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Parnassus Records, 51 Goat Hill Road, Saugerties NY 12477-3008, USA

This page shows an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus does not have these items. The information is presented here for discographical purposes. If you are hoping to obtain one of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com

F MKO 1/2 (1) Verdi: Otello--4 exc.; Giordano: Andrea Chenier--3 exc.; Tchaikovsky: Queen of Spades--4 exc.; arias of Meyerbeer & Verdi (2). KAROLIK (t), Pettitt (pf). A. BJ.
1750 Arch
S 1764 S Dowland: Fantasies & Dances. BACON (lute). Excellent! A.
ATS 20001 S "Bellini & Donizetti Heroines." SILLS; JALAS, Vienna Academy Cho. & Volksoper O. A, LSM.
10" ALP 1007 Antheil: Piano Sonata #4. MARVIN. Bax: Elegiac Trio (THOMAS, CRAFT); Debussy: Syrinx. RUDERMAN. A-, FOT. Red vinyl.
10" AL 25 Pergolesi: Salve Regina. NEWAY; BLACK, Allegro Chamber Soc. A.
1223 Haydn: Symphony #94. QUESTA, Rome SO. A, FOT; minor PBs.
1547 "BACCALONI Sings for Everyone: Songs in Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, & English." A-; 1/2", 1/3" X's.
1596 Gilbert & Sullivan: H.M.S. Pinafore--"instrumental highlights." "SHANKSON, Philharmonia O." A-, FOT; minor PBs.
1613 Arias of Rossini, Meyerbeer, Offenbach (2), Massenet (2), Bizet, St.-Saens, & Charpentier (2). SINGHER. A.
1619 Verdi: Rigoletto--exc. REGGIANI, FERRARI, LORRAINE (s), PEERCE, LANDI,BARDI, URSO (t), VALENTINO, MIELI (b); MANRICO, Teatro Eliseo, Rome. A, LSM.
1627 Lawrence TIBBETT song & aria recital (not from 78s). A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
1636 Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro--exc. TROXELL, WARFIELD, HUNT, PEASE, SGARRO; WALTHER, Hamburg PO. A.
1658 Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1. GILELS "Moscow State Phil." [EHRLING, Stockholm PO]. Alternate edition of scarce Regent issue. A, FOT.
1689 "The Finest Operetta Gems." "SHANKSON, Royale Operetta Singers & Orchestra." A, LSM.
3002 Bach: Cantata #212, "Peasant." CURTIN, MATTHEN; PINKHAM, Cambridge Festival O. A, FOT.
3044 Bach: Prelude & Fugue in d; Reger: Chorale-Prelude, "Nun komm', der Heiden Heiland;" Prelude & Fugue in c. NOEHREN, organ of St. Janskerk, Gouda. A.
3048 Borodin: Symnphony #2. BATH, Hastings SO (probably the real performers). A, FOT.
3054 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. "LIST; BERENDT, Philharmonic O." A, FOT; 1/4" X.
3063 Gershwin: An American in Paris; Rhapsody in Blue. "STEIN; MARSCHNER, Elite Concert O." A-, FOT; 1/8" X.
3066/7 (2) Beethoven: Fidelio (abridged). "CAMPHAUSEN, WILHELM, RAMMS; RUBAHN, Leipzig Opera." Consecration of the House Overture. "RUBAHN, Berlin SO." A.
3071 Dvorak: Symphony #9. "SAIKE, SO of Olympia." A, LSM.
3077 Purcell: The Fairy Queen--exc. CURTIN, DAVIS, TIBBETTS; PINKHAM. A, FOT.
3106/7 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #4; Rameau: Suite for Strings. TUBBS, Hastings SO. A, LSM.
3146 Vivaldi: Concerto for 4 Violins; Trio in e; Telemann: Concerto for 3 Violins; A. Scarlatti: 4 Sonatas. TUBBS, Allegro CO. A, LSM.
3147 Bach: Preludes & Fugues in a, C, d, D, & b. NOEHREN, Schlicker organ, Kenmore Presbyterian Church, Buffalo. A, LSM.
3150 Taylor: Casanova; works of Chadwick, Parker, Griffes, Hadley, Carpenter, & Stringfield. KORN, Hamburg PO. A/A-, FOT; 1/8" X.
AL 1 Schubert: Trio #2, in Eb, Op. 100. ALMA TRIO (Baller, Totenberg, Rejto). A/A-, FOT. EAR.
AL 110 Debussy: Cello Sonata; Franck: Sonata. HUBERT, H. DART. A, FOT.
AL 112 Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 304, 305, & 570. SHUMSKY, MITTMAN. A, LSM. 0
AL 116 Bach: Canonic Variations on "Vom Himmel hoch;" Chorale Variations, "OhGott, du frommer Gott." NOEHREN, Grace Episcopal Church organ, Sandusky, Ohio. A, FOT.
AL 20 Mozart: Sonata, K. 576; Fantasia in d, K. 397; Variations on "Ein Weibist das herlichste Ding," K. 613. MONATH. A-, FOT.
AL 33 Copland: Violin Sonata; Hindemith: Sonata in D, Op. 11, #2. LACK, HAMBRO. A, FOT.
AL 34 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 1 #1 & 11. ALMA TRIO (Baller, Totenberg, Rejto). A; 2/3" X.
AL 40 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 1, #3; "Kakadu" Variations. ALMA TRIO (Baller, Totenberg, Rejto). A.
AL 75 Beethoven: Cello Sonata #5; Variations. REJTO, BALLER. A.
AL 94 Tartini: Violin Sonatas in g ("Diodone Abbandonata") & A; Corelli: Sonatas, Op. 5, #1 & 2. LACK, VALENTI. A-, LSM.
ALG 101 Byrd: Masses for 3 & 4 Voices. BATH, Choral Society of London. A, FOT; 1 large PB.
ALG 3011 Mozart: Concertos #17 & 19. HAMBRO; ALESSANDRO, Oklahoma City SO. A, LSM; 1/4" X.
ALG 3014 Mozart: Trios, K. 502 & 542. BOSTON TRIO (Bogin, Posselt, Mayes). A, LSM.
ALG 3024 Reinagle: Sonata in E; Gottschalk: March of the Gibaros; Griffes: Sonata; Palmer: 3 Preludes. BEHREND. One of only 2 LPs by fine American pianist, who died March 1988. A, LSM.
ALG 3026 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 1, #2; Op. 70, #1. BOSTON TRIO (Bogin, Posselt, Mayes). A, FOT; 1/2" X.
ALG 3027 Purcell: The Fairy Queen--exc. CURTIN, DAVIS, TIBBETTS; PINKHAM. A, FOT; minor PBs. Texts.
ALG 3031 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 9, #1; Serenade, Op. 8. PASQUIER TRIO. A, FOT.
ALG 3032 Faure: Violin Sonata #1; Lalo: Sonata. CHAUVETON, SMITH. A, FOT.
ALG 3039 Telemann: Sonatas for 2 Violins #1, 2, 4, & 5. HARTH, TESTA. A, FOT.
ALG 91 Couperin: Tenebrae Service #1; 3 Songs; Motet, "Audite Omnes." CUENOD (t), PINKHAM (hpsi), ens. A, FOT. English texts.
DB 130 S Von Rossum: Sinfonietta. DEFOSSEZ, Liege SO. Cabus: Concerto Grosso. MAES, Belgian CO. A.
Alvina Ransaw
DM 82050 S "Songs Through the Ages" (Dowland to spirituals). RANSAW (voice, harpsichord, organ, piano, & guitar). Private release. A.
SLP 1001 S Sprecher: Jerusalem Concerto; Ben-Haim: 5 Pieces, Op. 34; works of Falla, Chopin (3), Gershwin, & Lecuona. BAR-NIV (pf). A.
35021 Mozart: Opera arias. SCHWARZKOPF; PRITCHARD, Philharmonia O. A. TE, EP.
35022 Schubert: Lieder. SCHWARZKOPF, FISCHER. A. TE, EP.
35026 Debussy: 15 piano pieces. GIESEKING. A, FOT. EP, dowel spine.
35046 Schumann: Etudes Symphoniques; Brahms: Paganini Variations. ANDA. A. EP, dowel spine.
35066 Debussy: Preludes, Book 1. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35067 Debussy: Children's Corner; Suite Bergamasque. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
3508 (2) Puccini: Tosca. CALLAS, DI STEFANO, GOBBI; DE SABATA, La Scala. A. EP. Libretto.
35088 Gabrieli: Canzon in Echo Duodecimi Toni; Albinoni: Violin Concerto inD (AYO); Marcello: Concerto Grosso in F; Vivaldi: Concerto in F. I MUSICI. A. TE, EP.
35091 Berg: Violin Concerto (KLETZKI, Philharmonia O.); Bartok: Sonata for Solo Violin. GERTLER. A, FOT. EP, dowel spine.
35092 Mozart: 4 Horn Concertos. BRAIN; KARAJAN, Philharmonia O. A, FOT. EP, dowel spine.
35112 Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 127 & 135. HUNGARIAN QT. A. TE, EP.
35113 Beethoven: Quartet in Bb, Op. 130. HUNGARIAN QT. A, LSM. TE, U.S. red label.
35128 Chausson: Poeme (DOBROWEN, Philharmonia O.); Ravel: Tzigane; Debussy:Violin Sonata (J. NEVEU). NEVEU. A, FOT. EAR TE. EP.
35137 Brahms: Violin Concerto. MARTZY; KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A/A-, FOT. EP, dowel spine. 5
35199/201 (3) Verdi: La Forza del Destino. CALLAS, NICOLAI, TUCKER, TAGLIABUE, ROSSI-LEMENI; SERAFIN, La Scala. A. TE, EP.
35208 Songs of Falla, Mompou, Pittaluga, Montsalvatge, Turina, & Obradors. MERRIMAN, MOORE. A. Texts. EP, dowel spine.
35241 Bartok: String Quartets #3 & 4. VEGH QT. A. TE, EP.
35249 Debussy: Preludes, Book 2. GIESEKING. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine.
35250 Debussy: Etudes; D'un cahier d'esquisses. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35255 Cimarosa-Benjamin: Oboe Concerto; Tartini: Concerto #58, in F; Lully:Ballet Suite. CARACCIOLO, Scarlatti O. FS.
3526 (2) Mahler: Symphony #9; Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht. KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A. EP.
35272 Ravel: Le Tomdeau de Couperin; Sonatine; Valses nobles et sentimentales. GIESEKING. A, FOT. TE, EP.
35273 Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit; Pavane; Jeux d'eau; piano music. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35274 (1 side) Ravel: Miroirs. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35326 Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro--exc. SCHWARZKOPF, SEEFRIED, JURINAC, HONGEN, FELBERMAYER, MAJKUT, KUNZ, LONDON; KARAJAN, Vienna St. Opera. A. EP, dowel spine. Text.
35401 Beethoven: Grosse Fuge; Mozart: Serenata Notturna; Adagio & Fugue. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine.
35409 Mozart: Vesperae Solennes de Confessore; Exsultate, Jubilate; Benedictus Sit Deus, K. 117. BERGER, HOFFGEN, WILHELM, FRANTZ; FORSTER, St. Hedwig's Cathedral Cho., Berlin PO. A. Texts. U.s. red label.
35421 Rousseau: Le Devin du Village. MICHEAU, GEDDA, ROUX; DE FROMENT (1956). A, FOT. EP, text, in box.
35428 Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35429 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #2, 6, 12, & 15. CZIFFRA. Early Hungarian recordings. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine.
35437 Menotti: The Unicorn, the Gorgon & the Manticore. SCHIPPERS, vocal & instrumental ens. Cast includes young Jan Ruetz (DeGaetani). A. EP. Boxed with libretto.
35438/9 (2) Bach: Partita #1; Mozart: Sonata, K. 310; Schubert: 2 Impromptus; Chopin: 13 Waltzes. LIPATTI (last recital, 1950). A. TE, EP.
35441 Milhaud: Nuptial Cantata; 4 Songs of Ronsard; The 4 Elements; Bolivar--2 arias; Fountains & Sources. MICHEAU; MILHAUD, Paris Cons. O. A. EP, dowel spine. Texts. Spine taped.
35450 Grieg: Lyric Pieces (Album 1). GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35451 Grieg: Lyric Pieces (Album 2). GIESEKING. A, LSM. TE, EP.
35459 Mozart: Symphony #41; Divertimento in D, K. 131. BEECHAM, Royal PO. FS.
35475 Casals: Sant Marti del Canigo; Festivola; E. Casals: Tarragona; Lluny; Garreta: Innominada; La Rosada; Morera: La Nit de l'Amor. "COBLA" OF GERONA (instrumental ens.). Recording supervised by P. Casals. A. EP, dowel spine, texts.
35484 Bruch: Scottish Fantasy; Wieniawski: Violin Concerto #1. RABIN; BOULT, Philharmonia O. A. U.S. red label.
3549 (3) Cimarosa: Il Matrimonio Segreto. SCIUTTI, STIGNANI, RATTI, BADIOLI, CALABRESE, ALVA; SANZOGNO, La Scala. A. EP. Libretto.
35522- Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O.); Brahms: Lieder, Op. 32 (KLUST). FISCHER-DIESKAU. A. U.S. blue label. Text.
35531 Oratorio arias of Handel (5), Haydn (2), & Mendelssohn. MARSHALL; BERNARD, London SO. A. EP, dowel spine. Texts.
35553 Falla: The 3-Cornered Hat. RUBIO; TOLDRA, French Nat'l Radio O. A. EP.
35569 Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 21. A. FISCHER. A. EP, dowel spine.
35647 Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Rachmaninov: Corelli Variations; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz. ASHKENAZY. A. EP, dowel spine.
35655 Beethoven: Sonatas #4, 5, & 6. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP.
35674 Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasilerias #4 & 7. VILLA-LOBOS, French Nat'l Radio O. A. EP.
35705 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 31. HESS. A. EP.
3591 (2) Liszt: Transcendental Etudes. CZIFFRA. A, LSM. EP. Notes.
36105 Ravel: Sheherazade; 5 Melodies populaires grecques; 2 melodies hebraique; songs of Duparc (2) & Debussy (2). DE LOS ANGELES; PRETRE, Paris Cons. O. A, LSM. AS. Texts.
45003 Bach: Concertos #1 & 5 (VANDERNOOT); Toccata in c. J. CASADESUS (pf). A. EP.
45005 Bach: Musical Offering. MARKEVICH, French Nat'l Radio O. members. A. EP.
45007 Boccherini: Quintets, Op. 11, #6; Op. 40, #4 (Album 2). QUINTETTO BOCCHERINI. A. EP.
45008 Boccherini: Quintets, Op. 29, #1; Op. 60, #5 (Album 3). QUINTETTO BOCCHERINI. A. EP.
45009 Boccherini: Quintets, Op. 13, #3; Op. 18, #1 (Album 4). QUINTETTO BOCCHERINI. A. EP.
COLH 12 Haydn: Trio in G; Schubert: Trio #1. CORTOT, THIBAUD, CASALS. A. EP. Dowel spine, booklet.
COLH 125 Dame Nellie MELBA aria & song recital. FS. Booklet.
COLH 132 Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc.; arias of Wagner, Gluck, Beethoven, &Mozart. LEIDER, MELCHIOR. FS. Booklet.
COLH 133 Wagner: Die Walkure--Act 1. LEHMANN, MELCHIOR, LIST; WALTER, Vienna PO. FS. Libretto.
COLH 15 Bach: Concertos #1, 4, & 5. E. FISCHER, Fischer CO. FS.
COLH 304 Scarlatti: Sonatas (Vol. 2). LANDOWSKA. A. Booklet.
COLH 43 Schubert: Trio #2. SERKIN, A. & H. BUSCH. A. Booklet.
COLH 72 Liszt: Sonata; Funerailles; Schumann: Toccata; piano music. HOROWITZ. FS. Booklet.
COLH 73 Scarlatti: Sonatas (Vol. 1.) LANDOWSKA. FS. Booklet.
COLH 83 Schubert: Sonata in D, Op. 53. SCHNABEL. FS. Booklet.
COLO 113 "Spanish Songs." SUPERVIA. FS. Booklet.
DS 37893 D Faure: 18 Songs. VON STADE, COLLARD. FS. Texts.
DS 38134 D Dvorak: Sonatina in G; 4 Romantic Pieces; Smetana: From My Homeland. PERLMAN, SANDERS. German DMM pressing. FS. COH.
DSCX 3953 D (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. VANESS, EWING, GALE, RAWNSLEY, VAN ALLAN, ALLEN, LEWIS, KAVRAKOS; HAITINK, Glyndebourne Cho., London PO. A. Libretto. German DMM pressing.
RL 32041 S Brahms: Concerto #2. RICHTER; MAAZEL, O. de Paris. FS.
S 35476 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. GILELS; LUDWIG, Philharmonia O. A. Red label. Dowel spine.
S 35580 S Beethoven: Concerto #1 (MENGES, Philharmonia O.); Sonata #27. SOLOMON. A. Red label.
S 35588 S Glazounov-Irving: Birthday Offering; Lecocq-Jacob: Mam'zelle Angot. IRVING, Royal PO. A. Red label, dowel spine.
S 35738 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Liszt: Concerto #2. CZIFFRA; VANDERNOOT, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 35763 S Verdi: Arias (Vol. 2). CALLAS; RESCIGNO, Philharmonia O. A. Red label. Text.
S 35776 S Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; Kindertotenlieder. LUDWIG; BOULT, VANDERNOOT, Philharmonia O. A. Red label. Texts.
S 35794 S Works of Bach (2), Fiocco, P. Pierne, Franck, Templeton (2), Senaille, Richardson, Barthe, Nicholas, & Kelly. L. GOOSSENS (ob), MOORE (pf). A. Blue label.
S 35837 S "Melodie Celebri" (Neapolitan songs). DI STEFANO; Guarino, o. A, LSM. Blue label.
S 35888 S "Spanish Songs of the Renaissance, 1440-1600." DE LOS ANGELES; LAMANA, Ars Musicae Ens., Barcelona. A. Booklet.
S 36009 S Prokofiev: Violin Concertos. MILSTEIN; GIULINI, FRUHBECK DE BURGOS. A. Blue label.
S 36072 S "There's a Meeting Here Tonight" (spirituals). ARROYO; MAYNOR (cond), cho's. A.
S 36079 S "The Duel between Liszt & Thalberg." LEWENTHAL. A.
S 36097 S Bach: Partitas #1 & 2. KIPNIS (hpsi). Superb performances with embellished repeats. A.
S 36105 S Ravel: Sheherazade; 5 Melodies populaires grecques; 2 melodies hebraique; songs of Duparc (2) & Debussy (2). DE LOS ANGELES; PRETRE, Paris Cons. O. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 36197 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #3. MALCUZYNSKI; ROWICKI, Warsaw PO. A. Blue label.
S 36214 S Gounod: St. Cecilia Mass. LORENGAR, HOPPE, CRASS; HARTEMANN, Duclos Cho., Paris Conservatory O. FS. Blue label. Text.
S 36226 S Haydn: 6 Flute Quartets, Op. 5. RAMPAL, FRENCH STRING TRIO. A. Blue label.
S 36247 S Mozart: Serenade, K. 361. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. members. A. Blue label.
S 36273 S Telemann: Pimpinone; Mattheson: Boris Goudenow; Keiser: Croesus; Handel: Almira (exc.) OTTO, YANO, SCHMIDT, PREY, ADAM, et al; BRUCKNER-RUGGEBERG, Berlin PO ("Early German Opera from the Goosemarket in Hamburg"). FS. Texts.
S 36287 S Gounod: Romeo & Juliette--exc. CARTERI, GAYRAUD, GEDDA, DENS, ROULEAU;LOMBARD, Paris Opera. A. Blue label. Text.
S 36370 S Poulenc: Chansons villageoises; Rapsodie negre; Le Bal masque; Le Bestiaire. BENOIT; PRETRE, Paris Cons. O. FS. Blue label. Text.
S 36377 S Mozart: Divertimento, K. 113; Serenade, K. 100; Cassation, K. 63. PAUMGARTNER, Salzburg Mozarteum Camerata academica. A, LSM. Blue label.
S 36428 S Bruckner: 5 Motets; works of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Wolff, & van Nuffel. PITZ, New Philharmonia Cho. & O. A. Texts.
S 36429 S Mozart: Divertimenti, K. 136 & 287. MENUHIN (violin & cond.), Bath Festival O. A. Blue label.
S 36480 S Berg: 4 Songs, Op. 2; 2 Songs (HAMBURGER, pf); Webern: Cantata #1. HARPER (s). 5 Pieces for Orchestra. BERTINI, English CO. Schoenberg: 5 Pieces for Male Chorus, Op. 35. ALLDIS, Alldis Cho. Chamber Symphony #2. PRAUSNITZ, New Philharmonia O. A. Texts.
S 36519 S Poulenc: Sinfonietta; Suite Francaise; 2 Marches & Intermezzo; La Marie de la Tour Eiffel. PRETRE, O. de Paris. FS. Blue label.
S 36580 S Haydn: Cello Concerto; Monn: Concerto. DU PRE; BARBIROLLI, London SO. A. Blue label.
S 36615 S Bach: Magnificat; Bruckner: Te Deum. BARENBOIM, Philharmonia Cho. & O. A.
S 37464 Q Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio espagnol; Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain; works of Borodin & Glinka (2). ROSTROPOVICH, O. de Paris. A.
SB 3607 S (2) Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (DICKIE, FISCHER-DIESKAU); Symphony#5--Adagietto. KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A. Red label. Text.
SB 3629 S (2) Bach: 6 Violin Sonatas. MENUHIN, MALCOLM, GAUNTLETT (gamba). A. EAR blue label.
SB 3704 S (2) Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde; Lieder. LUDWIG, WUNDERLICH; KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label. Texts.
SB 3725 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #6. BARBIROLLI, New Phil. O. A. Blue label.
SBL 3618 S (2) Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci. AMARA, CORELLI, GOBBI. Verdi: Opera choruses. VON MATACIC, La Scala. A. Red label. Libretto.
SCL 3613 S (3) Bizet: Carmen. DE LOS ANGELES, MICHEAU, GEDDA, BLANC; BEECHAM, French Nat'l Radio. A. Blue label. Libretto.
SD 3647 S (4) Handel: 12 Concerti Grossi, Op. 6. MENUHIN, Bath Festival O. A. Blue label.
SDL 3700 S (4) Mozart: Don Giovanni. WATSON, LUDWIG, GEDDA, GHIAUROV; KLEMPERER. A. Blue label. Libretto.
SZ 37546 S Songs of Monteverdi (2), Handel, Schubert (2), Brahms (2), Vaughan Williams, Rodrigo (3), Nin (2), Montsalvatge, Falla (2), Valverde, & anon. DE LOS ANGELES, MOORE. A. Texts.
Angel (Eng.)
AHC 4 Schumann: Fantasia in C; Brahms: Variations & Fugue on a Theme of Handel. MOISEIWITSCH. A, LSM; 1/8" X.
Angel (Japan)
GR 2055 E (5) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. KREISLER, RUPP. A. 0
GR 2159 Mozart: Piano Concerto #20. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. Violin Concerto #5. THIBAUD; MUNCH, o. A.
GR 2161 Schumann: Piano Concerto (BIGOT); Franck: Symphonic Variations (POULET). NAT. A.
GR 2163 Brahms: Piano Quintet. SERKIN, BUSCH QUARTET (1938). A.
GR 2248 Bach: Suites #2 (MOYSE) & 3. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players. A.
GR 2249 Bach: Suites #1 & 4. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players. A.
Angel Melodiya
SR 40085 S Shostakovich: Piano Quintet (EDLINA); Stravinsky: 3 Pieces. BORODIN QT. FS.
SR 40091 S Tishchenko: Cello Concerto. ROSTROPOVICH; BLAZHKOV, Leningrad PO winds& percussion. Shostakovich: Trio #2. VAIMAN, ROSTROPOVICH, SEREBRIAKOV. A.
SR 40147 S Shostakovich: Symphony #14. MIROSHNIKOVA (s), VLADIMIR (bs); BARSHAI, Moscow CO. FS. Text.
Angel Seraphim
SIC 6002 S (3) Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro (in German). GUEDEN, ROTHENBERGER, MATHIS, PREY, BERRY; SUITNER, Dresden St. Opera. A. Libretto.
Anthologie Sonore
AS 6 "French Vocal Music of the 16th Century." GERAB (s), VHITA (c), var. choruses. A, LSM. French texts.
AS 7 "German Vocal Music of the 15th-17th Centuries." MEILI, et al; SACHER, Basle Chamber Cho. A, FOT. Texts.
AS 9 "Italian Vocal Music of the 16th & 17th Centuries." MEILI, ANGELICI, PERETTI, PEYRON, et al. A. Texts.
8011 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies. FRIEDMAN (#2), LEVITZKY (#6), CORTOT (#11), BUSONI (#13), HAMBOURG (#14), SOLOMON (#15). A.
198 166 S Dances of Praetorius, Widmann, & Schein. NEUMEYER, Collegium Terpsichore. HP Super Disc! A.
198 362 S Muffat: Indissolubilis Amicitia; Bona Nova; Biber: 3 Sonatas; Battalia. HARNONCOURT, Concentus Musicus Wien. A.
198 380 S J.C.F. Bach: Concerto for Fortepiano & Viola. ZARTGNER, SEILER; GORVIN, Berlin Bach O. Sonata in D; Quartet in G. LINDE (fl), VAN DER VEN (hpsi), HOEVER (vln), LEMMEN (vla), Z. RACZ (cello). FS.
198 405 S "Festive Baroque Music for Winds." CLEMENCIC, Ensemble Musica Antiqua. A.
198 442 S A. Scarlatti: 6 Concerti Grossi. GRACIS, Scarlatti O., Naples. A.
2533 114 S Pergolesi: Stabat Mater. FRENI, BERGANZA; GRACIS, Scarlatti O., Naples. A.
2533 151 S Handel: Royal Fireworks Music; Concerti a Due Cori. K. RICHTER, English CO. A.
2708 013 S (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. K. RICHTER, Munich Bach O. A. Booklet.
ARC 3012 Mozart: Sonata in A, K. 331. NEUMEYER (fortepiano). Concerto #12. SCHOLZ (fortepiano); PAUMGARTNER, Salzburg Camerata Academica. A.
ARC 3035/6 (2) Monteverdi: L'Orfeo. MACK-COSACK, GUILLEAUME, DEROUBAUX, WILD, KREBS, MICHAELIS, WUNDERLICH; WENZINGER. A. Libretto. Jacket discolored.
ARC 73199 S L. Mozart: Trumpet Concerto in D; M. Haydn: Concerto in D. SCHERBAUM.J.C. Bach: Bassoon Concerto in Bb. HENKER; RISTENPART, Saar CO. A.
ARC 73201 S Byrd: Mass for 4 Voices. McKIE, Choristers of Westminster Abbey. Virginal works. JEANS. A.
DA 34 Tippett: String Quartet. AMADEUS QT. Boyhood's End; The Heart's Assurance. PEARS, MEWTON-WOOD. A. Text.
RG 73 Jenkins: Fancies & Ayres. CLAUSON, Oxford Chamber Players.
RG 89 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. PARRY, LOVERIDGE (pf), WEBSTER, LEES (perc); AUSTIN. Contrasts. PARRY, GRINKE, BRYMER. A.
ZRDL 1003 D Faure: Pavane; Pelleas et Melisande Suite; Masques et Bergamasques; Fantaisie (BENNETT, fl). MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS.
ZRG 536 S Rawsthorne: Quintet for Piano & Winds; Maw: Chamber Music. MUSIC GROUP OF LONDON. A. Oval logo.
ZRG 5467 S Mendelssohn: String Symphonies #9-12. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. Oval logo.
ZRG 555 S Lawes: Consort Music. ELIZABETHAN CONSORT OF VIOLS, DART (org), et al. A. EP. COH.
ZRG 558 S Davy: St. Matthew Passion. PARTRIDGE, KEYTE; BURGESS, Purcell Consort,Choristers of All Saints, Margaret St. A. Oval logo. Text.
ZRG 565 S Maw: String Quartet; H. Wood: String Quartet. AEOLIAN QT. A. Oval logo.
ZRG 566 S "To Entertain a King: Music for Henry VIII & His Court." MORROW, Musica Reservata; BURGESS, Purcell Consort of Voices. A. EP. Texts.
ZRG 577 S Arne: Harpsichord Concerto #5, in g; Sonata #1, in F; Overture #1, in e; C.P.E. Bach: Symphony #2, in Bb; Variations on "Folies d'Espagne;" Concerto in c. MALCOLM (hpsi); MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. Oval logo.
ZRG 585 S Trumpet Concertos of Telemann, Albinoni, Hertel, & Fasch. WILBRAHAM; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS.
ZRG 601 S Works of Grossi, Buonamente, Coperario, Frescobaldi, Corelli, Cazzati, Viviani, & Hingeston ("Music for Trumpet & Corneto"). SMITHERS, et al. A.
ZRG 640 S Works of Blow, Draghi, Croft, Clarke (3), Roseingrave, Chilcot, Nares, & Arne ("Treasures of the English Baroque"). TILNEY, 1745 Crang hpsi. A.
ZRG 650/1 S (2) Messiaen: 20 Regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus. OGDON. A. Oval logo. Corner clipped.
ZRG 661 S Handel: Look Down, harmonious Saint; 2 arias; works of Arne (2), Boyce, & Hook. TEAR; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. Texts. Oval logo.
ZRG 671 S Schutz: Historia der Geburt Jesu Christi. PALMER, PARTRIDGE, LANGRIDGE, HILL, KEYTE, et al; NORRINGTON, Schutz Cho., Jones Brass Ens. A. EP. Text.
ZRG 679 S Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Symphony #32; Sinfonia Concertante (LOVEDAY, SHINGLES). MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. EP.
ZRG 703 S Messiaen: Poemes pour Mi. F. PALMER; BOULEZ, BBC SO. Tippett: Songs for Dov. TEAR; ATHERTON, London Sinfonietta. A. Texts.
ZRG 719 S Bizet: Symphony; Prokofiev: "Classical Symphony." MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. EP.
ZRG 725 S Walton: Missa Brevis; The Twelve; choral works. DARTINGTON, Christ Church Cathedral Choir. A. EP. Texts.
ZRG 726 S Musgrave: Clarinet Concerto. DE PEYER. Searle: Aubade; Banks: Horn Concerto. TUCKWELL; DEL MAR. A. EP.
ZRG 810 S Crosse: Purgatory (1 act opera). BODENHAM (t), HARGREAVES (b); LANKESTER, Royal Northern College of Music Cho. & O. A. Libretto.
ZRG 909 S Finzi: In Terra Pax; Introit (STANDAGE, violin); Lo, the Full, Final Sacrifice; Magnificat. BURROWES, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; HICKOX, Hickox Singers, City of London Sinfonia. A.
LP 1601 S Shostakovich: The Nose--Suite. FRECCIA, RAI O. Cello Concerto #2. ROSTROPOVICH; MARTINON, Chicago SO (under pseudonyms). A.
ALS 7205 S Martinu: Violin Concerto. BELCEK; NEUMANN, Prague SO. Piano Concerto #3. PALENICEK; ANCERL, Czech PO. A.
CLP 62/1001 Works of Handel, Scarlatti, Weiss, Rameau, Torres, Brouwer, Albeniz, Malats, Granados, & Torroba. MERCADAL (guitar). A, LSM.
Arturo Toscanini Society
ATS 1001 Haydn: Symphony #104 (1943); Symphony #88 (1938). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.
ATS 1025/9 (5) Mozart: Magic Flute (Salzburg, 1937); Schubert: Symphony #2; Mendelssohn: Symphony #3; Fingal's Cave; Dvorak: Symphonic Variations; Stravinsky: Petrouchka--2 exc.; works of Tchaikovsky & Glinka. TOSCANINI. A. Magazine included. 5
ATS 1060 Borodin: Symphony #2 (Feb. 26, 1938); Tchaikovsky: Voyevoda Overture (April 19, 1941); Tempest, Op. 18 (March 12, 1944). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.

