois harpsichord. A.
2533 183 S Lute works of Milan, Mudarra, & Narvaez. RAGOSSNIG. A.
2533 367 S Couperin: Les Gouts-reunis--3 Concertos; Concerts Rayaux--Concerto in A. BRANDIS, HOLLIGER, NICOLET, ULSAMER, STREHL, SAX, JACCOTTET. A.
2533 461 S Gilles: Messe des morts. RODDE, NIROUET, HILL, STUDER, KOOY; HERREWEGHE, Collegium Vocale Gent, Musica Antiqua Koln. FS. Text.
2708 032 S (2) Bach: Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord. MELKUS, DREYFUS. M.
ARC 3008 A. Scarlatti: Su le sponde del Tebro. STICH-RANDALL; PAUMGARTNER. Ariosti: Lezioni. SEILER, et al. Corelli: Sonata, Op. 5, #12, "La Follia." GREHLING, WENZINGER, NEUMEYER. A.
ARC 3014 Bach: Trio Sonatas #2, 4, & 5. WALCHA, Schnitger organ, Cappel. A.
Archive Piano Recordings
APR 7001 (2) "Simon BARERE: The Complete HMV Recordings, 1934/36." Includes 1 LP side of alternate takes. FS.
APR 7002 (2) Moriz ROSENTHAL: The Complete HMV Recordings, 1934-37 (w. 11 unpublished items). All first LP editions. A.
APR 7003 (2) "Benno MOISEIWITSCH: The Early Recordings, 1916-30." FS.
APR 7004 (2) Rachmaninov: Concertos #1 (SARGENT) & 2 (GOEHR); Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (CAMERON); piano music & transcriptions. MOISEIWITSCH (from 78s, 1937-48). FS.
ZRG 522 S Works of Mozart (?), Handel, Beethoven, Narvaez, M. Albeniz, Sanz, Cabezon, & Ferrandiero. ROBLES ("Harp with Variations"). A, FOT. Oval logo.
ZRG 790 S Birtwistle: The Triumph of Time. BOULEZ, BBC SO. Chronometer. Electronic music. A. COH.
LP 1621 S Brian: Symphony #4. PALMER (s); POOLE, BBC Singers, London PO (under pseudonyms). M.
LP 1624 S Atterberg: Symphonies #5 & 6. "HEDWALL, Helsingborg SO" (probably pseudonyms). A.
LP 1630 S Atterberg: Symphony #8; Busoni: Overture to a Comedy. "HEDWALL, Helsingborg SO" (probably pseudonyms). A.
ARN 90630 S Handel: 10 organ clock pieces; Concerto in g for solo organ. BLANC, Idanha Chapel & Lisbon Cathedral organs. A.
ARK 2 S Liszt: Mephisto Waltz; Aux Cypres de la Villa d'Este; Jeux d'eau a la Villa d'Este; Feux follets; Schubert-Liszt: Soirees de Vienne #1 & 4; J. Strauss-Rosenthal: Carnival of Venice. SWANN (live perf's, 1976/7). A.
Artist Direct
GJ LZT VIII Liszt: 2 Polonaises; Mazurka; 2 Portraits; Venezia e Napoli. JOHANSEN. A, LSM.
Arturo Toscanini Society
ATS 1001/4 (4) Haydn: Symphonies #88 & 104; Strauss: Ein Heldenleben; Dance of the 7 Veils; Brahms: German Requiem (DELLA CHIESA, JANSSEN); Handel Variations (arr. Rubbra). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A. Program notes.
ATS 1071/4 (4) Martucci: Symphonies #1 & 2; Piano Concerto (D'ATILLI); La Canzone del Ricordi (CASTAGNA, ms); Danza; Novelletta; Notturno. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.
A 123 "Great Violinists of the 19th & 20th Centuries." 78s of SARASATE (complete), AUER (2), JOACHIM (2), YSAYE (4), & KUBELIK (1). A.
Association des Amis de Marqueze
AAM 1 Francis PLANTE recital (complete published 78s). Limited to 1,000 copies. A, LSM.
DCA 540 D J. Strauss: Waltzes (arr. Rosenthal, Friedman, & Godowsky). J. WEBER. FS.
2001 S (2) Beethoven: Diabelli Variations; Sonata #31. SHURE. FS.
2010 S Schubert: Sonata in Bb, D. 960. SHURE. A.
2015 S Schubert: Sonata in c, D. 958; Schumann: Fantasy in C--3rd mvt. SHURE. FS.
88797 Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings; Capriccio Italien. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO. A.
Avco Embassy
AVE 33021 S Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (HAMBRO, pf); Porgy & Bess--exc. KINGSLEY ("keyboard & electronics"). A, FOT.
BKA 11116/8 S (3) Boccherini: 6 Guitar Quintets. JUMEZ, DIMOV QT. M.
10" LD 042 Milhaud: Chants Populaire Hebraiques; Sauguet: Visions infernales. RONDELEUX (b); AMBROSINI, SAUGUET (pf). FS.
BRS 309 Bartok: Viola Concerto. PRIMROSE; SERLY, New SO. A.
REGL 4M Beethoven: Sonata #16; Schubert: Sonata in G, Op. 78. DOHNANYI. From his last concert, in Florida, 1960. A.
LP 128 S Works of F. & C. Doppler (Vol. 1). OEIN, AITKEN (fl), BRAATEN (pf). FS.
LP 17 S Duets of Kodaly, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Purcell, Wennerberg, Geijer, & Rossini. SODERSTROM, MEYER, Eyron (pf). A. Original language texts.
BELL 203 S Pettersson: Symphony #5. KAHLER, Berlin Sibelius O. A.
B 304 Falla: Fantasia Baetica; works of E. & R. Halffter & Turina. SORIANO. A.
BST 1004 S Dvorak: Serenade, Op. 44. SIMON, Boston Wind Ens. A.
BST 1007 S C.P.E. Bach: Sinfonia in e; J.C. Bach: Amadis--3 exc.; W.F. Bach: Sonata for 2 flutes (DWYER, KAPLAN); Harpsichord Concerto in Eb (PINKHAM). BURGIN, Zimbler Sinfonietta (Boston SO members). A-, FOT.
BST 1011 S Strauss: Parergon to the Sinfonia Domestica (SIMON, o.); encore recital. WITTGENSTEIN (piano left hand). A, LSM.
BUA 1 (4) "Music of the Bach Family." Complete set (Boston B 402/5) with scarce program notes. A.
BG 4009/11 (3) Arias of Herold (2), Malibran (2), Meyerbeer (2), Donizetti, Masse(3), Auber (2), David, Gounod (2), Thomas (2), Proch, J. Strauss (2), Grieg, Dvorak, Offenbach, Delibes (5), Massenet, St.-Saens, & Rimsky-Korsakov. DORIA. Part stereo. M. Booklet inscribed "Renee"
BR 14068 Chopin: Concerto #1. DAVIDOVICH; YANSONS, USSR RSO. Grand Fantasy on Polish Themes. KEDRA; ROWICKI, Warsaw PO. A.
Bruno Walter Society
WSA 701 Berg: Violin Concerto (MITROPOULOS, 1945); Bartok: Rhapsody #1--Lassu(ABRAVANEL, 1949); Berlioz: Reverie & Caprice (MITROPOULOS, 1959); Bach-Schreck: Concerto in g, BWV 1058 (MITROPOULOS, 1949). SZIGETI. A. Jacket tag.
Bucknell University
LP 623 S Works of Hopkinson, W. Brown, Reinagle, & J. Lyon. HILL (s), TUHY, WILSON (pf); WARNER, Collegium Musicum ("Music from 18th Century Pennsylvania"). A.
1000 S Rorem: A Quiet Afternoon; Sonata #1; Griffes: De Profundis; Dello Joio: Sonata #3. H. MILLER (African-American pianist, Hinderas pupil). A.
CAL 101 S "Music of 16th Century Italy." CALLIOPE. Early self-production, 1978. A, LSM.
CAL 1678 S Works of Farnaby (5), Bruckner (2), Gallus, Susato (2), Reger, Mendelssohn (2) & Schutz. TREVU, Hauberger Vocal Ens., Polyphonia Brass Quintet. A. Corner clipped.
CAL 1852 S Magnard: Cello Sonata; Poulenc: Sonata. DROBINSKY, RABINOVITCH. A.
C 1014 S Dring: Colour Suite; 3 duets; Tailleferre: Fleurs de France; piano muusic. L. KAPLAN, PITTS. A.
C 1015 S Dring: 3 Dances; piano music; flute works (DI TULLIO); piano duets (PATERSON). L. KAPLAN (pf, in all). A.
CRS 1417 S Bach: Cantata #61 (CUENOD); Schutz: 7 Last Words. FESPERMAN, Old North Singers, ens. A.
CRS 1509 S Froberger: Keyboard works. LEONHARDT (organ & harpsichord). A.
CRS 1707 S Bacon: Dickinson Songs. BOATWRIGHT (s), BACON (pf). A. Texts.
CRS 1708 S Works of Frescobaldi & Monteverdi. BOGARD (s); CURTIS (hpsi & cond), Collegium Musicum of Berkeley. A. Texts.
CRS 1804 S Ives: 8 chamber pieces. FARBERMAN, Boston Chamber Ens. 6 Songs (CURRY,s); 3-Page Sonata. VOSGERCHIAN (pf). A. Program notes.
CRS 1805 S Farberman: Evolution (CURTIN, s); Impressions (R. GOMBERG, oboe); Progressions (PERRAS, flute). FARBERMAN, Boston Chamber Ens. A.
CRS 1812 S Biber: Violin Sonatas #1-4 (1681). MONOSOFF, SMITH, SCHOLZ. A.
CRS 1813 S Biber: Violin Sonatas #5-8 (1681). MONOSOFF (violin), SMITH (hpsi), SCHOLZ (gamba). A.
CRS 1814 S Zelenka: 3 Sonatas for 2 Oboes, Bassoon & Continuo. TOUBMAN, BURKLE (oboe), PINKHAM (hpsi), et al. A.
CRS 1815 S Works of Loeillet, Boismortier, Telemann, & Handel. BOSTON BAROQUE ENS.("Dinner Music of the 1740s"). A. Writing on jacket.
CRS 1819 S Hummel: Trumpet Concerto (MONTEUX); Albrechtsberger: Concerto in Eb; Molter: Trumpet Concerto (FARBERMAN). GHITALLA. A. Jacket repaired.
CRS B1604 S (3) Scarlatti: Sonatas. FULLER. Excellent! A.
650 222 S Schutz: St. John Passion. FLEBBE (s), HOEFFLIN, BOSSOW, SPIERING (t), J. STAMPFLI, RUGE (bs); EHMANN, Westfalische Kantorei. A.
10" L8043 Villa-Lobos: Choros #10; Bachianas Brasileiras #2--2 exc. JANSSEN, Janssen SO. A, LSM.
G7143 Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (RIGNOLD); Moment Musical, Op. 16, #4; Prelude in G, Op. 32, #5. MOISEIWITSCH. A, LSM.
P18004 Ibert: Escales; Les Amours de Jupiter. IBERT, Paris Opera O. A. Jacket repaired.
P8029 Bach: German Organ Mass. HEITMANN, Schnitger organ, Charlottenberg Palace, Berlin. A, FOT.
P8162 Schubert: Symphonies #2 & 8. STEINBERG, Pittsburgh SO. A.
P8172 Chopin: Waltzes. PENNARIO. A.
P8227 Brahms: Handel & Paganini Variations. GOROTNITZKI. A-, FOT. Cover soiled.
P8303 Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole; Prokofiev: Violin Concerto #1. MILSTEIN; GOLSCHMANN, St. Louis SO. A, LSM; minor PB.
P8355 Bloch: Suite Hebraique; Suite for Viola & Piano; Meditation; Processional. PRIMROSE, STIMER. A.
P8359 Schubert: Quartet #14, "Death & the Maiden." HOLLYWOOD QT. A.
P8374 "Music of the Great Keyboard Masters." GORODNITZKI (famous Juilliard teacher). A, FOT.
P8443 Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 127. HOLLYWOOD QT. A.
P8447 Works of Goldsmith, Mancini, Marshall, Paich, North, G. Smith, Raksin, & Marks. ALMEIDA (guitar). Music mostly by movie composers. A, FOT.
PAO 8424 Beethoven: Quartet #15, Op. 132. HOLLYWOOD QT. A.
SG 7183 S Stravinsky: Capriccio; Ireland: Piano Concerto. HORSLEY; CAMERON, Royal PO. A, FOT.
SGCR 7184 S (3) Haydn: The Seasons. MORISON, YOUNG, LANGDON; BEECHAM, Beecham Choral Soc., Royal PO. FS. Text.
SGCR 7198 S (3) Haydn: Symphonies #99-104. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A.
SP 8536 S "Encores." MILSTEIN, Pommers. A, LSM.
SPAR 8499 S Works of Bach, Daquin, Vierne, Vaughan Williams, Middelschulte, Guilmant, Franck, Bossi, & Boellmann ("The Virtuoso Organ"). FOX, Riverside Church organ. A, LSM. Boxed.
SSAL 8385 S Works of Barber, Dukas, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, et al ("The Orchestra"). STOKOWSKI. M.
MEC/MVL 005 S Villa-Lobos: Ruda, bailado amerindio. M. TAVARES, Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater O. A.
189 Works of Brumel, Maudit, Gabriel Charpentier, K. Jones, Coulthard, & Archer. LITTLE, Montreal Bach Chorale. A, LSM. Ex-library.
203 S S Haydn: Ariadne auf Naxos; Coulthard: Spring Rhapsody; K. Jones: To Music. FORRESTER, Newmark. A.
205 S S Debussy: Ariettes Oubliees; songs of Morley, Dowland, Rosseter, & Brahms (5). BENSON-GUY (s), NEWMARK (pf). A, LSM.
206 S S Bach: Motet, "Singet dem Herrn;" works of Turner, Champagne, Vanier, &O. Joachim. LITTLE, Montreal Bach Choir. A, FOT.
213 S S Morawetz: Piano Concerto #1 (KUERTI); Champagne: Symphonie Gaspesienne. BEAUDET, CBC SO. A, LSM.
243 S Haydn: Violin Sonata in G; Leclair: Sonata in D; Mathieu: 3 Etudes; Papineau-Couture: 3 Caprices; Willan: Sonata #2. STARYK, BOUCHER. A, LSM.
248 S Martin: 6 Monologues from "Jedermann;" Fleming: 4 Songs on Poems by John Coulter; Poulenc: Le travail du peintre. BOYDEN (b), NEWMARK (pf). A.
249 S Songs & arias of Handel (2), Caccini, "Stradella" (Rossini?), Scarlatti, Gretry, Faure (2), & Duparc. VERREAU, Newmark. A. Ex-library.
MBS 3281/2 Schumann: 5 Songs on Poems of Maria Stuart; songs of C.P.E. Bach (2), J.W. Franck (2), & Loewe (3). FORRESTER, Newmark. Broadcast transcription with narration. A. Ex-library.
I3M 39672 D (3) Glass: Satyagraha. KEENE, N.Y. City Opera. A. Libretto.
IM 37823 D Ives: Symphony #3; Orchestral Set #2. THOMAS, Concertgebouw Cho. & O. FS.
M 37831 S Beethoven: Sonatas #12 & 13. GOULD. A.
M 37850 S Boulez: Eclat-Multiples; Rituel. BOULEZ, Ensemble InterContemporain, BBC SO. FS.
MAS 2202 S Glass: Satyagraha--exc. KEENE, N.Y. City Opera. White label promo-only"highlights" disc. A. TE.
10" LPV 45017 Arias of Rossini (2), Donizetti (4), Gomes, & Verdi. LAURI-VOLPI; D'Angelo, RAI O., Rome. FS.
10" LPV 45023 Arias of Mozart, Alfano, Cilea, Bizet (2), & Mascagni. PEDERZINI (ms); TANSINI, RAI O. A-, FOT.
A 50154 Donizetti: Arias. VALLETTI. A, FOT.
LO 20 (3) Donizetti: Don Sebastiano. BARBIERI, POGGI, MASCHERINI, NERI; GIULINI (Florence May Festival, 1955). A. Italian libretto.
LPC 1223 (2) A. Scarlatti: Il trionfo dell'onore. ZARESKA, PINI, ROVERO, BERDINI, POLI, BORRIELLO; GIULINI, RAI, Milan. A, LSM. Libretto.
LPC 1241 (3) Ponchielli: La Gioconda. CALLAS, BARBIERI, AMADINI, POGGI, SILVERI, NERI; VOTTO, RAI Turin. A. Spine taped. Libretto.
Chamber Music Society
CM 4 Beethoven: String Quintets, Opp. 29 & 104. PASCAL QT., GERHARD. A, LSM; tiny X. Red vinyl.
CM 5 Schubert: Sonata in A. KAUFMAN, POZZI. Arpeggione Sonata. G. RICCI, MITTMAN. A, LSM. Red vinyl.
Chant du Monde
LDX 78026 S (2) Arensky: Symphonies #1 & 2; Volga Dream--Overture; Suite #2. SVETLANOV. Russian pressings in French package. FS.
CT 7001 S Paderewski: Sonata in Eb; Variations & Fugue. KUBALEK. A.
CT 7002 S Kalman: Gypsy Princess; Circus Princess; Countess Maritza (suites); C.Kalman: Globe Trotter Suite. STECH, o. FS.
99L 034 S Liszt: Mephisto Waltz; Un Sospiro; Transcendental Etude #11; Sonnetto 123 del Petrarca; Schumann: Kinderszenen; Toccata. RIGUTTO. A.
Classic Editions
CE 1039 Works of Adson, G. Gabrieli, Holborne, Pezel, Purcell, Reiche, Schein, Storl, & Susato. CHAMBER BRASS PLAYERS ("200 Years of Brass Music"). A, LSM.
Classic Pick
70 119 Q Songs of Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazounov, Glinka, & A. Tcherepnin. DIAKOV (bS), WEISBROD (pf). A. German texts.
Classics for Pleasure
CFP 139 S Beethoven: Violin Concerto. KOGAN; SILVESTRI, Paris Conservatory O. A.
CLIO 009 S Enesco: Piano Sonatas #1 & 3. ROSADO. A.
RPCL 2007 Ravel: Concerto in G (GRACIS) (1957); Valses nobles et sentimentales (1952). MICHELANGELI. A.
RPCL 2028 Liszt: Totentanz; Concerto #1 (KUBELIK, RAI O. Turin, 1961); Franck: Symphonic Variations (WALLENSTEIN, L.A. PO, 1948). MICHELANGELI. A.
Colonial Williamsburg
WS 100 S Works of Ferrari, Purcell, Avison, Hasse, Handel, & Corelli ("A Williamsburg Candelight Concert"). McCULLOUGH (b); McMURRAN, Governor's Palace O. A, LSM.
CLPS 1011 Schubert-Fekete: Snow White (ballet suite); Fekete: Caucasus Suite. FEKETE, Salzburg Mozarteum O., Vienna St. Opera O. A, LSM; minor PB.
CLPS 1042/3 (2) Refice: Lilium Crucis (VICENTINI, FERRERO, VENEZIA, GUBITOSI); LaSamaritana--Preludio; Trittico Francescano--Le Stimmate. REFICE, Scarlatti Cho. & O., Naples. A. Text. Long album.
CRLP 10040 Glinka: Sextet. OBORIN, GERTOVICH, BEETHOVEN QT. Jota Aragonesa. ORLOV. Variations in f. OBORIN. Trio Pathetique. OBORIN, OISTRAKH, KNUSHEVITZY. A.
CRLP 191 Taktakishvili: Piano Concerto. IOKHELES; STASEVICH. Mendelssohn: Concerto #1. GILELS; KONDRASHIN. A; 1/4" X.
SM 582 S Dvorak: Violin Concerto; G. Raphael: Jabonah (GROSCHEL, pf). C. RAPHAEL; ALBERT, Nurnberg SO. FS.
SM 590 S Glazounov: Der Kreml, Op. 30; Ballade, Op. 78; Cortege solonnel; Borodin-Glazounov: Prince Igor--Overture. FREUDENTHAL, Nurmberg SO. A.
10" ML 2052 "Italian Operatic Arias." TRAUBEL; O'Connell, o. A/A-, FOT.
10" ML 2089- Bach: Sonata #1 for unaccompanied violin; Beethoven: Sonata #8 (CORNMAN). SPIVAKOVSKY. B/C. Jacket repaired.
10" ML 2108 Songs of Chapman, Beethoven, Franz (3), Falla, Berger, Carpenter, Forster, & 3 Negro Spirituals. C. BRICE (c), J. BRICE (pf). A.
10" ML 2189 Falla: 7 Popular Spanish Songs; Sandoval: Songs. IBARRONDA, SANDOVAL (pf). A, LSM.
10" ML 2213 Bartok: Contrasts (GOODMAN); Rhapsody #1. SZIGETI, BARTOK. Portrait #1. SZIGETI; LAMBERT, Philharmonia O. A, LSM.
AS 493 S "Columbia Masterworks presents a 60th Birthday Salute to Leonard BERNSTEIN." Documentary with interviews & music exc. A. No booklet.
CL 920 Bernstein: Fancy Free; Copland: El Salon Mexico; Milhaud: La Creation du Monde. BERNSTEIN, o. A, LSM.
CML 4845 Bowles: Music for a Farce; Scenes d'Anabase. GLAZER, MULLER, BAILEY, HESS, MARX, MASSELOS. Dello Joio: Variations & Capriccio. TRAVERS, DELLO JOIO. FS. TE.
CS 8257 S H. Brubeck: Dialogues. DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET; BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. Also Bernstein songs from "West Side Story" by Brubeck Qt. A-, FOT.
D3S 769 S (3) Haydn: Symphonies #82-87. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. Splendid performances! A. 2 eye label.
D3S 816 S (3) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos; Suites #2 & 3. CASALS, Marlboro Festival O. A. 2 eye label.
D4S 724 S (4) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. FRANCESCATTI, CASADESUS. A. late label. Box repaired.
D7S 610 S (7) Beethoven: 9 Symphonies. WALTER, Columbia SO. A, LSM. 6 eye labels Long album.
KL 4929 Works of Chopin (6), Rachmaninov, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, & Moszkowski.HOFMANN (1937 Golden Jubilee Concert). A. Photo booklet.
KS 6005 S Bach: Preludes & Fugues in D, c, & Eb. BIGGS, Schnitger organ, Zwolle. A. Booklet. 6 eye label.
M 32736 S Copland: Appalachian Spring (original version). COPLAND, ens. A. 7" rehearsal disc.
M 33265 S Beethoven: Bagatelles, Opp. 33 & 126. GOULD. Great program notes! A, LSM.
M 33433 S Still: Sahdji; Sowande: African Suite--3 exc.; Walker: Lyric for Strings. FREEMAN, Morgan St. College Cho., London SO. A. COH. White promo label.
M2 33928 S (2) Liszt: Transcendental Etudes; Hungarian Rhapsody #3; Rapsodie Espagnole. BERMAN. Sensational performances! (& great program notes). A.
M2S 603 S (2) Handel: Messiah (abridged). ADDISON, OBERLIN, LLOYD, WARFIELD; BERNSTEIN, Westminster Choir, N.Y. Phil. A, LSM. 6 eye label.
M2S 690 S (2) Bruckner: Symphony #7; Wagner: Siegfried Idyll; Lohengrin Prelude. WALTER, Columbia SO. A. 2 eye label.
M2S 693 S (2) Bach: 6 Partitas. GOULD. #5 & 6 rechannelled stereo. A. late label.
M2S 736 S (2) Schoenberg: Lieder, Op. 1 (GRAMM); Op. 2 (FAULL); Book of the Hanging Gardens (VANNI); piano music. GOULD (in all). A. 2 eye label.
M2S 762 S (2) Schoenberg: Wind Quintet. WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET. Serenade, Op. 24(GRAMM); 4 Pieces for Mixed Choir, Op. 27; 3 Satires, Op. 28; Septet, Op. 29. CRAFT, ensembles. A. 2 eye label.
M5 30069 (5) Beethoven: Cello Sonata #3 (SCHULHOF); Boccherini: Concerto in Bb; Sonata in A; Brahms: Sonata #2 (HORSZOWSKI); Schubert: Quintet; Schumann: Cello Concerto; encores. CASALS (cello). Brahms: Haydn Variations. CASALS. 1 disc documentary. A.
MG 33728 S (2) Gershwin: Piano Concerto (PREVIN); works of Griffes (2), Rodgers,Grofe, Cowell, Creston, Ives-Schuman, Hovhaness, & Barber. KOSTELANETZ. o. FS.
ML 4002 Bach: Concerto for 2 Violins (MAGNES); Violin Concerto #2. A. BUSCH. A, LSM. Canadian pressing.
ML 4014 Brahms: Concerto #2. SERKIN; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, FOT. EAR.
ML 4032 Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream. RODZINSKI, Cleveland O. A/A-, FOT. EAR.
ML 4146 Liszt: Concerto #2. MALCUZYNSKI; SUSSKIND, Philharmonia O. Dohnanyi: Variations on a Nursery Theme. SMITH; SARGENT, Liverpool PO. A. Blue label.
ML 4147 Chopin: Piano music. LEVANT. A, LSM.
ML 4158 Debussy: 5 Poemes de Baudelaire; Faure: 3 Poemes d'un jour; songs of Bizet, Poulenc (2), Chabrier, Hahn, Ravel, & Satie (2). TOUREL, Kahn, Reeves. A-, FOT.
ML 4196 Rachmaninov: Isle of the Dead; Vaughan Williams: Tallis Fantasia. MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A, FOT.
ML 4293 "Great Masters of the Keyboard, Vol. 3." LESCHETIZKY, D'ALBERT, GRIEG, NIKISCH, REGER, from Welte piano rolls. A, FOT.
ML 4389 Prokofiev: Concerto #3. MITROPOULOS (piano & cond.), Robin Hood Dell O. Shostakovich: Concerto #1. JOYCE, LOCKWOOD (trumpet); HEWARD, Halle O. A, FOT; 1/4" X. Blue label.
ML 4407 Verdi: Ernani--exc. PACETTI, MELANDRI, NESSI, VANELLI, ZAMBELLI, BARACCHI; MOLAJOLI, La Scala. A. English libretto.
ML 4436 Schubert-Liszt: Lieder. PETRI. A.
ML 4491 Thomson: Capital, Capitals. THOMSON, et al. Stabat Mater (TOUREL); Harrison: Suite #2. NEW MUSIC QT. Suite for Cello & Harp. BARAB, LAWRENCE. A.
ML 4552 Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 364. STERN, PRIMROSE; CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. A, LSM. Gold label.
ML 4782 Cimarosa-Benjamin: Oboe Concerto; Marcello: Concerto in c; Bach-Tovey: Concerto in A; Handel: Concerto Grosso, Op. 3, #10. L. GOOSSENS, var. accomp. Supreme oboe artist. A, LSM; minor PB.
ML 4821 Wolf: Quartet in d; Italian Serenade. NEW MUSIC QUARTET. A-, LSM.
ML 4831 Schubert: Quartet #13, in a, Op. 29. BUDAPEST QT. A. Blue label.
ML 4860 Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 39; Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange. WARFIELD, Herz. Exceptional rarity! A/A-, FOT. Texts.
ML 4906 Mussorgsky: Songs & Dances of Death; Duparc: Songs. LONDON, Ulanowsky. A-, FOT. Blue label. English texts on jacket.
ML 4978 Debussy: Preludes, Book 2; 2 Arabesques; Children's Corner. CASADESUS. A; tiny X. Blue label.
ML 4982 Schumann: Quartets, Op. 41, #2 & 3. NEW MUSIC QUARTET. Jacket signed by Erle, Raimondi, Trampler, & Soyer. A, LSM; minor PBs.
ML 5186 Bach: Partitas #5 & 6; Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2--Fugues in E & f#. GOULD. Fugues never reissued on LP. A.
ML 5216 Schoenberg: Piano music. STEUERMANN (performer of all premieres). A. White label promo Minor jacket damage.
ML 5274 Haydn: Sonata "#3;" Mozart: Fantasia & Fugue, K., 394; Sonata #10. GOULD. A, LSM.
ML 5368 Beethoven: Triple Concerto (CORIGLIANO, ROSE, HENDL); Leonore Overture#3. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A.
ML 5640 Falla: 4 Spanish Pieces; Fantasia Betica; dances. DE LARROCHA. Late mono issue. A, LSM.
ML 5778 Lieder of Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Brahms, Wolf, Wagner, & Strauss. LEHMANN, Ulanowsky. 7 items previously unpublished. A. Texts.
MS 6075 S Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 18, #3 & 4. BUDAPEST STRING QT. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6103 S Berg: Altenberg Lieder (BEARDSLEE); Schoenberg: 5 Pieces; Webern: 5 Movements. CRAFT, o. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6344 S Mozart: Serenade, K. 361; Schubert-Webern: German Dances. CRAFT, ens. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6461 S Schumann: Spanische Liebes-Lieder, Op. 138. MARSHALL, SARFATY, SIMONEAU, WARFIELD. Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. 52. V. TYLER, SARFATY, BRESSLER, BOYDEN; GOLD, FIZDALE (pf, in both). A. Texts.
MS 6518 S Poulenc: Sextuor. POULENC, PHILA. WOODWIND QUINTET. Hotel; Voyage a Paris; C. TOUREL, BERNSTEIN. Sonata for 2 Pianos. GOLD, FIZDALE. A. 2 eye label. Texts on jacket.
MS 6609 S Haydn: Symphonies #82 & 83. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6948 S Haydn: Symphonies #84 & 85. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. FS.
MS 6959 S Donovan: 5 Elizabethan Lyrics. ADDISON (s), GALIMIR QT. Music for 6; Berger: Chamber Music for 13 Players. SCHULLER, ens. 3 Pieces for 2 Pianos. JACOBS, KALISH. FS.
MS 6985 S Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata; Schumann: Fantasiestucke, Op. 73; Chopin: Polonaise, Op. 3. ROSE, SANDERS. FS. 2 eye label.
MS 7027 S Ives: 2 String Quartets. JUILLIARD QT. A. 2 eye label.
SL 115 (3) Mozart: Die Zauberflote. SEEFRIED, LOOSE, LIPP, DERMOTA, KLEIN, KUNZ, WEBER, LONDON; KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A, LSM. Libretto.
SL 125 (3) Stravinsky: The Rake's Progress. GUEDEN, THEBOM, CONLEY, HARRELL;STRAVINSKY, Met. Opera. A, LSM. Summary. Blue label, long album.
SL 167 (5) Mozart: Symphony #29; Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Sinfonia Concertante (STERN, PRIMROSE); Violin Concerto #5 (MORINI; Divertimento, K. 251 (TABUTEAU). CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. Oboe Quartet. TABUTEAU, STERN, PRIMROSE, TORTELIER. Bonus Haydn LP. A-, FOT. Blue label.
SL 178 (2) Honegger: Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher. ZORINA (narr), YEEND, LONG, LIPTON, GEROME, LLOYD, SMITH; ORMANDY, Phila. O., Temple U. Cho. A. Gray label. Text.
Columbia (Eng.)
SCX 6378 S "Festival of Massed Welsh Male Voice Choirs." BOHANA, cho's (live, 1969). A.
