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This page shows an old, inactive LP catalog. Parnassus does cannot supply any of these items. This information is presented for discographical purposes only. If you are hoping to obtain one of these items, we suggest that you copy down our citation and then try www.gemm.com

Listings are alphabetical by record label. Click on a letter of the alphabet to go to straight to that part of the catalog.

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Audiophile - Non Classical - Jazz + Blues - Payment

ABC Classics
AY 67031 S Beethoven: Sonata #29. SOKOLOV. A. Corner clipped
AY 67032 S Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances. SVETLANOV, USSR SO. Tchaikovsky: Suite#4, "Mozartiana." FEDOSEYEV, Moscow Radio SO. A. Corner clipped
ALP 301 Dohnanyi: Rhapsodies; Weiner: Hungarian Peasant Songs. SCHWALB. A-, FOT. Red vinyl. Jacket crudely repaired
BB 23.058 Verdi: Otello--exc. (in German). KONETZNI, RALF, SCHOEFFLER; BOHM, Vienna St. Opera (1944). A
BB 23.101 Lieder of Schubert (8), Mozart, Brahms (3), Strauss, & Wolf (3). PATZAK, RAUCHEISEN (1943/4). FS
DE 23.073 (2) Strauss: Elektra. SCHLUTER, HAMMER, KUPPER, MARKWORT, HAGER, NEIDLINGER; SCHMIDT-ISSERSTEDT, Hamburg St. Opera (1943). A. German pressings
DE 23.106/7 (2) Karl ERB aria & Lieder recital, from broadcasts & 78s, 1932-44. A. COH
DE 23.120/1 (2) Anton DERMOTA aria recital, from 1944 broadcasts. A. COH. Spine damaged
DE 23.133/4 (2) Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro--complete arias (in German). TESCHEMACHER, CEBOTARI, KOLNIAK, WESSELY, AHLERSMEYER, SCHOEFFLER, BOHME; BOHM, Stuttgart St. Opera (1938). A
JB 23033 S (4) Brahms: 4 Symphonies; Haydn Variations. KEMPE, Munich PO. FS0
Vol. VIII Works of Clarke, Bach (3), Coke-Jephcott (2), Purcell, & Vierne (2). COKE-JEPHCOTT, Cathedral of St. John the Divine organ. A
Ali-Mar Productions
C 3005 S Schubert: 4 Lieder; songs & arias of Puccini (2), Handel, Dvorak (3), & Copland. A. TAYLOR (s), K. Bowen, T. Schilling (pf), Rutkowski (clar). FS
1557 Songs of Bach, Haydn, Mozart (2), C. Kreutzer, Weber, Schubert, Mendelssohn (2), Schumann (2), Franz, & folk songs. PECHNER. A/A-, FOT. Minor pressing flaw
1598 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 31. PETRI. A-, FOT; 1/4" X
AL 54 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 280, 282, & 284. HAMBRO. A, LSM
AL 99 Works of Balakirev, Borodin, Cui, Mussorgsky, & Rimsky-Korsakov. SHEYNE. A-, FOT
ALG 3036 Mozart: Quartets, K. 575 & 590. AEOLIAN QT. A-, FOT; 1/4" X
LEG 9020 Salvatore BACCALONI aria & duet recital. A. Vinyl pressing
LEG 9024 Songs of Wolf (8), Mendelssohn (5), & Franz (5). SCHUMANN, Reeves. A, LSM. Vinyl pressing
10" AVRS 3002 Salmhofer: Heiteres Herbarium. PATZAK, SALMHOFER. A, FOT. German texts
AVRS 6204 Boyce: Symphony #3; Purcell: The Married Beau--Suite; Bartok: Divertimento for Strings. DE STOUTZ, Zurich CO. A
American Recording Society
ARS 10 Swanson: 7 Songs. THIGPEN (s), ALLEN (pf). Goeb: Prairie Songs. FIVE-WIND ENS. B. Weber: Concert Aria after Solomon. BEARDLEE (s); BRIEFF, o. A-, FOT
ARS 31 Green: Sunday Sing Symphony. SCHOENHERR. Mennin: Concertato; Dello Joio: Epigraph. SWAROWSKY, Vienna SO. A
35254 Vivaldi: Concertos in A & d; Leo: Cello Concerto in D; Sacchini: Edipo a Colono Overture. CARACCIOLO, Scarlatti O., Naples. A, LSM. EP, dowel. Jacket repaired
35279 Pergolesi: La Serva Padrona. CARTERI, ROSSI-LEMENI; GIULINI, La Scala. A. EP. Boxed with libretto
35280 Bach: Sonata #1; Partita #1. MARTZY. A. EP, dowel spine0
35428- Mendelssohn: Songs Without Words--exc. GIESEKING. A. Blue label
35443 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. SCHIPPERS, Philharmonia O. Scarce mono-only issue. A. EP, dowel spine
35484T Bruch: Scottish Fantasy; Wieniawski: Violin Concerto #1. RABIN; BOULT, Philharmonia O. A. TE, EP
35543 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. MALCUZYNSKI; MALKO, French Nat'l Radio O. A. EP, no dowel
35610 "Paraphrases, Transcriptions & Improvisations." CZIFFRA. Legendary virtuoso recital, still quite amazing. A. EP. Minor jacket repairs
35611 Mozart: Sonata in a, K. 310; works of Hummel, Beethoven, Lully, Scarlatti (2), Krebs, & C.P.E. Bach. CZIFFRA. A. EP
35620 Beethoven: Symphony #7. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A. EP, dowel spine. AS. Jacket repaired
DS 37893 D Faure: 18 Songs. VON STADE, COLLARD. A. Texts
DS 38134 D Dvorak: Sonatina in G; 4 Romantic Pieces; Smetana: From My Homeland. PERLMAN, SANDERS. German DMM pressing. A
DS 38140 D Dvorak: Symphony #9. TENNSTEDT, Berlin PO. German DMM pressing. A
DS 38186 D Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha's Wedding Feast (ROLFE JOHNSON, t, Bournemouth Symphony Cho.); The Bamboula. ALWYN, Bournemouth SO. A. COH. Text
DSB 3981 D (2) Offenbach: La Belle Helene. NORMAN, ALER, BURIES, BACQUIER, LAFONT; PLASSON, Toulouse Cho. & O. A. Libretto
S 35397 S Schumann: Cello Concerto; Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations. FOURNIER; SARGENT, Philharmonia O. A. Red label. Dowel spine
S 35483 S "Italian Opera Intermezzi" of Catalani (3), Zandonai, Wolf-Ferrari (3),Pick-Mangiagalli, & Mascagni (2). GALLIERA, Philharmonia O. A. Spine repaired
S 35636 S Liszt: Les Preludes; Tasso. SILVESTRI, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label
S 35689 S Mozart: Horn Concertos. CIVIL; KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label
S 35791 S Beethoven: Sonatas #14, 24, & 30. A. FISCHER. A
S 36077 S Gottschalk: Piano music. PENNARIO. A
S 36151 S Franck: Le Chasseur Maudit; Les Djinns (CICCOLINI); Les Eolides; Redemption. CLUYTENS, Belgian Nat'l O. A. Blue label
S 36237 S A. Scarlatti: Infirmata Vulnerata; Telemann: Die Hoffnung ist mein Leben; Couperin: Lecon de Tenebres #1. FISCHER-DIESKAU, PICHT-AXENFELD (hpsi), POPPEN (cello), NICOLET (fl), HELLER (vln). A. Texts
S 36352 S Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen; Lieder recital. LUDWIG, Parsons, etal. A. Blue label. Texts
S 36461 S Beethoven: Symphony #3. BARBIROLLI, BBC SO. A. Blue label
S 36850 S Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos in e & d. MENUHIN; FRUHBECK DE BURGOS, London SO. A
S 37227 S Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien; Marche Slave; Mazeppa--Gopak; Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol; Mlada--Procession. BOULT, London PO. A
S 37262 Q Delius: Violin Concerto; Concerto for Violin & Cello (TORTELIER). MENUHIN; DAVIES, Royal PO. A
SB 3708 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #9. KLEMPERER, New Phil. O. A. Blue label
SBL 3551 S (2) Orff: Die Kluge. SCHWARZKOPF, KUEN, CORDES, PREY, NEIDLINGER, FRICK, ORFF (narr); SAWALLISCH. A. Red label. Libretto
SBL 3719 (2) Busoni: Piano Concerto. OGDON. Doktor Faust--Sarabande & Cortege.REVENAUGH, Royal PO. A. Blue label. Booklet
SCB 3712 S (3) Beethoven: Violin Concerto (LEINSDORF); Brahms: Concerto (FISTOULARI); Tchaikovsky: Concerto (STEINBERG). MILSTEIN. A. Blue label
Angel (Eng.)
AHA 5 Schubert: Symphony #9. BARBIROLLI, Halle O. A
AHA 7 Strauss: Don Juan; Till Eulenspiegel. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A. Minor jacket damage
Angel (Japan)
EAC 30138 Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 56, 526, & 547. BOSKOVSKY, KRAUS. A
EAC 60225/9 (5) Debussy: La Mer; Nocturnes; Images; Afternoon of a Faun. Le Martyre de St. Sebastien; L'Enfant Prodigue; La Damoiselle Elue; Noel des enfants; Jeux; Marche Ecossaise; 3 Ballades de Villon; 3 Chansons de Charles d'Orleans. INGHELBRECHT. A. French-Japanese texts0
EAC 80265 S Schumann: Piano Quintet (STEPAN); Schubert: Quartet in Eb, D. 87. SMETANA QT. A
GR 2194 Beethoven: Concerto #5. LONG; MUNCH, Paris Cons. O. (from 78s, 1943). A
GR 2212 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer" (1952); Enesco: Sonata #3 (1949); Chausson: Poeme (1928). ENESCO, CHAILLEY-RICHEZ. A
GR 2236 Schubert: Quartet #15, D. 161. BUSCH QT. From 78s, 1939. A
GR 70012 Mozart: Concertos #20 & 24. E. FISCHER, Fischer CO (in #20); COLLINGWOOD, London PO (in #24). FS
GR 70086 Bach: Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Toccata in D; Fantasy & Fugue in a; keyboard works. FISCHER. A
GR 70097 Mozart: Concertos #17 & 25. E. FISCHER; FISCHER, Fischer CO (#17); KRIPS, Philharmonia O. (#25). FS
WF 60039 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4; Serenade for Strings--Waltz & Finale. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. (1951/50). A
Angel Melodiya
SR 40099 S Shostakovich: Symphony #2. BLAZHKOV, Leningrad PO, Krupskaya Inst. Cho. Cello Concerto #1. KHOMITSER; ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow Radio SO. A
SR 40260 S Scriabin-Nemtin: Universe. KONDRASHIN, Yurlov Cho., Moscow PO. A
SRD 4104 S (4) Tchaikovsky: Queen of Spades. LEVKO, MILASHKINA, ARKHIPOVA, ANDJAPARIDZE, KISELEY, MAZUROK; KHAIKIN, Bolshoi Opera. A. Libretto. Blank spine
Angel Seraphim
60010 Chopin: Sonata #2; Shostakovich: Preludes & Fugues, Op. 87, #1, 5, & 24. GILELS. A
IS 6100 (19) Wagner: Ring of the Niebelung. FURTWAENGLER, RAI, Rome (1953). Boxed set includes "Seraphim Guide to the Ring." A0
S 60038 S Beethoven: Symphony #7. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A
1068 Dmitri SMIRNOFF recital, from live performances, 1926 (!) (3 w. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO). (Is this another EJS hoax?) FS
Anthologie Sonore
AS 38 Marais: Suites #3 & 5. CARATGE (fl), R. BOULAY (vla), L. BOULAY (hpsi). A, FOT
8032 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 97, "Archduke" (HOLST, PINI); Haydn: Sonata #37,in D. SOLOMON. A
8107 (3) Schubert: Die schone Mullerin; Winterreise; 16 Lieder (5 previously unpub.) HUSCH, Muller, Moore. A. Microtype texts
8127 S (3) Alkan: Etudes, Op. 39; piano music. R. SMITH. FS
2533 121 S Beethoven: Songs (arr. Silcher). PREY. Symphony #8 (arr. Liszt). HOKANSON. FS
2533 409 S Albinoni: 8 Oboe Concertos, from Op. 7. HOLLIGER, ELHORST, Camerata Bern. A
2710 018 S (3) Cherubini: String Quartets. MELOS QT. A
ARC 3002 de la Halle: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion; 13 Rondeaux; Anon.: "17 Dances of the 13th & 14th Centuries." CAPE, Pro Musica Antiqua, Brussels. A
ARC 3007 Purcell: 15 Fantasies for viols. WENZINGER, et al. A
ARC 3042 Handel: 9 German Arias. GUILLEAUME (s), ens. A. German texts
ARC 3079/81 (3) Bach: Christmas Oratorio. G. WEBER, S. WAGNER, KREBS, REHFUSS; LEHMANN, Berlin Motet Choir, RIAS Chamber Cho., Berlin PO. A, LSM. Text. Box damaged
3BBA 1008/10 S (3) Wolf: Morike Lieder. LUXON, WILLSON. Texts
ZRG 504 S Handel: Arias. ROBINSON (bs); MARRINER, Academy. A. Oval logo. Texts
ZRG 524 S Mozart: Exsultate jubilate; 4 arias. SPOORENBERG (s); MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. Oval logo. Texts
ZRG 5450 S "A Festival of Lessons & Carols as sung on Christmas Eve, 1964, in King's College Chapel, Cambridge." WILLCOCKS (A. DAVIS, org). A, FOT. EP. Texts
ZRG 642 S "Ecco la Primavera: Florentine Music of the 14th Century." MUNROW, Early Music Consort. A. EP. Text
ZRG 650/1 S (2) Messiaen: 20 Regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus. OGDON. A. Oval logo
ZRG 870 S Works of Howarth, Jolivet, Tippett, Copland, Brian, Walton, Byrd, Gervaise, Purcell, et al ("Fanfare"). PHILIPS JONES BRASS ENS. A
LP 1605 S Thiriet: Psyche; Casterede: La Mythomane. Pseudonymous performers. A
ALP 154 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition (studio recording); Prokofiev: Sonata #7. RICHTER. A, LSM
10" 501 Bach: Sheep May Safely Graze (arr. M. Bauer); Toccata in C--Adagio (arr. Hess); C.P.E. Bach: Sonata in D. EUSTIS (pf). A. Red vinyl
Artistic Enterprises
B 109 "Recital of Russian Music" (songs & folksongs, 1 Shostakovich item). BELARSKY (bs), anon. accomp. A
OSS 1333 "The Flutist's Guide: A Clinical Study of Flute Playing for the Flute Student & Music Educator." WILKINS (fl), Kortkamp (pf). Instruction book included. A
Arturo Toscanini Recordings Association
ATRA 3006 Sibelius: Symphony #4 (1940); Lemminkainen's Homecoming (1940); En Saga (1952); Swan of Tuonela (1939). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
ATRA 3007 Beethoven: Symphony #9. BOVY, THORBORG, PEERCE, PINZA; TOSCANINI, NBC SO (1938). A
Arturo Toscanini Society
ATS 100 Liszt: Orpheus; From the Cradle to the Grave; Rubinstein: Valse-Caprice; Vieuxtemps: Ballade; Polonaise; Goldmark: Rustic Wedding--2 exc. TOSCANINI, NBC SO (no other information provided). A. BJ, insert5
ATS GC 1201/6 (6) Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 5 (w. rehearsal exc.); Haydn: Symphony #88; Bartok: MUSPAC; Schumann: Symphony #4; Schubert: Symphony #9; Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4; works of Weber, Wagner, & Ravel (2). CANTELLI, NBC SO. A
LP 121 (2) "Lauritz MELCHIOR 50th Anniversary." Acoustic baritone & tenor solos, early electrics, 2 airchecks, 1 brief 1960 private recording. A
Audio Collector
501 Schubert: Symphony #8; Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Schumann: Manfred Overture. GUI, Florence May Festival O. A/A-, FOT. AS, later editions
2001 S (2) Beethoven: Diabelli Variations; Sonata #31. SHURE. A
23 1916 S Pinkham: Christmas Cantata; choral works. WARLAND, Dale Warland Singers, inst. ens. FS

TOP Classical LPs by Label: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Audiophile - Non Classical - Jazz + Blues - Payment
Please Note: This is an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus cannot supply any of these items. This information is presented for discographical purposes only. If you are hoping to obtain any of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com
Bar Ilan University
CP 34 S (2) Works of Avitsur, Ben-Yohanan, A. Hajdu, Z. Keren, & U. Sharvit (Israeli composers). Various performers. A
Barbirolli Society
SJB 100 Vaughan Williams: Sinfonia Antarctica. RITCHIE; BARBIROLLI, Halle Cho.& O. Premiere recording by creators, 1953. A
2864 S Shostakovich: Quartets #7 & 8. BEETHOVEN QT. Broadcast performances ingenuine stereo. A
301 Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin Suite. SERLY, New SO. A/A-, FOT. Red vinyl
BRS 913 Gibbons: 2 Fantasias; Locke: Consort of Ffowre Parts--#6; Purcell: Pavan & Chacony. NEW MUSIC QT. A-, FOT
21025 S Orff & Keetman: Musica Poetica, Vol. 5--Aeolian. Various performers under Orff's direction. A. German texts
21996 (2) Wagner: Lohengrin--exc. MULLER, KLOSE, VOLKER, PROHASKA, HOFMANN;HEGER, Berlin St. Opera (1942). A. German pressing
22325 Strauss: Josephs-Legende. HEGER, Bavarian St. Opera O. (1952). A
22481 Sweelinck: Harpsichord works. NEUMEYER (1640 Ruckers hpsi). A. German pressing
G 22798 S Funck: Suite in D; Klengel: Hymnus; Blacher: Blues-Espagnola-Rumba philharmonica; Francaix: Aubade. BERLIN PHIL. CELLISTS. U.S. pressing. A
KBB 21360 Verdi: Otello--exc. REINING, ROSWAENGE, REINMAR; ELMENDORFF, Berlin St. Opera (1943). A
1009 Mozart: Concerto #9. RICHTER; MAAZEL, Grange Festival O. Concerto #27.RICHTER; BRITTEN, English CO. A
Bell Laboratories
BTL 7901 Works of Berlioz, Weber, Mendelssohn, Wagner, Scriabin (2 exc.), & Mussorgsky (4 exc.) STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. Bell experimental recordings, 1931-32, some in genuine stereo. Private issue for Bell employees only. A
630 01 001 Songs of Handel, Weber (2), Mendelssohn (2), Brahms (4), Strauss (3), &Pfitzner (4). BERGER, RAUCHEISEN (Berlin, 1949). FS
630 01 002 Schubert: Lieder; Pfitzner: Alte Weisen; 2 Lieder. BERGER, RAUCHEISEN(Berlin, 1949). FS
Belvedere Teletheater
120747 Opera exc. of Strauss, Verdi, Mascagni, & Wagner. JERITZA, VOLKER, SCHIPPER, JERGER, ROSWAENGE, MANOWARDA, URSULEAC, MAYR, GRAARUD; KRAUSS, KRIPS (in 1), Vienna St. Opera (1933 fragmentary transcriptions). A
B 215 Brahms: Piano Quartet #1. BERKOWITZ, BEL ARTE TRIO (Posselt, De Pasquale, Mayes). A. AS
BG 2008/9 (2) Offenbach: Le Pont de Soupirs. DONIAT, C. COLLARD, HAMEL, PEYRON,REY, GILLET, JARRY; DOUSSARD. French Radio broadcast, 1968. A. Fine jacket
Bruno Walter Society (Japan)
OW 7210 BS Mozart: Symphony #40; Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Strauss: Don Juan.WALTER, Berlin PO (live perf., 1950). A. Obi strip