2009 S Beethoven: Sonatas #3 & 21. BAR-ILLAN. A.

80093 F Beethoven: Sonata #7; Haydn: Sonata #50. RICHTER. A.
AS 15 S Stravinsky: Duo Concertant; Divertimento from "Le Baiser de la Fee." SHAPIRO (violin), SMITH (pf). A.
BCA 1022 Vladigerov: Violin Concerto #1 (VLADIGEROV, BRT SO). 2 Bulgarian Paraphrases--Rachenitsa (SHOPOVA, pf). KAMILAROV. A.
BCA 1071 S Vladigerov: Bulgarian Rhapsody "Vladar;" Improvisation & Toccata; Piano Concerto #3 (DRENIKOV). A. VLADIGEROV, BRT SO. A.

5060 S Boismortier: Quintet in e; Couperin: Concert Royal #13; Le Steinquerque; Leclair: Sonata, Op. 9, #3; Corrette: Sonatille in Eb; Mondonville: Trio Sonata in G. PARIS BAROQUE ENS. (Rampal, Pierlot, Gendre, Hongne, Veyron-Lacroix). Dandy! A.
Barbirolli Society
SJB 100 Vaughan Williams: Sinfonia Antarctica. RITCHIE; BARBIROLLI, Halle Cho.& O. Premiere recording by creators, 1953. A.
BRS 001 Bartok: Quartet #3; Mikrokosmos Suite (arr. Serly); Stravinsky: 3 Pieces. NEW MUSIC QT. A-/B, FOT. Jacket repaired.
BRS 907 Bartok: 44 Duos. AITAY, KUTTNER (violins). A. Jacket edges taped.
BRS 911 A. Scarlatti: Sonata a Quattro in d; Tartini: Sonata a Quattro in D; Boccherini: Quartet in A, Op. 33, #6. NEW MUSIC QT. A/A-, FOT.
21638 S Martin: Trio on Irish Folk Songs; String Trio; 8 Preludes. GENUIT (pf), N.Y. STRING TRIO (Castleman, Langham, Doktor). A.
21995 Mozart: Don Giovanni--exc. SCHECH, TESCHEMACHER, AHLERSMEYER, HOPF, BOHME, FRICK; ELMENDORFF, Dresden St. Opera (1943). A. German pressing.
22137 Verdi: Falstaff--exc. TEGETTHOF, FICHTMULLER, RASP, HOTTER, SCHELLENBERG; WEISBACH, Leipzig Radio (1939). A. German pressing.
22325 Strauss: Josephs-Legende. HEGER, Bavarian St. Opera O. (1952). A.
22504 Hindemith: Das Marienleben (1948 edition). BERGER, Puchelt (live, 1953). A.
VDS 9504 Claudia MUZIO aria recital (14 items from acoustic 78s). A.
6814 482 S Works of Geysen, Josquin, & Isaak. AMSTERDAM LOEKI STARDUST QT. Smit: Flute Sonata. BUTER, BAKKER. Works of Fock & Ruppe. DOESELAAR, JORDANS (pf). Kes: Dance. BOKLBERGEN (vln), NAGAOKA (pf). Works of Raxach (KAAT, horn) & Andriessen (BREE, ob). A.
LP 11 S Bashmakov: 4 Bagatelles (KUISMA, perc); Sonninen: El Amor Pasa (FARINGER, s; WESTERBERG, Swedish Radio SO members). VON BAHR (fl). Kokkonen: Quintet; Segerstam: A Nnnnooooowww. HELSINKI WIND QUINTET. A, LSM.
LP 15 S Lieder of Strauss (7) & Sibelius (10). NILSSON, Solyom. A. Original language texts.
GB 2003/4 (2) Traetta: Le Serve Rivali. DESSY, NAZARIO, MATTIUCCI, RAFFANTI, BARBACINI, CORBELLI; MAINARDI, Sanremo SO. A. Libretto.
BG 4009/11 (3) Arias of Herold (2), Malibran (2), Meyerbeer (2), Donizetti, Masse(3), Auber (2), David, Gounod (2), Thomas (2), Proch, J. Strauss (2), Grieg, Dvorak, Offenbach, Delibes (5), Massenet, St.-Saens, & Rimsky-Korsakov. DORIA. Part stereo. FS.
Bruckner Haus Linz
12430/1 S (2) Bruckner: Symphony #4. WOSS, Munich PO (live, 1975). A. 7
12 PAL (3) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. WEGNER, MODL, FEHENBERGER, FISCHER-DIESKAU; F. BUSCH, Cologne Radio. A. German summary.
CAL 1833 S Debussy: Images, Books 1 & 2; Children's Corner. PARASKIVESCO. A.
10" L8096 Falla: The 3-Cornered Hat--exc. KRAUSS, Vienna PO. Ravel: Bolero. ANDRE, Brussels Radio SO. A-, FOT.
10" L8154 Ravel: Introduction & Allegro (GLEGHORN, LURIE, HOLLYWOOD QT.); Debussy: Danses Sacree et Profane (F. SLATKIN, o.) STOCKTON (harp). A.
P8060 Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Dvorak: Serenade for Strings. VON BENDA, Berlin Phil. CO. A, LSM.
P8063 Hindemith: Sonata in D, Op. 11, #2; Poulenc: Violin Sonata. KAUFMAN, BALSAM. A-, FOT; minor PB.
P8289 Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange; 2 Lieder, Op. 91 (COOLEY, viola); 2 Lieder. RANKIN, BOS. A, LSM. Texts.
P8294 Waltzes of Ravel, J. Strauss, & Delibes. PENNARIO. A, FOT.
P8320 Gould: Fall River Legend; Bernstein: Facsimile. LEVINE, Ballet Theatre O. A, FOT.
P8378 Brahms: Piano Quartet #2. ALLER, HOLLYWOOD QT. members. A, FOT; tiny X.
PCR 8346 (3) Brahms: Piano Quartets. ALLER, HOLLYWOOD QT. A, LSM; 1 minor PB. Minor box repair.
SG 7194 S Mozart: Concertos #17 & 24. BACHAUER, SHERMAN, London O. A, LSM.
SG 7240 S Mozart: Concertos #20 & 23. HEIDESIECK; VANDERNOOT, Paris Cons. O. A, LSM.
SG 7253 S Lumbye: Waltzes; Galops; Polkas. FRIISHOLM, Copenhagen SO. A, LSM.
T303 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (PENNARIO); An American in Paris. WHITEMAN,o. A-, FOT.
73690 S Works of Mortensen, Massenet, Kreisler (4), Toselli, Paganini, Poliakin, Sarasate, Bazzini, & Tchaikovsky. J. & S. GEORGIADIS ("Moto Perpetuo"). M.
D3 37862 D (3) Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia. HORNE, RAMEY, NUCCI, DARA, BARBACINI; CHAILLY, La Scala. A. Libretto.
IM 37758 D Gesualdo: Madrigals, Book 6--exc. FROMME, Collegium Vocale Koln. FS. Texts.
M 36701 S Franck: Piano Quintet (BOLET); Wolf: Italian Serenade. JUILLIARD QT. A.
MP 39550 S Franck: Violin Sonata; Strauss: Sonata. HEIFETZ, SMITH (from last recital). Digitally remastered. M.
P4 16760 S (4) "Bell System American Orchestras on Tour." Performances by OZAWA, SOLTI, MAAZEL, GIULINI, MEHTA, ORMANDY, & PREVIN, from commercial recordings; 1 LP side includes brief interviews with each conductor. A.
Celebrity Record Company
CEL 2 "Cylinders of Stars from Metropolitan & Hammerstein Opera Companies (1900-10). ALBANI, HUBERDEAU, GALVANY, BURGSTALLER (2), RAPPOLD, MURATORE, FOURNETS, ARRAL, SYLVA, BLASS, JACOBY (2), MELIS, & DIPPEL (2). A.
17458 S Franck: Symphony. HAWKINS, Directors Band, Gunnison Music Camp, Western State College of Colorado (1963). A.
A 50176 Arias of Donizetti (2), Mozart (2), & Massenet (4) ("Famous Tenor Arias"). VALLETTI. A.
C 1245 (3) Massenet: Werther (in Italian). TASSINARI, TAGLIAVINI, CORTIS; MOLINARI PRADELLI, RAI Turin (1953). A. Capitol pressing. Libretto.
LO 11 Massenet: Manon--exc. FAVERO, DI STEFANO, BORRIELLO; GUARNIERI, La Scala (1947). A, LSM.
LPC 1223 (2) A. Scarlatti: Il trionfo dell'onore. ZARESKA, PINI, ROVERO, BERDINI, POLI, BORRIELLO; GIULINI, RAI, Milan. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Libretto. Box damaged.
LPC 1248 (3) Puccini: Madama Butterfly. PETRELLA, TAGLIAVINI, TADDEI; QUESTA. A. Spine taped. Libretto.
LPC 1255 (2) Cilea: L'Arlesiana. TASSINARI, TAGLIAVINI, GALLI, SILVERI; BASILE, RAI Turin. A/A-, FOT. Italian libretto.
LPC 55018 Verdi: Arias. CORELLI, var. accomp. A.
Chamber Music Society
CM 21 Stravinsky: Duo Concertant. KAUFMAN, PIGNARI. Suite Italienne. GARBUSOVA, KAHN. A; 1/8" X. Red vinyl.
ABR 1017 S N. LeFanu: The Same Day Dawns. MANNING (s); LeFANU, Gemini. But Stars Remain (MANNING); Deva (VAN KAMPEN, cello). NASH ENS. A.
Chant du Monde
LDX 78474 S Prokofiev: Ballad of the Unknown Child (POLIAKOV, s; MAKHOV; t); They Are Seven (ELNIKOV, t). ROZHDESTVENSKY. Zdravitsa. SVETLANOV. A.
Chatham Square
LP 24 Gibson: Cycles; Untitled. GIBSON (organ, flute). A.
Chestnut Brass Company
1/2 05 S Works of Bach, Krush (4), Running, H. Lockwood (2), & Gershwin. CHESTNUT BRASS COMPANY. Private release. A.
Classic Masters
CM 1003 S (2) Barber: Commando March; Dahl: Sinfonietta; Persichetti: Parable;A.F. Doppler: Andante & Rondo (B. GARNER, BAKER); Badings: Flute Concerto (BAKER); L.A. Smith: Concerto; Latham: Dilemmae. G. GARNER, W. Texas State U. Band (Carnegie Hall, 1983) A.
Classical Excellence
CE 11046 S Schreker: Birthday of the Child Queen--Suite; Chamber Symphony in A. SWAROWSKY, Austrian Radio SO. A.
Classics for Pleasure
CFP 40070 S Dvorak: Cello Concerto; Faure: Elegie. STARKER; SUSSKIND, Philharmonia O. A. EP.
CFP 40084 S Brahms: Symphony #4. LOUGHRAN, Halle O. A.
CFP 40243 S Holst: The Planets. LOUGHRAN, Halle Cho. & O. A.
CRLP 10190 Tchaikovsky: Quartet #1. OISTRAKH QT. Serenade for Strings. L. STEINBERG, Bolshoi O. A, FOT.
SM 547 S Sgambati: Piano Concerto. BOLET; COX, Nurnberg SO. A.
10" ML 2049 Bach-Busoni: Chaconne; Beethoven: Sonata #6. PETRI. A.
10" ML 2108 Songs of Chapman, Beethoven, Franz (3), Falla, Berger, Carpenter, Forster, & 3 Negro Spirituals. C. BRICE (c), J. BRICE (pf). A.
10" ML 2165 Arias of Verdi (2) & Rossini (CLEVA); Songs of Mozart, Haydn, Schubert,Schumann, & Brahms (BEHR, pf). NIKOLAIDI. A, FOT.
10" ML 2198 Songs of Dargomijsky (2), Gretchaninov (2), Mussorgsky (2), Granados, Ginastera (2), Nin, Villa-Lobos, & Obradors. TOUREL, Reeves. A/A-, FOT.
D3S 817 S (3) Mozart: Symphonies #35-6, 38-41. CASALS. A. 2 eye label.
ES 1823 S "Festival of Spanish Overtures." SOROZABAL, Madrid SO. A.
KS 6605 S Bernstein: Symphony #3, "Kaddish." MONTEALEGRE (narr), TOUREL; BERNSTEIN, Camerata Singers, N.Y. Phil. First issue of premiere recording. M. 2 eye label.
KS 7395 S (2) Mahler: Des knaben Wunderhorn (2 versions). LUDWIG, BERRY, BERNSTEIN (piano & cond), N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label. Texts.
M 32495 S Joplin: Rags. BIGGS (pedal hpsi). A, LSM.
M 33082 S Bernstein: The Dybbuk. JOHNSON (b), OSTENDORF (bs); BERNSTEIN. FS.
M 35135 S "Romantic Opera Duets." SCOTTO, DOMINGO; Adler. A. Texts.
M 35162 S St.-Saens: Concerto #3; Rhapsodie d'Auvergne; Wedding Cake; Africa. ENTREMONT; PLASSON, Toulouse O. Great program notes! A. White label promo.
M2 30061 S (2) Mahler: Das Klagende Lied (HOFFMAN, LEAR, SOEDERSTROEM, BURROWS, HAEFLIGER, NIENSTEDT); Symphony #10--Adagio. BOULEZ, London SO & Cho. A. Text.
M2L 245 (2) Schumann: Manfred. BEECHAM, BBC Cho., Royal PO (+ acting cast). Quickly suppressed due to contractual conflict. A.
M2L 274 (2) Haydn: Sonata #60; Schumann: Novellettes, Op. 21, #1, 2, & 8; Debussy: Suite Bergamasque; Images, Book 1; L'isle joyeuse. RICHTER. Carnegie Hall performance, Oct. 25, 1960. A.
M2S 760 S (2) Brahms: Trios. ISTOMIN, STERN, ROSE. A. Late label.
M3L 239 (3) Mozart: 6 String Quintets. BUDAPEST QT., TRAMPLER, KATIMS. A, LSM. Booklet.
ML 4155 Beethoven: Quartet in F, Op. 59, #1. BUSCH QT. A/A-, FOT.
ML 4216 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 64, #5, "Lark;" Op. 76, #4. BUDAPEST QT. A-, FOT. Blue label.
ML 4353 Bach: Violin Concerto #1, in a. STERN. Harpsichord Concerto #5, in f. HASKIL (piano); CASALS, Prades Festival O. Toccata in e. ISTOMIN. Trio Sonata. STERN, WUMMER, ISTOMIN. A-, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4413 Schuman: Symphony #3. ORMANDY, Philadelphia O. JACKET (missing small chunk) INSCRIBED BY "BILL SCHUMAN," dated 1951. A-, FOT. Blue label.
ML 4510 Brahms: Symphony #1. WEINGARTNER, London SO. A-, FOT.
ML 4513 Brahms: Symphony #4. WEINGARTNER, London SO. A; 1/3" X.
ML 4567- Mozart: Piano Concerto #14. ISTOMIN. Flute Concerto #1. WUMMER; CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. A, LSM. Gray label.
ML 4569 Mozart: Concerto #22. SERKIN; CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. A. Blue label.
ML 4570 Mozart: Piano Concerto #27. HORSZOWSKI; CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. A/A-, FOT. Gray label.
ML 4640 Arias of Bach & Mozart (3). TOUREL; CASALS, Perpignan Fest. O. (HORSZOWSKI, piano in K. 505). Beethoven: Variations on a Theme from Handel's "Judas Maccabaeus." CASALS, SERKIN. A, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4712 Brahms: Piano Quartet #3. HESS, SZIGETI, KATIMS, TORTELIER. A. Gray label.
ML 4924 Haydn: String Quartets, Op. 76, #5 & 6. BUDAPEST STRING QT. A. Gray label.
ML 5049 Faure: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. FRANCESCATTI, CASADESUS. A.
ML 5058 Ravel: Violin Sonata; Tzigane; violin works. FRANCESCATTI, BALSAM. A.
ML 5144 Bernstein: Serenade. STERN; BERNSTEIN, Symphony of the Air. A.
ML 5216 Schoenberg: Piano music. STEUERMANN (performer of all premieres). A, FOT. White promo label.
ML 5324 Works of Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Scott, Prokofiev, Mompou, Ravel (2), & Debussy. LEVANT ("Some Pleasant Moments in the 20th Century"). A, LSM. White promo label.
ML 5366 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso; Pavane. ENTREMONT. A, LSM.
ML 5449 Haydn: Symphony #45; Mozart: Symphony #36. CASALS, Festival Casals O.of Puerto Rico. FS. AS.
ML 5603 Hindemith: Oboe Sonata; Loeffler: 2 Rhapsodies (KATIMS). GOMBERG, MITROPOULOS. A.
MPS 6 S "Audition," Autumn 1965. Sampler with brief comments by ORMANDY, LIEBERSON, BERNSTEIN, G. GOULD, KOSTELANETZ. A.
MS 6027 S Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf (RITCHARD, narr); Britten: Young Person'sGuide. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6140 S Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6152 S Mahler: Symphony #4. GRIST (s); BERNSTEIN (his first Mahler recording), N.Y. Phil. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6164 S "Orchestral Music from the Opera." Works of Bizet, Faure, Prokofiev, Verdi, Barber, Puccini, Mascagni, Berg, & Humperdinck. SCHIPPERS, o. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6224 S Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings; Borodin: Nocturne; Barber: Adagio; Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on "Greensleeves." ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6243 S Brahms: Horn Trio (TREE, violin); Schubert: Auf dem Strom (VALENTE, s). BLOOM, SERKIN. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6249 S Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6315 S Mozart: Divertimenti, K. 213 & 270; Reicha: Quintet in Eb, Op. 88, #2. PHILA. WOODWIND QUINTET (Cole/Kincaid, De Lancie, Gigliotti, Schoenbach, Jones). A. 6 eye label.
MS 6356 S Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Masonic Funeral Music; 4 Overtures. WALTER, o. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6515 S Strauss: Don Quixote. COOLEY, MUNROE; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6548 S Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms (Festival Singers of Toronto); Symphonyin C. STRAVINSKY, CBC SO. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6557 S Mozart: Violin Concertos #1 & 5. STERN; SZELL, Columbia SO. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6579 S Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta; Hindemith: Concert Music for Strings & Brass, Op. 50. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6608 S Bach: Lute Suite #4; works of Albeniz, Tarrega, Turina (3), Ponce, & Sagreras. WILLIAMS (gtr). A. 2 eye label.
MS 6668 S Verdi: Arias. TUCKER; Santi, Vienna St. Opera O. FS.
MS 6713 S Barber: Violin Concerto; Hindemith: Concerto. STERN; BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6736 S Walton: Variations on a Theme by Hindemith; Symphony #2. SZELL, Cleveland O. FS. 2 eye label.
MS 6831 S "Treasury of French Opera Arias." TUCKER; DERVAUX, Vienna St. Opera O. FS. Texts.
MS 7222 S Nancarrow: 12 Studies for Player Piano. First recording of Nancarrow'snow well-known music. A. Corner clipped.
MS 7268 S Berio: Sinfonia. BERIO, Swingle Singers, N.Y. Phil. A, LSM. 2 eye label.
MS 7284 S Kirchner: Quartet #3. BEAUX-ARTS QT. (& tape). Weinberg: Quartet #2. COMPOSERS QT. Kirchner's piece deservedly won the Pulitzer Prize. FS.
SL 110 (3) Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust. LAURENA (ms), JOUATTE (t), CABANEL (b), PACTAT (bs); FOURNET, Passani Cho., o. A, LSM. English text.
SL 158 (4) Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players (HORSZOWSKI, pf). A-/B, FOT.
SL 218 Mahler: Symphony #1. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A.
Columbia (France)
FCX 363/5 (3) Gounod: Mireille. VIVALDA, GEDDA, DENS; CLUYTENS, Aix-en-ProvenceFestival Cho, Paris Cons. O. (1954). A, FOT. Booklet summary.
FCX.PM 35036/7 (2) Charpentier: Louise (abridged). VALLIN, LECOUVREUR, GAUDEL, THILL, PERNET; BIGOT. From 78s, composer-supervised. A.
Columbia (Germany)
C 91106 Mozart: Divertimento in Eb, K. 113; Serenade in D, K. 100; Cassation in G, K. 63. RICHTER-STEINER (vln), BANTAY (ob), HOLTZEL (horn); PAUMGARTNER, Salzburg Mozarteum Camerata Academica ("Musik in alten Stadten und Residenzen: Salzburg"). A. AS.
Columbia (Japan)
OS 10044 J S Bartok: Viola Concerto; Hindemith: Der Schwanendreher. HILLYER; WATANABE, Japan PO. A, LSM.
Columbia (Spain)
SCLL 14091 Espla: Sonata del Sur. DEL PUEYO (pf). Sinfonia Aitana. FRUHBECK DE BURGOS, Spanish Nat'l O. A.
Columbia Entre
RL 3021 Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice; Rimsky-Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or Suite; Prokofiev: Classical Symphony; Gliere: Russian Sailors' Dance. MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A, LSM; tiny X.
RL 3092 Debussy: Pelleas et Melisande--exc. CROIZA, NESPOULOS, MAGUENAT, DUFRANNE (creator of Golaud); TRUC. From 78s, 1928. A; 1/4" X.
RL 3093 Thomas: Mignon--exc. CERNAY, TRAGIN, D'ARKOR, DEMOULIN; BASTIN, COHEN,Theatre Royal, Brussels. A.
Columbia Harmony
HL 7102 Franck: Symphony. MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A.
HS 11359 F Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (TEMPLETON); American in Paris. KOSTELANETZ, o. A.
Columbia Odyssey
32 16 0158 S Kagel: Improvisation Ajoutee; C. Wolff: For 1, 2, or 3 People; Mumma:Mesa (MUMMA, cybersonic console). TUDOR, organ & bandoneon. A.
32 16 0274 S Rorem: Songs. CURTIN, D'ANGELO (s), SARFATY (ms), BRESSLER (t), GRAMM (b), ROREM (pf). FS. Texts.
32 66 0001 (6) Beethoven: Symphonies. WALTER, N.Y. Phil., Phila. O. (in #6). A.
Y3 31242 (3) Mozart: 6 "Haydn" Quartets. BUDAPEST QT. A.
Y3 33220 S (3) Mozart: Sonatas #1-10. KRAUS. First publication of most items. A.
Y3 33224 S (3) Mozart: Piano Sonatas (Vol. 2). KRAUS. First publication of most items. A.
Y3 33324 (3) Haydn: 6 Quartets, Op. 76. BUDAPEST QT. Great program notes! A.
Y4 34640 S (4) Beethoven: Piano Concertos. GOULD; BERNSTEIN, GOLSCHMANN, STOKOWSKI. A. Promo stickers.
Columbia Special Products
C 10954 Beethoven: Concerto #3 (MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil.); Mozart: Duport Variations. J. CASADESUS. Private release by State University of New York at Binghamton, where he taught. A.
CC 11018SD S Bach: Passacaglia & Fugue; Messiaen: Dieu Parmi Nous; Franck: GrandePiece Symphonique. FOX, Philharmonic Hall organ. A. Gatefold album.
Communaute de Travail
CT 64 13 S Marescotti: Concert Carougeois #2. SACHER. Gagnebin: Suite on Huguenot Psalms. BAUD-BOVY. Roy: Ballade. HAUG, Geneva Studio O. (in all). A.
CT 64 15 Blum: Concerto for Wind Quintet. STALDER QUINTET. Schibler: Epitaph-Furioso-Epiolg. URFER QT. R. Liebermann: 4 Chinese Songs. HAEFLIGER, VOEGELIN. Geiser: Sonatine for Flute Solo. BOPP. Moser: Suite. HOLLIGER (ob), BRUNNER (clar), BOUCHET (bsn). A.
CT 64 17 Kelterborn: Metamorphosen. TRAVIS, Beromunster Radio O. Regamey: 5 Etudes. RETCHITZKA (s); DESARZENS, Lausanne CO. E. Staempfli: Ornamente. AUBERSON, ens. A.
CT 64 18 S Tischhauser: Punctus contra Punctum. MIELSCH (t), LAGGER (bs); TSCHUPP. Zbinden: Fantaisie. NICOLET (fl); DESARZENS. Looser: Rhapsodia. LOOSER (vcl); GERECZ. Perrin: Die Landschaft der Seele. DEVALLIER (c); DESARZENS. A.
CT 64 19 Pfister: Sonata for 2 Trumpets, Strings & Timpani. ADELBRECHT, DUQUENOY; TSCHUPP, Camerata Zurich. Sturzenegger: Omaggio--8 pieces. BUCKEL (s), WENDEL (fl), WINTERTHUR QT. (w. RYBAR). Mieg: Toccata-Arioso-Gigue. DAHINDEN, Winterthur SO. A.
CT 64 20 Sutermeister: Die schwarze Spinne (1 act opera). KAHMANN, RODIO, MAURER, OLSEN; N. ASECHBACHER, Bern Radio Cho., ad hoc inst. ens. A. German libretto.
CT 64 21 Keller: Passacaglia. SCHMIDT, Beromunster Radio O. Wildberger: Musick for 22 Solo Strings. DUTOIT, Swiss Italian Radio O. Wyttenbach: 3 Satze. H. & U. HOLLIGER, WYTTENBACH. Kuber: Noctes intelligibilis Lucis. H. HOLLIGER, PICHT-AXENFELD (hpsi). Holliger: Schwarzgewobene Trauer. FORRER (s), HOLLIGER, EUGSTER (cello), PICHT-AXENFELD; WILDBERGER. A.
CT 64 23 S Burkhard: Der Schuss von der Kanzel--Overture. BURKHARD. Flury: Festouverture. L. CASELLA. Hiebner: Ouverture zu einer Commedia dell'arte. VOGT-BASEL. Vogt-Basel: 7 Pieces. COHANIER (sax), VOGT-BASEL (pf). Kulm: Suite. BOPP, HALDEMANN (fl), et al. A.
CT 64 26 D'Alessandro: 6 Preludes; Blanchet: Barcarolle; Tocsin; Mathey: 3 Esquisses Neuchateloises. DATYNER (pf). Lauber: Caprice #5; Mottu: Vif et Leter; Danse des Seizes; Stierlin-Vallon: Dimanche Matin. PERRET (pf). Semini: Incontri. POZZI (pf). A.
Concert Hall
CHC 2 Khachaturian: Violin Concerto. KAUFMAN; RACHMILOVITCH, Santa Monica SO. A-, FOT; minor PB. Red vinyl.
CHC 29 Corelli: Concerto Grossi, Op. 6, #2 & 3. SWOBODA. Sonata in G, Op. 1, #9. RYBAR, TUSA, H. ANDREAE. A, FOT. Red vinyl.
CHC 38 Schumann: Quartet in A, Op. 41, #3. WINTERTHUR QT. (Rybar, et al). A-; minor PB. Minor PB. Red vinyl.
CHC 7 Schubert: Quartet in Eb, Op. 125. GUILET QT. A. Jacket repaired.
CHS 1159 Mendelssohn: Die erste Walpurgisnacht. WOUDT, LARSEN, HOLLESTELLE; ACKERMANN, Hilversum Radio Cho. & SO. 5 songs. GRAF, POMMERS. A, FOT; 1/8" X. Texts. Jacket repaired.
E 13 Mendelssohn: Schone Melusine Overture. BUSCH, Winterthur SO. Piano Quartet, Op. 1. BALSAM, RYBAR, CORTI, BENOS. Numbered, ltd. to 3000 copies. B, FOT; 1/2" X. Red vinyl.
G 10 Mozart: Concerto in D, "Adelaide" (doubtful work) (KAUFMAN); Symphonies #17 & 26. ACKERMANN, Hilversum Radio O. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A-, LSM.
G 13 Paganini: Concerto #2. ODNOPOSOFF; HUPPERTS. Mendelssohn: Capriccio Brillant. PELLEG; GOEHR. Variations Concertantes. U. WIESEL (cello), OREN (piano). A, LSM. Red vinyl. Numbered, ltd. to 3,000.
H 4 Shostakovich: Piano Concerto #1. MEWTON-WOOD; GOEHR. Britten: 6 Metamorphoses after Ovid. PAROLARI (oboe). Simple Symphony. ACKERMANN. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A. Red vinyl.
H 5 Mendelssohn: Serenade & Allegro Giocoso, Op. 43 (ACKERMANN); Piano Quartet in b, Op. 3 (WINTERTHUR QT). PELLEG. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A. Red vinyl.
CS 501 S (3) Bartok: String Quartets. FINE ARTS QT. A.
Concordia Choir
Vol. 2 S Debussy: 3 Chansons; N. Lockwood: Inscriptions from the Catacombs; works of Sweelinck, Schutz, & Schreck. CHRISTIANSEN, Concordia Choir (+ soloists). A.
Connoisseur Society
CS 2002 S Mozart: Fantasia & Sonata in c, K. 475/457; Sonata in Bb, K. 570. MORAVEC. A, LSM. Tan & white label.
CS 2071 S Chopin: 4 Scherzos; 2 Songs (arr. Liszt). BARBOSA. A.
CS 2111 S Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto; Mozart: Concerto #3. KOGAN; SILVESTRI, Paris Cons. O. A.
CS 562 S (45 rpm) Beethoven: Sonata #23, "Appassionata;" Mozart: Sonata in c,K. 457. MORAVEC. A.
CS 8657 S (7) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier. MARTINS (piano). A.
S 7015 S W.O. Smith: String Quartet. AMATI QT. Capriccio for Violin & Piano. RUBIN, PREVIN. Suite for Violin & Clarinet. RUBIN, SMITH. A.
Contemporary Recording Studios
CRS 8528 S Mennin: 5 Piano Pieces; Cowell: 3 Ostinati with Chorales (RUSSO, clar). IGNACIO (pf). Dillon: 6 Scenes & a Fantasy. KRIEGER (cello), BARTO (pf). Rokeach: Variations for Flute & Piano. SPELL, MURRAY. FS.
Corliss Enterprises
KM 4728 S Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Chopin: Polonaise, Op. 53. Philip KELLER. A.
Cornell University
N8OP 5536/7 (1) Husa: Fantasies for Orchestra; Palmer: Memorial Music. HUSA, Paris Soloists O. A.
7 S Cage: Chorals; Cheap Imitation. ZUKOFSKY (vln). A.
CRSLP 6105 S Castaldi: Finale. CARDINI (pf). A.
CRD 1016 S Faure: Cello Sonatas; Sicilienne; Elegie. IGLOI, BENSON. DMM pressing. A.
118 Porter: String Quartet #8. STANLEY QT. Carter: 8 Etudes & a Fantasy. N.Y. WOODWIND QUINTET. A/A-, FOT.
161 Berger: String Quartet. LENOX QT. Wyner: Concert Duo. RAIMONDI (vln),WYNER (pf). Unusual solo appearance by New Music Qt. violinist. FS. AS.
176 Siegmeister: String Quartet #2. GALIMIR QT. Kohs: Short Concert (Quartet #2), SHAPIRO, ROSS, SCHONBACH, REJTO. JACKET INSCRIBED BY SIEGMEISTER. A. AS.
193 Partch: Castor & Pollux; The Letter; Windsong; Cloud-Chamber Music; The Bewitched--exc. PARTCH, Gate 5 Ensemble (from Gate 5 label recordings). A.
SD 213 S Partch: And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell on Petaluma. GATE 5 ENSEMBLE. A.
CY 669 S R. Calmel: Magnificat. H. CALMEL, E. PELLETIER, BARDON, cho's, inst. ens. 5 Poemes de Leopold Senghor. BOUHEY, MURCIANO (s), CYRILLE (a), PEREZ (t), SEYNIER (bs), ENS. MUSICA NOVA. A.

