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Parnassus Records, 51 Goat Hill Road, Saugerties NY 12477-3008, USA

This page shows an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus does not have these items. The information is presented here for discographical purposes. If you are hoping to obtain one of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com

F MKO 1/2 (1) Verdi: Otello--4 exc.; Giordano: Andrea Chenier--3 exc.; Tchaikovsky: Queen of Spades--4 exc.; arias of Meyerbeer & Verdi (2). KAROLIK (t), Pettitt (pf). A. BJ.
ALP 304 Hindemith: Violin Sonata in E; Villa-Lobos: Sonate-Fantaisie; Prokofiev: 5 Melodies; Arbos: Tango. POSSELT, SLY. B, FOT.
670 22 752 S Horn Concertos of Rossler, L. Mozart, & Amon. BAUMANN; SCHROEDER, Concerto Amsterdam M.
EA 23.139 S K. Kreutzer: Quintet; Witt: Quintet in Eb. GENUIT (pf), KLOCKER (clar), et al. A.
140 074 S J. Chailley: Symphony in g. FOURNET, French Nat'l RSO. A.
FGR 26S S Bassett: Concerto for 2 Pianos. LAIRES, TRUE; JAEGER, Midland SO. Hodkinson: November Voices. HODKINSON, Eastman Musica Nova Ens. Moss: Omaggio II. SELTZER, SACHS (pf), electronic music. A.
Vol. I "The King of Instruments, Volume 1--The American Classic Organ." G.D. HARRISON (narrator). A.
Vol. II Bach: 3 "Schubler" Chorales; Trio Sonata #1; Concerto in a after Vivaldi; works of Davies, Alain, Langlais, & Sowerby. BIGGS (uncredited, in 2 Symphony Hall items), PERRY, FAXON, anon. organist, var. Aeolian-Skinner organs. A.
AL 33 Copland: Violin Sonata; Hindemith: Sonata in D, Op. 11, #2. LACK, HAMBRO. A, FOT.
AL 94 Tartini: Violin Sonatas in g ("Diodone Abbandonata") & A; Corelli: Sonatas, Op. 5, #1 & 2. LACK, VALENTI. A-, LSM.
ALG 107 "Catches & Glees of the English Restoration." R. LEWIS, ALEXANDER (t), WALKER (b), WARMS (bs). A, FOT; pr. flaw. Texts.
ALG 3039 Telemann: Sonatas for 2 Violins #1, 2, 4, & 5. HARTH, TESTA. A, FOT.
LA 4 Haydn: Trio in G; Beethoven: Trio in Eb, Op. 70, #2. ALMA TRIO (Baller, Totenberg, Rejto). A. Jacket taped.
DB 122 Abel: Flute Quartet in A; Devienne: Bassoon Quartet in C (PRAPPACHER); C. Stamitz: Oboe Quartet in Eb (G. KOCH). HEIDELBERG BAROQUE ENS. A.
DB 244 S Medtner: Sonata-Ballada; 4 Folktales; Sonata Idillica; Sonata Tragica.CLEGG. A.
6769 093 S (4) Mozart: Works for piano 4 hands (complete). BADURA-SKODA, DEMUS. A.
AVRS 6179 S M. Haydn: Turkish March; Peasant Wedding; Mozart: Galimathias musicum, K. 32; Concerto in D, K. 107 (AHLGRIMM, hpsi). PAUMGARTNER, Salzburg Camerata Academica. A.
35018 Ravel: L'Heure Espagnole. DUVAL, GIRAUDEAU, HERENT, VIEUILLE, CLAVENSY; CLUYTENS, Paris Opera-Comique. A, LSM. EP. Boxed with libretto.
3512 (3) Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 18. HUNGARIAN QT. A. EP. 6 booklets.
35146T Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream. COLE, McLOUGHLIN (s); KLETZKI,Philharmonia O. (D. BRAIN, horn, in Nocturne). A. TE, EP.
35163T Franck: Violin Sonata; Szymanowski: Sonata #1. OISTRAKH, YAMPOLSKY. A. TE, EP.
35215 Mozart: Concertos #20 & 25. GIESEKING; ROSBAUD, Philharmonia O. A, FOT. EP, dowel spine.
35217T French song recital. MERRIMAN, MOORE. A, FOT. TE, EP.
35240 Bartok: String Quartets #1 & 2. VEGH QT. A. No booklet. EP, dowel spine.
35241 Bartok: String Quartets #3 & 4. VEGH QT. A. EP. No booklet.
35242 Bartok: String Quartets #5 & 6. VEGH QT. A. U.S. red label. No booklet.
3529 (2) Rossini: L'Italiana in Algeri. SIMIONATO, SCIUTTI, VALLETTI, PETRI; GIULINI, La Scala. A. EP, libretto.
3533 (3) Gounod: Mireille. VIVALDA, GAYRAUD, JAQUIN, IGNAL, GEDDA, CORTIS,DENS, VESSIERES; CLUYTENS, Paris Cons. O., Aix-en-Provence Festival Cho. (1954). M. EP. Libretto. Spine taped.
35347 Works of Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Debussy, Lazar, & Granados. ITURBI ("Treasures"). A, LSM. EP, dowel spine.
35396 Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (ACKERMANN, Philharmonia O.); Chopin: Nocturne, Op. 27, #2. MALININ. A-, FOT. EP, dowel spine.
35524 Mendelssohn: Symphony #4; Schubert: Symphony #8. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A. EP. Dowel spine. Writing on jacket.
35547T Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras #2, 5 (DE LOS ANGELES), 6, & 9. VILLA-LOBOS, French Nat'l Radio O. A. TE, EP.
35561 Grieg: Piano Concerto; Schumann: Concerto. ARRAU; GALLIERA, Phil. O. A. EP, dowel spine.
3557 (3) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. CALLAS, BARBIERI, RATTI, DI STEFANO,GOBBI; VOTTO, La Scala. A, LSM. EP. Libretto.
35624 Schubert: Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE. Mono only. A. U.S. red label.
35664 Nussio: Folklore d'Engedine; Schonherr: Suite of Austrian Music. H. KRIPS, Philharmonia O. A. U.S. red label. AS? (never seen here).
35699 Schubert: Lieder (Vol. 3). FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE. A. EP. Texts.
COLC 152 Canteloube: Chants d'Auvergne (COHEN, o.); Ravel: 3 Chants Hebraiques; Chansons Madecasses (RAVEL, pf. & cond.) GREY. A. Booklet.
COLH 123 "Classical Arias & German Lieder." McCORMACK. A. Booklet.
COLH 124 John McCORMACK: Songs & Ballads. A. Booklet.
COLH 141 Feodor CHALIAPIN Aria & Song recital (1926-33). A. Booklet.
COLH 154 Arias & Songs of Mozart & Strauss. SCHUMANN. A. Booklet.
COLH 310 Handel: Suites #2, 5, 6, 10, & 14. LANDOWSKA (hpsi). A. Booklet.
COLH 32 Chopin: 14 Waltzes. CORTOT. A. Booklet.
COLH 65 Beethoven: Variations, Opp. 34 & 35; Menuet in Eb; Rondo a capriccio; 2 Rondos. SCHNABEL. FS. Booklet.
COLO 113 "Spanish Songs." SUPERVIA. A. Booklet.
DS 37896 D Bach: Concerto for 2 Violins (LI); Violin Concerto #2; Concerto for Violin & Oboe (A. CAMDEN). MENUHIN (vln & cond), London SO. Scarce late Menuhin with prodigy protege. A.
DS 38025 D Lehar: Waltzes. BOSKOVSKY, Johann Strauss O. of Vienna. A.
DS 38064 D Bach: Cantata #51; A. Scarlatti: Su le sponde del Tebro (DONATH); Albinoni: Concerto in F for trumpet & oboe; Vivaldi: Concerto in Bb for trumpet & violin. ANDRE (tpt), ARRIGNON (ob), BROWN (vln); MARRINER, Accademy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. German DMM pressing.
DSB 49390 D (2) Verdi: Requiem. STUDER, ZAJIC, PAVAROTTI, RAMEY; MUTI, La Scala. DMM pressing. FS.
S 35383 S "Songs You Love." SCHWARZKOPF, Moore. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 35521 S "Sadler's Wells Ballet Silver Jubilee." IRVING. A. Red label. Dowel spine.
S 35545 S Brahms: Symphony #3; Academic Festival. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A. Red label.
S 35546 S Brahms: Symphony #4. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A. Red label.
S 35628 S Works of Granados & Albeniz. ITURBI. A. Blue label.
S 35632 S Gluck: Iphigenie en Tauride--exc. GORR, BLANC, GEDDA, QUILICO; PRETRE. A. Blue label. Text.
S 35658 S Beethoven: Symphony #2; Coriolan & Prometheus Overtures. KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A, LSM. Red label.
S 35737 S Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Dance of the 7 Veils; Don Juan. KLEMPERER,Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 35776 S Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; Kindertotenlieder. LUDWIG; BOULT, VANDERNOOT, Philharmonia O. A. Red label. Texts.
S 35892 S Brahms: Concerto #1. ARRAU; GIULINI, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label.
S 35984 S Stainer: The Crucifixion. YOUNG, BELL; BARDGETT, Leeds Phil. Choir. A. Blue label.
S 36090 S Gottschalk: The Battle Cry of Freedom; piano music (Vol. 2). PENNARIO. A.
S 36338 S Elgar: Cello Concerto (BARBIROLLI); works of Bach, St.-Saens, Falla, &Bruch. DU PRE. A. Blue label.
S 36428 S Bruckner: 5 Motets; works of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Wolff, & van Nuffel. PITZ, New Philharmonia Cho. & O. A. Texts.
S 36434 S "Opera Arias." SCHWARZKOPF, var. accomp. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 36506 S Weill: Symphonies #1 & 2. BERTINI, BBC SO. A. Blue label.
S 36544 S Brahms: Cello Sonatas. DU PRE, BARENBOIM. A. Late label.
S 36556 S "Zarzuela Arias." DE LOS ANGELES; FRUHBECK DE BURGOS. A. Blue label. Texts.
S 36769 S Messager: Isoline; Les Deux Pigeons; Hahn: Le Bal de Beatrice d'Este.JACQUILLAT, O. de Paris. A.
S 36805 S Shostakovich: Piano Concerto #2; Ogdon: Concerto #1. OGDON; FOSTER, Royal PO. A.
S 36899 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Schumann: Concerto. RICHTER; VON MATACIC, Monte-Carlo Opera O. FS.
S 36927 S Beethoven: Symphony #5; Prometheus Overture. PREVIN, London SO. Scarce, short-lived issue. A.
S 36953 S Schmitt: Psalm 47 (GUIOT, s); La Tragedie de Salome. MARTINON, French Radio Cho. & O. A. Text.
S 37112 Q Bruckner: Mass #2. BARENBOIM, John Alldis Choir, English CO. A. Text.
S 37166 S Tchaikovsky: Songs. VISHNEVSKAYA, ROSTROPOVICH (pf). A. Texts.
S 37208 Q Waldteufel: Waltzes & Polkas. BOSKOVSKY, Monte Carlo Opera O. A.
S 37248 Q Lanner: Waltzes & Galops. BOSKOVSKY, Johann Strauss O. of Vienna. A.
S 37315 S Thompson: The Testament of Freedom (Utah Chorale); Symphony #1. ABRAVANEL, Utah SO. A.
S 37479 S "Music from the Slavonic Orthodox Liturgy." CHRISTOFF (bs); KONSTANTINOV, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Choir, Sofia. A. Texts.
S 37485 S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. PREVIN, London SO. A. COH.
S 37524 Q "Monteverdi's Contemporaries." MUNROW, London Early Music Consort. A. COH. Texts.
S 37547 Q Waldteufel: Waltzes (Vol. 2). BOSKOVSKY, London PO. A.
SB 3929 D (2) C.P.E. Bach: 6 "Hamburg" Concertos, Wq. 43. VAN ASPEREN (hpsi & cond), Melante '81 O. A.
SBL 3594 S (2) Donizetti: L'Elisir d'Amore. CARTERI, ALVA, PANERAI, TADDEI; SERAFIN, La Scala. A. Red label; libretto.
SBZ 3810 S (2) "Instruments of the Middle Ages & Renaissance." MUNROW, Early Music Consort of London. A. Large book included.
SC 3817 S (3) Bach: Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin. MENUHIN. A.
SCB 3801 S (3) Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos; Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. ANIEVAS; FRUHBECK DE BURGOS, ATZMON, CECCATO. A.
SCLX 3824 Q (3) Bellini: I Capuleti e i Montecchi. SILLS, BAKER, GEDDA, LLOYD, HERINCX, PATANE, Alldis Cho., New Phil. O. A. Libretto.
SD 3647 S (4) Handel: 12 Concerti Grossi, Op. 6. MENUHIN, Bath Festival O. A. Blue label.
SDC 3845 Q (4) Brahms: 4 Symphonies; Overtures. JOCHUM, London PO. A.
SZ 37569 S Haydn: 2 Horn Concertos; M. Haydn: Concertino. TUCKWELL, English CO. A.
SZ 37639 S Beethoven: Symphony #6. MUTI, Phila. O. FS.
SZ 37738 S C.P.E. Bach: Cello Concerto in A; Vivaldi: Concertos in g & G; Couperin-Bazelaire: Pieces en concert. HARRELL; ZUKERMAN, English CO. A.
SZ 37756 S Oboe Quartets of J.C. Bach, Mozart, K. Stamitz, & Wanhal. STILL, PERLMAN, ZUKERMAN, HARRELL. A. COH.
SZCX 3885 S (3) Debussy: Pelleas et Melisande. VON STADE, DENIZE, STILWELL, VAN DAM, RAIMONDI; KARAJAN, Berlin German Opera Cho., Berlin PO. A. Libretto.
Angel (Japan)
GR 2060 E (5) Chopin: Piano music. CORTOT. A; 1/8" X.
GR 2161 Schumann: Piano Concerto (BIGOT); Franck: Symphonic Variations (POULET). NAT. A.
GR 2248 Bach: Suites #2 (MOYSE) & 3. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players. A.
GR 2249 Bach: Suites #1 & 4. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players. A.
Angel Melodiya
SR 40036 S Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de Florence. BORODIN QT., TALALYAN, ROSTROPOVICH. A.
SR 40038 S "Russian Opera Arias & Romances." SHTOKOLOV (bs); S. Yeltsin, Kirov O. A. Texts.
SR 40081 S Glinka: Russlan & Ludmilla--Oriental Dances & Chernomor's March; Jota aragonesa; Summer Night in Madrid; Kamarinskaya; Valse-Fantaisie. SVETLANOV, USSR SO. A.
SR 40115 S Shostakovich: Ballet Suites #1-3. M. SHOSTAKOVICH, Bolshoi Theater O. A.
SR 40159 S Liadov: Orchestral works. SVETLANOV, USSR SO. A.
SR 40182 S Borodin: Symphony #1; Rachmaninov: The Rock. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow Radio SO. A.
Angel Seraphim
60029 Poulenc: Les Mamelles de Tiresias. DUVAL, LEGOUHY, GIRAUDEAU, ROUSSEAU, JEANTET; CLUYTENS, Paris Opera-Comique. A. No libretto, as issued.
60036 "Canti Sacri." GIGLI (1932-47). A.
60040 Beethoven: Horn Sonata; Mozart: Concerto #2 (SUSSKIND); works of Dukas, Mozart, Dittersdorf, Schumann, & Haydn. D. BRAIN. A.
60044 "The Art of Gerald MOORE." Song recordings with 15 great singers. A. Texts.
60054 "The Art of Beniamino GIGLI." Songs of Caccini, Caldara (2), Marcello; arias of Rossini, Mozart (2), Lalo, Halevy, Verdi, Gluck, Donizetti, & Pietri, 1927-49. A. Texts.
60060 Lotte LEHMANN aria & Lieder recital, from 78s. A.
60076 Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange; aria & Lieder recital. A. KIPNIS. A. Texts.
60112 Nielsen: 14 Songs. SCHIOTZ. A.
60143 Works of Chopin (4), Schumann (2), Albeniz (2), Debussy (4), & Ravel (2). CORTOT. From 78s, 1930-48. A.
IB 6105 (2) "The Art of Lotte LEHMANN: Opera & Song Recordings, 1916-33." A.
IC 6015 (3) Beethoven: Symphonies #1, 4, & 6; Leonore Overture #1; Brahms: Tragic Overture; Mozart: Magic Flute Overture. TOSCANINI, BBC SO. A.
IC 6140 (3) "Stars of the Vienna Opera, 1918-45." Items by 41 singers. A. EP. Texts.
S 60025 S Lieder of Schubert (9), Schumann (5), & Strauss (2). HOTTER, MOORE. A. Texts.
S 60055 S Brahms: Concerto #1. MALCUZYNSKI; WISLOCKI, Warsaw PO. Superb! A. Only U.S. issue.
S 60180 S Beethoven: Songs; Dances ("The Comic Beethoven"). ROTHENBERGER, GEDDA,BERRY, et al. A. Texts.
S 60268 S Gretry: Danses villageoises; Cephale & Procris Suite; 3 Overtures. P. STRAUSS, O. de Liege. A.
SIB 6021 S (2) "The Art of Tito GOBBI." Arias & songs. A. Texts & summaries.
SIB 6094 S (2) "Leopold STOKOWSKI Conducts" (sampler of Capitol recordings). A.
SIC 6052 S (3) "The Seraphim Guide to Renaissance Music." OTTEN, Syntagma Musicumof Amsterdam. A. Texts.
LPA 5940 Brahms: 8 Hungarian Dances; Dvorak: Slavonic Dance in G; Debussy: Petite Suite; Shostakovich: Concertino. GORINI, LORENZI (pf's). A.
913 148 S (2) F. Benda: 10 Symphonies. MUNCLINGER, Ars Rediviva.
8080 "BEECHAM: The Man & His Music." BBC documentary. A.
8086 S "Venetian Polychoral Music for Trumpets & Trombones." BERLIN PO & BAMBERG SO BRASS. FS.
A 675 "Evensong" (with readings). BRADLEY, St. George's College Choir, Toronto. Canadian issue. A, LSM.
2533 124 S Corelli: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, #1, 8, 9, & 12. GRACIS, Scarlatti O.,Naples. A. COH.
2533 328 S L. Mozart: Peasant Wedding; Musical Sleigh-Ride. MELKUS, Melkus Ens. (period inst.) A. COH.
2533 420 S Works of G. Gabrieli, Rossi, Fontana, Marini, Farina, & Buonamente ("Early Italian Violin Music"). MUSICA ANTIQUA KOLN. A.
2533 445 S Soler: 6 Concertos. GILBERT, PINNOCK (hpsi & fp). A.
2533 462 S A. Marcello: 6 Concerti. HOLLIGER, Camerata Bern. A.
2547 004 S Muffat: Indissolubilis Amicitia; Bona Nova; Biber: 3 Sonatas; Battalia. HARNONCOURT, Concentus Musicus Wien. A.
2710 004 S (3) Bach: Christmas Oratorio. JANOWITZ, LUDWIG, WUNDERLICH, CRASS; RICHTER, Munich Bach Cho. & O. A. Text.
2710 016 S (3) Handel-Mozart: Messiah. MATHIS, FINNILA, SCHREIER, ADAM; MACKERRAS, Austrian Radio. A. COH. Text.
2722 019 S (7) Bach: Cantatas (Vol. 2). K. RICHTER, K. THOMAS, H. KOCH, et al (w. MATHIS, HAEFLIGER, FISCHER-DIESKAU, STOLTE, ADAM, SPEISER, SCHREIER, others). A. Texts.
2723 078 S (3) "German Chamber Music before Bach." MUSICA ANTIQUA KOLN. A.
2742 005 D (2) Lebrun: 6 Oboe Concertos. HOLLIGER; FURI, Camerata Bern. A.
410 599 1 D (3) Works of Wagenseil, Monn, Albrechtsberger, Starzer, Dittersdorf, Vanhal, Zimmermann, & Salieri ("The Early Viennese School"). HOLLIGER, DEMENGA; FURI, Camerata Bern. A.
ARC 3002 de la Halle: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion; 13 Rondeaux; Anon.: "17 Dances of the 13th & 14th Centuries." CAPE, Pro Musica Antiqua, Brussels. A.
ARC 3008 A. Scarlatti: Su le sponde del Tebro. STICH-RANDALL; PAUMGARTNER. Ariosti: Lezioni. SEILER, et al. Corelli: Sonata, Op. 5, #12, "La Follia." GREHLING, WENZINGER, NEUMEYER. A.
ARC 3012 Mozart: Sonata in A, K. 331. NEUMEYER (fortepiano). Concerto #12. SCHOLZ (fortepiano); PAUMGARTNER, Salzburg Camerata Academica. A.
ARC 3015 Bach: Preludes & Fugues, BWV 531/3, & 535; Fantasia & Fugue in c, BWV 537. WALCHA, Schnitger organ, Cappel. A.
ARC 3016 Bach: Prelude & Fugue in A, BWV 536; Toccatas & Fugues, BWV 538 & 540;Fugue in d, BWV 539. WALCHA, Schnitger organ, Cappel. A.
ARC 3017 Bach: Preludes & Fugues, BWV 541 & 543; Fantasia & Fugue in g, BWV 542; Fantasia in c, BWV 562. WALCHA, Schnitger organ, Cappel. A.
ARC 3019 Bach: Preludes & Fugues, BWV 547/8, 551; Toccata in d, BWV 565. WALCHA, Schnitger organ, Cappel; Church of St. Jacobi, Lubeck. A.
ARC 3020 Bach: Toccata, Adagio & Fugue; Toccata, BWV 566; Fantasia, BWV 572; Prelude & Fugue in f, BWV 534. WALCHA, Church of St. Jacobi small organ, Lubeck, Schnitger organ, Cappel. A.
ARC 3021 Bach: Passacaglia in c; Pastorale; Allabreve; Fugue in g; Canzona. WALCHA, Schnitger organ, Cappel. A.
ARC 3031 Requiem Mass (Gregorian chant). PFAFF, Benedictine Abbey Monks Cho., St. Martin, Beuron. A.
ARC 3050 Gregorian Chant: Solemn Intercessions & Adoration of the Cross from the Liturgy of Good Friday. PFAFF, Benedictine Abbey Monks Choir, St. Martin, Beuron. A.
ARC 3054 Frescobaldi: Keyboard works. MULLER, "Silver Chapel" organ, Innsbruck;NEUMEYER (hpsi). A.
ARC 3063 Bach: Cantatas #1 & 4. G. WEBER, KREBS, FISCHER-DIESKAU, SCHEY; LEHMANN. A. Text.
ARC 3070 Bach: English Suites #5 & 6. KIRKPATRICK. A.
ARC 3078 Milan: Musica de vihuela de mano. MICHAELIS (t), GERWIG (lute). Ortiz:Musica de Violones. GUILLEAUME (s), WENZINGER (gamba), MULLER (hpsi). A. No texts.
ARC 3084/7 (4) Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6. LEHMANN, Berlin PO. A.
ARC 3088/90 (3) Gregorian Chant--Liturgia Paschalis. PFAFF, St. Martin BenedictineAbbey Cho., Beuron. A.
ARC 3105 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #1, 4, & 6. WENZINGER, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. A.
ARC 3106 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #2, 3, & 5. WENZINGER, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. A.
ARC 3112 Bach: French Suites #1-4. KIRKPATRICK. Mono only release. A.
ARC 3113 Bach: French Suites #5 & 6; Fantasia & Fugue in a, BWV 944. KIRKPATRICK. Mono only release. A.
ARC 3154 "Gabrieli & His Contemporaries: Canzonas & Sonatas." WENZINGER, ScholaCantorum Basiliensis Ens. A.
ARC 3250 "Organ Music at the Time of Schutz." TRAMNITZ. A. AS.
ARC 73125/8 S (4) Bach: St. Matthew Passion. FAHBERG, SEEFRIED, TOPPER, HAEFLIGER, ENGEN, PROEBSTL, FISCHER-DIESKAU; K. RICHTER, Munich Bach Cho. & O. A. Text.
ARC 73153 S Praetorius: Terpsichore--exc.; Widmann: Dances & Galliards; Schein: Banchetto Musicale--3 Suites. COLLEGIUM TERPSICHORE. A.
ARC 73279 S van Maldere: 4 Symphonies, JAKUS, Solistes de Liege. 18th Century Belgian symphonist. A.
D181D4 S (4) Handel: Jephtha. MARSHALL, HODGSON, KIRKBY, ROLFE-JOHNSON, ESSWOOD, KEYTE; MARRINER, Academy & Cho. of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. COH. Text.
RG 26 Warlock: The Curlew (SOLOMON, fl; GRAEME, Eng. horn; SEBASTIAN QT.); 12 songs (WATSON, pf). YOUNG (t, in all). A. Texts.
RG 89 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. PARRY, LOVERIDGE (pf), WEBSTER, LEES (perc); AUSTIN. Contrasts. PARRY, GRINKE, BRYMER. A.
ZRG 5443 S "Medieval English Lyrics." BURGESS (c-t), ENGLISH (t), FROST (b), GRUNDY (bs), inst. ens. A. Oval logo. Text.
ZRG 5467 S Mendelssohn: String Symphonies #9-12. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. Oval logo.
ZRG 5479 S Tallis: Lamentations of Jeremiah; Videte miraculum; Lesson; Sancte Deus. WILLCOCKS, Choir of King's College, Cambridge, A. DAVIS (organ). A. EP. Texts.
ZRG 602 S "A Florentine Festival." BECKETT, Musica Reservata. A. EP. Texts.
ZRG 754 S Schoenberg: Suite for Strings; Lutyens: O Saisons, o chateaux (TYLER,s); Britten: Prelude & Fugue. DEL MAR, Royal PO. A. EP. Texts.
ZRG 755 S Weill: Symphonies #1 & 2. BERTINI, BBC SO. A. COH.
ZRG 793 S Josquin des Pres: Vocal works. PARROTT, Musica Reservata. A. EP. Texts.
ARN 90626 S Boccherini: Quintet in C; Sextet in D, Op. 24. CHIGI SEXTET. A.
ARK 4 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (WILD) (Nov. 1, 1942); An American in Paris(Nov. 14, 1943); Concerto in F (LEVANT) (April 2, 1944). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.
Ars Nova/Ars Antiqua
AN 1002 S Schoenberg: Phantasy. KOBIALKA (vln), PRESS. Franchetti: Chamber Concerto. KOBIALKA; LARSEN, Hartt Chamber Players. E. Schwartz: Texture; Concert Piece for 10 Players. DUFALLO, New Cantata O. of London. A.
ALP 122 Janacek: Sinfonietta; Lach Dances. BAKALA [student of the composer], Czech PO, Brno Radio SO. A, LSM.
ALPS 194 S Purcell: The Gordian Knot Untied--Suite; Lully-Koschinsky: The Royal Musicians; Corelli: Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, #8; Fux: Constanza e Fortezza Suite. PRAGUE CO. A.
ALP 103 S Back: 3 Motets; Lidholm: Canto LXXXI; Werle: Canzone 126 di Petrarca; Rabe: Piece. ANDERSSON, Bel Canto Choir. A. Texts.
CLP 62/1001 Works of Handel, Scarlatti, Weiss, Rameau, Torres, Brouwer, Albeniz, Malats, Granados, & Torroba. MERCADAL (guitar). A, LSM.
Arturo Toscanini Society
ATS 1001 Haydn: Symphony #104 (1943); Symphony #88 (1938). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.
ATS 1011/5 (5) Mozart: Concerto #27 (SERKIN); Symphony #29; Dvorak: Cello Concerto (KURTZ); Scherzo Capriccioso; Dukas: Ariane et Barbe-Bleu Suite; Roussel: Spider's Feast Suite; Schumann: Symphony #2; Strauss: Don Quixote (FEUERMANN); works of Debussy, Roger-Ducasse, & Mendelssohn. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A. Magazine included. 0
ATS 1025/9 (5) Mozart: Magic Flute (Salzburg, 1937); Schubert: Symphony #2; Mendelssohn: Symphony #3; Fingal's Cave; Dvorak: Symphonic Variations; Stravinsky: Petrouchka--2 exc.; works of Tchaikovsky & Glinka. TOSCANINI. A. Magazine included.
DCA 545 D Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto in C; Graupner: Concerto in G; J.C. Bach: Concerto in Bb. D. SMITH, LEDGER, English CO. A.
Atlantic Symphony Orchestra
SM 132 Mercure: Kaleidoscope; Dela: Scherzo; Falla: 2 Dances; Schumann: Symphony #4. MIZERIT, Atlantic SO. A.
BABEL 8210 5 S D. Schafer: Piano Quintet, Op. 5. BOGAART, RAPHAEL QT. A.
BABEL 8419 4 S Pijper: String Quartets #2-5. GAUDEAMUS QT. A.
MS 33103 S Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d; Liszt: Prelude & Fugue on BACH; Franck: Choral #3; Widor: Symphony #5--Toccata; Gigout: Toccata. DAVELUY, St. Joseph's Oratory organ, Montreal. A.
BX 206 S Clementi: Piano Concerto in C; Paisiello: Concerto in F. BLUMENTAL; ZEDDA. A.
BX 207 S Hoffmeister: Piano Concerto in D, Op. 24 (ZEDDA); Beethoven: Rondo inBb (WALDHANS). BLUMENTAL. A.
BX 208 S Kozeluch: Piano Concerto in D; Beethoven: Romanza Cantabile. BLUMENTAL; ZEDDA, Prague New CO. A.
AU 11060 S Clerambault: Suites in I & II Ton; Anon.: 7 Renaissance dances. B. MARX, Silbermann-Metzler organ, Predigerkirche, Basel. A.

This is an OLD catalog. Please note VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS at top of page

Bach Collectors' Series
BACH 1118 S Bach: Cantatas #119 & 129. BUCKEL, M. CONRAD, KREBS, MULLER; HELLMANN,Mainz Bach Cho. & O. A. Texts.
Barbirolli Society
SJB 101 Elgar: Symphony #2. BARBIROLLI, Halle O. HMV recording. A.
BRS 001 Bartok: Quartet #3; Mikrokosmos Suite (arr. Serly); Stravinsky: 3 Pieces. NEW MUSIC QT. A-/B, FOT. Jacket repaired.
20357 S Biber: Partita #1; Kuhnel: Sonata in e; Rosenmuller: Sonata in e; Schenk: Chaconne in G; Buxtehude: Sonata in C; Chaconne in G. ALARIUS ENS. (Rubinlicht, S. & W. Kuijken, Kohnen). A. COH. U.S. pressing.
20838 S F. Benda: Flute Concerto in e; "Haydn" (Hoffman?): Concerto in D; Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice--Ballet 2. VESTER; SCHROEDER, Concerto Amsterdam. A. U.S. pressing.
21107 S (2) Mozart: Serenade, K. 196f; Divertimento, K. 226; Danzi: Sextet in Eb. KLOCKER, Consortium Classicum. Danzi: Bassoon Concerto in F; Sinfonia Concertante in B (KLOCKER, clar). HARTMANN (bsn); SCHROEDER, Concerto Amsterdam. A. U.S. pressing.
21189 S (2) Works of Rosetti, Amon (2), J. Reicha, Nisle. BAUMANN (horn), BYLKSMA (cello), VESTER (fl), Concerto Amsterdam, Consortium Classicum. A. COH. U.S. pressing.
21191 S (2) Works of Pokorny (2), Abel, Hoffmeister, & Schacht. BAUMANN, KOHLER (horn), VESTER (fl), KLOCKER (clar), et al; SCHRODER, Concerto Amsterdam. A. U.S. pressing.
21193 (2) Leffeloth: Concerto for Harpsichord & Violin (SCHROEDER); Gamba Sonata in C (HAMPE). UITENBOSCH (hpsi). Vogel: Clarinet Quartet; Backofen: Clarinet Quintet. CONSORTIUM CLASSICUM. Sinfonie Concertante. KLOCKER, WANDEL (clar); SCHROEDER. A. U.S. pressing.
21195 S (2) L. Mozart: Concerto for 2 Horns; Sinfonia da Camera (SCHRODER, violin); Sinfona da Caccia; Sinfonia Burlesca. BAUMANN, et al; SCHRODER, Concerto Amsterdam. Buhler: Grand Sonata. CONSORTIUM CLASSICUM. Graf: 2 Flute Quartets. VESTER, et al. A. U.S. pressing.
22459 S (2) Mozart: 5 Divertimenti, K. 439b. KLOCKER, WANDEL (clar), HARTMANN(bsn). A. German pressing.
29319 S C.P.E. Bach: 4 Hamburg Symphonies, Wq. 182. COLLEGIUM AUREUM (period instruments). A.
KMB 20892 S K. Kreutzer: Grand Septet in Eb; Witt: Septet in F. CONSORTIUM CLASSICUM. A. U.S. pressing.
REB 170 S Lieder of Beethoven & Schubert. HARPER, Hamburger. A.
680 01 025 S Gluck: Don Juan. KEHR, Mainz CO. A.
EA 23.045 S Rheinberger: Nonet, Op. 139. DANZI QUINTET, SCHROEDER, BYLSMA, et al. FS.
HH 30006 S "Dances of the Baroque from Germany, Bohemia, France, England, Netherlands, Italy, & Spain." HASELBOCK (organ). A.
6814 482 S Works of Geysen, Josquin, & Isaak. AMSTERDAM LOEKI STARDUST QT. Smit: Flute Sonata. BUTER, BAKKER. Works of Fock & Ruppe. DOESELAAR, JORDANS (pf). Kes: Dance. BOKLBERGEN (vln), NAGAOKA (pf). Works of Raxach (KAAT, horn) & Andriessen (BREE, ob). A.
Big Ben
861 003 S Eckerberg: Piano Concertos #1 & 3. PALSSON; PANULA, Helsingborgs SO. A.
LP 129 S Saeverud: Mi-Fi-Li. DREIER, Royal PO. Kvartoni. PEHRSSON (recorder), FARINGER (s), PEIJEL (gtr), DOMINIQUE (pf). Double Concerto. VON BAHR (fl), BLANCO (gtr), Stockholm Chamber Ens. A.