TOP Classical LPs by Label: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Audiophile - Non Classical - Jazz + Blues - Payment
Please Note: This is an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus cannot supply any of these items. This information is presented for discographical purposes only. If you are hoping to obtain any of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com
CRS 1702 S "Songs from Shakespeare, Bach, & La Fontaine." CUENOD, FULLER (hpsi). A. Texts on jacket
CRS 2903 S A. Scarlatti: La Griselda--exc. BOGARD, NELSON, WINDINGSTAD, COLLINS, CASCIO; MOE, U. of California O. A. Text
10" H8131 Mozart: Symphony #32. H. VON BENDA, Berlin PO. Wolf: Italian Serenade. KEILBERTH, German PO of Prague. A/A-, FOT
10" L8166 Smetana: The Moldau; From Bohemia's Meadows & Forests. KEILBERTH, Bamberg SO. A
P18000 Brahms: Symphony #2. SCHMIDT-ISSERSTEDT, NWDR SO, Hamburg. A, LSM; minor PBs
P8026 Reger: Serenade, Op. 95. JOCHUM, Concertgebouw O. A, LSM
P8037 Dopper: Gothic Chaconne. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Pfitzner: Palestrina--3 Preludes. KEILBERTH, German PO of Prague. A, FOT
P8040 Schubert: Symphony #9. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A-, FOT
P8103 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A-, FOT
P8140 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite; Swan Lake--Suite. DESORMIERE, French Nat'l Radio O. A, LSM; tiny PB
P8153 Brahms: Symphony #1. KEILBERTH, Berlin PO. A/A-, FOT
P8157 Glazounov: The Seasons. DESORMIERE, French Nat'l O. A
P8218 Vaughan Williams: 5 Tudor Portraits. RANKIN (ms), ANDERSON (bs-b); STEINBERG, Mendelssohn Choir, Pittsburgh SO. A
P8257 Prokofiev: Chout--Suite; Falla: The 3-Cornered Hat--3 Dances. GOLSCHMANN, St. Louis SO. A, LSM
P8327 Sibelius: Violin Concerto (WICKS); 2 Legends. EHRLING, Stockholm RadioSO. A-/B, FOT. Jacket repaired
P8341 "From the Romantic Era." ALMEIDA (guitar). A, LSM
P8359 Schubert: Quartet #14, "Death & the Maiden." HOLLYWOOD QT. A. Jacket repaired
SG 7241 S Chopin: Concerto #1. POLLINI; KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A
SP 8475 S Ravel: Bolero; La Valse; Pavane. STEINBERG, Pittsburgh SO. A, LSM
CAP 1201/3 S (3) Stenhammar: 6 Quartets. FRESK QT. (#1 & 5), COPENHAGEN QT. (#2 & 6), GOTLAND QT. (#3 & 4). A
CBC Radio-Canada
EXPO 28 Damase: 17 Variations; Ibert: 3 Pieces Breves; Milhaud: La Cheminee du Roi Rene; Hetu: Quintet. QUEBEC WIND QUINTET. A. TE
RM 204 Dohnanyi: Quartet in A, Op. 7; Faure: Quartet. QUEBEC QT. Broadcast transcription with narration. A. TE
61723 Beethoven: Symphony #3. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. FS
FM 37265 S Glass: Glassworks. RIESMAN, ens. (incl. GLASS, GIBSON, et al). FS
FM 39564 S Philip GLASS: Songs from Liquid Days (vocals by Vernard FOWLER, JanicePENDARVIS, Linda RONDTADT, The ROCHES, Douglas PERRY). A
IM 37278 D Bach: Concerto for Violin & Oboe (KILLMER); Concerto for 2 Violins; Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 Violins. STERN, ZUKERMAN, St. Paul CO. A
M 35831 S Bach: Toccatas, BWV 911, 914-6. GOULD. A
M 35856 S Hertel: Concerto for Oboe & Trumpet (HOLLIGER); Hummel: Trumpet Concerto; Albinoni: Trumpet Concerto, Op. 7, #3. BERNARD; MALCOLM, English CO. A
M 35873 S "Baroque Suite from `Kramer vs. Kramer'" (complete baroque works used in film). A
M 35875 S Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp (RAMPAL, NORDMANN); Oboe Concerto (PIERLOT). RAMPAL, English CO. A
M2X 44589 D (2) Schubert: Sonata in A, D. 664; Messiaen: 20 Regards sur l'EnfantJesus--3 exc.; Schumann: Etudes Symphoniques (complete); works of Rachmaninov & Beethoven. FELTSMAN (Carnegie Hall debut, 1987). Scarce on LP. A.
CBS Sony
SOCU 20 Mozart: Violin Concerto #5. A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players. Quartet in Eb, K. 428. BUSCH QT
SOCU 54 Beethoven: Sonatas #14, 23, 24, & 26. CASADESUS. A
SONC 16023 J S Bach: Partita #6; Musical Offering--2 Ricercars; 4 Duets. Y. TAKAHASHI(pf). A
50,076 Songs & arias of Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Ibert, Mussorgsky (2), Verdi, Boito, & Gounod. ROSSI-LEMENI. A, FOT. Texts
LO 508 (3) Bach: St. Matthew Passion. GRUMMER, HOFFGEN, DERMOTA, FISCHER-DIESKAU, EDELMANN; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna Singverein & PO (1954). A
LPC 1211 (3) Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia. SIMIONATO, INFANTINO, TADDEI, BADIOLI; PREVITALI. A, FOT. Libretto, long box
LPC 1264 (3) Paisiello: Nina. GATTI, GIOIA, FERRIN; GERELLI. A. Italian libretto. Top of spine damaged
LPC 55034 Mascagni: Isabeau--exc. POBBE, FERRARO, ROLA; SERAFIN, Sanremo SO. A, FOT
Chamber Music Society
CM 24 Schumann: Piano Quintet. KANN, PASCAL QT. Quartet #3. WINTERTHUR QT. (Rybar, Dahinden, Kromer, Tusa). A, LSM. Red vinyl
Chant du Monde
LDC 78893/4 (2) Rossini: Le Comte Ory. OGEAS, SENECHAL, MASSARD; INGHELBRECHT, French Radio (1959). FIRST PUBLICATION. A. Libretto
ABM 23 S Kreisler: String Quartet; Coleridge-Taylor: Clarinet Quintet (DOBREE). AMICI QT. A
Classical Excellence
CE 11051 S Von Einem: Bruckner Dialogue; Philadelphia Symphony. HORVAT, Austrian Broadcast SO. A
Classics for Pleasure
CFP 40278 S Kreisler: Violin works & arrangements. FRIEND, Isador. A
D 8206 D "Musiche Veneziane." BERGANZA; DAHLER, ensemble. DMM pressing. A. Italian texts
RPCL 2027 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. HOROWITZ; SZELL, N.Y. Phil. (1953). A
RPCL 2033 Wagner: Orchestral excerpts. TOSCANINI, NBC SO (last concert, 1954). A
10" LP 3300 Works of Delibes, Monti, Bizet, Callejo-Berrera, Mendelssohn, Monterde,& Sarasate. R. MENDEZ (tpt); LUBIN, o. A/A-, LSM
CLPS 1013 Schubert-Oeser: Grand Duo, Op. 140. FEKETE, Salzburg Mozarteum O. A, LSM
CLPS 1026 Debussy: 6 Epigraphes Antiques; Ravel: Ma Mere l'Oye. GORINI, LORENZI. A; 1 small PB
CRLP 173 Shostakovich: Symphony #10. "SHOSTAKOVICH, Nat'l PO" (fraudulent attribution, actually MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO.) Kabalevsky: Colas Breugnon Overture. KABALEVSKY, Bolshoi O. A, FOT
SM 502 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. NEY; HOOGSTRATEN, Nurnberg SO (w. Ney talk in German). A
CP 415 Liszt: Rigoletto Fantasy; La Campanella; Un Sospiro; Chopin: Nocturne, Op. 55, #1; Scherzo #2 (ed. Siloti); Mendelssohn: Rondo Capriccioso. BOLET. Complete performances of music used in "Song Without End" soundtrack. A
10" AL 36 Semprini: Mediterranean Concerto; Docker: Legend; King: Runnymede Rhapsody. M. GOULD (pf & cond), Rochester "Pops." A, LSM
10" ML 2049- Bach-Busoni: Chaconne; Beethoven: Sonata #6. PETRI. A, FOT
10" ML 2085 Beethoven: Folk song arrangements. TRAUBEL, Bos, Pennington, Evans (last 2 of London String Quartet). A; numerous PBs
10" ML 2150 Handel: Violin Sonatas in F & D. SCHNEIDER, KIRKPATRICK, MILLER. A, FOT
10" ML 2153 Wagner: Rienzi Overture; Die Walkure--Wotan's Farewell & Magic Fire Music. STOKOWSKI, N.Y. Phil. A-, FOT
10" ML 2218 Beethoven: Triple Concerto. MORALES, ODNOPOSOFF, AUBER; WEINGARTNER, Vienna PO. A
BS 15 S "Glenn GOULD: Concert Dropout, in conversation with John McClure." A
CL 763 Grofe: Hudson River Suite; King Norodom of Cambodia: Cambodian Suite;works of Falla, White, Tucci, & Kay. KOSTELANETZ, o. A
D3M 31525 S (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. GOULD. A
D3M 33448 (3) (part S) "In Memoriam: Richard TUCKER, 1913-1975." Aria & song anthology with booklet. A
D3S 791 S (3) "Clair de Lune: The World's Favorite Piano Music." ENTREMONT. A. 2 eye label
D3S 816 S (3) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos; Suites #2 & 3. CASALS, Marlboro Festival O. A. 2 eye label. Promo stickers
KS 6327 S Stravinsky: Le Rossignol. GRIST, DRISCOLL, GRAMM; STRAVINSKY, Washington Opera Society. A. 6 eye label. Libretto
M 30063 S Chopin: Piano music. ENTREMONT. A
M 30078 S Beethoven: Sonatas #21 & 23. GRAFFMAN. FS
M 30080 S Beethoven: 32 Variations in c; Variations in F, Op. 34; "Eroica" Variations. GOULD. A
M 30116 S Berlioz: Harold in Italy. DE PASQUALE; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A
M 30587 S Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. BOULEZ, London SO. A
M 30683 S Subotnick: Sidewinder (electronic music). A
M 30825 S Works of Byrd (5) & Gibbons (3). GOULD (pf). A
M 31239 S Beethoven: Sonatas #28 & 31. SERKIN. A
M 31799 S Berlioz: Overtures--Benvenuto Cellini; Roman Carnival; Beatrice & Benedict (w. Entr'acte); Les Troyens--Royal Hunt & Storm. BOULEZ, N.Y. Phil. A
M 32040 S Grieg: Sonata; Bizet: Variations Chromatiques; Nocturne. GOULD. A
M 32070 S Satie: 3 Gymnopedies; works of Ravel (3), Debussy (2), Chabrier, Faure(2), & Poulenc. ENTREMONT. A
M 32162 S Berg: 7 Early Songs (HARPER); Wozzeck--exc. (STRAUSS, BERRY). BOULEZ. A. Texts
M 32173 S Mozart: Concertos for 2 & 3 Pianos. GOLD, FIZDALE, BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. Great program notes! A
M 32231 S Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 39; songs of Tchaikovsky (2), Debussy, Duparc, Satie, Rachmaninov, Liszt, & Offenbach (2). TOUREL, BERNSTEIN (pf). Live performance, 1969; only publicaiton. A. Texts
M 32577 S "Stephen Foster's Social Orchestra: A Collection of Popular Melodies."G. SMITH, o. A
> M 33074 S Beethoven: Sonata #7; Fur Elise; 32 Variations in c; Rondo a Capriccio. WATTS. Great program notes! A. Corner clipped
M 33265 S Beethoven: Bagatelles, Opp. 33 & 126. GOULD. Great program notes! A. Promo label. COH
M 33838 Works of Herbert, Billings, Sousa, Cennick, Hewitt, Dello Joio, Gilmore, Hairston, Gung'l, R. Nixon, et al. GOLDMAN, COX, Goldman Band; DE PAUR, De Paur Cho ("A Bicentennial Celebration"). A. Texts
M 33890 S Beethoven: Sonatas #31 & 32. GRAFFMAN. Great program notes! A
M 34215 S "Yankee Doodle Dandies!" R. MERRILL; OTTLEY, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, o. A. Promo sticker
M 34536 Q Berlioz: Te Deum. DUPOUY (t); BARENBOIM, O. de Paris & Cho. A. Text
M 34539 S Schumann: Etudes Symphoniques; Papillons. PERAHIA. Great program notes! A. Promo sticker
M 34548 S Sibelius: Symphony #1; Swan of Tuonela. STOKOWSKI, Nat'l PO. A
M 34563 S Berlioz: Nuits d'Ete; La Mort de Cleopatre. MINTON, BURROWS; BOULEZ, BBC SO. A
M 35102 S Falla: Fanfare; El Amor Brujo; Ravel: Sheherazade. HORNE; BERNSTEIN. Very short-lived issue. A. Texts
M 35109 S Shostakovich: Violin Sonata. KREMER, GAVRILOV. Viola Sonata. DRUZHININ, MUNTYAN. FS
M2L 283 (2) "Columbia's 1903 Grand Opera Series." ADAMS, CAMPANARI, E. DE RESZKE, GILIBERT, SCHUMANN-HEINK, SCOTTI, & SEMBRICH. Includes facsimile of 1903 advertising booklet. A
M2S 693 S (2) Bach: 6 Partitas. GOULD. #5 & 6 rechannelled stereo. A, FOT
ML 4002 Bach: Concerto for 2 Violins (MAGNES); Violin Concerto #2. A. BUSCH. A/A-, FOT; 1/8" X
ML 4021 Debussy: Iberia; Ravel: La Valse. REINER, Pittsburgh SO. A/A-, FOT; 1/3" X. EAR
ML 4034 Mozart: Quintet in C, K. 515. BUDAPEST QT., KATIMS. A-, FOT. EAR. Blue label
ML 4035 Mozart: Symphony #41. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A, FOT; minor PBs. Late jacket
ML 4086 Sibelius: Symphony #7. BEECHAM. Wagner: Siegfried Idyll. RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil. A, FOT. Blue label
ML 4108 Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen. BRICE; REINER, Pittsburgh So.Bach: Arias. BRICE; SAIDENBERG. A. Jacket crudely repaired
ML 4117 "Sacred Songs." TRAUBEL; O'Connell. A, LSM
ML 4155 Beethoven: Quartet in F, Op. 59, #1. BUSCH QT. A/A-. Blue label
ML 4255 Chopin-Gretchaninov: Les Sylphides; Villa-Lobos: Uirapuru. KURTZ, N.Y. Phil. A, FOT
ML 4296 Brahms: Piano Quartet #1. SERKIN, BUSCH QUARTET. A
ML 4335 Beethoven: Sonata #32; Andante favori. LATEINER (1st recording, age 21). A
ML 4352 Bach: Concerto in a (HORSZOWSKI, SCHNEIDER, WUMMER); Violin Concerto in d (SZIGETI). CASALS, Prades Festival O. A-, FOT. Blue label
ML 4353 Bach: Violin Concerto #1, in a. STERN. Harpsichord Concerto #5, in f. HASKIL (piano); CASALS, Prades Festival O. Toccata in e. ISTOMIN. Trio Sonata. STERN, WUMMER, ISTOMIN. A-, FOT. Blue label. Jacket damaged
ML 4398 Stravinsky: Fireworks; Ode; Norwegian Moods; Ebony Concerto; Circus Polka. STRAVINSKY. Russian Maiden's Song. SZIGETI, STRAVINSKY. A. Gray label
ML 4399 Poulenc: Mouvements perpetuels; Nocturne; Suite Francaise; Satie: Piano music. POULENC. A, FOT. Blue label
ML 4505 Beethoven: Symphony #5. WEINGARTNER, London PO. A, FOT
ML 4593 Berners: Triumph of Neptune Suite; Arnell: Punch & the Child. BEECHAM, Phila. O., Royal PO. A
ML 4625 Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf (Arthur GODFREY, narr); Kern: Mark Twain;Grofe: Mississippi Suite. KOSTELANETZ, o. A, LSM
ML 4629 "First Chair." ORMANDY, Phila. O. (with soloists KINCAID, TABUTEAU, SCHOENBACH, MONROE, JONES, et al). A, LSM. Blue label
ML 4641 Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte (HORSZOWSKI); Bach: Cantata #189 (WUMMER, TABUTEAU, SCHNEIDER, TORTELIER, VEYRON-LACROIX). SCHIOTZ. Suppressed almost immediately after publication. A7
ML 4651 Chopin: Concerto #1. SANDOR; ORMANDY, Phila. O. Scarce release! A; 1/4" X, minor PB
ML 4715 Schubert: Trio #1. ISTOMIN, SCHNEIDER, CASALS. A. Gray label
ML 4739 Shostakovich: Symphony #5. MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil. A. Gray label
ML 4746 Bach: French Suites. AHLGRIMM. A/A-, FOT
ML 4769 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. HUBERMAN; SZELL, Vienna PO. A-, FOT; 1/4" X
ML 4771 Haydn: Symphony #104; Schubert: Symphony #5. BEECHAM, London PO. From78s, 1938-9. A, FOT; 1/3" X
ML 4776 Mozart: Symphony #39; Eine kleine Nachtmusik; L. Mozart: Toy Symphony. WEINGARTNER. A/A-, FOT. Blue label
ML 4781 Mozart: Symphonies #29 & 34. BEECHAM, London PO. A-
ML 4829 Brahms: Concerto #1. SERKIN; SZELL, Cleveland O. A/A-, FOT. Blue label
ML 4833 Schubert: Quartet #15, in G. BUDAPEST QUARTET. A, LSM. Blue label
ML 4897 Berlioz: Te Deum. YOUNG (t); BEECHAM, Royal PO, cho's. A. Gray label
ML 4935 Bach: Partitas #2 & 3. FRANCESCATTI. A-/B, FOT
ML 4984 Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata; Boccherini: Sonata in A; Sammartini: Sonata in G. ROSE, HAMBRO. A
ML 4989 Persichetti: Concerto for Piano 4 Hands. V. & D. PERSICHETTI. Creston:Saxophone Sonata. ABATO, CRESTON. A
ML 5044 Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. CORIGLIANO; CANTELLI, N.Y. Phil. A, LSM
ML 5087 Bach: Violin Concerto #1. STERN. Concerto #2. OISTRAKH. Vivaldi: Concerto in a. OISTRAKH, STERN; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, LSM
ML 5169 Mozart: Concertos #17 & 25. SERKIN; SZELL, Columbia SO. A, FOT
ML 5171 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite; Chabrier: Espana; Ponchielli: Dance of the Hours; Suppe: Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna Overture. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A
ML 5202 Sibelius: String Quartet; Grieg: Quartet. BUDAPEST STRING QUARTET. A
ML 5255 Kreisler: Violin works. FRANCESCATTI, BALSAM. A
ML 5287 Brahms: Handel Variations; 3 Intermezzi, Op. 117. ISTOMIN. A
ML 5290 Mendelssohn: Organ Sonata #4; Widor: Symphony #6. SCHWEITZER. A
ML 5358 Falla: The 3-Cornered Hat. LANGA (s); ARAMBARRI, Madrid Concert O. Superb performance! A
ML 5600 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition. RICHTER (Sofia, 1958). Early pressing without review on jacket front. A
ML 5996 Schubert: Die schone Mullerin. LEHMANN, Ulanowsky. From 78s, 1942. A. White label promo. Text
MPS 9 S "Audition," Summer 1966. Sampler with brief comments by SZELL, BIGGS, Robert MANN. A
MS 6165 S "Carols for Christmas." FARRELL; Henderson. A. 6 eye label
MS 6170 S Berlioz: Romeo & Juliet--exc.; Roman Carnival Overture. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 6 eye label
MS 6174 S Brahms: Symphony #3; Haydn Variations. WALTER, Columbia SO. A, LSM. 6 eye label
MS 6180 S Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d; Toccata, Adagio & Fugue; Passacaglia & Fugue (arr. Ormandy); J.C. Bach: Sinfonia, Op. 18, #1. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 6 eye label
MS 6214 S Debussy: Piano music. ENTREMONT. A. 2 eye label
MS 6216 S Berg: 3 Pieces, Op. 6; Schoenberg: Begleitungsmusik, Op. 34; Webern: 6 Pieces, Op. 6. CRAFT, o. A. 6 eye label
MS 6291 S Binkerd: Symphony #1. VAN REMOORTEL, St. Louis SO. Wagner: Siegfried Idyll. RUDOLF, o. A, LSM. 6 eye label. Tiny PB
MS 6319 S Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps. STRAVINSKY, Columbia SO. A, LSM. 2 eye label
MS 6343 S Schubert: 7 Lieder; Loewe: 4 Ballades. BELL, WUSTMAN ("Serenade"). FS. Texts
MS 6524 S Songs of Respighi (6), Castelnuovo-Tedesco (3), Debussy (4) & Faure (4). FARRELL, Trovillo. A. Texts
MS 6658 S Scarlatti: 12 Sonatas. HOROWITZ. A. 2 eye label
MS 6686 S Beethoven: 3 Sonatas, Op. 10. GOULD. A. 2 eye label
MS 6881 S Stravinsky: Pulcinella. JORDAN (s), SHIRLEY (t), GRAMM (bs); STRAVINSKY, Columbia SO. A. 2 eye label
MS 6886 S Works of Chopin (2), Liszt, Debussy (2), Tchaikovsky, Daquin, Prokofiev, Rachmaninov, Mendelssohn, Albeniz, & Gershwin. ENTREMONT ("Fantasy-Impromptu"). A. 2 eye label
MS 6959 S Donovan: 5 Elizabethan Lyrics. ADDISON (s), GALIMIR QT. Music for 6; Berger: Chamber Music for 13 Players. SCHULLER, ens. 3 Pieces for 2 Pianos. JACOBS, KALISH. A. 2 eye label
MS 7041 S Berg: Lulu Suite; Schoenberg: Theme & Variations; Webern: Im Sommerwind; 3 Pieces for Orchestra (Posthumous). ORMANDY, Phila. O. A
MS 7164 S "What Child Is This: A Christmas Festival." BIGGS (organ); SMITH, Gregg Smith Singers, Texas Boys Cho. of Fort Worth, N.Y. Brass & Percussion Ens. A
MS 7179 S Berg: Chamber Concerto (BARENBOIM, GAWRILOFF); 3 Pieces; Altenberg Lieder (LUKOMSKA). BOULEZ, BBC SO. A
MS 7268 S Berio: Sinfonia. BERIO, Swingle Singers, N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label
MS 7315 S Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air; Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band. RILEY (var. keyboards). A. COH
MS 7316 S Subotnick: Touch. SUBOTNICK (Buchla Electronic Music System). A. 2 eye label
MS 7335 S L. Hardin ("Moondog"): Minisym #1; Witch of Endor; instrumental works.HARDIN, ens. A. Promo sticker
MS 7501 S "Bach's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1." Items by ORMANDY, CASALS, BIGGS, & CARLOS. A
SL 108 (2) J. Strauss: Die Fledermaus (in English). PONS, WELITSCH, LIPTON, TUCKER, KULLMAN, BROWNLEE; ORMANDY, Met. Opera. A. Gray label. Libretto
SL 156 (2) Beethoven: Symphony #9 (GONZALEZ, NIKOLAIDI, JOBIN, HARRELL); Brahms: Song of Destiny. WALTER, Westminster Choir, N.Y. Phil. Symphony Finale & Brahms never reissued. A-; 2/3" X
Columbia (Eng.)
33CX 1813 Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Rachmaninov: Corelli Variations; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz. ASHKENAZY. A, FOT. Minor jacket damage
TWO 361 S Coates: The 3 Elizabeths; Miniature Suite; Jester at the Wedding--2 exc.; Merrymakers Overture; Calling All Workers. KILBEY, City of Birmingham SO. A
Columbia (Germany)
10" C 60140 Arias of Rossini, Mozart (2), Lortzing (2), Marschner, Korngold, & Humperdinck (all in German). PREY; SCHUCHTER, Bielefelder Kinderchor, o. A
SMC 80891 S "Deutsche Volkslieder in Santzen des 16. Jahrhunderts." ALTMEYER (t); ARNDT, RIAS Chamber Cho., Berlin Ensemble for Old Music. A
Columbia (Italy)
33QCX 10285 Schumann: Carnaval; Schubert: Moments musicaux. GIESEKING. A
Columbia (Japan)
OS 2842 PM S Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto; Glazunov: Concerto. KULKA; KATLEWITZ, Warsaw PO. A
Columbia Entre
RL 3013 Brahms: Symphony #3. STOCK, Chicago SO. A-, FOT; 1/3" X
RL 3104 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #1 & 2. REINER, o. A-, FOT. Spine repaired
RL 3105 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #3 & 4. REINER, o. A
RL 3117 Brahms: Symphony #1. RODZINSKI, N.Y. Phil. A/A-, FOT
RL 6630 Gould: Serenade of Carols; Suite of Christmas Hymns. GOULD, o. A
Columbia Harmony
HL 7091 Beethoven: Symphonies #2 & 4. WEINGARTNER, London SO & PO. A, FOT
HL 7121 "Great Overtures!" Herold: Zampa. KURTZ. Wolf-Ferrari: Secret of Suzanne. RODZINSKI. Brahms: Academic Festival; Smetana: Bartered Bride; Berlioz: Roman Carnival. BARBIROLLI, N.Y. Phil. A, LSM
Columbia Odyssey
32 36 0007 (3) Brahms: 4 Symphonies. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A
Y 32367 Romberg: The Student Prince. KIRSTEN, WARNER, ROUNSEVILLE, HARVUOT; ENGEL. A
Y 32368 S Falla: El Amor Brujo (VERRETT); Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--"Love Music." STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A
Y 32675 Strauss: 4 Last Songs; 2 Lieder; songs of Marx (2) & Mahler (3). WELITSCH, ULANOWSKY. Most items previously unpublished. A. Texts on jacket
Y 34140 S Schuman: Symphony #8. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. Suderberg: Piano Concerto. SIKI; KATIMS, Seattle SO. A. Promo sticker
Y 34158 S Subotnick: Until Spring. Electronic music. A
Concert Hall
CHC 61 Schubert: Symphony #5; Mendelssohn: Octet--Scherzo. BUSCH, WinterthurSO. Mendelssohn item not reissued. A, FOT
CHC 7 Schubert: Quartet in Eb, Op. 125. GUILET QT. A, LSM. Red vinyl
CHS 1087 Brahms: Serenade #1. SWOBODA, o. A. Jacket repaired
CHS 1124 Ravel: Histoires Naturelles; 2 Epigrammes; Chansons Madecasses; ChantsPopulaires. SINGHER (b), ULANOWSKY (pf), BARON (fl), SOYER (cello). A
CHS 1132/3 (2) Chopin: Etudes, Opp. 10 & 25; 3 Nouvelles Etudes; Variations, Op.12. GOLDSAND. A-, FOT. Red vinyl. No jacket tags
CHS 1202 Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 18, #2 & 3. PASCAL QT. A, FOT; 1/2" X
CHS 1204 Beethoven: Quartets, Op. 18, #6; Op. 95. PASCAL QT. A, LSM; 1/3" X
CHS 1206 Beethoven: Quartet #8, Op. 59, #2. PASCAL QT. A; 1/2" X
CHS 1207 Beethoven: Quartet #9, in C, Op. 59, #3. PASCAL QT. A, FOT; 1/2" X
CHS 1211 Beethoven: Quartet in c#, Op. 131. PASCAL QT. A, FOT
CHS 1212 Beethoven: Quartet #16, in F, Op. 135; Grosse Fuge. PASCAL QT. A; 2/3" X
CHS 1213 Beethoven: Quartet #15, in a, Op. 132. PASCAL QT. A, LSM; 2 1/3" X's. Red label
CHS 1215 Beethoven: 3 Piano Quartets. BALSAM, PASCAL QT. members. A, FOT; 2/3", 1/2" X
D 3 Mozart: Symphonies #14 & 24. SWOBODA, Winterthur SO. Numbered, limitedto 3,000 copies. A-, FOT. Red vinyl
E 13 Mendelssohn: Schone Melusine Overture. BUSCH, Winterthur SO. Piano Quartet, Op. 1. BALSAM, RYBAR, CORTI, BENOS. Numbered, ltd. to 3000 copies. A-/B, FOT; 1/4", 1/3 " X's. Red vinyl
E 15 A. Scarlatti: Symphonies #4 & 5; Concerti Grossi #1 & 3. DAHINDEN, Winterthur SO. Numbered, ltd. to 3000 copies. A, LSM. Red vinyl
E 5 Buxtehude: 3 Cantatas. VOLANTHEN (s), MEILI (t), REICHEL (org). Numbered, ltd. to 3000 copies. A, LSM. Red vinyl. German texts
H 16 Vivaldi: Viola d'Amore Concerto. VAN HELDEN; ACKERMANN. Marcello: Concerto Grosso, Op. 1, #4; Durante: Concerti Grosso #5 & 6; Torelli: "Christmas" Concerto. VAN DEN BERG, Hilversum Radio O. Numbered, ltd. to 3000 copies. A, LSM
H 1606 Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnole; Le Coq d'Or--2 exc.; Mussorgsky:Khovantchina--2 exc. DESARZENS, Winterthur SO. A. Jacket repaired
SMS 2511 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Russian Easter; Le Coq d'Or--exc.; Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia; Mussorgsky: Khovantchina--3 exc. MUNCH, French Nat'l Radio O. A
Connoisseur Society
CS 2040 S Bach: Sonata #1; Partita #2. WILKOMIRSKA. A
CS 2093 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (CZIFFRA, Jr., New Phil. O.); Prelude in g; 2transcriptions. CZIFFRA. A
CS 2120 S Albeniz: Iberia, Books 1 & 2. BLOCK. A. COH
S 8014 F Toch: Piano Concerto. TOCH; HAEFNER, Vienna SO. Cello Concerto. MOTTIER; BARTH, Zurich Forum Group. Only publication of these broadcasts. A
1060 Brahms: Symphony #1. PAGE, Boston SO (under pseudonym). A. AS
Court Opera
CO 397 Fritz VOGELSTROM aria recital, from 78s, 1909-22. A
CO 411 Walther KIRCHHOFF aria recital, from 78s, 1914-29. A
999 016 1 S V. Dinescu: Var. chamber works. SPERBER (ms), MAXIM (fl), BARBUCEANU (clar), CONCORDIA WIND QUINTET, TREDE-BOETTCHER (organ), et al. Includes autograph letter (in English) from composer. A
SRD 398 F Thomson: 4 Songs from William Blake. HARRELL; ORMANDY. 3 Portraits; 3 Pictures. THOMSON, Phila. O. A. Texts
22 16 0018 S Shostakovich: Quartet #3; Prokofiev: Quartet #1. SMETANA QT. A

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Da Camera Magna
SM 92106 S Haydn: Trios #29-31. N.W. GERMAN CHAMBER TRIO (Sauer, pf; Harnest, fl;Meier, cello). A
SM 92417 S Martinu: Piano Quartet. POISSON, QUATUOR ELYSEEN. 3 Madrigals for Violin & Viola. CARMIRELLI, NAEGELE. A
DACO 141/6 (6) Ignaz FRIEDMAN complete recordings. A
DL 10030 Brahms: Sonata #1 & 3. ETO, SMITH. A. AS
DL 10033 Schubert: Trio #2. ALMA TRIO (Baller, Wilk, Rejto). A. AS
DL 79405 S Bach: Arias. SCHEIDE, Bach Aria Group (FARRELL, C. SMITH, PEERCE, FARROW, et al). A, LSM. Texts
DL 79406 S "Elizabethan & Jacobean Ayres, Madrigals & Dances." GREENBERG, N.Y. ProMusica. A. Texts
DL 79421 S "It Was a Lover & His Lass: Music of Shakespeare's Time." GREENBERG, N.Y. Pro Musica. A. Texts
DL 79424 S Works of Praetorius, Isaac, & Lasso. GREENBERG, N.Y. Pro Musica Renaissance Band (with instrument demonstrations). A delight! A
DL 79431 S "Ah Sweet Lady: The Romance of Medieval France." WHITE, N.Y. Pro Musica. A. Corner clipped. Texts
DL 8506 Schubert: Sonata in a, Op. 43; 2 Impromptus. KRAUS. A; tiny X
DL 9516 Brahms: Symphony #4. DE SABATA, Berlin PO. A/A-, FOT; 1/3" X
DL 9539 Strauss: Don Quixote. STRAUSS, Bavarian St. O. A
DL 9571 Grieg: Violin Sonatas #1 & 3. FUCHS, SHERIDAN. A-. Jacket heavily taped
DL 9574 Beethoven: Serenade, Op. 25 (BAKER, fl); Trio, Op. 9, #3. J., L., & H.FUCHS. A, LSM
DL 9600 Mozart: Clarinet Quintet. KELL, FINE ARTS QT. A, FOT
DL 9609 Mozart: Violin Concertos #3 & 4. GOLDBERG; SUSSKIND, Philharmonia O. A-/B, FOT; 1/3" X. Spine repaired
DL 9610 Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben. HONGEN, LEITNER. Loewe: Ballades. GRIENDL, KLUST (in 2); HANN, LEITNER (in 2). A
DL 9635 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 9, #1 & 2. BEL ARTE TRIO (Posselt, de Pasquale, Mayes). A-, FOT
DL 9680 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. FRICSAY, RIAS SO. A-, FOT; 1/4" X
DL 9737 Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings; Prokofiev: Classical Symphony. FRICSAY, RIAS SO. A
DL 9740 Milhaud: Suite for Violin, Clarinet & Piano; Bartok: Contrasts. KELL,RITTER, J. ROSEN. A, LSM
DL 9748 Bartok: Divertimento for Strings; 2 Portraits. FRICSAY, RIAS SO. A
DL 9754 Brahms: Violin Concerto. OISTRAKH; KONWITSCHNY, Saxon St. O., Dresden. A-, LSM. EAR
DL 9762 Granados: Spanish Dances. DE LARROCHA. A. EAR
DL 9789 Works of Gimenez (2), Granados (2), Torroba (2), Serrano, Soriano, Albeniz, Vives, & Luna. TORROBA, Madrid Zarzuela O. ("The Joys & Sorrows of Spain"). A-, FOT
DL 9815 Granados: Goyescas, Part 2; Mompou: Impresiones Intimas. DE LARROCHA.Not reissued due to damaged master tape. A, LSM
DL 9862 Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 377 & 454. SCHNEIDERHAN, SEEMANN. A, FOT; 1/4" X
DL 9863 Beethoven: Quartet #14, in c#, Op. 131. KOECKERT QT. A
DL 9882 Works of Ysaye, Wieniawski (2), Sarasate, Kreisler, Vieuxtemps (2), & Paganini ("The Violinist-Composer"). OISTRAKH, Yampolsky. A, FOT
DL 9887 Franck: Symphony. LEHMANN, Bamberg SO. A
DL 9889 Foss: Piano Concerto #2 (FOSS); Waxman: Sinfonietta. WAXMAN, L.A. Festival O. A, LSM
DL 9892 Beethoven: Symphony #6. JOCHUM, Berlin PO. A, LSM
DL 9894 Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 74 & 95 ("Harp"). KOECKERT QT. A
DL 9899 Brahms: Symphony #3. JOCHUM. Tragic Overture. LEHMANN, Berlin PO. Veryscarce! A, LSM. Jacket repaired
DL 9918 Mozart: Serenade in Bb, K. 361. LEHMANN, Berlin PO members. A, FOT
DL 9920 Mozart: Symphonies #33 & 36. JOCHUM, Bavarian Radio SO. A
DL 9945 Brahms: Concerto #1. KEMPFF; KONWITSCHNY, Saxon St. O., Dresden. A, LSM
DL 9961 Chopin: 4 Scherzi. SLENCZYNSKA. A
DL 9963 Stravinsky: Piano Concerto. SEEMANN; SCHERMAN, Berlin PO. Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. SEEMANN, PICHT-AXENFELD, PEINKOFER, PORTH. A, LSM. Promo label
DL 9965 Milhaud: Globetrotter Suite; Joys of Life. MILHAUD, chamber o. A
DL 9968 Arias of Mehul, Thomas (2), Massenet (2), Donizetti, Verdi, & Flotow. SIMONEAU; Strauss, Berlin Radio SO. A, LSM
DL 9973 Mozart: Concertos #17 & 21. FOLDES; LEHMANN, SCHMITZ, Berlin PO. A, LSM
DX 104 (2) Haydn: 3 Trios. KRAUS, GOLDBERG, PINI. Andante & Variations in f.KRAUS (her first recording). A, LSM. Long album
Decca (Eng.)
5BB 119/20 S (2) "25 Years at the Aldeburgh Festival." Excerpts from commercial recordings; includes 2nd movement of Britten Piano Concerto with RICHTER. Some items fake stereo. A. Texts
AKF 1/7 (7) Kathleen FERRIER Anthology. A
LXT 2872 Beethoven: Symphony #6. E. KLEIBER, Concertgebouw O. A. Spine repaired
LXT 2925 Chopin-Balakirev: Concerto #1. GULDA; BOULT, London PO. A
SPA 505 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (SOLTI, London SO); Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (BOULT, London PO). KATCHEN. A. EP
SXL 6254 S Shield: Rosina. ELKINS, HARWOOD, SINCLAIR; BONYNGE, Ambrosian Singers,London SO. A. FFSS label. Libretto
Decca (Eng.) Ace of Clubs
ACL 168 Beethoven: Concerto #4. HASKIL; ZECCHI, London PO. Mozart: Concerto #24. K. LONG; VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A
Decca (Eng.) Eclipse
ECM 813 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. ELMAN; SOLTI, London PO. A
Decca (France)
434 635 1 (3) Suzanne DANCO Lieder & aria recital, 1947-56. FS
Decca (Germany)
6.35001 (4) Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier. REINING, JURINAC, GUEDEN, WEBER; E. KLEIBER, Vienna St. Opera. A. Summary
6.41757 S Handel-Harty: Water Music Suite; Royal Fireworks Music. SZELL, London SO. A. Minor jacket damage
6.41941 Schubert: Lieder (Vol. 1). SCHLUSNUS, Peschko (1948). A
6.42311 Arias of Rameau, Gounod (3), Berlioz (3), Bizet (2), Massenet, Offenbach, & Chabrier. SOUZAY; BONNEAU, New SO (1956). A
6.48112 (2) Beethoven: Concerto #5; Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. CURZON; SZELL,London PO, New SO. Corrected edition of Beethoven with sides properly spliced & pitched (original LP issue was defective). A
KD 00140 S (2) Mozart: Sonatas, K. 330 & 457; Fantasie, K. 475; Rondo, K. 511; Haydn: Sonatas #53, 58, & 62; Fantasy in C; Andante & Variations. BACKHAUS. A
Decca Ace of Clubs
ACL 1033 German: Merrie England--exc. (BAIRD, THOMAS, YOUNG, CAMERON); Nell Gwynn--3 Dances; Henry VIII--3 Dances. OLOF, New SO. A
DA 9003 S Overtures of Schubert, Mozart, Berlioz, Beethoven, & Rossini. STOKOWSKI, Nat'l PO. A
DA 9004 Sibelius: Symphony #2. STOKOWSKI, NBC SO. A
DA 9010 Bizet: Carmen Suite; overtures of Herold, Humperdinck, Weber, & Catalani. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
DA 9011 Kalinnikov: Symphony #1; Glinka: Capriccio Brillante; Mussorgsky: Boris Godounov--exc. TOSCANINI, NBC SO (1943 broadcasts). FS
DBS 7001 S Rachmaninov-Wild: Songs. WILD (pf). A
LSS 8 Schumann: Symphony #2; Liszt: Les Preludes. STOKOWSKI, His SO (RCA recordings). A
DS 3203 S Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 39; Mahler: Lieder & Gesange aus der Jugendzeit. REYNOLDS (ms), PARSONS. FS
OX 7041 ND D Works of W.F. Bach, Haydn, St.-Saens, Schubert, Bloch, Popper, J.S. Bach, Frescobaldi, Schumann (2), Weber, & Bartok. STARKER, IWASAKI ("The Most Beautiful Melodies for Cello"). A
OX 7140 ND D "Virtuoso Music for Cello." STARKER, NERIKI. A
DC 7126 S Skrowaczewski: English Horn Concerto (STACY); Mayer: 2 Pastels & Andante. SKROWACZEWSKI, Minnesota O. A
Deutsche Grammophon
10" 16047 Chopin: 12 Etudes, Op. 10. LEIMER. A, LSM
137 012 S Stockhausen: Telemusik. Electronic music. Mixtur. KUPKOVIC, Huba Dneska Ens., Bratislava (w. electronics). A
138 030 S Bartok: Bluebeard's Castle (abridged, in German). TOPPER, FISCHER-DIESKAU; FRICSAY. A. Tulip label. German libretto on jacket
138 099/100 S (2) Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust. RUBIO, VERREAU, ROUX, MOLLET; MARKEVICH, Brasseur Cho., Lamoureux O. A. Tulip label. Libretto
138 115 S Debussy: 3 Ballades de Francois Villon; 2 songs; Syrinx (NICOLET); Ravel: Chansons Madecasses; 5 melodies populaires grecques; Don Quichotte a Dulcinee. FISCHER-DIESKAU, ENGEL, POPPEN (cello). A. Tulip label. French texts
138 717/9 S (3) Orff: Antigonae (original orchestration). BORKH, HELLMANN, PLUMACHER, ALEXANDER, STOLZE, UHL, HAEFLIGER, BORG; LEITNER. Composer-supervised recording. A. Tulip label. Libretto
138 784 S Beethoven: Sonatas #15, 17, & 26. FOLDES. A. Tulip label. Thick jacket
138 888 S Schumann: Piano Concerto; Grieg: Concerto. ANDA; KUBELIK, Berlin PO. A. EP. Tulip label
138 916 S Strauss: Kramerspiegel; 8 Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, DEMUS, KIRCHNER (vla). M. German texts
138 924 S Brahms: Symphony #1. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. A. Tulip label
139 150 S Mozart: Divertimento in Eb, K. 563. ITALIAN STRING TRIO (Gulli, Giuranna, Caramia). A. Tulip label
18092 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9. SCHNEIDERHAN, KEMPFF. A, LSM. EP
18408 Orff: Die Bernauerin--exc. GOLD, LIEWEHR, HOLM FOLSER; LEITNER, Bavarian RSO & Cho. Composer-supervised. M
18456 Beethoven: "Eroica" Variations; Weber: Sonata #1. ROLOFF. A; tiny X. Jacket repaired
18663 Debussy: Images (Book 1); Children's Corner; Suite bergamasque; Danse.DEMUS. A. AS? Jacket repaired
18725 Mozart: Symphony #39; Haydn: Symphony #88. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A. Thick jacket
18830 Mozart: Serenade, K. 361. JOCHUM, Bavarian Radio SO members. A. AS
2530 034 S Behrend: Xenographia; Mittelalteriche Tanze; Fink: Dialoge; Hashagen:Pergiton IV; works of Gorzani, Besard, Negri, Newsidler, & anon. BEHREND (gtr), FINK (percussion), BRODZHINSKA-BEHREND (voice) ("Guitar & Percussion"). FS
2530 056 S Henze: Piano Concerto #2. ESCHENBACH; HENZE, London PO. A. Corner clipped
2530 079 S Works of Cutting, Batchelar, Robinson, Dowland, Camidge, Duarte, McCabe, & Musgrave. BEHREND ("English Guitar Music"). FS
2530 082 S Mozart: Serenade in D, K. 320, "Posthorn" (EICHLER); Serenade in D, K.239, "Notturna." BOHM, Berlin PO. A
2530 136 S Mozart: Serenade in Bb, K. 361. BOHM, Berlin PO winds. A
2530 146 S Berg: Lulu Suite; 5 Orchesterlieder, Op. 4 (M. PRICE, s); 3 Pieces, Op. 6. ABBADO, London SO. A. Text
2530 308 S Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet; Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet--exc.; Berlioz: Romeo & Juliet--exc. OZAWA, San Francisco SO. A
2530 344 S Mozart: Flute Concertos; Andante. ZOLLER; KLEE, English CO. FS
2530 530 S Chopin: Sonata #2; Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise brillante; Scherzo #2. ARGERICH. A
2530 807 S Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1--exc. KEMPFF. A. COH. Spine repaired
2530 912 S Ives: 3 Psalms; Carter: Musicians wrestle everywhere; Druckman: Antiphonies; Copland: In the Beginning (MORGAN, ms). OLIVER, Tanglewood Festival Cho. A. Texts
2531 124 S Schubert: Symphonies #3 & 8. C. KLEIBER, Vienna PO. A
2535 324 S Verdi: Otello--exc. (in German). STRATAS, WINDGASSEN, FISCHER-DIESKAU;GERDES, Bavarian St. Opera. A
2543 036 S Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. A
2709 028 S (3) Bach: Sonatas & Partitas for unaccompanied violin. SZERYNG. M
2726 030 S (2) Schubert: Die Winterreise. HOTTER, WERBA. A. Jacket repaired. Texts
2740 160 (5) Strauss: Don Quixote (MAINARDI); Tod und Verklarung; Don Juan; Burger als Edelmann Suite; Till Eulenspiegel; Ein Heldenleben; Rosenkavalier Waltzes; Japanese Festival Music; Intermezzo--Interlude; Salome's Dance. STRAUSS. A
2740 181 S (3) Mozart: Ascanio in Alba. SUKIS, BALTSA, MATHIS, AUGER, SCHREIER; HAGER, Salzburg Chamber Cho. & Mozarteum O. FS
2740 182 S (3) Mozart: Il Re Pastore. MATHIS, AUGER, CHAZARIAN, KRENN, SCHREIER;HAGER, Salzburg Mozarteum O. FS. Libretto
2740 183 S (4) Mozart: Lucio Silla. AUGER, DONATH, MATHIS, VARADY, KRENN, SCHREIER; HAGER, Salzburg Mozarteum. FS. Libretto
2741 001 D (4) Mozart: Die Zauberflote. MATHIS, OTT, PERRY, TOMOWA-SINTOW, BALTSA, SCHWARZ, ARAIZA, HORNIK, VAN DAM; KARAJAN, Berlin PO. Overture. KARAJAN, Berlin St. Opera O. (1938, his first recording). A. Libretto
Deutsche Grammophon (U.S.)
DGS 712020 S Shostakovich: Symphony #5. ROWICKI, Warsaw PO. A
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi
99681/2 Q (2) Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine. SEGARRA, Escolania de Montserrat, Collegium Aureum. M. Texts
99825 S Telemann: Suite in D (KOCH, gamba); Suite in a (LINDE, recorder). REINHARDT, Collegium Aureum (period inst.) A
99949 D C.P.E. Bach: Phyllis & Thirsis (HOFMANN, s; ROGERS, t); chamber works.SCHOLA CANTORUM BASILIENSIS (Linde, Schroeder, et al). A
3701 Schumann: Piano Concerto (ROSSI, RAI O.); Grieg: Piano Concerto (FRUHBECK DE BURGOS, New Philharmonia O.). MICHELANGELI. Original Parnassus pressing. A. TE
290 Mozart: Concertos #20 (JOCHUM) & 25 (FISCHER, Vienna PO). E. FISCHER (1954/46). A
358 Rachmaninov: Concerto #3; Franck: Symphonic Variations. GIESEKING; MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A
374 (2) Mahler: Symphony #2. VINCENT, FERRIER; KLEMPERER, Concertgebouw O. (1951). Das Lied von der Erde--2 exc. FERRIER; WALTER (live, 1948). A
403 Franck: Symphony (Jan. 28, 1945); Sibelius: En Saga (Sept. 25, 1950).FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A. EAR
413 Beethoven: Symphony #8 (1953); Wagner: Tannhauser Overture (1951); Weber: Euryanthe Overture (1954). FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A
421 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5; Serenade for Strings--Waltz. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. (1928). A
430 Liszt: Concerto #2 (WALLENSTEIN); Venezia e Napoli; Beethoven: Sonata#27; Busoni: Indian Diary; All' Italia; Perpetuum Mobile. PETRI. A
435 Beethoven: Sonatas #15 & 21. E. FISCHER (Salzburg, 1954). A
503 Brahms: Concerto #2 (H. MUNCH, Basel SO, 1943); Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 21, #1 (1953). E. FISCHER. A
723 Mozart: Concerto #20 (SZELL, N.Y. Phil.); Concerto #24 (WALLENSTEIN, L.A. PO). SCHNABEL. A
730 (2) Tchaikovsky: Symphonies #4 & 6. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO (live, 1946). A
OAA 102 Works of Strauss (4) & Tchaikovsky (3). BOHME (bs, in 2); ACKERMANN, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden (1952-54). A
DR 332 Chopin: Sonata #2; La Montaine: Child's Picture Book; Sonata; Toccata. LA MONTAINE. A, FOT; 2/3" X
Ducretet-Thomson (Eng.)
DTL 93036 Beethoven: Cello Sonatas #2 & 3. GENDRON, FRANCAIX. A, FOT. Original box