Columbia (France)
CCA 866/7 S (2) Bizet: Les Pecheurs de Perles. MICHEAU, GEDDA, BLANC, MARS; DERVAUX, Paris Opera-Comique. A, FOT. French libretto.
Columbia (Germany)
SMC 80930 S Adam: Le Postillon de Lonjumeau--exc. (in German). PUTZ, GEDDA, CRASS,KLARWEIN; LEHAN, Munich Opera. A. Writing on jacket.
Columbia (Italy)
33QCX 10470 Liszt: Concerto #1; Franck: Symphonic Variations. GIESEKING; WOOD, London SO. A.
Columbia Entre
RL 3017 Mendelssohn: Symphony #3. MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A, LSM.
RL 3028 Chopin: Concerto #1. KILENYI; MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A-, FOT. Jacket repaired.
RL 3032 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. MILSTEIN; STOCK, Chicago SO. A/A-; 1 large PB.
RL 6633 Paganini: 11 Caprices. RABIN (at age 13). A, FOT. Minor jacket soiling.
Columbia Harmony (Mexico)
HC 13110 Ponce: Preludio; Gavota; Mazurka; Balada; Piezas Indigenas; Arrulladora y Scherzino Mexicanos; Danzas Mexicanas. Estrellita. CASTELLANOS (pf). A.
Columbia Odyssey
32 16 0160 S Maxfield: Night Music; Reich: Come Out (his first recording); Oliveros: I of IV ("New Sounds in Electronic Music"). A.
32 16 0377 Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras #5; arias of Mozart (3), Bellini, Verdi, & Massenet (4). SAYAO. BOLD SAYAO SIGNATURE ON FRONT OF JACKET, dated 1974. A.
32 36 0013 (3) Bach: Sonatas & Partitas. SZERYNG. Early French Odeon recording. A.
Y 34137 S Carter: Brass Quintet. AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET. 8 Pieces for 4 Timpani.LANG. A.
Y 34603 Mendelssohn: String Quartet, Op. 44, #1; Schumann: Quartet, Op. 41, #1. BUDAPEST STRING QUARTET. Live performances, 1959/61; only issue. Great program notes! A.
Communaute de Travail
CT 64 16 S Haller: Herbst. GEISER-PEYER (a), HALLER (pf). Vuataz: r Fondeaux de Charles d'Orleans. ROGNER (s); AUBERSON, Beromunster RO. Suite d'apres Rembrandt. NEF (hpsi). Studer: Der irre Spielmann. MAURER (t), HANKE (horn), ROTHENBUHLER (pf). A.
CT 64 8 Suter: Symphony in d, Op. 17. H. MUNCH, Basle Gesellschaft O. A. Notes.
CTS 40 S Kelterborn: 5 Madrigale. SPEISER (s), HAEFLIGER (t); DUTOIT, Lucerne Festival O. Hubert: Tempora. SCHNEEBERGER (vln); TRAVIS, Winterthur SO. A.
Composers' Voice
CV 7802 S Loevendie: 6 Turkish Folk Poems. DOROW (s); R. DE LEEUW, ens. Strides.LEE (pf). Incantations. SPARNAAY (bass clar); KETTING, Rotterdam PO. Timbo. VAN DER KRAAN, Hague Percussion Group. M.
Concert Hall
AR Vol. 1 Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. KAUFMAN; SWOBODA, o. A. Red vinyl. Program notes.
CHC 46 Brahms: Piano Quintet. HASKIL, WINTHERTHUR QT. A-/B; 1/4", 2/3", 1/8" X's. Black vinyl.
CHC 55 Franck: Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Prelude, Fugue & Variation; Song. LEV (piano). A, FOT.
CHS 1162 Lalo: Cello Concerto (VERHEIJ, Haarlem SO); Faure: Elegie (HUPPERTS, Utrecht SO). MICHELIN. A.
CHS 1244 Reger: Clarinet Quintet. COUTELEN, WINTERTHUR QT (RYBAR, vln). A, LSM.
H 1550 Barber: Violin Concerto. KAUFMAN; GOEHR, [Lucerne Festival O]. Copland: Piano Concerto. SMIT; COPLAND, RAI O., Rome. A, LSM.
CS 216 S Dahl: Allegro & Arioso; Barber: Summer Music; Etler: Quintet. N.Y. WOODWIND QUINTET. A, LSM.
3006 "Often Heard Offenbach" (overtures & orch. excerpts). ALLAIN, French Nat'l Radio O. A, LSM.
3007 Works of Hopkinson, Gram, Fry, Gottschalk, Paine, MacDowell, Chadwick, Parker, Griffes, & Hadley. BROCK (t), PEASE (b); KORN, Hamburg PO. ("American Anthology, Vol. 1"). A.
CFC 146 D Martinu: Rhapsody-Concerto (GOLANI, vla); D'Indy: Symphony on a French Mountain Air (BLOCK). MAAG, Berne SO. A.
Connoisseur Society
CS 2021 S Beethoven: Sonatas #15 & 26; Bagatelle, Op. 33, #4. MORAVEC. A. Black label.
CS 2038 S Grieg: Violin Sonata #3; Ravel: Sonata; Habanera. WILKOMIRSKA, BARBOSA. A. Black label.
CS 2072 S (2) Faure: Nocturnes; Theme & Variations, Op. 73. COLLARD. A.
Contemporary Recording Studios
CRS 8424 S Kelly: Sonata for Oboe & Harp; Russo: Variations II; Persichetti: Parable XIII; Serenade #13; Berky: Sonatina quasi una Improvisata; Brandon: Suite. ROBINSON (ob), J. & I. RUSSO (clar), HOFFMAN (harp), IGNACIO (pf). A.
850C 2647 Works of F. David, Telemann, Miroshnikov, W. Osborne, Bozza, Etler, Bourdeau, & Senaille. SHARROW (longtime NBC SO bassoonist), W. ROBERT (pf). A.
LPS 3205 S Haydn: Sonatas #36-41. K. MILLER (pf). FS.
5563 S Kodaly: Sonata for unaccompanied cello; Bach: Suite #5. PARISOT. A.
159 Ward: Jubilation; Trimble: Closing Piece. STRICKLAND, o's. Bezanson: Rondo-Prelude; Goodenough: Elegy. FJELSTAD, Oslo PO. A, LSM.
170 Brunswick: Septet in 7 Movements. JAHODA, ens. (BAKER, fl). Gideon: Lyrical Piece. STRICKLAND, Imperial PO. Newlin: Piano Trio #2. LONDON CZECH TRIO. A.
SD 259 S Hovhaness: The Holy City; Rogers: Apparitions; Travis: Collage; Cohn: Kaddish; Still: Festive Overture. LIPKIN, Royal PO. A.
SD 410 S Cage: The Seasons; Wuorinen: Two-Part Symphony. DAVIES, American Composers O. A. COH.
Critics Choice
CC 1705 S Ives: Sonata #2, "Concord." SAHR (pf), C. ADAMS (fl). A.
S352 S Hindemith: Concerto for Trumpet, Bassoon & Strings; Wolpe: Piece for Solo Trumpet & 7 Instruments; Chihara: The Beauty of the Rose. GUARNERI (tpt), BREIDENTHAL (bsn); KRAFT, L.A. Group for Contemporary Music. A.
S362 S Works of Reynolds, Hovhaness, Campo, Plog, & Southers. PLUG (tpt), L.A.PHIL. TRUMPETS, et al. A.
S371 S Levy: Suite #1; Schubert: Auf dem Strom (OGDEN, s); works of Wilder, Schuller, Nelhybel, Hartley, & Heiden. ZSEMBERY (horn), DRESSLER (pf). A.
S381 S Pergolesi-Sauer: Sinfonia in F; Milhaud: Concertino d'Hiver; Bassett:Suite for unaccompanied trombone; Persichetti: Serenade #6. SAUER, PITMAN (pf), et al. A.
S394 S Hackbarth: Double Concerto (HICKMAN, tpt); M. Powell: Nocturnes. PERANTONI (tuba); ZONN, E. LONDON, Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players. A.
S501 S Gold: Songs of Love & Parting; Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Coplas. NIXON (s); GOLD, Vienna Volksoper O. A. Texts.
S631 S Copland: Violin Sonata; Ives: Sonata #2; Maury: Sonata in Memory of the Korean War Dead. SANDLER (vln), MAURY (pf). A.
S641 S Dahl: Duettino Concertante; Lesemann: Sonata for Clarinet & Percussion; W. Kraft: Encounters IV. ERVIN (percussion), LURIE (clar), DiTULLIO (fl), T. ERVIN (trombone). A.
S647 S Sapieyevski: Concerto for Viola & Winds; Plog: 4 Miniatures (WESTWOODWIND QUINTET); Holst: Terzetto (CRIST, ob; BARCELLONA, fl). DUNHAM (vla, in all). A.
S665 S Antheil: Trumpet Sonata; Maxwell Davies: Sonata; Bernstein: Rondo for Lifey; T. Stevens: New Carnival of Venice; Variations on Clifford Intervals. STEVENS (tpt), CARNO (pf), et al. A.
S670 S Hindemith: Horn Sonata; Persichetti: Parable; Hamilton: Sonata Notturna; Hill: Abstraction. HILL (horn), K. HILL (pf); YOUNG, horn ens. A.
S672 S Steiger: Hexadecathlon: "A New-Slain Knight" (MOSKO, California E.A.R.Unit); Schumann: Adagio & Allegro; works of H.K. Schmid & Gliere (CARNO, pf). CERMINARO, A.
S673 S Deason: Chamber Concerto; Schonthal: Music for Horn & Chamber Orchestra (RONLY-RIKLIS, Israel PO); Pusztai: Interactions (GABER, Indiana Percussion Ens.); Schuller: 3 Hommages (BIRR, pf). RIMON (horn, in all). A.
S731 S Rochberg: Trio for Clarinet, Horn & Piano; Schuller: Romantic Sonata (WILLIAMS, COVERT); Rozsa: Romantic Sonata. COMBS (clar, in all). A.
S811 S Linn: Wind Quintet; Heussenstamm: 7 Etudes; Pillin: Scherzo; H. Stein: Sour Suite. WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET. A.
S821 S Kraft: Nonet (KRAFT, cond); W. Schmidt: Concertino (S. DAVIS, pf); Campo: Madrigals. L.A. BRASS QUINTET & PERCUSSION ENS. A.
S852 S Luke: Bassoon Concerto; Welcher: Concerto da Camera. SHARROW; GOLD, o. A.
S853 S Harrison: Concerto for Violin & Percussion Orchestra; Linn: Concertino. SHAPIRO; KRAFT. A. Blue vinyl.
S871 S Bach-Crist: Musical Offering--Ricercar; Handel: 2 pieces; Pillin: 3 Pieces; Heussenstamm: Set for Double-Reeds. ENDO, L.A. PO ("Music for Double-Reed Ensemble"). A.
CULP 9 S Roldan: Los Tres Toques; Ritmicas 5 & 6. CUZAN, Cuba Nat'l SO. Egrem recording, 1975. A.
Cum Laude
KM 1001 Jussi BJOERLING song & aria recital (undated live performance). A.
CY 709 D Debussy-Paillard: 6 Epigraphes Antiques; Roussel: Le Marchand de sable qui passe. MARTIN, Michel Martin CO. A.
Da Camera Magna
SM 91047 S Telemann: Recorder Concertos. LEHMBRUCK, BROICH-TOPHOFEN, Heidelberg CO. FS.
SM 92814/5 S (2, 3 sides) Furtwaengler: Piano Quintet. BELLIK, QUATUOR ELYSEEN. A.
SM 93718 S A. Tcherepnin: Cello Sonatas #1 & 3; 12 Preludes. NYFFENEGGER, WEISBROD. A.
Da Vinci
D 204 Liszt: Roumanian Rhapsody; I. Cruz: Homenage a Manuel de Falla; Bartok: 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs; works of Chopin & Albeniz. DE TOTH (pf). Jacket inscribed by the pianist. A.
DL 10042 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Schumann: Carnaval. MOISEIWITSCH. FS. AS.
DL 10048 Schumann: Kreisleriana; Kinderscenen; Arabesque; Romance in F#. MOISEIWITSCH. A. AS.
DL 10067 Beethoven: Sonatas #14 & 26; Schumann: Vogel als Prophet. MOISEIWITSCH. A. AS.
DL 710013 S Rossini: La Regata Veneziana; songs of Gluck, Vivaldi, Stradella, Bizet, Liszt, Ravel (2), Poulenc, & Berlioz. TOUREL, ULANOWSKY. A. Texts.
DL 710063 S Aguado: 8 Etudes; works of Sor, Ponce, Albeniz, Tansman, & Granados ("Granada"). SEGOVIA. A.
DL 8022 Andres SEGOVIA encore recital. A, FOT. Black label.
DL 8517 Chopin: Ballade #3; Scherzo #3. ARRAU. Prelude #4; Impromptu #2. L. KRAUS (her only Chopin recordings). 2 Nocturnes. JOYCE. All from Parlophone 78s. A.
DL 8518 Schubert: Sonata in a, Op. 42; Valses nobles. KRAUS. A, LSM.
DL 9525 Mozart: Concerto #9 (SUSSKIND, Philharmonia O.); Fantasia in c, K. 475. KRAUS. A; 1/4" X.
DL 9532 Brahms: Clarinet Quintet. KELL, FINE ARTS QT. A, LSM.
DL 9570 Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata; Debussy: Premiere Rhapsodie; Stravinsky: 3 Pieces for clarinet solo. KELL, J. ROSEN. A/A-, FOT.
DL 9571 Grieg: Violin Sonatas #1 & 3. FUCHS, SHERIDAN. A/A-, FOT.
DL 9602 Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. STRAUSS, Bavarian St. O. First LP edition. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Spine repaired.
DL 9606 Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier--finales, Acts 1 & 3. LEMNITZ, VON MILINKOVIC, TROTSCHEL; LEITNER, Wurttemberg St. O. A/A-, FOT.
DL 9618 Mozart: Oboe Quartet (GALIMIR QT.); Telemann: Sonata in c; Partita #5, in e (CHIASSON, hpsi). H. GOMBERG. A.
DL 9638 Works of Milan, Visee, Sor, Handel, Bach, Giuliani, Falla, & Villa-Lobos. SEGOVIA. A; minor PBs.
DL 9679 Vivaldi: Concertos (Vol. 2). FASANO, Virtuosi di Roma. A, LSM.
DL 9750 Turina: Ciclo Pianistico; Recuerdos de la Antigua Espana; Danzas Fantasticas. DE LARROCHA. FS. Late pressing.
DL 9751 Works of Bach (4, including Chaconne), Sor (3), Mendelssohn, Villa-Lobos, & Rodrigo. SEGOVIA. A; 1 tiny X.
DL 9762 Granados: Spanish Dances. DE LARROCHA. FS. Late pressing.
DL 9769 Blacher: Orchestral Variations on a Theme of Paganini; Von Einem: Capriccio; Fortner: Symphony #4--Finale; Hartmann: Symphony for Strings--Finale; Liebermann: Furioso. FRICSAY, RIAS SO. A, FOT.
DL 9777 Debussy: Sonata for flute, viola & harp; Syrinx; Roussel: Trio. BAKER, NEWELL, L. FUCHS. A.
DL 9815 Granados: Goyescas, Part 2; Mompou: Impresiones Intimas. DE LARROCHA.Not reissued due to damaged master tape. M.
DL 9831 Granados: Escenas Romanticas; Espla: Sonata Espanola; Rodrigo: Danzasde Espana. DE LARROCHA. FS.
DL 9843 Boydell: Megalithic Ritual Dances; Bodley: Music for Strings; May: Suite of Irish Airs. HORVAT, Radio Eirann SO. A.
DL 9857 Mozart: Violin Concerto #4 (ROSBAUD, Berlin PO); Concerto #5 (LEITNER,Vienna SO). SCHNEIDERHAN. A, LSM. Jacket markings.
DL 9959 Haydn: Symphonies #92 & 104. ROSBAUD, Berlin PO. A.
DL 9972 Songs of Schubert, Wolf, Strauss, Nicolai, & Milhaud. STREICH, WERBA. A-, FOT; minor PB.
DXSA 7197 S (2) Peter: 6 String Quintets. FINE ARTS QT., CLEM (viola). Music by American Moravian composer, 1746-1813. A. COH.
Decca (Eng.)
HEAD 15 S Berio: A-Ronne; Cries of London. BERIO, Swingle II. A. Texts.
HEAD 18 S Ferneyhough: Transit. HARDY (s), HURST, HARRISON (ms), HALL (t), ETHERIDGE (b), EARLE (bs); HOWARTH, London Sinfonietta. A. Text.
LXT 2941 Britten: Les Illuminations; Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings (BRAIN). PEARS; GOOSSENS, New SO. A.
SXL 6175 S Britten: Cantata Misericordium (PEARS, FISCHER-DIESKAU); Sinfonia da Requiem. BRITTEN, London SO & Cho. A. FFSS label. Text.
SXL 6820 S Holst: Moorside Suite; Ireland: Comedy Overture; Elgar: Severn Suite; Bliss: Kenilworth. HOWARTH, Grimethorpe Colliery Band. A. EP.
Decca (Eng.) Eclipse
ECM 684 Schumann: Symphony #1; Beethoven: Coriolan Overture. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A.
Decca (France)
115.190/1 S (2) Lehar: Paganini (in French). REIDINGER, BOULANGEOT, MASSARD, CARLES; DERVAUX (MERCKEL, vln). A.
7303/4 S (2) Vivaldi: La Stravaganza, Op. 4. WALLEZ (vln & cond), Ensemble Instrumental de France. A.
SXL 20.221 S Works of Sweelinck, Clerambault, Buxtehude, & Bach. LITAIZE, Schwenkendel organ, Solesmes Abbey (inauguration, 1967). A.
Decca (Germany)
6.41897 S Schubert: Valses nobles; Impromptu, Op. 143, #3; Mendelssohn: Rondo Capriccioso; 3 Songs without Words; Brahms: piano music. BACKHAUS. Non-Brahms items all scarce. FS.
DA 9012 Beethoven: Sonatas #30-32. PETRI. Live performance, 1954. FS.
DBS 7001 S Rachmaninov-Wild: Songs. WILD (pf). A.
DBS 7005 D Schumann: Sonata #1, in f#, Op. 11; Papillons; piano music. WILD. FS.
DMS 3015 D Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A.
DEL 12016 Elgar: Violin Sonata; Martinu: Sonata #1. LOVEDAY, CASSINI. A.
DEL 12021 Liszt: "Late Piano Music." FIORENTINO. A. AS.
TQD 3037 "Masters of the Piano." 78s of PACHMANN, GRUNFELD, PUGNO, GRIEG, CHAMINADE, ROGER-MICLOS. A; jacket repaired.
Deutsche Grammophon
10" 17091 Arias of Verdi (2), Leoncavallo, Meyerbeer, Massenet, Lortzing, & Wagner. ANDERS, var. accomp. A.
136 001 S Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra. BOHM, Berlin PO. A. Tulip label.
136 376 S "Folk Songs of the World." STREICH; MICHALSKI. A. Tulip label.
138 013 S Schoeck: Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, M. Weber. A, LSM. Tulip label. No texts. Jacket worn.
138 118 S Boieldieu: Harp Concerto in C; Rodrigo: Concert-Serenade. ZABALETA; MAERZENDORFER, Berlin Radio SO. A. Tulip label.
138 120 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #5 & 9 ("Kreutzer"). SCHNEIDERHAN, SEEMANN. A. Tulip label. Minor jacket wear.
138 126 S Brahms: Quartet #3, Op. 67; Dvorak: Quartet in F, Op. 96, "American."AMADEUS QT. A. Tulip label.
138 645 S Mozart: Concertos #23 & 24. KEMPFF; LEITNER, Bamberg SO. A. Tulip label.
138 707 S Mozart: Sonatas, K. 310 & 331; Fantasias, K. 397 & 475. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label.
138 769 S Hindemith: Mathis der Maler--exc. LORENGAR, GROBE, FISCHER-DIESKAU; LUDWIG, Berlin Radio SO. A. Tulip label. Text. Thick jacket.
138 869 S Mozart: Serenade in D, K. 250, "Haffner." KOECKERT; KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio SO. A. Tulip label.
138 949 S Mozart: Sonatas, K. 332/3; Andante, K. 616; Variations on " Ah vous dirai-je Maman." ESCHENBACH. A. Tulip label.
138 954 S Janacek: Slavonic Mass. LEAR, ROSSEL-MAJDAN, HAEFLIGER, CRASS; KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio Cho. & O. A. Tulip label.
139 023 S Beethoven: Concerto #1. ESCHENBACH; KARAJAN, Berlin PO. A. Tulip label.
139 134/5 S (2) Bruckner: Symphony #4; 5 Motets. JOCHUM, Berlin PO. Bavarian Radio Cho. A. Tulip label.
139 137/8 S (2) Bruckner: Symphony #7; 3 Motets; Psalm 150 (STADER). JOCHUM, Bavarian Radio Cho., Berlin German Opera Cho., Berlin PO. A. Tulip label.
139 251/3 S (3) Orff: Oedipus der Tyrann. VARNAY, STOLZE, OOHN, ENGEN; KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio Cho. & SO. Composer-supervised recording. FS. Tulip label. German libretto.
139 382 S Henze: Ode to the West Wind (PALM, cello); Violin Concerto (SCHNEIDERHAN). HENZE, Bavarian Radio SO. A.
18390/1 (2) Beethoven: Fidelio. RYSANEK, SEEFRIED, HAEFLIGER, FISCHER-DIESKAU, FRICK, LENZ, ENGEN; FRICSAY, Bavarian St. Opera. FS. AS. Libretto.
18724 Beethoven: Symphony #5; Egmont Overture. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. Liveperformance, 1947; first publication. A. Tulip label.
18770/3 (4) Beethoven: Piano Concertos. KEMPFF; VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A; 1 1" X.
2530 035 S Bach: Italian Concerto; Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; keyboard works. K. RICHTER (hpsi). A.
2530 972 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. OZAWA, Boston SO (SILVERSTEIN, vln). A. Ex-library.
2531 377 S Stravinsky: Songs. BRYN-JULSON, MURRAY, TEAR, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BOULEZ, Ensemble Intercontemporain. FS.
2532 011 D Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole (complete); Berlioz: Reverie & Caprice. PEERLMAN; BARENBOIM, O. de Paris. M.
2535 812 Brahms: Symphony #4. DE SABATA, Berlin PO (1939). A. Corner clipped.
2535 817 Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Salome's Dance (Berlin PO); Don Juan; Intermezzo--interlude. STRAUSS, Berlin St. Opera O. FS.
2707 064 S (2) Brahms: Piano Concertos. GILELS; JOCHUM, Berlin PO. A.
2709 060 S (3) Haydn: 6 Quartets, Op. 50. TOYKO STRING QUARTET. A. Box worn.
2709 076 S (3) Liszt: Annees de Pelerinage. BERMAN. FS.
2720 031 S (7) Mozart: Piano Sonatas; 3 Rondos. ESCHENBACH. A.
2721 153 S (2) Beethoven: Leonore Overture #3; Concerto #4 (ARRAU); Symphony #5.BERNSTEIN, Bavarian Radio SO. A, LSM.
29333 Bruckner: Symphony #9. JOCHUM, Bavarian Radio SO. A.
415 137 1 D Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream. BLEGEN; LEVINE, Chicago SO & Cho. A.
415 476 1 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #5; Fruhe Lieder (WEIKL). SINOPOLI, PhilharmoniaO. Songs not on CD issue. FS.
KL 27/32 (6) Bach: Suite #3; Haydn: Symphony #88; Mozart: Symphony #39; Beethoven: Violin Concerto (SCHNEIDERHAN); Schubert: Symphony #9; Schumann: Symphony #4; Bruckner: Symphony #9. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. INCLUDES bonus LP of Furtwaengler speaking! A. Minor spine damage.
Deutsche Grammophon (U.S.)
DGS 712018 S Lieder of Brahms (7) & Strauss (8). SEEFRIED, Werba. A, LSM. Texts.
272 (2) Mozart: Sonata in D, K. 576; Beethoven: Sonata #32; Schumann: Fantasia in C; Brahms: Sonata #3, in F, Op. 5; works of Scarlatti (2), Debussy (2), & Ravel. GIESEKING. From broadcasts, 1944-48. A.
327 Beethoven: Concerto #5. MICHELANGELI; CARACCIOLO, Bergamo Festival O. (1966). FS. EAR.
356 Respighi: Feste Romane; works of Sabata, Glazounov, Stravinsky, & Mosslov. DE SABATA. From 78s. A.
364 (2) Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica; Beethoven: Violin Concerto (ROHN). FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A.
370 Mozart-Baines: Divertimento, K. 270; Beethoven: Quintet for Piano & Winds (BRITTEN); Milhaud: La Cheminee du Roi Rene. DENNIS BRAIN WIND QUINTET. Beethoven: Horn Sonata. BRAIN, HANSEN. A.
379 Wagner: Parsifal--exc. "LORENZ, JANSSEN, KIPNIS; MUCK, STRAUSS, FURTWAENGLER" (attributions disputed). A.
380 Bach: English Suite #6; Schubert: Sonata in G, Op. 78; Beethoven: Sonata #16. GIESEKING (1945-47). A.
396 Beethoven: Symphony #5 (N.Y. Phil., 1950); Symphony #9--finale (ROKYTO, STEFFENSEN, PATAKY, KIPNIS, Danish St. Radio, 1934); Egmont Overture (L.A. Phil;., 1946). F. BUSCH. A.
409 Chopin: Concerto #1. ROSENTHAL; WEISSMANN, Berlin St. Opera O. Concerto #2. CORTOT; BARBIROLLI, o. A.
416 Bruckner: Symphony #7. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (May 1, 1951). A.
417 Wagner: Die Walkure--Act 3. FLAGSTAD, MULLER, BOCKELMANN; FURTWAENGLER, Covent Garden (1937). A.
429 (2) Wagner: Die Gotterdammerung--exc. FLAGSTAD, THORBORG, MELCHIOR, JANSSEN, WEBER; FURTWAENGLER, Covent Garden (1937). A.
512 Wagner: Gotterdammerung--Immolation Scene; Tristan & Isolde--Liebestod(FARRELL); Meistersinger Prelude; Parsifal--Prelude & Good Friday Spell. SABATA, N.Y. Phil. (1951). A.
524 Schubert: Sonata in Bb; Violin Sonata in D, D. 384; Brahms: Sonata #2(STERN). HESS. A, LSM.
540 Wagner: Gotterdammerung--exc. LEIDER, LORENZ, HOFFMAN, PROHASKA; FURTWAENGLER (Bayreuth, 1937). A.
541 Brahms: Violin Concerto; Mendelssohn: Concerto. KREISLER; BLECH, Berlin St. Opera O. (1929/27). FS.
542 Mozart: Duport Variations, K. 573; Beethoven: Sonata #18; Schumann: Kinderszenen; Schubert: Sonata in a, D. 845. HASKIL (Besancon, 1956). FS.
701- Mozart: Violin Concerto #4 (WALTER); Berg: Violin Concerto (MITROPOULOS). SZIGETI. Later pressing with printed jacket. A.
719 (3) Bruckner: Symphony #7; Mahler: Symphony #2; Stravinsky: Firebird Suite. FRIED, Berlin St. Opera O. A.
736 Brahms: Concerto #2. HESS; WALTER, N.Y. Phil. (1951). FS.
805 (2) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. MILANOV, THORBORG, PEERCE, WARREN; WALTER, Met. Opera (1944). A.
PR 36 Mozart: Concertos #14 & 20. HESS; WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A.
R 2088 Clementi: Sonata in Bb; Chopin: Sonata #2; Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit. MICHELANGELI. A.
MB 1003 Leopold AUER/Pablo de SARASATE/Willy BURMESTER recital, from 78s. FS.
MB 1008 Efrem ZIMBALIST encore recital, from acoustic 78s. A.
MB 1010 Jascha HEIFETZ recital, from acoustic 78s. M.
MB 1012 Fritz KREISLER recital, from acoustical 78s. A.
MB 1019 Joseph JOACHIM/Dezso SZIGETI/Marie SOLDAT-ROEGER recital, from 78s. A.
DIS 278 Mozart: Concerto #22. LANDOWSKA; RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil. (Dec. 2, 1945). FS.
DAVS 6602 J. Andriessen: Movimenti. RIEU, Limburg SO. Van Delden: Piccolo Concerto; Kox: Cyclofonie #1 (WERNER, cello). HUPPERTS, Utrecht SO, Netherlands Radio CO. Badings: Symphony #9. ZINMAN, Netherlands CO. A. Scores bound in album.
DLP 3354 Gertz: Leaves of Grass. WRIGHT, Hollywood First Methodist Church Choir, ens. A.
HCR 5201 Mozart: Quartets, K. 80, 155/7. BARCHET QT. A.
HCR ST 7009 S Liszt: Annees de Pelerinage--Year 1. FIORENTINO. A.
122577 S (2) "Steuben Parade Benefit Concert," Carnegie Hall, Oct. 2, 1977. PRANSCHKE (s, in 3), GROSSMANN (b, in 2), Jerome HINES (bs, in 2); FISCHHOFF, MARTIN, cho's & o. A.
DYBXS 2 S Songs of Schubert (4), Bellman (3) (DYER-BENNET, gtr), Wolf (5), & Brahms (4). SCHIOTZ, ULANOWSKY. Recorded 1960. A. Texts.
EC 1001 (3) Gounod: Faust. BERTHON, VEZZANI, JOURNET, MUSY; BUSSER. Berlioz: Damnation of Faust--exc. BERTHON, DE TREVI, PANZERA; COPPOLA. A.
ED 52721 S Hossein: Arya Symphonie. DERVAUX, Monte-Carlo Opera O. A.
ED 52722 S Hossein: Concerto Capriccio #1 (RINGEISSEN, pf); Melodies (GUIOT, s). HARTEMANN, Monte-Carlo Opera O. A.
ED 52723 S Hossein: Piano Concertos #2 & 3. BOUKOFF; DERVAUX, Monte-Carlo Opera O. A.
ED 52724 S Hossein: Mosaiques. RINGEISSEN (pf). A.
Editio Laran
ST 5052 S Liszt: "The late Russian transcriptions, 1879-1886." ONDERDENWIJNGAARD(pf). A.
ECE 0271 Enescu: Piano Quartet #1. FOTINO, PODLOVSKI, RADULESCU, FOTINO. A.
ECE 0290 Enescu: Sinfonia Concertante (ALDULESCU, cello); Vox Maris (TEODORIAN,t; GUDZICHIEVICI, s). CONTA, Rumanian Radio SO. A.
ECE 0291 Enescu: Suite #2, Op. 20. BUGEANO, Rumanian Film O. Trio in a. JEREA, OPREANU, ILEA. A.
ST ECE 02600 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. MICHELANGELI; CELIBIDACHE, French Nat'l Radio O. (live, 1975). A.
ST ECE 0486/8 S (3) Verdi: La Traviata. ZEANI, BUZEA, HERLEA; BOBESCU, Rumanian Operaof Bucharest. A. Libretto.