Da Camera Magna
SM 93308 S Dvorak: Violin Sonata; Sonatine; 4 Romantic Pieces. NAEGELE, KRIEGER. A.
SM 93338 S Dvorak: Mazurka; Kleine Stucke, Op. 75a; Notturno; Ballade; Romanze. NAEGELE (vln), KRIEGER (pf). Jacket inscribed by Naegele. A.
SM 93399 S Grieg: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. NAEGELE, KRIEGER. A.
Da Vinci
DRC 100/2 (3) Halevy: La Juive. YEEND, HOPKINS, GAFNI, WILDERMAN, FELDMAN; GHIGLIA, Florence May Festival. A. Libretto. Harmless dish warp.
Dansk Musik Antologi
DMA 061/2 S (2) Nielsen: Choral works. RASMUSSEN, Canzone-Koret. A. Danish/English texts.
De Loache
LG 4478 S (2) Schubert: Winterreise. DeLOACHE (b), SIMONDS (pf). Private issue. A. Text.
10" DL 4027 Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture; Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice. FRICSAY, Lamoureux O. A. Jacket repaired.
10" DL 7505 "Italian Art Songs." DE LUCA, Cimara (piano). A-, FOT; minor PB.
10" DL 7520 Hindemith: Symphonic Dances. FRICSAY, RIAS SO. A, FOT; minor PB.
DL 10014 Sonatas of Tartini (2), Vivaldi, & Corelli. ETO, V. Sokoloff (pf). A. AS.
DL 10025 Works of Brahms, Sebastian, Prokofiev, Debussy, Gershwin (2), Falla, Gluck, Bartok, Vivaldi, & Guion. SEBASTIAN (harmonica), Clugston (pf). A. AS.
DL 10038 Franck: Violin Sonata; Mozart: Sonata in Eb, K. 481. MORINI, FIRKUSNY. A. AS. Jacket repaired.
DL 10122 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1--#17-24. TURECK. A. COH.
DL 10124 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2--#9-16. TURECK. A.
DL 710062 S Sacchini: Edipo a Colono Overture; Boccherini: Symphony in d, "La Casa del Diavolo;" Vivaldi: Flute Concertos, Op. 10, #1 & 2 (MASI). RUOTOLO, O. San Pietro. A.
DL 710115 S Schumann: Symphonic Etudes; Toccata. CZIFFRA. A. BJ. White promo label.
DL 710129 S Mozart: Serenade in D, K. 320, "Posthorn" (BLEE); Symphony #28. RUDOLF, Cincinnati SO. FS.
DL 710138 S Britten: Les Illuminations (J. HARSANYI, s); Dello Joio: Meditations on Ecclesiastes. N. HARSANYI, Princeton CO. A.
DL 710161 S Couperin: Suites #25 & 26; harpsichord works. MARLOWE. FS.
DL 79407 S Handel: Arias. OBERLIN; DUNN, o. A.
DL 8518 Schubert: Sonata in a, Op. 42; Valses nobles. KRAUS. A/A-, FOT; 2 1/8" Xs
DL 9541 Lopatnikoff: Violin Sonata #2; Piston: Violin Sonata. FUCHS, BALSAM. A/A-, LSM. EAR.
DL 9600 Mozart: Clarinet Quintet. KELL, FINE ARTS QT. A, FOT.
DL 9627 Monteverdi: "Vocal & instrumental works." WEND, CUENOD, DERENNE, CONRAD, et al; N. BOULANGER, ens. A, FOT; minor PBs. EAR.
DL 9715 Schumann: Symphony #2. BERNSTEIN, Stadium SO of N.Y. A, FOT.
DL 9795 6 16th century lute pieces; works of Ponce, Bach, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Crespo, Lauro, & Cassado. SEGOVIA. A. Late pressing.
DL 9883 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. SANDERLING, Leningrad PO. A.
DL 9884 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO. A.
DL 9885 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO. A.
DL 9890 Chopin: Etudes, Op. 10; Impromptus #1 & 2. SLENCZYNSKA. A.
DL 9949 Liszt: Rapsodie Espagnol; Feux follets; Paganini Etudes. SLENCZKYSKA. A.
DL 9961 Chopin: 4 Scherzi. SLENCZYNSKA. A.
DL 9981 Songs of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Glinka, Gretchaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, & Dargomijsky. TOUREL, B. Smith, G. Ricci (cello). A, FOT; minor PB.
DX 104 (2) Haydn: 3 Trios. KRAUS, GOLDBERG, PINI. Andante & Variations in f.KRAUS (her first recording). A, LSM.
DX 125 (3) Beethoven: Piano Concertos. KEMPFF; VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A, FOT; 1/8" X. Short album.
DX 139 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #9. JOCHUM, Bavarian Radio SO. Beethoven: "Choral" Fantasia. FOLDES; LEHMANN, RIAS Cho., Berlin Motet Cho., Berlin PO. A.
Decca (Eng.)
LXT 2823 Duparc: Songs. SOUZAY, BONNEAU. A/A-, FOT.
LXT 5416 Britten: A Boy Was Born, Op. 3; Rejoice in the Lamb. BRITTEN, Purcell Singers, et al. No U.S. issue. A. Texts.
SET 567/8 S (2) Schumann: Faust. HARWOOD, VYVYAN, PEARS, FISCHER-DIESKAU, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BRITTEN, English CO., cho's. A. EP. Text.
Decca (Eng.) Ace of Diamonds
GOS 571/3 S (3) Strauss: Arabella. DELLA CASA, GUEDEN, LONDON , DERMOTA; SOLTI, Vienna St. Opera. M. EP. Libretto.
SDD 271 F Schumann: Piano Concerto (LIPATTI); Carnaval (arr. Glazounov) (genuinestereo). ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A.
Decca (Germany)
6.48119 (2) Schubert: Lieder. SOUZAY, Bonneau, Baldwin. A.
OX 7106 ND D Franck: Violin Sonata; Brahms: Sonata #3. ROGOFF, SANDERS. A.
DES 18036 S Satie: Piano works (arr. Camarata). CAMARATA CONTEMPORARY CHAMBER GROUP. A.
DSM 1011 S Vaughan Williams: Tallis Fantasia; Purcell-Stokowski: Dido's Lament; Dvorak: Serenade. STOKOWSKI, Royal PO. A. German pressing.
Deutsche Grammophon
0100 119 S "Belgian National Music Competition Prizewinners, 1976." BALTUSSEN, TJAMPENS (vln), LARCIN, MERTENS (pf), DE VLEESCHHOUWER (tpt), MOORTGAT (clar), BASTIAENS (org). A.
136 214 S Arias of Wagner (4), Verdi (5), Donizetti, Meyerbeer, Ponchielli, & Flotow (all in German). KONYA; KULKA, R. KRAUS, Bamberg SO. JACKET INSCRIBED BY THE SINGER. A. Tulip label.
136 228 S Wagner: Siegfried Idyll; Meistersinger Prelude; Tristan und Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod. KUBELIK, Berlin PO. A. Tulip label.
138 030 S Bartok: Bluebeard's Castle (abridged, in German). TOPPER, FISCHER-DIESKAU; FRICSAY. A. Tulip label. German libretto on jacket
138 697/9 S (3) Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro. SEEFRIED, STADER, TOPPER, FISCHER-DIESKAU, CAPECCHI, SARDI; FRICSAY, RIAS Cho. & SO. A. Box spine damaged Deluxe libretto.
138 759 S Von Einem: Piano Concerto. HERZOG; FRICSAY. Blacher: 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. HAEFLIGER, DROLC QT. Egk: 4 Canzoni. SEEFRIED; EGK. A. Thick jacket.
138 844/5 S (2) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I. KIRKPATRICK (hpsi). A.
138 997 S Mozart: Flute Quartets. ZOLLER, BRANDIS, UEBERSCHAER, BOETTCHER. A. Tulip label.
139 142 S Egk: La Tentation de St. Antoine. BAKER, KOECKERT QT.; EGK. The Chinese Nightingale; Violin Music with Orchestra (WILKOMIRSKA); EGK, Bavarian Radio SO. A. Texts. 7
139 146/8 S (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. KIRKPATRICK (hpsi). M.
139 349 S Prokofiev: Concerto #3; Ravel: Concerto in G. ARGERICH; ABBADO, Berlin PO. A. Promo label. Jacket repaired.
139 430 S Brahms: String Quintets. AMADEUS QT., ARONOWITZ. A. Late label.
18031 Schubert: Die schone Mullerin--#1-10. W. LUDWIG, RAUCHEISEN. A, FOT.
18486/8 (3) Haydn: Die Schopfung. TROETSCHEL, LUDWIG, GREINDL; FRICSAY, St. Hedwig's Cathedral Choir, RIAS Cho. & SO. M. Texts.
2530 037 S Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Romancero gitana; Bussotti: "ultima rara" pop song (BUSSOTTI, voice); Hartig: Perche. BEHREND (guitar); VOORBERG, NCRV Vocal Ens. A.
2530 368 S Strauss: Tod und Verklarung; 4 Last Songs (JANOWITZ). KARAJAN, Berlin PO. A. Texts.
2530 398 S Haydn: Sinfonia Concertante (KUCHL, SCHEIWEIN, MAYRHOFER, ZEMAN); Symphony #90. BOHM, Vienna PO. A.
2531 136 S Mozart: Symphonies #32, 35, & 36. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. A.
2535 103 S Schubert: Symphony #8; Beethoven: Symphony #5. MAAZEL, Berlin PO. A.
2535 704 Ravel: Introduction & Allegro (ZABALETA); Bartok: Violin Concerto #2 (VARGA). FRICSAY, Berlin RSO, Berlin PO. A.
2535 722 Franck: Symphonic Variations; Stravinsky: Capriccio; Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain. WEBER; FRICSAY. A.
2535 827 Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #3; Suite #3--Air; Mozart: Abduction from the Seraglio & Nozze di Figaro Overtures; Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Beethoven: Egmont Overture. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. From 78s, 1929/37. A.
2707 028 S (2) Schubert: Winterreise; 6 Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, DEMUS. A. Texts.
2709 051 S (3) Mozart: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail; Der Schauspieldirektor. AUGER, GRIST, SCHREIER, NEUKIRCH, MOLL; BOHM, Staatskapelle Dresden. A. Libretto.
2709 085 S (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. TOMOWA-SINTOW, ZYLIS-GARA, MATHIS, SCHREIER, MILNES, BERRY; BOHM, Vienna PO. A. Libretto.
2709 091 S (3) Massenet: Werther. AUGER, OBRAZTSOVA, DOMINGO, GRUNDHEBER, MOLL; CHAILLY, Cologne Radio. A. Libretto.
2720 091 S (6) Haydn: Symphonies #93-104. JOCHUM, London PO. A.
2741 002 D (5) Wagner: Parsifal. VEJZOVIC, HOFMANN, MOLL, VAN DAM, NIMSGERN; KARAJAN, Berlin PO & German Opera Cho. A. Libretto.
29336 Brahms: Violin Concerto. SCHNEIDERHAN; VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A.
415 481 1 D Beethoven: Sonatas #2 & 4. GILELS. A.
642 106 S Paganini: 10 Caprices; Ysaye: Sonata #2. VASILE (violin). A.
Deutsche Grammophon (U.S.)
DGM 12029 Bruch: Violin Concerto #1; Glazounov: Concerto. MORINI; FRICSAY, Berlin Radio SO. A. AS.
DGS 712030 S Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (GEUSER); Lieder. STREICH, WERBA. A. Texts on jacket.
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi
10" HM 25146 Corelli: Sonatas, Op. 1, #13; Op. 3, #7-9. GREHLING, VORHOLZ (vln), BUHL (cello), KOCH (violone), EWERHART (org), GERWIG (lute). A.
5- Berg: Lyric Suite. PRO ARTE QT. (Kolisch, 1st violin). A-, FOT; 1/2" X.
289 (2) Strauss: Salome. VARNAY, KLOSE, PATZAK, BRAUN, HOPF; WEIGERT (1953). FS.
294 (2) Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur. OLIVERO, SIMIONATO, CORELLI, CASSINELLI, BASTIANINI; ROSSI, Teatro San Carlo, Naples (1959). FS.
330 Beethoven: Symphony #5; Handel: Berenice--Overture. E. KLEIBER, Berlin St. Opera O. (1955). FS.
331 Mozart: Concerto #22 (RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil.); Vivaldi-Bach: Concerto in D. LANDOWSKA. A. EAR.
334 Beethoven: Sonata #12, Op. 26; Schubert: Sonata in a, D. 537. MICHELANGELI. A.
347 Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc. FLAGSTAD, ANDAY, LORENZ, WEBER, SCHOEFFLER; DE SABATA (1948). A.
350 (2) Chopin: Scherzo #2; Fantasia in f; piano music. MICHELANGELI. A.
359 Beethoven: Concerto #4 (ZORAVKOVIC, 1974); Concerto #5 (STEINBERG, 1966). MICHELANGELI. A.
365 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #7; Schubert: Symphony #5. BOHM, Vienna PO, Dresden St. O. A.
422 Mozart: Concertos #15 & 20. MICHELANGELI; ROSSI, RAI O., Turin. A.
431 Beethoven: Symphony #5; Weber: Freischutz Overture; Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #3. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1926-30). A.
481 S (3) Schubert: Impromptus; Wanderer Fantasy; Klavierstucke, Op. posth.; Valses nobles, Op. 77; piano music. DEMUS. A.
484 (3) Wagner: Die Meistersinger. JANSSEN, KULLMAN, SCHORR, LIST; LEINSDORF, Met. Opera (1939). A.
494 S Beethoven: Sonatas #23 & 32. BADURA-SKODA. A.
701 Mozart: Violin Concerto #4 (WALTER); Berg: Violin Concerto (MITROPOULOS). SZIGETI. Early pressing with tag on plain jacket. A.
708 Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnol (RAI O., Turin, 1952); Debussy: 2 Nocturnes;Stravinsky: Divertimento (Berlin PO, 1951/3). FURTWAENGLER. A. EAR.
737 Schubert: Fantasia in C (ROUBAKINE, 1944); Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer" (FRIEDMAN). HUBERMAN. A.
Discocorp (Brazil)
DCLP 82506 Mozart: Concerto #17--2nd mvt. (incomplete) (STIEDRY, 1944); Sonata inF, K. 533; Beethoven: Bagatelles, Op. 33 (1943). SCHNABEL. Noisy broadcast transcriptions. A.
DCLP 82510 Beethoven: Symphony #6. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1944). A.
DCLP 82515 Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod; Beethoven: Symphony #8. FURTWAENGLER, Stockholm PO (1942/48). A.
Discophiles Francais
DF 730.017 "Vivaldi" (Chedeville): Il Pastor Fido (6 Sonatas). RAMPAL, VEYRON-LACROIX. A. AS. Dowel spine.
97258 S Liszt: "Late Piano Music." FIORENTINO. A.

ECE 0224 Capoianu: Violin Concerto. HAMZA; ELENESCU. Vieru: Flute Concerto. POP; BACI, Rumanian Radio SO. A. Jacket repaired.
10" E 70039 Beethoven: Concerto #3. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. A, LSM.
10" E 70041 Beethoven: Concerto #4. E. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. A.
E 80023 Bach: French Suites #1, 3, & 5. WALCHA (hpsi). A.
E 80032/3 (2, 3 sides) Bach: Goldberg Variations. WALCHA (hpsi). A.
E 80684 Schubert: Impromptus. SCHNABEL. A, LSM.
E 80686/8 (3) Wagner: Die Walkure--Acts 1 & 2. LEHMANN, FUCHS, KLOSE, MELCHIOR,HOTTER, LIST; WALTER, SEIDLER-WINKLER. A. German libretto. Minor spine damage.
E 80872 Schubert: 3 Military Marches; Andantino varie; Rondo in A; Divertissement a la Hongroise. A. & K.U. SCHNABEL. A.
E 90026 Wagner: Gotterdammerung--Siegfried's Rhine Journey & Funeral Music. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. Immolation Scene. FLAGSTAD; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A.
E 90100/4 (5) Wagner: Die Walkure. MODL, RYSANEK, KLOSE, SUTHAUS, FRANTZ, FRICK; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A, FOT; 1/8" X. No booklet. 7
SME 74169 S "Bella Venezia" (operetta & popular songs). GEDDA, ROTHENBERGER, var. accomp. A.
WCLP 545 Bach: French Suites #2, 4, & 6. WALCHA (hpsi). A/A-. Cover water damaged.
01282 Chopin: Sonata #3; Barcarolle; piano music. LIPATTI. A.
01382/3 (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas. FOURNIER, SCHNABEL. A.
01406 Bach: Partita #1; 4 transcriptions; Scarlatti: 2 Sonatas. LIPATTI. A.
01609 Liszt: Concerto #1; Franck: Symphonic Variations. GIESEKING; WOOD, London PO, London SO. A.
02674 S Songs of Liszt (4), Wagner, Berlioz, Cornelius (2), Nietzsche (3), Weingartner, Ritter, Streicher, Raff, Eulenburg, & Schillings. FISCHER-DIESKAU, REIMANN. A.
02769 S Chopin: Preludes (complete). BARENBOIM. A. Brazilian pressing.
11348 S Ravel: Trio (PLUDERMACHER); Sonata for Violin & Cello. JARRY, TOURNUS. A.
1394931 S Gade: Violin Concerto; Capriccio. KONTRA; FRANDSEN, GARAGULY, Tivoli SO. A.
1435413 (2) Mozart: Piano Quartet in g (SCHNABEL); Quintets, K. 515, 516, & 593 (A. HOBDAY). PRO ARTE QT. A.
17996/7 (2) Giordano: Fedora. DALLA RIZZA, MIRELLA, MELANDRI, GHIRARDINI; MOLAJOLI, La Scala. A. Libretto.
28844/5 (2) "Das Wilhelm STRIENZ Album" (1932-39). A.
28991/2 S (2) Lehar: Das Land des Lachelns. ROTHENBERGER, HOLM, GEDDA, FRIEDAUER, MOELLER; MATTES. A. German summary.
34283 S Works of Sibelius, Englund, Sallinen, Segerstam, & Rautawaara. GOTHONI (pf). A.
36024 S Merikanto: Concert Piece (HOYLA, cello); Partita; Piano Concerto #2 (HEINONEN). SODERBLOM, Finnish Nat'l Opera O. A.
50120 Arias of Verdi (5), Puccini (2), Giordano (2), Wagner, Leoncavallo (2),Mascagni (2), Cilea, Meyerbeer, Bizet, & Flotow. DEL MONACO. A.
52100/2 S (3) Strauss: Sinfonia Domestica; Aus Italien; Till Eulenspiegel; Josephslegende; Dance of the 7 Veils. KEMPE, Staatskapelle Dresden. A.
99757/8 D (2) J.M. Haydn: 6 "Salzburg" Symphoies. KUHN, Rias Sinfonietta. A.
EMD 5506 S Penderecki: Stabat Mater; Ligeti: Lux Aeterna; Morning; Night; Petrassi: Nonsense Rhymes; Werle: Nautical Preludes; Castiglioni: Gyro. ERICSON, Swedish Radio Cho. & SO. A.
501 Songs of Griffes (8) & Grieg (9). MYRVIK (t), LEVENSON (pf). A. Texts.
E 302 Ravel: La Valse; Prokofiev: Le Pas d'Acier; Stravinsky: Petrouchka. COATES, London SO (from 78s, 1926-32). A.
BC 1043 S Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #1-3. GOLDBERG, Netherlands CO. A, LSM. EAR.
BC 1122 S Faure: La Bonne Chanson; songs. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A. Texts.
BC 1255 S Schubert: Sonata in A, Op. posth.; Mozart: Rondo in a, K. 511. ROSEN. A.
BC 1291 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol; Ravel: Pavane; Smetana: Bartered Bride Dances; J. Strauss: Blue Danube. SZELL, Cleveland O. A. Blue label.
BC 1297 S "The Soul of Naples: Great Neapolitan Songs." DI STEFANO; Pattacini, o. A.
BC 1299 S Bach: Sonata in a; Telemann: 6 Fantasies; C.P.E. Bach: Sonata in a. RAMPAL (fl). A.
BC 1306 S Bach (?): St. Mark Passion, BWV 247--exc. ERWIN, LISKIN, JELDEN; GONNENWEIN, S. German Madrigal Choir, Pforzheim CO. A. Text.
BC 1307 S Diamond: Quartet #4; Barber: String Quartet. BEAUX-ARTS QT. FS.
BC 1311 S A. Scarlatti: Toccata #7; Galuppi: Sonata #4; Pasquini (2), Cimarosa (4), Frescobaldi, & Rossi. KIPNIS. A.
BC 1320 S Chopin: Concerto #2; Liszt: Concerto #1. ROSEN; PRITCHARD, New Philharmonia O. A.
BC 1332 S Bach: Italian Concerto; English Suite #2; 12 Little Preludes; keyboardworks. KIPNIS (hpsi & clavichord). Superb performances! A.
BC 1371 S Brahms: Die schone Magelone. HAEFLIGER, ULANOWSKY. A. Texts.
BSC 147 S (2) Bach: Suites. LARRIEU (fl); PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
BSC 149 S (2) Paganini: 24 Caprices, Op. 1. VARDI (viola). A.
BSC 155 S (3) Dvorak: Symphonies #7, 8, & 9. SZELL, Cleveland O. A. Blue label.
LC 3026 Beethoven: Symphony #7. VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A-, FOT.
LC 3038 Haydn: Symphonies #53 & 67. SACHER, Vienna SO. A.
LC 3062 Mozart: Masonic Cantatas, K. 429, 471, & 623; Masonic Funeral Music. CHRIST, MAJKUT, BERRY; PAUMGARTNER. A.
LC 3194 Bach: Suites #1 & 2 (BARWAHSER). VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A.
LC 3274 Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta; Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A.
LC 3291 Brahms: Violin Concerto. SENOFSKY; MORALT, Vienna SO. A; minor PB.
LC 3298 Tansman: Isaiah, the Prophet. VAN KEMPEN, Hilversum Radio Cho. & O. A, LSM.
LC 3321 Wagner: Ring--exc. SZELL, Cleveland O. A. Promo label.
LC 3332 Bach: Suites #3 & 4. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A. .
LC 3400 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #1, 4, & 5. GRUMIAUX, HASKIL. A. Writing on jacket.
LC 3423 Granados: Spanish Dances. DEL PUEYO (pf). A. White promo label.
LC 3564 Works of Granados (2), Albeniz (2), Tarrega (3), Rodrigo, Falla, & Grau("The Romantic Guitar"). DE LA TORRE. A. Writing on jacket.
LC 3584 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 282 & 330; Rondo, K. 485. FLEISHER. A.
LC 3589 Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit; Le Tombeau de Couperin. ROSEN. A.
LC 3675 Liszt: Sonata in b; Weber: Sonata #4; Invitation to the Dance. FLEISHER. A.
SC 6015 (2) Dvorak: Slavonic Dances (complete); Smetana-Szell: From My Life.SZELL, Cleveland O. A.
SC 6029 (3) Vivaldi: Il Cimento dell' Armonia e dell' Invenzione, Op. 8. AYO,I MUSICI. A.
EPR 15521 S Haydn: Trumpet Concerto; Concerto in C (doubtful attribution); M. Haydn: Trumpet Concerto. ANDRE; PAILLARD, SANDOR. A.
EPR 15522 S Mozart: Symphonies #38 & 39. GUSCHLBAUER, Bamberg SO. A.
EPR 15523 S Mozart: Symphonies #40 & 41. GUSCHLBAUER, Bamberg SO. A.
ERA 9275 S Gorecki: Symphony #3, "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs." WOYTOWICZ (s); BOUR, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden. Premiere recording (as music for film "Police"). A. COH.
NUM 750693 D (3) Dukas: Ariane et Barbe-Bleue. CIESINSKI, PAUNOVA, BACQUIER; JORDAN. A. COH. Libretto.
NUM 75146 D Mahler: Piano Quartet Movement in a; Strauss: Piano Quartet in c, Op.13. IVALDI QT. FS. COH.
STU 70010 S Durufle: Requiem. BOUVIER, DEPRAZ; DURUFLE, Caillard & Caillat Cho's, Lamoureux O. A.
STU 70667/8 S (2) Honegger: King David. EDA-PIERRE, COLLARD, TAPPY; DUTOIT, Caillard Cho., inst. ens. A.
STU 71267 S Beethoven: Sonatas #14, 23, & 26. BARBIZET (1979). M.
Eterna (E. Germany)
8 27 439/40 S (2) Beethoven: Symphony #9; S. Thiele: Gesange an die Sonne. MOSER, LANG, SCHREIER, ADAM; MASUR, cho's, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. (live perf., 1981). A.
302 435 445 D (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. VARADY, AUGER, MATHIS, TITUS, PANERAI, MOSER, ROOTERING, SCHOLZE; KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio. DMM pressing. A. COH. Libretto.
85792 S Schubert: Sonata in c; Impromptu, Op. 142, #2. RICHTER. FIRST PUBLICATION. A.
3083 S Dvorak: Cello Concerto. CASALS; SCHNEIDER, Casals Festival O. of Puerto Rico. Suppressed almost immediately after publication. A, LSM. 5
3140 F Debussy: Violin Sonata; Faure: Sonata #1. FERRAS, BARBIZET. FS.
6083 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. CASALS; SCHNEIDER, Casals Festival O. of Puerto Rico. Suppressed almost immediately after publication. A/A-, FOT. AS.

Favorit Klassik
FK 50145 Pfitzner: Piano Quintet in C, Op. 23 (KAMPER); Wolf: Italian Serenade. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. From broadcasts. A. Preiser Records jacket.
308 5003/4 S (2) Chopin: Nocturnes. CERQUINHO. A.
FL 3333 S Liszt: "Virtuoso Piano Paraphrases." BOLET. A.
FA 328 S Rautavaara: Cantus Arcticus; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #2. PEKKANEN, Klemetti Institute SO. A.
SR 9004 S Boulez: Sonata #2; Webern: Variations, Op. 27. BIRET. A.
French Broadcasting System in N. America
135/6 (2) Debussy: Le Martyre de St. Sebastien--exc. ROSENTHAL. Berlioz: Romeo & Juliet--exc. MAAZEL, French Nat'l Radio O. Broadcast transcriptions with narration. A-, FOT. BJ. No cue sheets.
481/2 (2) Jolivet: Percussion Concerto. DROUET; JOLIVET, ORTF O. Ravel: Oiseaux Tristes; Tombeau de Couperin--Toccata. MERLET. Crequillon: Motets & Songs. BLANCHARD, Roger Blanchard Vocal Ens. Broadcast transcriptions with narration. A, LSM.
FSM 63906 S Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts--Suite #5; Philidor: Oboe Sonata in d; Couperin: 3 pieces; Leclair: Recreations, Op. 8--No. 2. SIEBERT (fl), LUCARELLI (ob), NORELL (hpsi). A.
FSM 68908 S Melani: All'armi, pensieri; A. Scarlatti:" Su le sponde del Tebro; 2 arias. SHELTON (s), CARROLL (tpt), et al. A.