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833 506 1 D (2) Shostakovich: Quartets #13 & 14; 2 Pieces; Schulhoff: Sextet. KREMER, et al. Duo for Violin & Cello. HIRSCHHORN, GERINGAS. Jazz Etudes. TOCCO. A
6022 Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; Wagner: Wesendonck Lieder (piano accomp. only). MARTIN. A
10" ECD 1053 Jora: Return from the Depths--ballet suite. CONTA, Rumanian RSO. A
10" E 60064 Nicolai: Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor--exc. KOTH, FRICK, FISCHER-DIESKAU, WILHELM; SCHUCHTER, Berlin St. Opera Cho., o. A
10" E 70002 Arias of Mozart, Rossini, Halevy, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, Lortzing, & Nicolai. FRICK (bs); SCHUCHTER, cho. & o. A
E 73398 Wolf: 8 Lieder; arias of Mozart (2), Weber, & Verdi (2). LEMNITZ. A
E 80001 Mozart: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail--exc. BERGER, OTTO, SCHOCK, UNGER, FRICK; SCHUCHTER. A
E 80722 Mozart: Idomeneo--exc. JURINAC, McNEIL, LEWIS, YOUNG; BUSCH, Glyndebourne Festival (1951). A
E 90013 Brahms: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; FURTWAENGLER, Lucerne Festival O. M0
E 90023 Wagner: Overtures--Der fliegende Hollander; Die Meistersinger; Tannhauser. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A, LSM
E 90048 Beethoven: Concerto #5. FISCHER; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A
E 90060 Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 23. FISCHER. A
E 90097 Liszt: Les Preludes; Wagner: Tannhauser & Lohengrin Overtures. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A
E 91023 Schubert: Lieder, Vol. 5 (4 Ballades). FISCHER-DIESKAU, ENGEL. A. German texts
E 91175 Mozart: Serenade, K. 361. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO members. A. Odeon stickers
SME 80814 S Arias of Mozart, Nicolai, Flotow (2), Goldmark, Beethoven, Weber (2), &Wagner. GEDDA; BENDER, Bavarian St. Opera O. A
STE 91063 S Bach: Cantata #203; Handel: Dalla Guerra Amorosa; Cuopre Tal Volta IlCielo; Trio Sonata #2, in d. FISCHER-DIESKAU, NICOLET, KOCH, PICHT-AXENFELD, POPPEN. A, LSM. Italian-German texts
STE 91204 S Schubert: Lieder (Vol. 7). FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE. A. German texts
WALP 1130/2 (3) Beethoven: Fidelio. MODL, JURINAC, WINDGASSEN, EDELMANN, FRICK, SCHOCK; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera. Record labels numbered E 90071/3; box & summary with WALP numbers. Libretto added. A, FOT; 3 1/4", 1/3" X's. Spine worn
01453 Brahms: Symphony #3; Academic Festival Overture. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. From 78s, 1930-32. A
01477 S Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. DICKIE, FISCHER-DIESKAU; KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A
01496 S Waldteufel: 6 Waltzes. H. KRIPS, Philharmonia O. A
01554 Bach: Preludes & Fugues, BWV 534, 541, 546/7. SCHWEITZER. From 78s, 1935/6. A
01667 S Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (DE PEYER); 5 Lieder; Mahler: 8 Lieder. LUDWIG, MOORE. A. German texts
02230 S Bach: Cantata #147 (AMELING, BAKER, PARTRIDGE, SHIRLEY-QUIRK); 3 Motets. WILLCOCKS, Choir of King's College, Cambridge, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A. German texts
02524 Q Works of G. Gabrieli, Scheidt, & Schutz ("Festlische Musik in Venedig"). WILLCOCKS, King's College Choir, Cambridge, et al. A
02850/1 Q (2) Brahms: German Requiem (TOMOWA-SINTOW, VAN DAM); Tragic Overture;Haydn Variations. KARAJAN, Vienna Singverein, Berlin PO. A
02914/6 Q (3) Schumann: Genoveva. MOSER, SCHREIER, FISCHER-DIESKAU, S. LORENZ, VOGEL; MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A. Libretto
03031/3 (3) Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc. LARSEN-TODSEN, HELM, GRAARUD, BOCKELMANN, ANDRESEN; ELMENDORFF, Bayreuth Festival (1928). A
03635 Beethoven: Symphony #2 (live, London, 1948, from noisy acetates); Leonora Overture #3 (studio, 1954). FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. First publication. A
03759 Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice; Debussy: Afternoon of a Faun; Ravel: Pavane; Daphnis & Chloe Suite #2. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A
03866/8 S (3) Liszt: Piano Concertos #1 & 2; Hungarian Fantasy; Totentanz; Malediction; Grand Fantasy on Themes of "Lelio;" "Wanderer" Fantasy after Schubert; Fantasy on Motives from "Ruins of Athens;" Polonaise Brillante after Weber. BEROFF; MASUR, Gewandhaus O. A
11066 S Faure: La bonne Chanson; Poeme d'un jour; songs. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A
11325 S Schumann: Kerner Lieder, Op. 35; Myrthen, Op. 25--exc. SOUZAY, Baldwin. A
11667 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol. GAMBA, Philharmonia O. Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien. SILVESTRI, Bournemouth SO. A. Spine repaired
11684 S Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust--exc. GORR, GEDDA, SOUZAY; CLUYTENS. A
12077/8 S (2) Lehar: Le Pays du Sourire (in French). ANTOINE, PAULE, DENS, SINCLAIR, GUIMAY; LEENART, Duclos Cho., Lamoureux O. A
12158 S Poulenc: Le Bal Masque (CASADESUS, ens.); Parisiana; 5 Poemes de Paul Eluard; Montparnasse; Metamorphoses; 3 Chansons de Garcia Lorca; Le Bestiaire. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A; 1/4" X
12831/5 S (5) Faure: Melodies. SOUZAY, AMELING, BALDWIN. A. French texts
12891 S Brahms: Hungarian Dances #5 & 6; Borodin: Polovtsian Dances; Falla: Ritual Fire Dance; La Vida Breve--Intermezzo & Dance #1; Dvorak: Slavonic Dances #1 & 2. SILVESTRI, Paris Conservatory O. A
14044 S Weckerlen (arr.): Bergerettes et Pastourales (18th century songs). MESPLE (s), REISS (hpsi). A
14101/20 S (20) Bach: Organ works. ROGG, Metzler & Andersen organs. A0
14151/3 (3) Offenbach: Les Contes d'Hoffmann. DORIA, BOVY, BOUE, BORGHESE, JOBIN, MUSY, PERNET; CLUYTENS, Paris Opera-Comique. From 78s, 1948. A
1436311 D Purcell: Fantasias for Viols. LONDON BAROQUE. Reflexe series. FS
1467781 S Wagner: Opera exc (arr. piano by various). ELVYN, MOTTL, GRUNFELD, CORDE LAS, PAUR, RUBNER, SAMAROFF (from Welte rolls, 1905-16). A
1545653 (5) Debussy: Piano Music. GIESEKING. A
1731743 D (3) Offenbach: Pomme d'Api; Monsieur Choufleuri; Mesdames de la Halle. MESPLE, LAFONT, PEZZINO, et al; ROSENTHAL, Monte-Carlo PO. A. Libretto
18411/2 (2) Puccini: Manon Lescaut. ZAMBONI, CONATI, MERLI, BASSI; MOLAJOLI, La Scala (1931). A. Libretto
28095 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #2 (original version). BOTTNER; G.L. JOCHUM, Berlin SO. A
28520 S Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte; Lieder. GEDDA, EYRON. A
28553 F Arias of Mozart (2), Weber, Wagner, Thomas, Verdi, Humperdinck, & Strauss (2). GRUMMER, var. accomp. (1953-60). A
29 0864 3 (4) Bloch: Violin Concerto (KLETZKI); Schumann: Concerto (BARBIROLLI,N.Y. Phil.); Berkeley: Concerto; Sibelius: Concerto; Chausson: Poeme (BOULT); Walton: Sonata (KENTNER); St.-Saens: Concerto #3 (POULET); Pizzetti: Sonata; Lekeu: Sonata (H. MENUHIN). Y. MENUHIN (1938-71). Bloch & Berkeley in stereo. A
29082 S Mozart: Arias. MOSER; SAWALLISCH, HAGER. A. German texts
30114/5 S (2) "La Pellegrina 1589: Intermezzi & Concerti for the Wedding of DonFerdinando Medici & Madame Christiana di Loreno." LINDE, Stockholm Chamber Cho., Linde-Consort. Reflexe series. Texts
30129 S "Planctus." EARLY MUSIC QT., BAGBY ("singer"). Reflexe series. FS
30935 Q "Airs de Cour: Drinking Songs from the Reign of Louis XIII." ROGERS (t), BAILES (lute). FS. Texts
30940 Q "Ludi Sancti Nicolai (Die Wunder des heilgen Nikolaus)." VON RAMM; BINKLEY, Studio der Fruhen Musik, et al. Reflexe series. A. Latin-German texts
34788 S Arias & songs of Mozart, Rangstrom, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Gluck, & Strauss. SODERSTROM; BJORLIN, Norrkoping SO. A
35157 S Aulin: Violin Concerto #3 (SEGERSTAM, Swedish Radio SO); 4 Aquarelles;Dances from Gotland (NILSON, pf). TELLEFSEN. A
45643/4 S (2) Stradella: La Susanna. KWEKSILBER, NELSON, JACOBS, M. HILL, COLD;CURTIS, ens. Reflexe series. FS
46104/5 (2) Arias of Mozart (12), Rossini, Donizetti, Nicolai, Smetana, Verdi (3), & Puccini (3). BERGER, var. accomp. (1932-59). 80th birthday commemoration. A
46347/8 (2) "Stars der dreissiger Jahre gratulieren." Items by 28 singers, allaccompanied by SIEDLER-WINKLER (100th birthday celebration). FS
46401 S "Vox Humana: Vokalmusik aus dem Mittelalter." BINKLEY, Studio der fruhen Musik. Reflexe series. FS
46406 S Bohm: Suite #6; Prelude, Fugue & Postludium; Capriccio in D; Kuhnau: Suonata quarta; Pachelbel: Aria quinta; Bach: Fantasie & Fugue in a. TILNEY (hpsi). Reflexe series. A
46577 D Works of Haydn, Lachner, Widor, Rheinberger, Porta (3), A. Scarlatti, &Handel. LINDE (fl), S. LINDE (org). A
53523/7 (5) Chopin: Impromptus; Ballades; Scherzos; Andante spianato & GrandePolonaise (TZIPINE); Etudes; Mazurkas. FRANCOIS. M. Booklet0
73088 Haydn: Sonatas #44, 46, & 52. KRAUS. From Discophiles Francais LPs, 1955/6. A
VAR 1019 S Schubert: 17 Lieder. I. PARTRIDGE, J. PARTRIDGE. A. Texts
BC 1022 S B. Weber: Fantasia (Variations). MASSELOS (pf). Concertino for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet & String Quartet (BAKER, SHULMAN, WILLIAMS); Serenade for Strings (WALTER, bass). GALIMIR QUARTET. A. Jacket crudely taped
BC 1077 S Bach: Cantata #169; Ritter: O amantissime sponse Jesu. HEYNIS (c); VAN DER HORST, Netherlands Bach Soc. Cho. & CO. A
BC 1110 S Schumann: Dichterliebe; Lieder. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A. Texts
BC 1112 S J.C. Bach: Sinfonias, Op. 18, #2 & 4; Handel: Water Music Suite. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A
BC 1143 S Mozart: Concertos #20 & 24. HASKIL; MARKEVICH, Lamoureux O. A. Blue label
BC 1290 S Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition; Stravinsky: Firebird Suite. SZELL, Cleveland O. A. Blue label
BC 1299 S Bach: Sonata in a; Telemann: 6 Fantasies; C.P.E. Bach: Sonata in a. RAMPAL (fl). A
BSC 152 S (3) Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 59 & 74. JUILLIARD QT. A
LC 3006 Schubert: Symphony #8. JOCHUM, Concertgebouw O. Mozart: Symphony #35.LEHMANN, Berlin PO. A/A-, FOT
LC 3023 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. KREBBERS; VAN OTTERLOO, Hague PO. A-, FOT
LC 3026 Beethoven: Symphony #7. VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A, FOT
LC 3043 Mozart: Cassations, K. 63 & 99. SACHER, Vienna SO. A. Jacket repaired
LC 3076 Mozart: Concert arias. KMENTT (t); PAUMGARTNER, Vienna SO. A, FOT; minor PB
LC 3155 Brahms: Symphony #1. VAN OTTERLOO, Hague PO. A, LSM
LC 3183 Brahms: 8 Hungarian Dances; Schubert: Fantasy in f. H. & K.U. SCHNABEL. A, LSM
LC 3441 Schubert: Symphonies #6 & 8. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A, LSM
LC 3584 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 282 & 330; Rondo, K. 485. FLEISHER. A, LSM. White promo label
LC 3609 Schubert: Violin Sonatas, Op. 137, #1-3; Op. 162. GRUMIAUX, CASTAGNONE A, LSM
STU 70974/5 S (2) Messiaen: Des Canyons aux Etoiles... LORIOD (pf); CONSTANT, "Ars Nova" Ens. A
ZL 30696 S (4) Handel: Samson. BAKER, WATTS, TEAR, SHIRLEY-QUIRK, LUXON; LEPPARD, London Voices, English CO. A. German pressing. Libretto
ES 504 Britten: String Quartet #1; Fantasy for Oboe & Strings (H. GOMBERG). GALIMIR QT. A
8 25 622 S Handel: Messiah--choruses. KOCH, Berlin Radio Cho. & SO. A
Eterna (E. Germany)
8 21 955 Schumann: Piano Concerto (WUHRER); Cello Concerto (TORTELIER). ABENDROTH, Berlin RSO, Leipzig RSO. A. Spine damaged
8 25 364 S Verdi: Nabucco--exc. GIUSTI, WIEN, SAVIO, WINTERS, ROSSI-LEMENI; SINGER, Hamburg RSO & Cho. A
200 074 366 S Bach: Suite for Orchestra (arr. Mahler); Prelude & Fugue in Eb (arr. Schoenberg); Musical Offering--Ricercare (arr. Webern). ROZHDESTVENSKY. A
206 562 425 D Loewe: Ballades. WEIKL, Garben. DMM pressing. FS
78673 S "Welterfolge der Hahrhundertwende" (song recital. PREY; EISBRENNER, RIAS Cho., Berlin SO. A
89152 S Brahms: 4 Fantasies from "Souvenir de la Russie;" Waltzes, Op. 39; Variations on a Theme of Schumann, Op. 23. POSTNIKOVA, ROZHDESTVENSKY (pf). A. COH
3011 S Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini; Hamlet. STOKOWSKI, Stadium Concerts SO. FS
3045 S Sibelius: Violin Concerto (SPIVAKOVSKY); Tapiola. HANNIKAINEN, London SO. A. Gold label
3236 S Van Vactor: Overture to a Comedy; Bagatelles; Brass Octet; Variazione Solenne; Flute Quintet. VAN VACTOR, Hessian SO. A
3326 F "The Young Jascha HEIFETZ." Encore works from acoustic 78s. A

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5001 Hindemith: Concerto for Harp, Winds & Orchestra (ADAMS); Kammermusik, Op. 24, #1; Concerto for Trumpet & Bassoon (HAUG, OJEDA). MILLAR, Little SO of San Francisco. A. Red vinyl
FLP 100 Mozart: Mass in C, K. 317, "Coronation." ZADEK, GIFFORD, PATZAK, BRAUN; MESSNER, Salzburg Festival Cho. & O. A, LSM; 1/4" X
SR 9030 S Alkan: Sonate de Concert. HANANI (cello), AUER (pf). A. COH
1/4 (2) Beethoven: Flute Sonata, Op. 105; Variations, Op. 107 (WINKLER); Sonata #23. Ernst LEVY. Private recording. A-, FOT. BJ (as issued?)0
FM 3369 Ives: Quartet #2. WALDEN QT (from scarce Period LP). Hovhaness: Lousadzak. M. AJEMIAN; HOVHANESS, o. (from 78s). A
10" PWS 105 S Works of Tomkins, Schild, Luython, Praetorius, Couperin, & Dandrieu. P.K. FRANDSEN, Compenius organ. A
Fonit Cetra
FE 20 (2) Wagner: Gotterdammerung--Act 3. FLAGSTAD, KONETZNI, SUTHAUS, HERMANN, GREINDL; FURTWAENGLER, RAI Rome (1952). A
FE 28 (3) Verdi: Otello. MARTINIS, S. WAGNER, VINAY, SCHOEFFLER, DERMOTA; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera Cho., Vienna PO (Salzburg, 1951). A
FE 8/10 (3) Beethoven: Fidelio. MODL, JURINAC, WINDGASSEN, POELL, EDELMANN, FRICK; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera (Vienna, 1953). A
LAR 15 S Prokofiev: Symphony #5. CELIBIDACHE, RAI O., Milan (1960). A

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GS 102 S Bach: Cello Suite #1; Sessions: 6 Pieces; Penderecki: Capriccio. CHRISTENSEN. FS
GM 2003 S J.S. McLennan: 3 Songs from James Joyce; 3 Songs from Edith Sitwell. MORGAN (s), O'RILEY (pf). Ceremonial Music; Triptych. CHRISTIE (organ). A
Golden Age of Opera
EJS 170 "Potpourri #5." Wagner: Die Walkure--Act 2, exc. LEIDER, THORBORG, KAMANN; FURTWAENGLER, Royal Opera (1938). Other items by PINZA, CROOKS, BONELLI, PONS, MARTINELLI, PONSELLE, LAWRENCE, FLAGSTAD, et al. A. BJ
EJS 171 "Potpourri No. 6." Items of GIGLI (3), TRAUBEL (3), CHAMLEE, CROOKS/JEPSON, TEYTE (1, 1958), PINZA (4), MOORE (2), TAUBER/CEBOTARI, & MARTINI. A, LSM. BJ, as issued
EJS 188 (3) Gounod: Faust. JEPSON, OLHEIM, CROOKS, WARREN, PINZA; PELLETIER, Met. Opera (Boston, April 6, 1940). A, FOT. Blank box, as issued
EJS 211 (2) Verdi: La Forza del Destino--exc. ROMAN, PETTINA, JAGEL, PINZA, BACCALONI, TIBBETT; WALTER, Met. Opera (1943). A. BJ
EJS 215 (3) Mussorgsky: Boris Godounov. THORBORG, PETINA, FARELL, DePAOLIS, MOSCONA, KULLMAN, PINZA, WARREN; PANIZZA, Met. Opera (Dec. 9, 1939). A. Blank box, as issued
EJS 230 (2) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. MILANOV, CASTAGNA, BJOERLING, SVED, MOSCONA, CORDON; PANIZZA, Met. Opera (1940). A. BJ, as issued
EJS 241 Montemezzi: L'Amore dei Tre Re--exc. KIRSTEN, LAZZARI, WEEDE, KULLMAN,CHABAY; ANTONICELLI, Met. Opera (1949). A. BJ. Minor pr. flaws
EJS 256 Elisabeth RETHBERG aria & song recital, 1928-41. A. BJ, as issued
EJS 260 Leoncavalli: I Pagliacci. MARIO, MARTINELLI, TIBBETT, TEDESCO, CEHANOVSKY; BELLEZZA, Met. Opera (1934). A. BJ, as issued
EJS 282 Arias & duets. TEBALDI, ALBANESE, WEEDE, DI STEFANO, SVANHOLM (1947-54). A, LSM. BJ, as issued
EJS 301 Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro--Act 2. RETHBERG, SAYAO, STEVENS, PETTINA, BROWNLEE, PINZA; LEINSDORF, San Francisco Opera (Oct. 1940). A, LSM. BJ, as issued
EJS 363 Korngold: Ring of Polykrates. BERRY, KMENTT, MAJKUT; SWAROVSKY, ViennaSt. Opera (c. 1949). A, LSM. BJ, as issued
EJS 372 (2) Handel: Giulio Cesare. TEBALDI, NICOLAI, SINIMBERGHI, SIEPI; ALBERT (Pompei, 1950). A; typical PBs. BJ, as issued
EJS 429 Mozart: L'Oca del Cairo, K. 422. LEHEMANN, STOKLASSE, HOLLWEG, MEDINA,SELDEN, WESTL; WEISSENBORN, Munich CO & Cho. (1966). A. BJ, as issued
EJS 444 Wagner: Opera exc. ALSEN, ALTHOUSE, RALF, LEMNITZ, HOTTER, LORENZ, SCHUMANN, LEHMANN ("The Golden Age of Wagner", 1932-37). A. BJ, as issued
EJS 499 (2) Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc. LEIDER, OLSZEWSKA, MELCHIOR, SCHORR; BODANZKY, Met. Opera (1933). A. BJ, as issued
EJS 528 (2) Mercadante: Il Reggente. MERIGHI, MONTEFUSCO, CHIARA, VAJNA, ZILIO, FORMICHINI; MARTINOTTI (Siena, 1970). A. BJ, as issued
EJS 532 "Soprano Potpourri (23)." PONSELLE (5), RETHBERG (5), NORDICA (2), ALDA(2), SCHUMANN (3), MELBA, PATTI, & NOVOTNA (3). A. BJ
EJS 560 Massenet: Manon--exc. (in Italian). GONZALES, DI STEFANO, VALDENGO; CELLINI, Palacio de las Bellas Artes, Mexico City (1948). A; usual pr. flaws. BJ, as issued
EJS 574 Mozart: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail--exc. BERGER, WULF, LUDWIG, PFEIFLE, HERMANN; SCHMIDT-ISSERSTADT, Hamburg St. Opera Cho. & Radio O. (1946). A. BJ, as issued
Golden Crest
CRS 4167 S Bach: Goldberg Variations. JOHANNESEN (pf). A
18 7014 1 D (2) Riley: Song of the Planetary Dream Collector; G Song; Mythic Birds Waltz; Cadenza on the Night Plain. KRONOS QT. A
GM 756 S Works of Encina, F. de la Torre, Guerrero, Morales, Victoria, Pontac, Soler, Casals, Falla, Espla, Guridi, R. & C. Halffter, & Veiga. ESPADAS, RODRIGUEZ, Coro Universitario Gaudeamus. Spanish issue. A
Grand Award
G.A. 230 SD S "BACCALONI Sings Popular Italian Songs." A/A-, FOT
Great French Operatic Performances
CAR 1/6 (3) Bizet: Carmen. PONSELLE, BURKE, MAISON, PINZA; HASSELMANS, Met. Opera (1936). A. Blank box, as issued
Green Hill
GHLP KNA 04/5 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #5; Schubert: Symphony #8. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Munich PO (1959), Berlin PO (Jan. 1950). Private Japanese issue. FS
GHLP KNA 06 Brahms: Symphony #3. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Berlin PO (1944). Private Japanese issue. FS
Gregg Smith Singers Productions
GSS 104 S Rorem: Songs. REES (s), ROREM (pf). A. Texts