LP 224 D C.P.E. Bach: Cello Concerto in A; Couperin-Bazelaire: Pieces en concert; Boccherini: Concerto in D. LAVOTHA; WEDIN, Kalmar County CO. A. Corner clipped.
LP 251 D Stenhammar: Symphony #2; Excelsior. JARVI, Gothenberg SO. DMM pressing. A.
LP 310 D Stenhammar: Serenade, Op. 31. JARVI, Gothenburg SO. DMM pressing. A.
LP 40 S Beethoven: Trio in G for piano, flute & bassoon (NEGRO, pf); Larsson: Concertino for Flute; Concertino for Bassoon (VERDE, Musica Sveciae). VON BAHR, SONSTEVOLD. A.
BG 4001/3 (3) Donizetti-Wagner: La Favorite. LAPEYRETTE (ms), LASSALLE, POUMAYRAC (t), ALBERS (b); RUHLMANN. From 78s, 1912. A.
12 PAL (3) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. WEGNER, MODL, FEHENBERGER, FISCHER-DIESKAU; F. BUSCH, Cologne Radio. A. German summary.
FX 12295 S Boismortier: Chamber works; Concerto in a for 2 oboes (ERDELYI, Budapest CO). PONGRACZ, JAGASICH (ob), KOMLOS, SEPSEY, DEVICH (vln), SEBESTYEN (hpsi), JENEY, LAJOS (fl), et al. A.
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CRS 1819 S Hummel: Trumpet Concerto (MONTEUX); Albrechtsberger: Concerto in Eb; Molter: Trumpet Concerto (FARBERMAN). GHITALLA. A.
CRS B 2833 S (2) A. Newman: Violin Sonata (B. BERG); Piano Cycle #1; Cello Sonata (ZLOTKIN). A. NEWMAN (pf). Variations & Grand Contrapunctus. VERDERY (gtr). A.
Cameo Classics
GOCLP 9012 S Brian: In Memoriam; For Valor; Festal Dance. HEALD-SMITH, City of HullYouth SO (very poor orchestra). A.
CMT 4013 S Bach: the Well-Tempered Clavier--3 exc.; C.P.E. Bach: Sonata in a, Wq. 49, #1; J.C. Bach: Sonata in D, Op. 5, #2; W.F. Bach: Concerto for 2 Harpsichord. HASHIMOTO (hpsi). A.
640 230 Motets of Bruckner (4) & Brahms (3). GONNENWEIN, S. German Madrigal Choir, Stuttgart. A. AS. Texts.
G7239 "The Beloved BJOERLING, Vol. 1: Opera Arias, 1936-1948." A. Texts.
P8060 Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Dvorak: Serenade for Strings. VON BENDA, Berlin Phil. CO. A, LSM.
P8063 Hindemith: Sonata in D, Op. 11, #2; Poulenc: Violin Sonata. KAUFMAN, BALSAM. A-, FOT; minor PB.
P8227 Brahms: Handel & Paganini Variations. GOROTNITZKI. A.
P8245 Barber: Adagio; Diamond: Rounds; Copland: Quiet City; Creston: 2 Choric Dances. GOLSCHMANN, Concert Arts O. A, FOT.
P8265 Mussorgsky: The Nursery; Rachmaninov: Songs. KURENKO, Pastukhoff. A.
P8278 Antheil: Capital of the World; Banfield: The Combat. LEVINE, Ballet Theatre O. A, LSM; 1/8" X.
P8310 Mussorgsky: Sunless; Prokofiev: 5 Songs of Anna Akhmatova; Gretchaninov: 6 songs. KURENKO, Pastukhoff. A.
P8322 Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 14. FIRKUSNY. A, FOT.
P8333 "On Wings of Song." WARENSKJOLD, Crossan. A.
P8361 Bach: 6 Concerti after Vivaldi. MARLOWE. A.
SG 7246 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #5 & 9. Y. & H. MENUHIN. A.
SP 8441 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. PENNARIO; LEINSDORF, L.A. PO. A.
SP 8638 S Villa-Lobos: Guitar Concerto (S. WILSON, Concert Arts O.); Weiss: Suite in a; Bach-Almeida: Arioso. ALMEIDA. FS.
655 024 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #6; piano music. LEROUX. A-; 2/3", 1/4" X's.
CAP 1028 S Pettersson: Barefoot Songs. HEMBERG, Academic Cho. Sonatas #3 & 7 for 2 Violins. GRUNFARB, MANNBERG. Early Barefoot Songs. SJUNNESON (b), LARSSON (pf). A.
CAP 1138 S Pettersson: Sonatas for 2 Violins #1, 2, 4, 5, & 6. GRUNFARB, MANNBERG. A.
CAP 1151 S Stenhammar: Symphony #2. WESTERBERG, Stockholm PO. A.
CAP 1201/3 S (3) Stenhammar: 6 Quartets. FRESK QT. (#1 & 5), COPENHAGEN QT. (#2 & 6), GOTLAND QT. (#3 & 4). A. Minor box damage.
CAP 1284 S Linde: Konsertant Musik; Suite, Op. 21. NILSON, Gavleborgs SO. A.
RIKS LP 19 S Blomdahl: Suite for Cello & Piano (HELMERSON); Berg: Piano Sonata, Op. 1. NEGRO. Frumerie: Songs of the Heart (BOSTROM, s); Liszt: Petrarch Sonnets #104 & 123. HINDART. A. Swedish texts.
RIKS LP 32 S Hambraeus: Rencontres; Larssen: Due Auguri. WESTERBERG, Swedish RSO. A.
N8OP 1189/90 (1) Bach: Partita #2; Mozart: Rondo in a; Beethoven: Sonata #26. SIMONDS. A.
N8OP 1191/2 (1) Bach: Toccata in d; Haydn: Sonata in F; Brahms: Rhapsody in g; Beethoven: Sonata #31. SIMONDS. A, FOT; 1/3" X.
71101 S Schumann: Sonata No. 2 ("original version"); Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin. BRAUTIGAM. A.
73690 S Works of Mortensen, Massenet, Kreisler (4), Toselli, Paganini, Poliakin, Sarasate, Bazzini, & Tchaikovsky. J. & S. GEORGIADIS ("Moto Perpetuo"). M.
FM 37205 S Legrand: Pastorales (pour Noel); carol arrangements. RAMPAL, LAGOYA; LEGRAND (keyboards & cond), London SO. A.
FM 42332 D Hart: Concerto for Guitar & Jazz Orchestra; 3 pieces. WILLIAMS; HART, National Youth Jazz Orchestra, HART (pf). FS.
IM 39061 D Fasch: Concerto in D; Molter: Concerto #2; Torelli: 2 Sonatas a 5; works of Handel & Purcell. GRUBEROVA (s), MARSALIS (trumpet); LEPPARD, English CO. A.
M2X 35895 S (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. CARLOS (synthesizers) ("Switched-On Brandenburgs"). A.
MP 38781 S Stravinsky: Suite Italienne; Gliere: Duo; Handel-Halvorsen: Passacaglia; Dvorak: Trio, Op. 65. HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY, PENNARIO. FS.
Centre Culturel de Valprivas
CCV 1002 S Onslow: String Quartet, Op. 8, No. 1; Quintet, Op. 78, #1. JARRY, CARCILLY (vln), COLLOT, B. PASQUIER (vla), TOURNUS (cello). Charlin recording. A.
ABR 1031 S Coste: La Source du Lyson; Rondo; Marche et Scherzo; Andante & Polonaise; Adagio & Minuet; Le Montagnard. ANDERSON (ob), WYNBERG (gtr). A.
DBRD 2009 D (2) Muffat: Concerti Grossi; Suites; Biber: Fidicinium Sacro-Profanum--Sonatas #1-6. SHEPHERD, Cantilena. A.
DBRD 2012 D (2) Dittersdorf: 6 Symphonies after Ovid's "Metamorphoses." SHEPHERD,Cantilena. A.
CT 6005 S Bennett: Violin Concerto (HERRMANN, London SO); Song Sonata; Hexapoda (A. KAUFMAN, pf). L. KAUFMAN. A.
CSM 55/8 S (4) Field: Piano Concertos #1-7. O'CONOR; FURST, New Irish CO. A.
GSE 606 S Klatzow: Mandolin Concerto (ASENSIO, Cape Town SO); Figures in a Landscape (WENGER, fl); Sueyoshi: Mirage; Malan: Mobile Structures III. VAN SICE (mandolin, in all). South African LP issue. A.
Classic Editions
CE 4 Scriabin: Symphony #3, "Divine Poem." GOLOVANOV, USSR State Radio O. Famous nude cover. A.
CE 9 Khachaturian: Battle for Stalingrad. KHACHATURIAN. Shostakovich: Fallof Berlin. GAUK. A.
Classics for Pleasure
CFP 159 S Mahler: Symphony #4. M. PRICE; HORENSTEIN, London PO. A.
CFPD 41 4438 3 S (2) Rachmaninov: Suites #1 & 2; 6 Pieces, Op. 11; Italian Polka; Arensky: Suite; Shostakovich: Concertino; Khachaturian: Sabre Dance. OGDON, LUCAS (pf). A.
Classics Record Library
SQM 80 5731 Q (4) Beethoven: String Trio, Op. 9, #1; Mozart: Piano Quartet #2; Bach: Concerto for Violin & Oboe; works of Schumann (2), Carter, Moszkowski, Faure (3), Haydn, Brahms (FORRESTER), & St.-Saens. CHAMBER MUSIC SOC. OF LINCOLN CENTER (GOODE in 4 items). A.
D 8105 S C. Stamitz: 3 Cello Concertos. STARCK; ANGERER, S.W. German CO, Pforzheim. A.
D 8511 D Paradies: Organ Concerto in Bb; Stanley: Concerto in c; Corrette: Concerto in A; Durante: Concerto in g; H. Meyer: Suite paysanne. MEYER, SONARE QT., NODA (bass). A.
LP 30 234 S W.F. Bach: Harpsichord Concerto in f (DAHLER); Albinoni: Sonata in A,Op. 2, #3; Wassenaer: Concertino #1; Vivaldi: Concerto, Op. 3, #10. CAMERATA BERN. A.
Club "99"
CL 99 15 Berta KIURINA aria recital, from 78s. A.
CRLPX 002 Rakov: Violin Concerto. OISTRAKH; KONDRASHIN. A-, FOT.
SM 635 S Schubert: Rondo in A, D. 951; Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Schumann; Reger: Walzer-Capricen, Op. 9. V. & D. KEILHACK (pf). A.
10" ML 2036 Chopin: 9 Mazurkas. JONAS. A.
10" ML 2151 Handel: Sonatas #14, in A, & 15, in E. SCHNEIDER, KIRKPATRICK, MILLER. A-/B, FOT.
CL 1046 Kleinsinger: Little Star of Bethlehem. RANDOLPH, soloists, Randolph Choir, ancient instrument ens. The Toy Box. BAMBERGER, o. A.
CL 920 Bernstein: Fancy Free; Copland: El Salon Mexico; Milhaud: La Creation du Monde. BERNSTEIN, o. A.
D3M 33311 S (3) Ravel: Piano music. ENTREMONT, D. Lee. A. COH.
D3M 33448 (3) (part S) "In Memoriam: Richard TUCKER, 1913-1975." Aria & song anthology with booklet. A.
DSL 224 (2) Mozart: Symphony #36 (rehearsal & performance). WALTER ("The Birth of a Performance"). A. Booklet.
KL 5175 Weill: The 7 Deadly Sins. LENYA, et al; BRUCKNER-RUGGEBERG, o. A, LSM. Insert.
M 30405 Alexander KIPNIS song & aria recital, from 78s, 1927-31. A. Text.
M 30443 S Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A.
M 31198 S Bartok: Quartets #5 & 6. JUILLIARD QT. A.
M 32221 S Reger: Violin Sonata in c, Op. 139. CARMIRELLI, R. SERKIN. Cello Sonata in a, Op. 116. M. SCHNEIDER, P. SERKIN. A, LSM.
M 32735 S Daquin: 12 Noels. BIGGS, Busch-Reisinger Museum organ, Harvard U. A.
M 32969 S Ives: "Old Songs Deranged: Music for Theater Orchestra." SINCLAIR, Yale Theater O. A.
M 33447 S Stravinsky: Suite Italienne; Gliere: Duo; Handel-Halvorsen: Passacaglia; Dvorak: Trio, Op. 65. HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY, PENNARIO. A.
M2 32966 S (2) Casals: El Pessebre. IGLESIAS, FORRESTER, SAHARREA, ELVIRA, SERRANO; CASALS, Puerto Rico Conservatory Cho., Festival Casals O. A, LSM. Text.
M2S 736 S (2) Schoenberg: Lieder, Op. 1 (GRAMM); Op. 2 (FAULL); Book of the Hanging Gardens (VANNI); piano music. GOULD (in all). A. 2 eye label.
M3 33828 S (3) Tchaikovsky: Pique Dame. MILASHKINA, LEVKO, ATLANTOV; ERMLER, Bolshoi. A. Libretto.
M3 34580 S (3) Lully: Alceste. AUPHAN, PALMER, BREWER, VAN EGMOND, ELWES, LOUP; MALGOIRE, La Grande Ecurie (period inst.) A. Libretto.
M3L 239 (3) Mozart: 6 String Quintets. BUDAPEST QT., TRAMPLER, KATIMS. A. No booklet.
MG 32793 S (2) Bernstein: 3 Symphonies. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A.
ML 4008 Beethoven: Symphony #4. SZELL, Cleveland O. A. EAR.
ML 4009 Beethoven: Symphony #5. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. This performance never reissued. A, FOT. Jacket flap torn.
ML 4055 Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--"Love Duet." TRAUBEL, RALF; BUSCH, Met. Opera O. Lohengrin--"Bridal Chamber Scene." TRAUBEL; RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil. A-, FOT. Blue label. Cardboard jacket.
ML 4138 Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. REINER, Pittsburgh SO. A, LSM. EAR.
ML 4142 Prokofiev: Scythian Suite; Respighi: Feste Romane. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. Blue label.
ML 4153 Ravel: L'Enfant et les Sortileges. SAUTEREAU, SCHARLEY, MICHEL, ANGELICI, VESSIERES; BOUR, French Nat'l Radio Cho. & O. Wonderful recording! A. Blue label.
ML 4155 Beethoven: Quartet in F, Op. 59, #1. BUSCH QT. A/A-, FOT.
ML 4325 Bernstein: The Age of Anxiety. FOSS (pf); BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A.
ML 4353 Bach: Violin Concerto #1, in a. STERN. Harpsichord Concerto #5, in f. HASKIL (piano); CASALS, Prades Festival O. Toccata in e. ISTOMIN. Trio Sonata. STERN, WUMMER, ISTOMIN. A-, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4398 Stravinsky: Fireworks; Ode; Norwegian Moods; Ebony Concerto; Circus Polka. STRAVINSKY. Russian Maiden's Song. SZIGETI, STRAVINSKY. A. Gray label.
ML 4512 Brahms: Symphony #3. WEINGARTNER, London PO. A/A-.
ML 4525 Grieg: Piano Concerto (GALLIERA); Schumann: Concerto (KARAJAN). LIPATTI. A. Gray label.
ML 4528 "Music of the Liturgy in English, According to the Use of the EpiscopalChurch." BROWN, General Theological Seminary Students; GILBERT, choir. A.
ML 4530 Brahms: Violin Concerto. STERN; BEECHAM, Royal PO. A. Gray label.
ML 4566 Mozart: Oboe Quartet (STERN, PRIMROSE, TORTELIER); Divertimento in D, K. 251 (CASALS, Perpignan Festival O). TABUTEAU (oboe). A, LSM. Blue label.
ML 4603 "Cathedral Voluntaries & Processionals." BIGGS, Symphony Hall organ, Boston. A.
ML 4635 "Bach Festival." BIGGS, brass ens. A. Gray label.
ML 4830 Stravinsky: Pulcinella. SIMMONS, SCHNITTKE, MacGREGOR; STRAVINSKY, Cleveland O. A, LSM. Gray label.
ML 4878 Beethoven: Cello Sonatas #3 & 4. CASALS, SERKIN. A. Blue label. Jacket repaired.
ML 4881 Shostakovich: Symphony #1; Sibelius: Symphony #5. RODZINSKI, Cleveland O. A-, LSM.
ML 4885 Grieg: Piano Concerto; Franck: Symphonic Variations. GIESEKING; KARAJAN, Philharmonia O. A. Gray label.
ML 4901 Mozart: Concertos #24 & 26. CASADESUS; SZELL, o. A. Gray label.
ML 5041 Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d, "Dorian;" 3 Preludes & Fugues. SCHWEITZER (Vol. 5). A.
ML 5046 Mozart: Sonata for 2 Pianos; Variations, K. 501; Schubert: Fantasia in f; Andantino variee. R. & G. CASADESUS. A.
ML 5099 Schoenberg: Suite, Op. 29; Herzewaechse; Canon; New Classicism. CRAFT,ens's. 2 Piano Pieces, Op. 33; 3 Songs, Op. 48 (McKAY, s). STEIN (pf). A.
ML 5179 Wolpe: 10 Songs from the Hebrew. CARMEN (a), LISHNER (bs), TUDOR (pf).Hovhaness: Upon Enchanted Ground. HOVHANESS, ens. Suite for Violin, Piano, & Percussion. A. & M. AJEMIAN, BAILEY. A.
ML 5301 Grieg: Piano Concerto (ORMANDY, Phila. O.); Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition. ENTREMONT. A.
ML 5334 "Praise to the Lord (Hymns of the Church Year)." DE TAR, Church of the Ascension Choir; BROWN, General Theological Seminary Choir, N.Y. A.
ML 5603 Hindemith: Oboe Sonata; Loeffler: 2 Rhapsodies (KATIMS). GOMBERG, MITROPOULOS. A.
MS 6004 S Prokofiev: Symphony #5. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6023 S Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet--exc. MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil. A, LSM. 6 eye label.
MS 6024 S Sibelius: Symphony #2. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6146 S Varese: Density 21.5. GLEGHORN (flute). Ionisation; Integrales; Octandre; Hyperprism. CRAFT, ens. Poeme Electronique. Electronic music. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6154 S Prokofiev: Symphony #4. ORMANDY, Philadelphia O. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6198 S Chanler: 9 Epitaphs. CURTIN (s), EDWARDS (pf). Trimble: 4 Fragments from the Canterbury Tales. ADDISON (s), CONANT (hpsi), RUSSO (clar), ORENSTEIN (fl). A, LSM. 6 eye label.
MS 6260 S Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil., Schola Cantorum. A. 6 eye label.
MS 6354 S "Heroic Music for Organ, Brass & Percussion." BIGGS, New England Brass Ens. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6388 S Toch: 5 Pieces for Winds & Percussion. Sonatinetta. PHILA. WOODWIND QUINTET. Cowell: Quartet #5. BEAUX-ARTS QUARTET. A.
MS 6581 S Schumann: Symphony #1; Genoveva Overture. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6622- S Bach: Inventions; Sinfonias. GOULD. A. Late label.
MS 6742 S Rossini: Stabat Mater. ARROYO, WOLFF, DEL BIANCO, DIAZ; SCHIPPERS, Camerata Singers, N.Y. Phil. FS.
MS 6814 S Copland: The Tender Land--exc. CLEMENTS, TURNER, CASSILLY, TREIGLE; COPLAND, Choral Art Society, N.Y. Philharmonic. A. 2 eye label.
MS 6941 S Works of Brade, Bonelli, Pezel, Lassus, Reiche, & Holborne. PHILA. BRASS ENS. ("The Glorious Sound of Brass"). A. 2 eye label.
MS 6945 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8-10. GOULD. A. 2 eye label.
MS 7015 S Ives: 3 Places in New England. ORMANDY, Phila. O. Washington's Birthday. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. Robert Browning Overture. STOKOWSKI, American SO. FS.
MS 7028 S Nielsen: Clarinet Concerto (DRUCKER); Flute Concerto (BAKER). BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. FS.
MS 7142 S G. Gabrieli: Canzonas. BIGGS (organ); NEGRI, Tarr Brass Ens., GabrieliConsort La Fenice. A. 2 eye label.
MS 7222 S Nancarrow: 12 Studies for Player Piano. First recording of Nancarrow'snow well-known music. A. Corner clipped.
MS 7446 S Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik. CASALS, Marlboro Festival O. Serenade in c, K. 388. SCHNEIDER, Marlboro Wind Ens. A.
SL 118 (2) Berg: Wozzeck. FARRELL, HARRELL, JAGEL; MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil. A. Summary, no libretto.
Columbia (Germany)
STC 91113 S "Musik in alten Stadten und Residenzen: Mainz--Am Hofe des Kurfursten Lothar Franz von Schonborn." FRIESENHAUSEN, S. ANDERSON, JELDEN, MULLER-HEUSER, et al. A.
Columbia Entre
RL 3021 Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice; Rimsky-Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or Suite; Prokofiev: Classical Symphony; Gliere: Russian Sailors' Dance. MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A, LSM; tiny X.
RL 3048 Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. RODZINSKI, Cleveland O. A.
RL 6639 Beethoven: Symphony #6. WEINGARTNER, Royal PO. A.
Columbia Odyssey
32 16 0086 S Trio Sonatas of C. Stamitz (2), Telemann, & Quantz. LARRIEU ENS. A.
32 16 0117 Bizet: Carmen Suite; Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien; Ponchielli: Dance of the Hours. BEECHAM, Columbia SO (N.Y., 1949). Wonderful! A.
32 16 0139 Mozart: Piano Quartets. SZELL, BUDAPEST QUARTET. A.
32 16 0145 Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc. TRAUBEL, MELCHIOR, JANSSEN; LEINSDORF, KINSKY. From 78s, 1942-45. A.
32 16 0179 "Songs of Vienna." LEHMANN, Ulanowsky. A.
32 16 0238 S Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet; 1812 Overture; Marche Slave. BOULT, London PO. A.
32 16 0340 S "Music of the American Moravians." JOHNSON, Moravian Festival. A.
32 16 0351 Offenbach: La Vie Parisienne (arr. Rosenthal) (MOREL); 5 arias (ABRAVANEL). TOUREL. A.
32 16 0361 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 70, #1; Brahms: Trio #2, Op. 87 (previously unpublished). SERKIN, A. & H. BUSCH. A.
32 26 0009 (2) Songs of Poulenc, Ravel, Chabrier, Debussy, & Satie. BERNAC, POULENC. A.
32 26 0019 (2) Brahms: Piano Quartet #2, Op. 26; Dvorak: Piano Quintet; Schumann: Piano Quintet. CURZON, BUDAPEST QT. A.
32 36 0009 (3) Mozart: Symphonies #35-6, 38-41. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A.
Y 33315 Franck: Piano Quintet (CURZON); Faure: Piano Quartet #1 (SANROMA). BUDAPEST QT. Live performances, 1956/7; only publication in any form. Great program notes! A.
Y 33792 Poulenc: Mouvements perpetuels; Nocturne; Suite francaise; Satie: Descriptions automatiques. POULENC. A.
Y 33793 Claudia MUZIO aria & song recital, from Edison discs, 1920-21. A. Texts.
Y 33821 S Hindemith: Requiem for Those We Love. PARKER, LONDON; HINDEMITH, Schola Cantorum, N.Y. Phil. A. Text.
Y 34603 Mendelssohn: String Quartet, Op. 44, #1; Schumann: Quartet, Op. 41, #1. BUDAPEST STRING QUARTET. Live performances, 1959/61; only issue. Great program notes! A.
Y 35222 Schumann: Symphony #3; Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Haydn Variations. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A.
Y2 32880 (2) Mussorgsky: Songs & Dances of Death; Debussy: 3 Chansons de Bilitis; arias of Rossini (4), Bizet (3), & Bellini; songs of Prokofiev, Ravel, Chopin, Satie, Villa-Lobos, Nin, Ginastera, & Obradors. TOUREL. A.
Y2 35242 (2) Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte (SCHMITT-WALTER); Lieder. ANDERS, SCHELLENBERG, LEISNER, LUDWIG, MULLER, HOTTER, FUCHS, ROTT, FEHENBERGER, ALSEN, RAUCHEISEN. From wartime broadcasts; suppressed before publication. A. COH.
Y3 32670 (3) Mozart: Cosi fan Tutte (in English). PETERS, STEBER, THEBOM, TUCKER, GUARRERA, ALVARY; STIEDRY, Met. Opera. A. Libretto.
Communaute de Travail
CT 64 15 Blum: Concerto for Wind Quintet. STALDER QUINTET. Schibler: Epitaph-Furioso-Epiolg. URFER QT. R. Liebermann: 4 Chinese Songs. HAEFLIGER, VOEGELIN. Geiser: Sonatine for Flute Solo. BOPP. Moser: Suite. HOLLIGER (ob), BRUNNER (clar), BOUCHET (bsn). A.
CT 64 20 Sutermeister: Die schwarze Spinne (1 act opera). KAHMANN, RODIO, MAURER, OLSEN; N. ASECHBACHER, Bern Radio Cho., ad hoc inst. ens. A. German libretto.
Concert Hall
F 5 Monteverdi: Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda; Sonata sopra Sancta Maria. ABEL, CUENOD, OLSEN; GOEHR. A/A-, LSM. Italian text.
G 10 Mozart: Concerto in D, "Adelaide" (doubtful work) (KAUFMAN); Symphonies #17 & 26. ACKERMANN, Hilversum Radio O. Numbered, limited to 3000 copies. A-, LSM.
H 1651 Johnson: Letter to the World; Vaughan Williams: Flos Campi (TURSI, vla). HULL, Rochester CO. A.
Connoisseur Society
CS 1566 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 14; Fur Elise. MORAVEC. A. Black label.
CS 1866 S Debussy: Children's Corner; Clair de Lune; 5 Preludes. MORAVEC. A, LSM. Black label.
CS 2000 S Beethoven: Sonatas #23 & 27; 32 Variations in c. MORAVEC. A. Gray label.
CS 2010 S Debussy: Pour le Piano; 4 pieces; Ravel: Sonatine. MORAVEC. A. White & cream label.
CS 2019 S Chopin: Barcarolle; 5 Mazurkas; Scherzo #1; Etude, Op. 25 #7. MORAVEC. A, LSM. Black label.
CS 2037 S Brahms: Waltzes; 2 Hungarian Dances; Schubert: Marche Militaire; Fantasia in f. R. & J. CONTIGUGLIA. A.
Cornell University
N8OP 5536/7 (1) Husa: Fantasies for Orchestra; Palmer: Memorial Music. HUSA, Paris Soloists O. A.
501 Schoenberg: Serenade. GALJOUR (b); MITROPOULOS, ens. (KRASNER, violin). A.
Court Opera
CO 346 Pasquale AMATO recital, from Victor 78s, 1911-14. A.
CO 397 Fritz VOGELSTROM aria recital, from 78s, 1909-22. FS.
1 S Sessions: Sonata for Violin; Blackwood: Sonata #2. ZUKOFSKY, BLACKWOOD. A.
CRD 1143 D "Carols from New College." HIGGINBOTTOM, Choir of New College, Oxford. DMM pressing. A.
107 McBride: Punch & the Judy; Claflin: Fishhouse Punch. ADLER, Vienna SO. Moore: Cotillion Suite. ANTONINI, Oslo PO. A.
CRD 132 Works of Chopin, Lessel, & M. Szymanowska. ALEXANDROVITCH. A. Booklet (only contents listing) missing
22 16 0016 S Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante (REDEL, Czech PO); Duo #2. SUK, SKAMPA. A.
22 16 0060 S J.A. Benda: 5 Symphonies. HLAVACEK, o. A.
22 16 0118 S Franck: Psyche (complete). FOURNET, Czech Phil. Cho., Prague SO. A. Texts.
S254 S Ketting: Wind Trio; Francaix: 7 Impromptus for flute & bassoon; Arrieu: Trio; Gerster: Cantata. SONI VENTORUM. A.
S302 S Stravinsky: Suite italienne; violin transcriptions. SHAPIRO, BERKOWITZ. A.
S338 S Lovreglio: Fantasy on "La Traviata;" Finzi: 5 Bagatelles; Weiner: Peregi Verbunk; Hindemith: Clarinet Sonata. CAMPBELL, YORK. A.
S350 S Barboteu: Esquisse; Redford: 5 Songs; works of J.S. Bach, Jan Bach, Kohs, & Telemann. BARCELLONA (fl), C. SMITH (horn), et al. A.
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Da Camera Magna
SM 92504 S Reicha: Clarinet Quintet (GARTNER); J.C. Vogel: Bassoon Quartet (PRAPPACHER). KUSSMAUL QUARTET. A.
SM 92812 S Beethoven-Sedlak: Fidelio--exc. S.W. GERMAN WIND ENSEMBLE Baden-Baden. A.
SM 93338 S Dvorak: Mazurka; Kleine Stucke, Op. 75a; Notturno; Ballade; Romanze. NAEGELE (vln), KRIEGER (pf). Jacket inscribed by Naegele. A.
DACO 204 D Crusell: Flute Quartet, Op. 8; Devienne: Quatuor Concertante; Krommer: Quartet, Op. 13. BEIER (fl), COPENHAGEN STRING TRIO. A. Corner clipped.
DACO 230 S Langgaard: Symphonies #10 & 14. SCHMIDT, SCHONWANDT, Danish Radio Cho.& SO. DMM pressing. A.
PBLP 3317 S Riisager: Violin Sonata #2; Langgaard: Sonata #2. BOKELUND, JERNDORFF. A.
Dansk Musik Antologi
DMA 064 S Langgaard: Symphony #6; Music of the Spheres (E. GUILLAUME, s). FRANDSEN, Danish Radio SO. A.
DL 710163 Persichetti: Masquerade; Hartley: Sinfonia #4; Persichietti: Sinfonietta. HUNSBERGER, Eastman Wind Ensemble. A.
DL 8376 Waxman: Crime in the Streets--Suite; 3 Sketches; Theme, Variations & Fugato. WAXMAN, L.A. Music Festival Jazz O. B, FOT; 1/4" X.
DL 8512 Arias of Mozart (4), Bizet, Offenbach (2), & Weber. TAUBER. From 78s. A.
DL 9600 Mozart: Clarinet Quintet. KELL, FINE ARTS QT. A, FOT.
DL 9620 Lieder of Schubert (3) & Wolf (9). SCHLUSNUS ("Schlusnus Sings, Vol. 1.") A.
DL 9623 Lieder of Schubert (3), Strauss (4), Schumann, Radecke, Humperdinck, & Loewe (2). SCHLUSNUS, var. accomp. ("Schlusnus Sings, Vol. 4"). A.
DL 9723 Strauss: Elektra--exc. GOLTZ; SOLTI, Bavarian Opera. A, FOT. Jacket repaired.
DL 9761 Strauss: Symphony for Winds. HAAS, London Baroque Ens. A/A-, FOT.
DL 9818 Hindemith: Symphonic Dances; Mathis der Maler. HINDEMITH, Berlin PO. A.
Decca (Eng.)
LXT 2594 Beethoven: Sonata #26; "Eroica" Variations. GULDA. A, FOT; 1/4" X.
SET 445 S Britten: The Golden Vanity. EMNEY, WOJCIECHOWSKI, JAGO, THOMPSON, LOVELL, BRITTEN (pf). Children's Crusade. EMNEY, WOJCIECHOWSKI, HARES, DANIELS, et al; BURGESS, BRITTEN, Wandsworth School Choir & O. Not issued in U.S. A. Texts.
SXDL 7514 D "Bach Choir Family Carols." WILLCOCKS, Bach Choir, Philip Jones Brass Ens. A.
Decca (Eng.) Ace of Clubs
ACL 84 Beethoven: Concerto #1 (BOHM, Vienna PO); Sonata #14. GULDA. A.
Decca (Eng.) Ace of Diamonds
GOS 571/3 S (3) Strauss: Arabella. DELLA CASA, GUEDEN, LONDON, DERMOTA; SOLTI, Vienna St. Opera. M. EP. Libretto.
SDDB 294/7 S (4) Handel: Concerti Grossi, Opp. 3 & 6. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. EP.
Decca (France)
SXL 20.521 S Rameau: Suites pour Trompettes et Cordes (DELMOTTE, tpt); Les Paladins--Suite. PETIT, Petit CO. A.
Decca (Germany)
6.35141 S (2) "Trumpet Music of 3 Centuries." WILBRAHAM; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields.
6.35354 S (5) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. PERLMAN, ASHKENAZY. A.
6.42234 Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem. BRITTEN, Danish Radio SO. Diversions. KATCHEN; BRITTEN, London SO. A.
6.42310 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. ELMAN; SOLTI, London PO. A.
6.42832 D Rossini: 7 Overtures. CHAILLY, Nat'l PO. A. Corner clipped.
6.48091 (2) Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben; Lieder of Schubert (6) & Brahms (4). FERRIER, WALTER (piano) (live, 1949). Ferguson: Discovery; songs of Wordsworth (3) & Rubbra (3). FERRIER, LUSH. A.
DA 9006 S (45 rpm) Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini; Hamlet. STOKOWSKI, StadiumSO of N.Y. A.
DSM 1013 S Frescobaldi: Toccatas & Capriccios. PARTY (Met. Museum of Art harpsichords). A. German pressing.
DSM 1016G S Charpentier: Midnight Mass; Sonate a 6. COHEN, Boston Camerata. A. German pressing.
DC 7108 S Brant: Kingdom Come. SAMUEL, Oakland SO; HUGHES, Oakland Youth O. Machinations. BRANT (var. instruments). A.
DC 7121 S Moryl: Multiples; Contacts. J. MORYL (pf); WEISBERG, Contemporary Chamber Ens. Choralis; Fluorescents. MORYL, Western Conn. St. College Cho. & ens. FS.
DC 7174 S Lees: Violin Sonata #2. DRUIAN, VON ALPENHEIM. Rorem: Night Music. CARLYSS, SCHEIN. FS.