GS 1031 S Goetz: Symphony; 3 Overtures. VAN REMOORTEL, Monte-Carlo Opera O. A.
Giannina Hofmeister
75 001 S Hewitt: The Battle of Trenton; O. Levant: Sonatine; Y. Nat: Sonatine#1; Gottschalk: Le Bananier. HOFMEISTER (pf). A, LSM.
GLS 8009 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (AGRAFIOTIS, Swabian SO Reutlingen); Preludes, Op. 23, #4 & 6; Chopin: Etude, Op. 25, #12. E. MARTYN. FS. Corner clipped.
100 Arias of Verdi, Massenet, Puccini, Donizetti, Flotow, Leoncavallo, Mascagni, Meyerbeer, Ponchielli, & Blanc. MARTINELLI. EJS production, "limited edition of 100 copies." A. BJ, as issued.
Golden Age of Opera
EJS 111 Beniamino GIGLI aria recital, 1923-51. A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 225 (3) Ponchielli: La Gioconda. MILANOV, CASTAGNA, MARTINELLI, MORELLI, MOSCONA; PANIZZA, Met. Opera (Dec. 30, 1939). A, FOT. BJ, as issued.
EJS 357 "Beniamino GIGLI in Opera & Song (1934-55)." A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 410 Wagner: Die Walkure--Act 1. LARSEN, MELCHIOR (at 70), WEDEL; JENSEN, Danish Radio SO (1960). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 413 (2) Weber: Oberon. PICCHI, CERQUETTI, DI PALMA, PIRAZZINI; GUI, RAI Milan (1957). A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 464 Beniamino GIGLI recital, from 78s, broadcasts, & film, 1927-55. A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 550 Mussorgsky: Boris Godounov--exc. THORBORG, MAISON, KIPNIS; SZELL, Met.Opera (1943). Wagner: Siegfried--finale. FLAGSTAD, HARTMANN; BODANZKY, Met. Opera (1938). A; typical PBs. BJ, as issued.
20157/9 (3) Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro. "National Opera Singers & O." A.
Grand Award
7" G.A. 45 1021 (45 rpm) Bonagura: Stairway to the Sea; Modugno: Miriti in Citta'. BACCALONI; Light, o. A, LSM. BJ.
7" G.A. 45 1022 (45 rpm) Taccani: Chella 'lla; Modugno: Strada 'nfoso. BACCALONI; Light, o. A.

HLP 12149 S Works of Gershwin, Ravel, Bizet, Benjamin, Granados, Enesco, & Chagrin.ADLER (harmonica), anon. accomp. A, LSM.
Handel Society
HDL 15 (2) Handel: Saul. CRANER (a), MOONAN, SULLIVAN (t), GRIFFITH (b); McELHERAN, Crane Collegiate Singers & Symphonette, N.Y. State U. at Potsdam. A, FOT. Text.
HDL 17 Handel: Chandos Anthems #6 & 11. VAN DOORN, WOUD, LARSEN, HOLLESTELLE;LOORIJ, Netherlands Handel Society. A. Jacket repaired.
Harmonia Mundi
HMO 30526 Haydn: Trios #24, 26, & 29. MUSIQUE DE TOUS LES TEMPS (Krust, Gendre, Bex). A.
Haydn Society
HSL 103 Boismortier: Concerto for flute, oboe, bassoon & continuo, in e, Op. 37; Naudot: Concerto in C, Op. 17, #3; Leclair: Violin Concerto, Op. 10 #2 (FERNANDEZ); Trio Sonata, Op. 4, #3. PAILLARD, Leclair Ens. A-, FOT.
HSL 154 Poulenc: Fiancailles pour rire; 3 Chansons de Lorca; Debussy: Ariettes oubliees; Roussel: 3 Songs. TOURAINE, POULENC. A, FOT. Jacket, no texts.
HSL 74 Albinoni: Concerto in d, Op. 5, #7; Corelli-Geminiani: Concerto Grosso #2; Sammartini: Violin Concerto #2, in C (ABUSSI); Symphony in G. JENKINS, Italian CO. A. Jacket repaired.
HSL 95 Corelli: Sonata in g, Op. 5, #5; Bach: Sonata in g; Leclair: Sonata in d; Handel: Sonata in A, Op. 1, #14. FRIEDEMANN, VIDERO, DECKERT (period inst.) A.
88026/7 (2) Verdi: Rigoletto (in German). BERGER, ROSWAENGE, SCHLUSNUS; HEGER, Berlin St. Opera (1944). A.
HS 25001 S Beethoven: Concerto #3; Mozart: Rondos, K. 382 & 386. A. FISCHER; FRICSAY, Bavarian St. O. FS.
R205 Works of Liszt, Lecuona, Debussy, Chopin, Debussy, Arensky, Rachmaninov, Falla, Sinding, & Gershwin. P. CARTER (97 key Bechstein piano). A.
High Fidelity
10" 55 "Musicians Off Stage: Thomas STEWART; Artur RUBINSTEIN." 15" interviews for radio broadcast, never sold. A, LSM; 1/4" X. BJ, white label test.
Historical Recording Enterprises
HRE 258 (3) Cherubini: Medea. OLIVERO, SCIUTTI, CASONI, PREVEDI, ZACCARIA; RESCIGNO (1967). A. Libretto added.
HRE 273 (3) Puccini: Madama Butterfly. OLIVERO, CIONI, ZANASI; RESCIGNO (1960). A.
10" BLP 1052 "Giuseppe DI STEFANO" Sings Neapolitan Songs." A. Jacket repaired.
10" BLP 1089 Debussy: 2 Nocturnes; Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe Suite #2. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A.
10" GHLP 1002 Bach: Double Concerto (BERNARD, Philharmonia O.); Handel: Trio Sonata#2, in D (SHINEBOURNE, MALCOLM). DE VITO, MENUHIN. A. Dutch pressing. 5
10" OXCS 4 Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien. MALKO, Danish St. RSO. Glazounov: TheSeasons--exc. MALKO, Philharmonia O. Custom test pressing in blank jacket. A; 3 1/8" X's.
2XEA 70/2XEA 76 Haydn: Symphony #83. BARBIROLLI, Halle O. Dvorak: Cello Concerto--1stmvt. FOURNIER; KUBELIK, Philharmonia O. Custom test pressing in blank jacket. A, LSM; 2/3" X.
2XEA 71-2/7-2 (1) Mozart: Oboe Concerto. ROTHWELL; BARBIROLLI, Halle O. Beethoven: Concerto #5--1st mvt. SCHNABEL; GALLIERA, Philharmonia O. Custom test pressing in blank jacket. A, FOT; 1/2", 1/4" X
2XVH 14/2XEA 5 Beethoven: Symphony #4--mvts. 1 & 2. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. Wagner: Die Walkure--exc. FLAGSTAD, Philharmonia O. (as credited). Custom test pressing in blank jacket. A; 1/3", 1/2" X's.
2XVH 6/2XEA 22 Mozart: Symphony #40. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. Delius: North Country Sketches. BEECHAM, Royal PO. Custom test pressing in blank jacket. A-/C.
ALP 1027 Walton: Symphony #1. WALTON, Philharmonia O. A.
ALP 1185 Turina: Canto a Sevilla. DE LOS ANGELES; FISTOULARI, London SO. A. EAR. Small wedge cut from jacket.
ASD 2329 S Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending (BEAN); Symphony #6. BOULT, New Philharmonia O. A. Small dog label.
ASD 2750 S Elgar: Enigma Variations; Vaughan Williams: English Folk Song Suite; Greensleeves Fantasia. BOULT, London SO. A. Small dog label.
ASD 322 S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. H. MENUHIN, AMADEUS QT., MERRETT. A. EAR large dog.
ASD 3456 Q Beethoven: Symphony #6. BOULT, Lonodn PO. A. Small dog label.
ASD 4061 S Elgar: From the Bavarian Highlands; Vaughan Williams: In Windsor Forest. DEL MAR, Bournemouth Symphony Cho. & Sinfonietta. A. Small dog label. Texts.
ASD 4387 S Holst: At the Boar's Head. ROSS, PALMER (s), LANGRIDGE (t), WILSON-JOHNSON (b), TOMLINSON (bs); ATHERTON, Royal Liverpool PO. A. Large dog label. Libretto.
ASD 4401 S Stanford: Songs of the Sea; Songs of the Fleet. LUXON; DEL MAR, Bournemouth SO & Cho. A.
ASD 612 S Schoenberg: Suite for Strings; Lutyens: O Saisons, O Chateaux (M. TYLER, s); Britten: Prelude & Fugue. DEL MAR, Royal PO. A.
ASD 627 S Mozart: Serenade in D, K. 250, "Haffner." MENUHIN (vln & cond), Bath Festival O. No U.S. issue. A. Black Odeon label.
ASD 640 S A. Goehr: 2 Choruses; Maxwell Davies; Leopardi Fragments; M. Williamson: Symphony for Voices; Bennett: Calendar. ALLDIS, Alldis Choir; CAREW, Melos Ens. A.
COLH 4 Beethoven: Concerto #4. SCHNABEL; DOBROWEN, Philharmonia O. A. Booklet.
COLH 5 Beethoven: Concerto #5. SCHNABEL; GALLIERA, Philharmonia O. (1947). A. Booklet.
HQM 1153 Works of Liszt, Debussy (3), Ravel, Poulenc, Stravinsky, Chopin (2), Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, & Khachaturian. MOISEIWITSCH. From 78s. A.
RLS 7712 (3) Schumann: Carnaval (1939); Beethoven: Sonatas #24 & 31; Weber: Konzertstuck (GALLIERA); Schubert: 3 Moments Musicaux; 2 Impromptus; works of Chopin, Mendelssohn, Debussy, Liszt, & Granados. ARRAU. Some items stereo. A. Minor damage to box back.
SLS 5067 Q (4) Strauss: Oboe Concerto (CLEMENT); Violin Concerto (HOELSCHER); Horn Concertos (DAMM); Burleske (FRAGER); Parergon on the Sinfonia Domestica; Panathenaenzug (ROSEL); Duett-Concerto (WEISE, LIEBSCHER). KEMPE, Dresden St. O. A.
SLPX 11478 S Haydn: Baryton Trios #53, 73, 94, 97, & 109. LIEBNER, FIAS, MEZO. A. Corner clipped.

Inedits ORTF
995 018 Ohana: Silenciaire. CHABRUN, Percussions de Strasbourg, instrumental ens. Sibylle. GARCISANZ (s), BALET (percussion). 4 Improvisations. DEBOST (flute). A.
995 020 S Messiaen: Chants de Terre et de Ciel; Debussy: 5 Poemes de Baudelaire. HERZOG (s), LAFORGE (pf). A.
995 021 S Sauguet: The Garden's Concerto (GARDEN, harmonica); 2 Movements for Strings. SAUGUET, ORTF CO. A.
International Piano Archives
IPA 106/7 (2) Mozart: Concertos #13 & 22 (RODZINSKI) (live, 1945-6); Sonata in F, K. 332 (unpub. 78s); Poulenc: Concert Champetre (STOKOWSKI) (live, 1949). LANDOWSKA (piano, harpsichord in Poulenc). A.
IPA 113 Chopin: Sonata #2; works of Debussy, Sinding, Chaminade, Rubinstein, &Tchaikovsky. GODOWSKY. A.
IPA 114 "Mischa LEVITZKI: His Rarest Recordings (1923-1929)." A.
IPA 503 Beethoven: Concerto #4. HOFMANN; ORMANDY, Phila. O. (1938). Rubinstein: Concerto #4. HOFMANN; KRUGER, Detroit SO (1945). A.
International Piano Library
IPL 103 Josef HOFMANN Brunswick recordings. A. Booklet.
IPL 105 Grieg: Ballade; Beethoven: Sonata #26; Schumann: Carnaval. GODOWSKY.Booklet apparently never printed. A.
Irish Valley Recording
NR 17260 S Works of Rutter, Willan, Christiansen, Flemming, Billings, Demantius, Weelkes, Lasso, Scandello, & Fritschel. STRETANSKY, Susquehanna U. Concert Choir. A.

KC 9033 S S Concertos of Vivaldi, Manfredini, Torelli, Biber, & Telemann. VOISIN, RHEA (trumpets); SCHERMERHORN, o. ("Music for Trumpet & Orchestra, Vol. 2"). A.
KC 9050 S S Works of Stanley, Purcell (4), C.P.E. Bach, Legrenzi, Telemann, Daquin,& Altenburg. VOISIN, RHEA; VARDI, o. ("Music for Trumpet & Orchestra, Vol. 3"). A.
KC 9053 S S Works of Telemann (2), Handel, Barsanti, & Steinmetz. STAGLIANO, BERV (horn); DUNN, o. A.
KC 9062 S S Works of A. Scarlatti, Torelli, Fux, Neukomm, & Stradella. VOISIN; VARDI, o. ("Music for Trumpet & Orchestra, Vol. 4"). A.
SLD 19 S Farquhar: Partita; Whitehead: Fantasia on 3 Notes; Lilburn: 9 Short Pieces; Carr: Sonata; McLeod: Piano Piece 1965. BIRNIE (pf). A.
SLD 57/8 S (2) Lilburn: Clarinet Sonata (HAMER); Piano Sonata. NIELSEN. String Trio; String Quartet; Duos for 2 Violins. SCHOLA MUSICA ENS. Wind Quintet. CONCERTANTE ENS. A.
SLD 67 S Lilburn: Canzonas 1-4; Elegy (LAWREY, MOLLER, ms); 3 Poems of the Sea (VERE-JONES, narr); Introduction & Allegro. HEENAN, Schola Musica. A.
303 678 S (2) Beethoven: Concerto #5; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5; Brahms: 2 Klavierstucke, Op. 119, #3 & 4. FRANTZ; GERGIEV, Deutsch-Sowjetische Junge Philharmonie. FS.

10" LD 9070 Mussorgsky: Songs & Dances of Death. REHFUSS, Haeusslin. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
10" LD 9073 Mussorgsky: Boris Godounov--2 exc.; Rubinstein: The Demon--exc. ARIE;EREDE, Paris Cons. O. A-, FOT.
10" LD 9101 Songs of Koeneman (2), Rimsky-Korsakov, & Rachmaninov. ARIE; FISTOULARI, London SO, PARRY (pf) ("Recital of Russian Songs #2"). A, FOT.
10" LD 9103 Songs of Mussorgsky (2), Glinka (2), Lishin, & Gretchaninov. ARIE, Parry (pf). A, FOT.
10" LD 9111 "Italian Songs, Vol. 1." POGGI; Nicello, o. A, FOT.
10" LD 9146 Debussy: Fetes Galantes; 3 Ballades de Villon. DANCO, AGOSTI. A-, FOT.
10" LD 9203 Ravel: Histoires naturelles; Faure: 5 Verlaine songs. SOUZAY, BONNEAU. A.
10" LS 1032 Songs of Stanford (2), Parry, Vaughan Williams, Bridge, Warlock (2), Britten (2) & Hugues. FERRIER, Parry. Broadcast recital, 1952. A, FOT.
10" LS 116 Tosti: Songs. VALDENGO; Erede, New Promenade O. A, LSM.
10" LS 564 Elizalde: Violin Concerto. FERRAS; POULET, London SO. A/A-, FOT.
10" LS 589 Faure: La Bonne Chanson. DANCO, Agosti. A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
10" LS 699 Lieder of Mozart & Strauss. DANCO, AGOSTI. A.
10" LS 79 Arias of Leoncavallo, Verdi, Donizetti, Mascagni, Rimsky-Korsakov, & Massenet. GEORGEVIC (t); EREDE, Suisse Romande O. A-/B, FOT.
410 288 1 D Granados: 7 Pieces on Spanish Songs; Allegro de concierto; Escenas romanticas. DE LARROCHA. FS.
414 474 1 D Schumann: Arabeske; Papillons; Symphonic Etudes. ASHKENAZY. FS.
5362 "Music from Vienna." GUEDEN; Loibner, Adler. A.
A 4121 Granados: Goyescas. RUBIO, IRIARTE, TORRANO, AUSENSI; ARGENTA. A, LSM. AS. Libretto.
CM 9072 Bach: Suites #2 (PEPIN, fl) & 3. MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A.
CM 9107 Bruckner: Symphony #3. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Vienna PO. A.
CM 9261 Bartok: Sonata for Solo Violin; Prokofiev: Sonata; Hindemith: Sonatas, Op. 31, #1 & 2. RICCI. A. AS.
CS 6201 S Vivaldi: Guitar Concerto; Palau: Concierto (ALONSO, Spanish Nat'l O.); Bach: Chaconne. YEPES. No Decca SXL issue. A. White back jacket.
CS 6386 S Wagner: Overtures & Preludes. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP. COH.
CS 6439 S Berlioz: Damnation of Faust--3 exc.; 4 Overtures. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP.
CS 6494 S Mozart: Quintet for Piano & Winds; Beethoven: Quintet. ASHKENAZY, London Wind Soloists. Highly recommended performances. A. Large FFRR label.
CS 6556 S Beethoven: Symphony #6; Egmont Overture. SCHMIDT-ISSERSTEDT, Vienna PO. A. EP.
CS 6593 S Strauss: Don Quixote. BRABEC; MAAZEL, Vienna PO. A. EP. COH.
CS 6676 S Grieg: Nocturne; Piano Sonata; Mendelssohn: Capriccio; Variations serieuses. DE LARROCHA. A. EP.
CS 6717 S Bruckner: Symphony #3. BOHM, Vienna PO. A.
CS 6733 S Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain; Chopin: Concerto #2. DE LARROCHA; COMISSIONA, Suisse Romande O. Particularly beautiful Chopin. A.
CS 6738 S Liszt: Battle of the Huns; Orpheus; Mazeppa. MEHTA, L.A. PO. A. EP.
CS 6790 S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. SOLTI, Chicago SO. A. EP. COH.
CS 6795 S Bruch: Concerto #1; Scottish Fantasia. CHUNG; KEMPE, Royal PO. A. EP. COH.
CS 6819 S Walton: Violin Concerto; Stravinsky: Concerto. CHUNG; PREVIN, London SO. A. EP.
CS 7180 S Mozart: Concerto #12; Bach: Concerto in f; Haydn: Concerto in D. DE LARROCHA; ZINMAN, London Sinfonietta. A. Dutch pressing.
CS 7209 S Granados: Danzas Espanolas. DE LARROCHA. FS.
CSA 2213 S (2) "Art of the Prima Ballerina." BONYNGE, London SO. A, LSM. Booklet. Large FFRR EP label.
CSA 2219 S (2) Bruckner: Symphony #8. SOLTI, Vienna PO. A. EP.
CSA 2244 S (2) Mozart: Violin Sonatas (Vol. 2). GOLDBERG, LUPU. A, LSM, FOT. EP. Program notes.
LL 1073 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. ELMAN; BOULT, London PO. A.
LL 1148 Schubert: Lieder (Vol. 2). SOUZAY, Baldwin. A, FOT. COH.
LL 1194 "Spanish & Portuguese Keyboard Music, Vol. 2." BLUMENTHAL (piano). A/A-, FOT.
LL 1285 Mozart: Symphonies #33 & 40. MUNCHINGER, Vienna PO. A, FOT. Jacket top taped.
LL 1329 Debussy: Songs; Lieder of Brahms & Wolf. DANCO, Agosti. A, FOT; 2 1/4" 1/2" X's.
LL 1386 Chausson: Poeme de l'Amour et de la Mer. KOLASSI; DE FROMENT, London PO. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Texts on jacket.
LL 1406 Vaughan Williams: On Wenlock Edge (LONDON QT.); songs of Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Massenet, & Schumann. MARAN (t), NEWTON (pf). A. Texts.
LL 1425 Ravel: Melodies Populaires Grecques; Chansons Madecasses; "Arie Antiche." KOLASSI, Bonneau. A. Texts on jacket.
LL 1531 Debussy: Fetes Galantes; 3 Ballades de Villon; songs of Gounod (3) & Bellini (4). DANCO, Agosti. A; 3 1/4" X's.
LL 1740 "Espana, Vol. 9" (Zarzuela preludes). ARGENTA, Madrid CO. A, FOT; 1/8" X.
LL 271 Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben; Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange. FERRIER, Newmark. A.
LL 3024 E. Halffter: Sinfonietta. ARGENTA, Spanish Nat'l O. A. AS.
LL 322 Beethoven: Sonata #26, "Les Adieux;" "Eroica" Variations. GULDA. A.
LL 417 Beethoven: Concerto #4. BACKHAUS; KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A. EP.
LL 688 Arias of Bach (4) & Handel (4). FERRIER; BOULT, London PO. A.
LL 845 Bach: Cantatas #11 & 67; Cantata #147--Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. MITCHELL, FERRIER, HERBERT, PARSONS; JACQUES, Cantata Singers, Jacques O. A, FOT.
LL 924 Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice--exc. AYARS, VLACHOPOULOS (s), FERRIER (c); STIEDRY, Glyndebourne Festival (1947). A, FOT.
LL 945 Prokofiev: Concerto #3; Bartok: Concerto #3. KATCHEN; ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A, LSM.
OS 26081 S Verdi: Arias. G. JONES (s); DOWNES, Royal Opera, Covent Garden. A.
OS 26338 S Janacek: Slavonic Mass. KUBIAK, COLLINS, TEAR, SCHONE; KEMPE, BrightonFestival Cho., Royal PO. A. EP. Text.
OSA 12106 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: The Grand Duke. LILLEY, HOLLAND, GOSS, REED, REID, SANDFORD; NASH, D'Oyly Carte Opera. A. EP. Libretto.
OSA 13119 S (3) Wagner: Der fliegende Hollander. BAILEY, MARTIN, TALVELA, KOLLO, KRENN, JONES; SOLTI, Chicago SO & Cho. A. EP. Libretto.
OSA 1604 S (6) Wagner: Gotterdammerung. NILSSON, POPP, WATSON, WINDGASSEN, FRICK, FISCHER-DIESKAU; SOLTI. HP Super Disc. A. EP. Libretto.
SPC 21005 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. STOKOWSKI, London SO. A. EP.
SPC 21040 S "Great Moments in Wagner." HURST, New Philharmonia O. (WARD, bs). A. COH.
SPC 21041 S Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture; Borodin: Polovtsian Dances; Stravinsky: Pastorale. STOKOWSKI, Royal PO, Alldis Cho., et al. A. EP. COH.
SPC 21136 S Elgar: Enigma Variations. STOKOWSKI, Czech PO. Serenade for Strings; Elegy. COX, Royal PO. A. COH.
London International
TW 91004 "Preludes & Intermezzi, No. 2" (Zarzuelas). ARGENTA, Madrid CO. A-, LSM. Boxed.
London Treasury
STS 15108 S Glazounov: The Seasons. WOLFF, Paris Conservatory O. A. EP.
STS 15192 S Brahms: Symphony #2. MONTEUX, Vienna PO. A. EP.
Longanesi Periodici
GCL 12 Brahms: Violin Concerto. FRANCESCATTI; MITROPOULOS, Vienna PO. FS.
GCL 69 Chopin: Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise (KONDRASHIN, London SO, 1961); Polonaise Fantaisie; Ballade #4 ("Rome, 1962" [actually ASHKENAZY commercial recording]); Scherzo #4 (N.Y., 1960). RICHTER. A.
AMS 4 Josquin Des Prez: Missa Hercules dux Ferrariae; Misericordias Domini. MARTIN, Chanteurs de Saint-Eustache, inst. ens. A. Booklet.
LLST 7110 S (3) Bach (?): St. Luke Passion. SORELL, MOREIRA, EQUILUZ, WIMMER; BARATI, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. & St. Opera O. A. Text.