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SHM 524 S Beethoven: Symphony #9. VYVYAN, CARTER, PETRAK, BELL; KRIPS, BBC Cho.,London SO. A. EP
Handel Society
HDL 4 Handel: Harpsichord Suites #1-3. PELLEG. A
Harmonia Mundi
HMO 30526 Haydn: Trios #24, 26, & 29. MUSIQUE DE TOUS LES TEMPS (Krust, Gendre, Bex). A
Haydn Society
HSL 107 Handel: Water Music. HEWITT, Hewitt O. A; few minor PBs
HSL 143 Schumann: Kinderscenen; Toccata; Papillons; Arabeske; 3 Romances. NAT. A-, FOT
HSLP 1009 Haydn: Symphonies #22 & 35. STERNBERG, Vienna SO. A, LSM. Jacket repaired
HSQ 41 Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 59, #1. VEGH QUARTET. A-, FOT. Program note insert
2548 170 S Bruch: Concerto #1; Glazounov: Concerto. MORINI; FRICSAY, Berlin Radio SO. A. Canadian pressing
2548 732 Bach: Inventions; Sinfonias. GIESEKING. Only issue, from 1950 broadcasts. A, LSM
2700 706 (2) Bach: 6 Partitas; French Overture; Toccata in c. GIESEKING. Only LP publication, from 1950 broadcasts. A7
10" BLP 1037 Falla: 7 Popular Spanish Songs; Granados: 3 Tonadillas; Valverde: Clavelitos. DE LOS ANGELES, MOORE. A
10" BLP 1044 Schumann: Symphony #4. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A
10" DLP 1009 Liszt: Funerailles; Hungarian Rhapsody #12; Rhapsodie Espagnole (arr. Busoni) (SHERMAN, New London O). BACHAUER. A-/B, FOT
10" GHLP 1002 Bach: Double Concerto (BERNARD, Philharmonia O.); Handel: Trio Sonata#2, in D (SHINEBOURNE, MALCOLM). DE VITO, MENUHIN. A. Dutch pressing
ALP 1242 Elgar: Symphony #2. BARBIROLLI, Halle O. A
ALP 1316 Mozart: Concertos #23 & 24. SOLOMON; MENGES, Philharmonia O. A
ALP 1583 Beethoven: Concerto #1 (MENGES, Philharmonia O.); Sonata #27. SOLOMON. A. AS
ALP 1670 Bach: Cantatas #56 & 82. SOUZAY; JONES, Geraint Jones Singers & O. A
ALP 1843 Faure-Rabaud: Dolly; Chabrier: Gwendoline Overture; Bizet: Carmen Suite #1. BEECHAM, French Nat'l RSO. A
ALP 1874 "BEECHAM in Rehearsal." A
ALP 1889 Delius: Song of the High Hills (HART, s; JONES, t); Irmelin Prelude; Summer Evening; Hassan--Intermezzo & Serenade; Dance Rhapsody #1. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A. Odeon label
ASD 2356 S Elgar: Wand of Youth Suites; Chansons de Nuit & Matin; 3 Bavarian Dances. BOULT, London PO. A. Small dog label
ASD 2502 S Elgar: Nursery Suite; Grania & Diarmid--Funeral March; Severn Suite. GROVES, Royal Liverpool PO. A. Small dog label
ASD 2638 S "The Lighter Elgar." MARRINER, Northern Sinfonia O. A. Small dog label
ASD 2649 S Lorca (arr.): Spanish Folk Songs; Falla: Psyche; Valls (arr.): 10 Sephardic Songs. DE LOS ANGELES, ZANETTI (pf), GHIGLIA (gtr), et al. A. Small dog label
ASD 2671 S Beethoven: Octet, Op. 103; Sextet, Op. 81b; wind works. DE PEYER, Melos Ens. A. Small dog label
ASD 272 S Grieg: Piano Concerto; Schumann: Piano Concerto. SOLOMON; MENGES, Philharmonia O. A. Small dog label
ASD 2826 S Canteloube: Songs of the Auvergne; Chausson: Poeme de l'amour et de la mer. DE LOS ANGELES; JACQUILLAT, Lamoureux O. A. Small dog label. Texts
ASD 3020 S Bliss: Music for Strings; Howells: Concerto for Strings. BOULT, London PO. A. Small dog label
ASD 3050 S Elgar: Polonia; Dream Children; orchestral works; Chopin-Elgar: Funeral March. BOULT, London PO. A. Small dog label
ASD 3097 S Holst: The Wandering Scholar. BURROWES, RIPPON, LANGDON, TEAR; BEDFORD, English Opera Group & CO. The Perfect Fool--ballet; Egdon Heath. PREVIN, London SO. A. Small dog label
ASD 3345 Q Elgar: Coronation Ode; National Anthem (arr.); Parry: I was glad whenthey said unto me. LOTT, HODGSON, MORTON, ROBERTS; LEDGER, Choir of King's College, Cambridge, New Philharmonia O., et al. HP Super Disc. A. Small dog label
ASD 339 S Haydn: Symphonies #99 & 100. BEECHAM, Royal PO. A, LSM. EAR. Minor jacket soiling
ASD 512 S Tippett: Concerto for Double String Orchestra (Bath Festival CO.); Prokofiev-Barshai: Visions fugitives. BARSHAI, Moscow CO. A. EAR
ASD 615 S Couperin: Lecon de Temebres #1; A. Scarlatti: Infirmata vulnterata; Telemann: Die Hoffnung ist mein Leben. FISCHER-DIESKAU, Picht-Axenfeld (hpsi), et al. A, LSM. EAR. Texts missing
HQM 1016 Rubbra: Symphony #5; Vaughan Williams: Variants of "Dives & Lazarus;"Oboe Concerto (ROTHWELL). BARBIROLLI, Halle O., London SO. A
HQS 1144 S Bach: Motets, "Singet dem Herrn;" "Komm, Jesu, komm;" "Jesu, menie Freude." WILLCOCKS, King's College Choir, Cambridge. A. Small dog label. Texts
HQS 1236 S Vaughan Williams: On Wenlock Edge; 10 Blake Songs (CRAXTON, oboe); TheNew Ghost; The Water Mill. PARTRIDGE (t), MUSIC GROUP OF LONDON. A. Small dog label. Texts
HQS 1257 S Kuhlau: Flute Sonata in e; Schubert: Introduction & Variations on "Trockne Blumen;" F.X. Mozart: Rondo in e. SHAFFER (fl), H. MENUHIN (pf). A
HQS 1258 S Duparc: 12 songs; Faure: Poeme d'un jour; 2 songs. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A. Texts
HQS 1341 S Britten: Folk song arrangements. TEAR, Ledger. FS. Texts
HQS 1412 Q Vaughan Williams: Folk song arrangements. TEAR (t), LEDGER (pf), BEAN (violin). A. Texts
RLS 1547003 (7) "Brahms & Schumann Lieder on Record, 1901-1952: An Anthology featuring 77 Great Singers in Historical Recordings...including many previously unpublished items." A. Texts
RLS 714 (2) "Isobel BAILLIE: An anthology of her greatest recordings." 5 unpub. items; 4 items in stereo. A. Booklet
RLS 722 (7) Beethoven: 18 Sonatas. SOLOMON. A. Booklet7
RLS 730 (2) Mendelssohn: Elijah. BAILLIE, RIPLEY, JOHNSTON, WILLIAMS; SARGENT, Huddersfield Choral Soc., Royal Liverpool PO. A
RLS 734 (2) Haydn: Symphonies #93, 99, & 104; Beethoven: Symphony #3. BEECHAM, London PO (1935-39; Hardwick transfers). A
SLS 5246 (3) Walton: Symphony #1; Crown Imperial; Orb & Sceptre; Belshazzar's Feast (BELL); Henry V Suite; Spitfire Prelude & Fugue; Facade Suite; 2 Overtures; Partita; Richard III Prelude. WALTON, Philharmonia O. Half stereo. A
SLS 868 S (5) Works of Yardumian (5), Ogdon, Lloyd, Dukas, Dutilleux, Schmitt, Messiaen, Schoenberg, Williamson, & Britten (2). OGDON, LUCAS. A0
SLS 939 S (2) Elgar: The Kingdom. M. PRICE, MINTON, YOUNG, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BOULT, London PO & Cho. A. Small dog label. Text
SLS 954 S (3) Beethoven: Fidelio. DERNESCH, VICKERS, RIDDERBUSH; KARAJAN, Berlin German Opera Cho. & PO. A. Small dog label. Libretto
SLS 958 S (2) Delius: A Mass of Life. HARPER, WATTS, TEAR, LUXON; GROVES, London PO & Cho. A. Small dog label. Text
SLS 959 S (3) Vaughan Williams: The Pilgrim's Progress (with rehearsal exc.) ARMSTRONG, BURROWES, WALLIS, HODGSON, NOBLE, ENGLISH, PARTRIDGE, WARD, CASE, HERINCX, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BOULT, London PO. A. EAR. Text
SLS 966 S (2) Delius: A Village Romeo & Juliet. HARWOOD, TEAR, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; DAVIES. A. Small dog label. Libretto
SLS 997 Q (3) Walton: Troilus & Cressida. BAKER, BAINBRIDGE, CASSILLY, ENGLISH,LUXON; FOSTER, Royal Opera, Covent Garden. M. Libretto
SXLP 30124 Mozart: Concertos #21 & 22. A. FISCHER; SAWALLISCH, Philharmonia O. First stereo edition. A
SXLP 30138 S Walton: Symphony #1. SARGENT, New Phil. O. Composer-supervised. A
HMV (Australia)
OASD 7556 S Hill: Violin Concerto. ELLIOTT; POST, Sydney SO. Trumpet Concerto. JOHNSON; MAYER. Serenade for Flute & Strings. FISENDEN, ORIEL QT. A
HMV (Denmark)
10" KBLP 5 Nielsen: Symphonic Suite, Op. 8; Theme & Variations, Op. 40. KOPPEL (pf). A
CN 101 (4) Nielsen: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; WOLDIKE. Aladdin--exc. FELUMB.Symphony #2. JENSEN. Andante Lamentoso; Symphony #4. GRONDAHL. Wind Quintet. COPENHAGEN WIND QUINTET. String Quartet, Op. 44. ERLING BLOCH QT. (etc.) A
Hor Zu
HZEL 700 Prokofiev: Classical Symphony; Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto (BORRIES). CELIBIDACHE, Berlin PO. A

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10" ILP 151 Borodin: Polovtsian Dances; Bizet: Carmen--exc. SCHUECHTER, FFB SO Berlin. A, LSM
Inedits ORTF
995 029 S Pierne: Les enfants a Bethleem. JOUINEAU, French Radio Children's Cho.& PO. A
International Gramophone Society
IGS 089 S Delius: Appalachia. DORATI, Howard U. Cho., National SO. Paris--A Nocturne. MAAZEL, New Philharmonia O. Live performances, 1971. M
International Piano Archives
IPA 104 Ferruccio BUSONI recital (all his issued 78s), + Busoni music played byZADORA, PETRI, & WEISS. Reprint edition. FS
IPA 106/7 (2) Mozart: Concertos #13 & 22 (RODZINSKI) (live, 1945-6); Sonata in F, K. 332 (unpub. 78s); Poulenc: Concert Champetre (STOKOWSKI) (live, 1949). LANDOWSKA (piano, harpsichord in Poulenc). A
IPA 112 Brahms: Sonata #3; works of Bach, Scarlatti, Handel, Couperin, Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Chopin, & Debussy. BAUER (from Schirmer 78s). FS
IPA 114 "Mischa LEVITZKI: His Rarest Recordings (1923-1929)." FS
International Record Collectors' Club
10" L 7006 "Echoes of the Golden Age of Opera." Mapleson cylinders from Met. Opera, 1901-3. A
6502 S Schumann: Dichterliebe; Brahms: Lieder. SZE, B. SMITH. A, LSM. Schumann text

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541 Bach-Busoni: Concerto #1, in d (VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O.) (1947); Chopin: Nocturne, Op. 27, #2; Etudes, Op. 10, #5; Op. 25, #5 (1950). LIPATTI. FS
LSY 66016 S Sulek: Symphony #6. SULEK, Zagreb Radio SO. A
2435 108 S "Fritz WUNDERLICH: Seine grossen Erfolge" (songs). A
10" 12 Thompson: Alleluia; works of Murray, Ryder, & Work; arrangements of H.Wilson, S. Gaines, Lawson, Burleigh, & Dawson. LAWSON, Howard U. Choir ("Folk Songs & Spirituals"). A, LSM

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Lebendige Vergangenheit
LV 128 Karl ERB Lieder recital, Vol. 1 (1934-37). A. Spine repaired
LV 1318 Julius PATZAK operetta & song recital (Vol. 2), 1929-34. A
LV 165 Cornelius: The Barber of Bagdad--exc. (ROSBAUD, Frankfurt RSO, 1932); arias of Verdi (2) & Wagner (2) (1922-26). A. KIPNIS (Vol. 2). A
LV 254 Carl HARTMANN aria & song recital, from 78s, 1929-33. A
Legendary Recordings
LR 104 S Duets of Cilea (2), Massenet, Puccini, Donizetti (2), & Giordano. CABALLE, CARRERAS. A
LR 160 S (3) Monteverdi: L'Incoronazione di Poppea. G. JONES, LUDWIG, MASTERSON, VICKERS, GHIAUROV, STILWELL; RUDEL (1978). A
LPI 103 S Clarke: Trio. ESKIN, ORNSTEIN, KREGER. Hoover: Trio. ROGERI TRIO. A
Leopold Stokowski Society
LS 11 Brahms: Symphony #2. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. (1929). A. COH
Leopold Stokowski Society of America
LSSA 5 Works of Vivaldi, Palestrina, Frescobaldi, Lully, Byrd, & Handel (all arr. Stokowski). STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. (1930-37). A
Library of Recorded Masterpieces
HS 10 S S Haydn: Symphonies #4 & 48; L'Infedelta delusa--Overture. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. Scores bound in album. A
HS 16 S S Haydn: Symphonies #16, 19, & 52. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. Scores bound in album. A
HS 5 S S Haydn: Symphonies # 12 & 56. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. A. Miniature scores
HS 6 S S Haydn: Symphonies #13 & 40. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O (Vol. 6). A. Scores in album
HS 7 S S Haydn: Symphonies #24 & 41. GOBERMAN, Vienna St. Opera O. (Vol. 7). A. Scores bound in album
LS 86049 S Henry: Le Voyage. Electronic music. A
LS 86061 S Nordheim: Epitaffio (BLOMSTEDT, Oslo PO); Response 1; Janson: Canon; Fongaard: Galaxy. Electronic music (with soloists). A
10" LD 9091 Ravel: Don Quichotte a Dulcinee; Debussy: 4 songs. SOUZAY; LINDENBERG, Paris Conservatory O. A
10" LD 9213 Martin: Violin Concerto. SCHNEIDERHAN; ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. Jacket damaged
10" LS 453 Schumann: Kinderscenen; Mendelssohn: 6 Songs Without Words. FERBER. A, LSM
3LDR 10025 D (3) Massenet: Le Roi de Lahore. SUTHERLAND, TOURANGEAU, MILNES, GHIAUROV, LIMA-MORRIS; BONYNGE. M. Dutch pressing. Libretto
5092 Bach: Cantatas #11 & 67; Cantata #147--Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. MITCHELL, FERRIER, HERBERT, PARSONS; JACQUES, Cantata Singers, Jacques O. A
5258 Lieder of Schubert (4) & Schumann (2); arias of Handel (2), Gluck, & Mendelssohn. FERRIER ("Memorial Album"). A
5678 Oda SLOBODSKAYA recital, half from 78s, half from stereo tape. A, LSM. Text. AS
A 4307 (3) Delibes: Lakme. ROBIN, BORTAYRE, DE LUCA, JANSEN, DISNEY, COLLARD; SEBASTIAN, Paris Opera-Comique. A. Libretto
CM 9068 Ravel: Piano Concertos. BLANCARD; ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP
CM 9260 Schumann: Piano Concerto (WAND, Vienna PO); Waldszenen. BACKHAUS. No Decca SXL issue. A. AS
CM 9464 Shostakovich: Quartet #10; Berg: Quartet, Op. 3. WELLER QT. FS. AS
CS 6385 S Haydn: Quartets, Op. 33, #2, "Joke;" Op. 76, #2, "Quinten;" Hoffstader("Haydn"): Quartet in F, Op. 3, #5. JANACEK QUARTET. Splendid! A. Large label
CS 6387 S Sibelius: Symphony #4; Tapiola. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP. Large FFRR label
CS 6396 S Brahms: Intermezzi, Op. 117; Klavierstucke, Opp. 118 & 119. KATCHEN (Vol. 1). A. EP, large label
CS 6400 S Mozart: Flute Concerto #2; Bach: Suite #2; Gluck: Dance of the Blessed Spirits. C. MONTEUX; P. MONTEUX, London SO. A. Large FFRR label
CS 6404 S Brahms: Piano Pieces, Op. 76; Fantasies, Op. 116. KATCHEN (Vol. 2). A. EP, large label
CS 6410 S Brahms: Sonatas #1 & 2. KATCHEN. A. EP
CS 6444 S Brahms: Waltzes, Op. 39; 2 Rhapsodies, Op. 79; 4 Ballades, Op. 10. KATCHEN (Vol. 4). A. EP, large label
CS 6473 S Brahms: Hungarian Dances. KATCHEN, MARTY (in Book 2 only). A. EP, large label
CS 6474 S Brahms: Handel Variations; Paganini Variations. KATCHEN. A. Large label
CS 6477 S Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Schumann, Op. 9; Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 21, #1; Variations on a Hungarian Song, Op. 21, #2. KATCHEN. A. EP, large label
CS 6482 S Brahms: Sonata #3, Op. 5; Scherzo, Op. 4. KATCHEN. A. EP
CS 6509 S Glazounov: The Seasons; 2 Concert Waltzes. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP. Promo sticker
CS 6512 S Beethoven: Symphony #4; Consecration of the House. SCHMIDT-ISSERSTEDT,Vienna PO. A. EP
CS 6567 S Brahms: Serenade #1. KERTESZ, London SO. Gorgeous performance! A. EP. COH. Album spine damaged
CS 6585 S Beethoven: Sonatas #2, 10, & 19. BACKHAUS. A. EP. COH
CS 6624 S Respighi: Pines of Rome; Fountains of Rome; The Birds. KERTESZ, LondonSO. A. EP
CS 6638 S Beethoven: Sonatas #3, 13, & 24. BACKHAUS. A. EP
CS 6639 S Beethoven: Sonatas #16, 22, & 27. BACKHAUS. A. EP
CS 6698 S Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe--Suite #2; Ma Mere l'Oye--Suite; La Valse. MEHTA, L.A. PO. A. EP
CS 6881 S Falla: Piano music. DE LARROCHA. A. COH. EP
CS 7008 S Mozart: Sonatas, K. 311 & 330; Fantasy in d, K. 397; Haydn: Andante &Variations. DE LARROCHA. A. EP
CS 7120 S Bartok: Suite #1; 2 Pictures. DORATI, Detroit SO. A. EP
CS 7251 S Mozart: Concertos #20 & 27. CURZON; BRITTEN, English CO. First publication of 1970 recording. A. Spine damaged
LL 1037 Schumann: Symphony #3; Overture, Scherzo & Finale. SCHURICHT, Paris Conservatory O. A
LL 1055 Rubbra: Violin Sonata #2. GRINKE, RUBBRA. Berkeley: Sonata; Theme & Variations. GRINKE, BERKELEY. A
LL 1173 Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 306 & 526. LANGBEIN, M. JONES. A-, FOT
LL 1257 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. ELMAN; SOLTI, London PO. A
LL 132 Mozart: String Quintet in g, K. 516. GRILLER QT., GILBERT (vla). A; 1/4" X
LL 1380 Haydn: Sonatas "#8, 10, 25, & 30" (L. 1, 6, 40, & 45). K. LONG. A
LL 1454 Boccherini: String Trios, Op. 9, #5; Op. 38, #2; Quartets, Op. 39, #8;Op. 44, #4. CARMIRELLI QT. A, FOT
LL 1519 Chausson: 7 songs; Ravel: Histoires naturelles; Faure: 5 Verlaine songs. SOUZAY, BONNEAU. A/A-, FOT
LL 1530 Gounod: 7 songs; "Old French Airs." SOUZAY, Bonneau. A, FOT; minor PB
LL 1589 Schumann: Piano Concerto; Weber: Konzertstuck. GULDA; V. ANDREAE, Vienna PO. A. Jacket repaired. AS
LL 1638 Bach: English Suite #6; French Suite #5; The Well-Tempered Clavier--Book 1, #15; Book 2, #15. BACKHAUS. A-, FOT; 1/4" X
LL 223 Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. VIENNA OCTET. A-, FOT
LL 286 Mozart: Symphony #29. MAAG, Suisse Romande O. Symphony #36. BOHM, Vienna PO. A; minor PB
LL 321 Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 59, #3. NEW ITALIAN QT. (Quartetto Italiano). A, FOT
LL 386 Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. BARCHET; MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A
LL 44 Debussy: Images. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A, FOT; 1/4" X
LL 512 Grieg: Piano Concerto. CURZON; FISTOULARI, London SO. A/A-, FOT
LL 542 Mozart: Symphonies #31 & 39. KRIPS, London SO. A-, FOT
LL 546 Semenoff: Double Concerto. FERRAS, BARBIZET; SEMENOFF. Rodrigo: Concerto d'Ete. FERRAS; ENESCO, Paris Cons. O. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X
LL 587 Schubert: Quartet in a, Op. 29. VEGH QT. A/A-, LSM. Jacket repaired
LL 624 Scarlatti-Tommasini: The Good Humored Ladies; Poulenc: Les Biches. DESORMIERE, Paris Conservatory O. A, LSM
LL 668 Schubert: Quartet in a, Op. 29. ITALIAN QT. (QUARTETTO ITALIANO). A, LSM
LL 673 Beethoven: Quartet in F, Op. 59, #1. QUARTETTO ITALIANO. A-, FOT; 2 1/3" X's
LL 691 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. SCHMIDT-ISSERSTEDT, Hamburg Radio SO. A
LL 737 Sibelius: En Saga; Tapiola. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A, LSM
LL 754 Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit; Debussy: Suite Bergamasque. GULDA. A
LL 756 Mozart: Sonata, K. 310; Rondo, K. 485; Bach: English Suite #3. GULDA. A-/B, FOT
LL 797 Ravel: Piano Concertos. BLANCARD; ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A, LSM. Jacket repaired
LL 850 Brahms: Concerto #1. CURZON; VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A-, FOT. Jacket repaired
LL 915 Beethoven: Symphony #4. KRIPS, Concertgebouw O. A/A-, FOT
LL 962 Sarasate: Danzas Espanolas; Caprice Basque; Introduction & Tarantella;Zigeunerweisen. RICCI, PERSINGER (pf). A; 1/4" X
LLA 23 (3) Bloch: 4 String Quartets. GRILLER QT. A-/B, FOT. Spine damaged, some flaps gone
LLP 3 Berlioz: Romeo & Juliet--exc.; Le Troyens--exc. MUNCH, Paris Conservatory O. A/A-, FOT; 1/3" X
OS 25005 S Sibelius: Songs. FLAGSTAD; FJELDSTAD, London SO. A. Blue back. Texts
OS 25141 S Arias of Bach (4) & Handel (5). FLAGSTAD; BOULT, London PO. A. White back jacket
OS 25281 S "Operetta Evergreens." GUEDEN; STOLZ, Vienna St. Opera O. A. FFSS label
OSA 1203 S (2) Wagner: Die Walkure--Act 3; Act 2--Siegmund! Sieh' auf mich! FLAGSTAD, SCHECH, SVANHOLM, EDELMANN; SOLTI, Vienna PO. A. EP. Libretto
SPC 21005 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. STOKOWSKI, London SO. A. EP
SPC 21019 S "Puccini Spectacular: Opera for Orchestra." CAMERATA, Kingsway SO. A, LSM
SPC 21061 S Franck: Symphony; Ravel: Fanfare. STOKOWSKI, Hilversum Radio SO. A
SPC 21071 S Chopin: Piano music. DAVIS. A. COH
SPC 21111 S "Russian Fantasia." STOKOWSKI. FS
London (Japan)
K18C 8209/10 S (2) Beethoven: Sonata #21; Schubert: Moments musicaux; Impromptu, D.935, #2 (2 versions); Schumann: Fantasiestucke #1 & 3; Mozart: Sonata, K. 331. BACKHAUS (from last concert, 1969). A. Jacket water-damaged
London International
10" W 91063 Rasse: Violin Concerto in C. HOSSELET; DEFOSSEZ, Belgian Nat'l O. B, FOT; 1/4" X
TW 91114/5 (2) Planquette: Les Cloches de Corneville. RIEDINGER, MUSY, BLANC, GIRAUDEAU, BALDON; DERVAUX. A. French summary
London Richmond
B 19063 Beethoven: Concerto #3. BACKHAUS; BOHM, Vienna PO. A
R 23214 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer;" Mozart: Sonata in Bb, K. 454. KULENKAMPFF, SOLTI. A. COH. EP
R 23245 Dvorak: Symphony #8. SZELL, Concertgebouw O. A. EP
SR 33222 S Songs of Grieg (5), Eggen, Alnaes (4), & Lie (2) ("Songs from Norway").FLAGSTAD; FJELDSTAD, London SO. A
London Treasury
STS 15018 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. MARTINON, Vienna PO. A. EP
STS 15022 S Debussy: Jeux; Danse; Dukas: La Peri. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP
STS 15059 S Mozart: Quintet for Piano & Winds (PANHOFFER); Clarinet Trio (A. BOSKOVSKY). VIENNA OCTET. A. EP
STS 15271 S Stravinsky: Divertimento from "The Fairy's Kiss;" 4 Etudes; Suites #1 & 2. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP
LOU 651 Etler: Concerto for Wind Quintet & Orchestra; Ives-Schumann: Variations on "America;" U. Kay: Umbrian Scene. WHITNEY, Louisville O. A, FOT. No program notes
LL 1 Bach: 2 Part Inventions; 18 Little Preludes. BALOGH (pf). A. Red vinyl
LL 10 Mozart: Clarinet Quintet. FORREST, GALIMIR QT. A-, FOT
LL 119 C.P.E. Bach: Piano Concerto in c; Haydn: Concerto in F. ROESGEN-CHAMPION; GOLDSCHMIDT, Paris Conservatory O. A-; 1/8" X