DC 7203 S Cimarosa: 4 Flute Quartets. AMPHION QT. FS. COH.
Deutsche Grammophon
135 036 S Franck: Symphony. SANDERLING, Staatskapelle Dresden. A.
136 421 S Nicolai: Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor--exc. LEAR, WAGNER, HAEFLIGER, CORDES, CRASS; LOWLEIN, Bamberg SO & Cho. A. Text.
136 463 S Weber: 6 Overtures. KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio SO. A. Tulip label.
138 121 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #1, 2, & 8. SCHNEIDERHAN, SEEMANN. A, LSM. Tulip label. Spine taped.
138 124 S Mozart: Mass in c, K. 427. STADER, TOPPER, HAEFLIGER, SARDI; FRICSAY, St. Hedwig's Cathedral Choir, Berlin Radio SO. A. Tulip label.
138 792 S Brahms: Liebeslieder Waltzes. SEEFRIED, KOSTIA, KMENTT, WAECHTER, WERBA, WEISSENBORN. A. Tulip label. German texts.
138 815 S Mozart: Symphonies #40 & 41. BOHM, Berlin PO. A. Tulip label.
138 821 S Schoeck: Buried Alive. FISCHER-DIESKAU; RIEGER, Radio Berlin SO. FS. Tulip label. Text.
138 886 S Haydn: Quartet in C, Op. 76, #3, "Emperor;" Mozart: Quartet in Bb, K.458, "Hunt." AMADEUS QUARTET. A. Tulip label.
138 888 S Schumann: Piano Concerto; Schumann: Concerto. ANDA; KUBELIK, Berlin PO. A. Tulip label.
138 916 S Strauss: Kramerspiegel; 8 Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, DEMUS, KIRCHNER (vla). M. German texts.
138 939 S Beethoven: Sonatas #11, 13, & 27. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label.
138 941 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, 15, & 24. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label.
138 942 S Beethoven: Sonatas #17, 26, & 28. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label.
138 943 S Beethoven: Sonatas #21, 23, & 25. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label.
138 944 S Beethoven: Sonatas #29 & 30. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label.
138 945 S Beethoven: Sonatas #31 & 32. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label.
139 133 S Bruckner: Symphony #3. JOCHUM, Bavarian Radio SO. A. Tulip label.
139 201/2 S (2) Schubert: Winterreise; 6 Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, DEMUS. A. Tulip label. Texts.
139 396 S Henze: Doppio Concerto (H. & U. HOLLIGER); Fantasia fur Streicher; Sonata per Archi. SACHER, Zurich Collegium Musicum. A.
18377 Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra. FRICSAY, Berlin Radio SO. A, LSM. EP.
18590 Lieder of Strauss (3), Mahler (5), & Pfitzner (9). FISCHER-DIESKAU, ENGEL ("Lieder der spaten Romantik"). A. AS.
18620 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #5 & 9 ("Kreutzer"). SCHNEIDERHAN, SEEMANN. FS. AS.
18679 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Ravel: Jeux d'eaux; Alborada del gracioso; La vallee des cloches. FIRKUSNY. A. Tulip label. AS.
19387 Wagner: Arias. THOMAS (t); BORN, Berlin PO. A. AS.
2530 260 S "Highlights from the Metropolitan Opera Gala honoring Sir Rudolf Bing."ARROYO, CABALLE, CORELLI, DOMINGO, MERRILL, NILSSON, PRICE, RESNIK, TUCKER, ZYLIS-GARA. A. U.S. pressing. Texts.
2530 700 S "Be My Love" (popular songs). DOMINGO; Loges, Peeters, London SO. A.
2530 729 S Lehar: The Merry Widow--exc. HARWOOD, STRATAS, GROBE, HOLLWEG, KELEMEN, KOLLO, KRENN; KARAJAN, Berlin German Opera Cho., Berlin PO. A.
2530 977 S J. Strauss: Waltzes (arr. Schoenberg, Berg, & Webern). BOSTON SYMPHONYCHAMBER PLAYERS. A.
2531 210 S Takemitsu: Quatrain (TASHI); A Flock Descends into the Pentagonal Garden. OZAWA, Boston SO. A. COH.
2535 816 Strauss: Don Juan (1947); Till Eulenspiegel (1943); Metamorphosen (1947). FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A.
2707 054 S (2) Smetana: Ma Vlast. KUBELIK, Boston SO. Last section rechannelled stereo due to engineering goof. A.
2720 006 S (12) Schubert: Lieder, Vol. 1. FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE. A. Texts.
2720 022 S (13) Schubert: Lieder, Vol. 2 (1811-17). FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE. A. Complete texts.
2720 059 S (4) Schubert: Die schone Mullerin; Winterreise; Schwanengesang. FISCHER-DIESKAU, Moore. A. Texts.
2740 104 S (3) Mendelssohn: Songs without Words (complete); piano music. BARENBOIM. A.
2740 113 S (3) Wolf: Lieder (Vol. 1). FISCHER-DIESKAU, BARENBOIM. A. Texts.
2740 156 S (3) Wolf: Lieder (Vol. 2). FISCHER-DIESKAU, BARENBOIM. A. Texts.
2740 162 S (3) Wolf: Lieder (Vol. 3). FISCHER-DIESKAU, BARENBOIM. A. Texts.
2740 167 S (3) Schumann: Lieder, Vol. 1. FISCHER-DIESKAU, BARENBOIM. A. Texts.
2740 185 S (3) Schumann: Lieder, Vol. 2. FISCHER-DIESKAU. A. Texts.
2740 200 S (3) Schumann: Lieder, Vol. 3. FISCHER-DIESKAU, ESCHENBACH. A. Texts.
2740 260 (6) Haydn: Symphony #88; Mozart: Symphony #39; Beethoven: Symphony #5; Schubert: Symphony #9; Schumann: Symphony #4; Bruckner: Symphony #7; works of Wagner & Strauss. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. Also conversation excerpts. A. COH.
2740 261 S (7) Symphonies of Beethoven (#5), Mozart (#40), Mendelssohn (#5), Brahms (#1), & Tchaikovsky (#6); Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition; Ravel: Bolero; Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra. KARAJAN, Berlin PO (w. Beethoven 9th rehearsal exc.). A. COH.
2740 281 S (5) Mozart: Concert Arias (complete). GRUBEROVA, POPP, MATHIS, SUKIS,SCHWARZ, ARAIZA, MOSER, AHNSJO, BERRY, LLOYD; HAGER, Salzburg Mozarteum O. A. Texts.
410 847 1 (6) "Irmgard SEEFRIED: Portrait." Comprehensive anthology of DG recordings, about half in stereo. A.
413 194 1 D (2) Brahms: 3 Piano Quartets. VASARY, BRANDIS, CHRIST, BORWITZKY. A.
Deutsche Grammophon (U.S.)
DGM 12021 Beethoven: Sonatas #21 & 23; Rondos, Op. 51. FOLDES. A, FOT. AS.
DGSA 7301 S (4) Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier. SEEFRIED, STREICH, FISCHER-DIESKAU; BOHM, Dresden St. Opera. A. Libretto.
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi
1999913 D (3) Biber: 16 Rosenkranz-Sonaten. MAIER, LEHRNDORFER, JUNGHANEL, ENGEL (period inst.) DMM pressing. A.
99687/8 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #202, 209, 211, & 212. AMELING, ENGLISH, NIMSGERN,Collegium Aureum (period inst.) A. German texts.
99790 S J.C. Bach: 3 Sinfonia Concertante. COLLEGIUM AUREUM (period inst.) A.
99939 D Bach: Sonatas, BWV 1020 & 1030b; Fugue, BWV 951; W.F. Bach: Polonaisein Eb; C.P.E. Bach: Sonata in g, Wq. 135. PIGUET (ob), TILNEY (hpsi) (period inst.) A.
HM 686 D D Works of Albeniz, Nin (5), Ravel, Granados, Glazunov, Boccherini (2), &Tchaikovsky. RAGOSSNIG (gtr), JERIE (cello). DMM pressing. A.
DIGI 101 D Works of Pachelbel, Albinoni, Corelli, Bach, Giazotti, Bach (2), Mouret, & Handel. SMEDVIG, Cambridge CO.; EMPIRE BRASS QUINTET ("Digital Hits of 1740"). A.
210 Arias of Mozart, Verdi, Nicolai, & Mussorgsky. KIPNIS (broadcasts, 1943/4). A, LSM.
350 (2) Chopin: Scherzo #2; Fantasia in f; piano music. MICHELANGELI. A.
409 Chopin: Concerto #1. ROSENTHAL; WEISSMANN, Berlin St. Opera O. Concerto #2. CORTOT; BARBIROLLI, o. A.
484 (3) Wagner: Die Meistersinger. JANSSEN, KULLMAN, SCHORR, LIST; LEINSDORF, Met. Opera (1939). A.
491 (2) Mozart: Concerto #5 (KURTZ); Beethoven: Concerto (RODZINSKI); Mendelssohn: Concerto (TOSCANINI); Brahms: Concerto (SZELL). HEIFETZ (broadcasts 1944-51). A.
701- Mozart: Violin Concerto #4 (WALTER); Berg: Violin Concerto (MITROPOULOS). SZIGETI. Later pressing with printed jacket. A.
708 Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnol (RAI O., Turin, 1952); Debussy: 2 Nocturnes;Stravinsky: Divertimento (Berlin PO, 1951/3). FURTWAENGLER. A. EAR.
801 (3) Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro. RAUTAWAARA, NOVOTNA, STABILE, LAZZARI, PINZA; WALTER, Vienna St. Opera (Salzburg, 1937). A.
Discocorp (Brazil)
DCLP 82510 Beethoven: Symphony #6. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1944). A.
DCLP 82515 Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod; Beethoven: Symphony #8. FURTWAENGLER, Stockholm PO (1942/48). A.
ST 3926 Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf; Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Sterling HOLLOWAY (narr, in both); "Walt Disney Studio O.;" STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A. Complete booklet.
DAVS 7172/4 S Heppener: Canti Carnascialeschi. VOORBERG, NCRV Vocal Ens. R. du Bois:Summer Music. BORGERT (sax), EISMA (vln), WERNER (cello). van Vlijmen: Sonata for Piano & 3 Instrumental Groups. BRUINS; HUPPERTS, Utrecht SO. Scores included. A.
Ducretet-Thomson (Eng.)
DTL 93085 Beethoven: Egmont. LASZLO; SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A, FOT.
DTL 93117 Debussy: Preludes, Book 2. FERBER. A/A-, FOT.
Ducretet-Thomson (France)
DUC 2/3 (2) Messiaen: La Nativite du Seigneur. MESSIAEN, Church of the Trinity organ, Paris. A.
DUC 4/5 (2) Messiaen: Les Corps Glorieux; Apparition de l'Eglise Eternelle. MESSIAEN, Church of the Trinity organ, Paris. A.
ADDS 4031 D J.C.F. Bach: 6 Quartets for flute, violin, viola & continuo. PALMISANO(fl), P. ANGERER (vln), C. ANGERER (vla), FERRIANI (cello), CANFORI (hpsi). A. Corner clipped.
DS 4003 S Paganini: Variations; Moto Perpetuo. MEZZENA (vln), SEBASTIANI (gtr). A. Corner clipped.
This is an OLD catalog. Please note VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS at top of page

ECM 1 1168 S Reich: Octet; Music for a Large Ensemble. STEVE REICH & MUSICIANS. Violin Phase. GUIBBORY. A.
ECM 1033/4 S (2) Jarrett: Metamorphosis. FREIVOGEL (vl); GUTESHA. Short Piece (TOWNER, gtr); In the Cave, In the Light. JARRETT, S. German SO, Stuttgart. Fughata; Pagan Hymn. JARRETT (pf). Brass Quintet. AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET. String Quartet. SONNLEITNER. A.
STM ECE 0658 S Works of Boccherini, Mozart, Dvorak, Ketelby, Suppe, Schubert, Brahms, & Liszt. CONTA, Roumainan RSO. A.
10" E 60621 Beethoven: Concerto #2. SCHNABEL; DOBROWEN, Philharmonia O. (1946). A. Odeon stickers.
10" E 70039 Beethoven: Concerto #3. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. A, LSM.
10" E 70041 Beethoven: Concerto #4. E. FISCHER (pf & cond), Philharmonia O. A.
E 80770 Mozart: Bassoon Concerto; K. Stamitz: Concerto in F. CAMDEN; BLECH, London Mozart Players. A. Odeon labels.
E 90050 Beethoven: Symphony #3. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A. Odeon stickers.
E 90065 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A.
00658 Francesco TAMAGNO aria recital, from 78s, 1903-04. A.
01146 Brahms: Symphony #3. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. Live performance, 1949. FS.
01147 Brahms: Symphony #4. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A. German pressing.
01301 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1--#13-24. E. FISCHER. A.
01302 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2--#25-34. E. FISCHER. A.
01538/9 (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas; "Bei Mannern" Variations; Minuet in G. CASALS, HORSZOWSKI, SCHULHOF, CORTOT. From 78s, 1927-39. A.
01549/50 (2) "The Tito GOBBI Album." Arias from 78s & LP sets, 1942-63. A.
01633/4 (2) Bach: Cantata #82 (BERNARD); Handel: 3 Arias (WELDON); Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange; 2 Lieder; Lieder of Wolf (9) & Schubert (4) (MOORE). HOTTER. A.
01822/3 (2) Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 18 #1, 59 #3, & 95. BUSCH QT. Violin Sonata #5. BUSCH, SERKIN. A.
03231/6 Q (6) Lutoslawski: Symphonies #1 & 2; Preludes & Fugues; Concerto for Orchestra; Cello Concerto (JABLONSKI); Livre pour Orchestra; Musique funebre; 5 Lieder (LUKOMSKA, s); 3 Poemes d'Henri Michaux; Mi-Parti; orchestral works. LUTOSLAWSKI. A.
03659 Q Benda: Symphony in Bb; J. Stamitz: Symphony in A, "Spring;" Myslivecek: Symphony in D; Mica: Symphony in D. BJORLIN, Prague CO. A.
03889 S C.P.E. Bach: 8 Rondos; Fantasia in C. CURTIS (Silbermann fortepiano). A.
10684/6 S (3) Beethoven: String Trios. FRENCH STRING TRIO. A.
10827 Rivier: Symphonies #3 & 5. TZIPINE, French Nat'l Radio O. A.
12559/61 S (3) Beethoven: Flute works. DEBOST, Chastain, Collot, Jarry, A. Wallez, Ivaldi. A.
12804 S Satie: Genevieve de Brabant; La Messe des Pauvres; songs. MESPLE, BENOIT, BERTIN, CICCOLINI (pf), LITAIZE (organ); DERVAUX, Paris Opera Cho., Duclos Cho., O. de Paris. A.
1432541 S Schubert: Gesang der Geister uber den Wassern; choral songs. SAWALLISCH, Capella Bavariae, Bavarian RSO & Cho. A. German texts.
1467951 S Rheinberger: The Star of Bethlehem. STREICH, FISCHER-DIESKAU; HEGER, Bavarian Radio SO, Graunke SO. A.
17632 "Neapolitan Romances & Songs." BECHI. A.
27 0245 3 D (2) Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 3; "Alexander's Feast" Concerto. LINDE, Linde Consort (period inst.) A.
29147 Lieder of Schumann & Schubert. TAUBER (1921-39). A.
30196/7 S (2) "The Humorous Schubert." FASSBAENDER, MOSER, ROTHENBERGER, ANHEISSER, BERRY, GEDDA, et al. A.
30937 Q Works of Rosenmuller, Rosier, Kerll, Pohle, Abel, Schmelzer (2), & J.M.Nicolai. MUSICA ANTIQUA KOLN ("Virtuoso German Violin Music of the 17th Century"). A. COH.
34330 S J. Kokkonen: Piano Quintet (GOTHONI); Sallinen: String Quartet #3. FINLANDIA QT. A.
34471 S Palmgren: Piano Concerto #2, "The River;" Englund: Concerto. TATENO; PANULA, Helsinki PO. A.
35340/6 (7) Chopin: Piano works. CORTOT. A.
35712 S Rangstrom: Symphony #1, "In Memoriam August Strindberg." SEGERSTAM, Swedish Radio SO. A.
35921 S Rangstrom: Symphony #2, "My Country." SEGERSTAM, Austrian Radio SO. A.
43063 D Beethoven: Violin Concerto. PERLMAN; GIULINI, Philharmonia O. A.
43179 Chopin: Concerto #1 (ACKERMANN, Zurich Tonhalle O.); 2 Etudes. LIPATTI(Feb. 1950). Unlike previous issues this is genuine Lipatti. A.
43372 Haydn: Cello Concerto in D (SARGENT); Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata; Weber: Variations in F (MOORE). FEUERMANN (1935-37). A.
45573 S "Musik in alten Stadten und Residenzen: Munchen--Die Hofkapelle unter Orlando di Lasso." ARNDT, RIAS Chamber Cho., MULLER-DOMBOIS (lute), et al. A.
78174/5 (2) Wagner: Parsifal--exc. Various historical Bayreuth performers. A.
81557 S Bach: Sonatas, BWV 1020, 1030, 1038; W.F. Bach: Duet for Flute & Oboe. NICOLET (fl), HOLLIGER (ob), KOBAYASHI (hpsi). A.
99757/8 D (2) J.M. Haydn: 6 "Salzburg" Symphoies. KUHN, Rias Sinfonietta. A.
EN81 002 S Heiden: Partita for Orchestra. LANE. Euphorion. MULDER, Indiana U. o's. Violin Sonata. GULLI, CAVALLI. A.
BC 1118 S Badings: Capriccio (VERMEULEN, violin); Genese; Evolutions; Raaijmakers: Contrasts. Electronic music. A.
BC 1122 S Faure: La Bonne Chanson; songs. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A. Texts.
BC 1157 S Carter: Double Concerto. KIRKPATRICK (hpsi), ROSEN (pf); MEIER. Kirchner: Concerto for Violin, Cello, 10 Winds & Percussion. SPIVAKOVSKY, PARISOT; KIRCHNER. A.
BC 1250 S Carter: Pocahontas--Suite. MONOD, Zurich Radio O. Piano Sonata. ROSEN. A.
BC 1269 S Schumann: Davidsbundlertanze; Carnaval. ROSEN. A.
BC 1310 S Granados: Valses Poeticos; 6 Pieces on Popular Spanish Songs; Danza Lenta; Allegro de Concierto. DE LARROCHA. FS.
BC 1366 S Mozart-Shepard: Canons (in English). WINTER, BRYANT, SHADLEY, PYLE; LUBOFF, cho. (I. KIPNIS, hpsi) ("Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Is a Dirty Old Man"). A. Texts.
LC 3021 Gould: Interplay (DE GROOT, pf); Spirituals for Orchestra. VAN OTTERLOO, Hague PO. A, LSM.
LC 3098 Brahms: Symphony #2. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A, FOT.
LC 3260 B. Marcello: 6 Gamba Sonatas, Op. 1. SCHOLZ, GIARDANI SARTORI. A.
LC 3400 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #1, 4, & 5. GRUMIAUX, HASKIL. A. Writing on jacket.
LC 3563 Brahms: Symphony #4; Alto Rhapsody (HEYNIS, Apollo Royal Male Cho.). VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A. Symphony AS.
CP 921 M. Kalomiris: Symphonic Concerto. K. KALOMIRIS (pf); M. KALOMIRIS, Greek Radio Foundation O. 1953 broadcast performance. A.
ERA 105 D Farkas: Ancient Hungarian Dances; Ibert: 3 pieces breves; Lefebvre: Suite, Op. 57; works of Bach & Weait. YORK WINDS. A. Corner clipped.
EFM 8218 S Cimarosa-Benjamin: Oboe Concerto; Pedrollo: Concertino in d; Wolf-Ferrari: Idillio-Concertino; Bellini: Concerto in Eb. PIERLOT; SCIMONE, I Solisti Veneti. A.
NUM 75198 D Berio: Sinfonia (New Swingle Singers); Eindrucke. BOULEZ, French Nat'lO. A.
STI 70210 S M. Haydn: Concerto for Organ & Viola. CHAILEY, ALAIN. Trumpet Concertoin D. ANDRE. Horn Concerto in D. BARBOTEU; PAILLARD, Paillard CO. A.
STU 70718 S Hindemith: Sonata for 2 Pianos; Martinu: 3 Czech Dances; Fantasy. K. & M. LABEQUE. A.
STU 70847 S "Dances & Music of the Italian Renaissance for different instrumental families." PIGUET, Ricercare Ens., Zurich. A.
STU 71203 S Bach: Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-30. RAMPAL, VEYRON-LACROIX. A.
ZL 30665 S Pergolesi (?): Mandolin Concerto in Bb; Cecere: Concerto in A; G. Giuliano: Concerto in Bb. ANEDDA; SCIMONE, I Solisti Veneti. A. COH.
ZL 30671 S Works of Holborne, Locke, Scheidt, Handel, Adson, Pezel, & Palestrina. TOUVRON BRASS ENS. A.
Eterna (E. Germany)
8 25 671 S Nicolai: Merry Wives of Windsor--exc. PUTZ, LITZ, MATHIS, FRICK, ENGEN, WUNDERLICH; HEGER, Munich St. Opera. A.
8 25 990 S Beethoven: Horn Sonata; Schumann: Adagio & Allegro; Kohler: Horn Sonata; works of Dukas & Reuter. DAMM, WEBERSINKE. A.
8 26 938 S Beethoven: Symphony #3. BLOMSTEDT, Staatskapelle Dresden. A/A-, FOT.
8 27 439/40 S (2) Beethoven: Symphony #9; S. Thiele: Gesange an die Sonne. MOSER, LANG, SCHREIER, ADAM; MASUR, cho's, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. (live perf., 1981). A.
8 27 553 S Telemann: Suite in D; Trumpet Concerto in D; works of Baldassari, Torelli, & Albinoni. GUTTLER; POMMER, New Bach Collegium, Leipzig. A.
28707 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in C; Boccherini: Concerto in D; Vivaldi: Concerto #1, in c. GERINGAS; HAGER, RIAS Sinfonietta. A.
72563 S Flotow: Martha--exc. KOTH, STEINER, SCHOCK, ROHRL, KREPPEL, KRUKOWSKI;SCHUCHTER, Berlin German Opera Cho., Berlin SO. A. German text.
87955 S Bartok: Violin Sonata #1 (OISTRAKH); 15 Hungarian Peasant Songs. RICHTER. Live, 1972. A.
88286 S Mozart: Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman;" piano works. DEMUS. A.
3161 S Mozart: Piano Concertos #17 & 26. RICHTER-HAASER; KERTESZ, Philharmonia O. A.
SDBR 3007 S Shostakovich: Symphony #6. BOULT, London PO. A. Silver label. Dowel spine.
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FLPS 34 S Roman: Overture in g; Violin Concerto in d (HOFMAN); Sinfonia in D; Flute Concerto in G (MALMBERG). C.M. PETTERSSON, Oskarshammsensemblen. A.
FA 304 S Englund: Symphony #1. PEKKANEN, Turku PO. A.
FA 305 S Merilainen: Symphony #3. SODERBLOM, Finnish Radio SO. Piano Concerto #2. GILLESPIE; BELOHLAVEK, Helsinki PO. A.
FAD 335 D Englund: Cello Sonata. E. & M. RAUTIO. Kokkonen: Cello Sonata. NORAS,HEINONEN. DMM pressing. A.
90076 1 S Beethoven: Cello Sonata #5; Barber: Sonata. McCRACKEN, GREENE. FS.
90266 1 S "Sleepers: Lull Music by Daniel Goode, Doris Hays, Tom Johnson, AlisonKnowles, Annea Lockwood, Ilhan Mimaroglu, Ann Silsbee, & Pauline Oliveros." Various performers. A. COH.
SR 9030 S Alkan: Sonate de Concert. HANANI (cello), AUER (pf). FS.
SFX 34 S E. Englund: Symphony #2, "Blackbird." PEKKANEN. Epinikia. BERGLUND. A.
6530 060 S Bach: Easter Oratorio. DONATH, REYNOLDS, HAEFLIGER, TALVELA; MAAZEL, RIAS Chamber Cho., Berlin Radio SO. A.
French Broadcasting System in N. America
451/2 (2) Milhaud: 3 Ronsard Songs. SIMON, BLANCHARD. R. Charpentier: Coriolan. BIGOT, French Radio O. Works of Ockeghem, Josquin, de la Rue, Delamoriniere, Sciortino, & Canet. MARTINI, Jeunesses Musicales Cho. Broadcast transcriptions with narration. A. BJ, cue sheets.
3 DAG S (3) Bach-Busoni: transcriptions (complete). SPADA (pf). A.
Friends of Music at Yale
W4RM 0433/4 (1) Berg: 7 Early Lieder; Schoenberg: 2 Lieder, Op. 14. STERN (t), DAVENNY (pf). Bartok: Viola Concerto. SCHWARTZ; WILSON, Yale Summer O. A. BJ, as issued.
FSM 43009 S Fasch: Guitar Concerto in d; Vivaldi: Concerto in D; Krebs: Concertoin G. RAGOSSNIG; ANGERER, S.W. German CO. A.
FSM 53010 S Clementi: Sonatas for 2 Pianos #1 & 2; Grieg: Walzer-Capricen; T. Kirchner: 7 Waltzes. MEYER, SCHUBERT-WEBER. A.
FSM 53205 EB S Haydn: "Birthday" Divertimento in C; Gassmann: Oboe Quartet in Bb; Werner: Concerto in G. GERMAN BAROQUE SOLOISTS. A.
FSM 53206 EB S Rachmaninov: 6 Duets, Op. 11; duets of Puchtler (2) & T. Kirchner (8).MEYER, SCHUBERT-WEBER (pf). FS.
FSM 63903 PAN S Works of Walond, Schein, Hellendaal, & Sweelinck. EASTMAN BRASS QUINTET. A.
FY 019 S "Les Offices du Dimanche a Notre Dame de Paris." COCHEREAU (org); REVERT, Notre-Dame Choirs. A.
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M/S 122 S "The Gelineau Psalms." TOWNHILL, Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Edinburgh (w. inst. ens.) A-, FOT.
30 129 S Vivaldi: Oboe Concerto in d; A. Marcello: Concerto in c; Cimarosa-Benjamin: Concerto in c; Bellini: Concerto in Eb. GOY; JORDAN, Lausanne CO. A. Corner clipped.
30 234 S W.F. Bach: Sinfonia in D; C.P.E. Bach: Sonatina in d; W.F.E. Bach: Sextet in Eb; J.C. Bach: Sextet in C. MUSICA ORPHEA. A. Corner clipped.
G 40132 S Dittersdorf: Concerto in A for oboe d'amore (HELM); Danzi: Overture in Eb. GUNTHER, Badische Staatskapelle. Cannabich: Les fetes du serail--exc. NEIDLINGER, Bodensee SO. Filtz: Sinfonie in Eb. GUNTHER, Karlsruhe SO. A.
GS 1013 S Raff: Piano Concerto in c; Dreyschock: Concert-Piece in c. F. COOPER;DEAKY, Nurnberg SO. A.
100 Arias of Verdi, Massenet, Puccini, Donizetti, Flotow, Leoncavallo, Mascagni, Meyerbeer, Ponchielli, & Blanc. MARTINELLI. EJS production, "limited edition of 100 copies." A. BJ, as issued.
GM 2021D D Schuller: Duologue; Paine: Violin Sonata in b. DRUIAN, PASTERNACK. FS. Corner clipped.
Golden Age of Opera
EJS 111 Beniamino GIGLI aria recital, 1923-51. A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 183 Wagner: Lohengrin--Act 2, Scenes 1 & 2. FLAGSTAD, BRANZELL, HUEHN; ABRAVANEL, Met. Opera (March 27, 1937). Arias & duets of Wagner (2) & Purcell (TEYTE). FLAGSTAD. A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 254 (2) Boito: Nerone. PICCHI, PETRI, GUELFI, LAZZARINI, DE CAVALIERI, MAZZOLI; CAPUANA, Teatro San Carlo, Naples (1957). A, FOT. BJ, as issued.
EJS 357 "Beniamino GIGLI in Opera & Song (1934-55)." A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 464 Beniamino GIGLI recital, from 78s, broadcasts, & film, 1927-55. A. BJ, as issued.
EJS 498 Boieldieu: Jean de Paris. BOURSIN, STIOT, PEYRON, GUI, FRIEDMANN, DONIAT; KREDER. Delibes: Le Serpent a Plumes--exc. REYNAL, STIOT, REY, AUDREY, PEYRON, LENOTY; MARTIGNONI, French Nat'l Radio. A, FOT. BJ, as issued.
Golden Crest
CR 4037 Works of Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, Moszkowski, Chopin, J. Strauss, MacDowell, Scarlatti, & Debussy. MILLS ("Virtuoso Harp"). A.
CRS 31032 S (2) Rags of Joplin, Matthews, Marshall, Hayden, Turpin, Chauvin, & Jordan. KAYE ("Ragtime at the Rosebud"). A.
CRS 4115 Q Wilder: Suite for Clarinet, Bassoon & Piano; Villa-Lobos: Fantasie Concertante; Poulenc: Sonata for Clarinet & Bassoon. ACADEMY TRIO (A. & A. Gigliotti, Garfield). A.
CRS 4117 Q Persichetti: Serenade; Piston: Trio; Riegger: Trio, Op. 1. TEMPLE U.TRIO. A.
CRS 4141 Q Korte: Aspects of Love. WHITWORTH (s), SERGI (t); BEACHY, U. of Texas Chamber Singers. Libera me. KORTE, U. of Texas Cho. & SO. I Think you would have understood. WINTERS (tpt); DAUM, U. of Texas Jazz Ens. Gestures. FROCK (perc); LEE, U. Wind Ens. A. COH.
RE 7002 Wilder: Horn Sonatas #1 & 2; Suite for Horn & Piano. BARROWS, KAYE. A.
Grand Prix
GP 9008 S Jolivet: Chant de Linos (ens.); Mondello: Poem; Bondon: Swing #1; Persichetti: Serenade #10. CHASSMAN (fl), PINKERTON (harp). A.
Grande Storia della Musica
387340 S Pousseur: Mobile; Kagel: Transicion II (w. electronic music). CANINO,BALLISTA (pf). Manzoni: Quadruplum. AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET. Clementi: Intavolatura. FADINI (hpsi). A.
GS 1048 S Persichetti: English Horn Concerto (PERSICHETTI); Hodkinson: The Edgeof the Olde One (PHILLIPS). STACY. A.
GS 1055 S R.H. Lewis: Duetto da Camera; Webern: 4 Pieces, Op. 7; Leo Weiner: Violin Sonata #2. GERLE, NEELEY. FS.
Vol. 1 S "La Gran Scena Opera Co. di New York" (high camp!). A, LSM.
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Harmonia Mundi
HM 1130 S Rameau: Les Indes Galantes. HERREWEGHE, O. de la Chapelle Royale. A.
HMC 1193 S Beethoven-Liszt: Symphony #3. PLUDERMACHER. A.
HMC 5148 S Corrette: 6 Organ Concertos, Op. 26. SAORGIN; BEZZINA, Nice Baroque Ens. DMM pressing. A.
HMS 30849 S Bittner: Suite in g; Mace: Suite in d; works of Attaignant & Besard. GERWIG (lute). A.
Harmonie der Welt
HMW 622 D D "Music der Stadtpfeifer: Intraden, Tanze, Canzonen & Sonaten." MUSICA FIATA. A.
Haydn Society
HS 9010 Mozart: Violin Concertos #1 & 4. BOSKOVSKY, Vienna Konzerthaus CO. A, FOT. BJ.
HS 9036 Torelli: Trumpet Concerto in D (ANDRE); Locatelli: L'Arte del Violini--Concerto #12; Il Pianto d'Arianna (FERNANDEZ); Vivaldi: Concerto in g. PAILLARD, Leclair Ens. A.
HSL 3059 Bach: Overture in the French Manner; 4 Duets; Italian Concerto. KIRKPATRICK. A.
HSL 74 Albinoni: Concerto in d, Op. 5, #7; Corelli-Geminiani: Concerto Grosso #2; Sammartini: Violin Concerto #2, in C (ABUSSI); Symphony in G. JENKINS, Italian CO. A. Jacket repaired.
Helffrich Recording Labs
HRL 1776 S Bach: Fugue in Eb, BWV 552; Passacaglia & Fugue in c; Pastorale in F; Toccata in F, BWV 540. WHITEHEAD, First Presbyterian Church organ, Bethlehem, Pa. (Moller/Casavant). "Mendelssohn's Bach Recital" (exact 1840 program). A, LSM.
LP 64 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. NANUT, Slovene PO, Ljubljana. A.
478 129 Brahms: Concerto #2. AESCHBACHER; VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A. Typed spine replacement.
88026/7 (2) Verdi: Rigoletto (in German). BERGER, ROSWAENGE, SCHLUSNUS; HEGER, Berlin St. Opera (1944). A.
HS 25086 S Stenhammer: Serenade in F. KUBELIK, Stockholm PO. A.
H88001 Chopin: 17 Polish Songs, Op. 74. ZARESKA, Favaretto. Reissue from ultra-scarce Columbia recording. A.
High Fidelity
10" 55 "Musicians Off Stage: Thomas STEWART; Artur RUBINSTEIN." 15" interviews for radio broadcast, never sold. A, LSM; 1/4" X. BJ, white label test.
Historical Recording Enterprises
HRE 258 (3) Cherubini: Medea. OLIVERO, SCIUTTI, CASONI, PREVEDI, ZACCARIA; RESCIGNO (1967). A. Libretto added.
HRE 318 (3) Handel: Giulio Cesare. BARBIERI, FINESCHI, CORELLI, CHRISTOFF; GAVAZZENI (Rome, 1955).
10" GHLP 1002 Bach: Double Concerto (BERNARD, Philharmonia O.); Handel: Trio Sonata#2, in D (SHINEBOURNE, MALCOLM). DE VITO, MENUHIN. A. Dutch pressing.