STM ECE 0949 S Enescu: Violin Sonata #1. ABRAMOVICI, STAICU. Cantabile & Presto (FRINCU, fl); Legend (VADUVA, tpt). LICARET (pf). Allegro de Concert. GANTOLEA, COCHINO (harps). A.
10" E 70370 Faure: La Bonne Chanson. FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE. A. French text.
10" WBLP 525 Arias of Verdi (3), Mozart, Mascagni, & Puccini. METTERNICH, H. KRAUS (t, in 1); SCHUECHTER, GRUBER, Berlin St. Opera Cho. & O. A/A-, FOT.
E 80446 Bach: Partitas #3-5. WALCHA (hpsi). A.
E 80968 Beethoven: Quartet #14, Op. 131. BUSCH QUARTET. A. Odeon label.
E 90013 Brahms: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; FURTWAENGLER, Lucerne Festival O. A; numerous mild PBs
E 90065 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A.
SME 91221 S Bruckner: Symphony #9. SCHURICHT, Vienna PO. Second edition. A. EAR. Red & white label.
SME 91265/7 S (3) Nicolai: Merry Wives of Windsor. PUTZ, LITZ, MATHIS, FRICK, GUTSTEIN, WUNDERLICH, ENGEN; HEGER, Bavarian St. Opera. A. German libretto.
WCLP 553/4 (2, 3 sides) Bach: Goldberg Variations. WALCHA (hpsi). M.
00783 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #5 & 9. KREISLER, RUPP. A.
00858 Chopin: Etudes, Opp. 10 & 25. CORTOT. From 78s, 1933. A.
00889 Chopin: Preludes, Opp. 28 & 45; 4 Impromptus. CORTOT. From 78s, 1933. FS.
01322 Bartok: Violin Concerto #2. MENUHIN; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A.
01504 Liszt: Sonata; Chopin: Sonata #3. CORTOT (1929/33). A.
01669 Beethoven: Quartet #15, in a, Op. 132. BUSCH QT. FS.
01808 Mendelssohn: Trio #1; Schumann: Trio #1. CORTOT, THIBAUD, CASALS. A.
11269 S Beethoven: Sonata #29. HEIDSIECK. A.
12170 S J. Alain: Organ works. MERINEAU, Saint-Eustache organ, Paris. A.
14043 S D'Indy: Istar; Wallenstein Trilogy. DERVAUX, Loire PO. M.
14063 S Chopin: 4 Impromptus; Barcarolle; Bolero; Tarantelle; Chopin-Liszt: 2Polish Songs. CZIFFRA. A.
16241/2 (2) Falla: 4 Piezas Espanolas--#1 & 2. FALLA (piano rolls). 7 PopularSpanish Songs; songs (BARRIENTOS); Harpsichord Concerto. FALLA. El Amor Brujo--3 exc. VINES (pf). 3 Cornered Hat--3 exc. ARBOS; El Retablo de Maese Pedro. GONZALO, NAVARRO, SEOANE. A.
2703481 D Ropartz: Symphony #3. POLLET, STUTZMANN, DRAN, VASSAR; PLASSON, OrfeonDonostiarra, Toulouse O. A.
28099 S Liszt: Piano Concertos. KAROLYI; KERTESZ, Philharmonia Hungarica. A.
28820 S J. Strauss: Der Zigeunerbaron--exc. STREICH, LITZ, CVEJIC, BUMBRY, GEDDA, PREY, ANHEISSER, BOHME; ALLERS, Bavarian St. Opera. A.
28930/1 S (2) Lortzing: Der Waffenschmied. SCHADLE, LITZ, UNGER, PREY, BOHME, OLLENDORFF; LEHAN, Bavarian St. Opera. German libretto.
28942 S Mozart: Quintets, K. 516 & 593. HEUTLING QT., GRAF (vla). A.
29066/7 S (2) Kalman: Die Csardasfurstin. ROTHENBERGER, MILJAKOVIC, GEDDA, BROKMEIER, ANHEISSER; MATTES. A. German summary.
30122 S "Estampie: Instrumental Music of the Middle Ages." BINKLEY, Studio derFruhen Musik, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Adventurous improvisations on medieval dance tunes. A.
34620 S Alfven: Symphony #3. Swedish Rhapsody #3. ALFVEN, Stockholm Concert O., Stockholm Radio O. A.
35157 S Aulin: Violin Concerto #3 (SEGERSTAM, Swedish Radio SO); 4 Aquarelles;Dances from Gotland (NILSON, pf). TELLEFSEN. A.
35455 S Peterson-Berger: Symphony #2. WESTERBERG, Swedish Radio SO. A.
35774 S Rangstrom: Symphony #3. FRANDSEN. King Erik's Songs; 2 Songs in Antique Style. HAGEGARD; FURST, Helsingborgs SO. A.
45711 S Scarlatti: Sonatas (Vol. 1). ZACHARIAS. A.
50183/4 (2) Mozart: Concertos #15 (ACKERMANN), 23, & 24 (MENGES); Sonata in A, K. 331. SOLOMON. A.
73100 S D'Indy: Symphony #2. PLASSON, Toulouse O. A.
81346 S Villa-Lobos: Piano music. TAGLIAFERRO. M.
EMD 5526 Q Ibert: Flute Concerto; Jolivet: Concerto; Honegger: Concertino da Camera (A. CAMDEN). SOLUM; DILKES, English Sinfonia O. A.
OU 2233 S "Peter SELLERS & Sophia LOREN." A.
110 Schubert: Sonata in c. AITKEN. A; minor PB. Black vinyl.
PHS 1277 Beethoven: Concerto #4 (Carmel SO, 12/8/59); Bach-Busoni: Concerto ind (CIRPO, Portland SO, 1/15/50). PETRI. 1 minute of heavy hum in Beethoven orch. intro. Private release. FS.
BC 1044 S Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #4-6. GOLDBERG, Netherlands CO. A, FOT. EAR.
BC 1062 S Gluck: Der Betrogene Kadi. NIXA, DIERI, VON VROOMAN, WELZ; PAUMGARTNER. A. Libretto.
BC 1096 S Haydn: Symphonies #103 & 104. MARKEVICH, Lamoureux O. A.
BC 1116 S Works of Griffes, Foote, Honegger, & Hanson ("Music for a Golden Flute"). SHARP; LANE, Cleveland Sinfonietta. A.
BC 1143 S Mozart: Concertos #20 & 24. HASKIL; MARKEVICH, Lamoureux O. A. Blue label.
BC 1155 S Locatelli: L'Arte del Violino, Op. 3--Concertos #1, 8, & 9. MICHELUCCI, I MUSICI. A.
BSC 149 S (2) Paganini: 24 Caprices, Op. 1. VARDI (viola). A, FOT. Ex-library.
LC 3014 Beethoven: Concerto #5. DE GROOT; VAN OTTERLOO, Hague PO. A, LSM.
LC 3060 Mozart: Violin Concertos #3 & 4. GRUMIAUX; MORALT, Vienna SO. A/A-, LSM.
LC 3151 Chopin: Nocturnes (Vol. 1). SMETERLIN. A.
LC 3152 Chopin: Nocturnes (Vol. 2). SMETERLIN. A.
LC 3153 Honegger: Christmas Cantata. ROUX; SACHER, Brasseur Cho., Lamoureux O.Distler: Christmas Story. VOORBERG, Netherlands Madrigal Choir. A.
LC 3174 St.-Saens: Samson & Delilah--Bacchanale; overtures of Thomas & Auber (4). FOURNET, Lamoureux O. A, FOT. Spine repaired.
LC 3365 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto; Bruch: Concerto #1. GRUMIAUX; LESCOVICH, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
LC 3382 Beethoven: "Diabelli" Variations. SHURE. A/A-, FOT.
LC 3414 Tartini: "Devil's Trill" Sonata; Corelli: La Follia; Vitali: Chaconne; Veracini: Sonata in A, Op. 1, #7. GRUMIAUX, CASTAGNONE. A. Jacket repaired.
SC 6009 (2) Mozart: Mass in c, K. 427. STICH-RANDALL, ROSSL-MAJDAN, KMENTT, RANINGER; MORALT, Vienna SO & Chamber Cho. A, LSM. Text.
DP 23 1 Couperin: 3 Lecons de Tenebrae; 2 Motets. SAUTEREAU (s), COLLARD (c); BOULAY, ens. A.
STU 70723 S Schuetz: Motets; Psalms. CAILLARD, Caillard Vocal Ens. M.
STU 70840 S Dutilleux: Symphony #2; Metaboles. MUNCH, Lamoureux O., French Nat'l O. A.
STU 71527 S Chopin: Songs, Op. 74. ZYLIS-GARA, CZERNY-STEFANSKA. A. Summaries, no texts.
Essential Piano Library
BDW 801 S Beethoven: Sonata #23, "Appassionata;" Schubert: "Wanderer" Fantasy. BAR-ILLAN. A.
Estudio Eldorado
SCDP DPF SR 083 S C. Gomes: Sonata in D; A. Prado: Abertura Cidade de Campinas; Amen. JUAREZ, Campinas SO. Brazilian issue. A/A-, FOT.
Eterna (E. Germany)
8 21 028/9 (2) Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc. BUCHNER, KLOSE, LORENZ, PROHASKA, HEGER, Staatskapelle Berlin. A.
8 25 993 S Bach: Concerto for Flute, Violin & Harpsichord (HORTZACH, KASTNER); Concerto for 3 Violins (GLASS, NIENTER). BOSSE (vln & cond), Leipzig Gewandhaus Bach O. A.
70101 S (2) Adam: Der Postillon von Lonjumeau. MELANDER, VAN KESTEREN, SARDI,HOPPE, KRUKOWSKI; PETERS (from film). A, LSM. German libretto.
86222 S Schubert: Sonata in Bb. RICHTER. FIRST PUBLICATION. A. COH.
3118 F Copland: Quiet City; Cowell: Ancient Desert Drone; Ives: Housatonic at Stockbridge; Gilbert: Dance in the Place Congo. JANSSEN, Janssen SO. From Artist 78s. A.
3413 Lipatti: Concertino in Classic Style (H. VON BENDA, o.); Sonatina for Left Hand; Enescu: Violin Sonatas #2 & 3 (ENESCU); Suite #2--Bourree. LIPATTI. From Rumanian Radio recordings. A.
6153 Works of Rolon, Marroquin, R. Halffter, Ponce (2), Ramon, Falla, Albeniz, Serratos, & Sarasate (2). SZERYNG, JANOPOULO (from French Odeon LP). A.
85021 S Ravel: Violin Sonata; Satie: Things Seen from Left & Right; Poulenc: Sonata. RUBIN, SPARROW. A. Df.
ATL 4109 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #7 & 8. LOVEDAY, CASSINI. A, LSM.
FA 302 S Klami: Kalevala Suite; Cheremissian Fantasy (NORAS, cello). PANULA, Helsinki PO. A.
SFX 37 S Works of Madetoja, Merikanto, Kuula, Sonnine, Karjalainen, Marttinen, &Rydman ("Finnish Cello Music"). LAAMANEN, MIKKILA. A.
Fonit Cetra
DOC 59 Ravel: La Valse (Vienna PO, 1953); Bolero; Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice (N.Y. Phi., 1950); Stravinsky: Chant du Rossignol (Stockholm PO, 1947). DE SABATA. A.
FE 15 Honegger: Mouvement Symphonique #3; Debussy: 2 Nocturnes. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1952/51). Ravel: Rapsodie espagnole. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO (1951). A.
FE 36 (2) Furtwaengler: Symphony #2. FURTWAENGLER, Hessian Radio SO (Frankfurt, 1952). A.
FE 5 Beethoven: Symphony #6. FURTWAENGLER, RAI O., Rome (1952). A.
LAR 2 S Beethoven: Concerto #4. HASKIL; ROSSI, RAI O., Turin (1960). M.
LAR 30 Brahms: Concerto #2. RUBINSTEIN; CLUYTENS, RAI O, Turin (1962). M.
LAR 33 Debussy: Images I & II; 2 Preludes; Children's Corner. MICHELANGELI (RAI Rome, 1962). FS. Tiny COH.
697 001 Chopin: Polonaise, Op. 53; Scherzo #1; 3 Etudes; piano music. HARASIEWICZ. A.
700.037 S Liszt: Piano Concertos. BOUKOFF; SOMOGYI, Vienna SO. A.
Frank W. Ramseyer
F FR 1/2 (1) Works of Bach (2), Chopin (4), & Brahms (4). RAMSEYER. A, FOT. BJ, as issued.
French Broadcasting System in N. America
489/90 (2) Offenbach-Rosenthal: Offenbachiana. ROSENTHAL, ORTF PO. Heudeline: Suite; Marchand: Oboe Suite #2; Dornel: Sonata. R. QUATTROCCHI, EMMANUEL (vln), M. QUATTROCHI (vla), LAMY (gamba), AUBERT (hpsi). Broadcast transcriptions with narration. A. BJ, cue sheets.
FR 135 S Juan de la SIERRA: Espana! (Flamenco & classical guitar). A. Corner clipped. Ex-library.
Friends of Fritz Busch Society
FB 101 Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod; Tannhauser Overture; Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Schubert-Busch: Dance Suite--2 exc. F. BUSCH, o's. Never officially issued. M. BJ. Labels reversed.
Friends of Pierre Bernac
PB 3 Beydts: La Lyre et Les Amours (BEYDTS, o.); Ravel: Don Quichotte a Dulcinee; Poulenc: Le Bestaire; Tel jour telle nuit; songs (POULENC, pf). BERNAC. From 78s, 1936-46. A.
FYLP 1030 S M. Persson: Refractions. PERSSON, K. SCHOLZ (pf). Sandstrom: Campane in Campi Aperti. MADGE (pf). L. Sandberg: Fall. JOHNANSSON (trb), FRANZEN (cello), K. SCHOLZ. Zwedberg: Hanging. Electronic music. A, LSM.
GS 1043 S Heller: Variations on a Theme by Beethoven; Solitary Rambles; Valses Reveries; piano music. PUCHELT. A.
GS 1056 S Scharwenka: Violin Sonata #1; P. Scharwenka: Violin Sonata. ZIMANSKY (vln), KLINCKERFUSS, STEEL (pf). A.
Golden Age of Opera
EJS 268 (2) Strauss: Die Aegyptische Helena. RYSANEK, KUPPER, ALDENHOFF, UHDE; KEILBERTH, Munich St. Opera (1956). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 300 Strauss: Ariadne auf Naxos (lacking prologue). URSULEAC, BERGER, KORJUS, RUNGE, ROSVAENGE, HAMMES; KRAUSS, Berlin St. O. (1935). A. BJ.
EJS 399 Wagner: Lohengrin, Act 3--exc. MULLER, VOLKER; FURTWAENGLER. Tristan &Isolde--2 exc. KLOSE; FURTWAENGLER. FLAGSTAD; BEECHAM. Fliegende Hollander--exc. KONETZNI, HOTTER; REICHWEIN. A. BJ.
EJS 430 (2) Mascagni: Isabeau. POBBE, DAVINCI, FERRARO, FRANCIS; SERAFIN, SanRemo SO (1962). A; minor PBs. Blank box.
EJS 458 (2) Schumann: Genoveva (in Italian). RUBIO, BARBIERI, CALABRESE, FILACURIDI, TADEO; GUI, RAI Turin (1961). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 462 Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier--Act 3. LEHMANN, STEVENS, CONNER, GLAZ, ALVARY, OLITZKI; SEBASTIAN, San Francisco Opera (1945). A, LSM; minor PBs. BJ.
EJS 473 Bellini: I Puritani--exc. SUTHERLAND, GEDDA, DIAZ, BLANC; BONYNGE, American Opera Society (1963). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 515 (2) Wagner: Der fliegende Hollander--exc. FLAGSTAD, JERRED, JANSSEN, L. WEBER, LORENZ; REINER, London PO (1937). A; typical PBs. BJ, as issued.
EJS 539 Humperdinck: Hansel & Gretel--exc. JESSNER, MARIO, MANSKI, DOE, GABOR,BROWNING; RIEDEL, Met. Opera (1937). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 553 (3) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. WELITSCH, WATSON, PICCHI, SILVERI, NONI; GUI, Glyndebourne Festival (1949). Spontini: Olympia--exc. (in Italian). TEBALDI, KOKOLIOS-BARDI, PETRI; SERAFIN, Florence May Festival (1950), + 3 WELITSCH arias. A; minor PBs; 1/8" X BJ, as issued.
EJS 572 (3) Mozart: Die Zauberflote. LIPP, SEEFRIED, LUDWIG, GRIENDL, SCHOEFFLER, SCHMITT-WALTER; FURTWAENGLER. A; 1" needle drop. BJ, as issued.
Golden Crest
CR 1007 "Clinician Series: Frances Blaisell, Flute" (lecture-demonstration by N.Y. Phil/NYC Ballet flutist). Includes works of Bach, Chaminade, Debussy, & Bricciaddi. Tipped-in photograph. A.
CR 4020 "Flutists' Showcase" (brief works). BLAISDELL, KORTKAMP, MOSKOVITZ, PANITZ, PELLERITE, WILKINS (solos & ensembles). A.
CRDG 4206 D Prokofiev: Overture on Hebrew Themes; Khachaturian: Trio; Tomasi: LeTombeau de Mireille; Hindemith: Saxophone Sonata. HEGVIK (sax & clar), MALENKE (pf), AHRAMJIAN (vln), WEST CHESTER STRING QT. FS.
CRS 31042 Q (2) "The Road from Rags to Jazz (with a Slight Detour via `Classical' Music)." SCHULLER, New England Conservatory Ragtime Ens. Rags, Ives, Gottschalk, Satie, Stravinsky, etc. A, LSM.
CRS 4159 S Handel: Sonata in e; Loeillet: Sonata in G; traditional Japanese & Renaissance dances. RUBIN (recorders), SWERDLOW (gtr). A.
CRS 4174 S Wilder: Brass Quintet #6; Andrix: Sequences; Ewald: Quintet in eb. TIDEWATER BRASS QUINTET. A.
CRS 4179 S Wilder: Brass Quintet #7; works of Huggler, Maurer, Fennelly, & Tull. TIDEWATER BRASS QUINTET. A.
Handel Society
HDL 16 (2) Handel: St. John Passion. HARVEY, PFENNINGER, HAEFLIGER, OLSEN; HENKING, Zurich Bach Cho., Winterthur SO. A, LSM.
HDL 19 Handel: Cecilia Volgi un Sguardo; Dalla Guerra Amorosa. VAN DOORN (s),LARSEN (t), HOLLESTELLE (bs); LOORIJ, o. A, FOT. Italian texts.
Harmonia Mundi
HM 7 505 S (7) Buxtehude: Organ works. SAORGIN (4 historic organs). A.
Harvard Radio Network
TR 431/2 (1) Handel: Acis & Galatea--exc. WILLAUER (s), PERRIN (t), TIBBETS (b); HOLMES, Lowell House Musical Society. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Texts.
Haydn Society
HS 9003 Mozart: Trios, K. 254, 542, & 564. KRAUS, BOSKOVSKY, HUEBNER. A.
HS 9015 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 33, #3; Op. 50, #2; Op. 76, #2. SCHNEIDER QT. A, LSM.
HS 9017 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 33, #1-3. SCHNEIDER QT. A.
HS 9021 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 33, #4-6. SCHNEIDER QT. A.
HS 9041 Haydn: The 7 Last Words of Christ. SCHNEIDER QT. A.
HS 9080 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 2, #5 & 6. SCHNEIDER QT. A.
HS 9085 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 17, #5 & 6. SCHNEIDER QT. A.
HS 9086 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 20, #1 & 2. SCHNEIDER QT. A. Ex-library.
HS 9088 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 20, #5 & 6. SCHNEIDER QT. A. Ex-library.
HSL 116 Vivaldi: Concertos & Sonatas (Vol. 2). RAMPAL, PIERLOT, HONGNE, GENDRE, VEYRON-LACROIX. A, LSM.
HSL 133 Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 60, 296, & 378. BOSKOVSKY, KRAUS. A.
HSL 144 Beethoven: Sonatas #17, 19, 20, & 21. NAT. A, LSM.
HSL 145 Beethoven: Sonatas #25-28. NAT. A-, FOT.
HSL 97 Chopin: Sonata #2; Fantasia in f; Barcarolle. NAT. A; minor PBs.
HSLP 1008 Haydn: Symphony #85. BALTZER, Vienna St. Opera O. Symphony #82. STERNBERG, Vienna SO. A.
HSLP 1010 Haydn: Symphonies #38 & 39. STERNBERG, Vienna SO. A.
HSLP 1015 Haydn: Symphonies #83 & 84. HEILLER, Collegium Musicum, Vienna. A/A-, FOT.
HSLP 1026 Haydn: Symphonies #42 & 47. LITSCHAUER, Vienna CO. A, LSM; minor PB.
HSLP 1039 Haydn: Symphonies #52 & 56. A. HEILLER, Vienna St. Opera O., Vienna SO. A.
HSLP 1041 Haydn: Symphonies #43 & 50. WOLDIKE, Danish St. Radio CO. A.
HSQ 18 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 20, #5 & 6. SCHNEIDER QT. A, FOT; minor PB. No program notes.
HSQ 3 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 1, #5 & 6. SCHNEIDER QT. A, LSM. Program notes.
HSQ 34 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 76, #1 & 2. SCHNEIDER QT. A, FOT. No program notes.
HSQ 35 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 76, #3 & 4. SCHNEIDER QT. A. Program notes.
2700 702 (2) Verdi: Rigoletto. BERGER, KLOSE, ROSWAENGE, SCHLUSNUS, GREINDL, HANN; HEGER, Berlin St. Opera (1944). A.
88001 Brahms: Symphony #4; Kodaly: Dances from Galanta. DE SABATA, Berlin PO. A.
88014 Pfitzner: Palestrina--3 Preludes; Das Herz; Symphony in C, Op. 46; Christ-Elflein Overture. PFITZNER, Berlin PO., Berlin St. Opera O. (from 78s). A.
88023 Beethoven: Symphony #4; Grosse Fuge. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A.
Historical Recording Enterprises
HRE V817 S (3) Verdi: Il Trovatore. COSSOTTO, CRUZ-ROMO, COSSUTTA, MANUGUERRA; MUTI (1978). A. COH. No booklet printed.
10" BLP 1034 "Neapolitan Songs." GIGLI, var. accomp. A.
10" BLP 1039 Schumann: Piano Concerto. HESS; SCHWARZ, Philharmonia O. A.
10" BLP 1103 Works of Scarlatti (2), Beethoven (2), Mendelssohn, Granados, Brahms (2), & Bach-Hess. HESS. A/A-, LSM. New Zealand pressing.
10" BLPC 4 Arias & duets of Puccini, Giordano, Verdi (4), Leoncavallo, Donizetti, & Bizet. ISLANDI (t, in all), BREMS, SKJAER; TANGO, FELUMB. A.
ALP 1100 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A, LSM; 1/4" X. Large corner clipped.
ALP 1300 Beethoven: Concerto #5. SOLOMON; MENGES, Philharmonia O. A.
ALP 1358 Brahms: Sonata #3, Op. 5. SOLOMON. A.
ASD 252 S Bizet: L'Arlesienne Suites #1 & 2. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A, LSM.
ASD 3311 Q Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne (arr. Rosenthal); La Fille du tambour-major--Overture. ROSENTHAL, Monte Carlo Opera O. A.
ASD 3504 S Glazounov: Symphony #7. FEDOSEYEV, Moscow Radio SO. Oriental Rhapsody.DUDAROVA, Moscow SO. A.
ASD 3600 S Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit; Balakirev: Islamey; Tchaikovsky: Theme & Variations; Liszt: La Campanella. GAVRILOV. A. Small dog label.
ASD 4321 D Prokofiev: Sonata #6; Stravinsky: 3 Movements from "Petrouchka;" Rachmaninov: Etude-Tableau, Op. 39, #5. DONOHOE. A.
ASD 492 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (PRITCHARD, Philharmonia O.); 3 Preludes. OGDON. No U.S. issue. A, LSM. EAR.
ASD 591 S Mozart: Violin Concertos #1 & 2. MENUHIN, Bath Festival O. A. Small dog label.
CLP 1020 Grieg: Lyric Suite; Dvorak: Slavonic Dances #11-16. MALKO, Philharmonia O. A, FOT.
CLP 1043 Tchaikovsky: Hamlet; Dohnanyi: Suite in f#. IRVING, Philharmonia O. A.
ED 29 0422 1 "Gilbert & Sullivan: The Early Records." Var. artists, 1898-c. 1910. M.
EM 29 0573 3 (2) "Peter DAWSON on Stage" (Gilbert & Sullivan, operetta, Kern). DMM pressing. A.
EMD 5525 S Panufnik: Violin Concerto (MENUHIN); Sinfonia Concertante (NICOLET, ELLIS). PANUFNIK, Menuhin Festival O. A.
EX 29 1271 3 (2) "The Eileen JOYCE Album" (mostly brief piano works from 78s, 1933-42). DMM pressing. A.
HLM 7062 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. KREISLER; BLECH, Berlin St. Opera O. (1926). Kreisler: Caprice Viennois; Heuberger: Midnight Bells. KREISLER. FS.
HQM 1104 Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto; encore recital. KREISLER A.
HQM 1142 Works of Mozart (2), Schubert (2), Weber, & Brahms (3). SCHNABEL. A.
HQM 1163 Chopin: Sonata #3; Barcarolle; Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso; works ofBach, Scarlatti (2), & Liszt. LIPATTI. A.
RLS 611 (3) Beethoven: Fidelio. MODL, JURINAC, WINDGASSEN, EDELMANN, FRICK; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna State Opera. A-, FOT. Long album. Summary, no libretto.
RLS 726 (2) Mozart: Concertos #15, 23, & 24 (MENGES, Philharmonia O.); Sonatas, K. 331 & 576. SOLOMON. A.
RLS 733 (4) Schubert: Symphonies #5 & 8; Brahms: Symphony #2; Tragic Overture; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5; Franck: Symphony. BEECHAM, London PO (from 78s, 1936-40). A; tiny X. Spine top damaged.
SLS 976 S (3) Elgar: The Apostles. ARMSTRONG, WATTS, TEAR, LUXON, GRANT, CASE; BOULT, London PO & Cho. A. Text.
XLP 20021 Chopin: Nocturne, Op. 15, #2; Fantaisie in f; Ballade #1; Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise. GHEORGHIU. A.
HMV (Australia)
OASD 7556 S Hill: Violin Concerto. ELLIOTT; POST, Sydney SO. Trumpet Concerto. JOHNSON; MAYER. Serenade for Flute & Strings. FISENDEN, ORIEL QT. A.
HMV (Denmark)
MOAK 7 Nielsen: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; WOLDIKE, Danish State Radio SO. Aladdin--exc. FELUMB. A.
HMV (Sweden)
PMES 558 S Grieg: Varen; Larsson: Pastorale Suite--Romance. FRYKBERG, Strakar RSO. Alfven: Midsummer Vigil. EHRLING, Royal Swedish O. Nielsen: The Mother--exc. JESPERSEN (fl), GRAAE (harp). A.
HNH 4022 S Chopin: 4 Scherzi. CHERKASSKY. FS.
LPX 11641 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #8; Bartok-Zathureczky: For Children--Suite;Franck: Violin Sonata. ZATHURECZKY, PRESSLER, Live performance, 1959. A. Corner clipped.
LPX 12085/6 (2) Mozart: Sonata in A, K. 331; Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 14; works of Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, & Dohnanyi. DOHNANYI. From live performances, 1956-59. A.
LPX 12436 Wagner: Lohengrin--exc. (in Hungarian). RIGO, NEMETHY, SIMANDY, LOSONCZY, JAMBOR, REMENYI; KLEMPERER, Hungarian St. Opera (live, 1948). A.
SLPX 11588 S "12th International Liszt-Bartok Piano Competition, Budapest." Performances by SUK, MATSUZAKI, SKURATOVSKAYA, TAZAKI, & BARANYAI. FS. Corner clipped.
IMP 1 Elgar: Enigma Variations; Cello Concerto (SQUIRE). HARTY, Halle O. A.
Inedits ORTF
995 029 S Pierne: Les enfants a Bethleem. JOUINEAU, French Radio Children's Cho.& PO. A.
995 037 S Lesur: Andrea del Sarto--exc. ESPOSITO, BACQUIER, PERRIERS, VANZO, MARS, GUI; ROSENTHAL, French Nat'l Radio Cho. & O. A.
International Piano Archives
IPA 103 Josef HOFMANN Brunswick recordings. A. Desmar pressing.
IPA 109 "The Catalan Piano Tradition." Unpublished cylinders of ALBENIZ (2), MARSHALL, & MALATS (4); 78s of GRANADOS (4) & DE LARROCHA (2, from 1932). A.
IPA 110 "Josef HOFMANN, the British Recordings." 1904 G&Ts & 1935 unissued HMV test pressings. A. No booklet.
IPA 116 Songs of Rachmaninov (11), Tchaikovsky (2), Arensky, Sadero. KOSHETZ. From Schirmer 78s. A, LSM.
IPA 500 Rubinstein: Concerto #3 (RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil., 1944); Concerto #4 (KRUEGER, Detroit SO, 1945). HOFMANN. M. TE. Desmar pressing.
IPA 5001/2 (2) Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Rubinstein: Concerto #4; Hofmann: Chromaticon (REINER, Curtis O.); works of Chopin (8), Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, Beethoven, & Moszkowski. HOFMANN (Met. Opera, 1937). A. Booklet.
IPA 5007/8 (2) Beethoven: Sonata #21; Schumann: Kreisleriana (abridged); works of Chopin (5), Schubert, Stojowski, & Hofmann (2). HOFMANN (Casimir Hall, Curtis Institute, 1938). A.
International Piano Library
IPL 104 Ferruccio BUSONI recital (all his issued 78s), + Busoni music played byZADORA, PETRI, & WEISS. A. Booklet.
IPL 5001/2 (2) Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Rubinstein: Concerto #4; Hofmann: Chromaticon (REINER, Curtis O.); works of Chopin (8), Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, Beethoven, & Moszkowski. HOFMANN (Met. Opera, 1937). A, LSM. Original issue.
IPL 504 Brahms: Concerto #1. GIESEKING; ROSBAUD, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden (1951). A.
IPAM 1104 Works of Chopin (11), Hofmann, Mendelssohn, & Liadov. HOFMANN. From 1935 & 1940 test recordings, 1938 performance, 1942 broadcast. A.
7.142 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #2, 6, 9, 11, 12, & 15. CLIDAT. A, LSM.
587 S C. Kreutzer: Trio for Piano, Clarinet & Bassoon; Das Muhlrad (SPEISER,s); Trio for 2 Clarinets & Viola. STALDER, SCHMID (clar), STIFTNER (bsn), JAPPE (viola), JUNGHANNS (pf) (period instruments). A.
1972 1 (2) "Simon BARERE: Complete Edition of His 78 RPM Releases." Includesscarce Japan Victor & Odeon sides. A; 1/4" X. BJ.
LSY 66035 S Prokofiev: Sonata #6; Debussy: Bruyeres; Kelemen: Theme with Variations. POGORELICH. A.