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10" E109 Aria & song recital. MELCHIOR; Stoll, o. A/A-, FOT; 2 1/4" Xs ; minor pressing flaw
E3155 Chavez: Toccata; Revueltas: Ocho por Radio; Surinach: Ritmo Jondo; Villa-Lobos: Choros #7. SOLOMON, ens. A. EAR
E3198 Grieg: Lyric Pieces, Books 5 & 6. PRESSLER. A, LSM. EAR
E3244 M. Richter: Piano Sonata; Ben-Haim: Sonata. PRESSLER. A. Blue jacket
E3420 Haydn: Trio #39, in G; Mendelssohn: Trio #1. BEAUX-ARTS TRIO (Pressler, Guilet, Greenhouse). A. EAR
E3423 Chavez: Symphony #5; Ben-Haim: Concerto for Strings. SOLOMON, o. A. EAR
E3437 Brahms: Serenade #2; Schumann: Die Braut von Messina--Overture. WINOGRAD, Hamburg PO. A. EAR. Spine taped
E3516 Villa-Lobos: Choros #7. SOLOMON, M-G-M CO. Choros #5; Recollections ofthe Brazilian Forests; Suite Floral; Poema Singelo. ENGDAHL (pf). Bachianas Brasileiras #9. SURINACH, o. A, LSM. EAR
E3565 Rozsa: Concerto for String Orchestra; Rieti: Dance Variations. SURINACH, M-G-M String O. A. EAR
E3631 Kodaly: Summer Evening; Rozsa: Hungarian Serenade. WINOGRAD, o. A, LSM. EAR
MCS 9080 S Mozart: Sonata for bassoon & cello; Violin Sonata in Bb; Trio in G. DIEDRICHSEN (vln), HOKANSON (pf), KLEPAC (bsn), FINKE (cello). A
005 Brahms: Symphony #4. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. (1938). A. Booklet
MCA Westminster
MCA 1419 S Nielsen: Symphony #4, "Inextinguishable;" Maskarade Overture. RUDOLF, Cincinnati SO. A
McGill University
85027 S Lanza: Interferences III; Steven: Images; Lloyd: Breath Baby; Schryer: A Kindrid Spirit. Electronic music. FS
McIntosh Music
MC 1006 Kabalevsky: Piano Sonata #2; Sonatina #1; 3 Preludes. HAIEN. A/A-, LSM; minor PB
G 1063 D F. Strauss: Horn works; R. Strauss: Lieder (WULKOPF, a); horn works. JEURISSEN (horn), SCHILDE (pf). A
017 Arias & songs of St.-Saens, Verdi (3), Mussorgsky (2), & Rimsky-Korsakov. CHRISTOFF (live perf.) A
033 "Lucrezia BORI Live" (arias & songs from broadcasts). A
10" D 18873/4 Works of Kalinnikov, Oginski, Andreyev, Wieniawski, Shostakovich, Ditel, Dunayevsky, & anon. ROZHKOV (balalaika), MINYAEV (gtr). A
10" S 1991/2 S Handel: Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, #10; 3 arias (NESTERENKO). GOZMAN, Leningrad CO. A
D 011287/92 (4) Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin. VISHNEVSKAYA, AVDEYEVA, VERBITSKAYA, PETROVA, LEMESHEV; KHAIKIN, Bolshoi. A. English summary
D 027219/20 Britten: Sinfonietta, Op. 1; Prelude & Fugue; Soirees Musicales; Matinees Musicales (after Rossini). DALGAT, Leningrad CO & PO. A. TE. Paper jacket tatty
D 05985/90 (3) Bizet: Carmen. BORISENKO, SHUMSKAYA, NELEPP, IVANOV; NEBOLSIN, Bolshoi Opera. A, LSM. Jacket repaired
D 07203/4 Haydn: Sonata #62 (live, Bucharest, 1960); Beethoven: Sonata #7. RICHTER. A
M10 43119/30 (6) Schubert: Sonata in Bb; 2 Impromptus; 5 Moments musicaux; Scriabin: Sonatas #2, 3, & 9; Fantasia in b; piano music; works of Liszt & Chopin. SOFRONITSKY. A; 1 tiny PB. BJ. Booklet
M10 49425 (2) Liszt: Don Juan Fantasy; Balakirev: Islamey; Blumenfeld: Etude.BARERE. Works of Bach, Czerny, St.-Saens, & Horowitz. HOROWITZ. Beethoven: Concerto #2. GRINBERG; KONDRASHIN. Works of Blumenfeld (3) & Gaigarova. BELOV (all Blumenfeld pupils). A
S 02667/70 S (2) Chopin: Etudes, Opp. 10 & 25; Scherzo #3; Fantaisie in f. SLOBODYANIK. A
S 03997/8 F Tchaikovsky: Sonata, Op. 37. RICHTER. A; minor PB
S 04125/6 S Tchaikovsky: Sonata in c#, Op. 80 (1964); Piano Pieces, Op. 19 (1950, fake stereo). GILELS. A
S 04289/90 F Rachmaninov: Concerto #1; Prokofiev: Concerto #1. RICHTER (1955/52). A-, FOT
S 04575/6 S Rachmaninov: Trio #2, in d, Op. 9. SVETLANOV, KOGAN, LUZANOV. A
S 0473/4 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. RICHTER; KARAJAN, Vienna SO. DG recording. A. Jacket markings
S10 05023/4 S "V Tchaikovsky International Competition Review: Violinists." Performances by SHUTKO, V. MILANOVA, MELNIKOV, SEKLER, FORUG, AGARONYAN, PAVLIK, TOKUNAGA, FODOR, V. BRODSKY, NICOLAS, BARTA, & GVASALIA. A
S10 05409/10 S Anon.: 10 Verses in Praise of Peter I; Titov: Concerto for the Poltavska Victory (etc.) SOLODILOVA (s); YURLOV, USSR State Academic A Cappella Cho. ("Music from the Age of Peter I (the Great)." A
S10 05895/6 S Rachmaninov: Sonata #2; 3 Etudes-Tableaux; piano music. HOROWITZ (live, 1967/8). Columbia recording. A
S10 06875/6 S Shostakovich: Suite on Poems by Blok, Op. 127 (PISARENKO, s; FERSHTMAN, cello); Violin Sonata. KAGAN, LEONSKAYA. A
S10 08343/6 S (2) Tchaikovsky: Iolanthe. SOROKINA, GRIGORIEVA, NESTERENKO, MAZUROK,ATLANTOV, VALAITIS; ERMLER, Bolshoi Opera. A. English summary
S10 09501/2 S Rubinstein: Violin Sonata in G. G. FEIGEN, POLTORATSKY. A
S10 09931/2 S Viotti: Concerto #22; Haydn: Concerto in F for Piano & Violin (KRAINEV, pf). KRYSA; ERMLER, USSR SO. A. Minor water damage
S10 11533/4 S Sviridov: Children's Album--3 pieces. MININ, Moscow Chamber Choir. Music for Chamber Orchestra; It's Snowing (Leningrad Chamber Cho.) SEROV, Leningrad O. of Old & New Music. A
S10 13091/4 S (2) Bach: Goldberg Variations. NIKOLAYEVA (pf). A
MEL 011 (3) Verdi: Aida. WELITSCH, HARSHAW, VINAY, MERRILL, HINES; COOPER, Met. Opera (1950). FS
MEL 076 (2) Astrid VARNAY aria recital, from broadcasts, 1951-54. A
MEL 084 (2) Paul SCHOEFFLER aria recital, from broadcasts, 1938-58 (1 w. FURTWAENGLER, 2 from Met. Opera). A
MEL 085 (2) Arias & scenes of Beethoven, Weber, Wagner (4), Puccini (2), Verdi(3), & Strauss (4). RYSANEK (1950-60). A
MEL 093 (2) Lorenz FEHENBERGER aria recital, from broadcasts, 1944-53. FS
MEL 219 (3) Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #3 & 10; Mozart: Sonatas, K. 304 & 454(GRUMIAUX); Duport Variations; Schumann: Kinderscenen; Beethoven: Sonata #18; Schubert: Sonata in a, D. 845. HASKIL. A
MEL 228 (2) Prokofiev: Concerto #3. KAPELL; STOKOWSKI, NBC SO (1949). Arias of Puccini, Verdi, Gounod, Borodin, Mozart, & Wagner (4). NILSSON, LONDON; STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. (1962). A
MEL 301 (4) Wagner: Tristan & Isolde. FLAGSTAD, THORBORG, MELCHIOR, KIPNIS; LEINSDORF, Met. Opera (1941). Poor sound warning. FS
MEL 429 (4) Pfitzner: Palestrina. NENTWIG, FRANTZ, KLARWEIN, PROEBSTL, HOTTER, PATZAK; HEGER, Munich St. Opera (1952). A
MEL 455 (3) Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor. SUTHERLAND, TUCKER, MOSCONA; VARVISO, Met. Opera (Dec. 9, 1961). A
MEL 709 (3) Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro. SCHWARZKOPF, SEEFRIED, LUDWIG, FISCHER-DIESKAU, KUNZ; BOHM, Vienna St. Opera (Salzburg, 1957). A
MEL 710 (3) Verdi: Il Trovatore. PRICE, SIMIONATO, CORELLI, BASTIANINI, ZACCARIA; KARAJAN, Vienna St. Opera (1962). FS. Italian libretto
MEL 711 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #7; Wagner: Siegfried-Idyll. KNAPPERTSBUCH, Vienna PO (Salzburg, Aug. 30, 1949). A
MEL 713 (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. SCHWARZKOPF, WELITSCH, SEEFRIED, DERMOTA, GOBBI, GREINDL; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera (Salzburg Festival, July 27, 1950). Not identical with EJS/Olympic/Discocorp/Turnabout performance. A
10" MG15037 Beethoven: Sonata #14; Chopin: Fantasie-Impromptu; Polonaise, Op. 53.SCHIOLER. A
MG10002 Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso in d, Op. 3, #11 (SCHNEIDER, BACHMANN, violins; GREENHOUSE, cello); Mozart: Divertimento in D, K. 251. SCHNEIDER, Dumbarton Oaks CO. A, LSM
MG10032 Mozart: Symphony #25. EICHHORN, Munich PO. Symphony #28. ALBERT, Bavarian St. O. A-, FOT
MG10075 Schubert: Symphony #9. HAGER, Bamberg SO. A-/B, FOT; 1/4" X
MG10121 Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 17, 24, & 25. FOLDES. A-, FOT
MG10134 Mozart: Quartets, K. 589 & 590. ROTH QT. (Roth, Starker, et al). A-, FOT; 1/3" X
MG40001 Canning: Fantasy on a Theme by Justin Morgan; Mennini: Arioso; Foote:Suite in E. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A-, FOT
MG40013 Porter: Poem & Dance; Donovan: New England Chronicle; Hively: 3 Himnos. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO. A, FOT
MG50035 Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice; Faure: Pelleas et Melisande; Roussel: Spider's Feast Suite. PARAY, Detroit SO. A, LSM; minor PBs
MG50368 Chopin: Concerto #1 (DORATI, London SO); Nocturne, Op. 27, #1; 3 Etudes. BACHAUER. A. AS
SR2 9010 S (2) Paisiello: Il Barbiere di Siviglia. SCIUTTI, MONTI, PANERAI, CAPECCHI; FASANO. A. RFR matrix. Libretto
SR90515 S Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion (PONSE, FRID); Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta. DORATI, London SO. A. CBS matrix
Mercury Golden Imports
SRI 75013 S Anderson: Orchestral works. FENNELL, Eastman-Rochester "Pops" O. A
Metropolitan Opera Record Club
MO 728 (2) Wagner: Die Walkure--exc. HARSHAW, SCHECH, THEBOM, VINAY, UHDE, SCOTT; MITROPOULOS, Met. Opera. A. Libretto
106 Berlioz: Les Nuits d'Ete (EHRLING); arias of Auber (2), Rameau (2), & Gretry. GEDDA. A. Berlioz texts
1530 Kabalevsky: 24 Preludes, Op. 38. FLIERE. A
1582 Scriabin: Sonata #6; 12 Etudes. RICHTER. Extraordinary live performances, 1952 & '55. A
MMG 1129 S Herbert: Sweethearts. REES, ELLIOTT, GENTON, BOGDAN; SMITH, Gregg Smith Singers, Lake Placid Sinfonietta. A
MC 2012 Rachmaninov: Concerto #3 (ANOSOV); Liszt: 3 Paganini Etudes. MERZHANOV. A
FM 14 Serrano: La Dolorosa. BERCHMAN, PICASO; MONTORIO, NAVARRO, Madrid CO &Singers Cho. A
FMS 2041 S Albeniz: Iberia--3 exc.; Surinach: Feria Magica Overture; Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol. SURINACH, French Nat'l Radio O. A
Movimento Musica
01.030 Beethoven: Symphony #6. KLEMPERER, Berlin PO (Feb. 15, 1954). A
02.009 (2) Verdi: Requiem. BROUWENSTIJN, DOMINGUEZ, ZAMPIERI, ZACCARIA; SOLTI, Cologne RSO & Cho. (Nov. 17, 1958). A. Text
Murray Hill
M60084 (3) "First Recorded Opera." MARTINELLI memorial disc; 1 disc Bettini cylinders; 1 disc Edison Diamond Discs of MUZIO, CINEROS, HEMLEP, MOJICA, HEMPEL, CASE, BONCI, SUNDELIUS, MATZENAUER, URLUS, BORI, & ZENATELLO. A
Music for Pleasure
MFP 2003 Brahms: Violin Concerto. DE VITO; SCHWARZ, Philharmonia O. A
Music Guild
MS 6301 S (3) Bach: Mass in b. ALARIE, MERRIMAN, SIMONEAU, NEIDLINGER; SCHERCHEN, Vienna Academy Cho. & St. Opera O. A. COH. Text
MS 839 S Schumann: Manfred. HERMGES; SCHERCHEN, Vienna Academy Chamber Cho. & Radio O. A
S 45 S Buxtehude: Cantatas; Suite for Organ (PINKHAM). CUENOD, CONRAD, PEARSON, et al. A. Texts
Music Library
MLR 7020 Fickenscher: Willowwood. PORTER (ms), FICKENSCHER (pf), anon. viola & bsn. A
MLR 7023 Ratner: Serenade. SALGO, ens. Piano Sonata. BALLER. A
MLR 7068 Martinu: 5 Madrigal Stanzas; E. Goossens: Violin Sonata #1; Leclair: Sonata, "Le Tombeau." MICHAELIAN, HAGOPIAN. A
Music Minus One
CE MMO 104 Beethoven: Quintet for Piano & Winds; Mozart: Quintet. CLASSIC WIND ENS. (minus bassoon). FS. Score included
CE MMO 105 Beethoven: Quintet for Piano & Winds; Mozart: Quintet. CLASSIC WIND ENS. (minus horn). FS. Score included
MMO 106 Mozart: 3 Flute Quartets. CLASSIC STRING QT. (minus flute). FS. Score included
MMO 503 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 76, #5 & 6. CLASSIC STRING QT. (minus violin). FS. Scores included
MMO 93 2 Beethoven: Trios, Op. 1, #3; Op. 11. CLASSIC PIANO TRIO (minus cello). A. Score included
Music-Appreciation Records
MAR 5613 (1 12", 1 10") Mozart: Violin Concerto #5. SHUMSKY; SCHERMAN; Symphony#35. WALLENSTEIN, L.A. PO. A. Analysis disc included
Musica Helvetica
MH C 82 S Cavadini: A Christmas Night. CAVADINI, Ticino Children's Choir, et al.Broadcast with & without narration. A
NST 14 S Songs of Schubert (2), Schumann, Schoeck, Brahms, Liszt, & Ibert. SCHEIDEGGER (bs-b), WATERMAN (pf). Broadcast program with & without narration. A
Musical Heritage Society
MHS 1198 S Bax: Symphony #6. DEL MAR, New Philharmonia O. Lyrita recording. A
MHS 1293/6 S (4) Mozart: Works for piano 4 hands. DEMUS, BADURA-SKODA. Early '70'sAmadeo recordings. A. Booklet
MHS 1429 S Ireland: These Things Shall Be (CASE, b); Piano Concerto (PARKIN). BOULT, London PO & Cho. Lyrita recording. A
MHS 1481 S Ireland: Symphonic Prelude, Tritons; 2 Symphonic Studies; Overlanders Suite; Scherzo & Cortege on themes from "Julius Caesar." BOULT, London PO. Lyrita recording. A
MHS 1483 S Parry: Overture to an Unwritten Tragedy; English Suite; Lady Radnor's Suite; Symphonic Variations. BOULT, London SO. A. Lyrita recording
MHS 1632 S Bax: Symphony #2. FREDMAN, London PO. Lyrita recording. A
MHS 1652 S Bax: Symphony #5. LEPPARD, London PO. Lyrita recording. A
MHS 1653/4 S (2) Stutchewsky: 6 Israeli Melodies; Starer: 3 Israeli Sketches; Avidom: Concertino for Violin & Piano; Partos: Yiskor; works of Ben-Haim (5), Mayim, Binder, Aranowicz, Rigai, et al. DANTO (t), RIGAI, GOLD (pf), CATELL (cello), SACKSON (vln & vla). A
MHS 1769 S Bax: Tintagel; The Garden of Fand; Northern Ballad #1; Mediterranean. BOULT, London PO. A. Lyrita recording
MHS 3136 S Szymanowski: Piano Sonatas #1 & 3. GRAHAM. A
MHS 3426 S Brian: Symphonies #6 & 16. FREDMAN, London PO. Lyrita recording. A
MHS 3490 S Searle: Symphony #1. BOULT. Symphony #2. KRIPS, London PO. Lyrita recording. A
MHS 4439 S Gilles: Messe des morts. SANFORD, COSBY, ALBIN, BEATTIE; HAJDU, Santa Cruz Festival Baroque Ens., Chamber Cho. A. Text. Jacket repaired
MHS 675 S "Troubadour & Trouvere Songs (12th & 13th Centuries)." OBERLIN (c-t), BARAB (viol). A
MHS 676 S "Notre Dame Organa: Leoninus & Perotinus Magister." OBERLIN, BRESSLER,PERRY, BARAB. A
MHS 677 S Alfonso el Sabio: Cantigas de Santa Maria. OBERLIN, IADONE. A. Texts
MHS 678 "English Polyphony of the 13th & Early 14th Century." OBERLIN (c-t), BRESSLER, PERRY (t), BARAB, BLACKMAN (viol). A. Texts
MHS 682 S Dowland: Lute songs. OBERLIN, IADONE. A. Texts
MHS 683 S "English Medieval Songs of the 12th & 13th Centuries." OBERLIN (c-t), BARAB (viol). A. Texts
MHS 684 S "14th & Early 15th Century English Polyphony." OBERLIN (c-t), BRESSLER (t), MYERS (b), WOLFE (organ). A. Texts
MHS 685 S "The French Ars Antiqua." OBERLIN (c), BRESSLER, R. PRICE (t), MYERS (b), BLACKMAN (viol). A. Texts
MHS 686 S Dunstable: Sacred & secular works. POULTER (s), OBERLIN (counter-t); STEVENS, Ambrosian Singers. A. Texts
MHS 687 S Tomkins: Musica Deo Sacra. STEVENS, Ambrosian Singers, In Nomine Players. A. Texts
MHS 688 S Tomkins: Songs & Consort Music. STEVENS, Ambrosian Singers, In Nomine Players. A
MHS 689 S Byrd: "Music for Voices & Viols." OBERLIN (counter-t), IN NOMINE PLAYERS. A. Texts
MHS 897 S Offenbach: Les Bavards. BOULANGEOT, DACHARY, DONIAT, TERRASSON, BENOIT, PEYRON; COURAUD. Hilarious work & performance. A. Libretto
Musical Masterpiece Society
10" MMS 28 Brahms: Symphony #3. ACKERMANN, Zurich Tonhalle O. A
10" MMS 83 Schubert: Quartet in a, Op. 29. PASCAL QT. A, LSM
10" MMS 85 Handel: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, #6 & 12. RYBAR; DAHINDEN, Winterthur SO. A, LSM
MMS 2010 Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro--exc. VAN DER GRAF, MEYER, OPAWSKY, KALKMANN, DRIESSEN, JONGSMA; GOEHR. A. Italian texts
MMS 2031 Beethoven: Symphony #3. NEUMARK, Utrecht SO. A. Small chunk missing from jacket
MMS 2177 Works of Bach, Liszt, Calviere, Franck, Frescobaldi, Mendelssohn, & Widor. COCHEREAU, Notre-Dame organ, Paris. A
MMD 20108 D Prokoifev: Sonata #6; Scriabin: Sonata #9; Liapunov: 3 Etudes. HOUGH. A
SX 1309 S Chopin: Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise; piano music. ZIMERMAN. Live perf., 1975 Chopin Int'l Competition, Warsaw. A
SXL 0523 S Haczewski: Symphony in D; Pietrowski: Symphony in D; Bochanowicz: Symphony in D. SATANOWSKI, Poznan CO. A
XL 0346 Jan KIEPURA film song recital. A

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New World
NW 253 Schuman: Undertow. LEVINE, Ballet Theatre O. Gould: Fall River Legend. MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil. A
NW 375 1 D Foss: Rennaisance Concerto (WINCENC, fl); Salomon Rossi Suite; Orpheus& Euridice (MENUHIN, MICHELL, vlns). FOSS, Brooklyn PO. A
New York Philharmonic
831/2 (2) Schumann: Manfred Overture; Rozsa: Theme, Variations & Finale; Strauss: Don Quixote (SCHUSTER). BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. (his debut, 1943). Intermission poetry reading by Orson WELLES not included in CD reissue. A
New York Public Library
NYPL SJ S Joplin: Piano music. BOLCOM (in 3), Mary Lou WILLIAMS (in 3), RIFKIN (in 2). Treemonisha--5 exc. CHRISTOPHER, C. DALE, GORDON; MOTLEY, ens. Live perf., N.Y. Public Library, 1971. A
45018 S (45 rpm) Stravinsky: 3 Movements from "Petrouchka;" works of Mendelssohn, Debussy, M. Gould, Schumann, & Rimsky-Korsakov. CHERKASSKY. A
45021 S (45 rpm) Chopin: Ballades #1 & 4; Scherzo #2; piano music. CHERKASSKY. A
79076 1 D Brahms: Horn Trio (KOVALOVSKI); Clarinet Trio (WRIGHT). BOSTON SYMPHONY CHAMBER PLAYERS (Kalish, pf). Kovalovsky, a magnificent hornist, was originally a physicist. A
79108 1 D Perle: Serenade #3; Concertino (SCHWARZ, Music Today Ens.) GOODE (pf, in all). FS
D 79010 D Soler: Fandango; 10 Sonatas. KIPNIS (my favorite harpsichordist!). A. COH
D 79016 D Weill: Cello Sonata; Dohnanyi: Sonata. GROSSMAN, WALSH. A
H 71139 S Bruckner: Symphony #7. SCHURICHT, Hague PO. A
HB 73033 S (2) Purcell: Harpsichord works (complete). WOOLLEY. A. COH
N 78005 S Mozart: 2 Duos for violin & viola. ETO, TREE (Guarneri Qt. violist). A
Norfolk Youth Symphony
CO 2053 St.-Saens: Cello Concerto #1 (PARISOT); Kabalevsky: Piano Concerto #3(BRAUS); works of Offenbach & Telemann. HUWILER, SETTERLINO, Norwalk Youth Symphony (live, 1966-7). A, LSM. BJ, as issued
Northwestern Incorporated
NWI 2755 S Dohnanyi: Suite in f#; J. Avshalamov: Symphony: The Oregon. AVSHALAMOV, Portland Junior SO. A
8 85 020 S Dessau: Lenin. OLBERTZ (pf); DESSAU, cho's, Staatskapelle Berlin. Mozart-Dessau: Quintet in Eb, K. 614. SUITNER, Staatskapelle Berlin. A

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OCS 22 Mozart: Concertos #14 & 22. BADURA-SKODA; STERNBERG, Vienna SO. A, FOT
DSLO 24 S Schubert: Sonata in A; Chopin: Nocturne in f; 8 Preludes; works of Scriabin, Rubinstein, & Rachmaninov. CHERKASSKY (live, 1975). A. EP
DSLO 507 S Locke et al: The Tempest; Music for His Majesty's Sackbuts & Cornetts.NELSON, KIRKBY, P. LLOYD, HILL, COVEY-CRUMP, et al; HOGWOOD, Academy of Ancient Music. A
OL 50030 Brahms: Clarinet Sonatas. LANCELOT, D'ARCO. A-/B, FOT
OL 50074 Bach: Concerto for Violin & Oboe (ALES, PIERLOT); J.C. Bach: SinfoniaConcertante in A (ALES, CODDEE); Sinfonia #4. DE FROMENT. A. EP
SOL 293 S Wolf: 7 Lieder; Schumann: Frauenliebe und leben. WATTS, PARSONS. A. Texts
SOL 320 S Brahms: Piano Quartet #3; Schumann: Piano Quartet. PRO ARTE PIANO QT.(Crowson, Sillito, Aronowitz, Weil). A
SOL 60044 S Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 296, 305, & 454. KROLL, BALSAM. A
8117 (3) Bach: Sonatas & Partitas for unaccompanied violin. ENESCO. Labelled as rechannelled stereo, actually mono; sound & surfaces much superior to original Continental pressing. A0
1012 Beethoven: Overtures--Coriolan; Egmont; Prometheus; Leonore #3. HORENSTEIN, Vienna SO. Complete contents of ultra-scarce Vox PL 8020. A, LSM
74 Furtwaengler: Symphonic Concerto--2nd movement (FURTWAENGLER); Haydn: Concerto in D; Brahms: Piano Quartet #1 (BRERONEL QUARTET). E. FISCHER. A
Opus One
140 S Shaffer: Piano Concerto. LIFSCHITZ; STANTON. The Wheels of Ezekiel. LIFSCHITZ, North/South Consonance Ens. Dickman: Trees & Other Inclinations. VIEGLAND (pf). A
21 S Fussell: 3 Processionals; Strandberg: Sea of Tranquility (extraordinarily beautiful piece inspired by moon landing); Schubel: Fracture. GUTTER, Springfield SO. A
ORS 7293 F Arias of Mozart (4), Puccini, Bizet, Bellini, & Verdi. SOUEZ; BUSCH, EREDE, BARBIROLLI. From 78s. A
ORS 75178 S Hummel: Sonata in f, Op. 20; Fantasie & Rondo, Op. 19; Dussek: La consolation; Vorisek: Sonata in bb. PLESHAKOV. A, LSM
ORS 76250 F Milhaud: Concertino de Printemps; Violin Concerto #2. KAUFMAN; MILHAUD, French Nat'l Radio O. Danses de Jacaremirim. KAUFMAN, BALSAM. A
ORS 79365 S Liszt: From the Cradle to the Grave; Mazeppa; piano music. L. GOLDBERG. A
1600 S "The Collection of Historic Instruments at the Victoria & Albert Museum: Vol. 1, Early Keyboard Instruments." HODSDON (virginals), AVELING (spinet, virginals, hpsi). A
1605 S Froberger: Suite #12; L. Couperin: Suite in d; works of Merulo, Frescobaldi (2), Tisdall, Byrd, & Steenwick. TILNEY, Kirckman & Mahoon hpsi's. A
1805 S Mendelssohn: Sonata, Op. 6; Schubert: 20 Dances. K.U. SCHNABEL. A
EXP 46 S "The Medieval Sound." MUNROW, REID, HOGWOOD. A
OR 101 Mozart: Flute Quartets, K. 285, 285b, & 298. BAKER, ZARIEF, MANKOVITZ,OXMAN. A, LSM; minor PB

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11 0487 S Drejsl: Piano Concerto. POKORNA; Eduard FISCHER, Czech Radio SO. Pauer: Trumpet Concerto. SEJPAL; NEUMANN, Czech PO. A
Past Masters
PM 4 Dvorak: Symphony #9; Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia (1941); Weber: Freischutz Overture (1931). MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A
ASTX 329 S Charpentier: Messe pour Plusieurs Instruments au Lieu des Orgues; works of Louis XIII. CHAILLEY, ensembles. A. No dowel spine
DTX 30139 Offenbach: La Vie Parisienne. RENAUX, DACHARY, DASSY, DONIAT, HAMEL, ROUX, CLEMENT; GRESSIER, Lamoureux O. A. TE
GEMM 109 Jascha HEIFETZ recital, from acoustic 78s, 1918-20. A
GEMM 147 Bach: Partita #1; English Suite #2; Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue; Fantasia in c; The Well-Tempered Clavier--4 exc. SAMUEL (pf) (1923-26). A
GEMM 161 Beethoven: Leonora Overture #3; Mendelssohn: Midsummer Night's Dream Overture; Handel: Messiah--2 exc.; St.-Saens: Danse Macabre; works of Nicolai, Wagner, & Tchaikovsky. WOOD, New Queens Hall O. From 78s, 1926-8. A
17 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. HOROWITZ; SZELL, N.Y. Phil. First publication. A. BJ
6590 002 F Beethoven: Symphony #7. VAN KEMPEN, Berlin PO. A
SPL 527 Prokofiev: Concerto #5. BRENDEL; STERNBERG, Vienna SO. Sonata #5. GRAF. A
SPL 538 Mozart: Symphonies #19 & 21. LUND, Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A, FOT
SPL 541 Haydn: Harmoniemesse in Bb. KATSCHINKA, KENNEY, LOEFFLER, ENGEN; LARSON, Vienna SO & Cho. A-, FOT
SPL 549 Mozart: Violin Concertos #1 & 2. STUCKI; LUND, Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A-, FOT. Jacket repaired
SPL 556 C.P.E. Bach: Piano Concerto in c; Haydn: Concerto in F. ROESGEN-CHAMPION; GOLDSCHMIDT, Paris Conservatory O. A, LSM
SPL 559 Mozart: 6 Overtures; Les Petits Riens. LUND, DUENNWALD, REINHARDT, Stuttgart Ton-Studio O. A/A-, FOT
SPL 713/4 (2 12", 1 7") Schubert: Die Winterreise; Die schone Mullerin. I. MATTHEWS, FARR. A, FOT. Long album. Text7
SPL 716 "The Berlin Philharmonic Plays." Sound track of documentary film "Botschafter der Musik" with FURTWAENGLER & CELIBIDACHE performances. A
PH 105 Mozart: Quartets, K. 499 & 575. STUYVESANT QT. A-, FOT
01307 Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps; Firebird Suite. STRAVINSKY, N.Y. Phil. A
02078 Brahms: Violin Sonata #2; Mozart: Sonata in Eb, K. 481. GRUMIAUX (violin & piano). Extraordinary rarity. A. AS7
6500 145 S Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 302, 303, & 547; Variations, K. 359. SZERYNG, HAEBLER. A
6500 523 S Handel: Lucrezia; arias. BAKER; LEPPARD, English CO. A. Texts
6514 320 D Mozart: Requiem. M. PRICE, SCHMIDT, ARAIZA, ADAM; SCHREIER, Leipzig Radio Cho., Staatskapelle Dresden. A
6539 004 S Mozart: Symphonies #40 & 41. C. DAVIS, London SO, BBC SO. A
6575 038 S Forqueray: Pieces de Clavecin--exc. LEONHARDT. A
6598 309 S Villa-Lobos: Songs. GODOY, S. ABREU (gtr). A. Df. Brazilian pressing
6709 500 S (5) Bach: English Suites; French Suites. LEONHARDT (hpsi). A
6747 055 (9) Schubert: Sonata in Bb; Mozart: Sonata, K. 330; Variations, K. 573; Concertos #9, 23, & 24; Rondo, K. 386; Schumann: Piano Concerto; Waldszenen; Kinderszenen; Bunte Blatter; "Abegg" Variations; Scarlatti: 3 Sonatas; Beethoven: Concerto #3; Sonatas #17 & 18; Ravel: Sonatine; Chopin: Concerto #2; Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain. HASKIL; VAN OTTERLOO, MARKEVICH, SACHER, PAUMGARTNER. Includes Scarlatti & Ravel items from super-scarce 10" Philips LP. M0
6767 003 (8) Beethoven: 9 Symphonies. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. Live performances, 1939-40 (Symphony #3 from Telefunken 78s). A
6833 199 S Mozart: Concerto #8; Haydn: Concerto in D. VERA (aged 10); DE WAART. A
835 139 S Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte; 4 Lieder; Brahms: 10 Lieder. SOUZAY, BALDWIN. A
835 147 S Chopin: 14 Waltzes. CZIFFRA. A. EAR. Minor jacket repairs
9500 055 S Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #1 & 5. GRUMIAUX, ARRAU. A
9500 154 S Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos in e & D. ACCARDO; DUTOIT, London PO. A
9500 665 S Beethoven: Sonatas #14 & 18; "Fur Elise." DAVIDOVICH. A
Philips (U.S.)
PHS900 018 S J. Strauss: 6 Waltzes. SAWALLISCH, Vienna SO. A
PHS900 019 S Beethoven: Symphony #7; King Stephan Overture. SAWALLISCH, Concertgebouw O. A
PHS900 187 S Brahms: Quartet #1; Schumann: Quartet #1. QUARTETTO ITALIANO. A. COH
P12 21 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer." Walter SCHNEIDERHAN, E. BERG. A/A-, FOT. Many (typical) PBs
POLS 381 S Haydn: Quartets, Op. 64, #5; Op. 76, #5. FRESK QT. A
PSJ 167 S A. Kurylewicz: String Quartets #2 & 3; Drzeworyt II; Capriccio a due. WILANOW QT., GAJEWSKA (fl). A
PRLP 1001 Ives: 4 Pieces for Orchestra. CHERNIAVSKY, o. Violin Sonata #2. MAGAZINER, F. GLAZER. A-, FOT
Pro Arte
PAD 107 D Taneyev: Piano Quartet in E, Op. 20. CANTILENA CHAMBER PLAYERS (F. Glazer, Michell, Naegele, Rosen). A
EXLP 704 Schubert: Symphony #4. SACHER, Vienna SO. A-/B, FOT
EXLP 707 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 97, "Archduke." JAMBOR, AITAY, STARKER. A/A-, FOT0
GGCD 303 S (2) Tchaikovsky: Symphonies #4-6; Marche Slave; Andante cantabile. BARBIROLLI, Halle O. A