10" OXCS 4 Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien. MALKO, Danish St. RSO. Glazounov: TheSeasons--exc. MALKO, Philharmonia O. Custom test pressing in blank jacket. A; 3 1/8" X's.
ASD 2496 S Corelli-Barbirolli: Oboe Concerto; Marcello: Concerto in c (ROTHWELL); works of Purcell, Bach, & Barbirolli (ed.) BARBIROLLI, o's. A. Black Odeon label.
ASD 3199 Q Sibelius: Violin Concerto; 2 Serenades; Humoreske. HAENDEL; BERGLUND, Bournemouth SO. A. Small dog label.
ASD 3604 Q Stravinsky: Pulcinella. SMITH (s), FRYATT (t), KING (bs); RATTLE, Northern Sinfonia O. A.
ASD 3675 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #8 & 9. ZUKERMAN, BARENBOIM. A. Corner clipped. Small dog label.
ASD 612 S Schoenberg: Suite for Strings; Lutyens: O Saisons, O Chateaux (M. TYLER, s); Britten: Prelude & Fugue. DEL MAR, Royal PO. A.
CSD 3536 S "Treasury of English Church Music, Vol. 2. (1545-1650)" GUEST, Westminster Abbey Choir. A.
CSD 3549 S "Treasury of English Church Music, Vol. 3 (1650-1760). ROSE, Guildford Cathedral Choir, o. A.
CSD 3554 S "Treasury of English Church Music, Vol. 4. (1760-1900)." BOWER, St. Paul's Cathedral Choir. A.
HQM 1153 Works of Liszt, Debussy (3), Ravel, Poulenc, Stravinsky, Chopin (2), Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, & Khachaturian. MOISEIWITSCH. From 78s. A.
HQM 1187 Elisabeth SCHUMANN recital, arias & songs from 78s. A. Texts.
HQS 1070 S Sibelius: King Christian II Suite; Karelia Overture; The Bard; Festivo. GIBSON, Scottish Nat'l O. A.
HQS 1326 S Alkan: Sonata, Op. 33. SMITH. A.
RLS 1077053 (2) "The Art of Peter DAWSON" (arias & songs). A.
RLS 1547003 (7) "Brahms & Schumann Lieder on Record, 1901-1952: An Anthology featuring 77 Great Singers in Historical Recordings...including many previously unpublished items." A. Texts.
RLS 716 (4) "L'Exquisse Maggie TEYTE." Limited edition, including 14 unpublished items. A. Texts.
RLS 718 (3) Bach: Violin Concerto #1; Double Concerto (ENESCO); Mozart: Concerto #1; Paganini: Concerto #1; Mendelssohn: Concerto; Bruch: Concerto #1; Wieniawski: Legende; Chausson: Poeme. MENUHIN; ENESCO, MONTEUX, RONALD. From 78s. A. Booklet.
RLS 723 (3) Brahms: Double Concerto; Mendelssohn: Trio #1; Schumann: Trio #1; Beethoven: "Magic Flute" Variations (THIBAUD, CORTOT); Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb (RONALD); encore recital. CASALS. A.
RLS 733 (4) Schubert: Symphonies #5 & 8; Brahms: Symphony #2; Tragic Overture; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5; Franck: Symphony. BEECHAM, London PO (from 78s, 1936-40). A.
RLS 735 (3) "Boris CHRISTOFF: The 1949-1952 Recordings." 12 previously unpublished items. A. Texts.
RLS 763 (4) "Elisabeth SCHWARZKOPF: The Early Years." A. Texts.
SLS 5095 Q (2) Haydn: Baryton Trios #37, 71, 85, 113, 117, & 121. ESTERHAZY BARYTON TRIO. A.
SLS 5164 Q (2) M. Haydn: Concerto for Organ & Viola (MALY); J. Haydn: Organ Concertos in C & F; Albrechtsberger: Concerto in Bb; C.P.e. Bach: Concerto in Eb. PARKER-SMITH; BEDFORD, Prague CO. A. COH.
SLS 999 Q (3) Beethoven: Leonore (original version). MOSER, DONATH, CASSILLY, ADAM, RIDDERBUSCH; BLOMSTEDT, Dresden St. O. A. Libretto.
HMV (Australia)
OXLP 7534 Songs & arias of Mozart, Verdi (3), Moore, Tosti (2), Puccini, Bishop, Donizetti, & Handel. MELBA. A.
HMV (Denmark)
MOAK 3 Schumann: Dichterliebe; songs of Brahms (3), Grieg (4), & Gade (3). SCHIOTZ, Moore, et al. A.
HMV (Sweden)
SCLP 1071 Rosenberg: Symphony #3. BLOMSTEDT, Stockholm PO. A. AS.
HNH 4019 S "Le Roman de Fauvel." CLEMENCIC, Clemencic Consort. A.
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
HTL 1979 S Bach: Cantata #80. HIGGINBOTHAM, PIERCE, G. TUCKER, PRATT; GRIMES, Holy Trinity Bach Cho. & O. (SCHWARZ, tpt). Chorales, BWV 657 & 720. PARRELLA, GRIMES (org). A. Text.
HLX 90053/5 S (3) Kodaly: Psalmus Hungaricus; Summer Evening; Te Deum; Missa Brevis; Concerto for Orchestra. KODALY (+ composer narrating text of "Psalmus Hungaricus"). A.
LPX 12395/6 (2) Chopin: 25 Mazurkas; piano music. FERENCZY. Recorded 1957/8, 2 1967 items. A.
SLPD 12445 D "Saltus Hungaricus: Dance Music from 18th Century Hungary." KERTESZ, Budapest Baroque Strings (period inst.) A.
SLPD 12531 D Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta; Divertimento. ROLLA, Liszt CO.
SLPD 12538/40 D (3) Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons; Haydn: Symphony #45; Mozart: Divertimento, K. 136; Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings; Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta. ROLLA, Liszt CO (20th anniversary). A.
SLPD 12591/3 D (3) Respighi: La Fiamma. TOKODY, TAKACS, KELEN, SOLYOM-NAGY; GARDELLI. A. Libretto.
SLPD 12820/2 D (3) Haydn: Harmoniemesse; Liszt: Les Preludes; Tasso; Orpheus; Beethoven: Symphony #3. FERENCSIK, Hungarian St. O. (1981-3). A.
SLPX 11349 S Albrechtsberger: Organ Concerto in B (LEHOTKA); Sonata a Quattro in F.SANDOR, Budapest Phil. CO. Rosetti: Flute Concerto in D. SZEBENYI; TATRAI, Hungarian CO. A. Corner clipped.
SLPX 11357 S Bartok: Rhapsodies #1 & 2. SZEKELY, MOORE (pf). Rhapsody #1. MEZO (cello), TUSA (pf). Contrasts. BERKES, SZENTHELYI, KOCSIS. Hungarian Folk Songs. SZUCS (vln), TUSA. Bartok Complete Edition. A.
SLPX 11453 S Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts. KOVACS (fl), MEZO (cello), SEBESTYEN (hpsi). A.
SLPX 11454 S Hoffmeister: Flute Concerto in D (SZEBENYI); Albrechtsberger: Partitain F (LELKES, harp). SANDOR, Gyor PO. A.
SLPX 11506/8 S (3) Liszt: Christus. NAGY, ANDOR, NEMETH, RETI, BASTI, GREGOR, MARGITTAY; FORRAI, Budapest Choir, Kodaly Girls Choir, Hungarian St. O. A. Latin text.
SLPX 11656 S Wranitzky: Grande Simphonie; L. Mozart: Divertimenti in Bb & D. TATRAI, Hungarian CO. A.
SLPX 11716 S Szervansky: Serenade; Clarinet Concerto (KOVACS); Variations. MEDVECZKY, Hungarian Radio SO. Song of Dogs. ZAMBO, Veszprem City Choir. A. Corner clipped.
SLPX 11741 S Works of Frescobaldi, Bull, Froberger, Farnaby, & L. Couperin. Z. PERTIS (anon. 17th century Dutch harpsichord). A. COH.
SLPX 11745/6 S (2) Dittersdorf: Ester. KALMAR, TOKODY, TAKACS, HORVATH, KAPLAN, MILLER; SZEKERES, Budapest Madrigal Choir, Liszt CO. A. COH. Text.
SLPX 11794/5 S (2) Mozart: Sonatas for piano duet, K. 19d, 357, 358, 381, 497, & 521(complete). RANKI, KOCSIS (hpsi & pf). A.
SLPX 11846 S Kurtag: String Quartet #2. EDER QT. Wind Quintet, Op. 2. "JEUNESSES" WIND QUINTET. 8 Piano Pieces, Op. 3. KOCSIS. 8 Duets for Violin & Cimbalom. JEVESI, SZALAY. Plays & Games--exc. M. & G. KURTAG (pf). A.
SLPX 11847 S Lutoslawski: String Quartet; Petrovics: Quartet. NEW BUDAPEST QT. A.
SLPX 11954 S Molter: Clarinet Concerto #4, in A; J. Stamitz: Concerto in Bb; C. Stamitz: Concerto in Eb. HORVATH; ROLLA, Liszt CO. A.
SLPX 12282 S Purcell-Coates: Suite; Vivaldi: Sinfonia in G; B. Marcello: Introduction, Aria & Presto; Mozart: 6 Landler, K. 606; Mendelssohn: String Symphony # q SLPX 12283 S Bartok: Mikrokosmos--exc.; Mikrosmos--7 Pieces for 2 Pianos; 6 Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm (arr. Serly) (COMENSOLI). D.P. BARTOK (in all). Includes the composer's widow's last recordings, 1980. A. Corner clipped.
SLPX 12453 S Soproni: Symphonies #1 & 2. MEDVECZKY, Budapest SO. A.
SLPX 12515 S Sarkozy: Confessioni ("Anno 1853") (BACHER, pf); Concerto Semplice (KOVACS, vln). KORODY, Budapest PO. A. Corner clipped.
A66039 D Hildegard von Bingen: Sequences & Hymns. PAGE, Gothic Voices. A.
A66074 S Works of Rosenmuller, Schmelzer, Bohm, J.C.F. Fischer, & Telemann. PARLEY OF INSTRUMENTS ("German Consort Music, 1660-1710"). A.
A66084 S Martinu: Nonet; Trio in F; La Revue de Cuisine. DARTINGTON ENS. A.
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International Piano Archives
IPA 114 "Mischa LEVITZKI: His Rarest Recordings (1923-1929)." A.
IPA 503 Beethoven: Concerto #4. HOFMANN; ORMANDY, Phila. O. (1938). Rubinstein: Concerto #4. HOFMANN; KRUGER, Detroit SO (1945). A.
International Piano Library
IPL 103 Josef HOFMANN Brunswick recordings. A. Booklet.
IPL 105 Grieg: Ballade; Beethoven: Sonata #26; Schumann: Carnaval. GODOWSKY.Booklet apparently never printed. A.
1003 S Handel: Sonata in a; Vinci: Sonata in D; Telemann: Sonata in F; Mozart: Sonatas, K. 13/14. GRAF (fl), WEHRLE, BIRCHMEIER, DAHLER (hpsi). A.
193 S C. Kreutzer: Grande Sonate Trio in G, Op. 23, #2; Hoffmeister: Trio #3, in D; Hummel: Trio in G, Op. 35. TRIO ELVETICO. A.
508 S Telemann: Trio Sonata in Eb; J.C. Bach: Quintet in D; C.P.E. Bach: 6kleine Sonaten; Schobert: Sinfonie in Eb. LARDROT (ob), GRAF (fl), LEUTHOLD (clar), RENON, SAX (bsn), BARBE (hpsi), et al. A.
554 S Onslow: Grand Septuor (BARTSCHI, pf; FREI, bass); Wind Quintet in F, Op. 81, #3. STALDER QUINTET. A.
566 S Reicha: Octet in Eb, Op. 96; A. Walter: Octet in Bb. SWISS NONET. A.
ATD 8202 S Skerjanc: Piano Concertino. TOMSIC-SREBOTNJAK. Bersa: Sunny Fields. HUBAD, Slovene PO. Moonlight. COSSETTO, KUD Choir. Scarce pre-digital recording of wonderful pianist Dubravka Tomsic. A.
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KC 9039 S S Bizet: Symphony in C; Gounod: Symphony #1. IRVING, N.Y. City Ballet O. Unique opportunity to compare student & teacher. A, LSM.
KC 9065 S Debussy: Children's Corner; Suite Bergamasque; Ballade; Valse Romantique; Mazurka; Le Petit Negre. ERICOURT. A, LSM.
Kepler Label
BOMC 71 7643 S "The Harmony of the World: A realization for the Ear of Johannes Kepler's Astronomical Data from Harmonices Mundi 1619, realized by Willie Ruff & John Rodgers" (electronic music). A.
GT 9336 S Mamiya: String Quartet #1. TANAKA QT. 3 Movements for Wind Quintet. AULOS QUINTET. A.
SLD 57/8 S (2) Lilburn: Clarinet Sonata (HAMER); Piano Sonata. NIELSEN. String Trio; String Quartet; Duos for 2 Violins. SCHOLA MUSICA ENS. Wind Quintet. CONCERTANTE ENS. A.
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LR 103 Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat Suite; Ives: Largo; Krenek: Trio; Khachaturian: Trio. D'ANTONIO (clar), SANDLER (violin), STEVENS (pf). FS. COH.
LR 109 S Turina: Trio #2; A. Tcherepnin: Trio, Op. 34; Copland: Vitebsk; Manziarly: Triologue. WESTERN ARTS TRIO. A.
LR 131 S Muczynski: Time Pieces; 6 Duos; Flute Sonata; 3 Preludes. LURIE (clar), BAKER (fl), MUCZYNSKI (pf). FS.
LPI 111 S Vellere: String Quartet #3; Aderholdt: Quartet; Schonthal: Quartet; Beach: Quartet, Op. 89. CRESCENT QT. A.
LS 8816 S Dupre: Vepres du Commun, Op. 18. ROBINSON, organ of St. Mary the Virgin, N.Y. A.
10" LD 9203 Ravel: Histoires naturelles; Faure: 5 Verlaine songs. SOUZAY, BONNEAU. A.
10" LS 1188 Absil: Saxophone Quartet; Rivier: Grave et presto; Francaix: Serenade comique. MULE SAXOPHONE QT. (Vol. 4). A, LSM.
10" LS 986 Works of Decruck, Tomasi, Bozza, Bonneau, Pascal, & Tcherepnine ("The Saxophone, Vol. 1.)" MULE, Lenom. B; 2/3", 2 1/2" X's.
5889 Maggie TEYTE song & aria recital, from 78s & 1937 broadcast. A. Texts.
A 4128 Perrin, Palacios & Lleo: La Corte de Faraon. IRIARTE, CAVA, ALITE, PORTILLE, CAMPOS, VIDERAS; ARGENTA. A. English summary.
CS 6163 S Paganini: 24 Caprices. RICCI. A. EP. White back jacket.
CS 6404 S Brahms: Piano Pieces, Op. 76; Fantasies, Op. 116. KATCHEN (Vol. 2). A. EP.
CS 6425 S Zarzuela exc. of Chapi (2), Chueca & Valverde, Gimenez (2), Luna, & Usandizaga. FRUHBECK DE BURGOS, Spanish Nat'l O. FS.
CS 6477 S Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Schumann, Op. 9; Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 21, #1; Variations on a Hungarian Song, Op. 21, #2. KATCHEN. A. EP.
CS 6482 S Brahms: Sonata #3, Op. 5; Scherzo, Op. 4. KATCHEN. A. EP.
CS 6626 S Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps; 8 Easy Pieces. EDEN, TAMIR (pf's). FS. EP.
CS 6632 S "Salute to Percy Grainger." PEARS, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BRITTEN, English CO. A. EP. Texts.
CS 6738 S Liszt: Battle of the Huns; Orpheus; Mazeppa. MEHTA, L.A. PO. FS.
CS 6845 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #2 & 9 ("Kreutzer"). PERLMAN, ASHKENAZY. FS.
CS 6990 S Surinach: Piano Concerto (a masterpiece!); Montsalvatge: Concerto Breve (delightful!). DE LARROCHA; FRUHBECK DE BURGOS, Royal PO. A. COH. EP.
CSA 2101 S (2) Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique; Le Corsaire. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. (with rehearsal disc). A. Nasty but harmless mark, disc 1.
LDR 71119 D Sullivan: Pineapple Poll (arr. Mackerras); Overture di Ballo. MACKERRAS, Philharmonia O. A.
LDR 72011 D (2) Haydn: The Creation. BURROWES, GREENBERG, WOHLERS, NIMSGERN, MORRIS; SOLTI, Chicago SO & Cho. A.
LL 1038/9 (2) Strauss: Salome. GOLTZ, KENNEY, PATZAK, DERMOTA, BRAUN; KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A. EP. Libretto.
LL 1073 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. ELMAN; BOULT, London PO. A.
LL 1272 Stravinsky: L'oiseau de feu. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A; minor PB.
LL 1294 Prokofiev: Love for 3 Oranges; Lt. Kije (suites). BOULT, London PO, Paris Cons. O. A/A-, FOT.
LL 1334 Cimarosa: Il Maestro di Capella; arias of Donizetti (2), Rossini (2), & Mozart (2). CORENA. A. Cimarosa text on jacket.
LL 1383 J. Strauss-Desormiere: Le Beau Danube. MARTINON, London PO. A.
LL 1441 Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini; Capriccio Italien. COLLINS, London SO. A/A-, FOT.
LL 1457/8 (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. (BARCHET, violin). A, LSM. EP. Spine taped.
LL 150 Beethoven: Sonatas #14 & 31. GULDA. A, FOT. U.S. pressing.
LL 1529 Lieder of Schubert (4) & Schumann (2); arias of Handel (2), Mendelssohn& Gluck. FERRIER ("Ferrier Memorial Album"). A.
LL 1547 Grieg: Songs. FLAGSTAD, McArthur. A.
LL 1636 Arias of Rossini (3), Cimarosa, Massenet, Thomas, St.-Saens, Gounod, & Offenbach. CORENA; Gavazzeni, Walker. A.
LL 526 Beethoven: Grosse Fuge; Bach: Musical Offering--exc. MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A. U.S. pressing.
LL 598 Falla: The 3-Cornered Hat. DANCO; ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A.
LL 640 Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien; Suite #3--Theme & Variations. SCHURICHT, Paris Conservatory O. A-, FOT.
LL 694 Rimsky-Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or--Suite; Capriccio Espagnol. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A, FOT.
LL 825 Beethoven: Symphony #1. SCHURICHT. Symphony #8. BOHM, Vienna PO. A, FOT.
LL 883 J. Strauss-Dorati: Graduation Ball. FISTOULARI, New SO. A.
LL 912 Beethoven: Symphony #5. E. KLEIBER, Concertgebouw O. A. EP.
LL 992 Debussy: Jeux; 6 Epigraphes Antiques (arr. Ansermet). ANSERMET, SuisseRomande O. A/A-, FOT.
OS 25077 S Lehar: The Merry Widow--exc. GUEDEN, LOOSE, GRUNDEN, KMENTT, DONCH; STOLZ, Vienna St. Opera. A. Blue back jacket.
OS 25280 S "A Christmas Offering." L. PRICE; KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
OS 25821 S Ravel: Sheherazade; Berlioz: Nuits d'Ete. CRESPIN; ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. Texts.
OSA 12104 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: Iolanthe (complete w. dialogue). FIELD, MERRI, HOLLAND, WILLIAMS, REED, RAYNOR, AYLDON, SANDFORD; NASH, D'Oyly Carte Opera Co. A. EP. Libretto.
OSA 12110 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: The Gondoliers; Sullivan: Marmion Overture. NASH, D'Oyly Carte Opera Co., Royal PO. A. EP. Libretto.
OSA 12117 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: The Yeomen of the Guard. RAYNER, SHOVELTON, AYLDON, REID, REED, SANDFORD, LILLEY, METCALF. Sullivan: Ballet Suite #1; Victoria & Merrie England. NASH, D'Oyly Carte Opera Co. A. EP. Libretto.
OSA 1296 S (2) J. Strauss: Die Fledermaus. JANOWITZ, HOLM, WAECHTER, KMENTT, WINDGASSEN, KUNZ; BOHM, Vienna PO. A. EP. Libretto.
OSA 1297 S (2) "Mozart Opera Festival." POPP, FASSBAENDER, KRENN, KRAUSE, JUNGWIRTH; KERTESZ, Vienna Haydn O. A. Texts.
OSA 1303 S (3) Giordano: Andrea Chenier. TEBALDI, DEL MONACO, BASTIANINI, CORENA; GAVAZZENI, St. Cecilia Academy, Rome. A. Large FFRR label. Libretto.
OSA 1305 S (3) Britten: Peter Grimes. WATSON, PEARS, PEASE, KELLY, BRANNIGAN; BRITTEN. A. FFSS labels. Libretto. Blue box.
OSA 1306 S (3) Puccini: La Fanciulla del West. TEBALDI, DEL MONACO, MACNEIL, TOZZI; CAPUANA, St. Cecilia Academy, Rome. A. FFSS label. Libretto. Blue box.
OSA 13106 S (3) Offenbach: Tales of Hoffmann. SUTHERLAND, DOMINGO, BACQUIER; BONYNGE. M. EP. Libretto.
OSA 13109 S (3) Britten: Death in Venice. PEARS, SHIRLEY-QUIRK, BOWMAN, BOWEN; BEDFORD, English Opera Group. A. EP, libretto.
OSA 1405 S (4) Verdi: La Forza del Destino. TEBALDI, SIMIONATO, DEL MONACO, BASTIANINI, SIEPI, CORENA; MOLINARI-PRADELLI, St. Cecilia Academy, Rome. A. FFSS label. Blue box. Libretto.
OSA 1438 S (4) Wagner: Tannhauser. DERNESCH, LUDWIG, SOTIN, KOLLO, BRAUN; SOLTI,Vienna PO. A. EP. Libretto.
RDN S 1 S (3) "An Introduction to Wagner's Ring." Deryk COOKE talk, with illustrations from SOLTI set. A. EP. Elaborate booklet.
SPC 21032 S Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet; Mussorgsky-Stokowski: Boris Godounov--"Symphonic Synthesis." STOKOWSKI, Suisse Romande O. A. EP.
SPC 21043 S Beethoven: Symphony #9. HARPER, WATTS, YOUNG, McINTYRE; STOKOWSKI, London SO & Cho. A. EP.
SPC 21117 S Scriabin: Poem of Ecstasy; Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol; Dvorak: Slavonic Dance, Op. 72, #2. STOKOWSKI, Czech PO, New Philharmonia O. A. EP.
XLL 1483 Serrano: Los Claveles--exc.; La Dolorosa--exc. IRIARTE, MUNGUIA, AUSENSI; ARGENTA. A. BJ. Libretto.
XLL 1658 Barbieri: Jugar con Fuego. LORENGAR, AUSENSI, MUNGUIA; ARGENTA. A. Libretto.
XLL 1697 Soutullo & Vert: La Del Soto del Parral. ROSADO, BERGANZA, AUSENSI, MUNGUIA, GIL, ORTEGA; ARGENTA. A. BJ. Libretto.
London International
TW 91121 L. Jongen: Malaise. L. JONGEN. Gilson: La Mer. WEEMAELS, Belgian Nat'l O. A.
TW 91140 Barbieri: El Barberillo de Lavapies. BERGANZA, OLARIA, MUNGUIA; ARGENTA. A. BJ. Libretto.
TWV 91048 Chachavadze: L'Aigrette; Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty--Bluebird Pas de Deux. CLOEZ, Marquis de Cuevas O. A, LSM.
London Richmond
R 23182 Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. FERRIER, PATZAK; WALTER, Vienna PO. A. EP. Text.
R 23188 Arias of Tchaikovsky (2), Verdi (2), Lehar (3), & Millocker. WELITSCH; MORALT, Vienna St. Opera O. A. EP.
R 23246 Mozart: Requiem (all male voices). PECH, BREITSCHOPF, W. LUDWIG, PROGLHOF; KRIPS, Vienna Hofmusikkapelle. A. EP.
London Treasury
STS 15149 S Borodin: Symphonies #2 & 3; Prince Igor Overture. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP.
Longanesi Periodici
GCL 69 Chopin: Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise (KONDRASHIN, London SO, 1961); Polonaise Fantaisie; Ballade #4 ("Rome, 1962" [actually ASHKENAZY commercial recording]); Scherzo #4 (N.Y., 1960). RICHTER. A.
LOU 5452 Cowell: Symphony #11; Tcherepnin: Suite, Op. 76; Wagenaar: Concert Overture. WHITNEY, Louisville O. A. BJ. Program notes.
LLST 7158 S Goodman: Wind Quintet; Krenek: Pentagram; Piston: 3 Pieces for Flute, Clarinet & Bassoon. SONI VENTORUM WIND QUINTET. A.
LLST 7195 S Britten: Phantasy Quartet, Op. 2 (NEW ART TRIO); 6 Metamorphoses afterOvid. LUCARELLI (oboe). Suite for Violin & Piano. TARACK, GRUBB. A.
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10" E89 Bach: Arias. SCHEIDE, Bach Aria Group (CARLTON, s; TOBIAS, a; HARMON, t; FARROW, bs-b). A, FOT; 1/4" X.
E3210 Harris: Fantasy for Piano & Orchestra. J. HARRIS; SOLOMON, o. Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight. TANGEMAN (ms), ensemble. A, FOT. EAR.
E3714 Gould: Concertette for Viola & Band (WINOGRAD); Colgrass: Variations for 4 Drums & Viola (COLGRASS, percussion). VARDI. A. EAR.
SM 9034 S Rosetti: Wind Quintet in Ab; Reicha: Quintet in Eb, Op. 88, #2; Francaix: Quartet; Janacek: Youth. S.W. GERMAN RADIO WIND QUINTET. FS.
SM 9035 S Jerger: Salzburg Court & Baroque Music; L. Mozart: Peasant Wedding. JERGER, Bamberg SO. A.
001 Beethoven: Symphony #5 (British SO, 1932); Consecration of the House &Prometheus Overtures; 11 Viennese Dances. WEINGARTNER, London PO. Original edition, later reissued by Past Masters. A.
MS/5006 S Kelemen: Etudes Contrapuntiques; Castiglioni: Tropi; Fellegara: Serenata; Yun: Music for 7 Instruments. TRAVIS, Hamburg Chamber Soloists. FS.
MS/5016 S Crumb: 4 Nocturnes; Yun: Gasa; Wuorinen: The Long & the Short; Cage:6 Melodies. ZUKOFSKY, KALISH. A.
MS/5017 S Works of Gandini, Bolanos, Nobre, Bazan, Enriquez, & Lanza. LANZA, New Sound Ens. A. Corner clipped.
Master Virtuosi Recording Society
MV 5701S S Haydn: Overture in D; "Birthday" Divertimento; Cimarosa: Concertante for 2 Flutes (ROSENFELD, LEVY). FORRELL, Master Virtuosi of N.Y. A.
G 1086 D "La Hieronyma: Baroque Music for Horn & Organ." JEURISSEN, VAN OOSTEN. A.
70 Nobre: Mosaico; R. Rossi: Requiem para O Velho Mundo; Kokron: Mare em Estrutura de Contornos. ROSSI, Brazilian Nat'l SO. JACKET INSCRIBED BY NOBRE. A.
10" D 11467/8 Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin--Letter Scene; arias. MILASHKINA; SVETLANOV, Bolshoi O. A, LSM.
10" D 20543/4 Eller: 13 Piano Pieces in Folk Style; Kokha: Piano Concerto (JARVI, Estonian RSO). SEPP. A.
10" D 2076/7 Arias of Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Dargomyzhsky, Boito, Bizet, & Wagner. SOBINOV, anon. accomp. A.
A10 00335 D Schnittke: Cello Concerto. GUTMAN; ROZHDESTVENSKY, USSR Ministry of Culture SO. A.
M10 49717 Schumann: Piano Concerto (FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO, 1942); Kreisleriana(1942). GIESEKING. A.
S 01473/4 S Rieti: Barabau--Suite; Milhaud: Le Carnaval de Londres. FEDOTOV, Leningrad Phil. CO. A.
S 01595/6 S Mozart: Violin Concerto #3; Mendelssohn: Concerto. KLIMOV; M. SHOSTAKOVICH, USSR St. SO. A.
S 03235/6 S Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 59, #2, & 95. BEETHOVEN QT. A.
S 03291/2 S Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. VAIMAN, Leningrad Phil. CO. A.
S 04509/10 S Schubert: Quartets #1, 2, & 3, D. 18, 32, & 36. TANEYEV QT. A.
S 04547/8 S Khrennikov: Piano Concerto #1. KHRENNIKOV; KONDRASHIN, Moscow PO. Cello Concerto. KHOMITSER; ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow RSO. A.
S10 05919/20 S Corelli: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, #1-4. OISTRAKH, Moscow PO members. A.
S10 07207/10 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #7. KONDRASHIN. A.
S10 10049/50 S Balakirev: Symphony #2. SVETLANOV, USSR Academic SO. A.
S10 11403/4 S Prokofiev: Concerto #3. TIMOFEYEVA; KITAENKO, Moscow PO. Rakov: Symphony #2, "Youth." RAKOV, USSR Radio O. A.
S10 11449/50 S Turina: La Oracion del Torero; Panufnik: Dedication to Chopin (SULEIMANOV, fl); Galuppi: The Chinese Hero--Overture; Revueltas: Colorines; Rozhdestvensky: A Toast. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Leningrad Phil. CO. A.
S10 12333/4 S Taneyev: Quartet "#9" (1883). TANEYEV QUARTET. A.
S10 16421/2 S Boiko: Symphony #2; The Youth of Peter I. SVETLANOV, USSR SO. A.
S10 17779 S N. Gabunia (1933- ): String Quartet #1. GEORGIA QT. Sonata for Trumpet, Piano & Percussion. BONDAREVSKY, GABUNIA, GURVICH. A.
S10 21431 S Miaskovsky: Quartets #7 & 10. TANEYEV QT. A.
S10 26483 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Trio in c. MOSCOW TRIO. M.
MEL 012 (5) Wagner: Die Meistersinger. REINING, NISSEN, NOORT, SALLABA, WIEDEMANN, ALSEN; TOSCANINI, Vienna St. Opera (Salzburg, Aug. 5, 1937). A.
MEL 701 (3) Mozart: Idomeneo. GRUMMER, LORENGAR, KMENTT, WAECHTER, HAEFLIGER;FRICSAY, Vienna St. Opera (1961). A.
MG10025 Chasins: Piano music; Weinberger-Chasins: Schwanda Fantasy. CHASINS. Works of Gluck & Rimsky-Korsakov. CHASINS, KEENE. A.
MG10135 Brahms: Waltzes, Op. 39 (KEENE); 3 Rhapsodies. CHASINS. A.
MG40007 Marches of Sousa (8), Jenkins-Neff, Hanson, Goldman, Fillmore, Bigelow,Alford, King, & Bagley. FENNELL, Eastman Wind Ens. A.
MG50022 Beethoven: Symphony #7. PARAY, Detroit SO. A.
MG50024 Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphoses; Schoenberg: 5 Pieces. KUBELIK, Chicago SO. A, LSM.
MG50078 Riegger: New Dance; Hovhaness: Concerto #1 for Orchestra; Cowell: Symphony #4. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A; mild PB.
MG50081 Taylor: Through the Looking Glass. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A, LSM.
MG50083 Piston: Symphony #3. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A.
MG50103 McPhee: Tabuh-Tabuhan; Carter: The Minotaur. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A. McPhee AS.
MG50106 Hovhaness: Prelude & Quadruple Fugue; Lo Presti: The Masks; Sessions:The Black Maskers (AS). HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A, LSM.
MG50147 Kennan: 3 Pieces; Bergsma: Gold & the Senor Commandante; Rogers: Once Upon a Time. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A/A-, FOT. AS.
MG50148 Barber: Symphony #1; Overture to "The School for Scandal;" Adagio; Essay #1. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A.
MG50166 Gershwin: Cuban Overture; McBride: Mexican Rhapsody; Gould: Latin-American Symphonette. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A. AS.
MG50169 Widor: Symphony #6--Allegro; Salve Regina; Dupre: Prelude & Fugue in g; Triptyque. DUPRE, St. Thomas's Church organ, N.Y. A. AS.
MG50199 Respighi: Ancient Dances & Airs, Suites 1-3. DORATI, Philharmonia Hungarica. A. AS.
MG50257 Still: Sahdji; Guarnieri: 3 Dances; Ginastera: Overture to the Creole "Faust." HANSON, Eastman Rochester O & Cho. A. AS.
MG50358 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. SZIGETI; DORATI, London SO. A. AS.
SR90408 S Flute Concertos of Quantz, Hasse, Graun, & Frederick the Great. RAMPAL;J. ROUSSEL, Antiqua Musica O. A. Vendor label.
Mercury Golden Imports
SRI 75009 S Respighi: Ancient Airs & Dances--Suites #1-3. DORATI, Philharmonia Hungarica. A.
Michael Woodward
MW 916 S Franck: Choral #3; Cantabile; Piece heroique; Boellmann: Toccata; Karg-Elert: Harmonies du Soir; Berkeley: Fantasia. L. DAVIS, MAHON, Schulze organ, Armley. A.
MW 934 D (2) Mendelssohn: Organ Sonata #6; Franck: Choral #2; works of Meyerbeer, Eben, Bridge, Valente, Frescobaldi, Zipoli, Stanley, Vivaldi-Bach, Messiaen, Mulet, Couperin, & Dupre (2). WEIR, 1861 Ulster Hall organ, Belfast. A, LSM.
Milton Keynes Music Series
MKM 861 D W.S. Bennett: Piano Concerto #4 (BINNS); Symphony in g. WETTON, KeynesCO. DMM pressing. A.
Minnesota Composers Forum
MN 104/5 S (2) Works of Aubart, Hovda, Maye, Olsen, Vanderveide, Bergmann, & Fuentes. Var. performers. A.