CD4K 7509E Q Works of Miyagi (K. MIYAGI, koto), Debussy, Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov, Gluck, Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, & Doppler. GAZZELLONI (fl, in all), CANINO (pf & hpsi), TOKUNAGA (cello). A.
KC 9065 S Debussy: Children's Corner; Suite Bergamasque; Ballade; Valse Romantique; Mazurka; Le Petit Negre. ERICOURT. A.
Keyboard Immortal Series
A003 S Beethoven: Sonata #18; works of Chopin (2) & Mendelssohn. HOFMANN. From Welte rolls. A.
A005 S Debussy: Children's Corner; 5 Preludes. DEBUSSY. From Welte piano rolls. A.
A006 S Schumann: Carnaval; works of Brahms (2), Debussy, & Ravel. MOISEIWITSCH (from Welte piano rolls). A.
KS 554 S Infante: Andalusian Dances; Music of Spain; Albeniz-Gordon: Festival Day in Seville; Chabrier: Espana (arr. Chabrier). N. & S. GORDON (pf). A.
Legendary Recordings
LR 152 S "Virginia ZEANI & Franco CORELLI: Gala Concert 1981" (w. J. HINES, Ferruccio TAGLIAVINI, Klara BARLOW) (all solos). A.
LPI 104 S Farranc: Flute Trio; Ulehla: Elegy for a Whale (BREY, cello; WEINTRAUB, pf); works of L. Boulanger (2), Hoover, & Tailleferre (ESKIN, pf). HOOVER (wonderful flutist & composer). A.
Library of Recorded Masterpieces
HS 1 S S Haydn: Symphonies #22 & 98. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. Scores boundin album. A.
HS 10 S S Haydn: Symphonies #4 & 48; L'Infedelta delusa--Overture. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. Scores bound in album. A.
HS 2 S S Haydn: Symphonies #6 & 51. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. A. Miniature scores.
HS 3 S S Haydn: Symphonies #7 & 8. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. A. Miniature scores.
HS 4 S S Haydn: Symphonies #14 & 60. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. A. Miniature scores.
HS 5 S S Haydn: Symphonies # 12 & 56. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. A. Miniature scores.
HS 7 S S Haydn: Symphonies #24 & 41. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. (Vol. 7). A. Scores bound in album.
10" LD 9113 Songs of Arne (2), Purcell (2), Morley, & folk songs. VYVYAN, LUSH ("Song Recital #1"). A-, FOT.
10" LD 9183 Lieder of Beethoven (5) & Schumann (5). LICHTEGG, Hauesslein. A.
10" LS 428 "Vienna State Operetta Concert." GUEDEN, FRIEDRICH; LOIBNER. A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
10" LS 630 Beethoven: Concerto #2. BACKHAUS; KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A.
10" LS 698 "A Recital of 17th & 18th Century Music" (Bach, Caccini, Caldara, Gluck, A. Scarlatti, Schutz). DANCO, Agosti (pf), Demessieux (organ). A, FOT.
10" LS 704 Chopin: 12 Etudes. BACKHAUS. A/A-, FOT.
10" LS 861 Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera--exc. (in German). MARTINIS, ROSWAENGE, BAYLE; LOIBNER, Vienna Volksoper. A.
5242 "Gregorian Chant: Ascension; Assumption." GAJARD, Solesmes Abbey MonksChoir. A.
5360 "Memories of the Vienna Theatre." GUEDEN; SCHONHERR, Vienna St. Opera Cho. & O. A.
CM 9056 Beethoven: Sonata #29, "Hammerklavier." BACKHAUS. A.
CM 9088 Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 9, & 15. BACKHAUS. A.
CM 9099 Paganini: Violin works. RICCI, Persinger. A. Jacket markings.
CS 6411 S Mozart: Sonata for 2 Pianos; Schumann: Andante & Variations (TUCKWELL, horn; FLEMING, WEIL, cello); Etude in Canon Form, Op. 56, #4. ASHKENAZY, FRAGER. A. EP. COH. Jacket taped.
CS 6549 S Brahms: 3 Violin Sonatas. SUK, KATCHEN. A. EP.
CS 6611 S Brahms: Trios #1 & 3. KATCHEN, SUK, STARKER. A. EP. Large FFRR label.
CS 6616 S Honegger: Symphonies #3 & 4. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A.
CS 6676 S Grieg: Nocturne; Piano Sonata; Mendelssohn: Capriccio; Variations serieuses. DE LARROCHA. A. EP.
CS 6716 S Schubert: Sonata in a, Op. 143, D. 784; Brahms: Rhapsody #1; 3 Intermezzi, Op. 117. LUPU. Gorgeous playing! A.
CS 6947 S Brahms: Concerto #1. LUPU; DE WAART, London PO. A.
CSA 2245 S (2) Mozart: Violin Sonatas (Vol. 3). GOLDBERG, LUPU. A.
CSA 2246 S (2) Ives: Symphony #2; Decoration Day; Variations on "America" (orch.Schuman); Copland: Appalachian Spring Suite; Bernstein: Candide Overture; Gershwin: An American in Paris. MEHTA, L.A. PO. FS. EP.
CSA 2307 S (3) "Invitation to a Strauss Festival." BOSKOVSKY, Vienna PO. M. Large FFRR label.
HEAD 1/2 S (2) Messiaen: La Transfiguration de Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ. DORATI, National SO, Westminster Symphonic Choir. HP Super Disc. A. EP. Texts.
LDR 71018 D Del Tredici: Final Alice. HENDRICKS; SOLTI, Chicago SO. A. Text.
LDR 71035 D Shostakovich: Symphonies #2 & 3. HAITINK, London PO & Cho. A. Text.
LDR 71037 D Grieg: Symphony in c. ANDERSEN, Bergen SO. FS.
LDR 71064 D Handel: Royal Fireworks Music; arrangements. HOWARTH, Philip Jones Brass Ens. FS.
LL 1106 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. FOURNIER; KUBELIK, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
LL 1158 Mozart: Concerto #14; Strauss: Burleske. GULDA; COLLINS, London SO. A/A-, FOT.
LL 1164 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 331, 333, & 545. KATCHEN. A-, FOT.
LL 1204 Britten: Sonnets of Michelangelo; Winter Words. PEARS, BRITTEN. A, LSM.
LL 1271 Mozart: Violin Concertos #4 & 5. ELMAN; KRIPS, New SO. A.
LL 1398 Bliss: Violin Concerto; Theme & Cadenza. CAMPOLI; BLISS, London PO. A, LSM.
LL 1527/8 (2) Bruckner; Symphony #5; Wagner: Die Gotterdammerung--exc. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Vienna PO. A, LSM. AS.
LL 1688 Falla: 3-Cornered Hat Suite; Turina: Sinfonia Sevillana. ARGENTA, Spanish Nat'l O. A, FOT. AS.
LL 1693 Serrano-Grignon: Fantasia on Themes of Jose Serrano. ARGENTA, o. A, FOT.
LL 189/90 (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: The Mikado. MITCHELL, GILLINGHAM, WRIGHT, HALMAN, GREEN, FANCOURT, OSBORN, WATSON; GODFREY, D'Oyly Carte Opera Co. A. Libretto.
LL 289 Beethoven: Concerto #3. BACKHAUS; BOHM, Vienna PO. A-, FOT. EP.
LL 323 Schumann: Quartet in F, Op. 41, #2; Verdi: Quartet. NEW ITALIAN QT. (Quartetto Italiano). A, FOT.
LL 339 Haydn: Symphony #100. VAN BEINUM. Symphony #104. KRIPS, London PO. A, LSM; tiny X.
LL 427 Arias of Beethoven & Offenbach (2). PATZAK. Arias of Beethoven, Wagner,Verdi, & Cornelius. EDELMANN; Moralt, Bohm, Vienna PO. A.
LL 639 Debussy: La Damoiselle Elue; Chabrier: Ode a la Musique; Sextuor des Serves; Chanson Tzigane. MICHEAU; FOURNET, Paris Conservatory O. A, LSM.
LL 850 Brahms: Concerto #1. CURZON; VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A.
LL 879 Beethoven: Concerto #5. BACKHAUS; KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A.
LL 920 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. E. KLEIBER, Paris Conservatory O. A, LSM; tiny X.
LL 998 Mozart: Concertos #9 & 15. KEMPFF; MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A; 1/4" X. EP.
OS 25234 S Handel: Arias. McKELLAR; BOULT, Royal Opera O., Covent Garden. A. Blue back.
OS 25320 S Honegger: Christmas Cantata (MOLLET); Symphony #2. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
OSA 1278 S (2) Kodaly: Hary Janos. USTINOV (narr); KERTESZ, Hungarian St. Opera soloists, London SO. A. EP. English text.
OSA 1281 S (2) Dvorak: Requiem. LORENGAR, KOMLOSSY, ILOSFALVY, KRAUSE; KERTESZ, Ambrosian Singers, London SO. A. EP. Text.
OSA 13116 S (3) Gershwin: Porgy and Bess. MITCHELL, QUIVAR, HENDRICKS, WHITE, BOATWRIGHT; MAAZEL, Cleveland O. A. EP. Libretto.
OSA 1404 S (4) Strauss: Arabella. GUEDEN, DELLA CASA, DERMOTA, LONDON; SOLTI, Vienna St. Opera. A. EP, blue back. Libretto.
OSA 1433 S (4) Gounod: Faust. SUTHERLAND, CORELLI, GHIAUROV, BONYNGE, London SO. A. EP. Libretto.
SPC 21148 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1 (KORD, London SO); Stravinsky: 3 Scenes from"Petrouchka." VERED. FS. COH. EP.
London (Japan)
K18C 9463 Chopin: 13 Etudes; Ballade #1; piano music. BACKHAUS. A.
MZ 5012 Brahms: Symphony #2. FURTWAENGLER, London PO. A.
London International
TW 91005/6 (2) Vives: Dona Francisquita. MORALES, IRIARTE, GARCIA, CALVO, PARRAL, MUNGUIA, URIBE; ARGENTA, Orfeon Donostiarra Chamber Cho., o. A. English summary.
London Treasury
STS 15203/6 S (4) Beethoven: Piano Concertos. GULDA; STEIN, Vienna PO. A. EP.
Longanesi Periodici
GCL 19 Liszt: Piano Concertos. RICHTER; KONDRASHIN, London SO (live, 1961). A.
GCL 34 Beethoven: Concerto #4. BACKHAUS; CANTELLI, N.Y. Phil. (1956). A.
RCS 11 Bax: Piano Sonata #2; piano music. LOVERIDGE. Mono-only issue. A.
RCS 12 Bax: Sonata #3; piano music. LOVERIDGE. Mono only release. A.
RCS 24 Ireland: Piano Sonata; piano music. ROWLANDS. Mono only issue. A.
RCS 26 Bax: Sonata #4; piano music. LOVERIDGE. Mono only issue. A.
LY 75 6 S Berwald: Violin Concerto, Op. 2 (BERLIN); Debussy: Afternoon of a Faun; 2 Nocturnes. KRENZ, Stockholm PO. A.
10" E199 Lecuona: Andalucia Suite; piano music. FLORES. A, LSM.
E3064 Works of Bartok, Copland, Cowell, Hindemith, Messiaen, Milhaud, Thomson, & Vaughan Williams. ELLSASSER ("Modern Organ Music"). A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
E3155 Chavez: Toccata; Revueltas: Ocho por Radio; Surinach: Ritmo Jondo; Villa-Lobos: Choros #7. SOLOMON, ens. A, FOT. EAR.
E3245 Bloch: 4 Episodes (MASSELOS); Pinkham: Concertante; Berger: SerenadeConcertante; Britten: Sinfonietta. SOLOMON. A. Blue jacket.
E3307 Gershwin: Variations on "I Got Rhythm;" Second Rhapsody; Cuban Overture; 3 Preludes. BIANCA (pf); WALTHER, Hamburg PO. A.
E3415 Poulenc: Les Biches; Aubade (JACQUINOT, pf). FISTOULARI, "Westminster SO." A-, LSM; tiny X. EAR.
E3684 Bartok: Rumanian Folk Dances; Prokofiev: Overture in Bb, Op. 42; Shostakovich: 2 Pieces for String Octet; Stravinsky: Octet. WINOGRAD, ens. A/A-, FOT. EAR.
GC 30004 Grieg: Violin Sonata #1; Szymanowski: Sonata #1. OISTRAKH, OBORIN, YAMPOLSKY. A. Edges taped.
GC 30007 Beethoven: String Trio, Op. 3. KOGAN, BARSHAI, ROSTROPOVICH. A, LSM. EAR.
SM 9012 F Schubert: 3 Sonatas, Op. 137. MARTZY, ANTONIETTI. A.
Marco Polo
6.220190 D Joachim: Violin Concerto #3 (NISHIZAKI); Overture, "In Memoriam Heinrich von Kleist." MINSKY, Stuttgart Radio SO. A.
6.220307 D Vianna da Motta: Piano works. COSTA (pupil of the composer). FS.
Marlboro Recording Society
MRS 6 S Beethoven: Piano Quartet #3. SERKIN, GALIMIR, IMAI, ROSEN. String Trio, Op. 9, #1. COHEN, IMAI, ROSEN. A. Program notes.
MW 39 Beethoven: Symphony #8; Haydn: Symphony #101. BUSCH, Vienna Tonkuenstler SO. A, LSM. Jacket damaged.
MCA Westminster
MCA 1414 S Liszt: "Famous Piano Transcriptions from Mozart to Mendelssohn." PETRI. A.
McGill University
77002 S Wyshnegradsky: 6 pieces for quarter-tone pianos; Mather: Sonata for 2Pianos; Hambraeus: Carillon. MATHER, LePAGE. A.
1000 2 S (2) Verdi: La Traviata. MALIPONTE, DOMINGO, MERRILL; MAAG (live, 1973). Box inscribed by Maliponte. A.
024 "Tito SCHIPA in Live Performance, 1934-1949" (arias). A.
10" D 10203/4 Songs of Tchaikovsky & Rachmaninov. OBUKHOVA, Sakharov, Nemenova-Lunts. A.
10" D 16383/4 Songs of Rimsky-Korsakov (5), Glinka (2), & Dargomyzhsky (4). LEMESHEV,anon. accomp. A.
10" D 26215/6 S Scriabin: Etudes, Op. 8. MERZHANOV. A. AS.
10" D 4596/7 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition. RICHTER (studio recording). A. BJ.
10" D 4636/7 Tchaikovsky: The Months--8 exc. IGUMNOV. A.
10" D 5120/1 Machavariani: Othello--ballet suite. DIMITRIADI, Georgian State Opera & Ballet O. A.
10" D 9047/8 Prokofiev: 7 pieces, Op. 12; Tales of the Old Grandmother; piano music. SOFRONITSKY. A.
7" D00031359/60 Scriabin: Piano music. SCRIABIN (from piano rolls). A.
A10 00023 D Prokofiev: On the Dnieper, Op. 51. ROZHDESTVENSKY, USSR Ministry of Culture SO. A.
A10 00089 D Tchaikovsky: Piano music. RICHTER. A.
A10 00109 D Shostakovich: Piano Quintet. RICHTER, BORODIN QT. Very scarce on LP. A.
A10 00133 D Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. TRETYAKOV; FEDOSEYEV, USSR RSO. FS.
A10 00221 D Liszt: Sonata; Mephisto Waltz; piano music. PLETNEV. M.
D 010627/11074 Tchaikovsky: Serenade melancolique; Valse-Scherzo; St.-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso; Havanaise; Wieniawski: Legende; Waxman: Carmen Fantasy. KOGAN, var. accomp. A, LSM.
D 010963/6 (2) Lesur: Andrea del Sarto Overture; Sauguet: A Meeting; Loucheur: Malagasian Rhapsody; Auric: Phaedra--Suite. DUBROVSKY, USSR State SO (live perf., 1962). A.
D 01103/4 Chopin: Concerto #1. NEUHAUS; GAUK, USS Radio SO. A.
D 011811/2 Arias of Cherubini, Thomas, Bizet (2), Verdi, Tchaikovsky (4), & Dargomyzhsky. ARKHIPOVA. A.
D 012273/4 Arias of Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov (3), Dargomyzhsky, Rubinstein, Napravnik, Tchaikovsky, & Arensky. LEMESHEV, anon. accomp. A.
D 01712/9 (4) Mussorgsky: Khovantchina. MAKSAKOVA, BOLSHAKOV, KHANAYEV, IVANOV,REIZEN, KRIVCHENYA; NEBOLSIN, Bolshoi Opera (1951). Only later Western issue is apparently a Discocorp bootleg dubbed from these LPs. A. Russian summary.
D 01823/4 Rimsky-Korsakov: Vera Sheloga (1-act opera-prologue to "The Maid of Pskov"). GAVRUSHOV, PANOVA, GRIBOVA, LEVINE; SAKHATOV, Bolshoi O. M.
D 019331/2 Ysaye: Elegiac Poem; Sonata #2; Vainberg: Sonatina; Shostakovich-Tziganov: 4 Preludes; Prokofiev: Gavotte. MIKHLIN, SEIDEL (pf). A.
D 019407/8 Beethoven; Rondo, Op. 51, #2; Schumann: Toccata; Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #15; works of Chopin (3), Mendelssohn (3), & Moszkowski. T. GOLDFARB (1946-52). A.
D 026397/8 Chopin: Mazurkas. BOSHNYAKOVICH. A.
D 026491/2 Schubert: Sonata in a, Op. 143; Chopin: Etude, Op. 10, #8; Mazurka, Op. 17, #4; Prokofiev: Sonata #7. G. SOKOLOV. A.
D 027069/70 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #9; La Chasse; Chopin: Ballade #1; works ofLully-Godowsky, Rameau, Schumann (2), Mendelssohn, & Prokofiev. GILELS (1934-38). A.
D 027271/2 Gadzhiev: Lezginka; F. Karayev: Shadows of Kobystan. ABDULLAEV, Moscow Radio SO. A.
D 027315/6 Beethoven: String Trios, Op. 9, #1 & 3. KOGAN, BARSHAI, ROSTROPOVICH. A.
D 027805/6 Liszt: Concert Etudes #2 & 3; Gnomenreigen; Rigoletto Paraphrase; Rozycki-Ginzburg: Fantasy on the Waltz from "Casanova;" Herter-Waltz; Rossini-Ginzburg: Figaro's Cavatina; Gounod-Liszt: Faust Waltz. G. GINZBURG. A.
D 028617/8 Works of Aliabev, Titov, Glinka, Arensky, Tchaikovsky, Balakirev, Rubinstein (3), Rachmaninov, & Scriabin. BEKMAN-SHCHERBINA (1948-50). M.
D 032909/14 (3) Rimsky-Korsakov: Tale of Tsar Saltan. SMOLENSKAYA, OLEINICHENKO, PETROV, NIKITINA, VERBITSKAYA, RESHETIN, IVANOVSKY; NEBOLSIN, Bolshoi Opera. A. Summary.
D 0351/3817 Liszt: Concerto #1; St.-Saens: Concerto #2. GILELS; KONDRASHIN, USSR State O. One of Gilels' greatest records. M.
D 05080/1 Medtner: Piano Concerto #2. SHATSKES; SVETLANOV, USSR State SO. A.
D 06007/12 (3) Verdi: Aida. SOKOLOVA, MIKHAILOV, PETROV; MELIK-PASHAYEV, Bolshoi A.
D 06391/2 Paganini: Concerto #1. KOGAN; NEBOLSIN, USSR St. Radio O. A. BJ.
D 06769/70 Grieg: Sonata; Schumann: Toccata; Paganini Etudes #1 & 2; Liszt: Polonaise. G. GINZBURG. A.
M10 42805/6 Taneyev: Joann Damaskin; Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dance #2; Spring (MIGAL, b). GOLOVANOV, USSR RSO & Cho. (1947/49). A.
M10 42855/6 Works of Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin (3), Tchaikovsky (2), Arensky (2),Rachmaninov, & Scriabin (3). GOLDENWEISER (pf). M.
M10 43481/2 Chopin: Concerto #2 (1937); Polonaise, Op. 26, #2; Nocturne, Op. 9, #3; Waltz, Op. 18; Ballade #4 (Casimir Hall, 1938). HOFMANN. A.
M10 45029 Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in g; works of Wieniawski, Sibelius, Espejo, Sarasate, & Schumann (+ 2 CARUSO duets). ELMAN. A.
S 01329/30 S Paganini: Concerto #1. TRETYAKOV; JARVI, Moscow PO. Highly acclaimed performance. A.
S 01387/8 S Shostakovich: The Age of Gold; The Bolt (suites). M. SHOSTAKOVICH, Bolshoi O. A.
S 01683/4 S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. TRETYAKOV; JARVI, Moscow PO. A.
S 01899/1900 S Vainberg: Symphony #7; B. Tchaikovsky: Chamber Symphony. BARSHAI, Moscow CO. A.
S 02221/2 S Bach: Sonata #1; Paganini: Caprices #17 & 24; Cantabile; I Palpiti. TRETYAKOV, Kurakova (pf). A.
S 02227/8 S Handel: Sonata in E, Op. 1, #15; Brahms-Scherzo: Falla-Kochanski: Suite populaire espagnole; Prokofiev: Sonata #2. KOGAN, VALTER. A.
S 02243/4 S Peiko: Concert Fantasy #2 (PEIKO, pf); Prokofiev: Sonata #1; Shchedrin: 2 Songs. TRETYAKOV, YEROKHIN. A.
S 0225/6 S Stravinsky: Pulcinella Suite; Bartok: Hungarian Folk Tunes; Hindemith: Violin Sonata in E; Ysaye: Mazurka in b; Sonata #3. I. OISTRAKH, ZERTSALOVA. A.
S 02377/84 S (4) Shostakovich: Preludes & Fugues, Op. 87. NIKOLAYEVA. Composer-supervised recording. A.
S 02389/90 S Schumann: Carnaval; St.-Saens: Concerto #2 (JARVI, USSR St. SO). SOKOLOV. FS.
S 02519/20 S Prokofiev: Ballad of the Boy Who Remained Unknown (POLIAKOVA, s; MAKHOV, t); Andante, Op. 50-bis; Le Pas d'Acier--Suite. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow RSO & Cho. A.
S 02621/2 S Schumann: Kreisleriana; Etudes of Chopin, Liszt, Debussy, & Rachmaninov. POSTNIKOVA. A.
S 02693/4 S Vainberg: Violin Concerto (KOGAN); Symphony #4. KONDRASHIN, Moscow PO. A.
S 02757/8 S Weber: Sonata #1; Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit. PETROV. FS.
S 03077/80 S (2) Tchaikovsky: 18 Pieces, Op. 72. A.
S 03103/4 S Ivanovs: Chamber Symphony (ZARINS, vln); Kepitis: Symphony #3; Medins: Legend. LIFSHITZ, Latvian Phil. CO. A.
S 03239/40 S Babajanian: Violin Sonata (BABAJANIAN); Eshpai: Violin Sonata #2 (ESHPAI); Rakov: 2 Sonatinas (RAKOV). GRACH. A.
S 03453/4 S Liszt-Busoni: Fantasy & Fugue on "Ad nos, ad salutarem undam;" Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit. MOGILEVSKY. A.
S 03663/4 S Scriabin: Sonata #3; Ravel: Oiseaux tristes; Arapov: Etude-Scherzo; Sonata. SOKOLOV. A.
S 03981/2 S Chopin: 4 Ballades; "Ludovic" Variations, Op. 12. DAVIDOVICH. A.
S 03983/4 S Mozart: Sonata, K. 311; Chopin: Sonata #3; Scriabin: Sonata #5. POSTNIKOVA. A.
S 04025/6 S Rachmaninov: Romances. OGNIVTSEV, Korolkov. A.
S 04051/2 Brahms: Violin Sonata #3; Vitali: Chaconne; Ravel: Tzigane. TRETYAKOV, Yerokhin. A.
S 04253/4 S Mannino: Concerto for 3 Violins (L. KOGAN, E. GILELS); Violin Concerto. P. KOGAN; MANNINO, USSR St. Academic SO. A.
S 04359/60 S Taktakishvili: Megrelian Songs. SOTKILAVA; GUZMAN, Rustavi Vocal Ens, Leningrad CO. Gurian Songs. BELOBRAGINA; TAKTAKISHVILI, Moscow RSO & Cho. A.
S 04439/44 S (3) Maiboroda: Milana. KRAVCHENKO, KRASULYA, GOLOVCHUK, GNATYUK, RUDENKO; TURCHAK, Shevchenko St. Opera. A. Summary.
S 04513/4 S Chopin: Piano music. S. NEUHAUS. A.
S 0649/50 S Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole. I. OISTRAKH (violin); D. OISTRAKH (cond.), Moscow Radio SO. A.
S 0975/6 S Shebalin: Violin Concerto. ZHUK; ARANOVICH. Horn Concertino. AFANASIEV; ANOSOV, USSR Radio SO. A.
S10 04841/2 S Paganini: 8 Caprices (arr. Schumann); violin works. I. OISTRAKH, ZERTSALOVA. A.
S10 04989/90 S Schubert: Sonata in A; Falla: Suite Populaire Espagnole; works of Brahms & Sarasate. TRETYAKOV, EROKHINE. A.
S10 04993/4 S Medtner: Piano Concerto #1; Balakirev: "Youth" Concerto. ZHUKOV; DMITRIEV, USSR Radio SO. A.
S10 05019/20 S "5th Tchaikovsky International Competition: Pianists." Performances byIGOLINSKY, HEIONEN, RUMINA, GAVRILOV, LIVELY, & SCHIFF. A.
S10 06097/8 S B. Tchaikovsky: Trio. B. TCHAIKOVSKY, PIKHAISEN, ALTMAN. Cello Sonata.VASILEVA, B. TCHAIKOVSKY. A.
S10 06161/2 S Shostakovich: Suite on Verses of Michelangelo, Op. 145. NESTERENKO (bs), SHEDEROVICH (pf). A.
S10 06933/4 S Beethoven: Violin Concerto. KREMER; NELSSON, Moscow Academic SO. A.
S10 06969/70 S Scriabin: 3 Pieces, Op. 2; Prelude & Nocturne for left hand, Op. 9; Pieces, Opp. 45, 49, 51, 52, 56, 57, & 59. KASTELSKY (pf). A.
S10 07033/4 S Chopin: Sonata #3; Schumann: Fantasy. ZHUKOV. A. BJ.
S10 07167/8 S Beethoven: Sonata #7; Stravinsky: 3 Movements from "Petrouchka." SOKOLOV. A.
S10 07631/03196 S Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique; Valse-Scherzo (GAUK); Melodie; Barsukov: Violin Concerto #2. KOGAN; ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow Radio SO. A.
S10 07633/4 S Franck: Sonata; Debussy: Beau Soir; St.-Saens: Etude en forme de valse. TRETYAKOV, YEROKHIN. A.
S10 07635/6 S Chopin: Sonata #3; Rondos, Opp. 1, 5, & 16. VOSKRESENSKY. A.
S10 07643/4 S Sarasate: 6 Spanish Dances; Gershwin-Heifetz: Porgy & Bess--5 exc. KORSAKOV, Miroshnikova. A.
S10 07709/10 S Vieuxtemps: Concerto #5 (KONDRASHIN); Rondion; Ysaye: At the SpinningWheel; Mazurka in a (Yampolsky, Mitnik). KOGAN. A.
S10 07977/8 S Prokofiev: Violin Sonatas. TRETYAKOV, EROKHIN. A.
S10 08249/50 S Vainberg: Sonata for Solo Viola; Frid: Viola Sonata (MUNTYAN). DRUZHININ. A.
S10 08835/6 F Wieniawski-Kreisler: Reminiscences of Moscow; works of Bacewicz, Dvorak, Novacek, Rameau, Albeniz, Ries, & Dinicu. E. GILELS (violin), var. accomp. A.
S10 08913/4 S St.-Saens: Violin Sonata #1; Liszt: Epithalmium; Concert Duo on a Theme from Lafon's "The Sailor." I. OISTRAKH, ZERTSALOVA. A.
S10 09117/20 (2) Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 306, 378, & 379; Andante & Allegretto,K. 404; Allegro in Bb, K. 372 (fragments). KAGAN, RICHTER. Live perf., 1974. A.
S10 09161/2 S Rachmaninov: Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39. VLASENKO. A.
S10 09579/80 S Peiko: Symphony #5. PEIKO, USSR Radio SO. A.
S10 09617/8 S Glazounov: Violin Concerto. KORSAKOV; DUBROVSKY. Oriental Rhapsody, Op. 29. DUDAROVA, Moscow SO. A.
S10 09967/8 S Tchaikovsky: The Voivode--exc.; Liapunov: Zelazowa Wola; Glazounov: The Sea; Arensky: Dream on the Volga--Overture. PROVATOROV, USSR RSO, Bolshoi O. A.
S10 10115/6 S Taktakishvili: Violin Concerto in f (ISAKADZE); Piano Concerto #1 (MDIVANI). TAKTAKISHVILI, USSR Radio SO. A.
S10 10257/8 S Chopin: Mazurkas #1-17 (Vol. 1). FLIERE. FS.
S10 10451/2 S Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Tchaikovsky-Pletnev: Nutcracker Suite; Shchedrin-Pletnev: Anna Karenina--2 exc. PLETNEV. A.
S10 10493/4 S Chopin: Mazurkas #18-34 (Vol. 2). FLIERE. FS.
S10 10979/80 S Rachmaninov: Pieces-Fantasies, Op. 3; Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 33. ERESKO. A.
S10 12159/60 S Rachmaninov: Suites #1 & 2. G. & Y. TURKINA. A.
S10 12563/4 S Glinka: Piano music. KAMYSHOV. A.
S10 12903/4 S Liszt: Mephisto Waltz #1; 2 Concert Etudes; Franck: Prelude, Chorale & Fugue. B. PETROV. A.
S10 15595/6 S Rachmaninov: 2 Moments musicaux; Vocalise; piano music. SVETLANOV. A.
S10 15671/2 S Rachmaninov: Corelli Variations; Sonata #2; piano music. SLESAREV. A.
S10 16403/4 S Schumann: Novelletten, Op. 21--#2, 4, & 8; Chopin: Preludes, Op. 28--13 exc. RICHTER (live, Japan, 1979). A.
S10 19521 S Mozart: Sonata in C, K. 521; Beethoven: Variations, WoO 67; Schubert:Fantasia in f. VELICHEKO, KULIKOVA (pf). A.
S10 20953 S Glinka: Songs. ARKHIPOVA, Ilja. Jacket autographed by the singer. A.
S10 21771 S Schumann: Kreisleriana; Blumenstuck; Toccata. BUNIN. A.
S10 26483 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Trio in c. MOSCOW TRIO. M.
MEL 006 (3) Beethoven: Missa Solemnis; Verdi: Requiem. MILANOV, CASTAGNA, BJOERLING, KIPNIS, MOSCONA; TOSCANINI, NBC SO (1940). A.
MEL 207 (2) Mozart: Concerto #20 (FRICSAY, RIAS SO); Duport Variations (1956); Bach: Toccata, BWV 914; Schumann: Bunte Blatter--5 exc.; "Abegg" Variations; Beethoven: Sonata #32 (1953). HASKIL. FS.