E3185 "Interrupted Melody." Sound track from movie biography of Marjorie Lawrence; solo selections (credited only on label) by Eileen FARRELL. A, FOT.
E3196 Grieg: Lyric Pieces, Books 1 & 2. PRESSLER. A. Blue jacket.
E3197 Grieg: Lyric Pieces, Books 3 & 4. PRESSLER. A, FOT. EAR.
E3204 Tchaikovsky: Album for the Young; Mendelssohn: 6 Children's Pieces, Op. 72. PRESSLER. A, LSM. EAR.
E3224 Hovhaness: Macedonian Mountain Dance; works of Benjamin, Copland, Faure, Fernandez, Jacoby, Kabalevsky, Lecuona, Mussorgsky, Offenbach, Shostakovich (2), & Weill. MANHATTAN PIANO QT. ("Dances Transcribed for 4 Pianos"). A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
E3244 M. Richter: Piano Sonata; Ben-Haim: Sonata. PRESSLER. A, LSM. EAR.
E3475 "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" (carols). ELLSASSER (harmonium & celeste). A. EAR.
E3576 Liszt: Variations on "Weinen, Klagen;" Evocation a la Chapelle Sixtine. ELLSASSER, Hammond Museum Organ (Vol. 1). A. EAR.
MCS 9069 S Cannabich: Symphony #5, in Bb; Holzbauer: Symphony, Op. 4, #3; Richter: Symphony in G. BROTT, Northern Sinfonia O. A.
001 Beethoven: Symphony #5 (British SO, 1932); Consecration of the House &Prometheus Overtures; 11 Viennese Dances. WEINGARTNER, London PO. Original edition, later reissued by Past Masters. A.
MS/5012 S Mauyzumi: Nivana-Symphonie. SCHUCHTER, NHK SO & Cho. Cover art by YokoOno. A.
MS/5013 S Ives: Sonata #2, "Concord." Aloys KONTARSKY (pf), PLUMACHER (vla), SCHWEGLER (fl). A.
MC 20170 Beethoven: Concerto #1 (G.F. HARRISON, Eastman-Rochester O.) (1936); works of Lully-Godowsky (2), Loeillet-Godowsky, Scarlatti, Brahms, Palmgren, & Chopin (3) (1941/43). Cecile Staub GENHART. A.
MW 40 Bruckner: Symphony #1. ANDREAE, Vienna SO. A-, LSM.
MCA Classics
MCA 25965 D Mozart: Clarinet Concerto. CAMPBELL. Concerto for Flute & Harp. DAVIES, MASTERS; HICKOX, City of London Sinfonia. A, LSM.
002 (2) Mascagni: L'Amico Fritz. R. GIGLI, PIRAZZINI, B. GIGLI, POLI; GAVAZZENI, Teatro San Carlo, Naples (1951). A, LSM. Libretto added.
005 (2) Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur (abridged). FAVERO, FILACURIDI, NIKOLAI, BORGONOVO; DEL CUPOLO (1949). Puccini: Manon Lescaut--Act 3. FAVERO, MALIPIERO, STABILE, NESSI; TOSCANINI (1946). A, LSM.
10" D 17703/4 Bach: Italian Concerto; Fantasia & Fugue in a [1948]; Haydn: Sonata #60 [1960]. RICHTER. A.
10" D 20543/4 Eller: 13 Piano Pieces in Folk Style; Kokha: Piano Concerto (JARVI, Estonian RSO). SEPP. A.
10" D 25159/60 Mansurian: Partita for Symphony Orchestra. MANGASARYAN. Altunian: Concerto-Symphony. MOKATSYAN (vln), ALTUNYAN (vla); DAVTYAN, Armenian RSO. A.
10" D 7383/4 Dargomyzhsky: The Mermaid--exc. KRIVCHENYA, SMOLENSKAYA, MIGLAU, KOZLOVSKY; SVETLANOV, Bolshoi Opera. A.
D 03132/3- Mussorgsky: The Nursery; Prokofiev: The Ugly Duckling. DORLIAK, RICHTER. A-/C. EAR, TE.
D 03216/7 Shostakovich: From Jewish Folk Poetry. DORLIAK, DOLUKHANOVA, MASLENNIKOV, SHOSTAKOVICH. 5 songs. GMYRYA, OSTRIN. A, LSM.
M10 45173 Rimsky-Korskov: Le Coq d'Or--Scene of King Dodon & the Queen of Shamakha; 5 arias; songs & arias of Pavlov, Verdi, Glinka, & Gliere. STEPANOVA. From 78s, 1912-37; 1 aria conducted by IPPOLITOV-IVANOV. A.
M10 47465 Bruckner: Symphony #6--movements #2-4. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1943).First movement recording apparently does not survive. A.
M10 49717 Schumann: Piano Concerto (FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO, 1942); Kreisleriana(1942). GIESEKING. A.
S 01313/4 S Vainberg: Sinfonietta #1; Peiko: Symphony #4. SVETLANOV, USSR State SO. A.
S 01329/30 S Paganini: Concerto #1. TRETYAKOV; JARVI, Moscow PO. Highly acclaimed performance. A.
S 01507/8 S Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites; Lyric Suite. ROZHDESTVENSKY, USSR St. Radio O. A.
S 0253/4 S Enescu: Symphony #1; Rumanian Rhapsody #2. ROZHDESTVENSKY, USSR Radio SO. A.
S 02681/2 S Works of Glazounov, Rachmaninov, Dvorak, Suk, Granados, Sgambati, Sarasate, & Brahms (2). KOGAN, VALTER. A.
S 02855/6 S Mozart: Symphony #39; Stravinsky: Apollon Musagete. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO (live, Moscow, 1965). A.
S 02859/60 S Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta; Sibelius: Symphony #7. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO (live, 1965). A.
S 04213/8 S (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. RICHTER. A.
S 0879/80 S J. Strauss: Waltzes; orchestral works. ROZHDESTVENSKY, USSR Radio SO. A.
S 0959/60 S Tchaikovsky: Moscow. ZABORSKIKH, POLYAKOV; ROZHDESTVENSKY. March Slav (Shebalin edition); 1812 Overture. IVANOV, USSR SO. A.
S10 06963/4 S "ARKHIPOVA Sings Romances to Poems of Pushkin." Jacket autographed by the singer. A.
S10 07207/10 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #7. KONDRASHIN. A.
S10 15059/60 S Lokshin: Symphony #11 (SOKOLENKO, s); Artyomov: Concerto (MESHCHANNOV, pf); Gubaidulina: Rubaiyat (YAKOVENKO, b). ROZHDESTVENSKY. A.
MEL 024 (3) Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana. MILANOV, ELIAS, TUCKER, VALENTINO. Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci. AMARA, BAUM, MERRILL, GUARRERA; CLEVA, Met. Opera (March 22, 1957). M. No booklet.
MEL 225 (3) Wagner: Rienzi. STICH-RANDALL, LUDWIG, SVANHOLM, SCHOEFFLER, BERRY; KRIPS, Vienna Radio O. (1960). Also SVANHOLM Wagner aria recital. M.
MEL 226 (2) J. Strauss: Orchestral works; arias (MUSIAL, ANDERS). FRICSAY, RIAS SO (Berlin, 1949). A.
MEL 701 (3) Mozart: Idomeneo. GRUMMER, LORENGAR, KMENTT, WAECHTER, HAEFLIGER;FRICSAY, Vienna St. Opera (1961). A.
MG10098- Ravel: 5 Melodies Populaires Grecques; 4 Chants Populaires; songs of Poulenc, Milhaud, Honegger, Tremois, Delvincourt, Aubert, & Noel-Gallon (+ 3 piano solos). PANZERA, M. Panzera (pf). B, FOT; 1/8" X.
MG10135 Brahms: Waltzes, Op. 39 (KEENE); 3 Rhapsodies. CHASINS. A.
MG50030 Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. A.
MG50087 Hanson: Symphony #5; The Cherubic Hymn; Barber: Symphony #1. HANSON, Eastman Cho., Eastman-Rochester SO. A.
MG50205 Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 2. PARAY, Detroit SO. A, FOT. AS.
SR90413- S Mozart: Piano Concertos #20 & 23; Rondo in A, K. 386. HASKIL; PAUMGARTNER, Vienna SO. A. 1 RFR matrix, 1 late.
Mercury Golden Imports
SRI 75007 S Hanson: Symphony #2, "Romantic;" Lament for Beowulf. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O, Eastman School of Music Cho. FS.
SRI 75009 S Respighi: Ancient Airs & Dances--Suites #1-3. DORATI, Philharmonia Hungarica. A.
SRI 75010 S Hovhaness: Symphony #4; Giannini: Symphony #3. ROLLER, Eastman Wind Ens. FS.
SRI 75015 S Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier--Suite; Don Juan. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. Dance of the 7 Veils. PARAY, Detroit SO. A.
SRI 75020 S Schuman: New England Triptych; Griffes: Poem (MARIANO, flute); Mennin: Symphony #5. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. A.
1967 4 Brahms: Handel Variations; Wagner-Liszt: Tannhauser Overture; Chopin:Ballades #2 & 3. MOISEIWITSCH. A, LSM. BJ, as issued.
1571 Prokofiev: Violin Sonata #1; Porter: Sonata #2. FLISSLER, WINGREEN. A.
1583 Prokofiev: Symphony #2. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow Radio SO. A.
MKS 221 B S (2) Shostakovich: Symphony #8. KONDRASHIN, Moscow PO. Piano Concerto #1. GRINBERG; ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow Radio SO. A.
1004 Mozart: Concerto #23 (RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil.) (memory slip edited out of finale) (1946); Sonata in Bb, K. 333 (noisy acetates, 1943). SCHNABEL. Private first editions. A. BJ.
3 MMG 301 S (3) Musgrave: Mary, Queen of Scots. PUTNAM, GARDNER, GARRISON, BUSSE;MARK, Virginia Opera Assn. A. Libretto.
MC 2093 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. SZERYNG; THIBAUD, Paris Conservatory O. A.
MCS 2017 S Franck: Violin Sonata; Debussy: Sonata; works of Ravel & Faure. NADIEN, HANCOCK. A.
1 (3) Charpentier: Louise. MOORE, JOBIN, PINZA; BEECHAM (Met. Opera, 1943). A. BJ.
Mostly Mennonite Music
RR 42381 S A. Parker: Vocal works. SHEELER, FYOCK (s), SCHRAG (a), SHEELER (t), FIFER (b); PARKER, ensembles. A.
Movimento Musica
03.003 (3) Gounod: Faust (in Italian). SCOTTO, ANELLI, FERNANDI, ROSSI LEMENI, GUELFI; PARODI, RAI Turin (1960). A. Italian libretto.
MRF 139 S S (2) Leoncavallo: Gli Zingari. GALLI, BOTTION, SCORSANI; BONCOMPAGNI (Turin, 1975). Edipo Re. MALAGRIDA, INFANTINO, FIOVARANTI; PARODI (Teatro San Carlo, Naples, 1970). A. Libretto.
MRF 152 (3) Mascagni: Iris. OLIVERO, OTTOLINI, CAPECCHI, CLABASSI; VERNIZZI (Amsterdam, 1963). A. Libretto.
MRF 81 (3) Mascagni: Zanetto (2 performances combined). SIMIONATO, ARIETA (s), CARTERI, MALGARINI (ms); VOTTO, La Scala (1955); PETRALIA, RAI Milan (1969). Silvano. HEREDIA-CAPNIST, PALOMBINI, BERTOCCI, MAERO; ARGENTO, RAI Milan (1954) (+ short items). A. Libretti.
Music Academy of the West
(no #) (2) Songs of Schubert (5), Mendelssohn (2), Cornelius (2), Wagner, Hahn (6), Brahms (4), & Strauss. Lotte LEHMANN, Koldofsky. "Post-farewell" recital, Aug. 7, 1951, issued in blank jacket with white labels & program replica. A, LSM.
Music Guild
S 12 S A. Scarlatti: S. Filippo Neri. RIZZOLI, CASONI, ROTA, MUNTEANU; CARACCIOLO, Angelicum O. A. Text.
S 13 S Stradella: Cantata per il Ss. Natale. MANCINI, MARINO (s), NOBILE, GAZZERA (t), ROVETTA (b), TADEO (bs). Trumpet Concerto. BATTAGLIOLA; MAGHINI, Turin Polyphonic Cho., Angelicum O. A. Text.
S 35 S Haydn: Organ Concerto #1 (HOLDERLIN); Sinfonia Concertante; 2 Notturni. RISTENPART, Saar CO. A.
S 39 S Milhaud: Divertissement en 3 parties. PARIS WIND ENS. Britten: SimpleSymphony. RISTENPART. Poulenc: Suite Francaise. POULENC, chamber o. Jolivet: Bassoon Concerto. ALLARD; ALBERT, Cento Soli O. A.
S 50 S Haydn: Lyra Concertos #2-4. RAMPAL (fl), PIERLOT (ob); DOUATTE, Collegium Musicum of Paris. A.
Music Library
MLR 7008 St.-Saens: Oratorio de Noel, Op. 12. L. DOWNEY, San Jose State CollegeCho., soloists, ens. A.
Musica Magna
MAG 50009 S Turina: Danzas Fantasticas; works of Falla, Granados, Rodrigo, Mompou,Espla, & Albeniz. GLORIEUX. Scarce Belgian issue. A, LSM.
Musica Sacra
AMS 16 S Mozart: Mass, K. 139. TABORSKY, KISSEL, ZUR ECK, MULLER; HINREINER, Salzburg Radio Cho., Mozarteum Cho. & O. A.
Musical Heritage Society
MHS 3241 S Ben-Haim: Sonata for Solo Violin. MENUHIN. A Star Fell Down. MAYER-REINACH (c), BEN-HAIM (pf). Daus: The 12th Sonnet. PALM (cello). Paporisz: Florianata. NICOLET (fl). Touma: Taqsim. Aloys KONTARSKY (pf). A.
MHS 3590 S Serly: American Elegy. AUTORI, New SO (mono). Forget Me Not; American Fantasy of Quodlibets. SERLY, Vienna Volksoper O. David of the White Rock. P. VARDI (pf). Rhapsody for Viola. VARDI, Harrington. (+ Schubert & Couperin arrangements). A.
MHS 3681 S Works of Czerny, Thalberg, Chopin, Gottschalk, Busoni, Godowsky, Hofmann, & Rachmaninov. WALDOFF. Works of Osborne, Field, Liszt, Moszkowski, Rubinstein, Dohnanyi, & Scriabin. DUBAL ("Music of the Romantic Pianist-Composer"). Jacket inscribed by Dubal. A.
MHS 529/30 S (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. BARCHET, REDEL, PIERLOT, ANDRE, VEYRON-LACROIX; REDEL, Munich Pro Arte CO. A.
MHS 557 S Mozart: Horn Quintet. DEL VESCOVO. Clarinet Quintet. LANCELOT, BARCHETQT. A.
MHS 596/7 S (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas. STARKER, SEBOK. A.
OR H 113 S Haydn: Sonatas #60-62. BALSAM (Vol. 13). A.
Musical Masterpiece Society
10" MMS 13 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #4 & 5. RYBAR (violin), GRAF, KLEMM (fl), PELLEG (hpsi); GOEHR, Winterthur SO. A-, FOT.
RC 764 S Haydn: Lyra Concertos #2-4. RAMPAL (fl), PIERLOT (ob); DOUATTE, Collegium Musicum of Paris. A.
Musique en Wallonie
MW 80047 S Franck: Piano Concerto in b, Op. 11; Variations brillantes sur la Ronde favorite de Gustave III. VANDEN EYNDEN; DONEUX, Belgian Radio SO. A.
0887 Bach: Partitas #1 & 2. SAMUEL. Preludes & Fugues in d & a; Fantasia & Fugue in g. GRAINGER. A; 1/8" X. BJ, as issued.

Nathan Nirenstein
NNP 1000/2 (2) S. Katz: Psalms. Sholom KATZ (cantor); SILBERMINTZ, cho. & o. A.
National Public Radio
S80 775/7 S (3) Copland: The Tender Land. HAYES, LAYMAN, STAMMLER, JULIAN, NEVE; McKINNEY, U. of Kansas Opera. Broadcast transcription with narration, never offered for sale. A. Df. Program note photocopies.
New Records
10" NRLP 402 Enesco: Cantabile e Presto; Karg: Elert: Sonata for Solo Flute; Platti: Sonata No. 1, in e. CARATELLI, MIGUEL. A, LSM.
H 71050 S Shostakovich: Cello Sonata; Strauss: Sonata. SHAPIRO, ZAYDE. A.
H 71155 S Rachmaninov: Cello Sonata; Kodaly: Sonata, Op. 4. SHAPIRO, WILD. A.
H 71157 S Stockhausen: Momente. ARROYO (s); STOCKHAUSEN, Cologne Radio Cho. & O. A.
H 71238 S Handel: Violin Sonatas, Op. 1, #3, 10, 12-15. LAUTENBACHER, RUF (hpsi), KOCH (gamba). A.
H 71239 S Bartok: Viola Concerto; Hindemith: Der Schwanendreher. HILLYER; WATANABE, Japan PO. A.
H 71247 S Busnois: Chansons. RIFKIN, Nonesuch Consort. A. Texts.
H 71254 S Mendelssohn: Symphony #3. DIXON, Prague SO. Gorgeous old-fashioned performance. A.
H 71265 S Works of F. & L. Couperin. FULLER (hpsi). A.
H 71272 S "Amorous Dialogues of the Renaissance." STEVENS, Accademia Monteverdiana. A. Texts.
H 71274 S Works of Cazzati, Fontana (2), Marini (2), Telemann, & Anon. (3). SCHWARZ (tpt), SHARROW (bsn), FULLER (hpsi). A.
H 71278 S Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin. FULLER (hpsi). A.
H 71283 S Rochberg: Quartet #3. CONCORD QT. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A.
H 71294 S Handel: Wedding Anthem, "Sing Unto God;" Bach: Cantata #131. EATHORNE(s), ESSWOOD (c-t), JENKINS (t), NOBLE (bs); STEINITZ, London Bach Soc. Cho., Steinitz Bach Players. A. Texts.
H 71297 S Bolcom: Frescoes. MATHER, Le PAGE (piano & harmonium). A.
H 71305 S Joplin: Rags (Vol. 3). RIFKIN (pf). Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A.
H 71312 S "Plainchant & Polyphony in Medieval Germany." BLACKLEY, Schola Antiqua. A. Texts.
H 71320 S Schoenberg: Book of the Hanging Gardens; Schubert: Lieder. DeGAETANI,KALISH. A. COH. Texts.
H 71327 S Bruckner: Requiem in d. WEHRUNG, LAURICH, MELZER, REICH; BEUERLE, Laubacher Kantorei, Keltsch Instrumental Ens. A. Text.
H 71334 S Busoni: Sechs kurze Stucke; Stravinsky: 4 Etudes, Op. 7; Bartok: 3 Etudes; Messiaen: 4 Etudes de rythme. JACOBS. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A.
H 71336 S Ockeghem: Missa Ma maistresse; Missa Au travail suis; choral works. BLACHLY, Pomerium Musices. A. Texts.
H 71402 S Francaix: Paris, a nous deux! (WILLEMSTEIN, MEIJER, CROOK, VAN DER MEER; WOODWARD, Netherlands Chamber Cho. & Saxophone Qt. Little Quartet; Pierne: Introduction & Variations; Rivier: Grave & Presto. NETHERLANDS SAX. QT. FS.
HB 72023 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #3. PROCTER; HORENSTEIN, cho's, London SO. A.
North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
NASO 1001 S W.G. Still: Symphony #3. WOODS, North Arkansas SO. Romance. UMIKER (sax), TOLLEFSON (pf). Folk Suite #4. GARRISON (fl), UMIKER (clar), MAGILL (cello), TOLLEFSON. 3 Rhythmic Spirituals. GROH, U. of Arkansas Schola Cantorum. A.
NR 225 S "Pickles & Peppers, & other rags by women." ESKIN. A.
N 9631/2 S (1) R. Sherman: Wind Quintet; Heiden: Sinfonia; I. Fine: Romanza; Knight: Instances. MUSICAL ARTS QUINTET. A.

O 80633 Bach: 2 Part Inventions; 3 Part Sinfonias. WALCHA (hpsi). A.
DSLO 24 S Schubert: Sonata in A; Chopin: Nocturne in f; 8 Preludes; works of Scriabin, Rubinstein, & Rachmaninov. CHERKASSKY (live, 1975). A. EP.
DSLO 9 S Shostakovich: Quartets #7, 13, & 14. FITZWILLIAM QT. A. EP.
OL 50050/1 (2) Leclair: 8 Flute Sonatas. RAMPAL, VEYRON-LACROIX. A.
OL 50131 Works of Gibbons & Farnaby. DART ("Masters of Early English Keyboard Music IV"). A.
Opera Disc
OD 1003/5 S (3) Meyerbeer: L'Africaine. VERRETT, MANDAC, DOMINGO, MITTELMANN, ESTES, TOWNSEND; PERISSON (San Francisco, 1972). A. BJ, libretto.
Opera Society
70 Bach: Italian Concerto; Franck: Symphonic Variations (MENGELBERG); Mozart: Concerto #21 (CANTELLI). GIESEKING. A.
80 Bach-Busoni: Concerto #1, in d. LIPATTI; VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. (live, 1947). Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes. KEDROFF, POLIGNAC, CUENOD, CONRAD, DERENNE, LIPATTI, N. BOULANGER. A. EAR.
Opus One
78 S Martin: 5 Songs of Ariel; choral works; S.R. Gerber: 5 Dylan Thomas Settings. MICHNO, Choir of All Saints Church, N.Y. M. Texts.
S 094 841 A D Spohr: Symphonies #6 & 9. RICKENBACKER, Bavarian Radio SO. A.
ORS 82442 S W.G. Still: Kaintuck (STEIGERWALT); The Bells; 3 Visions. FIELDS (pf). A.
1718 S Handel: 2 songs (LANGRIDGE, t); organ & harpsichord works. JACKSON. A.
10 Porter: Symphony #1; Concerto Concertante for 2 Pianos (TERASSE, COHEN); Dance in 3 Time. PORTER, Colonne Concerts O. A, FOT.

PFN 2201 "Once Upon a Christmas: Holiday Music from the Turn of the Century." N. KENNEDY (s), SPINDLER (pf), children's cho. A.
DSV 52005 (3) Verdi: La Forza del Destino. TEBALDI, BARBIERI, DI STEFANO, GUELFI; SANTINI, Teatro Communale (June 8, 1956). A; minor PBs. Italian libretto.
DSV 52017 (3) Bellini: Norma. CALLAS, STIGNANI, DEL MONACO; SERAFIN, RAI Rome (June 29, 1955). A. No libretto.
20 S Llobet: Guitar works. CHRISTENSEN. A.
44 S Overtures of Mozart, Spontini, Bellini, & Rossini (2) (arr. Giuliani). KAMMERLING, CHRISTENSEN (gtrs). A.
GEM 139 Liszt: Hungarian Fantasia; Piano Concerto #1 (RONALD, Royal Albert Hall O.); Hungarian Rhapsody #12. DE GREEF. From acoustic 78s, c. 1920-1923. A.
GEMM 167 Leopold GODOWSKY recital, from Brunswick & Columbia 78s, 1913-28. A, LSM.
SHE 513/4 S (2) Bridge: Songs. BAULARD (ms), JOHNSTON (t), HINDEN, VIGNOLES (pf).Piano Sonata; piano music. P. WALLFISCH. A.
LP 2023 S Works of Davidov, St.-Saens (2), Cui, Tchaikovsky (2), Granados, Debussy, Gluck, Popper, Zherbin, F. Schubert, & Weber. SOLOW (cello), STEVENSON (pf) ("Vocalise"). A.
17 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. HOROWITZ; SZELL, N.Y. Phil. First publication. A.
2004 Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. THORBORG, KULLMAN; WALTER, Vienna PO. Transfer superior to EMI dubbing. A. Program note insert.
832 009 F Beethoven: Violin Concerto. KREBBERS; VAN OTTERLOO, Hague PO. A, LSM.
10" PMG 2003 Prokofiev: Overture on Hebrew Themes. Paris CO. Schubert: Quartettsatz. BARCHET QT. A, FOT.
SPL 539 Miaskovsky: Violin Concerto; Prokofiev: Concerto #1. OISTRAKH; GAUK, USSR St. O. Only transfers from Russian 78s. A, LSM. BJ.
SPL 725 Olga SOULINE: Russian Popular Songs. A, LSM.
SPL 736 Bartok: Piano Sonata; Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Bloch: Sonata; Stravinsky: Sonata. NADAS. A.
Peters International
PLE 055 S Purcell: The Fairy Queen--Suites #1 & 2; Handel: Xerxes Overture; Buxtehude-Margola: 3 pieces. FLAGELLO, Rome CO. A.
00300 Bach: Musical Offering. AHLGRIMM (hpsi), PFERSMANN (fl), BAUMGARTNER, A. HARNONCOURT (vln), THEINER (vla), N. HARNONCOURT (cello). A.
00386 Arias of Wagner (4) & Verdi (4). BROUWENSTIJN; MORALT, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
412 632 1 D Recorder sonatas of Vivaldi, Corelli, Bigaglia, Bononcini, Sammartini, & B. Marcello. PETRI, MALCOLM. FS.
416 243 1 S Mahler: Symphony #1. HAITINK, Concertgebouw O. A.
6500 363 S Dvorak: Piano Quintet (BISHOP); String Quintet, Op. 97. BERLIN PHIL. OCTET. FS.
6500 465 S Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos in e & d. GRUMIAUX; KRENZ, New Phil. O. M.
6500 948 S Mozart: Piano Concertos #18 & 27. BRENDEL; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6500 985 S Tippett: A Child of Our Time. NORMAN, BAKER, CASSILLY, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; C. DAVIS, BBC Cho. & SO. A. Text.
6504 130 S "Orthodox Liturgical Chants." GEDDA; EVETZ, Russian Orthodox Cathedral Cho., Paris. A.
6507 004 S Saeverud: 6 Sonatinas; Hurum: 3 Aquarelles. KAYSER (pf). S. Jordan: 6 songs. LOVBERG (s), LEVIN (pf). A.
6507 005 S L.I. Jensen: Symphony in d; Japanese Spring (LANGEBO, s). FJELDSTAD, Oslo PO. A.
6507 007 S Saeverud: Sinfonia Dolorosa; Monrad-Johansen: Pan; Nystedt: The Burnt Sacrifice (GILL, narr). ANDERSEN, Bergen SO & Cho. A.
6507 008 S Janson: Theme for Mixed Choir. JANSON (pf); NYSTEDT, Norwegian SoloistCho. Mortensen: Wind Quintet. OLSO QUINTET. Brevik: Elegy. SKAUG (s); BRULAND, ens. Kvandal: Sonata for violin & cello. LARSEN, NOVANG. A.
6507 009 S Gruner-Hegge: Trio. WOLF, BENGTSSON, BAEKKELUND. Egge: Violin Sonata,Op. 3. TELLEFSEN, GLASER. A.
6507 010 S Egge: Symphony #4; Mortensen: Fantasy (HAASE, pf). EHRLING. Hovland: Lamenti. FJELDSTAD, Oslo PO. A.
6507 011 S S. Olsen: 7 Krokann Songs. SKRAM (b), LEVIN (pf). 4 Songs for Mixed Choir. SLOGEDAL, Kristiansand Cathedral Motet Choir. Wind Quintet. OSLO WIND QUINTET. Variations on a Norwegian Folk Tune. KAYSER (pf). A.
6514 050 D Dvorak: Symphony #8. MARRINER, Minnesota O. A.
6514 113 D Haydn: Symphonies #60 & 63. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 114 D Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 117 S Haydn: Symphonies #84 & 85. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 119 S Franck: Symphony. KONDRASHIN, Bavarian Radio SO. A.
6514 122 D Haydn: Symphonies #86 & 87. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 146 S Haydn: Symphonies #53 & 69. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 149 D Schubert: Symphonies #3 & 5. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 164 D St.-Saens: Piano Concerto #2; Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. DAVIDOVICH; JARVI, Concertgebouw O. A.
6514 166 D Corelli: La Folia; Lorenz: Variations #1 & 2; works of van Eyck (3) &Anon. (2). MICHALA PETRI TRIO. A. COH.
6514 176 S Beethoven: Sonatas #3, 13, & 24. BRENDEL. A.
6514 183 D Bach: Partita in d; Suite in D (Cello Suite #3) (arr. P. Romero). ROMERO (guitar). A.
6514 192 D Haydn: Symphonies #93 & 94. C. DAVIS, Concertgebouw O. A.
6514 193 S Haydn: Symphonies #95 & 96. C. DAVIS, Concergebouw O. A.
6514 200 D Liszt: Piano Concertos #1 & 2. DICHTER; PREVIN, Pittsburgh SO. A.
6514 202 D Respighi: Pines of Rome; Fountains of Rome; The Birds. DE WAART, San Francisco SO. A.
6514 203 D Grieg: Symphonic Dances, Op. 64; Old Norwegian Romance with Variations, Op. 51. LEPPARD, Philharmonia O. A. COH.
6514 205 D Mozart: Symphonies #29 & 39. C. DAVIS, Dresden St. O. A.
6514 206 D Mozart: Symphonies #28 & 41. C. DAVIS, Dresden St. O. A.
6514 207 D Mozart: German Dances, K. 509, 571, 600, 602, & 605; 3 Marches. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 208 D Schubert: Symphonies #2 & 6. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 209 D Tippett: Triple Concerto. PAUK, IMAI, KIRSCHBAUM; C. DAVIS, London SO. A.
6514 213 D Bach; Cantatas #211 & 212. VARADY, FISCHER-DIESKAU, BALDIN; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6514 221 D Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra. OZAWA, Boston SO. A.
6514 222 D Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. OZAWA, Boston SO. A.
6514 230 S Handel: 4 Trio Sonatas. SILLITO, LATCHEM (vln), VIGAY (cello), CUCKSTON (org & hpsi) (Academy Chamber Ens.) A.
6514 231 D Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. PREVIN, Vienna PO. A.
6514 235 D Ravel: Bolero; Glinka: Jota Aragonesa; Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien; Chabrier: Espana. MARRINER, Staatskapelle Dresden. A.
6514 254 S Antheil: Ballet mecanique; Jazz Symphony. DE LEEUW, Netherlands Wind Ens. Violin Sonata #2. BETHS, DE LEEUW. A.
6514 259 D Chopin: Concerto #2; Krakowiak. DAVIDOVICH; MARRINER, London SO. A.
6514 261 D Schubert: Symphonies #1 & 4. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. COH.
6514 280 D Chopin: 17 Waltzes. KOCSIS. A. COH.
6514 281 D Falla: The 3-Cornered Hat (VON STADE); Ritual Fire Dance. PREVIN, Pittsburgh SO. A. COH.
6514 314 D Beethoven: Symphony #3. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6527 098 S Hasse: Mandolin Concerto in G; Hummel: Concerto in G; Hoffman: Concerto in D. OCHI; KUENTZ, Kuentz CO. A.
6527 117 S "Little Marches by Great Masters" (Beethoven, C.P.E. Bach, J. & M. Haydn, Vranicky, Rosetti). NETHERLANDS WIND ENS. A.
6527 128 S Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. KREBBERS (vln); HAITINK, Concertgebouw O. A.
6570 017 S Grieg: Peer Gynt. STOLTE (s); NEUMANN, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
6580 047 S Beethoven: 2 Romances; Berlioz: Reverie & Caprice; Wieniawski: Legende; Tchaikovsky: Serenade melancolique; Wieniawski: Concerto #2--Romance. GRUMIAUX; DE WAART, New Phil. O. A.
6580 093 S Tippett: The Midsummer Marriage--4 Ritual Dances; Concerto for Orchestra. C. DAVIS. A.
6585 012 S Shostakovich: Execution of Stepan Razin. VOGEL; KEGEL, Leipzig Radio Cho. & SO. Khachaturian: Spartacus--2 exc. VAN REMOORTEL, Monte-Carlo Opera O. A. Writing on jacket.
6599 372 S "To My Friends" (encore recital). GRUMIAUX, HAJDU. A. Jacket markings.
6701 048 S (2) Wagner: Tristan & Isolde (rehearsal exc.); Ring--exc. NILSSON, LUDWIG, WINDGASSEN, ADAM; BOHM, Bayreuth Festival. A.
6770 045 S (7) Dvorak: 9 Symphonies; Husitska Overture. ROWICKI, London SO. A.
802 902 S Dvorak: Symphony #8. ROWICKI, London SO. A.
837 927 S Guillou: Colloques #2; Colloques #4 (J.C. CASADESUS, BOTH, percussion). GUILLOU (St.-Eustache organ), IVALDI (pf). A; 1/8" X. COH.
9500 055 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #1 & 5. GRUMIAUX, ARRAU. A.
9500 096 S Griffes: Sonata; Dett: In the Bottoms; Ives: 3-Page Sonata. LYTHGOE. A.
9500 100 S Vivaldi: 4 Seasons. AYO; NEGRI, Berlin CO. A.
9500 141 S Sibelius: Symphony #2. C. DAVIS, Boston SO. A.
9500 144 S Vivaldi: 4 Cello Concertos. WALEVSKA; REDEL, Netherlands CO. A.
9500 169 S Schubert: "Songs for Gretchen, Ellen, & Suleika." AMELING, BALDWIN. A. Texts.
9500 198 S Haydn: Symphonies #22 & 55. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 199 S Haydn: Symphonies #44 & 49. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 219 S Beethoven: Symphony #7. C. DAVIS, London SO. A.
9500 406 S Dvorak: Violin Concerto; Romance. ACCARDO; C. DAVIS, Concertgebouw O. A.
9500 407 S Beethoven: Violin Concerto. ACCARDO; MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
9500 408 S Mozart: Concerto #9; Concerto for 2 Pianos (COOPER). BRENDEL; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 422 S Bruch: Violin Concertos #1 & 2. ACCARDO; MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
9500 423 S Bruch: Scottish Fantasy; Konzertstuck, Op. 84. ACCARDO; MASUR, LeipzigGewandhaus O. A.
9500 503 S Beethoven: Sonatas #13, 17, & 22. BRENDEL. A.
9500 567 S Beethoven: 12 Minuets; 12 Deutsche Tanze; 12 Contredanses. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 570 S Mozart: Concertos #20 & 23. BISHOP KOVACEVICH; C. DAVIS, London SO. A.
9500 588 S Bach: Partita in b, "In the French Style;" Italian Concerto; 4 Duets. VERLET (hpsi). A.
9500 589 S Bruch: Violin Concerto #3; Adagio appassionato; Romance. ACCARDO; MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
9500 590 S Bruch: Serenade; In Memoriam. ACCARDO; MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
9500 610 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. HAITINK, Concertgebouw O. A.
9500 614 S Bach: Violin Concertos; Concerto for 2 Violins (KREBBERS). GRUMIAUX; GERECZ, Les Solistes Romands. A.
9500 621 S Boccherini: Guitar Quintets #4-6. P. ROMERO, ACADEMY OF St. MARTIN-IN-TE-FIELDS ENS. A.
9500 622 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. HAITINK, Concertgebouw O. A.
9500 636 S Beethoven: Mass in C, Op. 86. EDA-PIERRE, PAYNE, TEAR, MOLL, C. DAVIS,London SO & Cho. A.
9500 652 S Mozart: Symphonies #28 & 29. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 654 S Mozart: Symphonies #31 & 41. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
9500 667 S Schumann: Carnaval; Humoreske. DAVIDOVICH. A.
9500 675 S Sibelius: Violin Concerto; 6 Humoresques. ACCARDO; C. DAVIS, London SO. A.
9500 725 S Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time. DE LEEUW, BETHS, PIETERSON, BYLSMA. A.
9500 987 S Gershwin: songs. HENDRICKS (s), K. & M. LABEQUE (pf). FS. Texts.
AXS 4004 S (4) Mendelssohn: Symphonies #1-5. SAWALLISCH, New Philharmonia O. A.
Philips (Japan)
13PC 80 Schumann: Kinderszenen; "ABEGG" Variations; Scarlatti: 3 Sonatas; Ravel: Sonatine. HASKIL. A.
Philips (U.S.)
PHS 2 930 S (2) Telemann: St. Mark Passion. GIEBEL, MALANIUK, ALTMEYER, REHFUSS, GUNTER; REDEL, Lausanne Youth Cho., Pro Arte O., Munich. A, LSM. Text.
PHS900 090 S Vivaldi: Magnificat in g; Te Deum in D. GIEBEL, HOFFGEN; NEGRI, TeatroLa Fenice Cho. & O., Venice. FS.
LP 9001 S Furtwaengler: Symphonic Concerto. BARENBOIM; MEHTA, [L.A. PO]. A.
Plant Life
PLR 019 S Dieupart: Suite in e; Hotteterre: Trio Sonata in C; Faber: Parties sur les Fleuts Dous; Corelli: Trio Sonata, Op. 2, #7. CHESTER RECORDERS. A. EP.
Poseidon Society
1016 S Hovhaness: Symphony #24, "Majnun." HILL (t); HOVHANESS, Alldis Choir, Nat'l PO. A.
LV 84 Claire DUX aria & Lieder recital, from 78s, 1911-21. A.
PR 3261 Strauss: Lieder. DERMOTA, KONETZNI, POELL, STRAUSS (pf) (from 1943 broadcasts). A.
Project 3
PR7001SD S Monteverdi: Scherzi Musicali. CUENOD, BRESSLER, RONDELEUX, FULLER (hpsi), IADONE (lute), et al. A. Texts.