16 184 D Hindemith: Organ Sonata #1; Guilain: Suite du Second Ton pour le Magnificat; works of Dandrieu, Bach, & Reger. WEIR, Our Lady of Angels organ, Worcester, Mass. DMM pressing. A.
1517 Brahms: Concerto #2. ZAK; SANDERLING, Leningrad PO. A.
1523 Shostakovich: Symphony #10. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO. A, FOT.
1004 Mozart: Concerto #23 (RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil.) (memory slip edited out of finale) (1946); Sonata in Bb, K. 333 (noisy acetates, 1943). SCHNABEL. Private first editions. A. BJ.
MC 2093 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. SZERYNG; THIBAUD, Paris Conservatory O. A.
MCS 2058 S Spohr: Duet in D; Honegger: Sonatina; Haydn Duo in Bb; Prokofiev: Sonata for 2 Violins. D. & I. OISTRAKH. A.
MCS 2155 S Hummel: Piano Quintet in d, Op. 74 (VERMONT FESTIVAL PLAYERS); Concerto in G for Violin & Piano (GLENN; MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO). LIST (pf, in both). FS.
MFS 448 S "Christmas Vespers." SPASSKY, Russian Orthodox Cathedral Choir, Paris. A.
Monumenta Belgicae Musicae
MBM 9 S Dances from Susato & Phalese collections. MUSICA AUREA. A.
Mostly Mennonite Music
RR 42381 S A. Parker: Vocal works. SHEELER, FYOCK (s), SCHRAG (a), SHEELER (t), FIFER (b); PARKER, ensembles. A.
NM 1033 S Constantinidis: 10 Greek Folk Songs; Visvardis: Gargytto; Kosanitikos; Kalogeropoulos: 4 Greek Dances. MANTZAROS WIND ENS. A.
Movimento Musica
03.003 (3) Gounod: Faust (in Italian). SCOTTO, ANELLI, FERNANDI, ROSSI LEMENI, GUELFI; PARODI, RAI Turin (1960). A. Italian libretto.
88.011/2 S (2) Reicha: Wind Quintets, Op. 91, #2; Op. 99, #4; Quartet for 4 Flutes; 2 Horn Trios; Clarinet Quintet. DANZI QUINTET, et al. A.
U 37245 S Beethoven: Romance #2; Ravel: Tzigane; Brahms: Sonata #3. LEE (vln),. WILLITS (pf). A.
Music Academy of the West
(no #) (2) Songs of Schubert (5), Mendelssohn (2), Cornelius (2), Wagner, Hahn (6), Brahms (4), & Strauss. Lotte LEHMANN, Koldofsky. "Post-farewell" recital, Aug. 7, 1951, issued in blank jacket with white labels & program replica. A, LSM. 0
Music Guild
MS 115 S Mouret: Suies #1 & 2; works of Lully, Delalande, & Charpentier. DOUATTE, Collegium Musicum de Paris. A.
MS 118 S Danzi: Quintet in g, Op. 56, #2; Haydn: Divertimento in Eb; Reicha: Quintet in Eb, Op. 88, #2; C. Stamitz: Quartet in Eb. VIENNA S.O. WINDS. A.
MS 149 S "Spanish Preludes & Intermezzos." SOROZABAL, Madrid SO. Delightful! A.
S 46 S Variations of Rameau, Handel, Mozart, Scarlatti, Pachelbel, Mattheson, & Balbastre. VALENTI (hpsi). A.
Music-Appreciation Records
MAR 711 Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra; Prokofiev: Classical Symphony. WALLENSTEIN, L.A. PO (with analyses by Thomas Scherman & Wallenstein). A, LSM.
Musica Bavarica
MB 70309 S J.W. Michl (1745-1816): Divertimento a 6 in C. SALZBURGER MOZARTSOLISTEN. Geissner: Flute Quartet in F. H. & E. BILLIG, HILLINGER, LADWIG. Holler: Avertissement in C--3 exc. MUSICA RINATA MUNCHEN. A.
Musica Sveciae
Musical Heritage Society
DRM 111 S Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto; Glazounov: Concerto. KULKA; KATLEWICZ, Warsaw PO. A.
MHS 1000 S Josquin des Prez: Missa Pange Lingua; Miserere Mei, Deus. CAILLARD, Caillard Cho., inst. ens. A.
MHS 1022 S Dandrieu: Premier Livre d'Orgue; Du Mage: Livre d'Orgue. M.C. ALAIN, Uzes Cathedral organ. A.
MHS 1036 S Albicastro: Concerti a 4, Op. 7, #6 & 7; Boyce: Concerti Grossi in b & Bb. STEVENS, Accademia Monteverdiana. A.
MHS 1120 S Works of G. Gabrieli, Dowland (2), Willaert, Milano, Matelart, Hassler,Pasquini, Frescobaldi, & Rosenmuller. RAGOSSNIG (gtr & lute), WIDMER (organ). A.
MHS 1164/5 S (2) Bach: 6 Motets. WERNER, Schutz Chorale, Heilbronn Inst. Ens. A. Texts.
MHS 1184 S Bach: Cantatas #85 & 140. H. GRAF, SCHERLER, HUBER, STAEMPFLI; WERNER,Schutz Cho. & Inst. Ens. of Heilbronn. A. Texts.
MHS 1211 S Debussy: String Quartet; Ravel: Quartet. VIA NOVA QT. A.
MHS 1226/7 S (2) Mendelssohn: 6 Organ Sonatas. DALLMANN. A.
MHS 1236/8 S (3) Brahms: 3 Piano Quartets. EYMAR, KEHR, SICHERMANN, BRAUNHOLZ. A.
MHS 1279 S Diabelli: Serenade; Rondino; Trio; Guitar Sonata; Prelude #7. NAGEL (fl), KEMPEN (vla), KLATT (guitar). A.
MHS 1806 S Offenbach: Duets in E & g. WOLF, BLENDINGER-POIGNE (cellos). A.
MHS 3056/63 S (8) Mozart: Piano Sonatas. BALSAM. A.
MHS 3123 S Franck: Violin Sonata; Szymanowski: Sonata #1. GULLI, CAVALLO. A.
MHS 3160 S Ives: Violin Sonatas #2 & 3. DUBOW, CHERASKIN WINOKUR. A.
MHS 3232 S I. Miron: 6 Poems for Cello & Piano. SILBERSTEIN, T. MIRON. Composer-supervised recording. A.
MHS 3341 S Puccini: Messa di Gloria. JOHNS (t), HUTTENLOCHER (bs); CORBOZ, Gulbenkian Foundation Cho. & O. A.
MHS 3547 S Works of Dukas, Nelhybel, Heiden, Musgrave, Kohlers, & Abbott. KAVALOVSKY (former 1st horn, Boston SO), WOLFF, ZUCKERMANN (pf). A.
MHS 4048 S "Dance Music of the 16th-18th Centuries." LES MUSICIENS DE PROVENCE. A.
MHS 4083 S "Christmas with the Harvard Glee Club." ADAMS, Harvard Glee Club. A.
MHS 4253 S Albright: Grand Sonata in Rag; 3 Dream Rags; 5 rags. ALBRIGHT (pf). A.
MHS 4449 S Offenbach: 4 Duets. MEUNIER, MULLER (cellos). A.
MHS 4913 S Muffat: Armonico tributo. GOODMAN, Parley of Instruments. A.
MHS 559 Bach: Cantatas #51 & 104. REICHELT, KREBS, KELCH; WERNER, Schutz Cho.,Heilbronn, S.W. German RSO Baden-Baden. Early mono-only release. A.
MHS 566 Bach: Cantatas #89, 174, & 189. FAHBERG, MUNCH, KREBS, BRAUER; REDEL, Munich Pro Arte Cho. & O. A. Mono-only release.
MHS 635 S Wassenaer ("Pergolesi"): Concertino #1; Bellini: Oboe Concerto (HERTEL); Hasse: Flute Concerto in D (RIESSBERGER); Gluck: Symphony in G. MAERZENDORFER, Austrian Tonkuenstler O. A.
MHS 675 S "Troubadour & Trouvere Songs (12th & 13th Centuries)." OBERLIN (c-t), BARAB (viol). A.
MHS 676 S "Notre Dame Organa: Leoninus & Perotinus Magister." OBERLIN, BRESSLER,PERRY, BARAB. A.
MHS 677 S Alfonso el Sabio: Cantigas de Santa Maria. OBERLIN, IADONE. A. Texts.
MHS 678 "English Polyphony of the 13th & Early 14th Century." OBERLIN (c-t), BRESSLER, PERRY (t), BARAB, BLACKMAN (viol). A.
MHS 679 S "English Keyboard Music from the Tudor Age to the Restoration." WOLFE (hpsi). A.
MHS 680 S Frescobaldi: Harpsichord works. WOLFE. A.
MHS 682 S Dowland: Lute songs. OBERLIN, IADONE. A.
MHS 683 S "English Medieval Songs of the 12th & 13th Centuries." OBERLIN (c-t), BARAB (viol). A. Texts.
MHS 684 S "14th & Early 15th Century English Polyphony." OBERLIN (c-t), BRESSLER (t), MYERS (b), WOLFE (organ). A. Texts.
MHS 685 S "The French Ars Antiqua." OBERLIN (c), BRESSLER, R. PRICE (t), MYERS (b), BLACKMAN (viol). A.
MHS 686 S Dunstable: Sacred & secular works. POULTER (s), OBERLIN (counter-t); STEVENS, Ambrosian Singers. A. Texts.
MHS 687 S Tomkins: Musica Deo Sacra. STEVENS, Ambrosian Singers, In Nomine Players. A. Texts.
MHS 688 S Tomkins: Songs & Consort Music. STEVENS, Ambrosian Singers, In Nomine Players. A.
MHS 689 S Byrd: "Music for Voices & Viols." OBERLIN (counter-t), IN NOMINE PLAYERS. A.
MHS 690 "Catch That Catch Can" (suggestive English partsongs). CLARK, N.Y. Catch Club. A.
MHS 7002 Ireland: London Pieces; Sonatina; piano music. ROWLANDS. Mono only issue. Lyrita recording. A.
MHS 7017 Ireland: Piano Sonata; piano music. ROWLANDS. Mono only issue. Lyrita recording. A.
MHS 7018 Ireland: Decorations; Preludes; piano music. ROWLANDS. Mono only issue. Lyrita recording. A.
MHS 7019 Ireland: Sea Idyll; 3 Pastels; piano music. ROWLANDS. Mono only issue.Lyrita recording. A.
MHS 7097 S Sahl: Doina; Cocktail Wanderings (SAHL, pf); Symphony 1983. SAHL, ensembles. A.
MHS 7103 D Works of Purcell, Stanley, Clarke, Corelli, Baldassare, & Torelli. BURNS (tpt & cond.), ens. A.
MHS 7309 D Arne: 4 Symphonies. SHEPHERD, Cantilena. A.
MHS 758 S Works of Lebegue, Nivers, Marchand, & Guilain. M.C. ALAIN, Clicquot-Haerpfer-Erman organ, Cathedral of Sarlat, Dordogne ("Great Pages from French Organ Music." A.
MHS 772 S Bach: Cantatas #1 & 10. FRIESENHAUSEN, LISKEN, JELDEN, McDANIEL; WERNER, Schutz Choir, Pforzheim CO. A. Texts.
MHS 780 S Bach: Cantatas #19, 40, & 50. SELIG, HELLMANN, JELDEN, STAEMPFLI; WERNER, Schutz Choir, Pforzheim CO. A.
MHS 812 S Bach: Cantatas #11 & 104. H. GRAF, SCHERLER, HUBER, STAEMPFLI; WERNER,Schutz Choir, Pforzheim CO. A. Text.
MHS 821 S Messiaen: Fete des Belles Eaux; Milhaud: Suite for Martenot & Piano; J. Charpentier: Lalita. J. LORIOD (Ondes Martenot), et al. A.
MHS 837198 S (3) Vivaldi: Concerti, Opp. 11 & 12. ACCARDO, I Musici. A.
MHS 861 S M. Haydn: Divertimento in Bb; Quintetto in Eb. BIEDERMEIER ENS. A.
MHS 889 S Bach: Cantatas #51 & 199. RINALDI; JANIGRO, Angelicum O. A.
MHS 898 S Schubert: Mass #5, in Ab, D. 678. PANNI, BIONDINI, SERGE, VENTRIGLIA; JANIGRO, Milan Polyphonic Cho. & Angelicum O. A. Text.
MHS 904 S Bach: Cantatas #25 & 103. WEHRUNG, WALDBAUER, GILVAN, MESSTHALER; GRAULICH, Stuttgart Motet Choir, Heidelberg CO. A. Texts.
MHS 978 S Messiaen: Quartet for the End of Time. FERNANDEZ, DEPLUS, NEILZ, PETIT(composer-supervised). A.
MHS 999 S Durufle: Organ works. DURUFLE, DURUFLE-CHEVALIER (organ). A.
OR 275/8 S (4) Bach: St. Matthew Passion. GROESCHKE, WENKEL, JUHANI, ELLENBECK, KOENIG, ABEL; GOETTSCHE, Palatinate Youth Kantorei, Heidelberg CO. A. Minor box damage. Text.
OR 422 S Bach: Cantatas #119 & 129. BUCKEL, CONRAD, KREBS, MUELLER; HELLMANN, Mainz Bach Cho. & O. A.
OR H 201 S Haydn: Symphonies #1-4. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO. (Vol. 1). A.
OR H 202 S Haydn: Symphonies #5, 9, 10, & 11. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 2). A.
OR H 203 S Haydn: Symphonies #6 & 7. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 3). A.
OR H 204 S Haydn: Symphonies #8 & 13. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 4). A.
OR H 205 S Haydn: Symphonies #12, 14-16. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 5). A.
OR H 206 S Haydn: Symphonies #17-19. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 6). A.
OR H 207 S Haydn: Symphonies #20 & 21 (Vol. 7). MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO. A.
OR H 213 S Haydn: Symphonies #32 & 33. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 13). A.
OR H 238 S Haydn: Symphonies #84 & 85. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 38). A.
OR H 246 S Haydn: Symphonies #99 & 100. MAERZENDORFER, Vienna CO (Vol. 46). A.
Musical Masterpiece Society
M 2245 Beethoven: Symphony #9. GIEBEL, HOFFMAN, KREBS, OLLENDORFF; GOEHR, Frankfurt RSO & Cho. A, FOT.
MMS 2034 (2) Beethoven: Symphonies #1, 8, & 9 (BIJSTER, E. PRITCHARD, GAREN, WOLOVSKY). GOEHR, Frankfurt Opera O., Winterthur SO, Hilversum Radio SO & Cho. A, LSM.
MMD 20054 D Mozart-Hoffmeister: Flute Quartets, K. 309 & 533/494 (after Piano Sonatas). WINCENC, MUIR QT. members. A.
RC 715 S Delalande: Symphonies pour les Soupers du Roy--8 exc.; Lully: Alceste--Suite; Campra: Exurge Domine (MAURANE, b); Bernier: Le Cafe (SANEVA, s); Couperin: La Francaise. WAHL, Versailles CO. A.
RC 800 S Mouret: Suies #1 & 2; works of Lully, Delalande, & Charpentier. DOUATTE, Collegium Musicum de Paris. A.
SXL 0966 S Vivaldi: Concertos for 1, 2, 3, & 4 Violins. OCHLEWSKI, Con Moto Ma Cantabile. A.
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New Albion
NA 007 S Adams: Shaker Loops. RIDGE QT., et al. Phrygian Gates. McCRAY (pf). A. COH.
New World
NW 350 D Paine: Symphony #2, "Im Fruhling." MEHTA, N.Y. Phil. FS.
New York Philharmonic
831/2 (2) Schumann: Manfred Overture; Rozsa: Theme, Variations & Finale; Strauss: Don Quixote (SCHUSTER). BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. (his debut, 1943). Intermission poetry reading by Orson WELLES. M.
30001 S Svendsen: Symphony #1. CARIDIS, Oslo PO. A.
30002 S Svendsen: Violin Concerto, Op. 6 (TELLEFSEN); Cello Concerto, Op. 7 (WALDELAND). K. ANDERSEN, Oslo PO, Bergen SO. A.
30009 S Svendsen: Symphony #2. FJELDSTAD, Oslo PO. A.
30017 S Sinding: Piano Concerto in Db, Op. 6. KNARDAHL; FJELDSTAD, Oslo PO. A.
30025 S Sinding: Symphony #2; Rondo infinito. INGELBRETSEN, Oslo PO. A.
D 79023 D Cherubini: Sinfonia in D; Rossini: Sinfonia "Al Conventello;" Grand Overture. SCHWARZ, L.A. CO. A. COH.
H 71032 S Haydn: Armida Overture; Symphonies #44 & 49. JONES, Little O. of London. A.
H 71156 S J.M. Kraus: Symphony in c; Brunetti: Symphony #23. JENKINS, AngelicumO. A.
H 71222 S Works of Ives (3), Brehm, Brant, & Phillips. AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET. A.
H 71248 S Joplin: Rags [Vol. 1]. RIFKIN. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A.
H 71257 S "Heliotrope Bouquet: Piano Rags 1900-1970." BOLCOM (GREAT ragtime player!). A.
H 71264 S Joplin: Rags (Vol. 2). RIFKIN. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A.
H 71268 S Foster: Songs. DeGAETANI, GUINN, KALISH (fortepiano & melodeon), et al(period inst.) Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A. Texts.
H 71299 S Rags of Scott (5) & Matthews (5). BOLCOM (terrific ragtime pianist!). A.
H 71302 S Wolpe: Quartet; Rochberg: Blake Songs (DeGAETANI); Jones: Ambiance (BRYN-JULSON). WEISBERG, Contemporary Chamber Ens. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A. COH. Texts.
H 71305 S Joplin: Rags (Vol. 3). RIFKIN (pf). Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A.
H 71317 S H.C. Work: "Songs of the Civil War Era." MORRIS (ms), JACKSON (b), BOLCOM (pf), Camerata Cho. of Washington. A.
Norwegian Composers
NC 3806 S Saeverud: Peer Gynt Suites #1 & 2. CARIDIS, Oslo PO. FS.
NC 3860 S Kvandal: Antagonia. K. ANDERSEN, Youth SO. String Quartet #2. MONN QT.Sonata for Violin Solo. WENK-WOLFF. FS.
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OCS 38 Grieg: Ballade; Preludes of Kabalevsky, Rachmaninov, Chopin, & Messiaen (2). S. ANDERSEN (pf). A, FOT.
D184D3 S (3) Beethoven: Sonatas #16-23. BINNS (fortepianos). A.
D189D3 S (3) Handel: Messiah. NELSON, KIRKBY, WATKINSON, ELLIOTT, THOMAS; HOGWOOD, Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Academy of Ancient Music (period inst.) A. Text.
DSDL 712 D L. Couperin: Suites in F, c, & d. HOGWOOD (1646 Couchet hpsi). A. COH.
DSLO 505 S J. Stamitz: Clarinet Concerto (HACKER); 3 Symphonies. HOGWOOD, Academyof Ancient Music. A.
DSLO 517 S Dowland: Lachrimae. ROOLEY, Consort of Musicke. A. Texts.
DSLO 524 S Weber: Grand Duo Concertant; Schumann: Marchenerzahlungen; Glinka: Trio Pathetique. MUSIC PARTY (Hacker, Burnett, Druce, Lange) (period inst.) FS.
DSLO 542 D Visee: Suites in a, G, & f#; lute works. NORTH (lutes & gtr). A. COH.
DSLO 557/8 S (2) C.P.E. Bach: 6 Symphonies, Wq. 174, 176, & 182. HOGWOOD, Academy of Ancient Music. A. COH.
DSLO 565 S Schubert: 3 Violin Sonatas, Op. 137. SCHROEDER, HOGWOOD (period inst.) A.
DSLO 9 S Shostakovich: Quartets #7, 13, & 14. FITZWILLIAM QT. A. EP.
OL 50006 Mozart: Clarinet Concerto; Sinfonia Concertante (PIERLOT, COURSIER, HONGNE). LANCELOT; DE FROMENT. A.
OL 50020 Schutz: Christmas Story. WEBER (s), HESS (t), GUMMER (bs); THOMAS, Dreikonigskirche Cantorei, Collegium Musicum O., Stuttgart. A. Text.
SOL 252 S Mozart: Sonatas, K. 279-283. BALSAM (Vol. 4). A.
SOL 253 S Mozart: Sonatas, K. 284, 309, & 311. BALSAM (Vol. 5). A.
SOL 278 S Spohr: Violin Concertos #8 & 9. BRESS; Beck, o. A.
SOL 282 S Schoenberg: Suite, Op. 29. MELOS ENS. Berg: 4 Pieces, Op. 5. DE PEYER(clar), CROWSON (pf). A.
SOL 301 S Lully: Pieces de Symphonie. LEPPARD, English CO. A.
SOL 302 S Rameau: Le Temple de la Gloire--Suite #2; Campra: L'Europe Galante--Suite. LEPPARD, English CO. A.
SOL 329 S "Courtly Pastimes of 16th Century England." SOTHCOTT, St. George's Canzona. A. Texts.
SOL 60038 S Froberger: Clavichord works. DART. A.
8140 S Grieg: Cello Sonata; Brahms: Sonata #1. ROSTROPOVICH, RICHTER. First stereo issue. A.
9109 (4) Mozart: Don Giovanni. SCHWARZKOPF, SEEFRIED, WELITSCH, DERMOTA, GOBBI, KUNZ, GRIENDL, POELL; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera (1950). Part of side 3 from 1953 performance. A.

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OSL 15 S Roussel: Piano Concerto. HELFFER; BAUDO. Spider's Feast--Suite. ALBERT. Best performance of the Concerto on records! A.
OSL 45 S Franck: Fantaisie in A; Cantabile; Piece heroique; L'Organiste--7 exc.. COCHEREAU, Notre-Dame Cathedral organ, Paris. A, FOT.
9110 0828 S I. Zeljenka: Ballet Symphony. LENARD, Smetana Theater O., Prague. A.
Opus One
1 S Erb: Diversion for Two. MURTHA (tpt), LESBINES (perc). Phantasma. N. &B. TURETZKY, KORMAN, WHITE. String Trio. POLLIKOFF, TEKULA, HALL (gtr). Schubel: Insected Surfaces. H. LARSEN, ens. A.
113 S Sturms: Trio for Piano, Violin & Clarinet; 2 Pieces for Violin & Piano; Cello Sonata; Duo for Oboe & Piano. ADLER (clar), AGEE (vln), BOTTI (ob), E. RODGERS (pf), SCAFIDI (cello). FS.
118 S Van de Vate: 9 Preludes. LIFCHITZ. Strunk: Quartet IV. LIFCHITZ, ens.Lifchitz: Transformations #1. MOOK (cello). Yellow Ribbons #2. DOLAN (vln), WHEELER (clar), LIFCHITZ (pf). FS.
125 S Martin: 3 Dances (TEACHEY, ob; ABBEY, harp); J.S. Allen: Aura. HOUTMANN, Richmond Sinfonia/Symphony. FS.
134 S Garcia: Spheres; L.J. Gonzalez: Voces; Vega: Tropimapal. LIFCHITZ, North/South Consonance Ens. FS.
91 S H. Fromm: Violin Sonata. KITZIS, LIEPA. Rosner: Horn Sonata. GARSON, LIEPA. FS.
S 086 841 A D Brahms: Clarinet Sonatas. LEISTER, OPPITZ. DMM pressing. A.
ORS 7263 S Thuille: Sextet; Roussel: Divertissement (STEVENS, pf); Kohn: LittleSuite. LOS ANGELES WIND QUINTET. A.
ORS 76213/5 S (3) Bach: Violin Sonatas. GRANAT (vln), KILBUCK (hpsi). A.
ORS 78303 S Carulli: 6 Serenades. BOLOTOWSKY (fl), KARPENIA (gtr). A. COH.
ORS 79336 S Vitali: Chaconne; Chausson-Ysaye: Poeme (JOHNS, pf); Rheinberger: Suite in C, Op. 166. P. D'ARCHAMBEAU (vln), MASON (organ). A.
ORS 80386 S Van de Vate: Music for Viola, Percussion & Piano. JOHNSON, WILEY, E. ZUCKERMAN. Iannaccone: Trio for Flute, Clarinet & Piano. HILL, ABRAMSON, JACOBSON. A.
ORS 84471 S Dix: Trio (M. MARTIN, fl); Narrative. BREY (cello), WEINTRAUB (pf). A.
1721 S Schmoll: Sonatina in Eb; Mozart: Sonata in F, K. 30; Eichner: Sonatain A, Op. 2, #1; Lang: Sonata in A, Op. 6, #6; works of Vogler, Lachnith, & Dalberg. HAAG (vln), SCHLICKER (pf) ("Musick at Court: The Courts Twixt Rhine & Mosel"). A. COH.
1723 S S.A.S. Monseigneur le Prince de Conti: Sinfonies, Op. 9, #3; Op. 10, #1; Trio in Bb; Quartet in Eb. BERGMANN (pf), JAHN, KUSSMAUL (vln), OHEIM, WANDER (horn), TAUBE (cello). A.
1729 S Boyce: Trio Sonatas. LATCHEM, BROWN (violin), RYAN (cello), LUMSDEN (hpsi). A.
EXP 40 S Hasse: Mandolin Concerto in G; Gianneo: Suite Argentine (HEIDELBERG CO); Beethoven: 2 Sonatines; 2 pieces. THOMAS (mandolin), KRIEGER (hpsi). A.
EXP 48 S J. Loeillet: Oboe Concerto (ANTOINE); Gretry: Suite of Dances; Hamal:Sinfonia in A; Pieltain: Violin Concerto in G (E. KOCH). LEMAIRE, Liege Soloists. A.
EXP 54 S Rosenmuller: Music for Students; Scheidt: Musical Games; Purcell: Fairy Queen--Suite. HEIDELBERG CO. A.
PAN 6007 S C. Stamitz: Orchestral Quartet in F; Wind Quartet in Eb, Op. 8, #2; Handel: Concerto Grosso in C, "Alexander's Feast;" M. Haydn: Divertimento in D. MANNHEIM CHAMBER PLAYERS. A.
Pan Verlag Vleugels
OV 00081 S J.M. Kraus: Symphony in Eb; Kittl: Symphony in Eb, "Hunt." SULYOK, S.W. German PO Konstanz. A.
P 109 S Works of Schmelzer, Kerzinger, Biber, Telemann, Bertali, Franceschini, Caldara, & Vejvanovsky. GUTTLER, Berlin CO. A. COH.
11 0242 S Reicha: Te Deum. BOHACOVA, LINDAUER, PRUSA; SMETACEK, Kuhn Cho., Prague SO. A.
11 0336 S Martinu: Piano Concerto #2; Jezek: Fantasia (NOVOTNY); Nerves (Kuhn Cho.) Eduard FISCHER, Musici de Praga. A.
11 0368 S Martinu: Concerto for Flute & Violin; Schulhoff: Concerto for Flute &Piano. VALEK (fl), MATOUSEK (vln), HALA (pf); VALEK, Dvorak CO. A.
11 0681 S Jezek: String Quartet. SUK QT. Violin Concerto. MESSIEREUR; BELOHLAVEK, Prague SO Winds. A.
PLPS 164 S Khachaturian: Piano Concerto (KLIMA, Czech PO); Scriabin: 3 Pieces. JEMELIK (short-lived pianist, 1930-62). A.
12 S Gade: Novelletter, Opp. 53 & 58. LARSEN, Arhus CO. A.
GEM 135 "C.H. WORKMAN's Gilbert & Sullivan" (D'Oyly Carte singer in early acoustics). A.
GEMM 155/60 (6) "Count John McCORMACK: The Years of Triumph" (1909-1929). A.
GEMM 167 Leopold GODOWSKY recital, from Brunswick & Columbia 78s, 1913-28. A, LSM.
GEMM 177/8 (2) Verdi: Rigoletto. CAPSIR, BORGIOLI, STRACCIARI; MOLAJOLI, La Scala (1930). A.
GEMM 208/9 (2) "The Complete Recordings of Francesco TAMAGNO." 3 previously unpublished items. A.
GEMM 257/8 (2) Lawrence TIBBETT aria & song recital, from 78s & broadcasts, 1926-41. A.
SHE 556/7 S (2) Songs of Mozart (6) & Schubert (19); Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben; Wolf: 3 Mignon Lieder. SEEFRIED, W. Klien, Werba. From Concert Hall recordings, early 1960's. A.
SHE 563 S Bridge: Quartet #1, in e; Moeran: String Trio in G. HANSON QT. A. Corner clipped.
PR 32 (2) Schillings: Mona Lisa. BORKH, BEIRER, AHLERSMEYER; HEGER (1952). A. BJ.
2004 Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. THORBORG, KULLMAN; WALTER, Vienna PO. Transfer superior to EMI dubbing. A. Program note insert.
SHO 305 Beethoven: Symphony #9. WACHMANN, BENCE, WUNDERLICH (his first recording), VON ROHR; DIESENHAUS, Stuttgart PO & Cho. A.
SPL 560 Beethoven: Cello Sonatas #2 & 3. STARKER, BOGIN. A. Jacket repaired.
SPL 592 Pergolesi: La Contadinia Astuta. TUCCARI, MINEO; MORELLI, Societa del Quartetto O., Rome. A; minor PB. No libretto.
SPL 718 Beethoven: Sonatas #29 ("Hammerklavier") & 30. NADAS. A.
SPL 736 Bartok: Piano Sonata; Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Bloch: Sonata; Stravinsky: Sonata. NADAS. A.
Peters International
PLE 067 S Concertos of Molter, Telemann (2), & Fasch. PIERLOT, CHAMBON (ob), LAROQUE (bsn); WALLEZ (vln & cond), Ensemble Instrumental de France. A.
00293 Couperin: L'Apotheose de Lully; Corrette: Concerto in G for 3 Flutes (LAVAILLOTTE, SAGNIER, BOO). HEWITT, Hewitt CO. A-, FOT. Gatefold album.
03022 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite. MORALT. Sleeping Beauty--Suite. VAN OTTERLOO, Vienna SO. A/A-.
411 121 1 D Bruch: Symphony #2; Swedish Dances. MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A.
412 333 1 S (2) Mozart: Masses, K. 139, 192, & 259. CASAPIETRA, BURMEISTER, SCHREIER, POLSTER; KEGEL, Leipzig RSO & Cho. A.
412 439 1 D (4) Handel: 20 Trio Sonatas. ACADEMY OF ST. MARTIN-IN-THE-FIELDS CHAMBER ENS. A.
6500 085 S "Music from the Court of Burgundy" (mostly Dufay). BECKETT, Musica Reservata. A. Texts.
6500 115 S J.C. Bach: 6 Symphonies, Op. 3. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. Gatefold album.
6500 271 S Mozart: Vesperae solennes de confessore; Kyrie, K. 341; Ave verum corpus; Exsultate, jubilate. TE KANAWA, BAINBRIDGE, DAVIES, HOWELL; C. DAVIS, London SO & Cho. A. Texts.
6500 293 S "16th Century French Dance Music." MUSICA RESERVATA. A.
6500 380 S Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp (C. MONTEUX, ELLIS); Sinfonia Concertante, K. 297b (BLACK, BRYMER, CHAPMAN, CIVIL). MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6500 766 S Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien; Eugene Onegin--Polonaise & Waltz; Nutcracker Suite. STOKOWSKI, London PO. A.
6500 917 S Mozart: Canons; songs. KNOTHE, Berlin Soloists. A. Texts.
6500 926 S "The Trumpet Shall Sound" (Renaissance & Baroque works). SMITHERS (tpt), Clarion Consort. A.
6507 008 S Janson: Theme for Mixed Choir. JANSON (pf); NYSTEDT, Norwegian SoloistCho. Mortensen: Wind Quintet. OLSO QUINTET. Brevik: Elegy. SKAUG (s); BRULAND, ens. Kvandal: Sonata for violin & cello. LARSEN, NOVANG. A.
6507 013 S Kvandal: Flute Concerto. OIEN; CARIDIS. Bull: Trumpet Concerto #1. KVEBAEK; FJELDSTAD, Oslo PO. Berge: Chroma; Arnestad: Cavatina Cambiata. K. ANDERSEN, Bergen SO. A.
6507 019 S Baden: Concertino (HALVORSEN, clar); Intrada Sinfonica; H. Johnsen: Symphony #3. ANDERSEN, Bergen SO. A. COH.
6525 001 S Vinci: Sonata in D; Schultzen: Sonata #6, in F; Boscha: Introduction& March; Telemann: Sonata in G; Abel: 3 Sonatas. BOURDIN (fl), CHALLAN (harp). A.
6527 085 S Mozart: Concerto #25 (live perf.); Rondo in D, K. 382. BRENDEL; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6580 024 S Brahms: Symphony #4; Academic Festival Overture. SAWALLISCH, Vienna SO. A.
6700 098 S (2) Verdi: Il Corsaro. CABALLE, NORMAN, CARRERAS, MASTROMEI; GARDELLI, New Phil. O. A. Libretto.
6709 005 S (5) Liszt: Tone Poems (complete). HAITINK, London PO. A.
6725 010 S (6) Haydn: Symphonies #93-104. C. DAVIS, Concertgebouw O. A.
6725 036 D (4) Handel: Concerti Grossi, Opp. 3 & 6. BROWN, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6747 035 S (13) Beethoven: Piano Sonatas. ARRAU. A.
6747 099 S (8) Mozart: 31 Early Symphonies. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6768 001 S (5) J.C. Bach: 18 Piano Concertos, Opp. 7 & 13. HAEBLER (fortepiano);MELKUS, Capella Academica Wien. A.
6768 023 (8) Bartok: MUSPAC; Bruckner: Symphony #5 (unpub.); Debussy: Images; Nocturnes; Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite; Mendelssohn: Symphony #4; Mozart: Symphony #29; Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade; Schubert: Symphonies #6 & 8; Sibelius: Finlandia; Valse Triste; Stravinsky: Firebird Suite; works of J.C. Bach (2), Berlioz, Grieg (2), Nicolai, Sousa, & Thomas. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A. COH.