MEL 228 (2) Prokofiev: Concerto #3. KAPELL; STOKOWSKI, NBC SO (1949). Arias of Puccini, Verdi, Gounod, Borodin, Mozart, & Wagner (4). NILSSON, LONDON; STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. (1962). A.
MEL 303 (5) Berlioz: Les Troyens. I. JOACHIM, FERRER, GAMBON, GIRAUDEAU; BEECHAM, BBC Cho., Royal PO (1947). Poor sound warning. A.
MEL 577 (4) Wagner: Die Walkure. NILSSON, VARNAY, MILINKOVIC, VINAY, GREINDL,HOTTER; KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Bayreuth Festival (1957). A. Booklet.
MG10043 Dvorak: Piano Quintet. HERMAN, ONDRICEK QT. A-, FOT; 1/8" X.
MG10045 Shostakovich: Trio. OISTRAKH, SADLO, SHOSTAKOVICH. Prokofiev: Quartet#2. FINE ARTS QT. A-; 2 1/2", 1/4" X's
MG10048 Weber: Konzertstuck. WESTERMEIER; ROSBAUD. Euryanthe Overture. GORLICH. Preciosa Overture. NOWAK, Bavarian Radio SO. A, LSM.
MG10130 Lumbye: Dances & Marches. T. LUMBYE, Tivoli Concert Hall O. A-, LSM.
MG50110 Bloch: Quartet #1. ROTH QT. (Roth, Antal, Harsanyi, Starker). A.
OL 3 102 (3) Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. A. Late long album.
SR90499- S Dorati: Symphony. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. Nocturne & Capriccio. LORD (oboe), ALLEGRI QT. A. COH. Late pressing.
SR90502- S Brahms: Symphony #3; Haydn Variations. DORATI, London SO. A; CBS matrix. Mercury head at 6:00.
Mercury Wing
MGW 14048 Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto; Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. AUCLAIR; WAGNER, Innsbruck SO. A. AS.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
AKS 10001 S (1 side) Fanfares of Schuman, Bernstein, Copland, Thomson, & Piston (for centennial of Museum). PRAUSNITZ, brass ens. A.
MXT 2003 S Respighi: Suite for Strings & Organ (BELL, Berlin SO); 3 Pieces. SCHWARZ (organ). M.
1966 1 Chopin: Concerto #1 (WEISSMANN); 3 Etudes (1 from piano roll); 3 Mazurkas; 2 Waltzes. ROSENTHAL. From 78s. A. BJ, as issued.
1577 Rachmaninov: Moments musicaux; works of Scriabin, Chopin, Debussy, & Ravel. BERMAN. Superb virtuoso collection. A.
203 B (2) Chopin: Etudes, Opp. 10 & 25; Nocturne, Op. 9, #3; Ballade #2; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz. ASHKENAZY. A.
12474 S Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Schumann, Op. 9; Ballade in g, Op. 118; N. Flagello: Prelude, Ostinato & Fugue; Debussy: 3 Preludes. MILLS (Carnegie Recital Hall perf., Dec. 4, 1974). FS.
MCS 2089 S Mozart: Concertos #19 & 26. KRAUS; RIVOLI, Amsterdam PO. A.
MCS 2105 S Mozart: Concerto #9 (DESARZENS); Sonata in A, K. 311. KRAUS. A.
Movimento Musica
01.008 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. HOROWITZ; SZELL, N.Y. Phil. M. COH.
M 102 Works of Debussy, Taki, Taffanel, Wetzger, Tchaikovsky, Genin, Couperin, Doppler, Ferroud, Dvorak, & Roussel. MOYSE, L. Moyse. Private reissue from 78s by the legendary flutist. A.
MRF 104 (2) Spontini: Fernando Cortez. GULIN, PREVEDI, BOTTION, BIANCAS; MATACIC, RAI Turin (1974). A. Libretto.
MCD 3022 S Revueltas: La Noche de los Mayas. LIMANTOUR, Guadalajara SO. A. Jacket damaged.
MCDC 3033 (3) Galindo: Sones de Mariachi; Moncayo: Huapango; Revueltas: Homenaje a Garcia Lorca; Redes; Sensemaya; Ayala: Tribu; R. Castro: Vals Capricho (BOLIVAR, pf); R. Halffter: Obertura Festiva; Chavez: Obertura Republicana; Sinfonia India; Villanueva:Vals Poetico; Bernal: Concertino (BOSCO, organ); Herrera de la Fuente: Fronteras. HERRERA DE LA FUENTE, Mexican Nat'l SO. A, LSM. Df. Minor jacket damage.
Music Guild
S 48 S Graziani: Cello Sonatas, Op. 3. PARISOT, VALENTI, BABINI. A.
Music in America
MIA 118 S Still: Afro-American Symphony. KRUEGER, Royal PO. Private edition for library distribution. A.
Music Library
10" MLR 5003 Works of Knudsen, Prokofiev, Tveit, Faure, Halvorsen, & Haydn. KNUDSEN (vln), GARCIA (pf). A.
Music-Appreciation Records
MAR 37 Haydn: Symphony #102. STIEDRY (his only symphonic LP), o. Analysis by Howard Shanet. A, FOT. Printed cardboard jacket.
MAR 5613 (1 12", 1 10") Mozart: Violin Concerto #5. SHUMSKY; SCHERMAN; Symphony#35. WALLENSTEIN, L.A. PO. A/A-, LSM. Analysis disc included.
MAR 575 (1 12", 1 10") Schumann: Symphony #2. BERNSTEIN, Stadium Concerts SO.Analysis by Bernstein. A.
Musical Heritage Society
MHS 1522/5 S (4) Haydn: 16 Trios. DREYFUS, MELKUS, VOGT (period inst.) Excellent! A.
MHS 1750 S Benjamin: Overture to an Italian Comedy; Delius: Walk to the ParadiseGarden. FREDMAN, Royal PO. Walton: Portsmouth Point Overture; Siesta. WALTON. Bliss: Adam Zero Suite--3 exc. BLISS, London PO. A. Lyrita recording.
MHS 1919 S Holst: Japanese Suite. BOULT. Bliss: Melee Fantasque. BLISS. Walton: Music for Children. WALTON. Berkeley-Britten: Mont Juic. BERKELEY. Lyrita recording. A.
MHS 3339 S Rachmaninov: Sonata #2; Moments musicaux, Op. 16. SOREL. A, LSM.
MHS 4150/1 S (2) Clementi: 4 Symphonies. SCIMONE, Philharmonia O. Excellent music! A.
MHS 4637 S Vaughan Williams: String Quartets #1 & 2. MUSIC GROUP OF LONDON. A. Writing on jacket.
MHS 536 S Bach: Violin Sonatas, BWV 1014-16. BARCHET, VEYRON-LACROIX. A.
MHS 883 S Ibert: Trio; Francaix: Quintet; Jolivet: Chant de Linos; Loucheur: 4 Pieces en Quintette. JAMET QUINTET. A.
MHS 949 S Mozart: Concertos #8 & 26. FOSTER; FROSCHAUER, Vienna CO. Wonderful pianist! MHS original recording. A.
OR B 272/4 S (3) Bach: Cello Suites. HARNONCOURT. A, LSM.
Musical Masterpiece Society
M 2241 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. KLETZKI, French Nat'l Radio O. A, FOT.
MMD 20077/8 D (2) Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 301/2, 378/9, 454, & 526. MANN, BRONFMAN. A.
RC 682 S Mozart: Serenade in D, "Haffner." GUGEL; WAND, Gurzenich O., Cologne. A.
Musique en Wallonie
MW 20 S H.F. Delange (1715-1781): Ouverture, Op. 6, #6; Sinfonia in Eb. QUITIN, Les Solistes de Liege. Violin Sonata, Op. 1, #5; Trio Sonata in a; String Quartet in Eb. LIEGE QT., SCHOONBROODT (hpsi). A
MW 80012 S J. Jongen: Sonatine; 2 Etudes de Concert; piano music. MERCENIER. A.
EPN 0102 Rozycki: Pan Twardowski--Suite. ROWICKI, Cracow RSO. Moniuszko: Halka--3 exc.; The Haunted Manor--Mazurka. BIEREDIAJEW, Poznan Opera O. A.
SX 0073 S Chopin: Polish Songs. WOYTOWICZ (s), BACHLEDA (t), KLIMOWICZ (pf). A.
SX 0145 S Moniuszko: The Raftsman (1 act opera). SLONICKA, PAPROCKI, NIKODEM, HIOLSKI, MAJAK, LADYSZ; GORZYNSKI, Warsaw Opera. A. Summary.
SX 1144 S Arias of Puccini (2), Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Moniuszko, & Wagner. KUBIAK; CZYZ, Lodz PO. A.
SX 1317 S Szymanowski: Harnasie. PUSTELAK (t); ROWICKI, Warsaw PO & Cho. A.
SX 1338 S Chopin: Sonata #2; 3 Etudes; Waltz, Op. 42. HENDRICKSON (from 1975 Chopin Competition). A.
SX 1538 S Arias of Verdi, Donizetti (2), Rossini, Gounod, & Puccini. U. MOROZ (s); KAMIRSKI, PRUSZAK, Polish RSO. A.
SX 1568/9 S (2) Arias of Verdi, Mozart, Puccini, Bizet, Gounod, & Leoncavallo. ZYLIS-GARA, OCHMAN; KASPRZYK, Poznan Opera O. ("Gala Performance," 1977). A.
SX 1887 F Chopin: Mazurkas. SZTOMPKA (1956), UNINSKY (1932), ZAK, CZERNY-STEFANSKA (live, 1949), FOU TS'ONG (live, 1955). M. TE.
SX 1888 S Chopin: Mazurkas. ZARITSKAYA, ARGERICH, OHLSSON, ZIMERMAN (3 each), from Int'l Chopin Competition. A. TE.
SX 2512 S Moniuszko: Piano music. KOZUBEK. A.
SX 2769 S Kisielewski: Intermezzo. KURKIEWICZ (clar), KISIELEWSKI (pf). Serenade; Berceuse. DREWNOWSKI (pf). 7 Songs. ARMANOWSKA (s), STANDZIAK (pf). Symphony in a Square. CZAJKOWSKI, Polish RSO Katowice. A.
SX 2868 S Aria recital by ZYLIS-GARA (2), KUBIAK (2), OCHMAN (2), DONAT, LISOWSKA, TOCZYSKA, & PODLES (all Polish singers at Metropolitan Opera). A.
SXL 0058 S Chopin: Polonaises (Vol. 2). CZERNY-STEFANSKA, EKIER. A.
SXL 0070 S Chopin: Nocturnes (Vol. 1). DRZEWIECKI, SZTOMPKA. A.
SXL 0095 S Chopin: Mazurkas (Vol. 4). SZTOMPKA. A. Corner clipped.
SXL 0522 S Szymanowski: 3 Myths (JURASZ, pf); Ysaye: Sonatas #2 & 3 for unaccompanied violin. JAKOWICZ. A.
SXL 0559 S Works of Moniuszko (4), Szymanowska, Kurpinski, Kamienski, & Zywny. KOZUBEK (pf). A.
SXL 0689 S Chopin: Sonata #3; piano music. OHLSSON. Live performances from ChopinInt'l Competition. A.
SXL 1124 S Malawski: Miniatures; works of Scriabin, Szymanowski, & Debussy. CHECINSKI. Proch: Theme & Variations; Faure: 2 songs. WYSOCKA (s), KAWALLA (pf). Stern: Adventures for One. BRUSZEWSKA (percussion). A. TE.
XL 0106 Arias of Borodin, Tchaikovsky (2), Mussorgsky, Verdi, Gounod, Rossini, & Moniuszko (2). LADYSZ (bs); SEMKOW, Warsaw Opera O. A.
XL 0255 Zarebski (1854-1885): Piano music. BAKST. A.
XL 0654/5 (2) "International Chopin Piano Competition First Prize Winners." Items by OBORIN (4), UNINSKI (5), ZAK (4), DAVIDOVICH (2), CZERNY-STEFANSKA (3), HARASIEWICZ (2), POLLINI (1), & ARGERICH (4), not necessarily from competition. FS.
National Music Theatre Inc.
LP 100 Songs & arias of Schubert (2), A. Scarlatti, Handel, Donizetti (2), Flotow, Bixio (2), Ruiz, Di Capua, Schipa, Tosti (2), Barthelemy, Cilea, & Massenet. SCHIPA, Amato (pf). Live performances, October/November 1962. A.
National Public Radio
S80 805 3558S (4) "The Newest Opera in the World: An Improvised Entertainment." BRUNELLE, Minnesota Opera Co. Adler: The Wrestler. DePAOLO, MAXFIELD, OLIVER, CORNETT; ADLER, Eastman Opera Theater. Radio distribution only, never sold. A, LSM. Df.
New Albion
NA 005 S Adams: Light Over Water. ADAMS (synthesizers), brass septet. A.
New World
NW 218 S Harris: Quartet #2; Cowell: Quartet Euphometric; Shepherd: Triptych (NORDEN, s). EMERSON QT (early personnel, 2 different members). A.
New York Philharmonic
841/2 (2) Weber: Euryanthe Overture; Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night's Dream--3 exc. (1948); Vaughan Williams: Tallis Fantasia (1953); Debussy: La Mer (1941); Brahms: Concerto #2 (HESS) (1951). WALTER, N.Y. Phil. Private marathon release. A.
2120 Q Franck-Ogdon: Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Faure-Smith: Dolly Suite; Mendelssohn-Odom: Allegro Brillant. C. SMITH, SELLICK (3 hands, 1 piano). A.
30020 S Sinding: Violin Concerto #1; Suite, Op. 10; Legend. TELLEFSEN; KAMU, INGEBRETSEN, Oslo PO. A.
30029 S Halvorsen: Fossegrimen Suite; Mascarade Suite. BERGH, Norwegian Radio O. A.
30030 S Halvorsen: Suite Ancienne; Norwegian Rhapsodies #1 & 2. K. ANDERSEN, Bergen SO. A.
30039 S Halvorsen: "Music for the Theater" (exc. from incidental music). BERGH, Oslo Opera O. A.
30053 S Grieg: 25 Norwegian Folk-Songs & Dances, Op. 17; 19 Norwegian Folk-Songs, Op. 66. BAEKKELUND (pf). A.
79117 1 D Mozart: Duo in Bb, K. 424; Moszkowski: Suite in g; Sarasate: Navarra. I. & A. KAVAFIAN, FELDMAN. Very late LP issue, recorded 1985. FS. COH.
H 71389 S "Music of the Renaissance Virtuosi." TYLER (lute, baroque guitar, mandora), et al. FS.
OCS 30 Handel: 3 Italian Cantatas. GIEBEL (s); LAMY, Stuttgart Tonstudio O., ens. A-, FOT. Texts.
10" O 60715 Martha EGGERTH/Jan KIEPURA duet recital, from 78s. JACKET AUTOGRAPHED BY BOTH SINGERS! Glossy photo of Kiepura (not signed) added. A.
STO 80611 S J. Strauss: Eine Nacht in Venedig--exc. OTTO, HILDEBRAND, SCHOCK, WUNDERLICH; F. WALTER, Arndt Cho., o. A. Cover worn.
XOC 121 Bizet: Carmen--exc. SUPERVIA, MICHELETTI; Cloez, o. A.
DSLO 1 S Henze: Prison Song; Takemitsu: Season; Maxwell Davies: Turris Campanarum Sonatium. YAMASH'TA. A.
DSLO 15 S Schumann: Etudes Symphoniques; Chopin: Ballade #3; 3 Etudes; works ofAlbeniz & Schubert (both arr. Godowsky). CHERKASSKY. Live perf., 1975. M. EP.
DSLO 26 S Chopin-Godowsky: Etudes; Waltzes. BOLET. FS.
DSLO 4 S Henze: Labyrinth; Apollo et Hyazinthus (REYNOLDS, c); Wiegenlied der Mutter Gottes; L'Usignolo dell'Imperatore. HENZE, London Sinfonietta. A. Text insert.
DSLO 7 S Godowsky: 5 transcriptions; piano pieces (2); works of Hofmann, Rubinstein, Tchaikovsky, Glazounov, Chaminade, & Moszkowski. CHERKASSKY. A. EP. Insert.
OL 50008 Cimarosa: Concerto in G for 2 flutes (RAMPAL, HERICHE); Barsanti: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3, #4 & 10. COLOMBO, Lamoureux CO. A, LSM.
OL 50018 Loeillet: Violin Sonata #10, in Bb; Cello Sonata #12, in f#; Trio Sonatas #2 & 13. ALES, CODDEE, GERLIN (hpsi). A-, FOT; 2 1/8" X's.
SOL 268 S Schumann: Maria Stuart Lieder, Op. 135; 5 Lieder; Brahms: 2 Lieder, Op. 91 (ARONOWITZ, vla); 4 Lieder. WATTS (c), PARSONS (pf). A.
ATS 1120 (7) Beethoven: 9 Symphonies. TOSCANINI, NBC SO (1939). A. Booklet.
819/20 (2) "Josef HOFMANN: The Columbia Recordings, 1911-19." A.
830 Leopold GODOWSKY recital, from Brunswick & Columbia 78s. FS.
Opera Viva
JLT 0010 S (3) Verdi: Gerusalemme; Macbeth--exc.. GENCER, ARAGALL, GUELFI; GAVAZZENI. A. Summary.
70 Bach: Italian Concerto; Franck: Symphonic Variations (MENGELBERG); Mozart: Concerto #21 (CANTELLI). GIESEKING. A.
81 Mendelssohn: Rondo Capriccioso; Chopin: Ballade #4; Liszt: Grand Galop Chromatique; Rapsodie Espagnole; Fantasy on Beethoven's "Ruins of Athens" (THOMAS, N.Y. Phil.); Franck: Prelude, Aria & Finale. BOLET (all live, 1972). FS.
83 Chopin: Sonata #2; Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition (last minutemissing, replaced by Horowitz recording). KAPELL. Broadcast, Australia, 1953. First publication. A.
9111 1026 S Shostakovich: Quartet #8; Mozart: Quartet in C, K. 465, "Dissonant." KOSICE QT. A.
Opus One
9 S Thorne: Songs & Dances; Wolpe: 2 Instrumental Units. GILBERT, ens. Widdoes: 1000 Paper Cranes. SILVERMAN (gtr), GHENT (vla), THOMAS (hpsi). FS.
S 066831 A D Dvorak: 8 Love Songs, Op. 83; Lieder of Brahms (4) & Strauss (10). GRUBEROVA, WERBA. DMM pressing. FS. Texts.
ORS 7141 S Haydn: 6 Esterhazy Sonatas (#36-41). SHAPIRO (hpsi). FS.
ORS 76246 S Krenek: Aulokithara. OSTRYNIEC (oboe), LINDQUIST (harp), tape. Wechselrahmen (OGDON, s); Echoes from Austria. KRENEK (pf). 3 Sacred Pieces. NORMAN, COD Vocal Ens. A.
1802 S Field: 4 Sonatas. MERRICK. A.
7 Ives: 24 Songs. H. BOATWRIGHT, J. KIRKPATRICK. A. Texts.
11 0351 S Barta: Violin Concerto #2; Fiser: Cruz; Matej: Violin Concerto. I. STRAUS; TRHLIK, Czech PO. A.
11 0454 S Barta: Violin Concerto #1. SNITIL; KLIMA. Lucky: Concerto for Violin & Piano. GRUMLIKOVA, KOLAR; BELOHLAVEK, Czech PO. A.
11 0580 S Riedlbauch: Sonata for Winds & Percussion. CZECH PHIL. WINDS. L. Kubik: Piano Concerto (TOPERCZER); Zamecnik: Musica Concertante. BELOHLAVEK, Czech Radio SO, Brno PO. P. Fiala: Musica Festiva. KLUGAROVA (organ). A.
8116 0181 S Arias of Smetana (2), Foerster, Janacek, Wagner, Borodin, & Prokofiev. JINDRAK; TICHY, PESEK, Czech RSO (1980). FS.
1 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. FEUERMANN; TAUBE, Berlin St. Opera O. Brahms: Cello Sonata #1. FEUERMANN, VAN DER PAS. A. Minor jacket damage.
3 Schumann: Fantasia in c; Nachtstuck #4; Brahms: Paganini Variations; Chopin: Fantaisie-Impromptu (1908); Bach: WTC--Book 1, #1. BACKHAUS. A. Booklet.
Past Masters
PM 32 Brahms: Symphony #1. FRIED, Berlin St. Opera O. (1923). A.
PM 9 Works of Andriessen, R. Mengelberg (VINCENT, s), Valerius, Dopper, Roentgen, & Wagenaar. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A.
ASTX 130.515 S Puccini: Tosca--exc. (in French). CRESPIN, FINEL, BIANCO; PRETRE, Paris Opera. A.
DTX 149 Herve: Mam'zelle Nitouche. ROGER, PEYRON, DUVALEIX, DEVOS; CARIVEN. A; minor PB.
DTX 223/4 (2) Rameau: Platee. MICHEAU, SAUTEREAU, CASTELLI, LINVAL, SENECHAL, GEDDA, JANSEN, SANTANA; ROSBAUD, Aix-en-Provence Festival (1956). A, FOT; 2/3" X. French libretto.
PAM 67.013 "13 Valses Viennoises" (Strauss, Lehar, Kalman, etc.) ALTERY; METEHEN, o. A; 1/3" X.
PAULA 12 S Gade: Novelletter #1 & 2. LARSEN, Aarhus CO. A.
EWE 1 (7) "The ELGAR Edition: The Complete Acoustical Recordings, 1914-1925." M. Booklet.
GEM 133/4 (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: Ruddigore. GRIFFIN, LEWIS, SHARP, BAKER, OLDHAM, SHEFFIELD, HALLAND, FANCOURT (1924). A. COH.
GEM 136 Works of Schubert (2), Chopin (4), Schumann (3), & Liszt (2). PADEREWSKI (1911-24). A.
GEM 140 Ignace Jan PADEREWSKI recital, Vol. 2. From 78s, 1911-17. A.
GEMM 136 Ignace Jan PADEREWSKI recital (#1), from 78s, 1911-24. A.
GEMM 150 Works of Chopin, Stojowski, Mendelssohn, Paderewski, Liszt, & Wagner-Liszt. PADEREWSKI (Vol. 3). FS.
GEMM 179 Ignace Jan PADEREWSKI recital (Vol. 4). New York recordings, 1926-28. A.
GEMM 276 Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto (BLECH, Berlin St. Opera O.); Bruch: Concerto #1 (GOOSSENS, o). KREISLER. From 78s, 1926/24. A. Corner clipped.
SHE 541 S Bridge: Violin Sonata. CHILINGIRIAN, BENSON. Cello Sonata. R. & D. DE SARAM. A. Corner clipped.
SHE 543 S Gurney: Songs. JOHNSTON (t), KEYTE (b), IBBOTT, PRATLEY (pf). Poems. CLARK (reader). A. Corner clipped.
(no #) (1 12", 1 10") Lotte LEHMANN Farewell Recital, New York, Feb. 16, 1951. A/A-, FOT. 1 bad groove.
PR 26 Works of Achron, Bach, Brahms, Debussy, Dvorak, Falla, Hubay, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Novacek, Rachmaninov, Sarasate, & Wieniawski. HEIFETZ; VOORHEES, o.; BAY (pf). A.
PR 37 (3) Verdi: Falstaff. STABILE, BIASINI, LAZZARI, BORGIOLI, NESSI, TEDESCHI, SOMIGLI; TOSCANINI, Vienna PO (Salzburg, 1937). Aida--Overture. TOSCANINI, NBC SO (world premiere). M.
PR 8 (4) Wagner: Rienzi (abridged). Composite perf., mostly CHRISTIANSEN, LUDWIG, SVANHOLM, BERRY, SCHOEFFLER; KRIPS, additions from 5 other perf's., CANTELLI (Overture). Der Liebesmahl der Apostel. SMETACEK. Columbus Overture. KRAUS. S. Wagner: Der Barenhauter--Overture. S. WAGNER. Der Schmied von Marienburg--Overture. TIETJENS. A. Rienzi libretto.
Performance Discs
CO 300/1 (2) Strauss: Daphne. BAMPTON, KINDERMANN, DERMOTA, SVANHOLM, L. WEBER; E. KLEIBER, Teatro Colon (Sept. 17, 1948). Private edition made for Bampton. A, LSM. BJ, as issued.
EXLP 702 Bartok: Rhapsody #1; Kodaly: Sonata, Op. 4; Weiner: Lakodalmas. STARKER, HERZ. A/A-, FOT.
SPL 306 Chopin: Concertos #1 & 2. MUSULIN; MULLER-KRAY, S. German Radio O. A.
SPL 515 Hindemith: Concert Music for Brass & Strings; Concertino for Horn (KOCH). HAEFNER, Vienna SO. A.
SPL 525 Handel-Fekete: Triumph of Time & Truth Suite. FEKETE, Vienna SO. A, FOT.
SPL 526 "Canzoni, Ricercari, & Chori" of A., G., & D. Gabrieli; Pezel: 4 Sonatas. DAVIS SHUMAN BRASS CHOIR. A, LSM; minor PB. Jacket repaired.
SPL 602 Bartok: Rhapsody #1; Kodaly: Cello Sonata, Op. 4; Weiner: Lakodalmas. STARKER, HERZ. A, FOT.
00119 Weber: Oberon--Overture; Ozean, du Ungeheuer; Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana--Santuzza's Aria; Intermezzo; Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci--Canio's Aria; Intermezzi. BROUWENSTIJN (s), VROONS (t); VAN KEMPEN, Hilversum Radio PO. A, FOT.
412 228 1 D Haydn: Sonatas #47, 53, & 56; Fantasia in C; Adagio in F. BRENDEL. A.
416 365 1 D Haydn: Sonatas #50, 54, & 62; Andante con variazioni. BRENDEL. A.
416 821 1 D Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto; Sibelius: Concerto. MULLOVA; C. DAVIS, Boston SO. A. COH.
6500 465 S Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos in e & d. GRUMIAUX; KRENZ, New Phil. O. M.
6500 879 S Sonatas of Leclair, Vivaldi, Veracini, & Nardini. GRUMIAUX, HAJDU. A. COH.
6514 147 D Liszt: Sonata; 2 Legends of St. Francis; La lugubre Gondola #1 & 2. BRENDEL. FS.
6514 273 D Liszt: Dante Sonata; Funerailles; Chopin-Liszt: 6 Polish Songs. ARRAU. FS.
6514 317 D Haydn: Sonatas L. 58, 60, & 61 (Hob. 48, 50, 51). BRENDEL. A.
6514 366 D Handel: Suite in d (arr. Elgar); Water Music Suite; Royal Fireworks Music (both arr. Harty). PREVIN, Pittsburgh SO. FS.
6529 003 F Bizet: Les Pecheurs de Perles--exc. ALARIE, SIMONEAU, BIANCO; FOURNET. A.
6598 311 S Mignone: Piano music. MIGNONE. A.
6701 029 S (2) Chopin: Nocturnes. HARASIEWICZ. A.
6701 036 S (2) Chopin: 16 Polonaises. HARASIEWICZ. A.
6747 097 S (9) Mozart: String Quartets. QUARTETTO ITALIANO. A.
6769 047 S (2) Haydn: Die Schopfung. MATHIS, BALDIN, FISCHER-DIESKAU; MARRINER, Academy & Cho. of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS. Text.
6780 017 F (2) Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 301, 304, 376, 378, 454, & 526. HASKIL, GRUMIAUX. Half stereo. A. Jacket badly damaged.
6833 039 Arias of Wagner (4) & Verdi (4). BROUWENSTIJN; MORALT, Vienna SO. A.
77414 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Rachmaninov: Prelude, Op. 32, #10. RICHTER. Only LP edition of Rachmaninov performance. A-, FOT.
802 854 S Merilainen: Piano Concerto #1 (GILLESPIE); Heininen: Adagio. SUSSKIND, Royal PO. A.
835 136 S Mozart: Violin Concertos #1 & 4. GRUMIAUX; C. DAVIS, London SO. A.
835 256 S Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante (PELLICCIA, vla); Violin Concerto #2. GRUMIAUX; C. DAVIS, London SO. A.
835 376 S Chopin: Barcarolle; Waltz in E; Berceuse; 3 Nouvelles Etudes; 10 Mazurkas. HARASIEWICZ. A.
835 474 S Liszt: Concertos #1 & 2. RICHTER; KONDRASHIN, London SO. One of his greatest! A.
839 238 S Egge: Violin Concerto. WICKS; FJELDSTAD, Oslo PO. Piano Sonata #2; 2 Fantasies. BAEKKELUND. A.
839 747 S Mozart: Duos for Violin & Viola; Hoffmeister: Duo. GRUMIAUX, PELLICCIA. A.
842 501 S "Wander- und Abendlied." GROSSMANN, Vienna Boys Choir. A.
88083 S Handel-Harty: Royal Fireworks Music; Water Music Suite. MAAZEL, BerlinRadio SO. A. Dutch pressing.
9500 774 S Haydn: Sonatas #33, in c; #59, in Eb. BRENDEL. A.
9500 904 S Schubert: Fantasie in C; F.X.W. Mozart: Grande Sonate; Beethoven: Variations on "Se Vuol Ballare." G. & E. KREMER. A.
Pittsburgh Int'l Contemporary Music Fest
CB 168/9 (1) Walton: Quartet #2. WALDEN QT. Thomson: Quartet #1. NEW MUSIC QT. A, LSM. BJ, as issued.
Plucked String
PSD 003 S L. Mozart-Wolki: Suite in d; Barabella: Duo V; works of Ito, Gladd, Tarrega, Joplin, Grieg, & Karas. DUBOIS, Cercle Royal des Mandolinistes de Malmedy. A.
Polskie Nagrania
10" L 0008 Perkowski: Wedding Suite. KUNINSKA (s), KOTARBA (t); HAS, Cracow RadioCho. & O. A.
10" L 0016 Chopin: Ballade #1; Etudes, Op. 25, #6 & 11; Impromptu, Op. 51; Prelude, Op. 45. HARASIEWICZ. A. Jacket repaired.
2310 122 S Works of Albeniz (2), Torroba, Falla, Tarrega, Albeniz, Granados (2), &Turina. BITTETTI. Hispavox recording. A. Jacket repaired.
Poseidon Society
1004 S Hovhaness: Symphony #21, "Etchmiadzin;" Armeinan Rhapsody #3; Mountains and Rivers Without End. HOVHANESS, Royal PO. A.
1012 S Hovhaness: Symphony #19, "Vishnu." HOVHANESS, Sevan PO. A.
1013 S Hovhaness: St. Vartan Symphony. HOVHANESS, National PO. A.
1014 S Hovhaness: Symphony #25, "Odysseus." HOVHANESS, o. A.
1016 S Hovhaness: Symphony #24, "Majnun." HILL (t); HOVHANESS, Alldis Choir, Nat'l PO. A.
1018 S Hovhaness: Magnificat. NOSSAMAN, JOHNSON, EAST, DALES; WHITNEY, U. of Louisville Cho., Louisville O. A.
Pro Arte
PAD 228 D Beethoven: Violin Concerto; Consecration of the House. SILVERSTEIN (vln & cond.), Utah SO. A.