HLPXMN 1009/10 (2) Kodaly: The Spinning Room. TISZAY, PALLO, UHER; FERENCSIC, Hungarian Radio Cho. & O. A, FOT. German libretto.
LPX 11366 Sibelius: Violin Concerto; St.-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso; Ravel: Tzigane. KOTE; OBERFRANK, Hungarian St. O. A. COH.
SLPX 6541 Lehar: The Land of Smiles--exc. GROSZ, HAZY, UDVARDY, BENDE; BRODY, Budapest Operetta Theatre Cho. & O. A.
PMC 7010 S Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker--exc.; Swan Lake--exc. BOULT, New SO. A.
PMC 7042 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. GOULD, o. 1955 RCA recording. A.
Radio Nederland
6808.794 S Keuris: Music for Violin, Clarinet & Piano. PHEMINOS TRIO. G. Jansson:Music for 6 Woodwinds. AMSTERDAM STUDENT CO members. Manneke: sinfonia for 13 strings. HUPPERTS, Hilversum Radio CO. Escher: Univers de Rimbaud. TAPPY; VONK, Concertgebouw O. A.
34 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 97, "Archduke." RICHTER, KOPELMAN, BERLINSKY (Tours, June 24, 1984). Individually cut acetate disc. M. 5
569 S Liszt: Sonata; 2 Transcendental Etudes; Mephisto Waltz. FIALKOWSKA. Superb pianist! M.
RCA Camden
CAL 102 Beethoven: Symphony #3. KOUSSEVITZKY, London PO. A.
CAL 107 Franck: Symphony. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A/A-, FOT.
CAL 140 Mussorgsky-Stokowski: Boris Godounov--"Symphonic Synthesis;" Debussy: 3 Nocturnes. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A.
CAL 156 Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales; Daphnis & Chloe--Suite #1. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. Suite #2. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, LSM; 2 tiny X's.
CAL 164 Brahms: Symphony #3. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A.
CAL 170 "Songs of Faith & Oratorio Arias." CROOKS. A.
CAL 244 John Charles THOMAS recital. A.
CAL 251 "Richard CROOKS Sings Songs You Love." A.
CAL 269 "Kipling Songs & Oratorio Arias." CORDON. A; 1/4" X.
RCA Red Seal
ARC1 3421 D Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra. ORMANDY, Phila. O. First RCA digital release. A. Red vinyl.
ARC1 4572 D Chopin: Polonaise-Fantasie; Ballade #1; Schumann: Kinderscenen; Scriabin: Etude in d#, Op. 8, #12. HOROWITZ (live, London). A. COH. Bonus 10" interview disc.
ARC1 5411 D (3) Donizetti: L'Elisir d'amore. POPP, DVORSKY, NESTERENKO, WEIKL; WALLBERG, Munich Radio. A. Libretto.
ARL1 1674 S Berio: Nones; Allelujah II (BOULEZ, co-cond); Concerto for 2 Pianos (CANINO, BALLISTA). BERIO, London SO, BBC SO. A.
ARL1 3993 S "Great Liszt Opera Paraphrases." LOWENTHAL. Very short-lived release! A. COH.
ARL2 4198 S (2) Rochberg: Quartets #4-6. CONCORD QT. A. COH.
ARL3 2109 S (3) Gershwin: Porgy and Bess. DALE, SHAKESNIDER, LANE, BRICE, ALBERT,SMITH, MARSHALL; DeMAIN, Houston Grand Opera. Superb performance! A. Libretto.
ARP1 4427 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. REINER, Chicago SO. Half-speed mastered. A.
HRC1 9545 D R. Adler: The Lady Remembers (Statue of Liberty Suite). MIGENES JOHNSON (s); HERBIG, Detroit SO. FS.
RL 31650 S Morricone: Gestazione (BANDITELLI, s); Totem Secondo. TAMPONI, o. Concert works by famous film composer. M. Italian pressing.
RCA Victor
10" LPT 29 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue. GERSHWIN; WHITEMAN, o. (1927). An Americanin Paris. SHILKRET, o. (GERSHWIN, celeste). A.
LBC 1031 Beethoven: Sonata #23. MEDTNER. Chopin: Piano music. CZERNY-STEFANSKA. A, LSM; 1/4" X. BJ.
LBC 1043 Grieg: Piano Concerto; Mendelssohn: Concerto #1. DORFMANN; LEINSDORF,Robin Hood Dell O. A-, FOT.
LBC 1081 Schumann: Piano Concerto (ACKERMANN, Philharmonia O.); Fantasiestucke,Op. 12. MOISEIWITSCH. A, LSM.
LBC 1088 Elgar: Symphony #2. BARBIROLLI, Halle O. A.
LCT 1125 D'Indy: Symphony #2. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A, FOT.
LCT 1141 Schumann: Trio #1; Schubert: Trio #1. CORTOT, THIBAUD, CASALS. A.
LCT 1153 Harris: Symphony #3; Hanson: Symphony #3. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A-, FOT; 1/2", 1/8" X's. Jacket taped.
LHMV 13 Schumann: Symphony #4; Wagner: Siegfried Idyll. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A.
LK 1001 Gilbert & Sullivan: The Mikado. WRIGHTSON, WRIGHT, CARROLL, PERCIVAL, SWEETLAND, MARSH; GOODMAN, Guild Choristers, o. A-, FOT.
LM 1065 Franck: Symphony. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A/A-, LSM.
LM 1086 Brahms: Symphony #4. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM.
LM 1131 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A, FOT.
LM 1164 Arias of Donizetti (3), Puccini (2), Flotow, Verdi, Meyerbeer, & Cilea.TAGLIAVINI; Dorati, Morel. Extremely scarce! A.
LM 1719 Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition; Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet. CANTELLI, NBC SO, Philharmonia O. A; minor PB.
LM 1725 Elgar: Enigma Variations; Brahms: Haydn Variations. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A. EAR.
LM 1727 Goeb: Symphony #3; Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. STOKOWSKI. JACKET SIGNED BY ROGER GOEB. A; tiny X.
LM 1797 Bruch: Concerto #1. MENUHIN; MUNCH. Mendelssohn: Symphony #4. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, FOT. Minor jacket soiling.
LM 1872 Grieg: Ballade; 12 Lyric Pieces. RUBINSTEIN. A. EAR.
LM 2005 Scriabin: Sonata #3; 16 Preludes. HOROWITZ. A. EAR.
LM 2030 Debussy: Le Martyre de St.-Sebastien. CURTIN, AKOS; MUNCH, New EnglandConservatory Cho., Boston SO (with MUNCH narration, deleted from stereo reissue). A. Text. Writing on jacket.
LM 2059 Puccini: Manon Lescaut--exc. ALBANESE, BJOERLING, MERRILL; PERLEA, Rome Opera. A. Libretto.
LM 2230 "Spain." REINER, Chicago SO. A. Booklet. AS.
LM 6701 (5) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. HEIFETZ, MOISEIWITSCH (in #9), BAY. A. 0
LM 9026 Beethoven: Concerto #2 (GOLSCHMANN, NBC SO); Rachmaninov: Paganini Rhapsody (REINER, Robin Hood Dell O.) KAPELL. A/A-, LSM.
LSC 2532WD S Gould: Fall River Legend; Interplay; Latin-American Symphonette--2 exc. GOULD, o. A, LSM. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2566WD S Grieg: Piano Concerto (WALLENSTEIN, o.); works of Schumann, Liszt, Villa-Lobos, Prokofiev, & Falla. RUBINSTEIN. A.
LSC 2642SD S Mahler: Symphony #1. LEINSDORF, Boston SO. A.
LSC 2896 S Bach: Lute Suites #1 & 2. BREAM (guitar). A. WD label.
LSC 2917 S Brahms: Concerto #1. RUBINSTEIN; LEINSDORF, Boston SO. A. WD label.
LSC 2938 S "Baroque Brass." N.Y. BRASS QUINTET. A. WD label.
LSC 2941 S Ives: Sonata #1. MASSELOS. COH. Df.
LSC 2974 S Hindemith: Sonata, Op. 25, #1; Stravinsky: Elegie; Reger: Suites, Op. 131d, #1 & 3. TRAMPLER (vla). FS.
LSC 3028 S Ravel: Sonatine; Le Tombeau de Couperin; Gaspard de la nuit. BROWNING. FS.
LSC 6158 S (3) Verdi: Aida. PRICE, GORR, VICKERS, MERRILL, TOZZI; SOLTI, Rome Opera. A; minor PB. SD label. Libretto.
LSC 6194 S (3) Verdi: Il Trovatore. L. PRICE, COSSOTTO, DOMINGO, MILNES; MEHTA. A. German pressing. Libretto.
LSC 7041 S (2) Mozart: Sonatas for Organ & Orchestra; Haydn: Concerto in C. WEINRICH; FIEDLER, Fiedler Sinfonietta. FS.
LSC 7062 S (2) Mozart: Fantasia & Sonata in c; Sonata in F, K. 533/494; Prelude & Fugue in C; Fantasia in d; Rondos in d & A. P. SERKIN. A. Thick pressing.
LSC 7090 S (2) Leoncavallo: Pagliacci; arias. CABALLE, DOMINGO, MILNES, McDANIEL; SANTI, London SO. A. Libretto.
RCA Victrola
VIC 1046 Josef LHEVINNE recital, from 78s. A. EP.
VICS 1270 S Haydn: Salve Regina; Mozart: Litaniae Lauretanae; Church Sonatas, K. 278 & 329. BUCKEL, LEHANE, VAN VROOMAN, WOLLITZ; REINHARDT, Tolz Boychoir, Collegium Aureum. A. EAR.
Record of the Month Club
RMC S/115 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1; Litolff: Scherzo. CHERKASSY; BOULT, London PO. Australian issue. A.
Recorded Treasures
RTP 100 Beniamino GIGLI aria recital (no sources listed). EJS production. A. BJ, as issued.
RTP 101 "GIGLI in Song" (18 items). A; 1 tiny X. BJ, as issued.
ES 12 S Husa: 12 Moravian Songs; Webern: 5 Dehmel Songs; Dallapiccola: Rencesvals; Vaughan Williams: 4 Poems by Fredegond Shove. PELTON (t), MARTORELLA (pf). A.
RRES 2 S Hovhaness: Sonata for Trumpet & Organ; Persichetti: The Hollow Men; Torelli: Sinfonia con Tromba. STITH (tpt), PATERSON (org). A.
SREG 1084 S Chopin: Ballades #3 & 4; Scherzos #2 & 4; Fantaisie-Impromptu; Nocturnes #12 & 18. MOISEIWITSCH. A.
10" R 149 4 Works of Chopin (2), Brahms, Debuissy, Liszt, Gershwin, Shostakovich, &Granados (2) ("Encore!"). FOLDES. A/A-, FOT. Jacket repaired.
R 199 191 Sibelius: The Origin of Fire (Helsinki U. Cho.); Pohjola's Daughter. JOHNSON, Cincinnati SO. Glazounov: Violin Concerto. "GABRIEL" [Roman TOTENBERG]; G.L. JOCHUM, RIAS SO. A.
R 199 201 Sibelius: Symphony #5. JALAS, RIAS SO. A, LSM.
R 199 21 Beethoven: Symphony #3. F. BUSCH, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A-, FOT. EAR.
R 199 66 (2) Haydn: 7 Last Words of Christ. GUEDEN, OSCHLAGER, PATZAK, BRAUN; MESSNER, Salzburg Dome Cho. & Mozarteum O. A. EAR.
R 199 88 Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet; Ippolitov-Ivanov: Caucasian Sketches. WOSS, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A.
R 199 94 Bartok: Piano music. BARTOK. From Continental 78s. A, FOT.
RIC 007 S Villa-Lobos: Choros #12. BARTHOLOMEE, Liege PO. A.
2020 Works of Chopin (6), Palmgren, Leschetizky, Moszkowski, Delibes, Mussorgsky, Weber, Brahms (2), & Scarlatti-Tausig. MOISEIWITSCH (from 78s). A.
2049 "Famous Pianists." Performances by ST.-SAENS (4), DIEMER, KIENZL (2), LEGINSKA, ESIPOVA (piano roll), & SCHARWENKA (4). A.
2060 Bach: Concerto for 2 Pianos (K.U. SCHNABEL; BOULT); Italian Concerto; Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Toccatas in c & D; The Well-Tempered Clavier--Prelude & Fugue #5. SCHNABEL. A.
2064 Schumann: Carnaval; Brahms: Ballades, Op. 10. MICHELANGELI. A. Booklet.
2073 Debussy: Images, Books 1 & 2; Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit. MICHELANGELI A.
R 29 Emma EAMES aria & song recital. A.
RP 12424 D Moniuszko: Songs. ZYLIS-GARA, IVALDI. A. French texts.
RT 101 S "Fantasies, Ayres & Dances: Music for lute from the 16th-18th centuries." BASS, BOWMAN (c-t). A.
1225 Beethoven: Symphony #6. "GUTHAN, Berlin SO." A, FOT.
1331 Mendelssohn: Symphony #4. "BALZER, Berlin SO." A; large PBs.
1454 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #2. "RUBAHN, Berlin SO." A.
1458 Ravel: La Valse; Tzigane; Rapsodie Espagnole. "RUBAHN, Berlin SO." A, LSM.
3130088 S (2) Hristic: Opelo; works of Bortnianski (2), Mokranjac (3), Kuzmanovic, Babic (2), Skalovski, & Petrovic. PANCIC, Ivo Lola Ribar Cho. A.

5344 S Granados: Goyescas, Book 2; Soler: 6 Sonatas. MIRANDA. A.
5351/3 S (3) Messiaen: 20 Regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus. RAJNA. A.
5472 S Satie: Piano Music (Vol. 2). McCABE. A.
XID 5227 Schumann: Sonatas, Opp. 11 & 14. BINNS. A.
Saint Paul
XCSV 96583/4 Gutche: Bongo Divertimento; Haydn: Symphony #73; Fetler: Nothing ButNature (JAEGER, b; Hamline U. Cho.) SIPE, St. Paul CO. A, FOT. BJ (as issued?).
8 Copland: A Lincoln Portrait (in Spanish). SUJO (narr); COPLAND. Estevez: Concerto for Orchestra. ESTEVEZ, Venezuela SO. Copland's scarcest LP? A. 0
Schwann Musica Mundi
VMS 1017 S Reicha: Violin Sonata in A, Op. 62; Franck: Sonata. CHAUVETON, PARROT. A.
VMS 2054 S Schubert: Overture in c, D. 8; Volkmann: Serenade #1; Weber: 6 Ecossaises; Bruch: Serenade; Reger: Lyrical Andante. STAREK, RIAS Sinfonietta. A.
VMS 4010 S Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia: Piano Quartet in f; Liszt: Elegy on Themes of Prince Louis Ferdinand. SALOME (pf), MEYER-SCHIERNING (vln), STOWASSER (vla), STARCK (cello). A.
VMS 803 S Mozart: Serenata notturna; Vivaldi: Concerto, Op. 10, #2; Boccherini:Quintet, "Musica notturna di Madrid;" Biber: Serenada (PETER, b). MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. A.
VMS 809 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in C. NYFENNEGER. Concerto in D. STARCK; MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. FS. Corner clipped.
VMS 912 S Haydn; Sinfonia Concertante in Bb. PIGUET (ob), STIFNER (bsn), MELKUS (vln), ATAMACAYAN (cello). Pleyel: Sinfonia Concertante in F. MOHRING (fl), PASSIN (ob), GODE (bsn), LEXUTT (horn); MULLER-BRUHL. A.
Schwann Musica Sacra
AMS 3525 S E.T.A. Hoffmann: Miserere in bb. LAKI, LAURICH (s), KILLEBREW (a), BALDIN (t), HILLEBRAND (bs); BADER, Cologne Radio Cho. & SO. A.
SEFD 5030 D Respighi: The Birds; Liu Tieshan & Mao Yuan: Dance of the Yao People;An-Lyn Huang: The Sword. GIORDANO, Fort Worth CO. A.
100 A/B Works of Campra, Lully, Durante, A. Scarlatti, Bassani, Purcell (2), Bach (4), & Mozart (3). SOUZAY. Single record from private set. A, LSM; 1/2" X. BJ.
Sheffield Lab
LAB 8 S Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet--exc. LEINSDORF, L.A. PO. Direct-to-disc recording. A.
Song Recital
RG19 9738 Schumann: Dichterliebe; songs of Tchaikovsky (2), Strauss, Chausson (2), & Schubert. B. THOMAS (b), S. BERNSTEIN (pf). Live home performance, 1977. A
17 Strauss: Symphony in f, Op. 12. HAFNER, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
23 Quantz: Flute Concerto #17, in D; Frederick the Great: Concerto #3, in C. WANAUSEK; ADLER, Vienna SO. A.
28 Beethoven: Flute Sonata; Trio. BRENDEL, WANAUSEK (fl), CERMAK (bsn). A.
34 Josten: Songs. ENDICH (s), McGRATH (t), JOSTEN (pf). A, LSM. Texts on jacket.
4 Krenek: Piano Sonata #3; 5 Pieces, Op. 39; 8 pieces. KRENEK. A-/C.
SR 115 S Liszt: Fantasy on Themes from "The Ruins of Athens;" Soiree de Vienne #7; Beethoven-Liszt: Adelaide; Schubert-Liszt: March #2, in b. VILLA (pf). Excellent recital by regrettably short-lived Cziffra pupil. A.
SR 120 S Ives: Sonata #2, "Concord." MIKHASHOFF, JELINEK (fl). A.
SR 127 S Coleridge-Taylor: Clarinet Quintet; Bliss: Quintet. KIRELLIS, LAMONT QT. FS.
SR 135 S Mozart: Duos for violin & viola. O. & E. SHUMSKY. A, LSM.
Spring Choral Festival
K8OP 6096/9 (2) Hanson: The Cherubic Hymn; Dvorak: Te Deum; Mendelssohn: Hymn of Praise. Helen BOATWRIGHT (s), Robert PRICE (t), Richard EIKENBERRY (bs); PARANOV, Hartt SO (& various Connecticut school choruses). Live perf., 1959; private release. A.
816 S Brill: Harp works. BRILL. Harpist/composer acclaimed by Bernstein, Barber, Diamond, Stokowski, et al. FS.
STR 608 Villa-Lobos: Duo; Handel-Halvorsen: Passacaglia; Hindemith: Trauermusik (Stradivari Chamber Ens.); Turina: Scene andalouse. L. & R. PERSINGER. One of two LPs of Louis Persinger playing violin. A. Jacket corner scraped. 5
1 10 1239 S Reger: Variations & Fugue on a Theme by Hiller. KONWITSCHNY, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
1 10 1428 S Martinu: Serenades #2-4; Janacek: Suite for Strings. HLAVACEK, PragueConservatory CO. A.
1110 2877 S Dvorak: Symphony #1. NEUMANN, Czech PO. A. Corner clipped.
1111 2974 S Suk: Piano Quartet #1 (STEPAN); String Quartet #2. SUK QT. A. Corner clipped.
1111 2975 S Abel: Sonatas in e & G; Marais: Chaconne; Caix d'Hervelois: Pieces de viole, Book 1--exc. SLAMA (gamba), HALA (hpsi). A. Corner clipped.
1111 2976 S Janacek: On the Overgrown Path; Theme & Variations. KLANSKY. A. Corner clipped.
1111 2977 S Haydn: Sonatas #15, 38, & 50. RUZICKOVA (hpsi). A. Corner clipped.
1111 2979 S Franck: String Quartet. PRAGUE QT. A. Corner clipped.
1111 2980 S Hindemith: Violin Sonata, Op. 11, #1; Ravel: Sonata posthume; Strauss: Sonata. SUK, HALA. A. Corner clipped.
1111 3241/2 S (2) Smetana: 6 Characteristic Pieces, Op. 1; Bagatelles & Impromptus;Wedding Scenes; 9 Polkas. NOVOTNY (pf). A. Corner clipped.
1111 3903 S Matej: Music for Brass; Liska: Suite for Brass; Matousek: A Memory of Mr. Sudek; A. Parsch: Hold Tight. PRAGUE BRASS SOLOISTS. A.
1410 2855 S Jirko: Symphony #3. KONVALINKA, Prague Radio SO. Kostal: The Courage Stanzas. OPSITOS (vln); BELOHLAVEK. Flosman: Overture for Winds. KONVALIKA, Prague SO. A. COH.
1412 2931/2 Q (2) Madrigals of Arcadelt, Banchieri, Palestrina (2), Lasso (2), Gesualdo (9), & Marenzio (6). VESELKA, Czech Phil. Cho. A. Corner clipped.
SUAST 50553 S Josquin des Prez: Missa "l'Homme Arme;" choral works. VENHODA, Prague Madrigal Singers, Musica Antiqua, Vienna. A. Corner clipped. Latin text.
SUAST 50674 S Franck: Psyche (complete). FOURNET, Czech Phil. Cho., Prague SO. A.
Swedish Society Discofil
SLT 33207 S Nystroem: Sinfona del mare. SODERSTROM; WESTERBERG, Swedish Radio SO. A.
SLT 33213 S Alfven: Symphony #1. WESTERBERG, Swedish Radio SO. A.
SLT 33257 S Larsson: Violin Concerto; Concertino (BERLIN); A Winter's Tale. WESTERBERG, Stockholm PO. A.

A 1048 S "Sentimental Songs of the Mid-19th Century" (Foster, Root, Work). AMERICAN MUSIC CONSORT. A.
C 1042 S Dragonetti: Solo in Bb (BALEY, pf); 3 Waltzes; Duo (FARRELL, cello). TURETZKY (bass, in all). A.
DG 10041 D Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture; Capriccio Italien; Mazeppa--Cossack Dance.KUNZEL, Cincinnati SO. Spectacular sound! A.
DG 10043 D Marches of Barber, Leemans, Fucik, Seitz, King, Miles, Grafulla, J. Strauss, Vaughan Williams, Ganne, & Sousa. FENNELL, Cleveland Symphonic Winds ("Macho Marches"). A.
DG 10063 D Beethoven: Concerto #3; Choral Fantasy. SERKIN; OZAWA, Boston SO. A.
DG 10065 D Beethoven: Concerto #5. SERKIN; OZAWA, Boston SO. A.
DG 10079 D Beethoven: Wellington's Victory; Liszt: Battle of the Huns. KUNZEL, Cincinnati SO. A.
DG 10080 D Pachelbel: Kanon; Borodin: Nocturne; Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on "Greensleeves;" Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings. L. SLATKIN, St. Louis SO. A.
DG 10083 D Wagner: Meistersinger--Prelude; Gotterdammerung--Siegfried's Rhine Journey; Rienzi & Flying Dutchman Overtures. MARRINER, Minnesota O. A.
DG 10088 D Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d; Concerto #2, in a, BWV 593; Preludes & Fugues, BWV 532 & 544. MURRAY, First Congregational Church organs, Los Angeles. A.
6.35442 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #95-98 (Vol. 24). HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al. A. Miniature scores.
6.35558 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #103-106 (Vol. 26). LEONHARDT, HARNONCOURT, et al.DMM pressing. A. Miniature scores.
6.35022 S (3) Bach: Christmas Oratorio. ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, NIMSGERN; HARNONCOURT, Vienna Choir Boys, Chorus Viennensis, Concentus Musicus Wien. A. Text, miniature score.
6.35035 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #31-34 (Vol. 9). ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, NIMSGERN; HARNONCOURT (#31 & 34); JACOBS, VAN ALTENA, VAN EGMOND; LEONHARDT (#32-3). DMM pressing. A. Miniature scores.
6.35036 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #35-38 (Vol. 10). ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, VAN DER MEER; HARNONCOURT, Vienna Choir Boys, Chorus Viennensis, Concentus musicus Wien. DMM pressing. A. Miniature scores.
6.35047 S (4) Bach: St. Matthew Passion. ESSWOOD (a), EQUILUZ, ROGERS (t), RIDDERBUSCH, VAN EGMOND, SCHOPPER (bs); HARNONCOURT, Vienna Choir Boys, Regensburg Domchor, King's College Choir, Cambridge, Concentus Musicus Wien. A. Text.
6.35269 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #39-42 (Vol. 11). LEONHARDT, HARNONCOURT, et al. A. Miniature scores.
6.35283 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #43-46 (Vol. 12). JACOBS, ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, VAN DER MEER; HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT. A. Miniature scores.
6.35284 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #47-50 (Vol. 13). ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, VAN DER MEER; HARNONCOURT, Vienna Choir Boys, Chorus Viennensis, Concentus musicus Wien. A. Miniature scores.
6.35304 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #51-2, 54-6 (Vol. 14). LEONHARDT, Leonhardt Consort, et al. DMM pressing. A. Miniature scores.
6.35305 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #57-60. ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, VAN DER MEER; HARNONCOURT (Vol. 15). A. Miniature scores.
6.35335 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #65-68 (Vol. 17). EQUILUZ, ESSWOOD, VAN DER MEER, VAN EGMOND; HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT. A. Miniature scores.
6.35340 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #69-72 (Vol. 18). ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, VAN DER MEER, VISSER; HARNONCOURT, Tolz Boychoir, Concentus Musicus Wien. A. DMM pressing. Texts, scores.
6.35341 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #73-5. LEONHARDT, Leonhardt Consort (Vol. 19). A. Miniature scores.
6.35362 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #76-79 (Vol. 20). ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, Adalbert KRAUS, VAN DER MEER, VAN EGMOND; HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus Wien; LEONHARDT, Leonhardt Consort. A. Texts, miniature scores.
6.35363 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #80-83 (Vol. 21). EQUILUZ, VAN DER MEER, VAN EGMOND; HARNONCOURT. A. Miniature scores.
6.35364 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #84-90. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 22). A. Miniature scores.
6.35441 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #91-94. LEONHARDT, HARNONCOURT, et al (Vol. 23). A. Miniature scores.
6.35443 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #99-102. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 25). A. Miniature scores.
6.35487 S (2) Scarlatti: Esserciizi, K. 1-30. ROSS (hpsi). A.
6.35559 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #107-110 (Vol. 27). ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, VAN EGMOND, et al; LEONHARDT, Leonhardt Consort; HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus Wien. A. Texts, miniature scores.
6.35577 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #115-119. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 29). A. Miniature scores.
6.35578 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #120-123 (Vol. 30). HUBER, RAMPF, SCHILLING, ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, HUTTENLOCHER, HOLL; HARNONCOURT, Tolz Knabenchor, Concentus musicus Wien. A. Miniature scores.
6.35602 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #124-127. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 31).DMM pressing. A. Miniature scores.
AWT 9404 Haydn: Organ Concerto in C; Arne: concerto #5, in g. DE KLERK; VAN DER HORST, Amsterdam CO. A.
AWT 9410 Haydn: Divertimento in C; C. Stamitz: Quintet in Eb. BOEKEL, Netherlands Radio Baroque Ens. A. Writing on jacket.
HT 18 "Famous Composers Play Their Own Favorite Compositions." Welte piano rolls of GRIEG, REGER, DEBUSSY, ST.-SAENS, STRAUSS, & MAHLER. A. Jacket repaired.
HT 34 Debussy: Children's Corner; piano music. DEBUSSY. Ravel: Sonatine--mvts. 1 & 2; Valses nobles et sentimentales. RAVEL (from Welte piano rolls). A.
SAT 22521/2 S (2) Humperdinck: Hansel & Gretel. SPRINGER, HOFF, ADAM, SCHROTER, SCHREIER, KRAHMER; SUITNER, Dresdner Kreuzchor, Staatskapelle Dresden. A. Summary.
SAWT 9406 Bach: Prelude & Fugue in c, BWV 546' Walther: Partita, "Jesu meine Freude." KEE. Bohm: Partita, "Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten;" Prelude & Fugue in a. DE KLERK, St.-Johannis-Kirche organ, Luneberg. A. Black label.
SAWT 9412 S Works of Buxtehude, Scheidt, Sweelinck, Scheidemann, & Praetorius ("Historic German Schnitger Organs of Steinkirchen & Neuenfelde"). DE KLERK. A. Black label.
SAWT 9413 S Telemann: Suite in a. BRUGGEN (recorder); TILEGANT, S.W. German CO. Concerto in e for recorder, flute & strings (BRUGGEN, VESTER); Ouverture des Nations anciens et modernes. RIEU, Amsterdam CO. A. Black label.
SAWT 9414 S Schutz: Motets. JACOBEIT, OELKE, MICHAELIS, VILLISECH; ARNDT, Arndt Cho. & Ens. A. Black label.
SAWT 9420 S C.P.E. Bach: Symphony #1, in D; Mozart: Symphony in A, K. 201; J.C. Bach: Sinfonia, Op. 18, #2 (Lucio Silla Overture). K. RICHTER, Munich Bach O. A. Black label.
SAWT 9421 S Handel: 6 Recorder Sonatas. BRUGGEN, LEONHARDT, BYLSMA. A. Blue label. COH.
SAWT 9425 S Bach: Cantata #206. JACOBEIT, MATTHES, BRAND, VILLESCH; RIEU, Hamburg Monteverdi Choir, Amsterdam CO. A. Black label.
SAWT 9431 S Works of Lasso (7), Senfl (5), Daser, & Isaac (3). RUHLAND, capella antiqua Munchen ("Die Bayerische Hofkapelle im 16. Jahrhundert"). A. Black label.
SAWT 9436 S "Historic Baroque Organs of North Germany." DE KLERK, KEE. A. Black label.
SAWT 9438 S Monteverdi: Madrigale e Concerti. JURGENS, Hamburg Monteverdi Choir, Leonhardt Consort. A. Black label. Texts. Jacket repaired.
SAWT 9439 S Dufay: Mass movements, Motets, & Hymns. RUHLAND, capella antiqua Munchen. A. Black label.
SAWT 9440 S Telemann: Ouverture in f#; C.P.E. Bach: Symphony #2, in Eb; Hellendaal: Concerto Grosso in d; Mozart: Symphony #23. RIEU, Amsterdam CO. A. Black label.
SAWT 9442 S Bach: Cantatas #18 & 152. GIEBEL, T'HOFF, VILLESCH; LEONHARDT, HamburgMonteverdi Choir, Leonhardt Consort. A. Black label. Texts.
SAWT 9443 S Bach: Cantatas #106 & 182. FALK, T'HOFF, VILLESCH; JURGENS, Leonhardt Consort, Hamburg Monteverdi Choir. A. Black label.
SAWT 9447 S C.P.E. Bach: Sonata in b. SEXTETT ALMA MUSICA. Fantasy & Fugue in c. KEE (organ). Duet for 2 Violins. KREBBERS, OLOF. Symphony in F, Wq. 183, #3. RIEU, Amsterdam CO. Organ Sonata in g. VAN DER HORST. A. Black label. Jacket repaired.
SAWT 9448 S Telemann: "Paris" Quartets #1, 4, & 6. QUADRO AMSTERDAM (Bruggen, Schroeder, Bylsma, Leonhardt). A. Black label. Spine repaired.
SAWT 9453/4 S (2) Telemann: Tafelmusik, Book 3. BRUGGEN, Concerto Amsterdam. A. Black label.
SAWT 9459 S Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #1, 3, &4. HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus,Wien. A. Black label. Spine repaired.
SAWT 9460 S Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #2, 5, & 6. HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus, Wien. A. Black label. Spine repaired.
SAWT 9461 S Works of Turini, Biber (2), Muffat, Scheidt, Byrd, Lupo, Marini, & Schmelzer (2) ("Music for Consort in the 17th Century"). LEONHARDT CONSORT. A. Black label.
SAWT 9462 S "Ihr Musici, Frisch Auf!: Famous Madrigals, Villanellas & Chansons." JURGENS, Monteverdi Choir Hamburg. A. Black label.
SAWT 9466 S "Early Music in Italy, France, & Belgium." BINKLEY, Studio for Early Music. A. Black label.
SAWT 9467 S Schutz: 7 Last Words; St. Luke Passion. JACOBEIT, T'HOFF, VAN EGMOND, RUNGE, VILLESCH; JURGENS. A. Black label.
SAWT 9471 S de la Rue: Missa pro defunctis; works of Brumel, Vinders, Appenzeller,Vaet, & Senfl (2) ("Requiem & Elegies, c. 1500-1550"). RUHLAND, Capella antiqua Munchen. A. Blue label.
SAWT 9472 S "Florid Song & Gamba Music in England, c. 1610-1660." STUDIO FOR EARLY MUSIC, CONCENTUS MUSICUS WIEN. A. Black label. Jacket repaired.
SAWT 9476 S Couperin: Les Nations--#1 & 3. QUADRO AMSTERDAM (Bruggen, Schroeder, Bylsma, Leonhardt), et al. A. Black label. Spine repaired.
SAWT 9480 S Josquin des Prez: 7 Motets. RUHLAND, Capella Antiqua of Munich. A. Black label.
SAWT 9482 S Works of Parcham, Van Eyck, Loeillet, Dieupart, & Telemann. BRUGGEN (recorder), HARNONCOURT (gamba), LEONHARDT (hpsi). A. Blue label.
SAWT 9489 S Bach: Cantatas #27, 59, 118, & 158. HANSMANN, WATTS, EQUILUZ, VAN EGMOND; SCHROEDER, Monteverdi Choir Hamburg, Concerto Amsterdam. A. Black label. Texts.
SAWT 9490- S C.P.E. Bach: Concerto for Harpsichord & Piano (UITTENBOSCH, ANTONIETTI); J.C. Bach: Concerto for Oboe & Cello (SCHAEFTLEIN, BYLSMA); W.F. Bach: Concerto for 2 Harpsichords (UITTENBOSCH, CURTIS). LEONHARDT (period inst. orch.) A. Blue label.
SAWT 9501/2 S (2) Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine. HANSMANN, JACOBEIT, ROGERS, T'HOFF, EGMOND, VILLISECH; RUHLAND, Hamburg Monteverdi Choir, Capella Antiqua Munchen, Concentus Musicus Vienna. A. Blue label. Texts.
SAWT 9504 S "Weitliche Musik um 1300." Halle: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion. BINKLEY, Early Music Quartet. A. Black label.
SAWT 9506- S Purcell: "Consort Music." LEONHARDT CONSORT. A. Blue label.
SAWT 9511 S "English Music for Recorders & Concert of viols in the 16th & 17th Centuries." BRUGGEN CONSORT. A. Black label. Writing on jacket.
SAWT 9513 S Bach: Cantatas #51 & 202. GIEBEL; SCHROEDER, Concerto Amsterdam. A. Black label. German texts.
SLT 43099 S Bartok: Suite; Improvisations on Hungarian Folk Songs; piano music. ESCHENBACH. A.
Telefunken (Eng.)
LGX 66032 Strauss: Tod und Verklarung. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Till Eulenspiegel. KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
LGX 66062 Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto #1; Strauss: Burleske. MILDNER; ROTHER, RIAS SO. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
Temple Beth Israel
76 100 "Tsur Yisrael: High Holy Day Music of Temple Beth Israel, Austin, Texas." Paulina STARK (cantor), Paul OLEFSKY (cello), M. OLEFSKY (pf), BARNETT (org). A; tiny X.
S/8009 S Cage: Cartridge Music. CAGE, TUDOR. Wolff: Duet for Violinist & Pianist. KOBAYASHI, TUDOR. Summer. RAIMONDI, KOBAYASHI, TRAMPLER, SOYER (almost New Music Quartet!). Duet II. HILLYER (horn), TUDOR. A.
Ti 90 S C.P.E. Bach: Violin Sonata in b; J.C. Bach: 3 Sonatas, Op. 10. LIEBERMAN, KROLL. A.
Ti 94 S Haydn: Divertimento a Tre in Eb; Beethoven: Horn Sonata; Ries: Sonata. RIFE (horn), PEARLMAN (fp), STEPNER (vln), ARICO (cello) (period inst). A.
TOM 2 1101 S (2) Cage: Etudes Australes. SULTAN (pf). A.
Trax Classique
TRXLP 112 (2) Wagner: Siegfried Idyll; opera exc. S. WAGNER. From 78s, 1926-27. A.