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LPX 1105 Verdi: Il Trovatore--exc. DERY, TISZAY, SIMANDY, PALOCZ, KISHEGYI; GARDELLI, Hungarian Opera. A
LPX 1220 Verdi: Aida--exc. DERY, KOMLOSSY, KONYA, VERESS; KORODY, Hungarian St.Opera Cho., Budapest PO. A
SLPX 11358 S J.M. Haydn: Symphony in D; Serenata. J. SANDOR, Budapest PO. FS
SLPX 1264 S M. Haydn: Mythologische Operette; Werner: Organ Concerto in B; organ works. LEHOTKA (org); ERDELYI, Budapest Phil. CO. A
R.E.B. Editions
5 Mozart: Sonata in F, K. 533/494; Rondo in a, K. 511; Suite, K. 385; Gigue, K. 574. ROSEN. A-, FOT; minor PBs
9 Schutz: Musicalische Exequien. BRAINERD, PIERCE, SQUIRES, MATTHEN, et al; MENDEL, Cantata Singers. A/A-, FOT. Text
Rachmaninoff Society
RS 2 Rachmaninov: 14 Songs. KURENKO, Pastukhoff. JACKET INSCRIBED BY KURENKO, dated 1952. A/A-, FOT; 1/3" X
Radio Nederland
109924 Works of Sweelinck (5). VAN WERING (hpsi), DE KLERK (organ); DE NOBEL, Netherlands Chamber Cho. (in 2); KROL, Netherlands Chamber O. "The Pilgrim Fathers at Leyden" (documentary). A
109931 Y S Ketting: Set of Pieces. DANZI WIND QUINTET. T. De Kruyf: Seance. AMSTERDAM PERCUSSION GROUP. Eisma: Because it is. SMIT-SIBINGA (hpsi), COPPENS (ob), KOOPMANS (perc). Bruynel: Signs. ARDITO WIND QUINTET, electronic music. A
6815.174/5 S (2) Works of Copland, Riegger, & Thomson (MIKHASHOFF, pf), Brant, Gruenberg (BETHS, DE LEEUW, BRANT), van Hagen, Jackson, Reinagle, Joplin, Antheil, Nancarrow, & Riegger (SHULMAN, Calarts 20th Century Players). Rameau: Dardanus Suite. BRUGGEN, O. ofthe 18th Century. R. Escher: Sinfonia--Largo. VIS, Concertebouw O. Carter: A Symphony of 3 Orchestras. PORCELIJN, Hilversum Radio PO. A
84.011 S Franssens: Echoes. KETTING, Netherlands Ballet O. De Kruyf: Canti e Capricci. STEGENDA (cello); ROS-MARBA, Netherlands CO. A
85131 S T. De Leeuw: Interlude. HOOGEWERF (gtr). Roosendael: Sinfonia per Archi. CAECILIA CONSORT. Olthuis: Oboe Trio. LOREE TRIO. Termos: Expres(s). DELTA ENS. A
3018 S Wagner: Arias. J. COX (t); WALLAT, Mannheim Nat'l Theater O. A
RCA Camden
CAL 102 Beethoven: Symphony #3. KOUSSEVITZKY, London PO. A. Minor jacket damage
CAL 1024 Humperdinck: Hansel & Gretel--exc. (from movie sound track). DUNNOCK, BRIGHAM (Hansel & Gretel), Helen BOATWRIGHT (Dew Fairy), Anna RUSSELL (Witch); ALLERS, Apollo Boys' Choir, o. A
CAL 105 Brahms: Symphony #1. STOKOWSKI, Philadelphia O. A; 1/4" X
CAL 157 Beethoven: Symphonies #2 & 8. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, LSM
CAL 160 Mozart: Symphonies #26, 29, & 34. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A, LSM
CAL 163 Wagner: Parsifal--Good Friday Spell; Rimsky-Korsakov: Russian Easter Overture. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A, LSM; 1/4" X
CAL 166 Glazounov: Raymonda--exc.; St.-Saens: Samson & Delilah--Bacchanale. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A
CAL 174 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #3 & 4; "C.P.E. Bach" (Steinberg?): Concerto for Orchestra in D. KOUSSEVITZKY, Boston SO. A. Jacket repaired
CAL 188 Schumann: Symphony #4. GOOSSENS, Cincinnati SO. Mozart: Symphony #40.KOUSSEVITZKY, London PO. A, FOT
CAL 228 "Songs of Victor Herbert." CROOKS, SHILKRET Orch., H. COATES Orch., Soloists & Cho. A, LSM
CAL 276 Mozart: Requiem. THORNE, MacFARLANE, COKER, ENGLANDER; McDONALD, Pennsylvania U. Choral Soc., Phila. O. A/A-, LSM
CFL 103 (6) Works of Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Dukas, Liszt, J. Strauss, Strauss, & St.-Saens. STOKOWSKI. Liszt: Mephisto Waltz. KOUSSEVITZKY. Dvorak: Slavonic Dances, Op. 46. TALICH. Others by GOOSSENS, FIEDLER, KINDLER, LAMBERT. A; 2 1/8" X's. Spine repaired
RCA Red Seal
ARL1 0415 S Anon.: "Yellow River" Concerto (EPSTEIN, pf); Respighi: Pines of Rome; Sousa: Stars & Stripes Forever. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A
ARL1 2243 S Joplin: 12 Rags. James LEVINE (pf). A
ARP1 4579 S Respighi: Pines of Rome; Fountains of Rome. REINER, Chicago SO. Half-speed mastered. A
ATL1 4100 S Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. REINER, Chicago SO. Half-speed mastered. A
RL 30324 S Taneyev: Trio, Op. 22; A. Tcherepnin: Trio in D. ODEON TRIO. M. German pressing
RL 30417 S Porpora: Or che una nube ingrata; Caldara: Vicino a un rivoletto; Handel: Mi palpita il cor. JACOBS (c-t), S. & B. KUIJKEN, LEONHARDT, BYLSMA. FS. Italian texts
RL 30441 S (2) Boccherini: Quintets, Op. 29. QUARTETTO ESTERHAZY. FS. German pressing
RCA Red Seal (Japan)
RED 2024 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite; Bizet: L'Arlesienne--Suite #1. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. A
RCA Special Products
DPM2 0534 (2) Stravinsky: Petroushka; Firebird Suite; Le Sacre du Printemps. STOKOWSKI, Phila. O. Marathon premium issue, 1982, from 78s. A
RCA Victor
10" LM 53 Wieniawski: Concerto #2. ELMAN; Hilsberg, Robin Hood Dell O. A, FOT
LBC 1031 Beethoven: Sonata #23. MEDTNER. Chopin: Piano music. CZERNY-STEFANSKA. A, LSM
LBC 1066 Rachmaninov: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini; Chopin: Piano music. CHERKASSKY. A-, FOT; 1/2" X. Spine taped
LBC 1069 Mozart: Symphonies #35 & 40. H. BLECH, London Mozart Players. A, FOT
LCT 1016 Brahms: Double Concerto. HEIFETZ, FEUERMANN; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. EAR
LCT 1125 D'Indy: Symphony #2. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A-/B, FOT. Jacket crudely taped
LCT 1127 Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #2 (WELDON); Rachmaninov: Concerto #1 (SARGENT). MOISEIWITSCH. A-, LSM
LCT 1131 Beethoven: Concerto #4. SCHNABEL; DOBROWEN, Philharmonia O. A
LD 2663 Schubert: Symphony #9. TOSCANINI, Phila. O. First publication. A. EAR. Soria booklet
LDS 6706 S (5) Wagner: Die Walkure. NILSSON, BROUWENSTIJN, GORR, VICKERS, LONDON, WARD; LEINSDORF, London SO. A. Soria libretto
LHMV 10 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer" (KENTNER); Corelli: La Follia(MOORE). MENUHIN. A. Box repaired. Print & booklet
LHMV 1009 Debussy: Preludes, Book 1; Schumann: Kinderscenen. CORTOT. A, FOT; minor PBs
LHMV 1019 Haydn: Symphony #88; Mozart: Symphony #36. F. BUSCH, Danish St. RadioSO. A-, FOT; 2 1/3", 1/4 " X's
LHMV 1021 Mozart: Idomeneo--exc. JURINAC, McNEIL, LEWIS, YOUNG; BUSCH, Glyndebourne Festival (1951). A; minor PBs
LHMV 1027 Schubert: Impromptus. SCHNABEL. A, LSM
LHMV 1031 Liszt: Concerto #1 (DOBROWEN); Beethoven: Sonata #23. SCHIOLER. A-, FOT; 2 1/4" X's
LHMV 1054 Brahms: Symphony #1. CANTELLI, Philharmonia O. A, FOT; 1/4" X
LHMV 1055 Beethoven: Sonata #23; Schubert: Moments musicaux. E. FISCHER. A-, FOT
LHMV 1059 Beethoven: Symphony #4. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO. A
LHMV 16 Vivaldi: Concerto in C, Op. 6, #6. MENUHIN; BOULT. Bach: Double Concerto; Handel: Trio Sonata #2. MENUHIN, DE VITO. A, FOT. Box edges damaged, print intact
LHMV 22 Nielsen: Violin Concerto. MENUHIN; WOLDIKE, Danish State Radio SO. A, LSM. Box, booklet, print
LHMV 30 Chausson: Concerto for Violin, Piano, & String Quartet. MENUHIN, KENTNER, PASCAL QT. Vieuxtemps: Violin Concerto #5. MENUHIN; PRITCHARD, Philharmonia O. A. Boxed with booklet
LHMV 4 Beethoven: Concerto #5. FISCHER; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A. Box repaired. Package intact
LHMV 5 Brahms: Violin Concerto. DE VITO; SCHWARZ, Philharmonia O. A; 2/3" X. Booklet, color print
LM 1022- Beethoven: Violin Sonata #5, "Spring;" Mozart: Sonata in C, K. 296. HEIFETZ, BAY. A-, FOT. EAR
LM 1026 Beethoven: Symphony #4. BEECHAM, London PO. A, FOT
LM 1068 Rachmaninov: Symphony #2. MITROPOULOS, Minneapolis SO. A-, FOT. Jacket crudely repaired
LM 1070 Brahms: Symphony #1. STOKOWSKI, Hollywood Bowl SO. A-, FOT
LM 1071 Beethoven: Sonatas #18 & 23. RUBINSTEIN. A; tiny X
LM 1153 Works of Liszt, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schubert, Debussy, & Rachmaninov. RUBINSTEIN ("Encores"). A
LM 1740 Works of Tchaikovsky (7) & Wieniawski (5). ELMAN, Seiger. A/A-, FOT0
LM 1750 Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite; Bartok: Divertimento. DORATI, Minneapolis SO. A, LSM
LM 1760 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. MILSTEIN; MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM
LM 1799 Beethoven: Symphony #8; Bach-Respighi: Passacaglia & Fugue; Berlioz: Benvenuto Cellini Overture. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A-, FOT; 1/2" X. Jacket repaired
LM 1834 Works of Beethoven, Brahms, Berlioz, Herold, Ponchielli, & Sibelius. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
LM 1848 St.-Saens: Samson & Delilah--exc. STEVENS, PEERCE, MERRILL; STOKOWSKI,NBC SO. A
LM 1854 Sibelius: Symphony #2. STOKOWSKI, NBC SO. A
LM 1869 Schubert: Symphony #5; Mendelssohn: Octet. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
LM 1874 St.-Saens: Symphony #3. CROOK (organ); TOSCANINI, NBC SO (1952). A
LM 1875 "Restful (Good) Music." STOKOWSKI, o. A
LM 1973 Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite; Respighi: Feste Romane. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
LM 2001 Mozart: Symphony #39; Divertimento in Bb, K. 287. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
LM 2037 Arnold: Homage to the Queen. IRVING, Philharmonia O. A
LM 2207 Schumann: Carnaval; Fantasiestucke, Op. 12. DORFMANN. A. Spine repaired. AS
LM 2473 Brahms: Piano Quartet #1. FESTIVAL QT. (Babin, Goldberg, Primrose, Graudan). A. AS
LM 6015 (2) "History of Music in Sound, Vol. 2: Early Medieval Music up to 1300." A. SD label. Booklet
LM 6025 (2) Beethoven: Fidelio. BAMPTON, STEBER, PEERCE, JANSSEN, MOSCONA; TOSCANINI (1944). A. SD label. Libretto
LM 6100 (3) Bach: Mass in b. McKNIGHT, GARDNER, SUMMERS, METZ, MATTHEN; SHAW,Shaw Chorale, o. A. Late pressing
LM 6134 (3) Handel: Messiah. MARSHALL, PALMATEER, VICKERS, MILLIGAN; MacMILLAN, Toronto Mendelssohn Cho., Toronto SO. A. Text
LM 6400 (4) Gounod: Faust. DE LOS ANGELES, ANGELICI, GEDDA, CHRISTOFF; CLUYTENS, Paris Opera. Scarce mono version, soon replaced by stereo remake. A. Libretto. Spine taped
LM 9014 Beethoven: 2 Romances. HEIFETZ; STEINBERG. Mozart: Concerto #5. HEIFETZ; BEECHAM. A-, FOT
LM 9020 Prokofiev: "Classical" Symphony; Gershwin: An American in Paris. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A. SD label
LM 9022 Schubert: Symphony #8; Schumann: Manfred Overture; Beethoven: Consecration of the House. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
LSC 2515 S Herbert: Operetta songs. ENDICH, KOPLEFF, WALKER, MARSH; SHAW, Shaw Chorale, o. ("The Immortal Victor Herbert"). A. Df
LSC 2614 S Beethoven: Symphony #6. REINER, Chicago SO. A. Df
LSC 2737 S Schubert: Quintet in C. HEIFETZ, BAKER, PRIMROSE, PIATIGORSKY, REJTO. A. WD label
LSC 2770WD S Beethoven: Trio, Op. 1, #1 (LATEINER); Haydn-Piatigorsky: Divertimento; Rozsa: Theme & Variations. HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY, o. A
LSC 2776 S Falla: 7 Popular Spanish Songs; songs of Nin (3), Granados (2), Obradors (2), Montsalvatge, Turina. VERRETT, Wadsworth. A. WD label. Texts
LSC 2807 S Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music. JAYNES, ANDERSON, OUSLEY; CLIBURN(his only recording as conductor). Taylor: Through the Looking Glass. MADDY, Interlochen Youth O. A. WD label. Text
LSC 2822 S Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms; Poulenc: Gloria (ENDICH). SHAW, Shaw Chorale, o. A. WD label
LSC 2877 S Beethoven: "Diabelli" Variations. BROWNING. A. WD label
LSC 2896 S Bach: Lute Suites #1 & 2. BREAM (guitar). A. German pressing
LSC 2907 S Franck: Violin Sonata; Debussy: Sonata. FRIEDMAN, PREVIN. A. WD label
LSC 2943 S Beethoven: "Eroica" Variations; Liszt: "Dante" Sonata; Rakoczy March.BAR-ILLAN (later Israeli political spokesman). A. WD label
LSC 2963 S Beethoven: Sonata #31; Schumann: Symphonic Etudes. BROWNING. A. WD label
LSC 2985WD S Dvorak: Piano Quintet (LATEINER, BAKER); Francaix: String Trio. HEIFETZ, DE PASQUALE, PIATIGORSKY. A
LSC 3009 S Brahms: Piano Quartet #3 (LATEINER, SCHOENBACH); Boccherini: Sonata in D; Toch: Divertimento. HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY. A. WD label
LSC 3016 S Beethoven: Sonata #32; Bagatelles, Op. 126. LATEINER. Magnificent performances! A. WD label
LSC 3045 S Arias of Gluck, Donizetti (2), Berlioz (2), Gounod, Massenet, & St.-Saens. VERRETT; PRETRE. A. WD label. Texts
LSC 3075 S Berlioz: Harold in Italy. TRAMPLER; PRETRE, London SO. A. Thick pressing
LSC 3078 S Arnold: Harmonica Concerto; Benjamin: Concerto; Vaughan Williams: Romance; Milhaud: Suite. ADLER; GOULD, Royal PO. A. Thick pressing
LSC 3081 S Works of Weelkes, Purcell, Palestrina, Poulenc, Messiaen, Britten, Wilbye, Wert, Debussy, Vaughan Williams, & Dawson. RUNNETT, Berkshire Boy Choir. A
LSC 3123 S Beethoven: Sonata #29. OGDON. A. No dog label. Thick pressing
LSC 3165 S St.-Saens: Concerto #2; Falla: Nights in the Gardens of Spain. RUBINSTEIN; ORMANDY, Philadelphia O. FS. Df
LSC 3173 S Beethoven: Sonatas #21 & 30; Andante favori. LATEINER. Superb! A. Spine damaged. Df (only pressing)
LSC 3189 S Berio: Epifanie; Folk Songs. BERBERIAN; BERIO. A. Df
LSC 3221 S Donizetti: Arias. MORELL; QUADRI, Vienna Volksoper O. FS. Df
LSC 3256 S "HEIFETZ Encores, Vol. 2." FS. Df
LSC 3331 S "The Woods So Wild." BREAM (lute). A. German pressing
LVT 1037 Bach: Gamba Sonata #2; Prokofiev: Cello Sonata. PIATIGORSKY, BERKOWITZ. A/A-, FOT
RCA Victrola
GM 43357 Beethoven: Symphonies #2 & 8. MONTEUX, San Francisco SO. A
GM 43679 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 283 & 576; Weber: Sonata #1. ARRAU. From 78s, 1941. A
VIC 1395 "Unforgettable Voices in Unforgotten Performances from the Italian Operatic Repertoire." MILANOV, SCHIPA, ONEGIN, MATZENAUER, PONS/DE LUCA, DESTINN, GADSKI/AMATO, CARUSO, PONSELLE, QUARTARARO/VINAY. A. Thick pressing
VICS 1105 S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #3 (GRAFFMAN); Classical Symphony. JORDA, S.F. SO. A. EAR
VICS 1239 S Stockhausen: Kontra-Punkte (RZEWSKI, pf); Penderecki: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima; Brown: Available Forms I; Pousseur: Rimes. MADERNA, Rome SO. A. EAR
VICS 1334 S Takemitsu: Coral Island. MASUDA (s); WAKASUGI, Yomiuri Nippon SO. Water Music; Vocalism Ai. Electronic music. A. Thick pressing
VICS 1388 S Handel: Royal Fireworks Music; Water Music Suite. STOKOWSKI, RCA Victor SO (1961). A. German pressing
VICS 1427 S Beethoven: Sonatas #12 & 23. RICHTER. A. German pressing
VICS 1428 S "English, French & Italian Madrigals & Songs." DELLER CONSORT. A. Thick pressing
VICS 1460 S Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker--exc. REINER, Chicago SO. A. German pressing
VICS 1561 S Strauss: Don Quixote (JANIGRO); Rosenkavalier Waltzes. REINER, ChicagoSO. A. German pressing
VICS 1563 S Brahms: Concerto #2. RICHTER; LEINSDORF, Chicago SO. A. German pressing
RCA Victrola (Eng.)
SMA 7014 Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat Suite; Octet. BERNSTEIN, Boston SO members. A
SMA 7015 Copland: Piano Sonata; Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries. BERNSTEIN. A
VICS 1114 S Beethoven: Symphony #9. PRICE, FORRESTER, POLERI, TOZZI; MUNCH, BostonSO, New England Conservatory Cho. A. German pressing
VICS 1301 S Wagner: Opera exc. ARROYO (s); STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air & Cho. A. German pressing
Recorded Treasures
RTP 100 Beniamino GIGLI aria recital (no sources listed). EJS production. A. BJ, as issued
SREG 1084 S Chopin: Ballades #3 & 4; Scherzos #2 & 4; Fantaisie-Impromptu; Nocturnes #12 & 18. MOISEIWITSCH. A
SREG 2945 Andre D'ARKOR aria recital. A
MG 5007 Beethoven: Symphony #3. "P. SCHUBERT, Homburg SO." A, LSM; 2 1/4" X's
MG 5025 Beethoven: Concerto #5. REITER; SCHULTZ, Berlin PO. A-, FOT; 2 1/4" X's
MG 5026 Beethoven: Concerto #3. KUNTZ; SCHULTZ, Berlin RSO. A-, FOT. Noisy pressing
MG 5029 Beethoven: Violin Concerto. TASCHNER; P. ROTHER, Berlin RSO. A, FOT; minor PBs5
RL 832 Beethoven: Symphony #7. F. BUSCH, Vienna SO (live, 1950). First publication. FS
R 199 110 Haydn: Symphony #93; Schubert: Symphony #3. SINGER, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A
R 199 113 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #4 & 5. KLING, SCHULHOF, KANN. A, LSM; minor PBs. Late pressing
R 199 120 Songs of Gershwin & Friml. PAULEE A; minor PBs
R 199 142 Overtures of Rossini (3), Cherubini, & Wolf-Ferrari. GUI, Austrian St. SO. A; minor PBs. Jacket repaired
R 199 146 Paganini: Caprices #1-12. RENARDY, HELMER. A, LSM. Jacket repaired
R 199 152 Paganini: Caprices #13-24. RENARDY, HELMER. A, LSM; minor PBs. Late pressing
R 199 180 Schumann: Symphony #1. MATZERATH, RIAS SO. A-, FOT. Jacket repaired
R 199 19 Brahms: Symphony #2. WOLF, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A, FOT; minor PBs. EAR
R 199 211 H. Kerr: Overture, Arioso & Finale. FINKE, BILLING. Luening: Violin Sonata. GAWRILOFF, PIETSCH. A. Jacket repaired
R 199 27 Beethoven: Trio, Op. 97, "Archduke." JILKA TRIO (Rapf, Jilka, Schwartzl). A, FOT; minor PBs. EAR
R 199 42 Brahms: Symphony #4. WOSS, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A, FOT; minor PBs. Late label
R 199 51 Beethoven: Symphony #4. SINGER, Vienna Tonkuenstler SO. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X. EAR
R 199 54 Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 296b. WOSS. Thamos, King of Egypt--exc. GUENTHER, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A, LSM; 1/4" X. EAR
R 199 56 Haydn: Symphony #104. ANNOVAZZI, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. Mozart: Symphony #28. P. WALTER, Salzburg Mozarteum O. A, FOT; 1/8" X. EAR. Minor PBs
R 199 70 Mozart: Concerto #24. BIRO; LOIBNER. Marriage of Figaro Overture. HEGER, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A/A-, FOT. EAR
R 199 72 Beethoven: Concerto #4. WUHRER; RANDALF, Vienna Tonkuenstler SO. A, FOT; 1/4" X
R 199 75 Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition. BIRO. A-; 1/4" X. EAR
R 199 8 Beethoven: Symphony #7. WOSS, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A/A-, FOT; minor PBs EAR
X 56 Mozart: La Clemenza di Tito--exc. NENTWIG, SAILER, MANGOLD, PLUMACHER,WEIKENMEIER, MULLER; LUND, Swabian Choral Soc., Stuttgart Tonstudio O. A-, FOT; 1/4" X. Summary
Repertoire Recording Society
RRS 22/4 S (3) Franck: Organ works. R. SMITH, Petty-Madden organ, Trinity Cathedral, Trenton. A
RCB 16 S Brahms: 3 Violin Sonatas. LOVEDAY, CASSINI. A
2086 Mozart: Concerto #19 (FRICSAY, RIAS SO); Concerto #20 (MUNCH, Boston SO). HASKIL. A
2092 Liszt: Totentanz. CHERKASSKY; HORVAT, ORTF SO. Hungarian Fantasy (7/18/61); Chopin: Andante spianato & grande polonaise (7/17/61). RICHTER; KONDRASHIN, London SO. A
5296 Ria GINSTER song recital, from 78s. M
RP 12391 Mado ROBIN aria & song recital. A
RP 12456/8 (3) Mozart: Cosi fan Tutte. DANCO, SIMIONATO, CORTIS, DE LUCA, MOREL,STABILE; BOHM, Suisse Romande Cho. & O. (Jan. 14, 1949). A
1610 Jan PEERCE song & aria recital. A
GV 19 VANNI-MARCOUX aria & song recital. A
GV 28 "Czech Singers, Vol. 1." A
GV 35 Karel BURIAN aria recital (all but 1 in Czech). FS
GV 41 Anna CASE song & aria recital, from 1930 Columbia electrics. A
GV 43 Joseph HISLOP aria & song recital, from HMV & Pathe 78s. A
GV 47 Leo SLEZAK aria & song recital (1905-28). Misnumbered on jacket! A
GV 502 Fernando DE LUCIA aria recital, from Phonotype 78s. A
GV 515 Maria BARRIENTOS aria recital, from acoustic Columbias, 1916-20. A
GV 52 Maurice RENAUD aria recital, from G&Ts & Pathes, 1901-08. A
GV 539 Aureliano PERTILE aria recital (Vol. 2), 1924-27. FS
GV 547 Arias of Massenet (4), Offenbach (2), Rossini, Gounod, Bazin, Boieldieu(2), Messager (2), & Lalo (2). VILLABELLA. From Odeon & Pathe 78s. A
GV 74 Dmitri SMIRNOV aria recital (Vol. 1) from Amour 78s, 1910-21 (2 unpub.) A
GV 75 Dmitri SMIRNOV aria recital (Vol. 2), 1912-28. A
RDA 004 (2) Pasquale AMATO aria & song recital (Vol. 4). A
RS 304 (3) "Le Theatre Royal de la Monnaie." Var. artists, from 78s, 1901-16. FS
RS 320 (5) "The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden: The Story of 5 Seasons, 1899-1919." Numbered, ltd. edition. FS

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5391 S Debussy: Preludes, Book 1. REV. A
5442 S Debussy: Preludes, Book 2. REV. A
5463 S (2) Debussy: Suite bergamasque; Images (3 sets); Estampes; Pour le piano; piano music (Vol. 3). REV. A
Seven Seas
K20C 58 Beethoven: Symphony #5. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Staatskapelle Dresden. A. Obi strip
Society for Forgotten Music
S 2005 S M. Haydn: String Quartets in C & G. ROTH QT. (Roth, Marrocco, Weinstein, Pascarella), HALLEUX (viola). A
6 Mozart: Sonata, K. 570; piano music. EPSTEIN, Ruck fortepiano (Walter copy). One of the earliest fortepiano LPs. A-, FOT; 1/4" X
70/1 (2) Mahler: Symphony #3. ROESSEL-MAJDAN (a); ADLER [Mahler pupil], Vienna St. Opera Cho., Vienna SO. A
72 Bruckner: Mass #1, in d. BRINTON, DRACKSLER, BLANKENSHIP, GUTHRIE; ADLER, Vienna SO. A. Writing on jacket
SR 119 S Fennimore: Quartet (after Vinteuil). GUY (clar), GALLAGHER (vla), HOYLE (cello), HELMRICH (pf). Concerto Piccolo. FENNIMORE (pf); FREEMAN, Royal PO. A
SR 157 S Fennimore: Armistice; The Woolworth Man; The Hen's Snuffbox; Foxtrot. ZAYAS (pf). A
SR 327 S C. Rouse: The Surma Ritornelli. MURRAY, ens. D.S. Godfrey: Scrimshaw (WULFHORST, vln); D'Angelo: Some Summer Sun. GREENE (fl). Silsbee: Wakings. GODFREY, ens. FS
STR 601 Mozart: Clarinet Quintet (DUQUES); Horn Quintet (DE ROSA). STRADIVARI QT. (Eidus, Green, Zir, G. Ricci). A-, FOT; 1/4" X
Summit (Eng.)
LSU 3059/60 (2) Mahler: Symphony #6. ADLER [Mahler pupil], Vienna SO. A
Super Majestic
BBH 1170 Brahms: Violin Concerto. Walter SCHNEIDERHAN; VAN REMOORTEL, Bamberg SO. A-, LSM
1 10 0508 S Hindemith: Violin Concerto; Hartmann: Concerto Funebre. GERTLER; ANCERL, Czech PO. A
10" LPM 48/50 (3) Beethoven: Symphony #9. SCHLEMM, EUSTRATI, LUTZE, PAUL; ABENDROTH, Leipzig Radio Cho. & O. Fidelio & Egmont Overtures. SWAROWSKY, Vienna St. Opera O., Vienna SO. B/C. BJ
10" LPM 62 Beethoven: Sonata #21. A. FISCHER. A/A-, FOT
LPV 151/3 (3) Suchon: The Whirlpool. CESANY, HANAKOVA, HOZA, ZVARIK, ADAMKOVIC;CHALABALA, Bratislava Opera. A. Czech-English libretto
LPV 216 Dvorak: Symphony #6. SEJNA, Czech PO. A. Jacket taped
SUA 10254 Novak: Slovak Suite. TALICH. In the Tatras. ANCERL, Czech PO. A

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T 321 "20 Great Duets of the 20th Century." A
T 330 Josef SCHMIDT recital. 10 arias, 10 songs, from 78s. A
6.42323 S Brahms: Symphony #2. KEILBERTH, Berlin PO. A. Spine badly damaged
6.42613 S Rachmaninov: Symphony #3; Vocalise. STOKOWSKI, National PO. A
HT 13 Kunneke: Tanzerische Suite; Lonsleider Suite; Biedermeier Suite. KUNNEKE, o's. A
SAWT 9487 S "Minnesong & Prosody, c. 1200-1320." EARLY MUSIC QUARTET, et al. A. Black label
SAWT 9506 S Purcell: "Consort Music." LEONHARDT CONSORT. A. Black label
SAWT 9512 S Works of Frescobaldi, Bach, Bohm, & Couperin. LEONHARDT (var. antique harpsichords). A. Black label
Telefunken (Eng.)
GMA 57 Arias of Verdi (3), Marschner, Humperdinck, & Wagner (3). REINMAR, var.accomp. (from 78s). A
LGX 66014 Brahms: Violin Sonata #3; Beethoven: Sonata #5, "Spring." FERRAS, BARBIZET. A/A-, FOT. Jacket, no box
LGX 66025 Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Symphony #30. KEILBERTH, Bamberg SO. A/A-, LSM. No box
LGX 66047 Lully-Mottl: Ballet Suite; Haydn: Notturno #2; Corelli-Arbos: Suite for Strings; Rossini: Sonata in C. DE BELLA, Hamburg PO. A, LSM
LGX 66057 Galuppi: 6 Concertos. GERELLI, Milan CO. A, LSM
SMA 89 S Brahms: Symphony #3; Hungarian Dances #1, 3, & 10. KEILBERTH, Bamberg SO. A. Spine damaged
Telefunken (Japan)
SLC(T) 2325 Strauss: Don Juan; Beethoven: Symphony #6. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A
Telefunken (U.S.)
TCS 18022 S Dvorak: Cello Concerto. HOELSCHER; KEILBERTH, Hamburg PO. A
58003 Berio: Circles; Bussotti: Frammento (BERIO, pf); Cage: Aria with Fontana Mix (electronic music). BERBERIAN (s, in all). A. AS
S/8002 S Nono: Polifonica-Monodia-Ritmica; Maderna: Serenata #2. MADERNA, English CO. Berio: Differences. BERIO, ens. A
S/8003 S Berio: Circles; Bussotti: Frammento (BERIO, pf); Cage: Aria with Fontana Mix (electronic music). BERBERIAN (s, in all). A
2584 (4) Bach: Double Concerto (ZIMMERMAN, HELLMANN); Mozart: Eine kleineNachtmusik. MENGELBERG. Symphony #34; overtures of Cimarosa & Cherubini. BLECH. Mozart: Symphony #36. MATZERATH. Symphony #41. COATES. Symphony #40 (early); Beethoven: Symphony #7.STRAUSS. Symphony #1. KONOYE. Schubert: Symphony #3. KABASTA. A. Booklet photocopied0
2585 (4) Schumann: Symphony #1. STOCK. Overtures of Mendelssohn & Wagner. MORIKE. Pittaluga: Romeria de los Cornudos Suite. ESTREMERA (s); PITTALUGA (unpub. 78s). Schelling: Victory Ball. MENGELBERG. Schreker: Little Suite. SCHREKER. Chausson: Symphony;Coppola: Rondo sous la Cloche; Scherzo Fantastique. COPPOLA. Interlude Dramatique. MONTEUX. Atterberg: Symphony #4. HEGER. Symphony #6. ATTERBERG. A. Booklet7

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Uitgave van Het Residentie Orkest
6818.531/2 S (2) Works of Conradus, Sweelinck, Hacquart, Wassenaer, Buns, Blanckenburg, de Fesch, Lentz, & Graaf. KOOPMAN, Netherlands Chamber Cho., Hague PO. Fodor: Symphony #4. DORATI. Wilms: Symphony in c, Op. 23. BOUR, Hague PO. A
UNLP 1034 Beethoven: Sonatas #23 & 32. Ernst LEVY. A. Minor jacket damage
UNLP 1051 Beethoven: Sonatas #27 & 28. Ernst LEVY. A, LSM. Typed spine replacement
Unicorn (Eng.)
UNS 228 S Liszt: Transcendental Etudes #1-9. McINTOSH. A
UNS 229 S Liszt: Transcendental Etudes #10-12; Paganini Etudes. McINTOSH. A
Unique Opera Records
UORC 130 Wagner: Parsifal--exc. RALF, JANSSEN, L. WEBER, EASTON; REINER, LondonPO (April 27, 1937). A. BJ, as issued
UORC 160 Lauritz MELCHIOR baritone song recordings, 1913-15. A. BJ
UORC 165 Lauritz MELCHIOR 1920 recordings. A. BJ, as issued
UORC 175 (2) Gounod: Romeo & Juliette. NORENA, SWARTHOUT, ROTHIER, HACKETT, DELUCA; HASSELMANS (1935). A. BJ, as issued
UORC 373 Nicolai GEDDA song recital. A. BJ
United Artists
UAS 8001 S Respighi: Pines of Rome; works of Gabrieli, Cesti, Frescobaldi, & Palestrina (arr. Stokowski). STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air. A
UAS 8004 S Shostakovich: Symphony #1; Lady Macbeth of Mzensk--Entr'acte; Prelude.STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air. A. Blue label
UAS 8005 S Bloch: Schelomo (NEIKRUG); Ben-Haim: From Israel. STOKOWSKI, Symphonyof the Air. A, LSM
USLP 0008 S Shostakovich: Symphony #1; Lady Macbeth of Mzensk--Entr'acte; Prelude.STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air. Reissue pressing. A. COH
United States Air Force
45010 D Mozart: Divertimenti, K. 136-8. LAYENDECKER, U.S. Air Force String O. Noncommercial issue. M
45802 S Works of Waldteufel, Monti, Bach, Kreisler, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Copland, et al ("A Night to Remember"). LEYENDECKER, USAF Strolling Strings. A
UR RS 7 14 Brahms: Symphony #4. ROTHER, Berlin SO. A; 1/4", 1/3" X's
UR RS 7 27 Mozart: Symphony #35. HEGER, Prussian St. O. Symphony #33. JOCHUM, Berlin PO. A, FOT
UR RS 7 5 Brahms: Symphony #3. ABENDROTH, Radio Leipzig SO. A0
UR RS 7 6 Beethoven: Symphony #5. Leonore Overture #3. KONWITSCHNY, Radio Leipzig SO, Radio Berlin SO. A-, FOT; 1/2", 1/4" X's
UR RS 7 9 Schubert: Symphony #8. BOHM, Vienna PO. Schumann: Manfred Overture. ABENDROTH, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. A, FOT; 1/8" X
URLP 7011 Verdi: La Traviata--exc. (in German). CEBOTARI, ROSWAENGE, SCHLUSNUS; STEINKOPF, Berlin St. Opera (1943). A/A-, FOT
URLP 7038 Sibelius: Pelleas et Melisande; Karelia Suite. BLOMSTEDT [JALAS] (composer's son-in-law), Berlin Radio SO. A, LSM
URLP 7112 Malipiero: Violin Concerto. KIRMSE; KLEINERT, Leipzig Radio SO. Rakov:Violin Concerto. GAVRILOV; ROTHER, Radio Berlin SO. A-, FOT; 1/4" X
URSP 101 (2) Beethoven: Symphony #9. LUX, EUSTRATI, SUTHAUS, PAUL; ABENDROTH. Symphony #1. ROTHER, Berlin PO. A-, FOT. Long album. Booklet0