6768 232 S (7) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos; Suites; The Art of Fugue; Musical Offering. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6769 012 S (3) Bach: Suites; Musical Offering. BENNETT (#2); MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A.
6769 097 S (2) Bach: 6 French Suites. HAEBLER (pf). A. COH.
6770 025 S (2) Mozart: Litaniae Lauretanae Beata Maria Virginis, K. 195; Litaniae de Venerabili Altus Sacramento, K. 243; religious choral works. FRANK-REINECKE, REINHARDT-KISS, BURMEISTER, BUCHNER, POLSTER, BERNSTEIN; KEGEL, Leipzig Radio Cho. & O. A. Texts.
6770 044 S (4) "Maurice ANDRE: King of the Trumpet" (all Baroque concertos). A.
814 059 1 S Peterson-Berger: Piano music. ROOS. Jacket inscribed by the pianist. M.
839 241 S Grieg: Quartet in g, Op. 27; Quartet in F (unfinished). HINDAR QT. A.
854 004 S Svendsen: Octet for Strings, Op. 3. TELLEFSEN, HINDAR, et al. A.
9500 011 S Mozart: Der Schauspieldirektor; Lo Sposo Deluso. COTRUBAS, WELTING, PALMER, TEAR, GRANT; C. DAVIS, London SO. A. Libretto.
9500 170 S Schubert: Opera arias. AMELING, AHNSJO; DE WAART, Rotterdam PO. A. Texts.
9500 434 S Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion (GOUDWAARD, DE ROO); Mozart: Andante & Variations, K. 501; Debussy: En blanc et noir. ARGERICH, BISHOP. A.
9500 773 S Devienne: Symphonie Concertante in G, Op. 76 (C. NICOLET, fl); Flute Concerto #7. A. NICOLET; ROS-MARBA, Netherlands CO. A.
9502 083 S Telemann: Concerto in e (STEINMANN, recorder); Fasch: Concerto in e (WESTERMANN, ob); C.P.E. Bach: Flute Concerto in G. HUNTELER (fl, in all); MULLER-BRUHL, Capella Clementina (period inst). A.
Philips (Eng.)
ABL 3290 Beethoven: Triple Concerto (CORIGLIANO, ROSE, HENDL); Leonore Overture#3. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A/A-.
Philips (Japan)
13PC 80 Schumann: Kinderszenen; "ABEGG" Variations; Scarlatti: 3 Sonatas; Ravel: Sonatine. HASKIL. A.
Philips (U.S.)
PHS900 033 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #2, 4, & 8. OISTRAKH, OBORIN. A.
PHS900 112 S Debussy: Violin Sonata; Prokofiev: 5 Melodies; Ravel: Sonata; Ysaye:Sonata #3. OISTRAKH, BAUER. FS.
PHS900 141 S Penderecki: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima; Bacewicz: Music forStrings, Trumpets & Percussion; Baird: Erotica (WOYTOWICZ, s); Serocki: Sinfonietta. ROWICKI, Warsaw PO. A.
Philips World Series
PHC 9002 S Rameau: Castor et Pollux--Suite; Gluck: Orphee--Suite. MACKERRAS, London SO. A.
Phono Suecia
PS 12 D Pettersson: Symphony #14. COMISSIONA, Stockholm PO. A.
PS 29 S Boldemann: Lieder der Verganglichkeit (HAGEGARD, b); 4 Epitaphs (LINDENSTRAND, ms); Notturno (NORDIN, s). KLOBUCAR, Swedish RSO. A.
LP 9001 S Furtwaengler: Symphonic Concerto. BARENBOIM; MEHTA, [L.A. PO]. A.
MAG 2003 S Works of Rachmaninov (5), Glinka, Tchaikovsky, & Scriabin (4). ERESKO. A. Corner clipped.
P12 28 Schumann: Fantasie in C, Op. 17; Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Schumann. "V. FRIEDA" (no longer identified as Etelka FREUND, denied by her son). A. Jacket repaired.
PSJ 182 S Works of Jarzebski (7), Mielcewski (2), & anon. CONCERTO AVENNA ("Polish Baroque Music"). A.
Poseidon Society
1013 S Hovhaness: St. Vartan Symphony. HOVHANESS, National PO. A.
Preciosa Aulos
PRE 68521 AUL S Genzmer: Concerto for Piano & Percussion (HOHENRIEDER, pf); Capriccio;Vibraphone Sonata. GSCHWENDTNER (percussion). DMM pressing. A.
LV 105 Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte; Andenken; Schubert: Gesange des Harfners; Schumann: Dichterliebe. HUSCH, Muller (Vol. 3). A.
LV 110 Heinrich SCHLUSNUS aria recital (Vol. 2), from 78s, 1926-35. A.
LV 127 Schubert: 7 Lieder (GURLITT, pf); Mahler: Kindertotenlieder (HORENSTEIN). REHKEMPER. A.
LV 187 Heinrich SCHLUSNUS aria recital, 1920-22 (Vol. 3). A.
LV 203 Schubert: Winterreise. HUSCH, Muller (1933) (Vol. 5). A.
LV 257 Lieder of Schubert (10), Loewe, & Brahms (2). HUSCH, Muller (Vol. 6). A.
PR 135031 "New Year's Concert" (Strauss family). KRAUSS, Vienna PO (from Decca/London originals). A.
PR 135032 "New Year's Concert, Vol. 3" (Strauss family). KRAUSS, Vienna PO (from Decca/London originals). A.
PR 135033 "New Year's Concert, Vol. 3." KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A.
PR 3160 S Uhl: Jubilaums-Quartett. USSR RADIO QT. Rubin: String Trio; K.F. Muller: Fantasia Contrapunctistica; Walzel: Piano Quintet (H. WEBER). VIENNA RADIO QT. A. COH.
Pro Arte
PAD 153 D Bach: Oboe Concertos. HAMMER; RIFKIN, Bach Ens. A.
PR 153 S P. Woods: Saxophone Sonata (LANG, pf); Roccisano: Sonorities (SEYKORA, cello; PORCARO, perc); Morosco: Blue Caprice. MOROSCO (alto sax, in all). A.
GSGC 14023 S Albinoni: Oboe Concertos, Op. 7, #3 & 6; A. Marcello: Concerto in c; Cimarosa-Benjamin: Concerto in c. ROTHWELL; BARBIROLLI, Pro Arte O. A.
GSGC 14131 S M. Haydn: Symphonies #16 & 33; Violin Concerto in A (ARMON). JONES, Little O. of London. A.
Pye (Germany)
200 887 315 S Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks; Concerto a Due Cori in F. MACKERRAS, "Pro Arte O." (most of London's wind players). A.
This is an OLD catalog. Please note VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS at top of page

HLPXMN 1009/10 (2) Kodaly: The Spinning Room. TISZAY, PALLO, UHER; FERENCSIC, Hungarian Radio Cho. & O. A, FOT. German libretto.
LPX 11366 Sibelius: Violin Concerto; St.-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso; Ravel: Tzigane. KOTE; OBERFRANK, Hungarian St. O. A. COH.
PMC 7031 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Liszt: Concerto #1. WILD; LEIBOWITZ, SARGENT, Royal PO. Reader's Digest recordings. FS.
PMC 7131 S Chopin: Ballade #3, Polonaise, Op. 53; piano music. WILD. First publication. A.
Radio Canada International
405 S Danzi: Trio, Op. 24; Adaskin: Divertimento #3. GABORA (vln), G. ZUKERMAN (bsn), TUCKWELL (horn). A.
RCI 464 S Hawkins: Etudes for 2 Pianos; Hunt: Merkabah. MATHER, LePAGE (pf's). Mather: In Memorial Alexandre Uninsky; Fantasy. MATHER. A.
RCI 560 S Daveluy: Organ Concerto. AREL; DAVELUY, Radio-Canada O. A.
34 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 97, "Archduke." RICHTER, KOPELMAN, BERLINSKY (Tours, June 24, 1984). Individually cut acetate disc. M. 0
3006 S J. Stamitz: "Mannheim" Symphony #1; Toeschi: 2 Entreacts; Kraus: Olympia Overture; C. Stamitz: Symphony in Eb, "Echo." HOFMANN, Kurpfalzisches CO. A.
RCA Camden
CAL 102 Beethoven: Symphony #3. KOUSSEVITZKY, London PO. A.
CAL 103 Beethoven: Symphony #5. KOUSSEVITZKY, London PO. A, FOT. Jacket repaired.
CAL 140 Mussorgsky-Stokowski: Boris Godounov--"Symphonic Synthesis;" Debussy: 3 Nocturnes. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A.
CAL 164 Brahms: Symphony #3. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A.
CAL 174 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #3 & 4; "C.P.E. Bach" (Steinberg?): Concerto for Orchestra in D. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A. Jacket repaired.
CAL 236 Brahms: Symphony #2. "CLARIDGE SO" (ORMANDY, Phila. O.) (from anonymously issued "World's Greatest Music" 78s). A, FOT.
CAL 244 John Charles THOMAS recital. A.
CAL 251 "Richard CROOKS Sings Songs You Love." A.
CAL 279 "The Voice of Miliza KORJUS." A.
CAL 335 "The Art of Elisabeth RETHBERG." A.
CAL 462 "The Art of Kirsten FLAGSTAD." A.
CAL 512 "John McCORMACK in Opera & Song." A.
CAL 518 "The Art of Fritz KREISLER." A.
CAL 525 "The Art of GALLI-CURCI, Vol. 2: Bellini/Donizetti." A.
CAL 539 "Italian Songs." PINZA, Kitzinger (pf). A.
CAS 489 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. GRUNER-HEGGE, Oslo PO. SD era production. A.
RCA Red Seal
ARC1 3421 D Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra. ORMANDY, Phila. O. First RCA digital release. A. Red vinyl.
ARL1 0084 S Handel: Rinaldo--exc. AUGER, SHANE (s), WOLFF (ms), MICHALSKI (bs); SIMON. A. Df. Texts on jacket.
ARL1 2091 S K. Stamitz: Flute Concerto in G (RISTENPART); Mozart-Hoffmeister: Rondo in D; Hoffmeister: Concerto in G (GUSCHLBAUER). RAMPAL. A.
ARL2 0512 S (2) Bach-Busoni: Chaconne; Chopin: Preludes, Op. 28; works of J. Strauss (arr. Schulz-Evler & Tausig), Wagner-Liszt, Moszkowski, & Rubinstein. BOLET (Carnegie Hall perf., 1974). A.
ARL2 0637 S (2) Humperdinck: Hansel & Gretel. MOFFO, DONATH, BERTHOLD, LUDWIG, AUGER, POPP, FISCHER-DIESKAU; EICHHORN, Tolz Boychoir, Bavarian Radio O. A. Libretto.
ARM3 0294 (3) Chopin: Sonata #2; Schumann: Carnaval (etc.) RACHMANINOV ("Complete Rachmaninov, Vol. 3"). A. Df.
CRL2 3242 S (2) Smetana: Ma Vlast. SAWALLISCH, Suisse Romande O. A.
CRL3 1988 S (3) Mozart: "Haydn" Quartets." GUARNERI QT. A.
RL 14413 D Mozart: Symphonies #40 & 41. LEVINE, Chicago SO. All repeats, abridgedon CD reissue! A. French pressing.
RL 25125 S (2) Mozart: Concerto for 2 Pianos (DUFALLO); Sonatas, K. 448, 497, & 521. WILD, Z. PARKINSON. A.
RCA Special Products
KSL1 7038 S Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d; Passacaglia in c; 3 Chorale Preludes. DAVELUY, St. Joseph's Oratory organ, Montreal. A.
RCA Victor
1969 S (7) Chopin: Concerto #2; Grand Fantasy (RUBINSTEIN); Telemann: 4 Concertos; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6; Bruckner: Symphony #7; Ives: Symphony #3; Schuman: New England Triptych; Grieg: Piano Concerto; Liszt: Concerto #1 (CLIBURN). ORMANDY, Phila.Phila. O. (+ commemorative bonus LP). Boxed edition of Phila. O. 1969 RCA recordings with special booklet. A/FS. Box repaired.
LBC 1008 J. Strauss: Voices of Spring; Blue Danube; Pizzicato & Tritsch-TratschPolkas. SZELL. Roses from the South; Morning Papers; Josef Strauss: Music of the Spheres. BOHM, Vienna PO. A. Spine taped.
LBC 1056 Chausson: Symphony. STOCK. Franck: Psyche--exc.; Le Chasseur Maudit. DEFAUW, Chicago SO. A/A-, FOT; 1/8" X.
LCT 1006 "The Golden Age at the Metropolitan" (13 singers). A.
LCT 1049 Works of Kreisler (6) (O'CONNELL, o.), Foster, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Massenet, Nevin, & Grainger ("My Favorites"). KREISLER. A, LSM.
LCT 6102 (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. SOUEZ, HELLETSGRUBER, MILDMAY, BROWNLEE, BACCALONI, VON PATAKY; F. BUSCH, Glyndebourne Festival. A. EAR. No libretto.
LHMV 1010 Mozart: Symphony #40; Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Haydn. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
LHMV 1024 Wagner: Siegfried--"Awakening Scene." FLAGSTAD, SVANHOLM; SEBASTIAN. Die Gotterdammerung--Immolation. FLAGSTAD; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. (1952 version, listed incorrectly as 1948 in discographies). A.
LHMV 1033 "Russian Arias & Songs." CHRISTOFF. A. Jacket repaired.
LHMV 13 Schumann: Symphony #4; Wagner: Siegfried Idyll. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A.
LHMV 4 Beethoven: Concerto #5. FISCHER; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A. Box repaired. Package intact.
LM 1017 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1--#1-8. LANDOWSKA. A. EAR.
LM 1066 Wagner: Tannhauser--Overture & Venusberg Music; Wesendonck Lieder. FARRELL; STOKOWSKI, o. A/A-, FOT.
LM 1084 Luigini: Ballet Egyptien; Massenet: Le Cid--ballet suite. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A.
LM 1086 Brahms: Symphony #4. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM.
LM 1152 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2--#1-8. LANDOWSKA. A.
LM 1191 Brahms: Double Concerto. MILSTEIN; PIATIGORSKY; REINER, Robin Hood DellO. A, LSM; minor PB. Small scrape on jacket.
LM 1217 "Treasury of Harpsichord Music." LANDOWSKA. A. Booklet.
LM 1732 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. STOKOWSKI, Philharmonia O. A.
LM 1768 Respighi: Pines of Rome; Fountains of Rome. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A. Hardbound album.
LM 1820 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2--#17-24. LANDOWSKA. A.
LM 1848 St.-Saens: Samson & Delilah--exc. STEVENS, PEERCE, MERRILL; STOKOWSKI. A.
LM 1916 Verdi: La Forza del Destino--exc. MILANOV, PEERCE, WARREN, MOSCONA; CELLINI, PERLEA. A.
LM 1968 Buxtehude: Aperite mihi portas justitae; arias of Bach, Haydn, Handel,& Mozart. SCHIOTZ ("The Art of Aksel Schiotz"). A.
LM 2055 Arias of Mozart (2), Verdi (3), Bizet, Halevy, Cilea, Mascagni, & Donizetti. PEERCE. A.
LM 2258 Banfield: Lord Byron's Love Letter. VARNAY, RIBLA, CARLIN, CARRUBA; RESCIGNO, Academy SO of Rome. A. Libretto.
LM 2287 Mozart: Concerto #25 (A. TCHAIKOWSKY); Don Giovanni Overture. REINER, Chicago SO. Jacket incorrectly lists Bach Concerto, but contents are as listed here. A. AS.
LM 2426 Kubik: Symphony Concertante. KUBIK, French Nat'l Radio O. Creston: Lydian Ode; Walt Whitman Suite. RESCIGNO, St. Cecilia Academy SO, Rome. Mono only issue. A, LSM.
LM 2453 Arias of Leoncavallo, Giordano, Ponchielli, & Verdi (6). WARREN, var. accomp. A.
LM 2503 "Cantiques de Noel et Chants Religieux." JOBIN; Goulet, Les Disciples de Massenet. Canadian issue. A-, FOT. AS?
LM 2756 Thomson: 4 Saints in 3 Acts--exc. MATTHEWS, GREENE, HOLLAND, et al; THOMSON. From 78s, 1947. A. WD label.
LM 6015 (2) "History of Music in Sound, Vol. 2: Early Medieval Music up to 1300." A. SD label. Booklet.
LM 6073 (2) Haydn: 5 Sonatas; Andante & Variations. LANDOWSKA (harpsichord & piano). A. SD label.
LM 6100 (3) Bach: Mass in b. McKNIGHT, GARDNER, SUMMERS, METZ, MATTHEN; SHAW,Shaw Chorale, o. A. EAR. No text.
LM 6116 (3) Puccini: Manon Lescaut. ALBANESE, BJOERLING, MERRILL; PERLEA, Rome Opera. A, LSM. Libretto.
LM 7020 (2) Rossini: La Scala di Seta. SCIUTTI, RINALDI, JACOPUCCI, LI DONNI;FERRARA, Rome PO. A, LSM. Libretto.
LM 9022 Schubert: Symphony #8; Schumann: Manfred Overture; Beethoven: Consecration of the House. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A.
LSC 2603 S Vieuxtemps: Concerto #5; Bruch: Scottish Fantasy. HEIFETZ; SARGENT, New SO. A. Df.
LSC 2978 S St.-Saens: Violin Sonata #1; works of Sibelius, Wieniawski, Rachmaninov (2), & Falla (2). HEIFETZ, Smith. A. Df.
LSC 3048 S Mozart: Quintet in C, K. 515 (BAKER, PRIMROSE, MAJEWSKI); Mendelssohn:Trio #2, Op. 66 (PENNARIO). HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY. A. Thick pressing.
LSC 3125 S "The Moog Strikes Bach." WURMAN, Moog Synthesizer. A. Df.
LSC 6202 S (3) Bellini: Norma. CABALLE, COSSOTTO, DOMINGO, RAIMONDI; CILLARIO, London PO. A. Libretto.
LSC 7042 S (2) "New Music for the Piano by 24 Contemporary Composers." HELPS. A. WD label.
SP 33 181 "Golden Years of the Boston Symphony." Works of Wagner (MUCK), Prokofiev, Satie (KOUSSEVITZKY), Debussy (MONTEUX), & Berlioz (MUNCH). A.
VCM 6174 (3) Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Symphony #4; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5; Hanson: Serenade (unpub.); Foote: Suite; Shostakovich: Symphony #9; works of Rachmaninov & Rimsky-Korsakov. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A. COH.
VCS 7089 S (2) "No More Walls." Works of David Amram for orchestra, jazz, & folk ensembles. A. Df.
RCA Victrola
AVM1 1736 Robinson: Ballad for Americans. ROBESON; SHILKRET, cho. & o. Kleinsinger: I Hear America Singing. THOMAS; Shilkret. A.
VICS 1239- S Stockhausen: Kontra-Punkte (RZEWSKI, pf); Penderecki: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima; Brown: Available Forms I; Pousseur: Rimes. MADERNA, Rome SO. A. Df.
VICS 6121 S (3) Verdi: Macbeth. RYSANEK, BERGONZI, WARREN, HINES; LEINSDORF, Met.Opera. FS. Libretto.
VICS 6125 S (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. LEONHARDT (hpsi). A. Thick pressing.
RCA Victrola (Italy)
KVIS 142 S Clementi: Sonata in G, Op. 39, #2; works of D. Scarlatti, Paradisi, Romano, Galuppi, & Cimarosa. DE FUSCO (pf). A.
SREG 1084 S Chopin: Ballades #3 & 4; Scherzos #2 & 4; Fantaisie-Impromptu; Nocturnes #12 & 18. MOISEIWITSCH. A.
10" R 149 4 Works of Chopin (2), Brahms, Debuissy, Liszt, Gershwin, Shostakovich, &Granados (2) ("Encore!"). FOLDES. A/A-, FOT. Jacket repaired.
X 42 Bach: Cantata #201. NENTWIG, MICHAELIS, HOHMANN, KELCH; GRISCHKAT, Swabian Choral Soc., Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A, FOT; 1/8" X. Text on jacket.
X 43 Bach: Cantata #205. NENTWIG, MICHAELIS, HOHMANN, KELCH; GRISCHKAT, Swabian Choral Soc., Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A, LSM. Text on jacket.
X 44 Bach: Missa Brevis #1; Sanctus #1. GIEBEL, WOLF-MATTHAEUS, KELCH; GRISCHKAT, Swabian Choral Singers, Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A.
X 45 Bach: Missa Brevis #2; Sanctus #2. GIEBEL, WOLF-MATTHAEUS, KELCH; GRISCHKAT, Swabian Choral Singers, Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A.
X 46 Bach: Missa Brevis #3; Sanctus #3. GIEBEL, WOLF-MATTHAEUS, KELCH; GRISCHKAT, Swabian Choral Singers, Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A; 1/8" X.
X 47 Bach: Missa Brevis #4; Sanctus #4. GIEBEL, WOLF-MATTHAEUS, KELCH; GRISCHKAT, Swabian Choral Singers, Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A, FOT.
RIC 009 S Franck: Symphony. BARTHOLOMEE, Liege PO. A.
RRS 5 S "The Spirit of Christmas Brassed." ANNAPOLIS BRASS QUINTET. A.
RM 1001 Britten: Ceremony of Carols (DITTORE, s; BRAME, c); "Carols of Many Nations" (JOHNS, ms; CONNER, t). NESS, Phila. Oratorio Choir, COSTELLO (harp). A. Spine damage.
2001 S Villa-Lobos: String Trio; Zwilich: Trio. LYDIAN TRIO. A.
1230 Mozart: Symphony #29. "Mozart Society SO." Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Leonore Overture #3. QUESTA, Rome SO. A, FOT; minor PBs.
GV 600 Offenbach: Arias. TARIOL-BAUGE (in 10), SIMON-GIRARD (in 7), from 78s. A.
GV 66 Lilli LEHMANN aria recital, from Odeon 78s, 1905/7. A.
GV 76 Pol PLANCON aria recital (Vol. 2) (1902-07). A.
GV 99 Mattia BATTISTINI recital, Vol. 4: The 1902 Warsaw Recordings. A.
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SB 15113 ST S Zelenka: Sonatas #4 & 5. SCHNEIDER, RENNER (ob), MULLER (bsn), NEUMEYER (hpsi), STERT (bass). A.
5225 S "Holy, Holy, Holy" (hymns). DEARNLEY (organ & cond.), Salisbury Cathedral Choir. A.
5230 F Ireland: 3 Trios. DAVID MARTIN TRIO. A.
5351/3 S (3) Messiaen: 20 Regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus. RAJNA. A.
5447 S "Popular Music from the time of Queen Elizabeth I." CAMERATA OF LONDON. A.
Saint Paul
XCSV 96583/4 Gutche: Bongo Divertimento; Haydn: Symphony #73; Fetler: Nothing ButNature (JAEGER, b; Hamline U. Cho.) SIPE, St. Paul CO. A, FOT. BJ.
INT 120.916 S Sinfonias & Canzonas of Schein & Scheidt. H. WEBER, Instrumental Ens. for Old Music. A.
SAR 7812 S (45 rpm) Haydn: Sonata #62; Andante & Variations in f. PARASKIVESCO. A. Corner clipped.
SHL 1066 S Schumann: Sonata, Op. 11; Ravel: Miroirs. AUSTBO (pf). A.
SCED 1002 S Scriabin: Sonatas #1 & 9; 5 Etudes. AKL. A.
Schwann Musica Mundi
VMS 1011 S "Music from the Court of Prague" (Gothic-Classical). PRO MUSICA ANTIQUA, PRAGUE. A.
VMS 1037 S Cannabich: Oboe Quartet; Fiala: Oboe Quartet; Francaix: Quartet for English Horn & Strings; Britten: Fantasy-Quartet. FEIT, FEIT CONCERTINO. A.
VMS 1040 S K. Kummer (1795-1870): Quintet for 2 Flutes, Viola, Cello & Guitar; J.Kuffner (1776-1856): Serenade, Op. 6. PASTOR (gtr), SEBON, SUNNUS (fl), H. GANZ (vla), FOREST (cello). A. Ex-library.
VMS 1050 D Gansbacher (1778-1844): Quartet in F for clarinet, viola, cello & guitar; Gragniani: Sextet in A; F.X. Mozart: Sextet in a. PRUNNBAUER, TURNAGOEL (gtr), CONSORTIUM CLASSICUM. A.
VMS 1610 S Myslivecek: Violin Concertos in C, D, & F. E. SEBESTYEN (violin & cond.), Berlin Radio SO. A.
VMS 2004 S J.F. Reichardt: Sinfonias in F & G; Violin Concerto in Eb; Concerto for Violin & Harpsichord. TAINTON (hpsi); E. SEBESTYEN (vln & cond), RIAS Sinfonietta. A.
VMS 2062 S Donizetti: Concertino in C for Flute (SEBON); Concerto in D for violin& cello (MAILE, FOREST); Concertino for Oboe d'Amore (PASSIN); Clarinet Concertino (FADLE). STAREK, RIAS Sinfonietta. A.
VMS 2074 S Gresnick: Harpsichord Concerto in D (JACCOTTET); Per pieta bel idol mio (STERNOTTE); Sinfonia Concertante in Bb (GERARD, clar; JACQUES, bsn). CARTIGNY, Liege SO. A.
VMS 2076 S Gossec: Symphonies, Op. 5, #1; Op. 6, #5; in f. HOUTMANN, Liege SO. A.
VMS 2086 S M. Haydn: 4 Symphonies. ACEL, Oradea SO. A.
VMS 817 S Hoffmeister: Piano Concerto in D (W. NEUHAUS); Haydn: Piano Concerto in F (SCHROTER). MULLER-BRUHL, Cologne CO. A.
Schwann Musica Sacra
AMS 44/5 S (2) Bach: The Art of Fugue. H. & W. von KARAJAN, H. ANDREAE (organs). A.
SRS 12014 S Flagello: Lautrec Suite; Dance Variations (ABRAMSON, pf). FLAGELLO, Rome SO. A.
Silver Crest
CP 122874 S (2) Brahms: German Requiem. MEYERS (s), GRIFFITH (b); McELHERAN, Crane Cho. & Philharmonia O. (Nov. 1974). Palestrina: 2 Motets; Anon. Gregorian & Anglican chant. McELHERAN, Collegiate Singers (w. brief Helen HOSMER speech) (April 21, 1974). A.
PS 1026 S Mortensen: Violin Sonata; Hindemith: Sonata in E; Schoenberg: Fantasy. VESELKA, DRATVOVA. A. Corner clipped.
Sine Qua Non
SAS 2021/2 S (2) Beethoven: Sonatas #4, 17, 21, & 23. SHERMAN. FS.
PLD 8 S Works of Gliere (2), Gretchaninov, Cui, Glazounov, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin (2), Akimenko, Dukas, Faure, Poulenc, & Vuillermoz. STAGLIANO (horn), ULANOWSKY (pf). A. Df.
Smithsonian Collection
N 022 S (2) Schwantner: Sorrows (SHELTON, s); Elixir; Wright: Chamber Symphony (electronics); Chenoweth: Candles; Penn: Fantasy; Rochberg: Electrikaleidoscope. 20TH CENTURY CONSORT. A.
P3 14826 S (3) Bach: 6 Partitas. WEAVER (hpsi). Facsimile score. A.
Smithsonian Collection of Recordings
Society for Forgotten Music
S 2005 S M. Haydn: String Quartets in C & G. ROTH QT. (Roth, Marrocco, Weinstein, Pascarella), HALLEUX (viola). A.
34 Josten: Songs. ENDICH (s), McGRATH (t), JOSTEN (pf). A, LSM. Texts on jacket.
SPA 04 S Paganini: Quartet #1. TURIN QT. Sonatina #4. MOSESTI (violin), GOSIO (guitar). A.
SR 153 S Thomson: 16 Portraits; Sonata #1; 10 Easy Pieces; piano music. MIKHASHOFF. A.
Spring Choral Festival
K8OP 6096/9 (2) Hanson: The Cherubic Hymn; Dvorak: Te Deum; Mendelssohn: Hymn of Praise. Helen BOATWRIGHT (s), Robert PRICE (t), Richard EIKENBERRY (bs); PARANOV, Hartt SO (& various Connecticut school choruses). Live perf., 1959; private release. A.
St. Benoit
SBL 01082 S Organ works of Bach (4) & Walther (4). LABERGE, Casavant organ, Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac, Quebec. A. Blank labels.
St. Mark's Cathedral
ASR 1140 S Works of Bach (4), Du Mage (4), & Franck. DOUGLASS, Flentrop organ, St.Mark's Cathedral, Seattle. A.
State University of New York at Albany
MG 7 201 Beethoven: Serenade, Op. 8; Francaix: String Trio in C. AMERICAN STRING TRIO (Morgenstern, Tuttle, J. Goberman). Noncommercial release. A-, FOT; 2/3" X.
S 1004 S Stenhammar: Piano Concerto #1. MANHEIMER; DUTOIT, Gothenberg SO. A.
S 1008 S Larsson: Symphony #1. FRYKBERG. Alfven: Man's Woman (film suite). FRANK, Helsingborgs SO. A.
SUM 5093 S Works of Jimenez, Breton, Vives, & Chapi (2). FERNANDEZ, Madrid SO ("Preludes & Intermezzos from Zarzuelas, Vol. 1"). A.
SUM 5094 S Works of Breton, Soutullo y Vert, Jiminez, & Granados. FERNANDEZ, Madrid SO ("Preludes & Intermezzos from Zarzuelas, Vol. 2"). A.
1 10 0695 S Vejvanovsky: Serenades; Sonatas. PESEK, ens. A.
1 10 1433 S Tishchenko: Symphony #3; S. Slonimsky: Concerto Buffo. Eduard FISCHER, Musici di Praga. A.
1 10 1569 S Valek: Symphony #8, "Hic Sunt Homines." VRCHOTOVA-PATOVA (s); TRHLIK, Janacek PO. Symphony #9, "Renaissance." TOMASEK (vln), SIMACEK (vla), BERNASEK (cello); Eduard FISCHER, Prague Chamber Soloists. A. Corner clipped.
1 10 1668 S J.V. Stamitz: Overture #9, in G; Sinfonias in D, Op. 7, #6, "The Rider;" in Eb, Op. 11, #3; Oboe Concerto in C (KREJCI). PRAGUE CHAMBER O. A.
1 10 1680 S Palenicek: Piano Concerto #3 (CERNA); Kalabis: Piano Concerto (LEICHNER). KOUT, Prague CO. A.
1 10 2278 S Purcell: King Arthur--Suite; The Fairy Queen--Suite. VLACH, Czech CO. A. Corner clipped.
1 11 1418 S Haba: Nonet. CZECH NONET. The Path of Life--finale. SMETACEK, Czech PO. The Mother--exc. JIROUS, Prague Opera O., soloists. Suite for Solo Bass Clarinet. HORAK. String Quartet #11. NOVAK QT. Several microtonal works. A.
1 11 1867 S Lully: Armide et Renaud Suite; Telemann: Concert Suite in F; works ofVejvanovsky, J.C.F. Fischer, & Scheidt. MUSICA DA CAMERA PRAGA. A. Corner clipped.
1 11 2138 S J. Benda: Harpsichord Concertos in f, b, & G. HALA, ens. A.
1 11 2170 S Kalabis: Trio. SUK TRIO. 6 2-Part Canonic Inventions; Violin Sonata (SUK). RUZICKOVA (hpsi). FS. Corner clipped.
1110 1014 S Martinu: Jazz Suite (JILEK, pf); Shimmy Foxtrot; Le Jazz. VOSTRAK, Prague SO. La Revue de Cuisine. RAUCH (pf), et al. Sextet for Piano & Winds. PANENKA, PRAGUE WIND QUINTET. 3 Esquisses. JILEK. A. Corner clipped.
1110 1620 S Martinu: Commedia dell'arte (arr. Riha); opera excerpts. JILEK, Brno St. PO. A. Corner clipped.
1110 2809 S Masek: Symphony in D#; Krommer: Symphony in D, Op. 40. VAJNAR, PragueCO. A. Corner clipped.
1110 3038 S Fibich: Symphony #3. BELOHLAVEK, Brno PO. FS.
1110 3173 S Bach: Concertos in d, g, & A (arr. Munclinger). MIHULE (ob), SLAMA (gamba), KIMEL (ob d'amore); MUNCLINGER, Ars Rediviva. A.
1110 3405 S Fibich: Spring; The Romance of Spring (SORMOVA, s; PRUSA, bs); At Twilight; A Night at Karlstein. VAJNAR, Prague Radio Cho. & SO. FS. Text.
1110 3637 S Fibich: Symphony #1; The Tempest. VRONSKY, Brno PO. FS.
1111 2973 S Fiala: Divertimento in D#; Krommer: Partita in Bb; Triebensee: Variations; Partita in Eb. COLLEGIUM MUSICUM PRAGENSE. A. Corner clipped.
1111 3018 S Martinu: String Quartet #1. PANOCHA QT. FS.
1111 3771/2 S (2) Debussy: Preludes, Book I; Reverie; Franck: Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Poulenc: Mouvements perpetuels; Ravel: Sonatina; Roussel: Sonatina. PALENICEK. A.
1111 4361/2 S (2) Works of J.S., W.F., C.P.E., J.C., & J.C.F. Bach. ARS REDIVIVA. A. Corner clipped.
1112 3631/2 S (2) Martinu: The Opening of the Wells; The Legend of the Smoke from the Potato-tops; Dandelion Romance; Mikes from the Mountains. VESELKA, Czech Phil. Cho. (+ soloists & inst. ens.) A. Corner clipped. Texts.
4 10 2165 Q Fibich: Symphony #2. WALDHANS, Bron PO. A.
MS 1161/2 S (2) Bach: 18 Chorale Preludes, VESELA, St. Maurice Church organ, Olomouc (1745). A. Corner clipped.