1655 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. GRUNER-HEGGE, Oslo PO. A/A-, FOT.
UNLA 1007 M. Haydn: Flute Concerto in D (uncredited soloist); Symphony in G. ADLER, Vienna SO. A, LSM; tiny X.
UNLP 1032 Handel: Organ Concertos, Op. 4, #2 & 5; Op. 7, #1 & 5. MOE; LIEPMAN (Holtkamp organ, M.I.T. Chapel). A, FOT.
UNLP 1033 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 31. Ernst LEVY. A. AS, later edition.
UNLP 1036 Haydn: Sonatas #32, 46, 50, & 51. Ernst LEVY. A.
Unicorn (Eng.)
RHS 317 S Hovhaness: St. Vartan Symphony. HOVHANESS, National PO. A.
UNS 227 S Hummel: Rondo Brillant on Russian Themes, Op. 98; Field: Piano Concerto #1. BLUMENTHAL; FROSCHAUER, Vienna CO. A.
Unique Opera Records
UORC 175 (2) Gounod: Romeo & Juliette. NORENA, SWARTHOUT, ROTHIER, HACKETT, DELUCA; HASSELMANS (1935). A. BJ, as issued.
UORC 257 Wagner: Die Meistersinger--exc. LEHMANN, THORBORG, KULLMAN, NISSEN, ALSEN; TOSCANINI, Vienna PO (Salzburg, 1936). A. BJ, as issued.
University of Illinois Symphonic Band
24089/90 S (2) Grainger: Band works. BEGIAN, U. of Illinois Symphonic Band. A.
10" URLP 5002 Dvorak: Strains from Moravia, Op. 32 (in German). FUCHS, KLOSE, RAUCHEISEN. A, FOT. Text.
URLP 7020 Humperdinck: Moorish Rhapsody. ABENDROTH, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A, LSM.
US 58031 S Beethoven: Sonata #23; Chopin: Ballade #4; 5 Etudes. FIDELMAN. A.

VA 25000 S Mozart: Symphony #100. SOMARY, Mostly Mozart Festival O. Same performance in digital & analog recordings. A.
VCS 10080/1 S (2) Bach: Violin Sonatas. BUSWELL, VALENTI. A.
VRS 449 "6 Centuries of Song, Vol. 2." HAYES, Boardman. A.
VRS 481 Mozart: Songs. FELBERMAYER, WERBA. A. Texts.
VRS 6032 Shostakovich: Piano Quintet. SHOSTAKOVICH, BEETHOVEN QUARTET (premiereperformers). String Quartet #1. KOMITAS QUARTET. A.
VSD 2019 S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. MATTHEWS, VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., HERRMANN. A. Black label.
VSD 2094 S Menotti: Piano Concerto; Copland: Piano Concerto. WILD; MESTER, COPLAND, Symphony of the Air. A. Black label.
VSD 71140 S Mozart: Piano Quartets. P. SERKIN, SCHNEIDER, TREE, SOYER. A.
VSD 71141/2 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #7. ABRAVANEL, Utah SO. A.
VSD 71147 S Boccherini: Guitar Quintet, "La Ritirata di Madrid" (DIAZ); String Quintet in E, Op. 13, #5. SCHNEIDER, GALIMIR, TREE, SOYER, HARRELL. A.
VSD 71248 S Rzewski: Variations on "The People United Will Never Be Defeated." OPPENS (pf). A masterpiece! Composer-supervised performance. A.
VSQ 30049/50 Q (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. PINI (vln), MUNROW (recorder), LESTER (hpsi), ADENEY (fl), BLACK (ob), et al; SOMARY, English CO. A.
Vanguard Bach Guild
BGS 5020 S Handel: Suites #2, 3, 4, & 6. A. HEILLER (hpsi). A. Black label.
BGS 5021 S Handel: Suites #1, 5, 7, & 8. A. HEILLER (hpsi). A. Black label.
Vanguard Everyman
SRV 158SD S Mozart: String Quintets, K. 515 & 516. GRILLER QUARTET, PRIMROSE. FS.
SRV 265/7SD F (3) Mozart: Violin Sonatas (Vol. 2). SZIGETI, SZELL (in 2), HORSZOWSKI. Only LP publication (except for 2 Szell items). A. Program notes.
Varese Sarabande
VC 81080 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. GIESEKING; ROTHER, Berlin Radio SO. Genuine 1944 stereo. A.
VM 104 Works of Praetorius, Peerson, Telemann, D'Anglebert (3), Couperin (2), & Landowska. LANDOWSKA (+ interview with John Pfeiffer) (all from broadcasts). A.
VPS 1070 S Franck: Fantasie in A; works of Reger, L. King, Sifler, Swann, & Sowerby. SWANN, Riverside Church organ. A. Insert.
VL 73732 F "Stories and Songs of the Great Composers." Laurie SMITH (narr), Leo NADELMANN (pf). A.
Voce del Padrone
QALP 10408 Mozart: Concerto #15 (GRACIS); Beethoven: Sonata #3. MICHELANGELI. A.
QIM 6381 Mozart: Symphony #29; Musical Joke. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A; 1/8" X.
Voix de Son Maitre
COLH 29 Beethoven: Trio in Bb, Op. 97, "Archduke." CORTOT, THIBAUD, CASALS. A/A-, FOT. Dowel spine.
OVD 4044 Mozart: Concerto #17 (FISCHER); Concerto #24 (COLLINGWOOD). E. FISCHER. A, LSM. COH.
OVD 4324 Mozart: Concerto #20 (FISCHER, London PO); Concerto #25 (KRIPS, Philharmonia O.). E. FISCHER. A.
DLP 6670 Monteverdi: Lagrime d'Amante al Sepolcro dell'Amata; Lamento d'Arianna. COURAUD, Couraud Vocal Ens. A. Texts.
PL 11380 Chopin: Concerto #2. NOVAES; KLEMPERER. Schumann: Piano Concerto. NOVAES; SWAROWSKY, Vienna SO. A, LSM.
PL 16290 Vivaldi: Violin Concertos, Op. 4, #1 & 2; Op. 9, #3 & 4. BARCHET; REINHARDT. A, LSM.
PL 20300 Messager: Monsieur Beaucaire--exc. LENOTY, ANGELICI, BERTHON, DENS, MORYN; GRESSIER. A; minor PBs.
PL 6380 "Petit Concert of French Vocal Music from the 12th to 20th Centuries." N. BOULANGER, ens. A.
PL 6870 Schubert: Songs for male chorus. GROSSMAN, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. A. Texts.
PL 6880 Mozart: Concerto #24 (MORALT, Vienna SO); Sonata in C, K. 545. KRAUS. A-, LSM.
PL 7510 Schubert: Mass #2, in G (DUTOIT, PLANIAVSKY, BUCHSBAUM); Miriams Siegesgesang (NEULINGER); Hymne an die Sonne. GROSSMAN, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. & SO. A, FOT.
PL 8310 Chopin: 17 Polish Songs. CONRAD, Jackson. A/A-, FOT. Texts.
PL 8550 Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp (JELLINEK); Amdante, K. 315. WANAUSEK (fl). Adagio & Rondo, K. 617. C. SWOBODA (celeste), Vienna CO (no conductor credited). A.
PL 8950 Franck: Trio in F#, Op. 1, #1; Chausson: Trio in g, Op. 3. TRIO DI BOLZANO. A, FOT.
PLP 6010 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. B. & D. BARTOK, BAKER, RUBSAN. For Children--10 Pieces; Evening in Transylvania; Bear Dance. BARTOK. First publication of Sonata performance. A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
STPL 510200 S Schubert: Symphony #9. PERLEA, Bamberg SO. A.
STPL 510470 S St.-Saens: Havanaise; Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso; Chausson: Poeme. ROSAND; REINHARDT. A.
STPL 510790 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in D; Vivaldi: Concerto in e; Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb. CASSADO; PERLEA, Bamberg SO. A. EAR.
STPL 511020 S Stravinsky: Firebird Suite. HORENSTEIN, S.W. German Radio O., BAden-Baden. Capriccio. ZELKA; BYRNS. A. Jacket taped.
STPL 511050 S Dvorak: Symphony #8. PERLEA, Bamberg SO. A.
STPL 511180 S Rossini: 5 Overtures. PERLEA, Bamberg SO. A.
SVBX 5800 S (3) Alicia DE LARROCHA encore anthology, from Hispavox originals. A. Booklet.
SVBX 582 S (3) Mendelssohn: Cello Sonatas; Variations Concertantes; Song WithoutWords. SCHUSTER, BALSAM. 2 Trios. TRIO BEL ARTE. Quartet #6; "Youth" Quartet. EUROPEAN STRING QUARTET. A.
SVUX 52001 S (2) Dvorak: Slavonic Dances. PERLEA, Bamberg SO. FS.
VBX 30 (3) Vivaldi: La Cetra, Op. 9. BARCHET; REINHARDT. A.
VBX 36 (3) Corelli: Sonatas, Opp. 3 & 4. MUSICORUM ARCADIA. A.
VL 6490 Paganini: Concerto #1 (arr. Wilhelmj) (BIGOT); Moses Fantasy; Witches'Dance; Moto Perpetuo (PERSINGER, pf). RICCI. A-, LSM. Numerous mild PBs.
Vox Candide
CE 31042 S Foss: Geod. FOSS, Buffalo PO. A. Insert.
Vox Cum Laude
D VCL 9053 D Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. FEDOSEYEV, Moscow RSO. A.
Vox Turnabout
THS 65117/9 (3) Verdi: La Forza del Destino. TEBALDI, BARBIERI, DEL MONACO, PROTTI, SIEPI; MITROPOULOS, Teatro Communale (1953). A. Summary.
TV 34146 S Ives: Holidays Symphony. JOHANOS, Dallas SO. Hancock recording. FS.
TV 34664 S Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty--exc. MAAZEL, Berlin RSO. A.

TW 63 MacDowell: Sonata Tragica; Gershwin: 3 Preludes; Dello Joio: Suite. TOWLEN (pf). A.
WR 420 Handel: Trio Sonatas #2, 3, 4, & 6. KAPLAN, ROSEMAN (ob), NEWMAN (bsn), FULLER (hpsi). A.
Welte Legacy
675 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #12; Legend #2; Paganini Etude #5. STAVENHAGEN. Hungarian Rhapsody #10; works of Beethoven & Chopin (2). REISENAUER (from Welte piano rolls, 1905). A.
S 670 S Teresa CARRENO recital, from Welte piano rolls, 1906. FS.
W 9052 Brahms: Piano Quartet #3, Op. 60. DEMUS, BARYLLI QT. A.
WL 5026 Dvorak: String Quintet in G, Op. 77. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., HERMAN (bass). A; tiny X. Green label.
WL 5034 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 64, #6; Op. 76, #5. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT; minor PBs. Green label.
WL 5052 Schubert: Quartet #14, "Death & the Maiden." VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A/A-. Red label.
WL 5059 "Italian & Spanish Songs of the 16th & 17th Centuries." CUENOD, Leeb. A-, FOT. Red label.
WL 5098 Beethoven: Quartet #8, Op. 59, #2. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A. Red label.
WL 5114 Beethoven: Concerto #5. BADURA-SKODA; SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. B, FOT.
WL 5123 Bach: Cantata #198. LASZLO, ROESSEL-MAJDAN, KMENTT, POELL; SCHERCHEN, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. & St. Opera O. A, FOT. Text.
WL 5124 Beethoven: An die Ferne Geliebte; Lieder. POELL, Graef. A, FOT. Texts.
WL 5151- Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 135; Grosse Fuge. BARYLLI QT. B.
WL 5162 Bach: Partitas #3 & 4. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WL 5184 Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, & 23. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WL 5245 Brahms: Sonata #3, Op. 5. BADURA-SKODA. A, LSM.
WL 5278 Faure: La Bonne Chanson; Gounod: Biondina. CUENOD, Holetschek. A, FOT; 1/3" X. Texts.
WL 5317 Mozart: Sonata in A, K. 331; Fantasy & Sonata in c, K. 475/457. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WL 5320 Turina: La Procesion del Rocio; Canto a Sevilla--exc. (DE ARAGON, s); Danzas Fantasticas; La Oracion del Torero. FREITAS BRANCO, Madrid SO. A-, FOT; minor PB.
WL 5337 Dvorak: Piano Quintet (FARNADI); Quartet in Ab, Op. 105. BARYLLI QT. A; 1/3" X.
WL 5375 Songs of Vivaldi, Caldara, Pergolesi, Martini, A. Scarlatti, Gasparini,Sarri, Bononcini, Carissimi, & Durante. LASZLO, HOLETSCHEK. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Texts.
WMS 1015 S (3) Beethoven: "Kakadu" Variations; Trios of Brahms (#2), Haydn ("#3,in C), Martinu (#2), Mendelssohn (#1), & Mozart (K. 548 & 564). ALBENERI TRIO (Balsam, Ciompi, B. Heifetz). A.
WST 14005 S Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet; 1812 Overture. SCHERCHEN, Vienna State Opera O. A, FOT. EAR.
WST 14017 S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A-, FOT; 1/3" X. ABC label.
WST 14018 S Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1. LATEINER; Aliberti, Vienna St. Opera O. A.
WST 14068 S Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp. RAMPAL, LASKINE. Clarinet Concerto.LANCELOT; PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
WST 14139 S Vivaldi: Gloria. COERTSE, DRESSEL, DRAXLER; SCHERCHEN, Vienna Academy Cho. & St. Opera O. A.
WST 14141 S Shostakovich: Piano Concertos #1 & 2. LIST; G.L. JOCHUM, DESARZENS. A.
WST 17040 S Chopin: Concerto #2; Schumann: Concerto. FOU TS'ONG; MAAG, London SO. A.
WST 17075 S Arne: Shakespeare Songs. FORRESTER, YOUNG; PRIESTMAN, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. & Radio O. A, FOT. Texts.
WST 17079 S Mozart: Concerto #22 (SOMOGYI, Vienna Radio O); Sonata in Bb, K. 570. BARENBOIM. A.
WST 17085 S Chopin: 18 Mazurkas. FOU TS'ONG. A.
XWN 18030 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 1, #3; Op. 11. BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A.
XWN 18041 Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 364. BARYLLI, DOKTOR; PROHASKA, Vienna St. Opera O. Sinfonia Concertante, K. Anh. 9. VIENNA PHIL. WIND GROUP; SWOBODA, Vienna St. Opera CO. A.
XWN 18135 Works of Sor, Turina, & Falla. BREAM (guitar). A.
XWN 18182 Bartok: Mikrokosmos, Books 1 & 2. FARNADI. A, FOT.
XWN 18183 Bartok: Mikrokosmos, Books 3 & 4. FARNADI. A.
XWN 18184 Bartok: Mikrokosmos, Books 5 & 6. FARNADI. A.
XWN 18255 Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, & 23. PETRI. A, LSM.
XWN 18375 Bach-Vuataz: Musical Offering. SCHERCHEN, ens. A.
XWN 18379 Beethoven: Concerto #3. HASKIL; SWOBODA, Winterthur SO. A.
XWN 18397 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A, LSM. AS.
XWN 18425 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. PARRY, LOVERIDGE (pf), WEBSTER, LEES (perc); AUSTIN. Contrasts. PARRY, GRINKE, BRYMER. A, FOT.
XWN 18442 Brahms: Clarinet Quintet. WLACH, VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A.
XWN 18511 Debussy: Violin Sonata; Cello Sonata. FOURNIER, JANIGRO, G. DOYEN. Sonata for Flute, Viola & Harp. WANAUSEK, WEISS, JELLINEK. A. Late label.
XWN 18535 Karlovich: Violin Concerto, Op. 8. BARINOVA; KONDRASHIN. Machavariani:Violin Concerto. VAIMAN; DMITRIADI. A, FOT.
XWN 18603 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 64, #1 & 2. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT. ABC label.
XWN 18718 Vivaldi: Violin Concertos in Eb & g. RYBAR; MORALT, Vienna SO. A. EAR.
Westminster Gold
WG 8354 S Brahms: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A.
EL 1 S Lieber: 24 DeKooning Preludes; piano music. LIEBER ("Music to Paintings"). A.
WLBR 8001 S "Early Italian Harpsichord Music." PARMENTIER. A.
WIMR 10 S Schmidt: Sonatina; Campo: Dualidad; S. Davis: 3 Poems of William Blake (STEVENSON, s); works of Bach, Rarig, Chopin, & Pillin. SPEAR (low clarinets), et al. A.
WIMR 11 S Pillin: Tune in c; Serenade; Cello Sonata (D. DAVIS). S. DAVIS (pf), SILVERMAN (perc), WESTWOOD WIND QUINTET. A.
WIMR 12 S Pergolesi (?): Sonata #4, in Ab; Brahms: Marienlieder; Bach: 3 Sinfonias; Fugue in g; Bruckner: 3 Motets; "3-Part Music from the Renaissance." L.A. PHIL. TROMBONE ENS. A.
WIMR 13 S Schmidt: Vendor's Call (ATKINS, clar); S. Davis: Though Men Call Us Free (D. STEVENSON, s); R. Brown: Concertino for Piano & Band (HENDERSON). S. DAVIS (pf, in all). A.
WIMR 14 S Schmidt: Serenade for Tuba & Piano (T. JOHNSON); Variations on "St. Bone" (VEEH, tmbn); Horn Sonata (C. SMITH). S. DAVIS (pf, in all). A.
WIMR 17 S Schmidt: Variations with Solo Cadenzas; Concertino (OCHSE, org); Trumpet Sonata (S. DAVIS, pf). PLOG, et al (tpt). A.
WIMR 18 S Schmidt: Suite for Unaccompanied Saxophone; Sonatina; Sonata; (S. DAVIS, pf); Jazz Suite (B. SILVERMAN, perc); Variations on a Theme of Prokofiev. GREENBERG (sax, in all). A.
WIMR 2 S Doran: Sonatine (D. DAVIS, cello); Michalsky: Partita Piccola (S. DAVIS, pf); R. Brown: Sonata (THOMAS, org); Schmidt: Septigrams (REMSEMN, perc). SHANLEY (fl, in all). A.
WIMR 5 S Kraft: Morris Dance; Sifler: Marimba Suite; Schmidt: Ludus Americanus; Pillin: Duo (S. DAVIS, pf). ERVIN (perc). A.
WIMR 7 S Owen: Chamber Music; Michalsky: Divertimento; Campo: Concertino; Heussenstamm: Tetralogue. D'ANTONIO, ATKINS, H. RAIMONDI, SPEAR (clar), ERVIN (perc), S. DAVIS (pf). A.
WIMR 8 S R. Brown: Symphony for Clarinet Choir. L.A. CLARINET SOC. Concerto for2 Pianos, Brass & Percussion. S. DAVIS, STEPAN (pf), L.A. BRASS SOC. A.
World Record Club
CM 22 Gibbons: 2 Fantasias; Locke: Consort of Ffowre Parts--#6; Purcell: Pavan & Chacony. NEW MUSIC QT. M.
SH 286 Strauss: Salome--exc. (WELITSCH, SCHUSTER, WITT) (unpublished on 78s);Ariadne auf Naxos--exc. (CEBOTARI). KARAJAN. Der Rosenkavalier--exc. SCHWARZKOPF, SEEFRIED; KARAJAN; HERMANN, WEBER; ACKERMANN. From 78s, 1947-49. A.
SH 314 Brahms: Symphony #1. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. M.
ST 246 S Grieg: Peer Gynt. CANTELO (s); GIBSON, Royal PO. A.

No Listings For Labels "X" "Y" and "Z", sorry


"Audiophile" LPs
ZNF 1 S Britten: Noye's Fludde. REX, BRANNIGAN, ANTHONY; DEL MAR, English CO. A. EP. Text. HP Super Disc.
ZNF 6- S Holst: Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda (Third Group); Savitri (BAKER, TEAR, HEMSLEY). I. HOLST, Purcell Singers, English CO. A. EP. Texts.
ZRG 701 S Gerhard: Symphony #4; Violin Concerto (NEAMAN). C. DAVIS, BBC SO. HP Super Disc. A.
ZRG 702 S Sessions: Rhapsody for Orchestra; Symphony #8; Musgrave: Night Music (TUCKWELL, CHIDELL, horns); Riegger: Dichotomy. PRAUSNITZ, New Phil. O., London Sinfonietta. A.

2006 S Moszkowski: Piano Concerto. BAR-ILLAN; ANTONINI, Bavarian Radio O. M. TAS recommendation.
SP 8402 S Gliere: Ilya Mourometz (abridged). STOKOWSKI, Houston SO. A.
Classics Record Library
SDBR 3059 S Boulanger: Du Fond de l'Abime; Pie Jesu; Psalms 24 & 129; Vieille Priere Bouddhique. MARKEVICH, Brasseur Cho., Lamoureux O. One of the most beautiful records we've ever heard. A. Texts. Purple label.
Harmonia Mundi
HM 1036 S "La Fete de l'Ane." CLEMENCIC, Clemencic Consort. HP Super Disc, Pontefract recording. A, LSM. Texts.
ASD 3266 Q Elgar: Symphony #2. BOULT, London PO. HP Super Disc. A. Small dog label.
ASD 3284 S Rachmaninov: Symphony #1. PREVIN, London SO. A. HP Super Disc.
SLS 861 S (4) Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra; Don Juan; Alpine Symphony; Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme; Schlagobers--Waltzes; Metamorphosen; Macbeth. KEMPE, Staatskapelle Dresden (Vol. 1). A.
CS 6200B S Ibert: Divertissement; St.-Saens: Danse Macabre; Le Rouet d'Omphale; Bizet: Jeux d'Enfants. MARTINON, Paris Conservatory O. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6208 S Bizet: Symphony; Jeux d'Enfants; Jolie Fille de Perth--Suite. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. Large FFRR label.
CS 6235 S Works of Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Liszt, Mendelssohn (2), Mozart, Chopin (2), Debussy, & Falla. KATCHEN. A, LSM. FFSS label.
CS 6456 S Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. HP list. A, LSM. EP. White back jacket.
CS 6695 S Bruckner: Symphony #4. MEHTA, L.A. PO. A.
CS 6816 S Ives: Symphony #1; Elgar: Enigma Variations. MEHTA, L.A. PO. HP SuperDisc. A. EP. Writing on jacket.
CSA 2202 S (2) Smetana: Ma Vlast. KUBELIK, Vienna PO. A. EP. White box.
OS 25331 S Britten: Noye's Fludde. REX, ANTHONY, BRANNIGAN; DEL MAR, English CO. A. Libretto. Blue back jacket.
OS 26578 S Mahler: Songs of a Wayfarer; 5 Ruckert Songs. HORNE; MEHTA, L.A. PO. A. EP. Texts.
London Treasury
STS 15191 S Walton: Facade--exc.; Lecocq: Mam'zelle Angot--exc. FISTOULARI, RoyalOpera O., Covent Garden. A. EP. Jacket marked.
SRCS 105 S Moeran: Violin Concerto. GEORGIADIS; HANDLEY, London SO. A. Decca pressing.
SRCS 78 S Cooke: Symphony #3; Jabez & the Devil--Suite. BRAITHWAITE, London PO. M. Decca pressing.
SR2 9013 S (2) Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker. DORATI, London SO. A, LSM. RFR matrix. White promo labels.
SR90005 S Ravel: Bolero; Ma Mere l'Oye; Chabrier: Bourree Fantasque. PARAY, Detroit SO. A. Color back jacket FR matrix.
SR90016 S Offenbach-Rosenthal: Gaite Parisienne; J. Strauss-Dorati: Graduation Ball. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. A. FR matrix. Color back.
SR90049 S Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite; Mississippi Suite. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. A. RFR matrix. Color back.
SR90122 S Borodin: Polovtsian Dances; Rimsky-Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or--Suite. DORATI, London SO & Cho. A, LSM. FR-2/1. Color back jacket.
SR90136 S Carpenter: Adventures in a Perambulator; Phillips: Selections from McGuffey's Readers. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. A, LSM. FR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90168 S Franck: 3 Chorals; Piece Heroique. DUPRE, St. Thomas's Church organ, New York. HP Super Disc. A, LSM; 1/8" X. FR matrix, color back.
SR90204 S Sibelius: Symphony #2. PARAY, Detroit SO. HP Super Disc. A. FR matrix. Color back jacket. 7
SR90233 S Cherubini: Medea--exc. CALLAS, SCOTTO, PIRAZZINI, PICCHI, MODESTI; SERAFIN, La Scala. A. FR matrix.
SR90235- S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #2 & 3; Enesco: Roumanian Rhapsodies #1 &2. DORATI, London SO. A. RFR matrix. B&W back jacket.
SR90376 S Franck: Symphony; Lalo: Namouna Suite #1; Le Roi d'Ys--Overture. PARAY, Detroit SO. A. Vendor label.
SR90450 S Nielsen: Fynsk Forar, Op. 42; 12 Songs. WOLDIKE, Danish Radio Cho. & SO. A. COH. RFR matrix. Text.
RCA Victor
LDS 2656 S "An Evening of Elizabethan Music." BREAM CONSORT. A. Soria booklet.
LDS 6098 S (2) Berlioz: Romeo & Juliet. ELIAS, VALLETTI, TOZZI; MUNCH, Boston SO, New England Cons. Cho. A. Soria booklet. SD era.
LSC 2297SD S Brahms: Symphony #4. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM; 1 mild PB. 8S/5S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2416SD S "Operatic Choruses." SHAW, Shaw Chorale, o. A. 12S/12S.
LSC 2448WD S "The Art of Julian BREAM." A.
LSC 2487SD S Giuliani: Guitar Concerto; Arnold: Guitar Concerto. BREAM, Melos Ensemble. HP Super Disc. A. 5S/5S. PB after music. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2487WD S Giuliani: Guitar Concerto; Arnold: Guitar Concerto. BREAM, Melos Ensemble. A, LSM.
LSC 2507SD S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #3; MacDowell: Concerto #2. CLIBURN; HENDL,Chicago SO. A. 35S/33S.
LSC 2507WD S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #3; MacDowell: Concerto #2. CLIBURN; HENDL,Chicago SO. A.
LSC 2514SD S Franck: Symphony. MONTEUX, Chicago SO. A. 1S/1S. Album spine damaged.
LSC 2516SD S Schubert: Symphonies #5 & 8. REINER, Chicago SO. A. 14S/9S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2524SD S Dvorak: Quartet in C, Op. 51; Wolf: Italian Serenade. JUILLIARD QT. A, LSM. 1S/1S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2531WD S Berg: Lyric Suite; Webern: 6 Bagatelles; 5 Movements. JUILLIARD QT. A.
LSC 2536SD S Beethoven: Symphony #7. KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A. 3S/8S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2566SD S Grieg: Piano Concerto (WALLENSTEIN, o.); works of Schumann, Liszt, Villa-Lobos, Prokofiev, & Falla. RUBINSTEIN. H.P. Super Disc. A. 20S/13S. Writing on jacket.
LSC 2742WD S Haydn: Symphonies #95 & 101. REINER, o. A, LSM.
LSC 2893WD S Ives: Symphony #1; The Unanswered Question; Variations on "America" (orch. Schuman). GOULD, Chicago SO. FS. HP Super Disc.
LSC 2985WD S Dvorak: Piano Quintet (LATEINER, BAKER); Francaix: String Trio. HEIFETZ, DE PASQUALE, PIATIGORSKY. A.
LSS 2384 S Strauss: Don Quixote. JANIGRO; REINER, Chicago SO. A; minor PB. Soria booklet.
RCA Victrola
VICS 1028 S Brahms: Violin Concerto. SZERYNG; MONTEUX, London SO. A, LSM. EAR.
VICS 1032 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #3. JANIS; MUNCH, Boston SO. A. EAR.
VICS 1057 S Bizet: L'Arlesienne Suites; Chabrier: Espana; Marche Joyeuse. MOREL, Royal Opera O., Covent Garden. A, LSM. EAR.
VICS 1071 S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #2; Ravel: Concerto in G. HENRIOT-SCHWEITZER; MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM. EAR.
5036 S Works of Widor, Vierne (3), B. Marcello, Karg-Elert, & Dupre. MURRAY, Methuen Memorial Music Hall organ. Direct-to-disc recording. A, LSM.