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Please Note: This is an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus cannot supply any of these items. This information is presented for discographical purposes only. If you are hoping to obtain any of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com
BFI 4601LP VMG S Petroff: Sonata #2; Petite Suite; Theme & Variations for 2 Pianos (LeBLANC); piano music. MEADORS. A
VCS 10030 S Xenakis: Metastasis; Pithoprakta. LE ROUX, French Nat'l Radio O. Eonta. SIMONOVIC, Paris Ens. for Contemporary Music. A
VRS 1008 Haydn: 6 Flute Trios. BIRKELUND (fl), KARECKI (vln), PETERSEN (cello). A
VRS 431 Strauss: Lieder. FELBERMAYER, POELL, GRAEF. A. Texts on jacket
VRS 454 Haydn: Trumpet Concerto. ESKDALE (superb!). Harpsichord Concerto in D.E. HEILLER; LITSCHAUER, Vienna St. Opera O. One of the most musical brass solo performances ever recorded. A, FOT
VRS 457 J. Strauss: Waltzes ("Wine, Women & Song.") PAULIK, Vienna St. Opera O. A-, FOT. Jacket repaired
VRS 460 Chabrier: Un Education Manquee. CASTELL, COLLART (s), DEPRAZ (bs); BRUCK, Paris SO. A, LSM. Libretto
VRS 465 Siqueira: Xango; Folk songs of Brazil. RIBEIRO (s); SIQUEIRA, cho. & o. A, LSM. Spine repaired
VRS 6019 Franck: Violin Sonata; Prokofiev: Sonata #1. OISTRAKH, OBORIN (recorded in Paris, 1953). A/A-, FOT
VRS 6028 Schumann: Cello Concerto (KONDRASHIN); Falla: Suite populaire Espagnole; Ritual Fire Dance; Haydn: Divertimento (MUSINIAN, pf). SHAFRAN. A, LSM
VSD 2105 S Works of J. Strauss, Liszt, Wurthner, Weber, Brahms (2), Rossini, Dinicu-Heifetz, & Ponchielli. WURTHNER, Hohner Accordion SO. A
VSD 723/4 S (2) Gottschalk: Piano music. LIST. Grand Tarantelle (NIBLEY); A Nightin the Tropics. ABRAVANEL, Utah SO. A, LSM
VSD 79156 S Works of J. Strauss, Fucik, Waldteufel, Alford, Mackeben, Confrey, Gounod, Wurthner, Lumbye, et al ("'Pop' Goes the Accordion"). WURTHNER, Hohner Accordion SO. A
Vanguard Bach Guild
BG 529 Works of Praetorius (2), Erbach, Frescobaldi, Merula, Froberger, Kerll (2), & Scherer. LEONHARDT, Stiftskirche organ, Klosterneuberg, Austria (1636-42). A, FOT
BG 540 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #1 & 2. TOMASOW (vln), WOBITSCH (tpt); PROHASKA, Vienna St. Opera CO. A; minor PBs. Jacket repaired
BG 550 Bach: Cantatas #54 & 170; Mass in b--Agnus Dei. DELLER, Leonhardt Baroque Ens. A
BGS 70696 S Bach: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; Sheep May Safely Graze; Christmas Oratorio--Sinfonia; Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso, Op. 3, #11; Corelli: "Christmas" Concerto. STOKOWSKI, o. (KIPNIS, hpsi). A
Vanguard Everyman
SRV 207SD S Khachaturian: Gayne Suite; Kabalevsky: Comedians Suite. GOLSCHMANN, Vienna St. Opera O. A
SRV 367SD S "Kreisler Favorites." ELMAN, Seiger. A. COH
GR 8007 D Constantinides: Hymn to the Human Spirit (POOLE, t); Colgrass: Deja Vu. YESTADT, Louisiana St. U. SO. Jex: Chamber Music. VALCOUR QT. Hayden: Rhapsody. BRYS (cello), electronic music. A
TPLS 13037 S Mahler: Symphony #1 (including "Blumine"). MORRIS, New Philharmonia O. A
28 Mozart: L'Oca del Cairo, K. 422. CORTIS, GIANCOLA, HANDT, NATALI, POLI; SCAGLIA, RAI Cho. & O., Rome. A. Summary
69 Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte; Lieder of Schubert, Brahms, & Mendelssohn. LEHMANN, ULANOWSKY (from New Friends of Music concerts, 1946-7, previously unpublished). A
Voce del Padrone
QALP 10161 Mendelssohn: Violin Sonata in F (MOORE); Concerto in d (BOULT, London PO). MENUHIN. A, LSM
QALP 10173 Mozart: Concertos #23 & 24. SOLOMON; MENGES, Philharmonia O. A
QALP 10408 Mozart: Concerto #15 (GRACIS); Beethoven: Sonata #3. MICHELANGELI. A
Vogt Quality Recordings
CSRV 2426 S (2) Barber: Adagio; Copland: Rodeo--exc.; Brahms: Symphony #1--finale. HANGEN, All-Connecticut O. Holst: Suite #1; Reed: La Fiesta Mexicana. FENNELL, All-Connecticut Band. Works of Dello-Joio, Haydn, Creston, Bergsma, et al. MOTLEY, cho. (1974). A
Voix de Son Maitre
FALP 30306 Beethoven: Concertos #3 & 4. FISCHER, Philharmonia O. A. TE
FALP PM 35028/9 (2) Honegger: Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher. DUGARD, GEROME, ANSPACH, LENSSENS, THIERNESSE, JORIS, FERRIERE; DE VOCHT, Cecilia Cho., Anvers, Belgian Nat'l O., et al. A
10" PLP 6640 Tchaikovsky: Rococo Variations. D. MARKEVICH; FISTOULARI, Lamoureux O.Capriccio Italien. KEREKES, "Pro Musica O." A/A-, FOT; minor PB
2D VCL 9069 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #2. LOTT, WATTS; FARBERMAN, Brighton Festival Cho., Royal PO. FS. COH
PL 10530 Schoenberg: Piano Concerto. BRENDEL. Violin Concerto. MARSCHNER; GIELEN, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden. A, LSM
PL 6010 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. B. & D. BARTOK, BAKER, RUBSAN. For Children--10 Pieces; Evening in Transylvania; Bear Dance. BARTOK. First publication of Sonata performance. A-, LSM
PL 6800 Schubert: Symphony #4. KLEMPERER, Lamoureux O. Arpeggione Sonata. N. &J. GRAUDAN. A-; tiny X
PL 7210 Beethoven: Symphony #4. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A, FOT0
PL 7300 Mozart: Concerto #26 (MORALT, Vienna SO); Adagio, K. 540. KRAUS. A-, FOT
PL 8070 Beethoven: Symphony #3. HORENSTEIN, Vienna SO. A-, FOT
PL 8720 Mozart: Overtures. PERLEA, Vienna SO. Very scarce! A, LSM
PL 8730 Mozart: Quartets, K. 499 & 575. BARCHET QT. A, FOT
PL 8870 Mozart: Clarinet Concerto (JETTL); Bassoon Concerto (CERMAK). EMMER, Vienna SO. A, LSM
PL 8990 Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat (in English). WEAVER, HARKINS, WARRINER (narr); VARDI, ens. A, LSM
PL 9120 Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 7. PERLEA, Bamberg SO, Vienna SO. A/A-, FOT
PL 9190 Schumann: Kreisleriana: Fantasie in C. PERLEMUTER. A, FOT
PL 9480 Mozart: Quartets, K. 387 & 421. BARCHET QT. A
PL 9820 Mozart: Quartets, K. 464 & 465 ("Dissonant"). BARCHET QT. A, LSM. Promo stamp
STPL 510390 S Vivaldi: Gloria; Stabat Mater; Motetto a Canto. SAILER (s), BENCE (a);COURAUD, Stuttgart Pro Musica Cho. & O. A. EAR. Texts
STPL 511970 S Chopin: 17 Waltzes. HAEBLER. A
VL 6490 Paganini: Concerto #1 (arr. Wilhelmj) (BIGOT); Moses Fantasy; Witches'Dance; Moto Perpetuo (PERSINGER, pf). RICCI. A-, LSM. Numerous mild PBs
VLP 6370 Bach: Arias. BACH ARIA GROUP (Carlton, Tobias, Harmon, Farrow, et al). A, LSM. Texts
Vox Turnabout
THS 65068/70 (3) Beethoven: Sonatas #21, 28-32. SOLOMON. A. Program notes
TV 34229 S Viotti: Violin Concerto #22; Concerto for Violin & Piano. LAUTENBACHER, GALLING; BUNTE, Berlin SO. A
TV 34519 Khachaturian: Violin Concerto. RICCI; FISTOULARI, London PO. A
TV 34675 S Weill: Mahagonny Songspiel. FOSS, Jerusalem SO (+ soloists). Kleine Dreigroschenmusik. LANDAU, Music for Westchester SO. A, LSM
TV 4445/6 (2) Brahms: German Requiem (VINCENT, KLOOS); Bach: St. Matthew Passion--exc. MENGELBERG, Amsterdam Toonkunst Cho., Concertgebouw O. A
Voz de Su Amo
VUL 200 S Chapi: La Revoltosa. RIVAS, RAMIREZ, SAGI-VELA; TORROBA. From TV soundtrack. A

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Walter Toscanini
CO 253 (45 rpm) Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso, Op. 3, #11 (1954); Rossini: String Sonata #3 (1952). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. First publications. A, LSM. BJ
Washington University
(no #) Blumenfeld: Expansions. N.Y. WIND QUINTET. Transformations. PELTZER (pf). Tranquil Poems. WEISS, Washington U. Men's Cho. A
LP 12 Weber: Grand Duo Concertante, Op. 48; Variations on an Air from "Silvania," Op. 33. FORREST, HAMBRO. A-, FOT
LP 8 Mozart: Horn Concerto #3 (M. JONES); Exsultate, Jubilate; Zaide--exc. (TROXELL, s). BALES, National Gallery O. A, FOT
W 9607 Schuetz: 4 Sacred Concerti; 4 Symphoniae Sacrae. CUENOD; PINKHAM. A. COH. Texts
WAL 208 (2) Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 9. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A-/B, FOT. Long album
WAL 212 (2) Morley, et al: The Triumphs of Oriana (32 madrigals dedicated to Queen Elisabeth). RANDOLPH, Randolph Singers. A, LSM. Long album. Texts
WL 4008 Bridgewater: "Music to Relax By" (light orch. pieces). BRIDGEWATER, o. A, FOT
WL 5045 Haydn: Symphonies #95 & 100. SCHERCHEN, Vienna SO. A, FOT. Green label
WL 5053 Brahms: Lieder. POELL, Graef. A, FOT. Texts
WL 5057 Beethoven: Concerto #3. HASKIL; SWOBODA, Winterthur SO. A. Red label
WL 5069 Mozart: Sonata, K. 448; Andante & Variations, K. 501; J.C. Bach: Sonata in G. BADURA-SKODA, DEMUS. A, LSM; minor PB. Jacket repaired
WL 5077 Boccherini: Sextets, Op. 24, #1; Op. 41. POUGNET, et al. Sinfonia Concertante in G. HAAS, London Baroque Ens. A, LSM
WL 5082 Mozart: Sonatas for piano 4 hands, K. 497 & 521. DEMUS, BADURA-SKODA. A
WL 5104 Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 132. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A, FOT. Early green label0
WL 5127- Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 59, #1. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A-/B, FOT
WL 5129- Beethoven: Quartet #13, in Bb, Op. 130. BARYLLI QT. A/A-, FOT
WL 5134 Beethoven: Quartet #9, Op. 59, #3. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A-/B, FOT; 2 1/3" Xs
WL 5144- Beethoven: Quartet #14, in c#, Op. 131. BARYLLI QT. A-, FOT; 2 2/3", 1/4 " X
WL 5149 Beethoven: Quartet #10, Op. 74. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A-, FOT; 1/3" X
WL 5212 Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 18, #6; Quintet in C, Op. 29 (HUEBNER). BARYLLI QT. A-, FOT
WL 5232 Schumann: Davidsbundlertanze; Papillons. DEMUS. A, FOT
WL 5273 Brahms: Violin Concerto. OLEVSKY; MITCHELL, National SO. A, LSM0
WL 5308 Chopin: Piano Concertos. BADURA-SKODA; RODZINSKI, Vienna St. Opera O. A
WL 5336 Debussy: L'Enfant Prodigue (LEGAY, COTTRET); La Damoiselle Elue (JOLY); Noel des Enfants (GORGE). INGHELBRECHT, Champs-Elysees Theatre O. A, LSM. Texts. Spine repaired
WMS 1004 S (3) Bach: Goldberg Variations; Beethoven: Sonatas #27, 30, & 31; Brahms: Piano Pieces, Opp. 118/9. DEMUS. A
WMS 1012 F (3) Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, 21, 23, 29, & 32. BARENBOIM (teenage prodigy). A
WN 18067 Dvorak: Symphony #3; Scherzo Capriccioso. SWOBODA, Vienna SO. A. Gatefold album
WN 18086 Beethoven: Sonatas #17 & 21. LATEINER. A. Early gatefold album
WN 18139 Mozart: Sonata in D, K. 311; Schumann: Kinderszenen; works of Scarlatti, Bach, & Chopin. ZECCHI. A/A-, FOT; 1/8" X. Gatefold album
WST 14149 S Liszt: "Famous Piano Transcriptions from Mozart to Mendelssohn." PETRI. A, LSM
WST 17058 S Bach: Suites #1 & 2. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A
WST 17106 S Haydn: Violin Concerto in A, "Melk;" M. Haydn: Concerto in Bb. GERLE;ZELLER, Vienna RSO. FS
WST 17155 S Mozart: Quartet in D, K. 499; Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 18, #1. ALLEGRIQT. A
WST 17160 S Schubert: 8 Lieder; Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben. STICH-RANDALL, Jones. A. Texts
XWN 18048 Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. RODZINSKI, Royal PO. A. Jacket repaired
XWN 18121 Beethoven: Quartets #1 & 2. BARYLLI QT. A-/B, FOT; 2 1/2" Xs
XWN 18137 Villa-Lobos: 5 Preludes; Torroba: Guitar works. BREAM. A, LSM
XWN 18190 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #1-6. SCHERCHEN, Royal PO. A, LSM
XWN 18200 Hindemith: Piano Sonatas #1 & 3. BADURA-SKODA. A
XWN 18265 Schubert: Quintet in C. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QUARTET, WEISS. A. EAR. Jacket top taped
XWN 18279 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique. SCHERCHEN, London SO. A
XWN 18294 Beethoven: 6 Overtures. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A. EAR
XWN 18359 Beethoven: Quartet #10, Op. 74. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A; 1/4" X
XWN 18407 Beethoven: Quartet #12, Op. 127. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A
XWN 18408 Beethoven: Quartet #15, Op. 132. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT. A0
XWN 18425 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. PARRY, LOVERIDGE (pf), WEBSTER, LEES (perc); AUSTIN. Contrasts. PARRY, GRINKE, BRYMER. A
XWN 18482 Schubert: Trio #2, Op. 100. FOURNIER, JANIGRO, BADURA-SKODA. A. EAR. Jacket repaired
XWN 18491 Schumann: Davidsbundlertanze; Papillons. DEMUS. A
XWN 18496 Schumann: Sonata #2; Humoreske. DEMUS. A
XWN 18540 Beethoven: Concerto #4. BADURA-SKODA; SCHERCHEN. Concerto #5. LATEINER; ALIBERTI, Vienna St. Opera O. #5 AS. A
XWN 18550 Mozart: Concertone in C, K. 190 (soloists uncredited); Serenade in D, K. 204. SWOBODA, Vienna SO. A
XWN 18559 Mozart: Quartets #20 & 21. BARYLLI QT. A0
XWN 18610 Haydn: Trios #1, 28, & 30. BADURA-SKODA, FOURNIER, JANIGRO. A
XWN 18790 Schubert: Divertissement a la Hongroise; 4 Marches; Andantino varie. BADURA-SKODA, DEMUS. A
XWN 18828 Liszt: Opera transcriptions. FARNADI. A
XWN 18855 Bach: Toccata in c; Italian Concerto; Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue; Concerto in d (after Marcello). BADURA-SKODA. A. Jacket repaired
XWN 3312 (3) Bach: Cello Suites. JANIGRO. A. BJ, program notes
Westminster Gold
WG 8363 S Debussy: Sonata for Flute, viola & harp (ZVEREV, TOLPIGO); works of Chopin, Albeniz, Falla, Mchedelov, & Watkins (2). MOSKVITINA (harp). A
WGM 8307 Schumann: Trio #1; Haydn: Trio #33, in G; Beethoven: Trio in Eb, Op.posth. GILELS, KOGAN, ROSTROPOVICH. A. COH
WGS 8114 S Handel: Water Music. SCHERCHEN, Vienna St. Opera O. A
WH 20004 Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. RYBAR; DESARZENS, Vienna SO. A, LSM. AS
World Record Club
SH 1006 Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. BEECHAM, Royal PO (1947). A
SH 224 Delius: Violin Concerto. SAMMONS; SARGENT. Piano Concerto. MOISEIWITSCH; LAMBERT. Caprice & Elegy. HARRISON; FENBY. From 78s. A
SH 227 Lambert: The Rio Grande. HARTY (pf); LAMBERT, Halle O. Francaix: Piano Concerto. FRANCAIX; BOULANGER. Hahn: Concerto #1. TAGLIAFERRO; HAHN. Milhaud: Scaramouche. MEYER, MILHAUD. A
SH 288 Elgar: Violin Concerto. SAMMONS; WOOD, New Queen's Hall O. From 78s, 1929. A
SH 316 Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp (LE ROY, LASKINE); Divertimento in D, K. 131. BEECHAM, Royal PO (1947). A
World Record Club (Australia)
TE 207 St.-Saens: Violin Concerto #3; Vieuxtemps: Concerto #5. MENUHIN; FISTOULARI, Philharmonia O. A

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Please Note: This is an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus cannot supply any of these items. This information is presented for discographical purposes only. If you are hoping to obtain any of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com "Audiophile" LPs
ZNF 6 S Holst: Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda (Third Group); Savitri (BAKER, TEAR, HEMSLEY). I. HOLST, Purcell Singers, English CO. A. Texts
SDBR 3010 S Shostakovich: Symphony #5. STOKOWSKI, Stadium SO of N.Y. A. Silver label. Dowel spine
SDBR 3021 S Arnold: Symphony #3; Scottish Dances. ARNOLD, London SO. A. Silver label. Dowel spine
ASD 2600 S Howells: Hymnus Paradisi. HARPER, TEAR; WILLCOCKS, New Philharmonia O., cho's. A. Small dog label. HP Super Disc
ASD 2739 S D. Jones: The Country Beyond the Stars; G. Williams: Penillon; Hoddinott: Welsh Dances. GROVES, Royal PO. A. Small dog label
ASD 536 S Works of Litolff (CHERKASSKY), Tchaikovsky (HAMMOND), Sullivan, Dvorak,Chabrier, & Elgar. SARGENT, BBC SO ("Evening at the Proms"). A
CS 6197B S Bach: Chromatic Fantasia & Fugue; Italian Concerto; keyboard works. MALCOLM. A, LSM. FFSS label. Blue back jacket
CSA 2301B S (3) Bach: Brandenburg Concerti. MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A. FFSS labels. White box
SRCS 113 S Lloyd: Symphony #8. DOWNES, Philharmonia O. A. EMI pressing
SRCS 129 S Lloyd: Symphony #4. DOWNES, Philharmonia O. A. Nimbus pressing
SR90018 S Chadwick: Symphonic Sketches. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. A. Color back. FR-1 matrix
SR90150 S Hanson: Song of Democracy; Elegy in Memory of Serge Koussevitzky; Lane: 4 Songs. BERLIN (ms); HANSON, Eastman Cho., Eastman-Rochester O. A. FR-1 matrix. Color back jacket
SR90153 S Respighi: The Birds; Brazilian Impressions. DORATI, London SO. HP Super Disc. A. RFR matrix. B&W jacket, Vendor label
SR90158 S Handel-Harty: Water Music Suite; Royal Fireworks Music. DORATI, LondonSO. A, LSM. FR matrix
SR90192 S Hanson: Symphony #2, "Romantic;" Lament for Beowulf. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. & Cho. HP Super Disc. A, LSM. FR matrix. Color back jacket
SR90197- S Jacob: William Byrd Suite; Holst: Hammersmith--Prelude & Scherzo; Walton: Crown Imperial. FENNELL, Eastman Wind Ens. HP Super Disc. A. RFR matrix. B&W back jacket
SR90223 S Bloch: Concerti Grossi #1 & 2. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester O. HP Super Disc. A. Color back. FR matrix
SR90267 S Hanson: Mosaics. HANSON, Eastman-Rochester SO (with composer's spoken analysis). A. Color back. RFR matrix
SR90285 S Franck: Symphony in d. PARAY, Detroit SO. A. RFR matrix, color back
SR90296 S "Guitar Music from the Courts of Spain." C. ROMERO. FS
SR90297 S Pepe ROMERO: Flamenco. FS
SR90371 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #1, 4, 5, & 6. DORATI, London SO. A. RFR matrix. Vendor label0
SR90401 S Vivaldi: 5 Concertos. DUHAMEL, ens. A, LSM. RFR matrix. Vendor label
SR90417 S "Baroque Concertos for 4 Guitars." ROMEROS. FS
SR90435 S Milhaud: Le Boeuf sur le Toit; Francaix: Concertino (C. FRANCAIX, pf); Auric: Ouverture; Satie: Parade. DORATI, London SO. A. RFR matrix
SR90439 S Coates: London Suite; 4 Ways Suite; 3 Elizabeths. FENNELL, London "Pops" O. A. RFR matrix
RCA Victor
LSC 1992SD S Beethoven: Violin Concerto. HEIFETZ; MUNCH, Boston SO. A. 9S/7S
LSC 2267SD S Offenbach-Rosenthal: Gaite Parisienne; Khachaturian: Gayne Suite. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A. 12S/12S
LSC 2302SD S Gilbert & Sullivan Overtures. WARD, o. A, LSM. 5S/1S
LSC 2413SD S Debussy: String Quartet; Ravel: Quartet. JUILLIARD QT. A, LSM. 1S/1S. Typed spine replacement
LSC 2437SD S Bizet: Carmen--exc. GOULD, o. A, LSM; minor PB. 1S/1S
LSC 2442SD S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #1; Mazeppa; Les Preludes; Rakoczy March. FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A. 9S/8S
LSC 2446SD S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. REINER, Chicago SO. HP Golden Dozen. A. 7S/10S0
LSC 2466SD S Brahms: Concerto #2. RICHTER; LEINSDORF, Chicago SO. A. 13S/1S
LSC 2487SD S Giuliani: Guitar Concerto; Arnold: Guitar Concerto. BREAM, Melos Ensemble. HP Super Disc. A. 1S/1S
LSC 2555SD S Wagner: Tannhauser--Overture & Venusberg Music; opera exc. ARROYO, ALLEN, VERRETT-CARTER, et al; STOKOWSKI, Symphony of the Air & Cho. A. 4S/6S
LSC 2581SD S Brahms: Piano Concerto #2. CLIBURN; REINER, Chicago SO. A, LSM. 8S/11S
LSC 2695SD S Berlioz: Les Nuits d'Ete; Falla: El Amor Brujo. L. PRICE; REINER, Chicago SO. A. 11S/11S
LSC 2739SD S Franck: Piano Quintet (PENNARIO); Brahms: Sextet in G. HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY, et al. A. 5S/4S
LSC 2893WD S Ives: Symphony #1; The Unanswered Question; Variations on "America" (orch. Schuman). GOULD, Chicago SO. A. HP Super Disc
LSC 7030SD S (2) Mozart: Requiem. ENDICH, ALBERTS, DiVIRGILIO, MORGAN; LEINSDORF, Boston SO. A. Booklet
LSS 2384 S Strauss: Don Quixote. JANIGRO; REINER, Chicago SO. A, LSM. Soria book. Minor album repairs
RCA Victrola
VICS 1024 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (JORDA, San Francisco SO); works of Weber & Mendelssohn (3). BRAILOWSKY. A. EAR
VICS 1066 S "Ballet Favorites." ANSERMET, Royal Opera House O., Covent Garden. A. EAR
VICS 1167 s Mozart: Concerto #25 (A. TCHAIKOWSKY); Don Giovanni Overture. REINER, Chicago SO. A. EAR
VICS 1199 S Strauss: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme--exc.; Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales; Alborada del Gracioso; Pavane. REINER, Chicago SO. A. EAR
RCA Victrola (Eng.)
VICS 1480 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. REINER, Chicago SO. A. EP