SUA 10046 Hanus: Concertante Symphony, Op. 31. ANCERL. Suchon: Balladic Suite. JIRACEK, Czech PO. A.
SUA 10055 Feld: Flute Concerto. RAMPAL; JIRACEK, Czech PO. Sommer: Antigone. SMETACEK, Prague SO. A, LSM.
SUA 10056 Sokola: Variations on a Theme by Kapralova. KROMBHOLC, Prague Opera O.Slavicky: Rhapsodic Variations. ANCERL, Czech PO. A/A-, FOT.
SUA 18138 Havelka: Symphony #1. ROHAN, Prague SO. A.
SUA 18180 Dobias: Symphony #2. ANCERL, Czech PO. A.
SUA 18187 Kardos: Concerto for Orchestra. SLOVAK. Heroic Ballad. RAJTER, Slovak PO. A.
SUA 18369 Martinu: Parables; Kabelac: Mystery of Time. ANCERL, Czech PO. A, FOT.
SUAST 50034 S Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites; Lyric Suite. NEUMANN, Prague SO. A.
SUAST 50483 S Enesco: Violin Sonata #3; Milhaud: Sonata #2. GERTLER, ANDERSEN. A.
SUAST 59563 S Vejvanovsky: 5 Sonatas; Serenada in C; Offertur Venatoria. PESEK, Prague Wind Ens., Prague SO. A.
SUAST 59665 S Dusek: Parthia in F; Myslivecek: Notturnos; Fiala: Parthia in D#; Kozeluh: Notturnos; Rosetti: Notturno in D. MUSICI PRAGENSIS, PRAGUE CHAMBER HARMONY, CZECH PHIL. CHO. A. Corner clipped.
SUAST 59763 S Myslivecek: Wind Octets #1 & 2; Krommer: Harmony in F. PRAGUE CHAMBERENS. A. Corner clipped.
Supraphon (Venezuela)
GMM 093 Bach: Concerto #1, in d. RICHTER; TALICH, Czech PO. Partita #3. STEURER (piano). A.
Swedish Society Discofil
SLT 33140 S Roman: Drottningholmsmusiken; Sinfonias in D & e. WESTERBERG, Drottningholms CO. A.
SLT 33187 S Roman: Violin Concerto in d (BERLIN); Sinfonia #3; Larsson: String Serenade; Bass Concerto (OSSOINAK). STOCKHOLM PHIL. CHAMBER ENS. FS.
SLT 33202 S P. Brant: Sinfonia in d; A. Marcello: Oboe Concerto in d (NILSSON); Grieg: From Holberg's Time. STOCKHOLM PHIL. CHAMBER ENS. A.
SLT 33204 S Roman: Trio Sonata #6; Mozart: Flute Quartet, K. 285; Oboe Quartet; J.C. Bach: Quintet in Eb, Op. 11, #4. STOCKHOLM CHAMBER SOLOISTS. A.
SLT 33215 S Rosenberg: Louisville Concerto; Hermanson: Apell I-IV. WESTERBERG, Swedish RSO. In Nuce. MADERNA, S.W. German RSO. A.
SLT 33220 S Atterberg: String Quartet, Op. 11; Haydn: Quartet, Op. 76, #3. SAULESCO QT. A.
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Taissa Bohdanska
P3RS 55252 S Beethoven: Sonatas #1, 14, & 18. BOHDANSKA. FS.
T 306 "20 Great Sopranos, 20 Arias." A.
T 323 "20 Great Mozartean Singers." A.
6.35055 S (2) Schubert: Trios. VIENNA TRIO (Buchbinder, Guth, H. Litschauer). Beautiful performances! A.
6.35065 S (2) Telemann: 6 Paris Quartets. QUADRO AMSTERDAM (Bruggen, Schroeder,Bylsma, Leonhardt). A.
6.35067 S (2) "Early Music" (from Germany, England, Flanders, Spain, Italy, Burgundy, Paris, & Italy). BINKLEY, Early Music Quartet. A. Booklet.
6.35286 S (2) "English Consort Music of the 17th Century." Works of Lawes, Tomkins, Byrd, & Purcell. LEONHARDT CONSORT (period inst.) A.
6.35334 S (2) Works of Hoffmeister, Haydn, Wranitzky, Beethoven, Mozart (2), Vanhal, & Krommer. CONSORTIUM CLASSICUM. FS.
6.35346 S (4) Rameau: Harpsichord works. ROSS. A.
6.35452 S (4) Bach: English Suites; French Suites. CURTIS (hpsi). A.
6.41337 S Bach: Goldberg Variations. K. RICHTER (hpsi). A.
6.41357 S Works of Vivaldi, Corelli, Holborne, van Eyck, & Loeillet. BRUGGEN, et al. A.
6.42100 S Schmelzer: Sacro-profanus concentus musicus--9 Sonatas. HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus Wien. A.
6.42171 S Archduke Rudolph: Serenade in Bb; Diabelli: 2 Pieces for Flute & Guitar; Goepfert: Sonata for Bassoon & Guitar; J. Kreutzer: Trio for Flute, Clarinet & Guitar. PRUNNBAUER (gtr), CONSORTIUM CLASSICUM. A.
6.42173 S Mozart: Oboe Quartet. PIGUET. Horn Quintet. BAUMANN, ESTERHAZY QT. members (all period inst.) A.
6.42813 S Ries: Cello Sonatas in C & A. STORCK, Alfons KONTARSKY. A. COH.
6.42824 D Works of Buonamente (2), Schmelzer, H.A. Bruckner, Ferro (2), Valentini, Fux, & Legrenzi. MUSICALISCHE COMPAGNEY ("Sonate Concertate"). A. COH.
6.48013 (2) Mozart: Violin Concerto #5 (ROTHER); Schumann: Concerto; Beethoven: Concerto (SCHMIDT-ISSERSTEDT); Romance #2 (KLETZKI). KULENKAMPFF (1932-39). A.
HT 34 Debussy: Children's Corner; piano music. DEBUSSY. Ravel: Sonatine--mvts. 1 & 2; Valses nobles et sentimentales. RAVEL (from Welte piano rolls). A.
SAWT 9445 S Works of J.C. Bach, Holzbauer, J. Stamitz, & F.X. Richter. CONCENTUS MUSICUS, WIEN. A. Black label.
SKH 20 S (3) Bach: Mass in b. HANSMANN, IIYAMA, WATTS, EQUILUZ, VAN EGMOND; HARNONCOURT, Vienna Choir Boys, Chorus Viennensis, Concentus musicus Wien. A. Text.
Telefunken (Eng.)
10" TM 68021 Dostal: The Hungarian Wedding--exc. T. RICHTER, H. KRAUS; OTTO, BerlinSt. Opera. A.
LGX 66024 Franck: Psyche--exc.; De Greef: 4 Old Flemish Folksongs. ANDRE, Belgian Radio SO. A-, FOT.
LGX 66032 Strauss: Tod und Verklarung. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Till Eulenspiegel. KRAUSS, Vienna PO. A, LSM.
LGX 66062 Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto #1; Strauss: Burleske. MILDNER; ROTHER, RIAS SO. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
Teletheater Produktion
76.23587/8 D (2) J. Strauss: Wiener Blut. MARTIKKE, KALES, PAPOUSCHEK, DONCH, DALLAPOZZA, KANDUTSCH; BIBL, Vienna Volksoper (live, Tokyo, 1982). A.
Thorofon Capella
ATH 138 S Vinci: Flute Sonata in D; Janitsch: Quartet in g; L. Couperin: 3 Fantasies; Abel: Quartet in C, Op0. 12, #1. BERLIN BAROQUE SOLOISTS. A.
MTH 203 S Juon: Litaniae; Schoenberg: Serenade, Op. 24--exc.; Bloch: 3 Nocturnes; Malipiero: Sonata a tre. GOBEL-TRIO BERLIN. A.
S/8000 S Roldan: 2 Ritmicas; Harrison: Canticle #1; Russell: 3 Dance Movements; 3 Cuban Pieces; Cowell: Ostinato Pianissimo; Cage/Harrison: Double Music; Cage: Amores. PRICE, CAGE, Manhattan Percussion Ens. A.
TOM 2 1001 S (2) Cage: Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano. PIERCE. A Book of Music. PIERCE, M. AJEMIAN. A.
TA 72021 S Sibelius: Piano music. TATENO. A. COH.
TRC 101 S Dvorak: Trio in f, Op. 65. MIRECOURT TRIO (Jensen, Goldsmith, King). A.
73032 S Works of Schrammel (7), Mayer, Lanner, & Strohmayer. KLASSISCHES WIENER-SCHRAMMEL QT. (Bock, Purkner, vln; Schonhofer, clar; Pranz, gtr) ("Schrammel-Musik auf dem Fiaker-Ball"). A.
HJF 20 S Blak: Antifonale (classical-jazz fusion). Jazz ensemble (incl. composer). A.
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Ultra Fi
ULDD 9 S Bach: Violin Concerto #2 (STARYK); Chorale Prelude, BWV 622 (arr. Reger); Partita, BWV 1006--Prelude (arr. Pick-Mangiagalli); Musical Offering--Ricercare (arr. Neel). NEEL, Toronto CO. A.
1658 Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1. GILELS "Moscow State Phil." [EHRLING, Stockholm PO]. Alternate edition of scarce Regent issue. A, FOT.
UNLP 1033 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 31. Ernst LEVY. A. AS, later edition.
Unicorn (Eng.)
RHS 346 S Miaskovsky: Symphony #21; Kabalevsky: Symphony #2. MEASHAM, New Philharmonia O. A.
UNS 262 S Simpson: Symphony #3. HORENSTEIN, London SO. Clarinet Quintet. WALTON,AEOLIAN QT. A.
WFS 6 Brahms: Symphony #1. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO (from 78s, 1947). FS.
Unique Opera Records
UORC 175 (2) Gounod: Romeo & Juliette. NORENA, SWARTHOUT, ROTHIER, HACKETT, DELUCA; HASSELMANS (1935). A. BJ, as issued.
United Artists
UAS 8004 S Shostakovich: Symphony #1; Lady Macbeth of Mzensk--Entr'acte; Prelude.STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air. A, LSM. Blue label.
University of Iowa Press
U IOWA S Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d; Reger: Dankpsalm; Krapf: Fantasia on a Theme of Frescobaldi; works of Erbach & Pachelbel. KRAPF. Bach: Passacaglia & Fugue in c; Clerambault: Suite du deuxieme ton--5 exc. DISSELHORST, Casavant Recital Organ, U. of Iowa. A.
UR 7029 Weber: Abu Hassan. SCHWARZKOPF, WITTE, BOHNEN; LUDWIG, Radio Berlin Cho. & O (1941). A. Libretto.
URLP 7020 Humperdinck: Moorish Rhapsody. ABENDROTH, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A, LSM.
URLP 7087 Strauss: Aus Italien. ROTHER, Radio Berlin SO. A.
URLP 7101 Strauss: Burleske (NEY); Britten: Diversions (RAPP). ROTHER, Radio Berlin SO. A-, FOT; 1/4" X.
URLP 7108 Strauss: Horn Concerto #1. LOHAN; WIESENHUTTER, Leipzig Radio SO. Mozart: Clarinet Concerto. KOCH; HAARTH, Berlin Radio CO. A.
URLP 7135 Prokofiev: Semyon Kotko Suite. KLEINERT, Radio Berlin SO. A-, FOT. EAR.
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VCS 10082 S Mozart: Divertimenti, K. 138 & 287. BLUM, English CO. A.
VCS 10093/4 S (2) Paganini: 24 Caprices. ZUKOFSKY. A.
VCS 10095 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4; Scriabin-Stokowski: Etude, Op. 2, #1. STOKOWSKI, American SO. A.
VCS 10098 S Hummel: Trumpet Concerto; Haydn: Concerto; Albinoni: Concerto "SaintMarc;" Torelli: Sonata a Cinque #7. BERINBAUM; SOMARY, English CO. A.
VRS 1058 Harkness: Barcelona Suite; Gift of the Magi. LEVIN, o. A. AS.
VRS 1072 Grainger: Piano music. LIST. A.
VRS 1109/12 (4) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas. SZIGETI, ARRAU (live, 1944). A. Booklet.
VRS 424 Mahler: Lieder aus der Jugendzeit. FELBERMAYER, POELL, Graef. A, LSM. Texts on jacket.
VRS 448/9 (2) "The Art of Roland HAYES: 6 Centuries of Song." A.
VRS 478 Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn. SYDNEY, POELL; PROHASKA, Vienna St. Opera O. A. Texts.
VRS 494 "My Songs: Aframerican religious folk songs." HAYES (t), Boardman (pf). A. Texts on jacket.
VRS 6000 Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain; Rimsky-Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or Suite. GOLOVANOV, USSR State Radio O. A.
VRS 6019 Franck: Violin Sonata; Prokofiev: Sonata #1. OISTRAKH, OBORIN (recorded in Paris, 1953). A.
VRS 6024 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer" (OBORIN); Leclair: Sonata in D, Op. 9, #3 (YAMPOLSKY); Ysaye: Sonata for Solo Violin #3. OISTRAKH. A.
VRS 9002 Weill: Dreigroschenoper. LIANE, FELBERMAYER, ANDAY, ROSWAENGE, JERGER,PREGER; ADLER, Vienna St. Opera. A. English texts.
VSD 2033 S Haydn: Quartets, Op. 74, #2 & 3; Op. 71, #3. GRILLER QT. A. Black label.
VSD 71123 S Haydn: Symphonies #39 & 73. BLUM, Esterhazy O. A.
VSD 71129 S "Great Operatic Arias." PEERCE; Allers, cho. & o. (DUTOIT, s., in 1). A.
VSD 71158 S Mozart: Serenade in Bb, K. 361. STOKOWSKI, American SO members. A.
VSD 71172 S Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 32. HUNGERFORD (great artist!). A.
VSD 79210 S "Neapolitan Serenade." PEERCE; Kingsley. A.
Vanguard Everyman
SRV 166SD S Haydn: Symphonies #103 & 104. WOLDIKE, Vienna St. Opera O. Excellent! A.
SRV 194SD S Mozart: Quintets, K. 593 & 614. GRILLER QT., PRIMROSE. A.
SRV 310SD S "The World of Scott Joplin" (rags by Joplin, Scott, Lamb, Marshall, & Morath). MORATH (pf). A.
Varese Sarabande
VC 81052 Foss: Piano Concerto #2 (FOSS); Waxman: Sinfonietta. WAXMAN, L.A. Festival O. A.
VPS 1002 S Dupre: Sonata for Cello & Organ; works of C.S. Lang, Reger, Hoeller, Bach (2), & Monnikendam. FARRELL, GREEN. A.
Voce del Padrone
QALP 10408 Mozart: Concerto #15 (GRACIS); Beethoven: Sonata #3. MICHELANGELI. A.
Vogt Quality Recordings
CSRV 2690 S (2) Mendelssohn: Elijah. BRYDEN, SPEARE, OOSTING, MADDALENA; J. MARVIN, Philips Exeter Academy Cho's & O's, Philips Andover & Concord Academies, Seacoast Singers (May 16, 1981). A. Text.
Voix de Son Maitre
OVD 4324 Mozart: Concerto #20 (FISCHER, London PO); Concerto #25 (KRIPS, Philharmonia O.). E. FISCHER. A.
4 VCL 9016X S (4) Schubert: 6 Masses. CSAPO, LOVAAS (s), MAUS (t), FAULSTICH (bs); BEHRMANN, Spandauer Kantorei, Cappella Vocale Hamburg, Bach Collegium Berlin. A.
D VCL 9086 D M. Haydn: Symphonies #5 & 14. FARBERMAN, Bournemouth Sinfonietta. A.
DL 6660 Mozart: Clarinet Concerto (ETIENNE); Funeral Ode, K. 477. HEWITT CO. C.
PL 6880 Mozart: Concerto #24 (MORALT, Vienna SO); Sonata in C, K. 545. KRAUS. A-, LSM.
PL 9150 Bach: Violin Concerti; Double Concerto (BEH). BARCHET; DAVISSON, Stuttgart Pro Musica O. A.
PL 9440 Gluck: Flute Concerto in G; Pergolesi: Concerto in G; Boccherini: Concerto in D. WANAUSEK; GIELEN, ADLER, Vienna SO. A.
PL 9500 Smetana: Moldau; Enesco: Roumanian Rhapsody #1; Kodaly: Galanta Dances; Dvorak: Scherzo Capriccioso. PERLEA, Bamberg SO. A.
STPL 510740 S Vivaldi: 4 Bassoon Concertos. BIANCHI; SANTI, Accademici di Milano. A. EAR.
STPL 511220 S Lalo: Piano Concerto; Franck: Symphonic Variations. FRUGONI; GIELEN, Vienna Volksoper O. A, LSM. EAR.
STPL 512500 S Liszt: Hungarian Fantasy; Chopin: Krakowiak; Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise. FRANKL; WAGNER, Innsbruck SO. A.
SVBX 5403 S (3) Albeniz: Piano music (Vol. 1). KYRIAKOU. A.
SVBX 5416 S (3) Beethoven: Variations (Piano music, Vol. 1). BRENDEL. A. TAS recommendation.
SVBX 582 S (3) Mendelssohn: Cello Sonatas; Variations Concertantes; Song WithoutWords. SCHUSTER, BALSAM. 2 Trios. TRIO BEL ARTE (Galling, LAUTENBACHER, Blees). Quartet #6; "Youth" Quartet. EUROPEAN STRING QUARTET. A.
VBX 30 (3) Vivaldi: La Cetra, Op. 9. BARCHET; REINHARDT. A.
VBX 4 (3) Schubert: String Quartets, Vol. 1. ENDRES QT. A.
VBX 5 (3) Schubert: Quartets #1, 3, 6, 9, 10, & 11 (Vol. 2). ENDRES QT. A.
VBX 6 (3) Schubert: "Trout" Quintet (REINHARDT, pf); String Quintet (KISKALT); Quartets, D. 68 & 810 ("Death & the Maiden"). ENDRES QT. A. "Trout" AS.
VBX 8 (3) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas; Variations. SCHUSTER, WUEHRER. A. AS.
VL 6490 Paganini: Concerto #1 (arr. Wilhelmj) (BIGOT); Moses Fantasy; Witches'Dance; Moto Perpetuo (PERSINGER, pf). RICCI. A-, LSM. Numerous mild PBs.
VLP 6340 Stravinsky: Violin Concerto. DUSHKIN; STRAVINSKY, Lamoureux O. Concerto for 2 Pianos. APPLETON, FIELD. A-, FOT.
Vox Candide
CE 31029 S Arensky: Piano Concerto, Op. 2 (FAERBER, Berlin SO); Trio, Op. 32 (TEREBESI, MICHEL). LITTAUER. A.
CE 31072 S Lazarof: Textures. OGDON (pf); LAZAROF, Utah SO. Cadence III. PLUMMER (vln), WATSON, BUNKER (perc). Partita for Brass & Tape. L.A. BRASS QUINTET. A.
QCE 31082 Q Liszt: Dante Symphony. CAO, Radio Luxembourg O., La Psallette de Lorraine Vocal Ens. A.
Vox Turnabout
D TV 34902 D M. Haydn: Symphonies #19 & 23. FARBERMAN, Bournemouth SO. A.
THS 65012/4 (3) Offenbach: Tales of Hoffmann (in English). BOND, GRANDI, AYARS, SINCLAIR, ROUNSEVILLE, DARGAVEL, CLIFFORD, BRANNIGAN, DICKIE; BEECHAM, Sadler's Wells Cho., Royal PO. A.
THS 65061 Brahms: Piano Quintet. SERKIN, BUSCH QUARTET (1938). Only U.S. LP edition. A.
THS 65065 Gounod: Faust--exc. LICETTE, VANE, NASH, EASTON; BEECHAM (1929-30). A.
THS 65066 Suppe: Pique Dame Overture. HEGER. Works of Johann & Josef Strauss. WALTER, KRAUSS, KLEIBER, SZELL, BOHM, Vienna PO. From 78s. A.
THS 65076/7 (2) Beethoven: Symphonies #8 & 9. HELLETSGRUBER, ANDAY, MAIKL, MAYR; WEINGARTNER, Vienna PO & St. Opera Cho. A.
TV 34049 S Nielsen: Symphony #2. GARAGULY, Tivoli Concert Hall SO. A.
TV 34052 S Gade: Symphony #1. HYE-KNUDSEN, Royal Danish O. A.
TV 34146 S Ives: Holidays Symphony. JOHANOS, Dallas SO. Hancock recording, famousaudiophile showpiece. A.
TV 34247 S Granados: Goyescas. KYRIAKOU. FS.
TV 34526 S Mayr: Piano Concerto #1; Ries: Concerto in c#. LITTAUER; SPRINGER, Hamburg SO. A.
TV 34630 S Works of Hanby, Thomas, Butterfield, Thornton, N.A. Brown, J. Howard, Joplin, Westendorf, Ives, Cohan, & Trecker ("Goodbye My Lady Love.") BEEGLE (pf & cond), N.Y. Vocal Arts Ens. (Rees, Eckard, Hoffmeister, Opalach). A.
TV 4489 Poulenc: Songs. DERCOURT, POULENC (only publication?). A.
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Warner Bros.
BS 1240 S Prince: N.Y. Export: Op. Jazz; Bernstein: West Side Story--ballet music. PRINCE, o. A.
9469 S Amram: Dirge & Variations. MARLBORO TRIO (Andrews, Tree, Soyer). Violin Sonata. WAKSCHAL, PARROTT. A.
OPW 1202 (2) Mussorgsky-Ippolitov-Ivanov: The Marriage. YAKOVENKO (s), PONTRIAGIN (t), DEMYANOV (b); KOVALEV. A. Libretto.
SWN 18022 Warlock: The Curlew (SOLOMON, fl; GRAEME, Eng. horn; SEBASTIAN QT.); 12 songs (WATSON, pf). YOUNG (t, in all). A. TE.
SWN 18066 Dvorak: String Quintet in G, Op. 77. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., HERMANN. Violin Sonata in F; 4 Romantic Pieces. RYBAR, HOLETSCHEK. A. TE. Very minor pressing flaw.
SWN 18145 Karayev: 7 Beauties (ballet). GRIKUROV, Leningrad Maly Theater O. A, LSM. TE.
W 9016 Brahms: Clarinet Quintet. WLACH, VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A.
W 9020 Brahms: Piano Quintet. DEMUS, VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A.
W 9058 Mozart: Divertimenti, K. Anh. 229, #2-5. WLACH, BARTOSEK (clar), OEHLBERGER (bassoon). A.
W 9060 Mozart: Divertimenti, K. 213, 252, 253, & 270. VIENNA PHIL. WINDS. A.
WL 5026 Dvorak: String Quintet in G, Op. 77. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., HERMAN (bass). A; tiny X. Green label.
WL 5034 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 64, #6; Op. 76, #5. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT. Green label.
WL 5131 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 97, "Archduke." BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A. Red label.
WL 5163 Franck: Prelude, Chorale & Fugue; Prelude, Aria & Finale. DEMUS. A.
WL 5177 Beethoven: 4 Fidelio Overtures. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A.
WL 5184 Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, & 23. BADURA-SKODA. A.
WL 5311 Franck: Symphony; Le Chasseur Maudit. RODZINSKI, Vienna St. Opera O. A.
WL 5315 Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Ein Musikalischer Spass (BERGER, KOLLER, horns). VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QUARTET. A, LSM.
WL 5406 Beethoven: Symphonies #4 & 5. SCHERCHEN, Royal PO. A.
WMS 1016 S (3) Bach: English Suite #2; Scarlatti: 8 Sonatas; works of Balbastre, Handel (2), Mattheson, Mozart, Pachelbel, & Rameau (2). VALENTI. A.
WST 14007 S Elgar: Falstaff; Cockaigne Overture. BOULT, London PO. A. EAR.
WST 14011 S Rossini-Britten: Matinees Musicales; Soirees Musicales. BOULT, London PO. A, LSM. EAR.
WST 14027 S Overtures of Auber, Adam, Thomas, Maillart, Lalo, & Boieldieu. SCHERCHEN, Paris Opera O. A. EAR.
WST 14038 S Gershwin: Piano Concerto. NIBLEY; ABRAVANEL, Utah SO. A. EAR.
WST 14050 S Moore: The Devil & Daniel Webster. YOUNG, WEIDNER, WINTERS, BLANKENSHIP; ALIBERTI. A. EAR.
WST 17013 S Beethoven: Wellington's Victory; Orff: Entrata; G. Gabrieli: Canzon in Primi Toni. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A, FOT.
WST 17037 S Villa-Lobos: Cello Concerto #2; Guarnieri: Choro. PARISOT; G. MEIER, Vienna St. Opera O. A.
WST 17132 S Mozart: Concertos #9 & 12. FOU TS'ONG; PRIESTMAN, Vienna Radio O. A, LSM. ABC label.
XWN 18030 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 1, #3; Op. 11. BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A, LSM. Jacket discolored
XWN 18062 Brahms: Marienlieder; 4 Songs, Op. 17. SCHMID, Vienna Chamber Choir. Gesang der Parzen; Nanie. SWOBODA, Vienna Chamber Cho., Vienna SO. A. Minor jacket damage.
XWN 18071 Rimsky-Korsakov: Symphonietta on Russian Themes. SWOBODA, Vienna SO. Quintet in Bb. RAUPENSTRAUCH (pf), RECNICEK (fl), OEHLBERGER (bsn), WLACH (clar), VON FREIBERG (horn). A, FOT.
XWN 18204 "The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom." AFONSKY, Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral Choir, N.Y. A. Text.
XWN 18263 "The Russian Orthodox Requiem." AFONSKY, Capella Russian Male Cho. A, LSM. Text.
XWN 18279 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. SCHERCHEN, London SO. A.
XWN 18282 Rimsky-Korsakov: Russian Easter; Antar. SCHERCHEN, London SO. A.
XWN 18285 Berlioz: Harold in Italy. RIDDLE; SCHERCHEN, Royal PO. A.
XWN 18360 Jolivet: Concerto for Ondes Martenot. G. MARTENOT. Harp Concerto. LASKINE; JOLIVET, Paris Opera O. A.
XWN 18394 Bach: Cantatas #106 & 140. LASZLO, ROESSEL-MAJDAN, KMENTT, POELL; SCHERCHEN. A. Late label. Text.
XWN 18398 Dvorak: Trios, Opp. 26 & 90 ("Dumky"). FOURNIER, JANIGRO, BADURA-SKODA. A.
XWN 18408 Beethoven: Quartet #15, Op. 132. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A.
XWN 18433 Granados: 12 Spanish Dances. ECHANIZ. A.
XWN 18472 Schubert: Quartets #1-3. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A. EAR.
XWN 18477 Schubert: Quartet #13, in a. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A. EAR.
XWN 18478 Schubert: Quartet #14, "Death & the Maiden." VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A. EAR.
XWN 18522 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A, FOT. EAR.
XWN 18536 Tchaikovsky: Manfred. RAKHLIN, USSR State SO. A.
XWN 18600 Brahms: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A. AS.
XWN 18699 Bach: 2-Part Inventions; 3-Part Sinfonias. VEYRON-LACROIX (hpsi). A.
XWN 18718 Vivaldi: Violin Concertos in Eb & g. RYBAR; MORALT, Vienna SO. A. EAR.
XWN 18745 Harkness: Journey to Love. SCIME (pf); D'ARTEGA, Symphony of the Air. A.
XWN 18816 Te Deum; Great Vespers (Russian Orthodox liturgy). AFONSKY, Cathedral Choir of the Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral, N.Y. A. Texts.
XWN 18866 Webern: Cantatas #1 & 2 (STEINGRUBER, DEPRAZ); Symphony; Lieder, Opp. 8 & 13 (HERICARD). BOULEZ. A, LSM.
XWN 18871 Widor: Organ Symphonies #5 & 9. DUPRE, Cavaille-Coll organ, Saint-Sulpice, Paris. A.
XWN 18916 Dupre: Le Chemin de la Croix. DUPRE, Cavaille-Coll organ, Saint-Sulpice, Paris. A.
Westminster Gold
WG 8354 S Brahms: Violin Concerto. MORINI; RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A.
WGM 8311 S (3) Scarlatti: Sonatas (original Vols. 4-6). VALENTI. A. COH.
EL 1 S Lieber: 24 DeKooning Preludes; piano music. LIEBER ("Music to Paintings"). A.
WHS 40002 S Grieg: Piano Concerto (SCHNEEBERGER); Peer Gynt Suite #1. ADLER, Vienna SO. A.
World Record Club
SH 398 Lieder of Strauss (12) & Wolf (11). SCHUMANN, var. accomp. A. Texts.
SH 408 Schumann: Piano Quintet; Dvorak: Quintet. SCHNABEL, PRO ARTE QT. members (1934). A, LSM.
World Record Club (Australia)
R 05262 S Beethoven: Sonata #23; Schumann: Arabeske; Chopin: 3 Mazurkas; Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #13. KOGOSOWSKI. A.
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"Audiophile" LPs

ZNF 6- S Holst: Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda (Third Group); Savitri (BAKER, TEAR, HEMSLEY). I. HOLST, Purcell Singers, English CO. A. EP. Texts.
ZRG 657 S Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta; Divertimento for Strings. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. EP.
SPBR 8448 S (2) Shostakovich: Symphony #11. STOKOWSKI, Houston SO. HP Super Disc. A.
Decca (Eng.)
HEAD 8 S Musgrave: Horn Concerto. TUCKWELL; MUSGRAVE. Concerto for Orchestra. GIBSON, Scottish Nat'l O. A. EP. Insert.
SET 252/3 S (2) Britten: War Requiem. VISHNEVSKAYA, PEARS, FISCHER-DIESKAU; BRITTEN, London SO & Cho. A. Text.
Decca (Eng.) Ace of Diamonds
SDD 277 S Franck: Piano Quintet. CURZON, VIENNA PHIL. QT. A. EP.
SDBR 3001 S Prokofiev: Chout--Suite, Op. 21a. SUSSKIND, London SO. A, LSM. Dowel spine. Silver label.
SDBR 3003 S Antill: Corroboree Suite; Ginastera: Panambi Suite. GOOSSENS, London SO. A. Silver label. No dowel spine.
SDBR 3032 S Scriabin: The Poem of Ecstasy; Amirov: Azerbaijan Mugams. STOKOWSKI, Houston SO. A. Silver label.
ASD 2397 S Delius: Requiem; Idyll. HARPER (s), SHIRLEY-QUIRK (b); M. DAVIES, Royal Choral Soc. & PO. A. EAR large dog label.
CS 6012B S Rimsky-Korsakov: May Night; Russian Easter Overture; Tale of the Tsar Saltan--Suite. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6022B S Brahms: Symphony #3. KUBELIK, Vienna PO. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6027B S Haydn: Symphonies #94 & 99. KRIPS, Vienna PO. A, LSM. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6029B S E. Halffter: Sinfonietta. ARGENTA, Spanish Nat'l O. A, LSM. FFSS label. Blue back jacket. 5
CS 6031B S Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A, LSM. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6033B S Liszt: Concertos #1 & 2. KATCHEN; ARGENTA, London PO. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6048B S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. ARGENTA, Suisse Romande O. A, LSM. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6051B S Schubert: Octet. VIENNA OCTET. A, LSM. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6126B S Borodin: Symphonies #2 & 3; Prince Igor Overture. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. No Decca SXL issue. HP Super Disc. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6129B S Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra. KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A. Blue back jacket.
CS 6200B S Ibert: Divertissement; St.-Saens: Danse Macabre; Le Rouet d'Omphale; Bizet: Jeux d'Enfants. MARTINON, Paris Conservatory O. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CS 6332B S Bartok: Divertimento for Strings; Vivaldi: 2 Concerti Grossi. BARSHAI, Moscow CO. A. FFSS label. Blue back jacket.
CSA 2201B S (2) Delibes: Coppelia. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A, LSM; tiny X. FFSS label. Blue back.
OS 26578 S Mahler: Songs of a Wayfarer; 5 Ruckert Songs. HORNE; MEHTA, L.A. PO. A. EP. Texts.
OSA 1298 S (2) Messiaen: La Transfiguration de Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ. DORATI, National SO, Westminster Symphonic Choir. HP Super Disc. A. EP.
SRCS 98 S Ireland: Trios. NEAMAN, LLOYD-WEBER, PARKIN. A. Nimbus pressing.
SR90043 S "Music of Leroy Anderson, Vol. 2." FENNELL, Eastman-Rochester "Pops." HP Super Disc. A. FR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90155 S Haydn: Symphonies #100 & 101. DORATI, London SO. A. Vendor label. RFR matrix, B&W back.
SR90192 S Hanson: Symphony #2, "Romantic;" Lament for Beowulf. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. & Cho. HP Super Disc. A, LSM. FR matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90219 S Grainger: Country Gardens; orchestral works. FENNELL, Eastman-Rochester Pops O. A. FR-1 matrix. Color back jacket.
SR90267 S Hanson: Mosaics. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO (with composer's spoken analysis). A. Color back. RFR matrix.
SR90299 S Works of Liadov (3), Guarnieri, Barlow, Kennan, Grieg, & Sousa ("Musical Diplomats"). HANSON, Eastman Philharmonia O. A, LSM. RFR matrix.
SR90304 S "The Golden Age of Harpsichord Music." PUYANA. A. RFR matrix.
SR90450 S Nielsen: Fynsk Forar, Op. 42; 12 Songs. WOLDIKE, Danish Radio Cho. & SO. A. COH. RFR matrix. Text.
SR90487 S Vivaldi: Guitar Concertos. ROMEROS; ALESSANDRO, San Antonio SO. A. RFR matrix. Late label.
SR90488 S Rodrigo: Concierto Andaluz. ROMEROS. Concierto de Aranjuez. A. ROMERO;ALESSANDRO, San Antonio SO. HP Super Disc. A. RFR matrix.