Non-Classical LPs
L 70233/4 (2) "The Big Broadcast, 1932-1982" (Australian Broadcasting Commissiondocumentary). A.
1685 "Christmas Carols & Plays: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas; A Christmas Carol." "CAROLLERS & PLAYERS." A-, FOT; 1/2" X.
1705 Edwin LaMARR: Pipe Organ Pops. FS.
APON 2643 Sandor LAKATOS Gypsy Orchestra: Russin Gypsy Melodies. A.
RG 29 "Homage to Dylan Thomas" (live memorial program, London, Jan. 24, 1954). Louis MacNEICE, Hugh GRIFFITH, Richard BURTON, Emlyn WILLIAMS. A.
Audio Rarities
LPA 2470 "The Six Day War: The Battle for Jerusalem!" A. COH.
AXIS 132 The TWO RONNIES: The Very Best of Me & the Very Best of Him. A.
BR 6964 S Jesse WINCHESTER: Let the Rough Side Drag. A.
BRK 6984 S Jesse WINCHESTER: A Touch on the Rainy Side. A.
Biscuit City
BC 1317 S Tim O'BRIEN: Guess Who's in Town ("Eclectic Fiddle"). A. Corner clipped.
Blind Pig
BP 1282 S Lucky OCEANS: Lucky Steels the Wheel (w. the Asleep at the Wheel Review, Johnny Gimble). A. Promo stamp.
1001 S Bob PAISLEY & the Southern Grass. A.
TC 1018 Dylan THOMAS Reading, Vol. 2. A. Jacket taped.
TC 1046 Walter DE LA MARE speaking and reading. A.
TC 1069 Coward: Brief Encounter ("complete adaptation"); Blithe Spirit--exc.; Present Laughter--exc. Noel COWARD, Margaret LEIGHTON. A.
TFC 1004 Thomas MANN: Tonio Kroger--chapter 1; Lob der Verganglichkeit; Der Erwahlte--Die Busse. MANN (reading in German). A.
SLB 8099 S (2) Judy GARLAND: Judy in London. Late reissue pressing. A, FOT.
ST 2993 S Rota: Romeo & Juliet (film music, with dialogue). ROTA, o. A. Minor PB.
BJS 37600 S "Reds" (music from film, with several originals by Sondheim). A.
CL 633 GENEVIEVE. Jacket inscribed by the singer. A.
ML 5339 Carl SANDBURG: Flat Rock Ballads. A, LSM.
MS 7033 S PHILADELPHIA BRASS ENSEMBLE: A Festival of Carols in Brass. A.
OS 2019 S Hal HOLBROOK: Mark Twain Tonight (one-man show). A, FOT; tiny X.
OS 3050 S Bock: Fiddler on the Roof (in Yiddish). Shmuel RUDENSKI, Lea DULITZKAYA, Alina STRANITSKA, Albert COHEN, Etty GROTTES (Israeli production). A.
767 S Jerry STUART: Rocky Run. A. COH.
10" DL 5108 Berlin: This Is the Army. "Original All Soldier Cast" (BERLIN on 1 item). Tremendous rarity! A; 2 1/2" X's.
DL 79094 S Carmen AMAYA & Company: Furia! (El Marote, Pucherete, guitars). A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
DL 8154 The INK SPOTS: Best of the Ink Spots. A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
DL 8232 The INK SPOTS: Time Out for Tears. A, FOT; 1/8" X.
DL 9028 Ethel MERMAN: Memories--40 Great Songs from the "Gay Nineties" to the "Roaring Twenties." A, FOT.
DL 9504 Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet--4 exc. (Pamela BROWN); Hamlet--exc.; 5 Sonnets. John GIELGUD (reader). A.
Deutsche Grammophon
2531 381 S "East Greets East: Ravi SHANKAR in Japan" (w. Alla Rakha, tabla; Susumu Miyashita, koto; Hozan Yamamoto, shakuhachi). FS.
SL 5187 Judy GARLAND: The Beginning (Decca 78s, 1940-46, 6 new to LP). FS.
10" DLU 96008 "Flo SANDON'S Sings, Vol. 1." A, FOT.
Editions EG
EGED 46 S Harold BUDD: Lovely Thunder. A.
60432 1 S Ruben BLADES y Seis del Solar "Escenas" (w. Joe JACKSON, Linda RONSTADT). A.
Elektra (Mexico)
LWE 6582 S Ruben BLADES: y Seis Del Solar. "Agua De Luna" A.
LFN 8206 S Eric NAGLER: Fiddle Up a Tune. A. COH. Insert.
LFN 85 11 S Eric NAGLER: Come On In! A.
ERS 6501 ST S Herrmann: Battle of Neretva (film music). HERRMANN, London PO (from sound track). A.
LC 3489 "Songs of Kurt Weill." Catherine SAUVAGE, Christiane LEGRAND, Les QUATRE BARBUS, Yves ROBERT. A; minor PB.
10" ES 2001 EL PILI: Flamenco (w. M. Escudero, A. Velez, guitars). A, FOT.
7005 Mort SAHL at Sunset. A-/B, FOT; 1/4" X. Jacket repaired.
Flying Fish
050 S NEW GRASS REVIVAL: Too Late to Turn Back Now (live at Telluride). A. Corner clipped.
27271 S Bertram LEVY: That Old Gut Feeling (banjo solos). A.
287 S TRAPEZOID: Another Country. A. Corner clipped.
FF 045 S Paula LOCKHEART with Peter ECKLUND (and other friends). A. Corner clipped.
FF 213 S Paula LOCKHEART: It Ain't the End of the World. A. Corner clipped.
FF 235 S Joel MABUS: Gettin' the Woods on Fire. A.
FF 282 S MAGICAL STRINGS: Spring Tide (Philip & Pam Boulding, harp & hammered dulcimer). A. Promo stamp.
FF 296 S Joel MABUS: Fairies & Fools. A.
FF 319 S Tim O'BRIEN: Hard Year Blues. A. Corner clipped.
FF 393 S Eric THOMPSON & Alan SENAUKE: Two Guitars. A. COH.
FF 405 S Mark NELSON: Southern Light. A. Corner clipped.
FF 406 S Laurie LEWIS: Restless Rambling Heary. A.
FF 451 S Paula LOCKHEART: Voo-It. A. Corner clipped.
FSI 100 S Sandy & Caroline PATON: New Harmony (w. Gordon BOK, et al). A.
Front Hall
FHR 014 S Rick & Lorraine LEE: Contrasts. FS.
FHR 015 S Roger NICHOLSON & Jake WALTON: Bygone Days--Music for dulcimer & hurdy-gurdy. A. Corner clipped.
FHR 027 S Gary, Margaret, Megan & Dan MacARTHUR: Make the Wildwoods Ring. A.
GNP Crescendo
GNPS 2188 S The LIMELIGHTERS: Alive! in Concert, Vol. 1. FS.
Green Linnet
SH 1039 S Margaret MacARTHUR: An Almanac of New England Farm Songs. A. Corner clipped.
SIF 1014 S Tim LYONS: Easter Snow (traditional Irish songs). A. COH.
SIF 1020 S Brendan MULVIHILL: The Flax in Bloom--Traditional Irish Music. A. Corner clipped.
10" 0061 "Saturday Matinee: Theatre Fun for the Young." Performances by Adolph GREEN, Betty COMDON, Harold ROME (4), Alan Jay LERNER (1), Ira GERSHWIN & Kurt WEILL (1). A-/B, LSM.
10" LP H 0053 Harold ROME: A Touch of Rome (composer plays & sings songs from musicals). A. Writing on jacket.
ID 101 Greta KELLER singt Kinderlieder. A, LSM.
KL 1116 Vera BRYNNE: Russian Gypsy Folk Songs (Yul's sister). A. AS.
Kicking Mule
KM 236 S Holly TANNEN: Invocation. A. Corner clipped.
KM 241 S Mark NELSON: After the Morning--Irish, Scottish & American Music for Dulcimer. A.
LL 1548 "Poetry Readings, Vol. 2, by Dame Peggy ASHCROFT" (Tennyson, Wordsworth, Donne, Dryden, Blake, Pope, Byron, Swift, Shakespeare, et al). A.
XLL 1489/90 (2) Daudet: L'Arlesienne (with complete Bizet incidental music). WOLFF, cho. & o. (with acting cast). A; 1 tiny X. French-English text.
London International
SW 99011 S Alasdair DOWNIE & His Scottish Band: Scotland Dances. A, LSM. Blue back jacket.
E3989P The Judy GARLAND Story: The Star Years. A/A-, FOT.
MG20056 "Songs by Anna Maria ALBERGHETTI." A.
Music World
2 MS 096 (2) "The Wonderful Wireless" (Australian radio documentary). A.
PH 1032 S Lew LONDON: Swingtime in Springtime. A. Corner clipped.
6313 489 S Yves MONTAND in English. A.
6514 188 D "Folk-Songs & Songs for Children." HARRER, Vienna Boys Choir, Vienna CO. A.
1001 S Margaret MacARTHUR: The Old Songs. A. Texts.
PIP 6804 S "The Earthy Side" (racy spoken & sung material by Lincoln, Franklin, E.Field, Kipling, Purcell, et al). A, FOT.
R.T.A. Ltd.
601 Yaffa YARKONI: The Gate to Jerusalem (songs in Hebrew). A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Israeli pressing.
MR 1096 Edgar BERGEN & Charlie McCarthy: Fractured Fairy Tales (from radio broadcasts, 1945-55). A.
RCA Camden
CAL 330 John Jacob NILES: 50th Anniversary Album. A, FOT.
RCA Victor
RCA Victor (Mexico)
MKL 1588 PEPE e IMELDA: Antologia Musical de Yucutan (w. guitar quartet). A, LSM.
REB 1628 S The Best of LOST & FOUND. A. Corner clipped.
REB 1607 S The LOST & FOUND: Endless Highway. A. Corner clipped.
REB 1638 S LOST & FOUND: Sun's Gonna Shine. A. Corner clipped.
REB 1645 S The LONESOME RIVER BAND. A. Corner clipped.
REB 1658 S LOST & FOUND: The Deal. A.
Ridge Runner
RRR 0027 S Alan MUNDE with the TexCohomaNewMexiline Ramblers: Festival Favorites Played on the 5-String Banjo, Vol. 2. A.
RRR 0031 S Alan MUNDE with the Nashville Hot Pickers Club: Festival Favorites Played on the 5-String Banjo--Nashville Sessions. A.
RRR 0032 S Alan MUNDE & The Southwest Society of String Sizzlers: Festival Favorites Played on the 5-String Banjo--Southwest Sessions. A. Corner clipped.
RR LP001 S Jackie PACK & Her Friends: Hambones & Other Recipes. A.
104 S Tom MacKENZIE: Finally Tuned. A.
RSTR 121 S Tom MacKENZIE: Some Folks Do. A.
Roots and Branches
RBR 001 S Madeline MacNEIL: Many Butterflies. A.
0095 S Derek LILLYWHITE: Banjo Reminiscences (w. John Malone, pf.) A. Corner clipped.
0118 S Mark O'CONNOR: On the Rampage. A. Promo stamp.
10" 18142 Shep FIELDS & His Orchestra with Toni ARDEN (+ 4 Don BAKER items). A; minor pr. flaw.
Spoken Arts
704 Arthur MILLER speaking on and reading from "The Crucible" and "Death ofa Salesman." A.
705 "An Informal Hour with S.J. PERELMAN." A.
707 Siobhan McKENNA: Irish Ballads, Folksongs & Lyrics (half Yeats). A.
717 Marc BLITZSTEIN Discusses His Theatre Compositions, featuring Brenda Lewis, Roddy McDowell, Jane Connell, George Gaynes, Alvin Epstein, Evelyn Lear, et al. A.
718 John VAN DRUTEN speaking on & reading from "The Art of Playwriting," "The Voice of the Turtle," "The Druid Circle," "I Am a Camera," "I've Got Sixpence." A.
719 Paul GREEN speaking on & reading from "In Abraham's Bosom" & "Roll Sweet Chariot." A.
721 "An Informal Hour with Erskine CALDWELL" (reading 4 stories). A.
Sports Record
SCI 32 (2) Arnold PALMER: Personal Golf Instructions from Driver thru Putter. 24 page booklet. A. Minor jacket damage.
SRQ 4001 Q "Sounds Great, Vol. 1: The Quiet of the Countryside/A Day in the Life of the Sea." A.
Strictly Country
SCR 9 S Bob PAISLEY & the Southern Grass. Pickin' In Holland" A.
Sugar Hill
SH 3702 S Jimmy MURPHY: Electricity. A. Corner clipped.
SH 3738 S Herb PEDERSEN: Lonesome Feeling. A. Corner clipped.
C 1002 John FAHEY: Blind Joe Death, Vol. 1. A. Black label.
C 1043 S John FAHEY & His Orchestra: Old Fashioned Love. A.
12TS 392 S Walter PARDON: A Country Life. A. EP.
12TS382 S The NEW VICTORY BAND: One More Dance & Then. A. Corner clipped. EP.
XTRA 1143 S Victor JARA: Manifesto. Folksongs by martyred Chilean performer. A. Texts. Jacket repaired.
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services
309003/4 S (2) "Un Viaye Musical con Rita MORENO (5" radio programs). A.
CYCLE III S (2) "Un Viaye Musical con Rita MORENO (5" radio programs, 3rd series). A.
United Jewish Appeal
SA 986 "Israel's Finest Hour: Abba EBAN, Address before Security Council, United Nations, New York, Jun 6, 1967." A.
MGV 15001 Gershwin: Funny Face. HEPBURN, ASTAIRE, THOMPSON (film sound track). A, LSM.
LP 3028 S Katie LAUR Band: Cookin' with Katie. A.
Warner Bros.
1 25353 S Mark O'CONNOR: Meanings Of. A. Promo stamp.
HS 3238 S Steve MARTIN: A Wild and Crazy Guy. Poster included. A. Promo stamp.
WL 5135 Lopez Tejera: Joys & Sorrows of Andalucia. MARAVILLA (guitar), VALENCIA (voice). Ballets Pilar Lopez music. A.
WP 6012 Miklos GAFNI: Neapolitan Folk Songs (R. ROSSINI, gtr). A, FOT; 1/4" X.
003 S Dick TARRIER with Jenny Cleland & the Swamp Cats: Songs for Kids. A.
007 S Dick TARRIER: Songs for Older Kids. A. <


Jazz + Blues LPs
10" 4009 Georgie AULD Plays & Sarah VAUGHAN Sings. A.
10" 4031 Teddy WILSON & His All Star Sextet (8 tracks). A.
10" 4106 Sarah VAUGHAN Sings (8 tracks). A.
AM 17 S Fullerton College Jazz Ensembles: Love Ya. A.
SD 1596 S Keith JARRETT: The Mourning of a Star (w. Charlie HADEN, Paul MOTIAN). A.
SD 1681 S Herb GELLER: Rhyme & Reason. A.
SD 8091 S Mel TORME: Sunday in New York. A, LSM.
(note the odd NC number, this is correct) BKH 51101 S Stan GETZ: Voyage (w. Kenny BARRON, George MRAZ, Victor LEWIS). A.
Blue Note
BL 48785 S Elaine ELIAS: Cross Currents (w. Eddie Gomez, Jack DeJohnette, Peter Erskine). A.
S 63939 S Duke ELLINGTON: Anatomy of a Murder (from film sound track). A. French pressing.
CR 191 S David EYGES: The Captain (jazz cello). A. Corner clipped.
CRS 1011 S Jimmy GIUFFRE Three: River Chant (1975). A.
Collector's Classics
CC 27 Fletcher HENDERSON & His Orchestra, Vol. 1 (from 78s, 1923-24). A.
C 30035 LEADBELLY (several unpub. items). A.
C2S 847 S (2) Eubie BLAKE: The 86 Years of Eubie Blake. A.
CJ 40589 Erroll GARNER: Concert by the Sea. Digitally remastered. A.
FC 37972 S "Fathers & Sons." Ellis, Wynton & Branford MARSALIS, Von & Chico FREEMAN (1 side each). A. Promo stamp.
FC 38265 S Benny GOODMAN: Seven Come Eleven (1975). A. Promo stamp.
JG 35513 S (2) Stan GETZ: Another World. 1978 recordings. A. Promo stickers.
OSL 180 (2) Benny GOODMAN: The King of Swing: Complete 1937-38 Jazz Concert No. 2 (broadcasts). A. Late pressing.
(note the odd NC number, this is correct) PC 33703 S Stan GETZ: The Best of Two Worlds (w. Joao GILBERTO). A. Promo sticker.
XFL 14941 Bud FREEMAN: Three's No Crowd (w. Jess STACY, George WETTLING, 1938). A. Promo stamp
C 14022 S Terry GIBBS: The Latin Connection (w. Tito PUENTE on 3). A. Promo stamp.
C 14036 S Terry GIBBS & Buddy DeFRANCO: Chicago Fire. A. Promo stamp.
C 14042 S The Art FARMER Quintet: Blame It on My Youth (w. Clifford JORDAN). A. Promo stamp.
C 7647 S Terry GIBBS: Dream Band. A. Promo stamp.
Doctor Jazz
W2X 40350 (2) Benny GOODMAN: Air Play (1937/38 broadcasts). A. Promo stamp.
ECM 2 1182 S (2) Chick COREA & Gary BURTON in Concert, Zurich, October 28, 1979. A. Promo stamp.
Elektra Musician
60198 1 S Eric GALE: Island Breeze. A.
ESP 3003 Billie HOLIDAY: Radio & TV Broadcasts, 1953-56, Vol. 2. A, LSM.
GXY 5110 S Tommy FLANAGAN: Something Borrowed, Something Blue. A. Promo stamp.
GXY 5113 S Tommy FLANAGAN & Hank JONES: Our Delights (2 piano duets). A. Spine taped.
GXY 5115 S Red GARLAND Trio: Equinox (w. R. DAVIS, R. HAYNES). A. Promo stamp.
GXY 5152 S Tommy FLANAGAN & Hank JONES: More Delights. A. Promo stamp.
GXY 95001 S (2) "Live Under the Sky: Galaxy All-Stars in Tokyo" (Red GARLAND, Hank JONES, Roy HAYNES, et al). A. Promo stamp.
HAL 103 S Marian McPARTLAND Trio: Ambiance. A.
SJ 425 S King PLEASURE: Golden Days. A, LSM.
7115 S Marian McPARTLAND: A Fine Romance (piano solo live in Buffalo). A.
Inner City
IC 1040 S (2) Stan GETZ: Gold (quartet recordings, Copenhagen, 1977). A. Corner clipped.
IC 1165 S 52nd STREET: Scrapple to the Apple (Wendy SIMON, Eric SHAW, et al). A. Promo stamp.
LLP 1515 D Mulgrew MILLER Quintet: Wingspan. A. Promo stamp.
2PS 918/9 S (2) Benny GOODMAN Live at Carnegie Hall, 40th Anniversary Concert (1978). A. Corner clipped.
MRL 332 S Art FARMER: Homecoming. A. Jacket repaired.
S/6000 F Billie HOLIDAY (from Commodore 78s). A, LSM.
MR 5082 S Eric KLOSS & Richie COLE: Battle of the Saxes, Vol. 1. A.
MR 5211 S Steve GIORDANO: Daybreak. A.
MR 5245 D Richie COLE: Cool "C". A.
MR 5275 S Ricky FORD: Interpretations (w. John Hicks, Walter Booker, Jimmy Cobb,Wallace Roney, Robert Watson). A.
MR 5296 S Ricky FORD: Future's Gold (w. Larry CORYELL, Albert DAILEY, Ray DRUMMOND, Jimmy COBB). A.
MR 5311 S Red GARLAND: I Left My Heart... (w. Leo WRIGHT). A.
MR 5314 S Ricky FORD: Shorter Ideas. A.
MR 5322 D Ricky FORD: Looking Ahead (w. James SPAULDING, John SASS, Kirk LIGHTSEY, Cecil McBEE, Freddie WAITS). A. Corner clipped.
MR 5338 D Woody SHAW: Imagination. A. Promo stamp.
Music Unlimited
MU 7432 S David EYGES: Crossroads (jazz cello w. Byard Lancaster, Sunny Murray). A.
N 11 S Von FREEMAN: Serenade & Blues. A. Corner clipped.
New World
NW 204 S Ricky FORD: Loxodonta Africana (w. Dannie RICHMOND, Richard DAVIS, et al). A.
2310 711 S Ella FITZGERALD: Ella in London. A.
2310 925 S BASIE & Friends (Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Louis Bellson, et al, 1974-81). A. Promo stamp.
D2308223 D "Digital III at Montreux." Ella FITZGERALD, Count BASIE, et al. A. Corner clipped.
D2312110 D Ella FITZGERALD & Count BASIE: A Perfect Match. A. Corner clipped.
Palo Alto
PA 8070 S Richie COLE: Bossa Nova Eyes. A. COH.
7" RA 16 (45 rpm) Eva TAYLOR/Katherine HENDERSON (2 tracks each, from 78s, bothwith Clarence WILLIAMS). A.
RCA Red Seal
FRL1 3502 S Maurice ANDRE: Joyride (jazz versions of classics & French songs). A.
FRL1 3504 S Maurice ANDRE: Joyride II. A.
RCA Victor
APL1 1252 S Cy COLEMAN: The Party's Over. A. Promo stamp.
10" 18153 Pee Wee HUNT & His Dixieland Band (6 tracks). A.
10" 18156 Jack TEAGARDEN & His Orchestra: The Blues (8 tracks). A, FOT; minor PBs.
10" 18166 Earl HINES: Great Jazz Piano Solos. A, LSM.
10" 18169 Teddy WILSON & His All Stars & Orchestra (8 tracks). A-, FOT; 1/3" X.
10" 18174 "Jazz Greats." Don BYAS, Stan GETZ (2 each), Earl BOSTIC (4). A.
4002 S Jim GALLOWAY & the Metro Stompers. A. COH.
4011 S Jim GALLOWAY Quartet: Thou Swell (w. Jay McSHANN, 1981). A. Corner clipped.
Savoy Jazz
SJL 1135 Curtis FULLER: Blues-ette (w. Tommy Flanagan, Benny Golson, Jimmy Garrison, Al Harewood) (1959). A. Corner clipped.
TB 202 N S GENERATION BAND: Call of the Wild (Victor FELDMAN, Tom SCOTT, et al). A.
TR 523 D Bob FLORENCE Big Band: Live at Concerts By the Sea. A. COH.
TR 536 D The Bob FLORENCE Limited Edition: Magic Time. A. COH.
83123 1 D Astrud GILBERTO Plus James Last Orchestra. A.
MGV 8096 Billie HOLIDAY: Velvet Mood. A; 1/8" X. Minor jacket wear.
MGVS 60021 S Ella FITZGERALD: Ella Swings Lightly. A. Black "living sound fidelity" label.
MGVS 64023 S Ella FITZGERALD Sings the Rodgers & Hart Song Book, Vol. 2. A. Black "living sound fidelity" label.
DY 001 S Dennis YERRY: Native Son (w. Larry SMITH, Danny BRUBECK, Kim WROBLE). Woodstock jazz pianist; jacket inscribed.


Classical Music Videos
Parnassus Custom Video
PCV 1 Botschafter der Musik. 71 minute feature film documentary on the BerlinPhilharmonic Orchestra, 1954. Complete performances of Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel (FURTWAENGLER) & Beethoven Coriolan Overture (CELIBIDACHE).
PCV 10 S "Festival Casals 1994" (c. 100"). Stravinsky: Firebird Suite--exc. SHALLON. Works of Casals & Schubert. GERINGAS (cello), SCHATZ (pf). Beethoven: Concerto #4. WATTS; LOPEZ-COBOS. Verdi: Requiem--2 exc. SWEET, QUIVAR, LEECH, MILES; PENDERECKI.
PCV 11 S Beethoven: Leonore Overture #3; Symphony #9. EAGLEN, SIMPSON, LAKES, PLISHKA; MACAL, Westminster Symphonic Choir, New Jersey SO (Dec. 1997) (90").
PCV 12 "Portrat Wilhelm Furtwaengler" (102"). Documentary in German with Japanese subtitles, directed by Florian Furtwaengler.
PCV 13 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5 (1973); Beethoven: Symphony #4 (1983). MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO (75") ("Yevgeny Mravinsky, Vol. 1.")
PCV 14 Brahms: Symphony #4; Shostakovich: Symphony #5 (1973). MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO ("Yevgeny Mravinsky, Vol. 2") (86").
PCV 15 Schubert: Symphony #8 (1983); Weber: Oberon Overture; Brahms: Symphony #2 (1976). MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO ("Yevgeny Mravinsky, Vol. 3") (78"). Grainy picture, somewhat indistinct sound.
PCV 16 Shostakovich: Symphony #8 (1982); Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini (1983); Salmanov: Symphony #2 (1984). MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO ("Yevgeny Mravinsky, Vol. 4") (117").
PCV 17 S Shostakovich: Symphony #5 (1983); rehearsal excerpts from ShostakovichSymphony #5, Schubert Symphony #8 (1982). MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO ("Yevgeny Mravinsky, Vol. 5" (92").
PCV 18 Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet--Suite #2; Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (1982); Mussorgsky: Khovantchina--Dawn Over the Moskva River (1983); Shostakovich: Symphony #12 (1984). MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO ("Yevgeny Mravinsky, Vol. 6") (110")
PCV 19 Bach: Suite #3; Cassado: Suite; Kodaly: Sonata, Op. 7. STARKER (livein Japan, 1988) (60"). Works of Tartini, Zarzycki, Prokofiev, Sarasate, Dvorak, & Kreisler. OISTRAKH (1950's) (23").
PCV 2 "Great Conductors" (not identical to Teldec production). Films of Toscanini (2), Walter (2), Furtwaengler (6), Schillings, Blech, Bohm, Fritz Busch, Borchard, Karajan, & Krauss, some in excerpts, numerous brief complete works (c. 120").
PCV 20 "Georges Cziffra at the BBC" (early 1960's) (60"). Works of Bach-Liszt,Scarlatti, Schumann, Chopin, & Liszt, + amazing piano-test improvisation.
PCV 21 Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole; Concerto in G (DE LARROCHA); Dvorak: Symphony #9, "From the New World;" Falla: La Vida Breve--Danza. LOPEZ-COBOS, Cincinnati SO (1997). Excellent video & sound quality, from satellite transmission.
PCV 3 "Sviatoslav Richter #1." Beethoven: Piano Sonatas #7, 9, & 12 (1987). RICHTER. Handel: 2 Suites. RICHTER, GAVRILOV (each turning pages for the other).
PCV 4 "Sviatoslav Richter #2 (c. 120"). Bach: Concerto #1, in d; BrandenburgConcerto #5 (Nikolayevsky, Moscow Conservatory CO); Beethoven: Sonata #1; Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien; works of Beethoven, Debussy (2), & Rachmaninov.
PCV 5 "Sviatoslav Richter #3: Richter in Performance" (c. 120"). Schumann: 4 Fugues, Op. 72; Toccata; piano music; works of Schubert (SCHREIER, KAGAN), Schumann (BASHMET, KAMISHEV, KAGAN, GUTMAN) & Chopin (GUTMAN).
PCV 6 "Sviatoslav Richter #4" (c. 100"). Works of Tchaikovsky (6) & Rachmaninov (3) (1982); Prokofiev: Flute Sonata--exc. (VOROZHTSOVA); Britten: Lachrymae (BASHMET); Shostakovich: Trio (KAGAN, GUTMAN (1985).
PCV 7 "Sviatoslav Richter #5" (c. 80"). Haydn: Concerto in D (TSIRYUK, MinskCO) (1984); Tchaikovsky: Trio (KAGAN, GUTMAN) (1985).
PCV 8 S Mieczyslaw HORSZOWSKI 1987 Casals Hall Concert (Tokyo). Bach: English Suite #3; Mozart: Sonata K. 332; works of Villa-Lobos (2), Chopin (7), & Mendelssohn.
PCV 9 "Young Richter on Soviet TV" (60"). Documentary, in Russian w. Japanesesubtitles, including complete brief works of Rachmaninov, Chopin (4), & Debussy.


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