PAL 1052 S Taneyev: Trio, Op. 22; A. Tcherepnin: Trio. ODEON TRIO. A.
PAL 1086 D Poulenc: Flute Sonata; Faure: Fantaisie; Morceau de Concours; Larsen:Aubade; Ulloa's Ring. E. ZUKERMAN (fl), EMENHEISER (pf). A.
Pro Arte Sinfonia
SDS 613 D Joplin: Rags. SCHOENFIELD. A.
EXLP 702 Bartok: Rhapsody #1; Kodaly: Sonata, Op. 4; Weiner: Lakodalmas. STARKER, HERZ. A; minor PBs.
SLPX 1205/7 S (3) Haydn: 6 Quartets, Op. 76. TATRAI QT. A. Program notes.
SLPX 1293 S Beethoven: Sonata #17. ANTAL. Kadosa: Capriccio #4; Bartok: Mikrokosmos--3 exc.; Liszt: La Leggierezza. LUX. Fantasy & Fugue on BACH; Transcendental Etude #10. TORMA. Funerailles. KISS. 1966 Liszt-Bartok Competition prizewinners. A. COH.
3PC 3703 S (3) Dvorak: Symphony #7. KOSLER. Symphony #8. NEUMANN, Czech PO. Symphony #9. HORENSTEIN, Royal PO. A.
Rachmaninoff Society
RS 5 Rachmaninov: Songs. KURENKO, GONTZOFF (b), Rosenthal (pf). A; 1/3" X.
Radio Canada International
RCI 421 S Martinu: Flute Sonata #1; Roussel: Joueurs de Flute; Zuckert: Elegiac Improvisation. SHULMAN, SAVARD. A, LSM.
RCI 439 S Prokofiev: Sonata for solo violin; Ysaye: Sonata #4; Vitali: Chaconne; Bloch: Nigun. JUILLET, Prieur-Deschamps (pf). A. Jacket marked.
RCI 482 Vinci: Sonata in D; Carully: Serenade, Op. 109, #1; Margola: 4 Episodi; O. Joachim: Night Music; Intermezzi. WILNER (fl), D. JOACHIM (gtr). A.
RCI 484 S Debussy: Premiere Rhapsodie; St.-Saens: Clarinet Sonata (YORK, pf); Freedman: Lines; Symonds: Quintet for Clarinet & Synthesizers (CANADIAN ELECTRONIC ENS.) CAMPBELL (clar, in all). A.
RM 235 Prevost: Ouverture; Baird: 4 Dialogues (FLOYD, ob); Prokofiev: Concerto #4, for left hand (TOPERCZER). BERNARDI, National Arts Centre O. A. TE.
Radio Nederland
85.137/40 S (5) Vermeulen: Cello Sonatas #1 & 2. BIJLSMA, DE LEEUW. 3 Salutationsa Notre Dame. KWEKSILBER (s). String Trio. BETHS, KUSSMAUL, BIJLSMA. Symphonies #1, 2, 6, & 7. VAN DRIESTEN, VIS. The Flying Dutchman--exc. E. LEVY (1930!), KERSJES, VAN BEINUM, etc. A.
3 Works of Devienne, Weber, Mozart, & Weisenborn. MORITZ (bassoon). From private acetates. JACKET INSCRIBED BY MORITZ (to Sol Schoenbach).Vol. 2"). KOOPMAN, BOUR, VONK, VAN DRIESTEN, Hague Residintie O. (w. var. soloists). A.
RCA Camden
CAL 106 Schubert: Symphonies #5 & 8. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, LSM.
CAL 118 Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice; Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain; Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A, LSM.
CAL 123 Works of Brahms, Debussy, Ippolitov-Ivanov, Novacek, Schubert, Sibelius, & Weber ("Concert Gems"). STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A, FOT; minor PBs. Jacket repaired.
CAL 152 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. STOKOWSKI, Hollywood Bowl SO. A, FOT; 1/8" X.
CAL 157 Beethoven: Symphonies #2 & 8. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, LSM.
CAL 159 Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz; Sibelius: Tapiola. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, FOT. Jacket repaired.
CAL 171 "Lawrence TIBBETT Sings Operatic Arias." A, LSM.
CAL 191 Strauss: Burleske; Weber: Konzertstuck. ARRAU; DEFAUW, Chicago SO. A.
CAL 223 Wagner: Lohengrin--exc.; Tannhauser--exc. BAMPTON, SUMMERS, CARRON, HARRELL, CORDON; STEINBERG. A.
CAL 224 Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc. BAMPTON, SUMMERS, CARRON; STEINBERG. A, LSM; tiny X.
CAL 236 Brahms: Symphony #2. "CLARIDGE SO" (ORMANDY, Phila. O.) (from anonymously issued "World's Greatest Music" 78s). A. Jacket taped.
CAL 337 Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. MENGELBERG, N.Y. Phil. A.
CAL 373 "The Art of Bidu SAYAO." A, LSM.
RCA Musique
GM 43336 Stravinsky: Piano Concerto (S. STRAVINSKY); Concerto Grosso; Danses Concertantes; Scherzo a la Russe. STRAVINSKY. A.
RCA Red Seal
ARL1 0037 S Berio: Agnus; Air; O King; El Mar La Mar; Melodrama; E Vo. BERIO, London Sinfonietta (& vocal soloists). A.
ARL1 0453 S Overtures. Suppe: Poet & Peasant; Light Cavalry; Rossini: William Tell; Herold: Zampa; Offenbach: Orpheus in Hades. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. Writing on jacket.
ARL3 1199 S (3) Korngold: Die Tote Stadt. NEBLETT, KOLLO, PREY, LUXON; LEINSDORF,Bavarian Radio. A, LSM. Libretto.
RL 25153 S Bach: Violin Concertos; Concerto for Violin & Oboe (L. GOOSSENS). WANAMI; H. BLECH, London Mozart Players. A. EP.
RL 25226 S Nielsen: Symphony #4; Rhapsodic Overture; Pan & Syrinx. GIBSON, Scottish Nat'l O. A. EP.
RL 37026 S Schubert: 3 Violin Sonatas, Op. 137. N. & I. GOTKOVSKY. A.
RL 70463 S (2) Langgaard: String Quartets #2-6; Variations. KONTRA QT. DMM pressing. A.
SB 6756 S Carter: Piano Concerto (LATEINER); Colgrass: As Quiet As. LEINSDORF, Boston SO. A. EP.
VRL5 0365 (5) "Nellie MELBA: The American Recordings, 1907-1916." A. Australian pressing.
RCA Red Seal (Japan)
AT 1076 Works of Donizetti, Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Bizet, Wolf-Ferrari, Galilei,Pizzetti, Mozart, & Beethoven. TOSCANINI, La Scala O. (1920). A.
RCA Victor
10" LM 60 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #7. HEIFETZ, Bay. A.
LBC 1010 Brahms: Haydn Variations. MARKEVICH. Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini. DOBROWEN, Philharmonia O. A/A-, FOT.
LBC 1020 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. CICCOLINI; CLUYTENS, Paris Conservatory O. A-, LSM.
LBC 1039 Rossini: Barber of Seville & Italian in Algiers Overtures; William Tell--exc.; St.-Saens: Bacchanale. SERAFIN. Spontini: La Vestale--Overture. PREVITALI. A, LSM.
LBC 1076 Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Paganini; Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 21; Capriccio, Op. 76, #2. SMETERLIN. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Jacket repaired.
LCT 1042 Beethoven: Symphony #6. TOSCANINI, BBC SO (1939). A.
LCT 1100 Gounod: Faust--exc. BOUE, SAINT-ARNAUD, NORE, BOURDIN, FRANK, RICO; BEECHAM, Royal PO & Cho. A.
LCT 1113 Sibelius: Violin Concerto. HEIFETZ; BEECHAM, London PO. Chausson: Concerto in D. HEIFETZ, SANROMA, Musical Art Qt. A/A-, FOT.
LCT 1124 Beethoven: Cello Sonatas #3, 4, & 5. FOURNIER, SCHNABEL. A, FOT.
LCT 1126 Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben; Schubert: 7 Lieder. SCHUMANN, MOORE. A-, LSM.
LCT 1140 Bach: Concerto in C; Mozart: Concerto in Eb. A. & K.U. SCHNABEL; BOULT, London SO. A.
LCT 1146 Berlioz: Harold in Italy (PRIMROSE); Damnation of Faust--3 exc. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A.
LCT 1151 Sibelius: Symphonies #5 & 7. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO, BBC SO. A/A-, FOT.
LCT 6012 (2) Schoenberg: Guerre-Lieder. BAMPTON, VREELAND, ALTHOUSE, ROBOFSKY,BETTS, DE LOACHE (narr); STOKOWSKI, cho's, Phila. O. Live performance, 1932. A, PB. Text.
LD 2554 Chopin: Sonatas #2 & 3. RUBINSTEIN. A. AS. Soria booklet.
LD 6407 (4) Mozart: Symphony #40; Haydn: Symphony #104; Beethoven: Symphony #7; Brahms: Symphony #1; Works of Johann & Josef Strauss. KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A. Booklet. Soria edition. AS.
LDS 6155 S (3) Verdi: Otello. RYSANEK, VICKERS, GOBBI; SERAFIN, Rome Opera. A, FOT. Soria libretto.
LHMV 1005 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A, LSM. Spine repaired.
LHMV 1030 Handel-Beecham: The Great Elopement--exc.; Mozart: Divertimento in D,K. 131. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A, FOT. Jacket repaired.
LHMV 1054 Brahms: Symphony #1. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
LHMV 4 Beethoven: Concerto #5. FISCHER; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A. Package intact.
LM 1024 Beethoven: Symphony #2. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A, LSM. Jacket repaired.
LM 1057 Debussy: Jeux; Respighi: Fountains of Rome. DE SABATA, Augusteo O., Rome. A/A-, LSM.
LM 1094 Grieg: Haugtussa. FLAGSTAD, McArthur. A.
LM 1105 "The Heart of the Piano Concerto" (single movements). SANROMA; FIEDLER,Boston Pops O. A.
LM 1124 Gershwin: Porgy & Bess--exc. STEVENS, MERRILL; BENNETT, Shaw Cho., o. A-, LSM.
LM 1155 Wagner: Arias. SVANHOLM; WEISSMANN, o. A-, FOT.
LM 1166 "Encores." HEIFETZ, BAY. Most items not reissued on LP. A. SD label.
LM 1740 Works of Tchaikovsky (7) & Wieniawski (5). ELMAN, Seiger. A, FOT; 2 1/8" X's, 1/4" X; skips 2 grooves.
LM 1812 "Poet's Gold." Readings by Helen HAYES, Raymond MASSEY, Thomas MITCHELL. A.
LM 1832 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (SUSSKIND, Philharmonia O.); Sinding: Suite in a; Ravel: Tzigane (WALLENSTEIN, L.A. PO). HEIFETZ. A, LSM.
LM 1915 Songs of Giordani, Schumann (2), Brahms (2), Strauss (4), Bersa, Pavcic, Kunc (3), & Hageman. MILANOV, KUNC (pf). A, FOT.
LM 1953 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM. AS.
LM 2050 Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Violin Concerto #2 (WALLENSTEIN, L.A. PO); Strauss: Violin Sonata (SMITH). HEIFETZ. A.
LM 2186 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 9, #1 & 3. HEIFETZ, PRIMROSE, PIATIGORSKY. A.
LM 2250 Works of Nardini, Shostakovich, Mendelssohn, Kreisler, Khachaturian, Vieuxtemps, Debussy, Prokofiev, Bloch, Glazounov, & Sarasate. KOGAN, Mitnik. A. Jacket taped.
LM 2275 Schumann: Frauenliebe und -Leben; Brahms: 2 Lieder, Op. 91 (O. JOACHIM,viola); Zigeunerlieder. FORRESTER, NEWMARK. A, LSM; minor PB. AS. Texts.
LM 2291 Liszt: 9 Transcendental Etudes. BOLET. A.
LM 2509 Friml: The Vagabond King. RASKIN, LANZA; Calinnicos, o. A, LSM.
LM 6142 (3) Menotti: Maria Golovin. DUVAL, NEWAY, LAS, CROSS, CHAPMAN, HANDT,L. MUTI; ADLER. A. Libretto.
LPM 1055 Lecuona: Piano music. LECUONA. A.
LSC 2339 S Romberg: The Student Prince. GIUSTI (s), LANZA; Baron. A, LSM. SD label.
LSC 2364 S Mahler: Symphony #4. DELLA CASA; REINER, Chicago SO. A, LSM. 5S/3S.
LSC 2632 S Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 95 & 135. JUILLIARD STRING QUARTET. A. German pressing.
LSC 3029WD S Ginastera: Piano Concerto #1 (MARTINS); Variaciones Concertantes. LEINSDORF, Boston SO. A.
LSC 3040WD S Rachmaninov: Concerto #3. WEISSENBERG; PRETRE, Chicago SO. Phenomenal performance! A.
LSC 3119 S Larsson: Sonatine #1; Stenhammar: 3 Fantasies; Wiren: Ironical Miniatures; Rangstrom: Legends from the Lake Malaren. SCHEJA (pf). FS. COH.
RCA Victor (Brazil)
LMB 6000 (2) Donizetti: L'Elisir d'Amore. CAROSIO, MONTI, GOBBI, LUISE; SANTINI, Rome Opera. A, FOT.
RCA Victor (Mexico)
MRL/S 001 S Mata: Improvisaciones #2 (VALLE, SUAREZ, pf); Revueltas: Planos; Ochopor radio; R. Halffter: 3 Pieces. MATA, Mexico City U. O. A.
MRS 004 S R. Halffter: Pregon para una Pascua Pobre; G. Muench: Asociaciones (SALINAS, s). MATA, Mexico City U. Cho. & O. A. Jacket water-damaged.
RCA Victrola
VICS 1101 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #1; Strauss: Burleske. JANIS; REINER, Chicago SO. A. EAR.
VICS 1153- S Khachaturian: Violin Concerto; Saint-Saens: Havanaise. KOGAN; MONTEUX, Boston SO. A. Pink label. Thick pressing.
VICS 1427 S Beethoven: Sonatas #12 & 23. RICHTER. M. Thick pressing. Minor jacket damage.
VLS 32511 S Pergolesi: La Serva Padrona. MOFFO, MONTARSALO; FERRARA, Rome PO. No U.S. stereo edition. A. Libretto.
Recital Hall
RH 2 Chopin: Sonata #2; Waltz #1; Grieg: 4 Lyric Pieces; Moszkowski: Waltz in Eb; Albeniz: Seguidillas. DE GREEF. A.
Reference Recordings
RR 25 S Liszt: Sonata in b; Mephisto Waltz; piano music. NOJIMA. FS.
811/2 (2) Beethoven: Symphony #1; Egmont Overture; Wagner: Orchestral exc.(+ brief rehearsal exc.). TOSCANINI, La Scala O. (1946). Cherubini: Anacreon Overture. TOSCANINI, Elite O. (1938) ("Toscanini in Luzern"). A.
10816 S Vivaldi: Gloria (INOUE, c); Concerto, Op. 3, #11 (Clotilde MUNCH, BESSOU, vln); Concerto in g for 2 cellos (RAPETTI, PECCOUD). GUERINOT, New Lyon Cho. & O. A.
10" PL 2 149 Puccini: Turandot--2 arias; songs of Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn,& Schumann. ROSELLE, anon. accomp. Scarce LP (her only one?) by 78 singer. A/A-, FOT; 1/2" X.
10" R 149 47 Enesco: Rumanian Rhapsody #1. ENESCO, Colonne O. Liszt: Les Preludes.SINGER. A, FOT; large PB. EAR.
10" R 149 50 Schumann: Violin Sonata #2. ENESCO, CHAILLEY-RICHEZ. A, LSM. EAR.
10" R 149 52 Enesco: Roumanian Rhapsody #2. ENESCO, Colonne O. Smetana: The Moldau. SINGER, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A; tiny X.
R 199 188 Brant: Saxophone Concerto. RASCHER; JOHNSON, Cincinnati SO. Glanville-Hicks: 3 Gymnopedies; Rudhyar: Sinfonietta. PERLEA, RIAS SO. A/A-, FOT; 1/8" X. Jacket repaired.
RPL 2462 Chopin: Concerto #2 (CELIBIDACHE, Berlin SO); 4 Waltzes; 3 Ecossaises;Fantaisie-Impromptu. KOCZALSKI. Live performances, 1942-48. A.
RCB 16 S Brahms: 3 Violin Sonatas. LOVEDAY, CASSINI. A.
RCB 9 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #5 & 9 ("Kreutzer"). LOVEDAY, CASSINI. A; tiny X.
1 (2) Beethoven: Sonata #26; Scriabin: Sonata #4; 2 pieces; Liszt: Sonata in b; Chopin: Sonata #3; works of Rachmaninov (2) & Brahms (4). Ronald ROGERS. Concert performances, 1960-63. A.
2013 Brahms: Symphony #4 (live, Dec. 1943); Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 130--Cavatina (Telefunken 78). FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A.
2116 Beethoven: Sonatas #31 & 32. RICHTER. A.
2125 Grieg: Piano Concerto (GALLIERA); Bach: Italian Concerto; Scarlatti: 4 Sonatas; works of Grieg & Tomeoni. MICHELANGELI (from 78s). FS.
1256 Arias of Verdi (5), Mozart, Meyerbeer, Thomas, & Offenbach. SCHOCK (in all). A.
1278 Recital by Jan PEERCE (8) & Marian ANDERSON (4), from 78s. A, LSM.
LP 2507 S Slavenski: Sinfonia Orienta. IVANOVIC (a), D. CVEJIC (t), IVKOV (b), Z. CVEJIC (bs); SIMIC, Belgrade Radio Cho. & SO. A.
RTLP 7519 Songs of Kilpinen (6), Merikanto, et al. BORG, KOSKIMIES. A.
5007 "Best Loved Piano Gems." E. JOYCE. A.
5020 S Liszt: 2 Ballades; Hungarian Rhapsodies #8 & 12; Funerailles; Liebestraum #3. FIORENTINO (great Liszt player). A, LSM.
7" STP 1025 Glazounov: Theme & Variations, Op. 72. POUISHNOFF. First publication, reissued on late Saga stereo LP. A.
SLP 575 S Sallinen: String Quartet #4. SUHONEN QT. Cadenze. IGNATIUS (vln). Sonata for Solo Cello; Elegy for Sebastian Knight. RAUTIO. A, LSM.
Schwann Musica Mundi
MM 4001 Overtures of Mozart (3), Beethoven, Rossini, Flotow, & Maillard; Smetana: The Moldau; Weinberger: Schwanda--Polka. ZEMLINSKY, o's. (1928-30). A, FOT.
VMS 1025 S Schumann: Piano Quartet in c [premiere recording of early work]. LEVINE, ENSEMBLE CLASSIQUE KOLN. Etudes in the Form of Free Variations on Themes by Beethoven [1831/2]. BADURA-SKODA. A.
VMS 2095 D Reznicek: Symphony in D; Violin Concerto in e (DAVIS). WRIGHT, Philharmonia Hungarica. A.
SRS 12021 S Ribari: Metamorphoses. SZIKLAY (s); OBERFRANK. Pantomime. ERDELYI. Hellas. KOMLOSSY (a), SZONYI (t); LUKACS, Hungarian Radio Cho. & O. Thoughts. TATRAI QT. Cello Sonata. MEZO, RIBARI. A.
SLP 15 Ravel: Jeux d'eau; Bach-Busoni: Chaconne; works of J. Strauss, Chopin, Debussy, & Liszt. L. THOMPSON (pf). A, FOT.
Silver Crest
ABA 80 9 D (2) Aoki: Felicitous. TSUJI. LoPresti: Elegy for a Young American. HINES. Kamioka: In the Autumn Sky. KASUGA. M. Gould: Santa Fe Saga. STRANGE. Episodes (from "Holocaust"). GOULD. C. Williams: Fanfare & Allegro. HINDSLEY. Sousa: Stars & Stripes Forever. GABRIEL, Arizona St. U. Symphonic Band (in all). Live performance, 1980. M.
NMC 1977 25 S Hanson: Sea Symphony; Pan & the Priest; Rhythmic Variations on 2 Ancient Hymns; Extended Theme. HANSON, World Youth SO. A
NYSMA 1970 S (5) "1970 New York All State." Works of Beethoven, Persichetti (premiere), Berlioz, Bach, Husa, Dukas, Mozart, R. Dvorak, Ives, Ginastera, & Foss, by selected high school musicians, conducted by FENNELL, REVELLI, WILLETT, P. WILSON, & KINGSBURY. A, LSM; minor PB. Box repaired. Leaflet.
Sine Qua Non
SAS 2026 S (3) Bach: Cello Suites. FOURNIER. A, LSM.
Sir Thomas Beecham Society
WSA 502/3 (2) Berlioz: King Lear Overture; Requiem. LEWIS (t); BEECHAM. A.
706 Mozart: Violin Concerto #4 (WALTER, N.Y. Phil); Bach: Partita #2. HUBERMAN. First publication of both performances. A.
Smithsonian Collection
N 027 D (2) Albert: To Wake the Dead; Wernick: A Poison Tree. SHELTON (s); KENDALL, ens. Wright: Cantata. GORDON (t), JONES (percussion), electronics. Davidovsky: Quartet #4. EMERSON QT. Crumb: Celestial Mechanics. ORKIS, PRIMOSCH (pf's). FS.
P3 14834 S (3, 5 sides) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. SCHROEDER, RITCHIE, IMMER, KRAINIS, PIGUET, SOLUM, et al; FULLER, Aston Magna (period inst.) A.
Societe Wilhelm Furtwaengler
SWF 7902/7906 (2) Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica (1944); 4 Lieder (ANDERS); Don Juan (1942); Till Eulenspiegel--rehearsal exc. ("1930"). FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. M. German texts.
40/2 (3) D'Albert: Tiefland. KENNEY, RIEGLER, VOPENKA, KMENTT, EQUILUZ, WIENER, HEPPE; ADLER, Vienna St. Opera Cho., Vienna SO. A, LSM. Long album. Libretto.
45 Beethoven: Concerto in D (Violin Concerto). H. SCHNABEL (piano); ADLER, Vienna SO. A; tiny X.
SRLP 1339 S Berwald: Sinfonie singuliere; Lidholm: Ritornell; J.H. Roman: Sinfonia in e. BLOMSTEDT, Swedish Radio SO. A.
SLP 410 "Hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal." STEBER, McDonell (organ). A, LSM.
Summit (Eng.)
ATL 4175 Franck: Violin Sonata; Brahms: Sonata #3. LOVEDAY, CASSINI. A.
SUMCO R002 S Works of C. Williams, McRae (2), Latham (2), Bright, Kepner, & Kenny. NEILSON, Chicago Symphonic Band. A.
Sunday Opera
SYO 8 Tudor DAVIES aria & song recital (in English), from 78s. A.
1 10 0512 S Macha: Variations on a Theme by and on the Death of Jan Rychlik. ANCERL. Kalabis: Symphonic Variations. NEUMANN, Czech PO. Barta: Ludi. Eduard FISCHER, Prague CO. A.
10" LPM 48/50 (3) Beethoven: Symphony #9. SCHLEMM, EUSTRATI, LUTZE, PAUL; ABENDROTH, Leipzig Radio Cho. & O. Fidelio & Egmont Overtures. SWAROWSKY, Vienna St. Opera O., Vienna SO. A-, FOT.
1010 2856 Brahms: Concerto #1. RUBINSTEIN; COATES, London SO (from 78s). A.
1111 2474 S Chopin: 4 Impromptus; 6 Etudes; Barcarolle. COSTA (Vianna da Motta pupil). A.
1111 2550 S Mozart: Sonata in F, K. 533/484; Brahms: Fantasias, p. 116--#5 & 6; Debussy: Images, Book 1. GILELS. Live performance, Prague, 1973. A. Corner clipped.
1116 2661/2 S (2) Bohac: Goya. BOHACOVA, KNIPLOVA, TATTERMUSCHOVA, TUCEK, JEDLICKA,KONVALINKA, Czech Radio SO. A. Czech libretto.
LPV 271 Beethoven: German Dances; Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O., Vienna SO. Symphony #38. SEJNA, Czech PO. A/A-, LSM. Jacket taped.
SUA 10288 Janacek: Diary of One Who Vanished. BLACHUT, PALENICEK. A. 4 language text.
SUA 10352 Janacek: Folk Nocturnes. KUHN, Czech Phil. Cho., HALA (pf). Songs of Hradcany (WYSOCZANSKA, s); The Wolf's Track (BAKALOVA, s). BAKALA, Moravian Women Teachers Cho. A. Summaries.
SUA 18178 Borkovec: Violin Sonata #2. JASEK, HOLECEK. Podesva: Violin Sonata. SUK, PANENKA. A.
SUAST 50680 S Janacek: Eternal Gospel; Lord, Have Mercy; Our Father (VESELKA); ThereUpon the Mountain. PINKAS, Czech Phil. Cho., Prague SO (+ soloists). A. Czech text.
SUAST 50681/2 S (2) Haba: The Mother. ZIKMUNDOVA, URBANOVA, SPISAR, KOCI; JIROUS, Prague Nat'l Opera. A. Summary, no libretto.
SUAST 50892 S Milhaud: Divertissement, Eben: Wind Quintet; Roussel: Divertissement(RADHUBER, pf); Baird: Divertimento; Malipiero: Sonata a Quattro. REICHA WIND QUINTET. A.
SUC 10011 Mozart: Symphony #38. SEJNA, Czech PO. Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Beethoven: 4 German Dances. SCHERCHEN, Vienna SO & St. Opera O. A, LSM.
Supraphon (Venezuela)
GMM 027 Liszt: Concerto #1 (GEORGESCU, Czech PO); 3 Paganini Etudes; Annees dePelerinage--2 exc. GHEORGHIU. FS.
Swedish Society Discofil
SLT 33173 S Alfven: Gustav II Adolf--Suite. WESTERBERG, Swedish Radio SO. A.
SLT 33175 S Atterberg: Suite Barocco; Suite Pastorale. ATTERBERG, Swedish Radio SO. A.
SLT 33182 S Alfven: Prodigal Son; Mountain King. ALFVEN, Royal Swedish O. A.
SLT 33194 S Pettersson: Symphony #7. DORATI, Stockholm PO. A.
SLT 33270 D Pettersson: Symphony #16 (HEMKE, sax); Eklund: Symphony #6. AHRONOVITCH, Stockholm PO. A.
0477 006 S Brahms: Cello Sonatas. TEULIERES, L. ROUSSEL. A.
5020 DD1 S Works of Falla, Bizet, Tchaikovsky, & Berlioz. MAAZEL, Cleveland O. Direct-to-disc recording. A.
5025 S Szymanowski: Mythes; Notturno e Tarantella; violin works. LACHERT, BLOOM. A.
6.35023 S (3) Bartok: String Quartets. VEGH QT. A. COH. Harmless dish warp.
6.35269 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #39-42 (Vol. 11). LEONHARDT, HARNONCOURT, et al. A. Miniature scores.
6.48013 (2) Mozart: Violin Concerto #5 (ROTHER); Schumann: Concerto; Beethoven: Concerto (SCHMIDT-ISSERSTEDT); Romance #2 (KLETZKI). KULENKAMPFF (1932-39). A.
SAT 22515 S Lieder of Brahms (6), Schumann (4), & Mahler (3). WATTS, Gage. A. German texts.
Telefunken (Eng.)
10" TM 68005 Sibelius: Symphony #7. VAN KEMPEN, Hilversum Radio PO. A, LSM.
GMA 54 Glazounov: Piano Concertos #1 & 2. E. GLAZOUNOV (composer's daughter);MELICHAR, Hamburg PO. A.
Telefunken (Japan)
10" MPT 46 Brahms: Violin Sonata #3. FERRAS, BARBIZET. A/A-, FOT.
TRS 11040 S Berwald: String Quartets #1 & 2. BENTHIEN QT. A.
Thorofon Capella
MTH 230 S Juon: Episodes Concertantes (SEGERSTAM, Berlin Radio SO); A. Tcherepnin: Triple Concertino (MUND, Nurnberg SO). GOBEL TRIO (in both). A.
T 2000 Franck-Williams: Prelude, Fugue & Variation; Schumann: Andante & Variations, Op. 46; works of Poulenc, St.-Saens, Chaminade (2) & Benjamin (3). Rudolph GANZ, Parthenia VOGELBACK. Only Ganz original LP recording known to us. A-, FOT.
Ti 100 S Works of Handel (2), Mozart, Chopin, Schubert, Hook, Speer, Hoffmeister, Arne, Work, Barnby, Kummer, Mendelssohn, & Weber. LONDON SERPENT TRIO. A.
Ti 101 S Haydn: Symphonies #42 & 43. BOLLE, Monadnock Music (period inst.) A.
Ti 102 S Haydn: Symphonies #26 & 49. BOLLE, Monadnock Music (period inst.) A.
Ti 120/1 S (2) Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine. CALDWELL, DUNMORELAND (s), HUMPHREY, GALL (t), MADDALENA (B), BURROWS (bs); J. MARVIN, Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, Baroque O., N.Y. Cornet & Sacbut Ens. (live perf, 1980). A. Texts.
Ti 21 S "In Praise of Folly" (16th century). GREENWOOD CONSORT. A.
Ti 23 S Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata; works of Gliere (4) & Koussevitzky (3). WOLFE (bass), FELDMAN (pf). A.
Ti 24 S Dieupart: Suites #1, 3, 4, & 6. ROBERTSON (hpsi). A.
Ti 26 S "Music for Voyces & Violls." NEW ENGLAND CONSORT OF VIOLS, BRYDEN (s), GALL (c-t), HOFFMEISTER (t), et al. A. Texts.
Ti 27 S "The Renaissance Clavichord II." BRAUCHLI (1568 Tosi clavichord). A.
Ti 28 S Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts #1-5. BOSTON MUSEUM TRIO (Gibbons, STepner, Jeppesen). A.
Ti 32 S Handel: 4 Recorder Sonatas. KOSOFSKY, KROLL. A.
Ti 33/4 S (2) Bach: Violin Sonatas. LIEBERMAN, KROLL. A.
Ti 35 Recorder sonatas of Telemann, Loeillet, de la Barre, Bach, & Corelli. VERBRUGGEN, GIBBONS (hpsi), MAHLER (baroque cello). A.
Ti 36 S Telemann: Overtures in g & D; Concerto in e for recorder & flute (JOYCE, EPPLE). PEARLMAN, Banchetto Musicale (period inst.) A.
Ti 37 S Works of Cabezon, A. Gabrieli, Valente, Merulo, Sweelinck, Arauxo, Scheidt, & Pasquini. M. LAGACE, Wolff organ, Church of St. John the Evangelist, N.Y. A.
Ti 40 S "Baroque Duos for Lutes & Baroque Guitar." C. & R. STRIZICH. A.
Ti 41 S Works of Cabanilles, Cabezon, Soler, Arauxo, et al. ELIZONDO-IRIARTE, 1761 Arrazola organ. A.
Ti 46 Mertz: Hungarian Fantasy; guitar works; Giuliani: Sonata, Op. 15; Variations, Op. 9. LEISNER (gtr). A.