TOP Classical LPs by Label: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Audiophile - Non Classical - Jazz + Blues - Payment
Please Note: This is an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus cannot supply any of these items. This information is presented for discographical purposes only. If you are hoping to obtain any of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com Non Classical LPs
ABCS OC 9 S Grusin: Candy (film music). Also includes items by The BYRDS (1) & STEPPENWOLF (2). A, FOT. Jacket soiled
SK 274 S Don ANGLE: New Angle on Harpsichord (jazz & pop). A
A40101 S Geld: Purlie. Cleavon LITTLE, Melba MOORE, John HEFFERNAN, et al (Broadway cast). A
65041 "Tell It Again: Songs of Sense & Nonsense" (Moondog settings of nursery rhymes). Julie ANDREWS, Martyn GREEN (vocals), MOONDOG (percussion), Julius BAKER (flute). Scarce U.S.-only release. A. Texts
RG 468 Yeats: At the Hawks Well; The Dreaming of the Bones (Noh plays, with music by Gerard Victory). Chris CURRAN, Cait LANIGAN, Jane CARTY, Arthur O'SULLIVAN, Jim NORTON, et al. A
ALB6 8346 S Kander: Chicago. Gwen VERDON, Chita RIVERA, Jerry ORBACH (original cast). A
80413 S Jean FERRAT. A
93.005 S Jacques BREL Zingt. A
BB 97 S Jacques BREL Chant en Multiphonie Stereo. A
Broadway Entertainment
BE 8302 R S "Sugar Babies" (musical review of vintage songs). Ann MILLER, Mickey ROONEY, Sid STONE, Jane SUMMERHAYS, Scot STEWART, Ronn LUCAS, Jack FLETCHER (Broadway cast). A
Buena Vista
STER 5005 S R. & R. Sherman: Mary Poppins. ANDREWS, VAN DYKE, TOMLINSON, JOHNS, WYNN (film sound track). A
TC 1002 Dylan THOMAS: A Child's Christmas in Wales; poems (Vol. 1). A
10" H316 Jester HAIRSTON & the Voices of Walter SCHUMANN: Great Gettin' Up Mornin'! (spirituals, arr. Hairston). A, LSM. Spine taped
ST 2993 S Rota: Romeo & Juliet (film music, with dialogue). ROTA, o. A
T1423 Peggy LEE: Christmas Carousel. A
T937 Danny KAYE: Mommy, Gimme a Drinka Water (children's songs). A-, FOT; 1/4" X
CAP 1163 S "Alternative Instrumental Music" (avant-garde rock/jazz anthology). A
CBC Radio-Canada
EXPO 30 Pierre LEDUC Ensemble: Music at the Canadian Pavilion. Broadcast transcription with narration. A, LSM. TE
SBPG 62627 S Heneker & Taylor: Charlie Girl (London musical). Joe BROWN, Anna NEAGLE, Hy HAZELL, et al (London cast). A
CAS 1049 S "Another MONTY PYTHON Record" (hilarious!). A, LSM
COSO 5007 S Delerue: Interlude (film music). DELERUE, o. A
10" CL 6099 Pearl BAILEY Entertains. A, FOT
AKS 32754 S Woldin: Raisin. Virgina CAPERS, Joe MORTON, Ernestine JACKSON, Ralph CARTER, et al (Broadway cast). Reprint pressing. A
AOS 2210 S Rome: Pins & Needles (1937 Labor musical). Barbra STREISAND, Jack CARROLL, Rose Marie JUN, Harold ROME. Late reissue pressing. A
C 30769 S "The Language & Music of the Wolves," sound documentary + narration by Robert REDFORD. A
C2 37655 S (2) "The Royal Tribute." BBC recording of Charles & Di's wedding, + 1 disc of random British orchestral music. A
CR 21524 S "Captain Kangaroo tells the story of Finnerty Flynn & The Singing City"(KEESHAN, et al). A
CS 8249 S Wilder: The Sand Castle (film music). S. BARON, o. A. 6 eye label
CS 8256 S Eileen FARRELL: I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues! A. 6 eye label
DOS 688 S (5) O'Neill: Strange Interlude (spoken play). Betty FIELD, Jane FONDA, Geraldine PAGE, Ben GAZZARA, Pat HINGLE, Geoffrey HORNE, William PRINCE, Franchot TONE; QUINTERO. A. Text
KC 31713 S "The New Messiah" (pop version w. Jessica Smith, Jimmy Walker, Clydie King, et al). A
KOS 2020 S Rodgers: The Sound of Music. Mary MARTIN, Theodore BIKEL, Patricia NEWAY, Kurt KASZNAR, Marion MARLOWE (Broadway cast). A
KOS 2900 S Coleman: Sweet Charity. Gwen VERDON, John McMARTIN, Thelma OLIVER, James LUISI, Arnold SOBOLOFF, Ruth BUZZI (Broadway cast). A
M 30826 S "A Festive Christmas." REBROFF; RATZINGER, Regensburger Domspatzen Cho., o. A
M 34546 S "White Christmas." OTTLEY, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, o. A. Boxed, recipe booklet!
ML 4836 Sari BARABAS: Sing Gypsies! (w. Kalman LENDVAY's Gypsy Orchestra). A
ML 4928 "Anna RUSSELL's Guide to Concert Audiences." A
MS 6705 S Introducing the BEERS Family: An American Folk Tradition. Jacket inscribed by Bob & Evelyne Beers. A. 2 eye label
MS 6935 S "Christmas with the BEERS Family" (traditional music). A
O2L 332 (2) Edward R. MURROW: A Reporter Remembers, Vol. 1--The War Years. A
OL 4058 Kern: Show Boat. Jan CLAYTON, Carol BRUCE, Charles FREDERICKS, ColetteLYONS, Helen DOWDY, Kenneth SPENCER (1946 Broadway revival). A. Gray label
OL 4139 Weill: Street Scene. Anne JEFFREYS, Polyna STOSKA, Brian SULLIVAN; ABRAVANEL (original cast). A. Gray label
OS 2021 S De Paul: Li'l Abner (musical). Peter PALMER, Leslie PARRIS, Stubby KAYE, Howard ST. JOHN, Julie NEWMAR, Stella STEVENS (film sound track). A. 6 eye label
OS 2028 S Bernstein: On the Town. Nancy WALKER, Betty COMDEN, Adolph GREEN, JohnREARDON; BERNSTEIN. A. 6 eye label
OS 2520 S "Homage to Shakespeare." Edith EVANS, John GIELGUD, Margaret LEIGHTON (readers). A
OS 2950 S P. Faith: The Oscar (film music). Uncredited performers (1 Tony BENNETT vocal). A
OS 3100 S Rodgers: South Pacific. Florence HENDERSON, Giorgio TOZZI (Lincoln Center production cast). A. 2 eye label
OS 3380 S Nehama LIFSCHITZ in Concert, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, 1969. A
SL 153 (3) Shakespeare: Othello (spoken play). ROBESON, FERRER, HAGEN, KING,SCOURBY, et al. A. Late pressing
Columbia Harmony
HS 11230 S Karlin: Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Peanuts. Kaye BALLARD, Arthur SIEGEL; Karlin, o. A
Columbia Odyssey
32 16 0366 S "The Exotic Sounds of Bali." GAMELAN GONG SEKAR ANJAR, GENDER WAJANG QUARTET. Program notes by Colin McPhee. A
Columbia Special Products
AC 55 Kern: Show Boat. MORGAN, ALBANI, MUNN, MELTON, ROBESON; Young. From 78s, 1932. A
Concord Hotel
G3RS 2344 S Herman MALAMOOD at the Concord, with the Concord Symphony Orchestra (Jewish liturgical songs). M
CRL 57070 The Steve ALLEN Show (w. Eydie GORME, Steve LAWRENCE, Pat KIRBY, SkitchHENDERSON, Gene RAYBURN). A, LSM
P 14589 S Waldman: The Robber Bridegroom. Barry BOSTWICK, Rhonda COULLET, Barbara LANG, et al (Broadway cast). A
X 15563 S Coleman: Seesaw. Michele LEE, Ken HOWARD, et al (Broadway cast). A
BMD 104 S (2) Blossom DEARIE: Winchester in Apple Blossom Time (Vol. 4). A
10" DL 5108 Berlin: This Is the Army. "Original All Soldier Cast" (BERLIN on 1 item). Tremendous rarity! A-, FOT; 1/2" X
10" DLP 5054 Robinson: The Lonesome Train (narration w. music about Lincoln's death). Earl ROBINSON (narr), Burl IVES (ballad singer), Lon CLARK, Raymond Edward JOHNSON, Richard HUEY; MURRAY, Jeff Alexander Cho., o. A, FOT
DL 8014 Bizet-Hammerstein: Carmen Jones. SMITH, SAXON, FRANZELL, BRYANT, et al; LITTAU. A. EAR
DL 9033 "Robert FROST Reads the Poems of Robert Frost." A
DX 110 (2) Fry: The Lady's Not for Burning (spoken play). John GIELGUD, Pamela BROWN, Richard BURTON (original N.Y. cast). A/A-, FOT. Long album. Notes
Decca (Eng.)
SKL 4643 S Bart: Maggie Mae. Rachel ROBERTS, Kenneth HAIGH, et al (London cast). A,
Decca (France)
115.017 S FERNANDEL: Lettres de mon moulin (Daudet). A
Deutsche Grammophon
43019 Schiller: Kabale und Liebe--exc. Will QUADFLIEG, Walter Franck, Heidemarie HATHEYER, Maria SCHELL. Wallensteins Tod--exc. Werner KRAUSE, Hermine KORNER (all in German). A
DARC 1 1106 "Night of 100 Stars, London Palladium, Thursday, June 28, 1956." Performances by Edith EVANS, Peggy ASHCROFT, Paul SCOFIELD, Laurence HARVEY, Peter USTINOV, Jack BENNY, Vivien LEIGH, Noel COWARD, et al. A
DRG 6101 S Kander: The Act. Liza MINELLI, Barry NELSON, et al. Broadway musical directed by Martin Scorsese! A
Electrosonic Studio
E 658 S Don VOEGELI: Instant Production Music, Vol. 18--Fine (radio backgroundmusic on synthesizer & electronic keyboards). A
GRC 136 Ailene GOODMAN: Abe Lincoln in Story & Song. A
EMC 3196 S KING'S SINGERS Sing Flanders & Swann. A
LN 3206 Lillian ROTH: I'll Cry Tomorrow (w. Don Costa Orch). Song album recorded after release of biographical film. A. Spine area stained
LN 3275 "The Littlest Review" (lyrics & music mostly by Nash & Duke). Beverly BOZEMAN, Joel GREY, Tammy GRIMES, Dorothy JARNAC, George MARCY, Tommy MORTON, Charlotte RAE, Larry STORCH. Early Ben Bagley review, Phoenix Theater production. A, FOT
FSI 80 Gordon BOK/Ann Mayo MUIR/Ed TRICKETT: A Water Over Stone. A
UPGC 006 S "Extravagancelot." MONTGOMERY, U. of Pennsylvania Glee Club, ens. A
Gold Castle
D1 71316 S PETER, PAUL & MARY: A Holiday Celebration (w. N.Y. Choral Society). FS
Golden Era
LP 15036 Skinnay ENNIS & His Orchestra: Got a Date with an Angel (from broadcasts). A
Golden Tone
C 4032 Lena HORNE: The Incomparable Lena Horne (w. Phil MOORE & Orchestra). A, LSM
10" GR14 100558 (1 side) Gesner: Mother Loves Me--A Freudian Fable with Music. Janet THORSEN, Clinton JAKEMAN, Robert TALLADER, Peter COOK, GESNER (pf), ens. (Princeton, 1958). A
GP 114 Irene DUNNE & Dick VAN DYKE: Christmas Stories from "Guideposts." A
HMV (Sweden)
1361031 S "The Sounds of Prehistoric Scandinavia" (sound effects & music). A
7419A Kenny JEROME & Nancy AUSTIN: The Devastating Satire of Kenny Jerome & Nancy Austin at the Attic. A-, FOT
19734 (2) "Rogers & Hart, 1927-42" (from 78s & film sound tracks). A
1974 1 ARDEN & OHMAN (1925-33) (famous duo-pianists in musical songs). A
1975 3 ARDEN & OHMAN, Vol. 2 (famous duo-pianists in musical songs). A
19802 (2) "Broadway Melody: The Classic Movie Musicals of Nacio Herb Brown." Numerous performers, from film sound tracks. A
KRS 5511 S Jarre: The Loves of Isadora (film music) (w. classical excerpts). JARRE, o. A
5766 L. Johnson: Lock Up Your Daughters (London musical after Henry Fielding). Roy ADAMS, Richard WORDSWORTH, John SHARP, Frederick JAEGER, Sama SWAMINATHAN, Stephanie VOSS, Hy HAZELL, et al; JOHNSON. A. EP
SP 44001 S "Pass in Review" (marches). SHARPLES. A. EP
XLL 1489/90 (2) Daudet: L'Arlesienne (with complete Bizet incidental music). WOLFF, cho. & o. (with acting cast). A. French-English text
London International
GHS 56001/4 S (4) Maurice CHEVALIER: 60 Years of Songs. A
E 7000 OC Grudeff & Jessel: Baker Street. Inga SWENSON, Fritz WEAVER, Martin GABEL (Broadway cast). A. COH. AS
S1E 9 OC S Gesner: You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Bill HINNANT, Bob BALABAN, Reva ROSE, Skip HINNANT, Karen JOHNSON, Gary BURGHOFF (off-Brodway cast). A
SDP 1/2 S (2) Judy GARLAND: The Golden Years at MGM. Elaborate booklet. A
SE 4180 OC S Martha SCHLAMME & Will HOLT: A Kurt Weill Cabaret. A. Minor jacket damage
S20 07955/6 S "Russian Folk Songs" (arr. Mosolov, Meshko, et al). MESHKO, Northern Russian Folk Cho. A
SR60023 S Vernon DUKE Plays His Original Music from "Time Remembered" (TRAVIS, vocals; RUGOLO, o.) A/A-, FOT
Minnesota Public Radio
34817 S Butch THOMPSON (live piano rags & jazz from "Prairie Home Companion" broadcasts). A
MES/6813 S Meyer DAVIS Plays Cole Porter (w. Emery DAVIS, o.) A
MES/6816 F Al BOWLLY/Ray NOBLE (78s, 1931-33). A
MES/7027 F Al BOWLLY/Ray NOBLE, Vol. 3. A
MES/7052 F Gershwin: Tip-Toes--exc. Dorothy DICKSON, Allen KEARNS, et al. Youmans: Wildflower. Howett WORSTER, Kitty REIDY (both from 1926 London productions). A
MES/7058 F Edith DAY in Rio Rita (also "Rose Marie" & "Show Boat" items). A
FM 114 Gracia DE TRIANA (Andalusian & other Spanish songs w. BADAJOZ, gtr; MONTORIO, o.) A
Murray Hill
93065X S (5) "Calliopes, Band Organs & Other Mechanical Instruments." A
Music in America
MIA 97 Jean RITCHIE/Tony KRAEBER: Ballads in Colonial America (1 side each). A
Musica Helvetica
MH C 74 S (2) Burkhard: A Swiss Nativity. MOECKEL, Inter-Community School of Zumikon Cho., German-Swiss Radio Light O. Composer-supervised. Also includes Burkhard & other interviews. A
New World
NW 240 "Where Have We Met Before: Forgotten Songs from Broadway, Hollywood, &Tin Pan Alley." A
Original Cast
OC 7918 S Gesner: The Utter Glory of Morrisey Hall. Celeste HOLM, Karen GIBNER, Laurie FRANKS, Marilyn CASKEY, Taina ELG (Princeton cast). A
DTX 253 Renard: Poil de Carotte (play, in French). Louis SEIGNER, Jean-Paul ROUSSILLON, Berthe BOVY, Andree de CHAUVERON (Comedie-Francaise). Boxed with booklet. A
FRL 1510/1 (2) Moliere: Les Femmes Savantes (play in French). D'INES, DEBUCOURT,CHARON, LE GOFF, BOVY, BOUDET (all of Comedie Francaise). A. French text. Long album
SPL 751 Richard LEVITT: Wayfaring Stranger (counter-tenor w. Charlie BYRD, gtr; Carl TUCKER, fl). A. Texts
Peter Pan
8007 "A Musical Visit to Captain Kangaroo's Treasure House" (KEESHAN, et al). A-, FOT
10" 76563 Georges BRASSENS (No. 9). A
77450 Maurice CHEVALIER a l'Alhambra (w. Michel Legrand Orch.) A, LSM
844 987 S Mac Dermot: Hair (in French!). Gloria Carter, Herve Wattine, Julien Clerc, Jeanne Bennett, et al. A, LSM
V 7 "L'ABC du Rire" (humor anthology). Roger COMTE, Raymond DEVOS, Pierre DUDAN, Robert LAMOUREUX, Fernand RAYNAUD, Pierre REPP, Jean RICHARD, Jean RIGAUX, Henri SALVADOR, Gerard SETY (w. Andre POPP music). Numbered limited edition. A. Illustrated gatefold album
Philips (U.S.)
PCC 634 S Jacques BREL: If You Go Away. A. Texts
831 273 1 S (2) Lloyd Webber: The Phantom of the Opera. Michael CRAWFORD, Sarah BRIGHTMAN, Steve BARTON, et al. A. Libretto
AR 10600 S Chiitra NEOGY: The Perfumed Garden (Indian poetry & stories). A
711 0106 S Judy GARLAND: Judy's Portrait in Song (12 items from TV shows). A, FOT
Radio Canada International
E 1275 (5) Jane JACOBS: Canadian Cities & Sovereignty-Association (1979 Massey Lectures). FS
DR 031 S "O Fado." Maria JO-JO, Jorge FONTES, Julieta BRIGUE, Carlos BARRA, SUSANA, Zelia LOPES (all w. FONTES, gtr). A
RCA Camden
CAS 753 S Chet ATKINS: The Greatest Guitar (w. vocals by Jim Atkins). A
RCA Gold Seal
RCA Red Seal
ABL1 1683 S Rodgers: Rex (lyrics by Sheldon Harnick). Nicol WILLIAMSON, Penny FULLER, Glenn CLOSE, et al (original cast). A
ARL1 4123 S "The Rogers & Hart Album. MORRIS, BOLCOM (w. Lucy SIMON). A. COH
/b> HBC1 5042 D Sondheim: Sunday in the Park with George. Mandy PATINKIN, Bernadette PETERS (original cast). A. Text
RCA Victor
LM 1812 "Poet's Gold." Readings by Helen HAYES, Raymond MASSEY, Thomas MITCHELL. A
LM 1813 "Poet's Gold" (Keats, FitzGerald, Millay, Poe, Yeats, et al). Helen HAYES, Raymond MASSEY, Thomas MITCHELL. A, LSM
LM 6007 (2) Shakespeare: Hamlet. Dorothy McGUIRE, Pamela BROWN, John GIELGUD,et al (Theatre Guild production). A. Text
LM 6010 (2) Shakespeare: Macbeth (complete spoken play). OLD VIC COMPANY (Brown, Guinness, Service, Cruickshank, Bailey, et al). A. Booklet
LSO 1097 F Rodgers: Pipe Dream. Helen TRAUBEL, William JOHNSON, Judy TYLER (original cast). A
LSO 1102 F Porter: Silk Stockings. Hildegarde NEFF, Don AMECHE, Gretchen WYLER, et al (original cast). A
LSO 1126 S Kern: Show Boat. Barbara COOK, Constance TOWERS, Stephen DOUGLASS, David WAYNE, William WARFIELD, Margaret HAMILTON (Lincoln Center cast). A. EAR
LVT 3002 (3) Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream (with complete Mendelssohnscore). Moira SHEARER, Robert HELPMANN, Stanley HOLLOWAY: SARGENT, BBC SO. A. Booklet
VDM 106 John GIELGUD & Irene WORTH: A Program of Poems by Edith Sitwell. A. AS
VDM 117 Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew--exc. Elizabeth TAYLOR, Richard BURTON, Cyril CUSACK, Michael HORDERN, et al (w. Nino Rota music), from soundtrack of Zeffirelli film. A. Gatefold album
VDS 115 S "Men & Women of Shakespeare." Irene WORTH, John GIELGUD. A. WD label
RCA Victor (Canada)
CS 100 S (9) "Canadian Folk Songs." Yves ALBERT, Helene BAILLARGEON, Louise FORESTIER, Charles JORDAN, Tom KINES, Jacques LABRECQUE, Alan MILLS, Diane OXNER, Jean PRICE, Raoul RAY, Joyce SULLIVAN. A, LSM. French/English summaries
RCA Victor (Mexico)
MKS 1274 S "5 Anos de Exito" (musical comedy songs, classical-pop arrangements). VAZQUEZ, Los Violines de Villa Fontana. A
MKS 1581 S "La Estrella y El Canario." VAZQUEZ, Los Violines de Villa Fontana. A
SRLP 6030 "As Recorded by Thomas A. Edison" (12 popular items from Edison cylinders. A
RC 1078 S "The Christmas Revels, in Celebration of the Winter Solstice." LANGSTAFF, Revels Cho., Alexander's Feast, Cambridge Symphonic Brass (w. Robert J. LURTSEMA as one of 4 actors). A
RC 1082 S "The Christmas Revels: Wassail! Wassail!--An American Celebration of the Winter Solstice," directed by John LANGSTAFF (w. Jean RITCHIE, poetry readings by Robert J. LURTSEMA). FS
LP 1900 Carmen MIRANDA: Cuanto La Gusta (16 items, probably from broadcasts). A
10" RLP 8003 Henry MORGAN: Here's Morgan! (comic monologues). A, LSM. Spine repaired
1467 Louis PRIMA/Phil BRITO: An Hour of Italian American Songs (7 each). A, LSM; minor PBs
Sincopado Atlantic
JBGN 078 Gertrude NIESEN: Live Radio Performance/Josephine BAKER: Live Radio Performance (undated). Boris Rose bootleg edition. A
Smithsonian Collection
R 016 Porter: Let's Face It. Danny KAYE, Mary Jane WALSH. Red, Hot & Blue!--exc. Ethel MERMAN. Leave It to Me--exc. Mary MARTIN. A
R 024 Schwartz: At Home Abroad. Beatrice LILLIE, Ethel WATERS, Eleanor POWELL, Reginald GARDINER (from 78s of 1935 cast). A
ST 213 Judy GARLAND: Judy & Her Partners in Rhythm & Rhyme (previously unreleased airchecks, w. Vic DAMONE, Martha RAYE, Bing CROSBY, Mickey ROONEY, Dick HAYMES, Gene KELLY, Donald O'CONNOR, Louis JOURDAN). A
ST 220 Jane FROMAN: The Memorable Radio Years (1934-50). A
R 9016 S George WINSTON: Piano Solos (1972/3). A, FOT; minor PB
T 106 S Carol BURNETT & Martha RAYE: Together Again for the First Time. JACKET INSCRIBED BY RAYE. A
Thomas Alva Edison Foundation
2 "An Edison Memorabilia of Musical Performances, 1888-1929." 6 ragtime items from cylinders, 1912-13; 6 dance music items, 1925-28. A
TNLP 1213 S Sylvia WOODS: The Harp of Brandiswhiere--A Suite for Celtic Harp. FS. COH
TNLP 1225 S Sylvia WOODS: 3 Harps for Christmas (carols). A
United Artists
UA LA 100 G S G. Martin (Beatles' producer): Live & Let Die (film music). MARTIN, o.(w. theme song by Paul McCARTNEY & Wings). A, LSM
UAS 6487 S Gordon LIGHTFOOT: Lightfoot. A
UAS 6672 S Gordon LIGHTFOOT: Back Here on Earth. A
University of Pennsylvania Glee Club
UPGC 007 S "Next Stop Manhattan!" MONTGOMERY, U. of Pennsylvania Glee Club, inst. ens. FS
VRS 9004 Charlotte RAE: Songs I Taught My Mother (w. J. STRAUSS & His Baroque Bearcats). A
VSD 2158 S Jim KWESKIN & the Jug Band. A. Black label
VSD 79165 S Maureen FORRESTER: Mozart After Hours (w. KINGSLEY, Vienna Academy Cho., Vienna St. Opera O. Jazz Rhythm Group). A
Warner Bros.
2WS 2705 S (2) "Sondheim: A Musical Tribute." BLYDEN, CASSIDY, COLLINS, GINGOLD,KERT, LANSBURY, PERKINS, RIVERA, SMITH, et al (live, 1973). A, LSM
WS 1847 S LIBERACE: A Brand New Me (70s pop songs). A
001 Mark RUSSELL: The Face on the Senate Floor (political satire). FS
WP 6021 FERRANTE & TEICHER: Adventure in Carols. A, LSM; minor PB
WP 6035 Dick LEIBERT: Christmas at Radio City (organ solo). A
Westside Studio for Guitar
RH 88015 S Rod HILL: A Rose for Christmas (carols on solo guitar). FS
World Record Club
SH 114 Carmen MIRANDA: The Brazilian Fireball (16 items from Brazilian 78s). A

TOP Classical LPs by Label: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Audiophile - Non Classical - Jazz + Blues - Payment
Please Note: This is an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus cannot supply any of these items. This information is presented for discographical purposes only. If you are hoping to obtain any of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com Jazz + Blues LPs
10" 4108 Dizzy GILLESPIE Plays. A-, FOT
3074 Duke ELLINGTON (items from 78s). A, FOT
AL 710 Duke ELLINGTON: He's Mr. Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington. Boris Rose bootleg edition. A
ATL 60 044 S (2) Duke ELLINGTON: The Art of Duke Ellington (The Great Paris Concert, 1963). A. German pressing
Avco Embassy
AVE 33022 S Louis ARMSTRONG: Louis "Country & Western" Armstrong (w. Nashville backup band). A. COH
BR 5020 S Don ELLIS: How Time Passes. A
Big Band Archives
LP 1217 Duke ELLINGTON & His Orchestra: Suddenly It Jumped. A
BLP C 10 Bunny BERIGAN: The Great Soloists (1932-37). A
10" BL 58044 "Battle of Jazz, Vol. 6." Henry "Red" ALLEN & His Band/Red NORVO Sextet(4 items each). A
Bunny Berigan Swing Club
BB 3 "The Legendary Bunny BERIGAN: Special Broadcast, March 12, 1936, Demonstrating Swing Music." Private edition. A
529053 Duke ELLINGTON (1928-30). A
529071 Duke ELLINGTON: Choo Choo (1924-27). A
ST 2888 S Ella FITZGERALD: Misty Blue (country hits!). A, LSM
T1098 Sam BUTERA & the Witnesses: The Big Horn. A, LSM
T795 "The History of Jazz, Vol. 3: Everybody Swings." A
62686 Duke ELLINGTON: Liberian Suite/A Tone Parallel to Harlem. A. French pressing
62993 Duke ELLINGTON: Primping for the Prom (1947-61). A. French pressing
63563 Duke ELLINGTON: Monologue (1947-51). A
S 63363 S Duke ELLINGTON: Black, Brown & Beige (w. Mahalia JACKSON). A. French pressing
S 63485 F Duke ELLINGTON: Ellington Jazz Party (1959). A. French pressing
S 63838 F Duke ELLINGTON: Masterpieces by Ellington. A
CBS Sony
20AP 1508 Jimmy RUSHING: The Jazz Odyssey of James Rushing Esq. (w. Buck CLAYTONOrch.) A
CR 203 S Joe VENUTI: The Best of Joe Venuti (w. Zoot SIMS on all, Dick Hyman, et al). A, LSM
MGC 666 Count BASIE: Basie. David Stone Martin cover art. A
10" CL 6110 Phil ZITO: Dixieland Express. A, FOT
C3L 40 (3) Billie HOLIDAY: The Golden Years, Vol. 2. A
CL 1546 Duke ELLINGTON: Piano in the Background. A. Writing on jacket AS. Jacket repaired
CL 693 Paul WESTON & His Orchestra: Mood for 12--Hi-Fi from Hollywood (w. Z. ELMAN, Matty MATLOCK, G. VAN EPS, B. KESSEL, et al.) A, LSM. Jacket repaired
CL 708 Louis ARMSTRONG: Satch Plays Fats. A, FOT. White promo label
CS 9629 S Duke ELLINGTON's Greatest Hits (new recordings). A. 2 eye label
G 30243 S (2) Don ELLIS: Live at the Filmore East. A
M 33013 S SWINGLE II: Love Songs for Madrigals & Madriguys (jazz versions). A
WL 106 "Elsa POPPING & Her Pixieland Band": Delirium in Hi-Fi (Andre Popp satire). A
RS 921 SD S Benny GOODMAN & Paris. 35mm magnetic film recording. A. EAR
Concert Hall
CHJ 1215 Tony PARENTI's All-Stars: Jazz, That's All (w. Red Allen, Tyree Glenn,Hank Duncan, Milt Hinton, George Wettling). A/A-, FOT. Jacket repaired
DL 74296 S Lionel HAMPTON & His Orchestra: Hamp's Golden Favorites. A
DL 75069 S Duke ELLINGTON in Canada: North of the Border (w. Ron COLLIER Orch.) A
DL 8473 Wingy MANONE: Trumpet on the Wing. A
Desor Disc
448 1 Duke ELLINGTON: The Duke at Cornell, Vol. 1 (mostly unpub., Dec. 10, 1948). Boris Rose edition. A
Donna Discs
KOS 1100 Benny GOODMAN: He's the King--Original Broadcasts. Boris Rose bootleg. A
DLP 25735 S Harry JAMES & His Western Friends. A
DLP 3161 Steve ALLEN Plays. A
MG30632 Lionel HAMPTON: Hamp in Paris (w. Mezz MEZZROW, et al). A. COH
FA 1003 Duke ELLINGTON: A Date with the Duke, Vol. 3 (Battle Creek, Mich., 1945). Program notes by Mel Torme. A
FA 1004 Duke ELLINGTON: A Date with the Duke, Vol. 4 (Toledo, 1945). Program notes by Mel Torme. A
FA 1007 Duke ELLINGTON: A Date with the Duke, Vol. 5 (Evansville, Ind., 1945).Program notes by Mel Torme. A
FA 1008 Duke ELLINGTON: A Date with the Duke, Vol. 6 (Palace Theater, Akron, 1945). Program notes by Mel Torme. A
FA 1009 Duke ELLINGTON: A Date with the Duke, Vol. 7 (Apollo Theater/Radio City, N.Y., 1945). Program notes by Mel Torme. A
FA 1010 Duke ELLINGTON: A Date with the Duke, Vol. 8 (N.Y., 1945). Program notes by Mel Torme. A
Famous Door
HL 116 S Red NORVO: Red In New York (w. Scott HAMILTON, Dave McKENNA, et al). A
LP 35 135 Duke ELLINGTON & His Famous Orchestra: Live from the Aquarium Restaurant, N.Y.C., October 25/11, 1946. A
8362 S Vince GUARALDI & Bola SETE: From All Sides. A. Some jacket wear
8407/8 S (2) Duke ELLINGTON: Second Sacred Concert. A. Df
8419 S Duke ELLINGTON & His Orchestra: Latin American Suite. A. Df
F 9498 S Duke ELLINGTON: The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse (1971). A
FW 37487 S Paul DESMOND with the Modern Jazz Quartet (N.Y., 1971). A
First Time
FTR 1516 Tony PASTOR & His ORchestra (1945-49). A
Forsgate Products
SAP 7500 Bunny BERIGAN: Bunny in Detroit at the Backstone. Boris Rose bootleg edition. A
9001 Duke ELLINGTON: Columbia University, N.Y., Feb. 5, 1964. A
GXY 5146 S Johnny GRIFFIN: Call It Whachawana. A. Promo stamp
Glad Hamp
GHS 1023 S Lionel HAMPTON: Made in Japan (Tokyo, 1983). A
GNP Crescendo
GNP 9008 Thelonious MONK (8 mono items, c. 1952). A
Golden Era
LP 15017 Kurt EDELHAGEN & His Orchestra: Concert Jazz. A
Good Time Jazz
GTJ L 12004 Kid ORY's Creole Jazz Band 1954. A
Great American Gramophone Company
GADD 1010 S Les BROWN & His Band of Renown Goes Direct to Disc. A
Happy Tiger
HT 1007 S Count BASIE: Basie on the Beatles. Brief program note by Ringo Starr! A
RLS 599 (5) "Glenn MILLER & His Orchestra, Vol. 1: Limited edition." A, LSM. Hardbound album
Inner City
IC 6066 S Toshiko AKIYOSHI: Notorious Tourist from the East. A
10" 3008 Django REINHARDT (late recordings). A, LSM
J 1278 Jack TEAGARDEN's Dixieland Band/Max KAMINSKY's Windy City Six: Jack and Max (1 side each). Teagarden items reissued from Period label, Kaminskys original to this release. FS
10" E124 Page CAVANAUGH Trio: Keyboard Kings. A. Jacket repaired
10" E535 Ziggy ELMAN & His Orchestra: For Your Dancing Pleasure. A/A-, FOT; minor PB
E3379 Dick HYMAN Trio: Beside a Shady Nook (w. Eddie Safranski, Mundell Lowe). A, LSM. COH
SE 3765 S Charlie SHAVERS: Charlie Digs Paree. A-, FOT
SRM 1 650 S Chuck MANGIONE Quartet: Alive! A, LSM
MJR 28126 S (2) Earl HINES Plays Duke Ellington. FS
CRB 759 S Albert GOLOWIN & Friedrich GULDA: Donau so blue. A. German pressing
MGN 1019 Teddy WILSON: The Creative Teddy Wilson (w. Milt Hinton, Jo Jones). David Stone Martin cover art. A, FOT
Old Town
LP 2011 Mr. Arthur PRYSOCK & Guest (w. Count BASIE). A
2308 218 S Mary Lou WILLIAMS: Solo Recital (Montreux Jazz Festival, 1978). FS. COH
2310 840 S Count BASIE: Basie Jam #3 (w. Benny CARTER, Louis BELLSON, John HEARD,Eddie Lockjaw DAVIS, Joe PASS, Clark TERRY, Al GREY). FS. COH
2312 103 S Oscar PETERSON: The Silent Partner (film music). FS. COH
2312 109 S Joe PASS: I Remember Charlie Parker (solo guitar). FS. COH
2312 116 S Sarah VAUGHAN: Duke Ellington Song Book 2. A. COH
No. 52 Count BASIE & His Orchestra: The Atomic Period (Lausanne, 1959). A
RAR 29 Duke ELLINGTON & His Famous Orchestra, featuring Johnny Hodges (Toronto, Sept. 1964/March 3, 1965; first publication). A
RCA Camden
CAL 406 Andre PREVIN: Mad About the Boy (jazz quartet). A
CAL 459 Duke ELLINGTON at the Cotton Club (from 78s, 1929-31). A; minor PBs
CAL 550 Bunny BERIGAN & His Orchestra: Bunny. A
CAL 802 "NBC's Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street." Dinah SHORE, Sidney BECHET, Henry LEVINE, Lena HORNE. A; minor PBs
RCA Victor
10" LPT 14 "Fats" WALLER Favorites. A
LPM 2081 Charlie BARNET & His Orchestra: Great Dance Bands of the '30s & '40s (from 78s). A
LPM 2323 Bix BEIDERBECKE: The Bix Beiderbecke Legend. 1 unpublished item. A. EAR
LPV 542 "The Panassie Sessions." French jazz recordings, 1938-9, w. LADNIER, BECHET, MEZZROW, J.P. JOHNSON, Frankie NEWTON, et al. A. Jacket front damaged
LPV 566 Barney BIGARD/Albert NICHOLAS (8 items each). A
LPV 578 "Swing." Jazz sampler by 7 "all-star" groups. A. Df
10" RLP 2509 Yank LAWSON's Dixieland Jazz (from 78s, 1944). A/A-, FOT; 2/3" X
Session Disc
121 "Hooray for June CHRISTY & Stan KENTON." Boris Rose bootleg edition. A
Sounds Great
SG 8015 Paul WHITEMAN: A Tribute (w. Jack TEAGARDEN, Peggy LEE, Bing CROSBY). Sound track of 1970 TV broadcast. A
SLP 192 S Pappa Bue's Viking Jazzband (w. Wingy MANONE, Edmond HALL) (Copenhagen,1966). A. Danish pressing
SB 156 Benny GOODMAN Broadcasts from Hollywood, 1946-47. A
Swing Era
LP 1009 Swinging Sweet Bands, Vol. 3 (Gray GORDON, Jimmie GRIER, Shep FIELDS, Sammy KAYE). A
The Old Masters
TOM 14 The DORSEY Brothers, 1928, Vol. 1. A
ST 5111 S Billy TAYLOR Trio: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free. A
United Artists
UAL 3292 Dakota STATON: From Dakota with Love. A
2317 084 Count BASIE: Live Big Band Sound of Count Basie & His Orchestra (Newport, 1957). A. EP
2317 111 Count BASIE: Swingin' with the Count (w. Joe Williams, 1955). A. EP
711 044 GU Count BASIE: Newport Concert (w. Lester YOUNG), July 7, 1957). A. French pressing
MGV 1006 Meade Lux LEWIS: Cat House Piano. David Stone Martin cover art. M. Edges taped
MGV 1009 Bob SCOBEY & Lizzie MILES: Bourbon Street. David Stone Martin cover art. A, LSM
MGVS 64041 S Ella FITZGERALD: Mack the Knife (live in Berlin). A, FOT. Black label
Warner Bros.
WS 1278 S Jim TIMMENS & His Jazz All-Stars: Gilbert & Sullivan Revisited (w. Donald Byrd, Joe Wilder, Tyree Glenn, Mundell Lowe, et al). A, LSM

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