Mobile Fidelity
MFSL 2 516 S (2) Beethoven: Symphony #9. LORENGAR, MINTON, BURROWS, TALVELA; SOLTI, Chicago SO & Cho. Half-speed remastering. A.
GSGC 14049 S Starer: Viola Concerto; Vaughan Williams: Suite. BERGER; SNASHALL, English CO. Superb sound quality (probably a Mercury/Pye recording). A.
RCA Victor
LDS 2656 S "An Evening of Elizabethan Music." BREAM CONSORT. A. Soria booklet.
LSC 2077SD S Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Tod und Verklarung. REINER, Vienna PO. A. 1S/3S.
LSC 2105SD S Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings. MUNCH, Boston SO. A; minor PB. 18S/16S.
LSC 2111SD S Debussy: La Mer; Ibert: Escales. MUNCH, Boston SO. A. 15S/6S.
LSC 2129SD S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. HEIFETZ; REINER, Chicago SO. A. 5S/10S.
LSC 2229SD S "Marches in Hi-Fi." FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A. 3S/2S.
LSC 2234SD S St.-Saens: Concerto #2; Franck: Symphonic Variations. RUBINSTEIN; WALLENSTEIN, Symphony of the Air. HP Golden Dozen. A. 1S/1S.
LSC 2288SD S Prokofiev: Symphony #7; Russian Overture. MARTINON, Paris ConservatoryO. A, FOT; 1/4" X. 1S/1S.
LSC 2318SD S Rossini: 6 Overtures. REINER, Chicago SO. A, LSM. 2S/1S.
LSC 2352SD S Blackwood: Symphony #1; Haieff: Symphony #2. MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM. 1S/1S matrix. 0
LSC 2405SD S Sibelius: Symphony #5; Karelia Suite. GIBSON, London SO. A. 1S/1S.
LSC 2445SD S Bennett: Armed Forces Suite. BENNETT, RCA Victor Symphony. A, LSM. 2S/2S.
LSC 2507WD S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #3; MacDowell: Concerto #2. CLIBURN; HENDL,Chicago SO. A.
LSC 2608SD S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. MUNCH, Boston SO. A/A-, LSM. 12S/7S.
LSP 1866 S Dick SCHORY's New Percussion Ensemble: Music for Bang, baa-rOOM and Harp. A. EAR. 1S/1S.
RCA Victrola
VICS 1060 S Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice; Ravel: Mother Goose Suite; D'Indy: Symphony on a French Mountain Air (HENRIOT-SCHWEITZER). MUNCH, Boston SO. A. EAR.
VICS 1130 S Delibes: Sylvia--exc.; Coppelia--exc. RIGNOLD, Paris Conservatory O. A. EAR.
USD 1034 S Antheil: Ballet Mecanique (opening measures missing on all stereo copies). CRAFT, L.A. Contemporary Music Ens. LoPresti: Sketch; Chavez: Toccata; Hovhaness: October Mountain. PRICE, Manhattan Percussion Ens. A, LSM.
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Non-Classical LPs

ABC 124 Josh WHITE: The Josh White Stories, Vol. 1. A.
SK 276 S Don ANGLE: Harpsichord (jazz & pop). A.
ZPL 1208/10 S (3) Chaucer: The Night's Tale (in Middle English). Richard BEBB, Frank DUNCAN, Peter ORR, Prunella SCALES. A.

AFSD 5833 S Mohammad EL-BAKKAR & His Oriental Ensemble: Port Said--Music of the Middle East. A.
AFSD 5834 S Mohammed EL-BAKKAR & His Oriental Ensemble: Sultan of Bagdad--Music ofthe Middle East, Vol. 2. A.
BAS 1001 F "Frailach Music." Abe ELLSTEIN's Orchestra with Dave TARRAS (clarinet). A.
91017 "The Best of Charles AZNAVOUR." A.
BLP C 3 The BOSWELL Sisters, 1932-34. A.
Bright Tight Discs
BIS 1377 "Bittersweet" (bootleg issue from film sound track). Nelson EDDY, Jeanette MacDONALD, et al. A, FOT.
TC 1017 "E.E. CUMMINGS Reads" (poetry). A. Cover repaired.
TC 1018 Dylan THOMAS Reading, Vol. 2. A.
TC 2048 (2) "Hard Times." Original Studs TERKEL interview tapes for his book. A.
T10044 "The Sounds of Old Mexico!" AGUILAR, CASTILLA, PEREZ MEZA, QUINTANA. A-, FOT.
T10065 Lucho GATICA Sings (Chilean pops). A.
T10109 Lucho GATICA: El Gran Gatica! A, FOT.
T10175 Lucho GATICA: Mucho Lucho. A.
T10368 Edith PIAF: Piaf at the Olympia. A. AS.
T1251 Gordon MacRAE: Songs for an Evening at Home. A.
T774 Les BAXTER: Skins! A Bongo Party. A/A-, FOT.
LBRD 012 D "Vintage Parade: Childhood Memories." GODWIN, Palm Court Theatre O. A.
LP 1493 Pigmeat MARKHAM: Mr. Funny Man (live, 1965). A. COH.
CL 1101 Judy GARLAND: A Star Is Born (songs from film sound track). A-, FOT.
CL 2604 Sophie TUCKER: The Last of the Red Hot Mamas (from 78s). A.
CL 628 Burl IVES: The Wayfaring Stranger. A, LSM. 6 eye label.
CL 633 GENEVIEVE. Jacket inscribed by the singer. A.
CS 8152 S Johnny MATHIS: Heavenly. A. 2 eye label.
KOS 3000 S Herman: Mame. Angela LANSBURY, Beatrice ARTHUR, Jane CONNELL, Willard WATERMAN (Broadway cast). Bold Lansbury autograph on jacket front. A, FOT. 2-eye label.
M 34533 S "Classic Cole" (Porter songs). DeGAETANI, SMIT (pf). A, LSM.
ML 4928 "Anna RUSSELL's Guide to Concert Audiences." A. EAR.
OL 5090 Loewe: My Fair Lady. Julie ANDREWS, Rex HARRISON, Stanley HOLLOWAY, Robert COOTE (Broadway cast). A.
PS 2015 S Loewe: My Fair Lady. Julie ANDREWS, Rex HARRISON, Stanley HOLLOWAY; Ornadel (London original cast). A.
WL 124 Waldo DE LOS RIOS: The Wonderful World of Waldo De Los Rios. A.
WL 152 "South American Suite." DE LOS RIOS, Columbia SO of Buenos Aires. A, LSM.
Columbia (Italy)
33QPX 8083 Carlo BUTI: Nostalgico Show (14 items from 78s). A.
CC 2005 S Carlos BARBOSA-LIMA: Music of Jobim & Gershwin (guitar solo). A.
CRL 57070 The Steve ALLEN Show (w. Eydie GORME, Steve LAWRENCE, Pat KIRBY, SkitchHENDERSON, Gene RAYBURN). A, LSM.
Disaues Cellier
003 S Gheorghe ZAMFIR & Marcel CELLIER: Panflute and Organ. A.
2507 S "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House." A.
3906 "Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs: Songs & dialogue from the original motion picture soundtrack." A; 1 PB. Complete booklet.
DLP 110 Eddie PEABODY: Man with the Banjo. A.
Editions EG
10" EKL 12 Tom PALEY: Folk Songs from the Souther Appalachian Mountains. A, FOT.
EKL 141 Theodore BIKEL: Jewish Folk Songs. A. Texts.
EKL 146 ORANIM ZABAR Israeli Troup: Shalom! A, FOT.
EKL 150 Theodore BIKEL: Songs of a Russian Gypsy. A.
EKL 165 Theodore BIKEL Sings More Jewish Folk Songs. A. AS.
EKL 213 (2) Ed McCURDY: The Best of Dalliance (Elizabethan bawdy songs). A.
FLS 13103 F Fred ASTAIRE: Nothing Thrilled Us Half as Much (songs from films, 1935-40). A. COH.
9034 "Klezmer Music: Early Yiddish Instrumental Music, the First Recordings, 1910-27." A.
FW 8740 Ruth RUBIN: Jewish Folk Songs. A. Texts.
GPWH 5013 S (2) Earl WRIGHTSON & Lois HUNT: Sigmund Romberg/Rudolf Friml (from Columbia originals). A.
10" 0061 "Saturday Matinee: Theatre Fun for the Young." Performances by Adolph GREEN, Betty COMDON, Harold ROME (4), Alan Jay LERNER (1), Ira GERSHWIN & Kurt WEILL (1). A-/B, LSM.
7113 S Tony BENNETT: 10 Rodgers & Hart Songs. A.
KL 1165 Fred ASTAIRE: Now. A, LSM. AS.
OSA 1206 S (2) "Alice in Wonderland" (Carroll story, adapted by Dougles Cleverdon). Jane ASHER (as Alice, later famous as Paul McCartney's girlfriend), Vivienne CHATTERTON, Tony CHURCH, Frank DUNCAN, Leslie FRENCH, Margaretta SCOTT, et al. A. Blue box, FFSS label.
LLST 7126 S "Gagaku: The Imperial Court Music of Japan." KYOTO IMPERIAL COURT MUSIC O. A. Mono label.
LLST 7134 S "Japanese Kabuki Nagauta Music." Kyoto Kabuki Orchestra. A. Mono label.
LLST 7142 S "Chinese Masterpieces for the Cheng." Prof. LIANG Tsai-Ping & David Ming-Yueh LIANG. A.
10" E542 Jimmy DURANTE "In Person." A-, FOT.
SE 4437 S Julius LA ROSA: Hey, Look Me Over. FS.
558 S (2) "The Golden Spike Centennial Celebration Commission." Victor JORY (narr), Carl SANDBURG (singing & reading), Ed BEGLEY (reading Whitman), music by Bob FLORENCE Big Band, Original Joplin Forte, all recorded expressly for this album. A/A-, FOT.
MCA2 4101 (2) The Best of Ted LEWIS (1938-50). A.
MCA Coral
CB 20017 INK SPOTS: For Always. A.
MG20056 "Songs by Anna Maria ALBERGHETTI." A.
MD 1036 S Julius LA ROSA: Words. A. Jacket worn.
MML 1394 S TUNA Universitaria Compostelana. Large guitar band. A, FOT.
MES/7058 F Edith DAY in Rio Rita (also "Rose Marie" & "Show Boat" items). A.
MES/7062/3 F (2) Noel COWARD: The Great Shows. A, LSM.
MES/7097 F The Amazing Gracie FIELDS (1931-39). A.
Musical Heritage Society
MHS 3652 S "The Glory of Christmas: Popular Carols & Christmas Favorites." FREEMAN, London Ambrosian Cho., Royal PO. A.
MHS 7037 Lucy LOWE: Vaudeville Songs. A.
National Audubon Society
NAS 1001 "Voices of the Loon, narrated by Robert J. LURTSEMA." A.
New World
H 71330 S "Vaudeville: Songs of the Great Ladies of the Musical Stage." MORRIS, BOLCOM. A. Texts.
H 71338 S "An Evening with Henry Russell." JACKSON (b), BOLCOM (pf). A. Text.
SPX 77008 S "Celebration" (Big Sur festival, 1970). Joan BAEZ, BEACH BOYS, Merry CLAYTON, Kris KRISTOFFERSON, Country Joe McDONALD, Linda RONSTADT. A.
Odeon (Chile)
LDC 36056 Silvia INFANTAS y Los BAQUENOS: Music pr l Histori de Chile (w. Vicente BIANCHI O.) A.
O 4011 "Ben Bagley's Shoestring Review." Beatrice ARTHUR, Dody GOODMAN, Fay DEWITT, Dorothy GREENER, John BARTIS, EddieHILTON, G. WOOD, Bill McCUTCHEON. A.
RL 1907 "Spanish Favorites." RICADA-MATHOREZ, Paris Mandolin O. A.
RL 1926 Murray LEHRER & Ensemble: Freilach in Hi-Fi (Vol. 3) (featuring Dave TARRAS, klezmer legend). A.
Peters International
PLC 2014/5 (2) Edith PIAF at Carnegie Hall, January 13, 1957. A.
PIP 6804 S "The Earthy Side" (racy spoken & sung material by Lincoln, Franklin, E.Field, Kipling, Purcell, et al). A, FOT.
10" PR 201 Shakespeare: 16 Sonnets. David ALLEN (reader), M. Ross (harp) (incidental music by Curtis Biever). A, FOT.
10" PR 202 "No Single Thing Abides" (poems of Donne, Keats, Gray, Tichborne, Shelley, & Lucretius. David ALLEN (reader). A.
MR 1107 "A Tribute to Irving Berlin: CBS Radio Broadcast of August 3, 1938." BERLIN, JOLSON, CANTOR, TUCKER, C. BOSWELL, MERMAN, T. DORSEY, LOMBARDO, WHITEMAN, VALLEE, et al. A.
RCA Camden
CAL 321 Dinah SHORE, Lena HORNE, & NBC's Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street. A, LSM.
CAL 453 Cantor Josef ROSENBLATT: Masterpieces of the Synagogue (from 78s, 1920-22). A.
CAL 479 The Immortal Harry LAUDER. A.
CAL 507 "Masterpieces of the Synagogue, Vol. 2: The Art of Cantor Josef ROSENBLATT." A.
RCA International
INTS 5084 The Best of Eddie CANTOR. A. EP.
RCA Victor
LPV 561 Fanny BRICE & Helen MORGAN (from 78s, 1927-34). A.
LPV 584 Bing CROSBY: Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (1927-31). A. COH. Df.
LSO 1093 S Bock: Fiddler on the Roof. Zero MOSTEL, Maria KARNILOVA, Beatrice ARTHUR (Broadway cast). A, LSM. EAR.
LSO 6010 S (2) Coward: Cowardy Custard (review of Noel Coward material). BREEZE,BURRIDGE, CECIL, DAVIES, DELMAR, FORD, GALE, MOFFATT, ROUTLEDGE, SHARKEY, STUBBS, WARING (London cast). A. Df.
LSP 2022 S Harry BELAFONTE: My Lord What a Mornin' (spirituals). A. EAR. Jacket repaired.
RCA Victrola
R 199 171 Carlos MONTOYA: Spanish Gypsy Airs (w. Jose MORENO, singer). A.
RHMD 2 Al JOLSON: The Man & the Legend, Record 2 (20 tracks, from broadcasts). A.
RLP 12 823 Betty SANDERS: The Songs of Robert Burns (w. Jerry Silverman, gtr; Harry Smyles, ob). A, LSM.
RLP 12 833 Peter USTINOV: The Grand Prix of Gibraltar (satirical look at auto racing). A.
0118 S Mark O'CONNOR: On the Rampage. A. Promo stamp.
R 3048 S NRBQ: Tiddlywinks. A.
R 3098 S NRBQ & Captain Lou ALBANO: Lou and the Q. A.
Sports Record
SCI 32 (2) Arnold PALMER: Personal Golf Instructions from Driver thru Putter. 24 page booklet. A. Minor jacket damage.
S/2181 S Danny ALBERT & His Orchestra: Music for a Jewish Wedding. A.
United Artists
UAL 3248 "Jan PEERCE on Broadway." A. AS.
UAS 6794 S Lenny BRUCE in Concert (Carnegie Hall, Feb. 4, 1961). A, LSM.
VRS 9011 Martha SCHLAMME: Jewish Folk Songs, Vol. 1 (w. DeCORMIER, o.) A.
VSD 2032 S Martha SCHLAMME: Raisins & Almonds--Jewish Folk Songs (Vol. 2). A. Black label.
VSD 2046 S ODETTA: My Eyes Have Seen. A. Black label.
VSD 2130 S KARMON Israeli Dancers & Singers: Israel Sings. A.
Warner Bros.
2HW 3639 S (2) Pennies from Heaven. Movie sound track, mostly oldies. A.
Western Electric
MG 201 (3) "Dialogues on Democracy." Discussion between Richard HEFFNER & Richard NEUSTADT; lecture by Sidney HOOK; historical documentary w. many early voices (1 disc each). A, LSM. Text.
XWN 18259 "Music of India, Vol. 2: 2 Ragas" (Behag & Jaunpuri). G. YODH (sitar),D. PATEL (tabla). A. Insert.
World Record Club
SH 255 Albert SANDLER's Serenades (from 78s, 1930-44). A.
SHB 44 (2) Noel COWARD: The Reviews. A.
L 1044 Fred Van EPS & Vess L. OSSMAN: Kings of the Banjo Ragtime (1900-1923). A.
This is an OLD catalog. Please note VERY IMPORTANT DETAILS at top of page

Jazz + Blues LPs

ABC 170 Vinnie BURKE's String Jazz Quartet: The Search for a New Sound (w. Kenny BURRELL). A, FOT.
AFFD 118 (2) Art TATUM: Pure Genius (from 78s, 1937-44). A.
35 Gene KRUPA: On the Air (Aug 4, 1944). A.
10" 4031 Teddy WILSON & His All Star Sextet (8 tracks). A.
10" 4106 Sarah VAUGHAN Sings (8 tracks). A.
3083 Dizzy GILLESPIE. A.
3108 Sarah VAUGHAN Concert. A; 1/8" X.
Arista Novus
AN 3009 S Mike MAINIERI & Warren BERNHARDT: Free Smiles. A. Corner clipped.
81761 1 D The MODERN JAZZ QUARTET with the New York Chamber Symphony. A. COH. Spine repaired.
SD 1612 S Keith JARRETT: Birth (w. Haden, Motian, Redman). A.
SD 18227 S Don ELLIS & Survival: Music from Other Galaxies & Planets (featuring "Star Wars" theme). A, LSM.
SD 2 309 (2) Eddie CONDON & Bud FREEMAN: The Commodore Years (from 78s, 1938). A.

AD 102 D Farrell MORRIS: Bits of Percussion and Jazz (w. Stan GETZ). A.

AFSD 6132 S Louis ARMSTRONG: The Best of Louis Armstrong (w. Hucko, T. Young, Kyle, Herbert, Barcelona). A. Black label.
AFSD 6241 S "The definitive album by Louis ARMSTRONG" (1959). A, FOT; 1/4" X.
BLP C13 Bing CROSBY: Rare Early Recordings (13 items from 78s, 1928-33). A.
Black Lion
BL 112 S Earl HINES: Tea for Two (piano solos, 1 vocal). A. Corner clipped.
BL 192 S This Is Dollar BRAND (piano solo, London, 1965). A. Corner clipped. U.S. pressing.
Blue Heaven
Series 3 Vol. 5 Blue BARRON Orchestra: Old Buttermilk Sky (from airchecks). A.
54 5400 (4) Art TATUM: The One and Only. A.
BL 54048 The Sidney BECHET Story (1938-56). A. COH.
529 062 "New Orleans Legends." Bunk JOHNSON (3), Kid ORY (3), Kid RENA (6), from 78s, 1940-47. A.
ST 1609 S Stan KENTON's West Side Story. A.
ST 2157 S Benny GOODMAN: Hello Benny! A/A-, LSM.
21129 Eddie CONDON & His All-Stars: At the Jazz Band Ball (originally Bixieland). 1955 recordings, originally CL 719. A.
CRDD 1080 S Woody HERMAN: Road Father. Direct-to-disc recording. A.
Charlie Parker
PLP 801 S S Cecil PAYNE Performing Charlie Parker Music (w. Clark Terry, Duke Jordan, Charles Persip, Ron Carter). FS.
Chaz Jazz
CJ 109 S The Blue Three at Hanratty's (Kenny DAVERN, Dick WELLSTOOD, Bobby ROSENGARDEN). A.
CH 2 9216 S (2) Kenny BURRELL: Recapitulation (from 1959/66 Cadet sessions). 2 unpublished items. A.
CR 2004 S Dollar BRAND: Cape Town Fringe. A. Jacket worn.
Classic Editions
CJ 5 Bob WILBER Quintet/Septet: Spreadin' Joy--The Music of Sidney Bechet (w. DICKENSON, GARY, GALBRAITH, WELLSTOOD, GASKIN, DONALDSON). A.
CG 30450 (2) Bessie SMITH: Empty Bed Blues (Vol. 3). A.
CG 31045 S (2) "The Guitar Album: The Historic Town Hall Concert." BYRD, C. WAYNE, E. & J. McLAUGHLIN, PIZZARELLI/BARNES, BECK, GRIMES (1971). A.
CG 31093 (2) Bessie SMITH: Nobody's Blues But Mine (Vol. 5). A.
CL 1530 Andre PREVIN Trio: Give My Regards to Broadway. A. Jacket taped. AS.
CL 637 Billie HOLIDAY: Lady Day. From 78s, 1935-7. A. EAR.
CS 9402 S Dave BRUBECK: Anything Goes! The Dave Brubeck Quartet plays Cole Porter. A.
CS 9875 S Miles DAVIS: In a Silent Way. A. 2 eye label.
FC 40308 S Wynton MARSALIS: J Mood. A.
PC 34418 S WEATHER REPORT: Heavy Weather. A.
WL 106 "Elsa POPPING & Her Pixieland Band": Delirium in Hi-Fi (Andre Popp satire). A.
RS 826 SD S Dick HYMAN: Fabulous (Lowrey organ & orchestra). A.
RS 929 SD S The CORPORATION (Vinnie Bell, Dick Hyman, Moe Wechsler, Bucky Pizzarelli, Russ Savakus, Bill Lavorgna). A, LSM. COH.
DL 30,004 Willie "the Lion" SMITH: Show Time (piano solos). A-, FOT; 2 1/3" X's. Jacket repaired.
XFL 14943 "The World is Waiting..." Mel POWELL & His Orchestra (6 items), Joe BUSHKIN Sextet with Bill HARRIS (8 items); 4 Bushkin items unissued on 78s. A.
CJ 226 S Rosemary CLOONEY/Woody HERMAN: My Buddy. FS.
CJ 50 S Rosemary CLOONEY: A Tribute to Duke. FS.
C 14036 S Terry GIBBS & Buddy DeFRANCO: Chicago Fire. A. Promo stamp.
CRL 57460 Pete FOUNTAIN: Licorice Stick (w. Charles Bud DANT Orch.) A. AS.
Creative World
ST 1058 Q (2) Stan KENTON & His Orchestra Live at Butler University. A/A-, LSM.
Crystal Clear
CCS 8002 S (45 rpm) Charlie BYRD (direct-to-disc quintet recording). A.
CTI 6069 S George BENSON & Joe FARRELL: Benson& Farrell. A.
HJ 9 (2) "Jazz Giants." Milt BUCKNER, Buddy TATE, Wallace BISHOP, Coleman HAWKINS, Stan GETZ, et al. A.
DL 9234 Eddie CONDON & Company: Gershwin Program (1941-45) (from Decca 78s, 1 unissued Joe SULLIVAN solo). A.
Disques Swing
SW 8406 Clark TERRY: Paris 1960 (w. Quentin Jackson, Martial Solal, Kenny Clarke) (from French Ducretet-Thomson sessions). A.
827 769 1 S Chick COREA: Trio Music, Live in Europe (w. Miroslav Vitous, Roy Haynes). FS. COH.
ECM 1333/4 S (2) Keith JARRETT: Spirits. JARRETT (on many instruments). A. German pressing.
ECM 3 1035/7 ST S (3) Keith JARRETT: Solo-Concerts, Bremen, Lausanne. A.
Elektra Musician
60300 1 Dizzy GILLESPIE with The Orchestra: One Night in Washington (live perf., March 13, 1955). First publication. A. Promo stamp.
LA 16004 Johnny DODDS & Kid ORY. A.
ESP 1014 S Sun RA: The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra, Vol. 1. FS.
ESP 1066 S Bud POWELL: Blue Note Cafe, Paris, 1961 (w. CLARKE & MICHELOT). FS.
SDBR 1127 S Charlie SHAVERS & His Orchestra: Like Charlie. A. Silver label.
FA 1001 Duke ELLINGTON: A Date with the Duke, Vol. 1, 1945-46. A.
LP 19 119 Benny GOODMAN & His Orchestra, 1939-41 Broadcasts (Vol. 2). A.
F 9249 S Charlie BYRD: Crystal Silence. A.
F 9477 S Woody HERMAN & the Thundering Herd: Children of Lima (w. Houston SO). A.
Fat Cat's Jazz
FCJ 152 S Natalie LAMB Wails the Blues (w. Wild Bill Davison, Dick Wellstood, ArtHodes, et al). A.
First Time
FTR 1503 Artie SHAW & His Orchestra (1937-38), Vol. 3: Instrumentals Never Before on Record. A.
Flying Dutchman
BDL1 0829 S Bobby HACKETT: Strike Up the Band (w. Z. SIMS, B. PIZZARELLI, H. JONES, M. LEWIS, R. DAVIS). A.
SRF 67532 S Miles DAVIS: Jazz on the Screen (Art BLAKEY & the Jazz Messengers in 3items). A.
Franklin Mint Record Society
33/6 S (4) "Great Arrangers & Composers: REDMAN, STRAYHORN, LEWIS, HANCOCK. A. Red vinyl.
9/12 (4) "Jazz Masters of the Keyboard, Vol. 1." WALLER, TATUM, HINES, WILSON. A. Red vinyl.
Giants of Jazz
GOJ 1005 Benny GOODMAN: Swingin' Through the Years (previously unpub. airchecks, 1935-67). A.
GOJ 1010 Benny GOODMAN During the Fabulous 50s (first issue of live performances). A.
Vol. 15 Lionel HAMPTON & the Just Jazz All Stars (Charlie Shavers, Willie Smith, Corky Corcoran, Milt Buckner, Slam Stewart, Jackie Mills, Lee Young). A, LSM.
GNP Crescendo
GNP 68 S Teddy BUCKNER & His Trad. Jazz Band: Midnight in Moscow. A.
Golden Crest
CR 3024 Dick CAREY Group/John POLNSKY Group: Dixieland Goes Progressive (1 side each). A.
Golden Era
LP 15061 Joe VENUTI & His Big Band (1945 broadcasts). M.
Good Time Jazz
GTJ L 12004 Kid ORY's Creole Jazz Band 1954. A.
G 2 791 S (2) Don SEBESKY: 3 Works for Jazz Soloists & Symphony Orchestra (w. Bob BROOKMEYER, Jon FADDIS, Don SEBESKY, et al; RABINOWITZ, Royal PO). A.
Happy Bird
ST HB 5001 S Monty SUNSHINE Jazz Band. A. German pressing.
SJ 425 S King PLEASURE: Golden Days. A, LSM.
Inner City
IC 3003 S Dollar BRAND: The Children of Africa. A.
IC 6002 S Lennie TRISTANO: Descent into the Maelstrom (1952-66). A.
Ivy Jazz
IJ1 E1/2 S (2) Paul ELLINGSON: Solo Jazz Piano, Vol. 1. A.
10" 3008 Django REINHARDT (late recordings). A, LSM.
JLP 65 Harry ARNOLD Orchestra: Great Big Band & Friends (w. Nat Adderley, Coleman Hawkins, Lucky Thompson, Toots Thielemans, Benny Bailey). A. AS.
J 133 S "Wild Bill" DAVISON Live at the Memphis Jazz Festival. A.
J 151 S Wild Bill DAVISON's 75th Anniversary Jazz Band. A.
J 1254 "Jazz a la Mood." Items by Coleman HAWKINS, Willie "The Lion" SMITH, Jack TEAGARDEN, Lucky THOMPSON, Ernie ROYAL. A.
J 1258 "Comparative Blues." Sidney BECHET, Jack TEAGARDEN, Charlie PARKER, Dizzy GILLESPIE, et al. A. Jacket repaired.
J 1278 Jack TEAGARDEN's Dixieland Band/Max KAMINSKY's Windy City Six: Jack and Max (1 side each). Teagarden items reissued from Period label, Kaminskys original to this release. FS.
Kings of Jazz
KJL 20028 "Here Are from the 40s, Rare of All Rarest Jazz Performances, Vol. 2," featuring Teddy WILSON, Earl HINES, Eddie CONDON, Cootie WILLIAMS, J.P. JOHNSON, Willie "the Lion" SMITH (airchecks, 1940-44). A.
Le Jazz Cool
JC 102 Charlie PARKER in Historical Recordings, Vol. 2 (first issues from acetates). A.
LRP 3072 Barney BIGARD: Jazz Hall of Fame. A.
E3788 Benny GOODMAN: Performance Recordings 1937-8 (Vol. 1). A.
E3789 Benny GOODMAN: Performance Recordings 1937-8 (Vol. 2). A.
E3812 ST Previn: The Subterraneans (film music). PREVIN, Gerry MULLIGAN, CarmenMcRAE, et al. A. AS.
SR80003 S Pete RUGOLO & His Orchestra: Percussion at Work. A, LSM.
SR80015 S Max ROACH with the Boston Percussion Ensemble (Harold Farberman compositions & director). A, LSM.
Mercury (Japan)
EXPR 1020 S Listen to Art FARMER & the Orchestra. A.
M 47020 (2) NEW ORLEANS RHYTHM KINGS & Jelly Roll MORTON (1922-3). A.
Mobile Fidelity
MFSL 1 504 S Michel LEGRAND & Co.: Le Jazz Grand (w. Gerry MULLIGAN, Phil WOODS, Jon FADDIS, Ron CARTER, et al). A.
Murray Hill
S 53968 (5) "Collector's History of Dixieland Music." A.
MR 5132 S Cedar WALTON/Hank MOBLEY Quintet: Breakthrough! A, LSM.
New Jazz
OJC 080 S Oliver NELSON Sextet: Screamin' the Blues (w. Eric Dolphy, Richard Williams). Late reprint edition. A.
New World
NW 204 S Ricky FORD: Loxodonta Africana (w. Dannie RICHMOND, Richard DAVIS, et al). A.
NW 216 "Mirage: Avant-Garde & Third-Stream Jazz" (1946-61). A.
2903 Benny GOODMAN Presents a Bandwagon Spectacular--Live Performances from the Great Lost Decades ("Never on LP before"). Boris Rose bootleg edition. A.
2640 101 S (2) Oscar PETERSON: Freedom Song--The Oscar Peterson Big 4 in Japan '82. A. French pressing.
PR 7081 S "The Historic Donaueschingen Jazz Concert 1957." Eddie SAUTER Big Band,Andre HODEIR et son Jazz Group de Paris, MODERN JAZZ QUARTET. A. COH.
Philips (U.S.)
P 24092 S (2) Charles MINGUS: Portrait (w. Eric DOLPHY, Jaki BYARD, et al). A.
RCA Camden
CAL 473 "The Real Fats WALLER." A.
RCA Special Products
DVM1 0494 The Best of Fats WALLER (19 tracks). A.
R9 6070 S Count BASIE: This Time by Basie--Hits of the 50s & 60s! (Quincy Jones arrangements). A.
RLP 12 213 Lu WATTERS & Bob HELM: San Francisco Style. A-, FOT. COH.
RLP 153 "Piano, Brass & Blues: Classic Blues Accompaniments." A.
RM 3519 "Great Jazz Artists Play Compositions of Irving Berlin." A. AS.
10" 18153 Pee Wee HUNT & His Dixieland Band (6 tracks). A.
10" 18166 Earl HINES: Great Jazz Piano Solos. A, LSM.
1466 "Artie SHAW Hour." A, FOT. Minor pressing flaw.
1590 Joe BUSHKIN & His Rhythm (6 items)/Eddie SAFRANSKI Trio (2)/Teddy WILSON Group (4). A.
SJL 2247 (2) "The Modern Jazz Piano Album." POWELL, TRISTANO, WALLINGTON, NICHOLS, MARMAROSA, K. CLARKE Quintet (w. Horace Silver) (1946-56). A.
Savoy Jazz
SJL 2213 (2) Don BYAS: Savoy Jam Party (Savoy sessions, 1944-46). FS.
Smithsonian Collection
N 021 "Music of Fats Waller & James P. Johnson." WILBER, Smithsonian Jazz Repertory Ens. (w. HYMAN, WELLSTOOD). A.
R 006 (2) Fletcher HENDERSON: Developing an American Orchestra, 1923-37. A.
Sounds Good Music
SG 8010 S Benny GOODMAN Live in Las Vegas (Dec. 31, 1966). A.
Stomp Off
S.O.S. 1044 S HOT ANTIC Jazz Band. A.
S.O.S. 1050 S Bob CONNORS' New Yankee Rhythm Kings. A.
S.O.S. 1055 S LOUISIANA REPERTORY JAZZ ENSEMBLE of New Orleans: Uptown Jazz. A.
S.O.S. 1060 S Wally FAWKES & the Rhythm Kings: That's the Blues, Old Man. A.
S.O.S. 1172 S Pam PAMEIJER Trio: London Blues (w. Wally Fawkes, Butch Thompson). A.
Swing Treasury
102 Woody HERMAN: The Great Heard, 1946. A.
Traditional Jazz
TJ 1001 The Edmond HALL All Stars (1949 Boston broadcasts). A.
2 V6S 8811 S (2) Ella FITZGERALD & Louis ARMSTRONG: Ella & Louis. Late reissue. A.
821 987 1 S Oscar PETERSON Plays the Cole Porter Song Book. Late reprint edition. A. COH.
MGV 8014 Woody HERMAN & His Orchestra: Jazz, The Utmost! A.
V 4046 2 (2) Ella FITZGERALD: The Harold Arlen Song Book. A, LSM.
V 8582 "The Essential Benny GOODMAN" (from 1930s airchecks). A. COH.
VE 2 2511 (2) Ella FITZGERALD: The Cole Porter Songbook (late reissue). A.
Verve (Japan)
UMV 2030 "The Genius of Charlie PARKER #8: Swedish Schnapps." A, LSM. COH.
UMV 9070/2 (3) "Jazz at the Philharmonic, 1940s." GILLESPIE, PARKER, YOUNG, HAWKINS, COLE, PAUL, ELDRIDGE, et al. A.
Warner Bros.
BS 2971 S Leon REDBONE: Double Time. A.
Who's Who in Jazz WWLP 21013 S "Lionel HAMPTON Presents Woody HERMAN" (1977). A.
102 Bud POWELL: Bud in Paris (1959/60 sessions). A.
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