Ti 49 S Handel: Lesson in Bb; Suite #7, in g; Scarlatti: 7 Sonatas. KROLL (Shudi & Broadwood hpsi, 1789). Excellent! A.
Ti 50 S Schubert: Sonata in A, D. 959; Variations in Ab, D. 813 (M. CARLIN). S. CARLIN (fortepiano). A.
Ti 51 S Haydn: Sonatas #33, 35, 38, & 47 (Vol. 1). BILSON (fortepiano). A.
Ti 52 S Haydn: Sonatas #31, 41, & 53 (Vol. 2). BILSON (fortepiano). A.
Ti 75 S Ariosti: Lessons for Viola d'Amore #1-3. CEO (vla), KENT (hpsi). A.
Ti 76 S Ariosti: Lessons for Viola d'Amore #4-6. CEO (vla), KENT (hpsi). A.
Ti 77 S Scarlatti: 12 Sonatas. PEARLMAN (hpsi). A.
Ti 78 S Giustini: 4 Sonatas (Vol. 1). HORSZOWSKI (Cristofori fortepiano). A.
Ti 79 S Giustini: 3 Sonatas (Vol. 2). HORSZOWSKI (Cristofori fortepiano). A.
Ti 81 S Foster: The Social Orchestra--exc.; Friedrich: Brass Band Journal--exc. AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET (period inst). A.
Ti 87 S Mozart: Sonatas, K. 310 & 311; Rondos, K. 485 & 511. SADOVNIKOFF (Beltfortepiano, Dulcken replica). A.
Ti 91 S Bach: Clavierubung, Part 3 (Vol. 1). RAKICH, Isham Memorial Organ, Harvard U. (Fisk). A.
Ti 92 S Bach: Clavierubung, Part 3 (Vol. 2). RAKICH, Isham Memorial Organ, Harvard U. (Fisk). A.
Ti 95 S Works of Jenkins (3), Byrd, Coparario, Purcell, & Lawes (2). LES FILLESDE SAINTE-COLOMBE (viol trio), FITCH (organ). A.
Ti 96 S Pasquini: 3 pieces; Haydn: Sonatas, H. 18, 20, & 44. BENSON (clavichords). A.
Ti 97 S "German Brass Music, 1500-1700." N.Y. CORNET & SACBUT ENS. A.
TOM 101 S Glass: Einstein on the Beach--exc. PHILIP GLASS ENS. A. Promo stamp.
TOM 2 1101 S (2) Cage: Etudes Australes. SULTAN (pf). A.
TOM 8029 S Glass: Dance #1 & 3. PHILIP GLASS ENS. A.
Top Classic
TC 9054 Wagner: Lohengrin--Prelude; Tristan & Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod; Parsifal--Prelude & Good Friday Music. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A.
LRS 293 S Hadden: Lu Shan Suite; Arch Rock--A Rock Excursion; works of Schubert,St.-Saens, Foster, Bach, Handel, Morley & Gearhart, Poulenc, C. Porter, & Prokofiev. F. & R. HADDEN (pf's). Japanese pressing, U.S. jacket; signed by both players. A.
T 1001 S Vierne: Symphony #3; works of Gigout, Franck, & Mulet. ROSE, Schantz organ, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newark. A.
T 1002 S Mendelssohn: 3 Preludes & Fugues, Op. 37; works of Lidon, J. Alain, Valente, Pasquini, Langlais, & Vierne. ROSE, Beckerath organ, Pomona College. A.
T 1003 S Pierne: 3 Pieces; Vierne: Symphony #4. ROSE, Austin organ, Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, Conn. A.
T 1004 S R.E. Smith: Variations on an American Folk Tune (versions with & without narration). BARTEL (narr); ROSE, Cathedral of St. Joseph organ, Hartford, Conn. FS.
T 1005 S Bach: Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; 4 Duets; Partita #5. R.E. SMITH (hpsi). A.
T 1007 S Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain; works of Bach, Mussorgsky, Couperin, Vierne (2), Motley, & Satie. ROSE (organ), SMITH (hpsi). A.
T 1010 S Boellmann: Suite Gothique; works of Franck (2), Vierne (2), & St.-Saens. ROSE, Austin organ, Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford. A.
T 1011 S Mozart: Fantasy in c, K. 396; Sonata, K. 545; Rondo, K. 511; Bach: 4 Chorales (arr. Hess, Busoni, & Richner). RICHNER (pf). A.
T 1012 S Bach: English Suite #3; Prelude, Fugue & Allegro; Busoni: Sonatina. R.E. SMITH (hpsi). A.
T 1013 S Mozart: Fantasia, K. 475; Sonatas, K. 330 & 570; Allegro, K. 312. RICHNER (pf). A.
T 1014 S Widor: Symphony #5. ROSE, Trinity College Chapel organ, Hartford, Conn. A.
T 1015 S Satie-De Chiaro: 3 Gymnopedies; Passacaille; 3 Nocturnes; 3 Gnossiennes; 3 Sarabandes. DE CHIARO (gtr). A.
T 1018 S Mozart: Sonata, K. 533/494; Rondo, K. 485; Fantasy in d, K. 397; Duport Variations. RICHNER. A.
T 1019 S Damase: Sonata; Alwyn: Naiades Fantasy; works of J. Jongen, Faure, Nielsen, & Tomasi. FLANNERY (harp), KERN (fl). A.
T 1020 S Guilmant: Organ Sonata #1; Franck: Fantasie in A; Vierne: Arabesque.ROSE, organ of St. Anne's Church, Fall River, Mass. A.
T2 1017 S (2) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I. R.E. SMITH (hpsi). A.
S 20 S (2) Bach-Malloch: The Art of Fuguing. FOSS, ensemble. Multi-mike version. A.
TRC 111 S Satie: Sports et Divertissements; Choses vues a droite e a gauche; T. Benjamin: Aperitif; Entertainments. MIRECOURT TRIO. A.
TRC 112 S Beethoven: Diabelli Variations. OELBAUM. Outstanding performance praised by Perahia. A.
73018 S Chopin: Ballades #1 & 2; Fantaisie in f; Barcarolle. CHERKASSKY. FS.
UN1 72029 S Rozsa: Piano Sonata; Variations; The Vintner's Daughter. PARKIN. FS.
UNLP 1037 Ives: Unanswered Question (VOISIN); Milhaud: String Symphony #4; Skalkottas: Little Suite; Bartok: Divertimento. FOSS, Zimbler Sinfonietta. A; minor PBs.
Unicorn (Eng.)
RHS 306 S Panufnik: Heroic Overture; Tragic Overture; Nocturne; Autumn Music. HORENSTEIN, London SO. A.
Unique Opera Records
UORC 157 (2) Puccini: Tosca. MILANOV, CORELLI, GUELFI; GIBSON, Royal Opera, Covent Garden (July 1, 1957). A, LSM; typical PBs. BJ, as issued.
UORC 183 (3) Schubert: Alfonso ed Estrella. DANCO, ALVA, BORIELLO, CLABASSI, PANERAI; SANZOGNO, RAI (1957). A. BJ, as issued.
UORC 264 Grieg: Songs. FLAGSTAD; SARGENT, BBC SO (1957). Wagner: Die Walkure--exc. LEIDER, MULLER, BOCKELMANN; ELMENDORFF, Bayreuth (1934). A. BJ.
United Artists
USLP 0005 S Respighi: Pines of Rome; works of Gabrieli, Cesti, Frescobaldi, & Palestrina (arr. Stokowski). STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air. Reissue pressing. COH.
UR 7117 Amirov: Azerbaijan Mugams. ABENDROTH. Arensky: Silhouettes--Suite #2.LEDERER. Liadov: Baba Yaga. SCHARTNER. Late pressing. A.
UR RS 7 13 Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole. MEISEL; SCHARTNER, Berlin RSO. Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol. KLEINERT, Leipzig RSO. A-, FOT.
UR RS 7 8 Strauss: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme--Suite. STRAUSS, Vienna PO. A.
URLP 207 (2) Tchaikovsky: Queen of Spades (abridged, in German). GRUMMER, KLOSE, SCHOCK, PROHASKA, NISSEN; ROTHER, Berlin Civic Opera. A-, LSM. Summary, Eng. libretto.
URLP 7018 Gluck: Frulingsfeier. STEFFIN, Berlin Mozart Boys Choir, German Opera O. Ballet Suite (arr. Mottl). KEILBERTH, German PO of Prague. A, LSM.
URLP 7073 Dvorak: Golden Spinning Wheel; Midday Witch; 2 Waltzes. TALICH. A.
URLP 7106 Schumann: Davidsbundlertanze. GIESEKING. Suppressed issue from broadcast performance. A.
URLP 7119 Shostakovich: Piano Concerto #1. PINTER; WAND, Berlin Radio SO. Khachaturian: Cello Concerto. POSEGGA; KEMPE, Leipzig Radio SO. Very scarce early recording of Gunter Wand. A.
URLP 7122 Nicode: Carnival Scenes. WEBER. Francaix: The Emperor's New Clothes. STRIEGLER. A, FOT. EAR.
URLP 7133 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. RUCHT, Radio Berlin SO. Capriccio Espagnol. KLEINERT, Radio Leipzig SO. A, FOT; tiny X. Red vinyl. Spine taped.
VCS 10069 S Czajkowski: People the Sky (on Buchla synthesizer). A.
VCS 10093/4 S (2) Paganini: 24 Caprices. ZUKOFSKY. A.
VRS 1023 Bloch: Baal Shem; Bartok: Rhapsody #2; Roumanian Folk Dances; Milhaud: Saudades do Brasil; Ravel: Kaddisch. SHAPIRO, Berkowitz. A.
VRS 1109/12 (4) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. SZIGETI, ARRAU (live, 1944). A, LSM. Booklet.
VRS 414 Debussy: Ariettes Oubliees; Faure: Les Melodies de Venise. CUENOD, BLANCARD. A, FOT; minor PBs. Texts.
VRS 473 Brahms: Hungarian Dances. ROSSI, Vienna St. Opera O. A, LSM.
VRS 6005 Glazounov: Violin Concerto. OISTRAKH; KONDRASHIN. Kabalevsky: Cello Concerto. SHAFRAN; KABALEVSKY, USSR State O. A; minor PBs.
VRS 6021 Shostakovich: Quartet #4. TSCHAIKOWSKY QT. (Sitkovetzky, Sharoyev, Barshai, Slobodkin). Quartet #5. BEETHOVEN QT. A.
VSD 2018 S Beethoven: Bagatelles, Opp. 33, 119, & 126. MATTHEWS. A. Black label. Jacket repaired.
VSD 2128 S Milhaud: Scaramouche; Khachaturian: Suite for 2 Pianos; works of Shostakovich (2), Glinka, & Mendelssohn. LUBOSHUTZ, NEMENOFF. A. Black label.
VSD 71117 S Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht; Webern: 5 Movements, Op. 5; Berg: LyricSuite--3 movements. DE STOUTZ, Zurich CO. FS.
Vanguard Bach Guild
BG 519/20 (2) Schutz: St. Matthew Passion; 2 Symphoniae Sacrae. MEILI; KOCH, Berlin Chamber Cho. A. Long album. Text.
Vanguard Everyman
SRV 262/4SD F (3) Mozart: Violin Sonatas (Vol. 1). SZIGETI, HORSZOWSKI. Only LP issue. A, LSM. Program notes.
SRV 392 S Chopin: Concerto #1. Rosina LHEVINNE. Schumann: Overture, Scherzo & Finale. BARNETT, Nat'l Orchestral Association Alumni. Gorgeous relic of the great pianist & teacher. A.
Varese Sarabande
VC 81096 S Poulenc: Les Biches; Sauguet: La Chatte. MARKEVICH, Monte-Carlo OperaO. A.
8.043/5 S (3) Boieldieu: La Dame Blanche. DONIATL, BERBIE, LOUVAY, BAUDOZ, SENECHAL, LEGROS, HERAL; STOLL. A. No libretto.
C 30 A 368 Messiaen: Visions de l'Amen. MESSIAEN, LORIOD. A.
C 30 A 459 Khachaturian: Piano Concerto. DE VRIES; BRUCK, Paris Opera O. A.
C 30 A 65 Gabrieli-Ghedini: Canzone; Henze: Concerto per il Marigny; Messiaen: Oiseaux Exotique (LORIOD); Stravinsky: Symphonies of Winds. ALBERT, Domaine Musicale. A.
C 30 A 66 Boulez: Le Marteau sans Maitre; Nono: Incontri; Webern: Symphony; Stockhausen: Kontrapunkte. BOULEZ, Domaine Musicale Ens. M.
VM 101 Josef HOFMANN recital, from Casimir Hall concert, + 1 Hofmann composition from private recording. A.
VM 103 Leopold GODOWSKY recital, from unpublished test pressings & private recordings. A.
VM 112 "Art Songs & Spirituals." HAYES, Boardman. A.
SXV 800 S "Neapolitan Songs." OCHMAN; SEWEN, Capella Arcis Varsoviensis. A.
Victor (Japan)
VIC 4516 Liszt: Sonata; Petrarch Sonnet #104; Gnomenreigen; works of Rachmaninov (2), Chopin, & Scriabin. SOFRONITSKY. M.
Violoncello Society
MB 115 Haydn: Cello Concerto in D (SARGENT, o.); Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata(MOORE). FEUERMANN. A, LSM.
TPLS 13017 S Liszt: Violin Sonata; Strauss: Sonata. CAMPOLI, TRYON. A.
63 Montserrat CABALLE Houston Concert, 1967. A. Booklet.
73 (2) Cherubini: Les deux journees. MICHEAU, DAVIES, GIANOTTI, PAUL, REGNIER; BEECHAM, Royal PO (Dec. 19, 1947). M. Program notes.
Voce del Padrone
10" QBLP 1044 Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Paganini (abridged); Bach-Busoni: Chaconne. MICHELANGELI. A, LSM.
QALP 10103 Brahms: Concerto #1. SOLOMON; KUBELIK, Philharmonia O. A.
QALP 10173 Mozart: Concertos #23 & 24. SOLOMON; MENGES, Philharmonia O. A.
Vogt Quality Recordings
CSRV 2560 S (2) Berlioz: Requiem. HUMPHREY (t); McINNES, 6 college choirs, 5 College Festival O. (Avery Fisher Hall, N.Y., 1977). A.
VQR 2431 S (3) Bach: Mass in b. KESSLER, ZORNIG, DECKERT, HUMPHREY, EVITTS; McINNES, Smith & Amherst Glee Clubs, Five College CO (live perf., 1974). A. Text.
Voix de Son Maitre
10" FBLP 25036 Bizet: L'Arlesienne--Suites #1 & 2. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A.
COLH 302 Rameau: Suite #2, in e; harpsichord works; Couperin: Passacaille. LANDOWSKA. A; minor PB. Dowel spine.
COLH 305 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 310, 332, & 570; Rondo in a, K. 511. SCHNABEL. A. Dowel spine.
COLH 31 Franck: Symphonic Variations; Schumann: Piano Concerto. CORTOT; RONALD, London PO (1934/27). A. Dowel spine. Jacket repaired.
COLH 39 Chopin: Etudes, Opp. 10 & 25. CORTOT (1933). FS. Dowel spine.
COLH 85 Schumann: Piano Quintet (PRO ARTE QT.); Kinderszenen. SCHNABEL. A. Dowel spine.
CVC 2124 S A. Tcherepnin: Piano Sonata #1; Preludes nostalgiques; piano music. TCHEREPNIN. A.
FALP 30124 Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 4. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
FALP 376 Chopin: Sonata #2; Nocturnes, Op. 9, #2; Op. 15, #1; Op. 27, #1; Barcarolle; 3 nouvelles Etudes. CORTOT. Scarce postwar recordings. A-, FOT. Jacket repaired.
DL 6080 Rameau: Les Indes Galantes--exc. JOACHIM (s), MAURANE (t), MALVASIO (b) Gouverne Cho., Hewitt CO. A/A-.
GBY 11710 Dvorak: Symphony #9. HORENSTEIN, Vienna SO. A.
PL 10550 Bach: 2-Part Inventions; 3-Part Sinfonias. BOROVSKY (piano). FS.
PL 10580 Liszt: Opera transcriptions. BRENDEL. Splendid performances! A.
PL 6250 Corelli: Concerti Grosso, Op. 6--#8, "Christmas." ROSBAUD, Munich Radio O. #6; Wassenaer ("Pergolesi"): Concertino #2; Vivaldi: Concerto "Alla Rustica." GERELLI, Angelicum O. A; minor PBs.
PL 6490 Paganini: Concerto #1 (arr. Wilhelmj) (BIGOT); Moses Fantasy; Witches'Dance; Moto Perpetuo (PERSINGER, pf). RICCI. A; 1/2" X.
PL 7380 Grieg: 20 Lyric Pieces. JOHANNESEN. A-, FOT.
PL 7480 Mozart: 4 "Milanese" Quartets, K. Anh. 210-13. BARCHET QUARTET. A. Late pressing.
PL 7650 Chabrier: Bourree Fantasque; Gwendoline Overture; Ode a la Musique (JOURFIER, s); Habanera; Espana; Marche Joyeuse. FOURESTIER, Colonne O. A, LSM.
PL 7730 Beethoven: "Diabelli" Variations. HORSZOWSKI. A. EAR.
PL 8550 Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp (JELLINEK); Amdante, K. 315. WANAUSEK (fl). Adagio & Rondo, K. 617. C. SWOBODA (celeste), Vienna CO (no conductor credited). A.
PL 9060 Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Tod und Verklarung; Don Juan. HORENSTEIN, Bamberg SO. A, LSM.
PL 9170 Prokofiev: Symphonies #1 ("Classical") & 5. HORENSTEIN, Colonne O. A.
PL 9320 Bizet: Roma; Chabrier: Bourree Fantasque; Marche Joyeuse; Gwendoline Overture; Fete Polonaise. BARZIN, N.Y. City Ballet O. A. Jacket taped.
PL 9682 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #8. HORENSTEIN, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
PL 9710 Janacek: Sinfonietta; Taras Bulba. HORENSTEIN, Vienna SO. A.
PLP 6060 Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet--Suite #2. PROKOFIEV, Moscow PO. Chout--Suite #1. WOLFF, Lamoureux O. A.
PLP 6620 Bartok: Piano Concerto #2 (BIGOT, Lamoureux O); Sonata. FOLDES. A, LSM.
STPL 510690 S Brahms: Symphony #1. HORENSTEIN, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden. A. EAR.
STPL 510790 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in D; Vivaldi: Concerto in e; Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb. CASSADO; PERLEA, Bamberg SO. A. EAR.
STPL 516330 S Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 59, #2; Op. 95. LOEWENGUTH QT. A.
STPL 59330 S Haydn: Symphonies #101 & 104. HORENSTEIN, Vienna SO. A. EAR.
SVBX 5142 S (3) Works of L. & F. Couperin, Marais (2), Sieur de Sainte-Colombe (2), Barriere, Boismortier, & Rameau. OBERLIN BAROQUE ENS. A, LSM. Box repaired.
SVBX 5154 S (3) Wassenaer: 6 Concerti Armonici; Pergolesi: Sinfonia (FLAKSMAN, cello); Violin Concerto (EGGER); Anon.: 2 Flute Concerti (DOHN); Concerto a cinque. FAEDRBER, Wurttemberg CO. A.
SVBX 5432 S (3) Debussy: Piano Music (Vol. 1). FRANKL. A. Spine taped.
SVBX 5457 S (3) Grieg: Sonata; Slatter, Op. 72; Lyric Pieces, Books 1-8. MOURAO. A.
SVBX 5468 S (3) Schumann: Symphonic Etudes; Toccata; Arabeske; Carnaval; Faschingsschwank aus Wien; Blumenstuck; Album fur die Jugend. FRANKL (Vol. 1). A.
SVBX 5484 S (3) Granados: Goyescas; piano music (Vol. 1). DOSSE. A.
SVBX 5485 S (3) Granados: Danzas Espanolas; Escenas Poeticas; Escenas Romanticas;piano music (Vol. 2). DOSSE. A.
SVUX 52029 S (2) Liszt: Faust Symphony (KOCH, t); Mephisto Waltz; Wagner: Faust Overture. HORENSTEIN, S.W. German Radio SO & Cho., Baden-Baden. A. EAR.
VL 6150 Beethoven: Variations. N. & J. GRAUDAN (cello & piano). A, FOT; 1/3" X.
VLP 6340 Stravinsky: Violin Concerto. DUSHKIN; STRAVINSKY, Lamoureux O. Concerto for 2 Pianos. APPLETON, FIELD. A, LSM.
Vox Candide
CE 31018 S Satie: Parade. DE FROMENT, Radio Luxembourg O. 6 pieces. CERHA, "Die Reihe" Ens. A. Program notes.
CE 31019 S "Polish Renaissance Music." SEBESTYEN (hpsi & organ). A. Program notes.
CE 31023 S Rubinstein: Concerto #4 (MAGA); Kammenoi-Ostrow; piano music. PONTI. A. Insert.
CE 31024 S Satie: Socrate; Debussy: Chansons de Bilitis. ESCRIBANO (narr); CERHA, "Die Reihe" Ens. A. Text.
CE 31026 S Pfitzner: Violin Concerto. LAUTENBACHER; WICH, Philharmonia Hungarica. A. Program notes.
CE 31031 S Tausig: Concert Etudes, Op. 1; piano music. PONTI. A. Program notes.
CE 31032 S "Hungarian Dances of the 16th-18th Centuries." SEBESTYEN (hpsi). A. Insert.
CE 31033 S Works of Dusik, Myslivecek, Brixi (2), J.A. Benda (5), & Stepan. SEBESTYEN ("Czech & Slovak Harpsichord Music"). A. Insert.
CE 31037 S Anon.: Liang San Po & Chok Yin Tai (Violin Concerto). TAI-KONG. The Cowherds (CHAK, flute); Peach Blossom Time. Chinese/Western instrument orchestra. A. Insert.
CE 31042 S Foss: Geod. FOSS, Buffalo PO. A. Insert.
CE 31043 S Spohr: Violin Concerto #8; Potpourri from the Opera "Jessonda" (BLEES,cello) (SPRINGER, Hamburg SO); Duo, Op. 13 (KOCH, viola). LAUTENBACHER (violin, in all). A. Insert.
CE 31050 S Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time; Le Merle Moir. BROOK (fl), RABBAI (clar), COHEN (violin), EDDY (cello), LEVIN (pf). A.
CE 31054 S Hubay: Violin Concerto; Ernst: Hungarian Concerto; Ysaye: Chant d'Hiver. ROSAND; DE FROMENT, Radio Luxembourg O. A. Program notes.
CE 31055 S Martin: Violin Concerto. SCHNEIDERHAN. Piano Concerto #2. BADURA-SKODA; MARTIN, Radio Luxembourg O. A.
CE 31061 S Henze: Violin Concerto #1; Zimmermann: Violin Concerto. LAUTENBACHER;GRUBER, KOHLER, Radio Luxembourg O. A.
CE 31062 S G. Gabrieli: 12 Canzone; Sonata on the 8th Tone; A. Gabrieli: Ricercar on the 12th Tone. WEBER INST. ENS., HAFERLAND GAMBA QT. A.
CE 31067 S Dvorak: Theme & Variations; 3 Poetic Pictures; Silhouettes. FIRKUSNY. A.
CE 31071 S Penderecki: Emanationen; Sonata for Cello & Orchestra (BLEES). SPRINGER. Miniatures for Violin & Piano. BANAT, VERED. String Quartet. KOHON QT. Stabat Mater; Miserere. GOTTWALD, Schola Cantorum Stuttgart. A.
CE 31073 S Kalliwoda: Symphony #1; Tomasek: Piano Concerto #1 (TOPERCZER). ROHAN, Prague SO. Fine Czech classical works. A.
CE 31077 S Kodaly: Marosszek Dances; 9 Pieces, Op. 3; 7 Pieces, Op. 11; piano music. SANDOR. A.
CE 31084 S Thalberg: Piano Concerto in F, Op. 5 (KAPP, Westphalian SO); piano music. PONTI. A.
CE 31086 S Dussek: Sonata in f, Op. 77; J. Benda: Sonata #9, in a; Vorisek: Impromptu #4; Tomasek: Eglogue #2. FIRKUSNY. A.
QCE 31083 Q "Harp Music from the Middle Ages." POLONSKA, LA CAMARATA. A.
Vox Turnabout
THS 65123 Mozart: Concerto #24; Symphony #35. E. FISCHER (pf. & cond.), Danish CO. FS.
TV 34459 S Bernstein: Candide Overture; Siegmeister: Western Suite; Gould: American Salute; Robertson: Punch & Judy Overture; Nelhybel: Etude Symphonique. ABRAVANEL, Utah SO. FS.
TV 34469 S Liapunov: Transcendental Etudes, Op. 11, #1-9. KENTNER. A.
TV 34493 S Hummel: Grand Military Septet in C, Op. 114; Fesca: Septet #1, Op. 26. COLLEGIUM CON BASSO. A.
TV 4159 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. B. & D. BARTOK, BAKER, RUBSAN. For Children--10 Pieces; Evening in Transylvania; Bear Dance. B. BARTOK. A.
TV 4257 Mozart: Violin Concerto #5; Chausson: Poeme. THIBAUD; PARAY, BIGOT, Lamoureux O. A.
TV 4408 Beethoven: Symphony #6. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. From unpublished testpressings, 1944. A.
TV 4425 Mahler: Symphony #4. VINCENT; MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A.
V/30/ST 7240 S Djabadary: Rhapsodie Georgienne, Op. 2; Piano Concerto in A, Op. 10 (GORAIEB); Tiflisiana; La Melopee du Serpent (ROUX, fl). FROMENT, Belgian Radio SO. A.
Warner Bros.
BS 1243 S Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (SHEFTER); An American in Paris. HEINDORF, Warner Bros. SO. A.
WR 419 Works of Schultze, Quantz, Telemann, & Stamitz. BAKER, RAMPAL ("18th Century Flute Duets"). A.
Washington University
S 1510 Brahms: Variations & Fugue on a Theme of Handel; works of Bach, Chopin(3), & Scarlatti (2). SCHATZKAMER. A.
LP 6 Handel: Dettingen Te Deum. HANSEL, KOERNER, BARRITT, RONK; BALES, Nat;l Gallery O., Nat'l Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir. A, LSM.
WER 60095 S (5) Ligeti: Quartets #1 & 2. ARDITTI QT. Kammerkonzert. CERHA. Ramifications. BOUR, JANIGRO. Atmospheres; Lontano. BOUR. Cello Concerto (PALM); Requiem. GIELEN. Double Concerto; San Francisco Polyphony. HOWARTH. Aventures; Nouvelles Aventures. MADERNA. A.
W 9043 Schubert: Quartet #15, in G. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QUARTET. A.
W 9053 Brahms: Viola Sonatas. DOKTOR, REISENBERG. A, LSM.
W 9064 Handel: Violin Sonatas, Vol. 1. OLEVSKY, VALENTI, M. ORMANDY. A.
W LAB 7029 Chopin: 6 Nocturnes. REISENBERG. A. Booklet.
W LAB 7039 Ippolitov-Ivanov: Caucasian Sketches; Borodin: Polovtsian Dances. RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Booklet, plastic cover.
WL 5027 Brahms: String Quintet #1. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., STANGLER. A-/B; 1/2" X.
WL 5045 Haydn: Symphonies #95 & 100. SCHERCHEN, Vienna SO. A. Jacket repaired. Green label.
WL 5062 Haydn: Symphonies #97 & 102. SCHERCHEN, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
WL 5066 Haydn: Symphonies #55 & 104. SCHERCHEN, Vienna SO. A.
WL 5110 Schubert: Quartets in Bb & D. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT.
WL 5111 Haydn: Symphonies #96 & 98. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A/A-, LSM.
WL 5115 Schubert: Quartet #13. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT; 1/8" X.
WL 5125 Bach: Cantatas #84 & 106. LASZLO, ROSSEL-MAJDAN, KMENTT, POELL; SCHERCHEN, Vienna Academy Cho. & St. Opera O. A. Text.
WL 5155 Brahms: Clarinet Quintet. WLACH, VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A; 1/4" X.
WL 5158 Schmidt: Piano Quintet. DEMUS, BARYLLI QUARTET. A, FOT.
WL 5175 Mozart: Quartets, K. 421 & 465. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A; 1/2" X. Corner clipped.
WL 5207 Debussy: Violin Sonata; Cello Sonata. FOURNIER, JANIGRO, G. DOYEN. Sonata for Flute, Viola & Harp. WANAUSEK, WEISS, JELLINEK. A-; 1/8" X.
WL 5223 Schubert: String Trio in Bb. KAMPER, WEISS, KWARDA. Rondo in A. KAMPER, VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A.
WL 5262 Beethoven: Trio in C, Op. 87; Variations on Mozart's "Reich Mir die Hand mein Leben;" Rondino in Eb. VIENNA PHIL. WIND GROUP. A, LSM.
WL 5265- Mozart: Quartets, K. 387 & 589. BARYLLI QT. A, FOT. Jacket repaired.
WL 5268 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. SCHERCHEN, London SO. A; 2/3" X.
WL 5278 Faure: La Bonne Chanson; Gounod: Biondina. CUENOD, Holetschek. A, FOT. Texts.
WL 5344 Rachmaninov: 5 Pieces, Op. 3; Polka de W.R.; 7 Pieces, Op. 10. REISENBERG. A.
XWN 18038 Corelli: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, #1-4. QUADRI, English Baroque O. A.
XWN 18066 Dvorak: String Quintet in G, Op. 77. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., HERMANN. Violin Sonata in F; 4 Romantic Pieces. RYBAR, HOLETSCHEK. A. BJ.
XWN 18072 Bach: Sonata #2; Partita #3. OLEVSKY. A-, FOT. BJ.
XWN 18154 Schubert: Sonatas, in Bb, Op. posth.; in A, Op. 120. BADURA-SKODA. A.
XWN 18167 Works of Thiers, Minoret, M. Charpentier, Delalande, Campra, F. Couperin, Bernier, Gervais, & Blanchard ("Music at the King's Chapel"). GIRAUDEAU (t), DUPRE (org), M. CASADESUS ENS., et al. A. Text.
XWN 18181 Haydn: Trio in D. GILELS, KOGAN, ROSTROPOVICH. Brahms: Horn Trio. SHAPIRO, KOGAN, GILELS. A, LSM. Minor jacket damage.
XWN 18196 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I--#13-24. DEMUS (pf). A, LSM.
XWN 18211 Faure: Songs, Opp. 1-8 (Vol. 1). DORIA, MONMART (s), DUTEY, MOLLET (B), GODAT, JANOPOULO (pf). A. Texts photocopied.
XWN 18272 Liszt: Piano Concertos. FARNADI; SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A.
XWN 18413 Beethoven: Sonatas #2, 21, & 24. APPELBAUM. A.
XWN 18438 Kreisler: Violin works. OLEVSKY, ROSE. A-; 1/3", 1/8" X's.
XWN 18454 Goldmark: Violin Concerto. RYBAR; SWOBODA, Vienna SO. A.
XWN 18472 Schubert: Quartets #1-3. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT.
XWN 18473 Schubert: Quartets #4 & 5. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QUARTET. A, LSM.
XWN 18478 Schubert: Quartet #14, "Death & the Maiden." VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A. EAR.
XWN 18501 Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words--Books 1-4. G. DOYEN. A, FOT. Jacket damaged.
XWN 18613 Haydn: Symphonies #44 & 49. SCHERCHEN, Vienna SO. A.
XWN 18706 Beethoven: An die Ferne Geliebte; Lieder. POELL, GRAEF. A. Microtype texts.
XWN 18713 Franz: Lieder. ROESSEL-MAJDAN, Graef. A, FOT. Texts.
XWN 18725 Grieg: Piano Concerto. BOUKOFF; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. LATEINER; ALIBERTI, Vienna St. Opera O. A, LSM. Tchaikovsky AS.
XWN 18746 Boulez: Le Marteau Sans Maitre. CAHN (c); BOULEZ, ens. Messiaen: Oiseaux exotiques. LORIOD; ALBERT, o. (premiere recordings). A.
XWN 18845 Schubert: Sonatas in Bb & a. DEMUS. A, LSM.
XWN 18878 Chopin: Mazurkas (Vol. 3). BAKST. A.
XWN 18881 Chopin: Preludes, Op. 24. BAKST. A. AS.
Westminster Gold
WGM 8275 Kreisler: Violin works. OLEVSKY, ROSE. A. Corner clipped.
WGS 8310 S Milhaud: 6 Symphonies for Small Orchestra; Satie: 3 Pieces after "Gargantua & Pantagruel;" Poulenc: 2 Marches & Interlude; Ibert: "Paris" Suite. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Leningrad Phil. CO. FS.
WL 1142 Mozart: Violin Concertos #4 & 5. AUCLAIR; COURAUD, Stuttgart PO. A. AS.
World Record Club
SH 294 Mozart: Idomeneo--exc. JURINAC, McNEIL, LEWIS, YOUNG; BUSCH, Glyndebourne Festival (1951). A.
SH 327 Chopin: Preludes; 2 Chants Polonais (arr. Liszt). CORTOT (1933-49). FS.
SH 373 Brahms: Zigeunerlieder (LUSH); Schubert: Im Walde (STONE); Marx: 5 Lieder (MARX). WELITSCH (broadcasts, 1947-8). Brahms: Liebeslieder Walzer. SEEFRIED, HONGEN, MEYER-WELFING, HOTTER, WUHRER, VON NORDBERG. A.
SH 380 Rachmaninov: Concerto #2; Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (stereo). MOISEIWITSCH; RIGNOLD, Philharmonia O. FS.
29199 D Nazareth: Piano music. M.A. de ALMEIDA. DMM pressing. FS.
ZCL 1002 S Vives: Dona Francisquita. OLARIA, PEREZ (s), KRAUS, LAVIRGEN (t), et al; MONTORIO. A.
2006 S Moszkowski: Piano Concerto. BAR-ILLAN; ANTONINI, Bavarian Radio O. A. TAS recommendation.
SPBO 8700 S (2) Shostakovich: Symphony #11. STOKOWSKI, Houston SO. A.
MS 6488 S Brahms: Alto Rhapsody; Schicksalslied; Mahler: Lieder eines fahrendenGesellen. MILLER; WALTER, Occidental College Cho., Columbia SO. HP Super Disc. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6494 S Mozart: Symphonies #38 & 40. WALTER, Columbia SO. A. 2 eye label. HP Super Disc.
Crystal Clear
CCS 6002 S Gershwin-Grainger: Fantasia on Porgy & Bess; Gershwin-Phillips & Renzuli: Song Fantasy. PHILLIPS, RENZULLI (pf's). Direct-to-disc recording. A. Corner clipped.
CCS 7003 S Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien; Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. Direct-to-disc recording. A. Corner clipped.
CCS 7006 S Prokofiev: Love for 3 Oranges Suite; Ravel: La Valse; Falla: La VidaBreve--Dance. SUSSKIND, London PO. Direct-to-disc recording. A.
CCS 7010 S Works of Copland, Bliss, Brahms, Gigout, & Bach. FLINT, Atlanta Brass Ens. ("Sonic Fireworks"). Direct-to-disc recording. A.
CCS 7011 S Works of Strauss, Widor, Dupre, Mouret, Couperin, & Stanley. ATLANTA BRASS ENS. Direct-to-disc recording. A.
EMD 5514 S Grainger: Orchestral works. HOPKINS, Sydney SO. A.
ASD 2913 S Moeran: Symphony in g. DILKES, English Sinfonia O. HP Super Disc. A, LSM. Small dog label.
ASD 2961 S Sibelius: The Tempest; In Memoriam. GROVES, Royal Liverpool PO. HP Super Disc. A, LSM. Small dog label.
ASD 3823 S Arnold: Symphony #1; Solitaire--Sarabande & Polka; Beckus the Dandipratt Overture. ARNOLD, Bournemouth SO. A. Small dog label.
SLS 5117 Q (2) Messiaen: Turangalila Symphony. BEROFF, LORIOD; PREVIN, London SO. A. Small dog label. HP Super Disc.
CS 6031 S Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A; tiny X.
CS 6090B S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. CURZON, VIENNA OCTET members. A, LSM. Blue back jacket.
CS 6096B S Beethoven: Concerto #3; Rondo in Bb. KATCHEN; GAMBA, London SO. A, LSM. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6126 S Borodin: Symphonies #2 & 3; Prince Igor Overture. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. HP Super Disc. A, LSM. FFRR label. White back jacket.
CS 6217B S Mahler: Symphony #4. STAHLMAN (s); SOLTI, Concertgebouw O. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
SRCS 130 S Vaughan Williams: Piano Concerto in C; Foulds: Dynamic Triptych. SHELLEY; HANDLEY, Royal PO. A. Nimbus pressing.
SR90103 S McPhee: Tabuh-Tabuhan; Sessions: The Black Maskers--Suite. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. HP Golden Dozen. A. FR matrix, color back.
SR90111 S "The Spirit of '76--Military Field Music for Fifes & Drums." FENNELL, Eastman Wind Ens. A. RFR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90126 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Liszt: Concerto #1. FARRELL; WELDON, Halle O. A, LSM. FR-1 matrix. Color back.
SR90139 S Rossini: Overtures. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. A, LSM. FR matrix.
SR90170 S Marches of E.F. Goldman, Fillmore, Hall, Seizt, Reeves, Alford, & Rodgers. FENNELL, Eastman Symphonic Wind Ens. ("March Time"). A. RFR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90183 S Bartok: Dance Suite; 2 Portraits; Mikrokosmos--2 Pieces. DORATI, Philharmonia Hungarica. A. FR/RFR matrix.
SR90192 S Hanson: Symphony #2, "Romantic;" Lament for Beowulf. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. & Cho. HP Super Disc. A. FR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90197 S Jacob: William Byrd Suite; Holst: Hammersmith--Prelude & Scherzo; Walton: Crown Imperial. FENNELL, Eastman Wind Ens. HP Super Disc. A. FR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90203 S Rossini: William Tell Overture; St.-Saens: Danse Macabre; Weber-Berlioz: Invitation to the Dance; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz. PARAY, Detroit SO. A, LSM. Color back. FR/RFR matrix.
SR90222 S Works of Weinberger, Liszt, Dinicu, Rachmaninov, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Debussy, Sibelius, Czibulka, & Shostakovich ("Pop-Overs"). FENNELL, Eastman-Rochester "Pops." A. Color back. FR/RFR matrix.
SR90248 S Dorati: Symphony. DORATI, London SO. Nocturne. LORD (oboe), ALLEGRI QT. HP Super Disc. A. RFR matrix.
SR90299 S Works of Liadov (3), Guarnieri, Barlow, Kennan, Grieg, & Sousa ("Musical Diplomats"). HANSON, Eastman Philharmonia O. A, LSM. RFR-1 matrix.
SR90319 S Prokofiev: Violin Sonatas. SZIGETI, BALSAM. A, LSM. RFR matrix. COH. Vendor label.
SR90322 S Works of J.S., J.C., & W.F. Bach. PUYANA, GALVEZ (hpsi); JENKINS, Clarion Concerts O. A, LSM. RFR matrix. Vendor label.
SR90349 S Stravinsky: 3 Scenes from "Petrouchka;" Chopin: Polonaise, Op. 53; Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #12; Brahms: Paganini Variations, Book 2. BACHAUER. A. RFR matrix.
SR90368 S Chopin: Concerto #1 (DORATI, London SO); Nocturne, Op. 27, #1; 3 Etudes. BACHAUER. A. Vendor label. RFR matrix. Ex-library.
SR90379 S Schuman: New England Triptych; Griffes: Poem for Flute & Orchestra; Mennin: Symphony #5. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. A. RFR matrix.
SR90392 S Brahms: Cello Sonatas. STARKER, SEBOK. A. COH. RFR matrix.
SR90429 S Thomson: Symphony on a Hymn Tune; The Feast of Love (CLATWORTHY); Hanson: 4 Psalms (BOUCHER). HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A. RFR matrix. COH.
SR90440 S German: Henry VIII Dances; Massenet: Le Cid--2 exc.; Benjamin: Cotillion Suite; works of Rodgers, Bolzoni, Rossini, & Rimsky-Korsakov. FENNELL, London "Pops" O. ("Carousel Waltz"). A, LSM. RFR matrix. Vendor label.
SR90443 S Handel: Recorder Concertos in G & F; Telemann: Concerto in C; Vivaldi: Concerto in a. KRAINIS; MARRINER, "London Strings" (Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields). A; RFR matrix. Late label. Jacket repaired.
SR90444 S "Champagne, Roses, & Bonbons: Waltzes of J. Strauss, Dohnanyi, Lehar, & Waldteufel." DORATI, Minneapolis SO, Philharmonia Hungarica. A, LSM. RFR matrix. Gold promo Vendor label.
Philips (Japan)
FH 4 S Couperin: Pieces de Clavecin. PUYANA, HOGWOOD (hpsi). Audio Clinic Series. A.
RCA Victor
LDS 2560 S "The Golden Age of English Lute Music." BREAM. A. EAR. Soria booklet.
LSC 1991WD S Beethoven: Symphony #7; Fidelio Overture. REINER, Chicago SO. A. Minor jacket damage.
LSC 2105SD S Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM.
LSC 2129SD S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. HEIFETZ; REINER, Chicago SO. A. 17S/25S.
LSC 2147WD S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. FESTIVAL QUARTET, SANKEY. A.
LSC 2208SD S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. MONTEUX, London SO. A. Jacket repaired.
LSC 2234SD S St.-Saens: Concerto #2; Franck: Symphonic Variations. RUBINSTEIN; WALLENSTEIN, Symphony of the Air. HP Golden Dozen. A.
LSC 2268SD S "Virgil Fox Encores." FOX, Riverside Church organ. A.
LSC 2353SD Vivaldi: 4 Bassoon Concertos. WALT, Zimbler Sinfonietta. A. 4S/2S.
LSC 2430WD S Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (REINER, Chicago SO); Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain (JORDA, San Francisco SO). RUBINSTEIN. A, LSM.
LSC 2445SD S Bennett: Armed Forces Suite. BENNETT, RCA Victor Symphony. A. 2S/2S.
LSC 2465SD S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #2 (LEIBOWITZ, Paris Conservatory O.); Haydn: Sonata in Eb. FRAGER. A. HP Super Disc.
LSC 2489SD S Dvorak: Symphony #7. MONTEUX, London SO. A, LSM.
LSC 2562SD S Beethoven: Concerto #5. CLIBURN; REINER, Chicago SO. A, LSM. 5S/13S.
LSC 2568SD S Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM.
LSC 2608SD S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. MUNCH, Boston SO. A. 12S/7S.
LSC 2702SD S Gershwin: An American in Paris; Milhaud: A Frenchman in New York. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A.
LSC 2715SD S Brahms: Trio #2, in C, Op. 87; Beethoven: "Kakadu" Variations. GRAFFMAN, SENOFSKY, TREPEL. A. 5S/5S.
LSC 2735SD Faure: Piano Quartet #2, in g, Op. 45. FESTIVAL QUARTET (Babin, Goldberg, Primrose, Graudan). A.
RCA Victrola
VICS 1012 s Offenbach-Rosenthal: Gaite Parisienne. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A. EAR.
VICS 1067 S Grieg: Piano Concerto (BAEKKELUND); Peer Gynt Suite. GRUNER-HEGGE, Oslo PO. A, LSM. EAR.
Reader's Digest
RDS 1/12 S (12) "Music of the World's Greatest Composers." BASILE, FRECCIA, FJELDSTAD, LEIBOWITZ, et al. Indianapolis matrix. A, LSM; FOT 2 discs. 1/8 X, 1 disc.
RDS 34 S (7) Beethoven: 9 Symphonies. LEIBOWITZ, Royal PO. A. EAR.
VSD 2095 S Thomson: The Plow That Broke the Plains; The River--Suite. STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air. HP list. A. Black label.
SVBX 5418 S (3) Beethoven: Sonatas, #16-18, 21-23, 26, & 27. BRENDEL (Vol. 3). A. TAS recommendation.
ABDP 854 S Lerner & Loewe: The Little Prince (songs from film musical). Richard KILEY, Bob FOSSE, Gene WILDER. A.
ABCS 564 S Carlos MONTOYA: Spontaneous Flamenco--A Study in Improvisation. A/A-, FOT.
AM 001 S Ruth BARRETT & Cyntia SMITH: Aeolus (voices, dulcimers, etc.) A.
AM 002 S Ruth BARRETT & Cyntia SMITH: Music of the Rolling World. A.
AID 9903 S Schickele/Walden/Dennis: Oh! Calcutta! ("The Most Controversial Musical Show in History"). THE OPEN WINDOW, et al. A.
ALD 8001 Shakespeare: Richard II--exc. Robert HARRIS, John RUDDOCK, Douglas SEALE, William AVENELL, Donald SINDEN (Stratford-upon-Avon Festival Company). A.
ALD 8003 Shakespeare: The Tempest--exc. Robert HARRIS, Joy PARKER, John HARRISON, David O'BRIEN, Robert VERNON (Stratford-upon-Avon Festival Company). A, LSM; 1/4" X.
35220 Shakespeare: As You Like It--exc. (M. REDGRAVE, U. JEANS); 20 Sonnets.Edith EVANS. A. Text. EP, dowel spine.
RL 32109 S Williams: E.T.; Star Wars; Close Encounters of the Third Kind (film music exc.) BARBER, London SO, Nat'l PO & Cho. A.
S 35884 S "The Best of [Peter] SELLERS." A. Red label.
Angel Seraphim
60201 "Chinese Opera, recorded in Paris by the Peking Opera" [1955]. A.
SO 383 S The BEATLES: Abbey Road. A. Minor ring wear on front.
BAY 217 S ANY OLD TIME: Ladies Choice. A.
TC 1012 Sean O'CASEY reading "Juno & the Paycock"--exc.; "Cat an Cage;" "The Death of Mrs. Casside." A, FOT.
TC 1020 "COLETTE Reading Selections from `Gigi' & `Cheri.'" A, LSM. Texts missing.
TC 1031 Everyman (early English drama). Burgess MEREDITH, Terence KILBURN, Frank SILVERA, Darren McGAVIN, et al. A. Text missing.
TC 1073 "Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" (4 stories). Michael REDGRAVE (reader). A.
TC 1075 Carroll: The Hunting of the Snark; Browning: The Pied Piper. Boris KARLOFF. A.
TC 1077 Stevenson: A Child's Garden of Verses. Judith ANDERSON (reader). A.
TC 1106 "The Romance of Tristan & Iseult, told by Claire BLOOM, accompanied by Ossian ELLIS, harpist." A.
TC 1175 Dumas fils: Camille (abridged, in English). Eve LE GALLIENNE, Alexander SCOURBY, Richard WARING, Betty GARD, et al. A.
6002 "Rose of Washington Square/Footlight Serenade/Rose of Washington Square." Film sound track excerpts; bootleg release. FS.
S283 Rostand: Cyrano de Bergerac--exc. Jose FERRER (w. Paul Bowles incidental music). A.
CBS (Mexico)
DCS 751 Javier SOLIS: Album de Oro (Vol. 3). M.
CMG 2.295 Vanja ORICO: Brazilian Songs. A, LSM. Jacket repaired.
CMH 6249 S Eddie ADCOCK & MARTHA with the IInd Generation. A. Corner clipped.
CMH 6263 S Eddie ADCOCK & Talk of the Town. A. Corner clipped.
10" GL 105 Marlene DIETRICH: Overseas (American songs, in German). A, FOT.
CS 9355 S Charlie BYRD: Christmas Carols for Solo Guitar. A.
PC 34250 "The Ernie KOVACS Album" (from broadcasts). A.
WL 104 "El Rodeo: Rodeo Songs of Chile." Los CHILENOS, Arturo GATICA, Hilda SOUR. A.
CPT 573 Peter LESTCHENKO: Russian Songs. A. Everest pressing.
Curtain Calls
CC 100/24 Kern: Cover Girl. Rita HAYWORTH, Gene KELLY, Phil SILVERS. You Were Never Lovelier. Fred ASTAIRE, Rita HAYWORTH. Songs from film sound tracks. A.
10" DL 5380 Gomez: Blood & Sand (film music). Vincente GOMEZ Quintet, Parraga (vocals). A.
DL 79094 S Carmen AMAYA & Company: Furia! (El Marote, Pucherete, guitars). A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
DL 9041 Shakespeare: Immoprtal Scenes & Sonnets. John GIELGUD, Pamela BROWN, Arnold MOSS, R.E. JOHNSON (readers). A.
DL 9045 "Parnassus: A Treasury of the Spoken Word. Words to Live By: Prayers & Inspirations." Arnold MOSS, R.E. JOHNSON, Jay JOSTYN (readers). A.
DL 9816 Carmen AMAYA: Queen of the Gypsies (w. SABICAS, gtr). A.
DL 9925 Carmen AMAYA: Flamenco! (SABICAS, gtr). A.
Discos Corona
DCS 10 S TRIO LOS TAJUARINES: Saludos Amigos (3 singer-guitarists). FS.
WDL 1005 Stan JONES & the Ranger Chorus: Songs of the National Parks. A.
25022 1 S David BYRNE: Music for the Knee Plays (ballet score). A, LSM.
7007 Lenny BRUCE: I'm Not a Nut, Elect Me. A.
C 108 "Alec TEMPLETON & His Music Boxes." A, LSM; 1/8" X. Jacket repaired.
Flying Fish
256 S Peter ALSOP: Uniforms. A.
FF 072 S Jethro BURNS: Live. A.
FF 223 S Peter ALSOP: Draw the Line. A. Corner clipped.
FF 288 S Alistair ANDERSON: Steel Skies (concertina, Northumbrian small pipes). A.
FF 298 S Peter ALSOP: Wha'd'ya Wanna Do? (children's songs). A.
FL 9805 "6 Montreal Poets: A.J.M. SMITH, Leonard COHEN, Irving LAYTON, F.R. SCOTT, Louis DUDEK, A.M. KLEIN." A. Texts.
FP 97/12 Sophocles: Antigone (in Greek). BOVE, S. SCHNEIDER, BIRMINGHAM, WHITFIELD ("Members of Columbia University"). A. Greek text.
FS 5203 Jim ALBERTSON: Down Jersey--Songs & Stories of Southern New Jersey. A. Booklet.
FTS 31049 S Harley ALLEN & Mike LILLY: Suzanne. A.
FTS 31073 S Red ALLEN: In Memory of the Man (dedicated to Lester Flatt). A.
FTS 31075 S The ALLEN Bros.: Are You Feeling It Too? A.
FTS 31076 S Harley ALLEN: Across the Blueridge Mountains. A.
FTS 31088 S Red ALLEN: Family 7 friends (w. Vasser CLEMENTS, et al). A.
FR 136 S ARM & HAMMER STRING BAND: Stay on the Farm. A. Corner clipped.
Front Hall
FHR 020 S Alistair ANDERSON: Dookin' for Apples--Rants, Reels & Airs from Northumberland & Scotland. A.
FHR 08 S Alistair ANDERSON: Traditional Tunes (concertina, Northumbrian small pipes). A. Corner clipped.
Green Linnet
SIF 1057 S Mick MOLONEY/Jimmy KEANE/Robbie O'CONNELL: There Were Roses (w. Liz CARROLL). A.
Harvard Vocarium
RL F D (3) Moliere: L'Ecole des Femmes (w. Rieti score). Louis JOUVET, Dominique BLANCHAR, Jean RICHARD, Fernand RENE, Monique MELINAND, Leo LAPARA, Georges RIQUIER, Pierre RENOIR (live perf., Boston, 1951). "Limited" to 160 copies but not numbered. A-; 1/3", 1/4" X's. English text, booklet.
K 6 MOVCHAN-BLINOVA: Russian Folk Songs (w. Kubansky, accordion). A.
LL 1010 Jean Louis BARRAULT: Les Poetes Maudits--Readings of Baudelaire & Rimbaud (in French). A.
CTG 4008 Ibsen: The Master Builder (abridged, in English). Robert M. CULP, jo HAMILTON, Jack PERDEW, Alfred KUNZ, Lawrence CHELSI (Classic Theatre Guild). A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
CTG 4009 Moliere: The Doctor in Spite of Himself (abridged, in English). ElayneCARROLL, Robert M. CULP, Russell BAILEY, Willard SAGE, Henry BECKMAN, Nancy PONDER, Helen McCALL, Lawrence CHELSI (Classic Theatre Guild). A, LSM; 1/8" X.
CTG 4012 Chekhov: The Sea-Gull (abridged, in English). Ellen JANE, Jack EVANS, Manny ROTH, Patricia O'CONNELL, Sheila PINKHAM, Lester FLETCHER, Alexander KIRKLAND. A; 1/4" X.
MCA 5214 S Bill MONROE, Master of Bluegrass (1981). A.
MCA 5970 D Bill MONROE & the Bluegrass Boys: Bluegrass '87. A. Corner clipped.
M60 36247/8 Keto DZHAPARIDZE: Old Romances (from 78s). A.
MG50434 The ROMEROS: An Evening of Flamenco Music. A. AS.
FM 57 Mario ESCUDERO & His Flamenco Guitar. A. Jacket taped.
Moose School
001 S Peter ALSOP: Take Me With You! (children's songs). A.
002 S Peter ALSOP: Stayin' Over (children's songs). A.
Mulligan Music
LUN 022 S Barry MOORE: Treaty Stone (Irish issue). A. Corner clipped.
SXL 0702 S Stefan MACIEJEWSKI Clarinet Ensemble: Polki i Oberki. A; 1/4" X.
Odeon (Chile)
LDC 36821/2 (2) LOS HUASOS QUINCHEROS: Andanazas de Cuatro Guitarras (w. V. Trujillo, orch.) Live performance, Aug. 25, 1972. A-, FOT. 2 bad grooves.
1853 Lola BELTRAN: Voz e Inspiracion (songs of Tomas Mendez S.) FS.
FRL 1506 Moliere: L'Avare--exc. (in French). D'INES, BRETTY, DUBUCOURT, SEIGNER, CHARON, CLANCY (of Comedie-Francaise). A, LSM. French text.
FRL 1508 Moliere: Le Medecin Malgre Lui (in French). MEYER, SEIGNER, CHARON, MANUEL, HIRSCH (of Comedie Francaise). A, LSM; 1/4" X. Text.
FRL 1509 Moliere: Les Precieuses Ridicules (play in French). Robert MANUEL, Georges CHAMARAT, Robert HIRSCH, Pierre GALLON, Teddy BILIS, Micheline BOUDET, Yvonee GAUDEAU (of Comedie-Francaise." Music directed by Andre "Joviet" (Jolivet?). A. French text.
FRL 1514 Racine: Berenice (excerpts, in French). Fanny ROBIANE, Jeanne HARDEYN,Andre HABER, Pierre BARAT, Louis BREZE. A. French text.
FRL 1523 "An Anthology of French Poetry." Linette FISHER, Georges GUY. A-, FOT.
FRL 1526 Rostand: Cyrano de Bergerac--exc. (in French). Hubert ROLAND, James LEWIS, Etienne REYMANT, Felix LENEMAN, Eve DANIEL, Ruth MANDEL. A, FOT. Text.
10" 76515 Juliette GRECO No. 7. A/A-, FOT; 2/3" X.
LPX 10155 Sari VOROS (Gypsy vocals w. LAKATOS, et al). A.
RCA Camden
CAL 130 "Portfolio for Easy Listening." RAMSEY, Cosmopolitan O. A, FOT; 1/8" X.
RCA Camden (Mexico)
CAM 28 Veracruz HERMOSO: Conjunto Jarocho Medellin de Lino Chavez. A.
RCA Victor
LM 6115 (3) Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream (with complete Mendelssohnscore). Moira SHEARER, Robert HELPMANN, Stanley HOLLOWAY: SARGENT, BBC SO. A. Booklet.
LPM 1456 Pedro VARGAS: Viva Vargas! (w. Adolfo Guzman O., recorded in Havana). A.
RCA Victor (Mexico)
LPVS 1764 F Jorge NEGRETE: Lo mejor de Jorge Negrete, Vol. 2. FS.
LPVS 1765 F Jorge NEGRETE: Lo mejor de Jorge Negrete, Vol. 3. A.
REB 1626 S Jethro BURNS & Red RECTOR: Old Friends. A. Corner clipped.
R 199 179 Carlos MONTOYA & His Gypsy Orchestra: A Spanish Fiesta. A, LSM; 1/4" X.
RSTR 122 S Laurie ANDERS: Fantastic Hornpipe--Fiddle Tunes on Accordion & Piano. A.
0079 S The ALLEN Brothers: Sweet Rumors. A. Corner clipped.
0154 S The ALLEN Brothers: Clara's Boys. A. Corner clipped.
3001 S MUD ACRES: Music Among Friends (H. & A. Traum, Maria Muldaur, John Herald, Eric Kaz, Jim Rooney, Bill Keith, Tony Brown, Lee Berg). A.
52001 S The MAKEM & CLANCY Collection. A.
52013 S MAKEM & CLANCY: We've Come a Long Way. A. Corner clipped.
SMC Pro-Arte
10" SMC 511 Emilio OSTA: Spanish Folk Dances (piano w. castanets). A, LSM; tiny X.
10" SMC 537 Los CHAVALES DE ESPANA: Viva Espana! A/A-, FOT.
SMC 1028 Carmen RIVAS & Donato Roman HEITMANN: Boleros Favoritos. A. Spanish texts.
S 111 S SPINDRIFT: Liberate--The Pirates of Penzance in the New Pop-Rock Soundof an Operetta by Gilbert & Sullivan. A.
ST 12 S Scott ALARIK with the New Prairie Ramblers. A. Corner clipped.
12TS273 S Frankie ARMSTRONG: Songs and Ballads. A.
Train on the Island
TI 5 S Scott ALARIK: Stories. A.
University of Wisconsin Extension
S80 1524 S "Holiday & Seasonal Music: Broadcast Production Materials realized by Don VOEGELI in the Electrosonic Studio." A.
VSD 79157 S Eric ANDERSEN: Today is the Highway. A. Jacket marked & repaired.
011 S Todd PHILLIPS: Released. A. Corner clipped.
Victor (Japan)
10" SLR 515 S Kin-ichi NAKANOSHIMA: Rokudan; Hadhican; Midare (koto solos). A, LSM.
10" SLR 535 S "Shiki no Nagame." NAKANOSHIMA (vocal & koto), TOMIYAMA (vocal & samisen). Echigo-Jishi. TOMIYAMA, ens. A.
VRLP 320 S S Frank FERRELL: Fiddle Tunes (w. Graham Townsend, pf). A.
Warner Bros.
WS 1438 S Korngold: Film music. L. NEWMAN, o. A.
WLPS 0119 S Paul ADKINS: My Old Yellow Car. A.
XWN 18140 "Poems by John Donne & William Wordsworth." Christopher HASSALL. A.
LVA 1009 Ethel WATERS (12 items from 78s, 1938-9). A.
Black Saint
BSR 0031 S STRING TRIO OF N.Y.: First String (Billy Bang, James Emery, John Lindberg). A. Corner clipped. Italian pressing.
SMAS 11786 S Nancy WILSON: Music on My Mind. A. COH.
CR 177 S Jess STACY: Stacy's Still Swinging (piano solos). A. Corner clipped.
Classic Jazz
CJ 15 S Jane HARVEY: You Fats...Me Jane (w. WELLSTOOD, et al). A.
Clean Cuts
CC 703 S Jessica Jennifer WILLIAMS: Orgonomic Music. A. Corner clipped.
CL 846- "The Bix BEIDERBECKE Story, Vol. 3: Whiteman Days." A. Late pressing.
CS 8210 S OLATUNJI: Drums of Passion. A, FOT. 2 eye label.
CS 8490 S Dave BRUBECK Quartet: Time Further Out. A, FOT. 2 eye label.
CS 8992 S Art VAN DAMME Septet: The New Sound of Art Van Damme (jazz accordion). A, FOT, LSM.
FC 37691 S Alberta HUNTER: The Glory of Alberta Hunter. A. Promo stamp.
FC 40034 S WIDESPREAD JAZZ ORCHESTRA: Paris Blues. A. Promo stamp.
DS 873 S Ira SULLIVAN: Horizons. A. COH.
DR 004 D D Paul SMITH: The Good Life (w. Monty Budwig, Frank Capp, Barney Kessel). A.
Doctor Jazz
FW 40063 S Lonnie Liston SMITH: Rejuvenation. A. Promo stamp.
Elektra Musician
60301 1 S Jimmy SMITH: Keep on Comin' (w. Kenny Burrell, Johnny Griffin, Mike Baker). A. COH.
GXY 5114 S Ira SULLIVAN: Peace. A.
F 22 S "Jazz Violin Celebration!" Darol ANGER, David BALAKRISHNAN, Matt GLASER, et al. A. Corner clipped.
F 8 S Darol ANGER: Fiddlistics (w. Tony RICE, David GRISMAN, et al. A. Corner clipped.
SP 44276 S Stan KENTON: Live in Europe. A.
MR 5242 S Ira SULLIVAN Does It All (w. Red Rodney, Garry Dial, Jay Anderson, Steve Bagby, 1981). A.
RCA Victor
LPM 1244 Artie SHAW: Moonglow. A.
LSP 3578 S Wild Bill DAVIS Live at Count Basie's (organ trio). A. EAR.
LSP 3799 S Wild Bill DAVIS: Midnight to Dawn. A. Black dog label.
2012 S Ralph SUTTON: Piano Solos (Switzerland, 1975). A. Corner clipped.
Sheffield Lab
LAB 1 S Lincoln MAYORGA & Distinguished Colleagues, Vol. 3. Direct-to-disc recording. A.
SOV 500 S Steve CLAYTON & Derek SMITH Trio: Inner Spark (Ruby Fisher songs, w. Milt HINTON, Bobby ROSENGARDEN). A.
SLP 4020 Muggsy SPANIER (from 78s, 1945). A.
TLP 5501 Sarah VAUGHAN (from 1955 EmArcy LP, w. Clifford BROWN, Herbie MANN). A.
V6 8558 S Woody HERMAN Big Band: Hey! Heard the Herd? A, FOT. Black & silver label. $12


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