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This page shows an old, inactive catalog. Parnassus does not have these items. The information is presented here for discographical purposes. If you are hoping to obtain one of these items, we suggest copying down our citation and then trying www.gemm.com

V 131 S (2) Calabro: Voyage. CALABRO, Sage City SO & Cho., cho's. Symphony #3in one movement. ROLLER, Eastman Symphony (live, 1976/65). A
ABC Classics
AX 67046 S (2) Gay & Pepusch: The Beggar's Opera. JENKINS, MINTY, CABLE, ROGERS,FLEET, NOBLE; STEVENS, Accademia Monteverdiana. FS. COH
AG 4267 "NORDICA: The Yankee Diva" (all 14 known recordings). A
7001/2 (2) Liszt: Piano works. PADEREWSKI, CORTOT, BUSONI, FRIEDMAN, HOFMANN, GANZ (from piano rolls). A, LSM. Booklet
FGR 1 S Martino: Cinque Frommenti; Gaburo: Two; Johnston: Duo (N. TURETZKY, fl); Perle: Monody II; Sydeman: For Double Bass Alone; Whittenberg: Electronic Study II. B. TURETZKY (bass, in all). A
TM 40076 S Debussy: Preludes, Book 1. BRUN. A, LSM
SCE 970 S Arias of Verdi (5), Puccini, Cilea, & Bellini. CABALLE; Masini, Barcelona SO. A
SCE 971 S "Romanzas de Zarzuelas." CABALLE; MARCO, Barcelona SO. A
All About Music
ABK 17 S Delius: Cello Sonata; works of Bach, Boccherini, Beethoven, Popper, St.-Saens, & Faure. J. LLOYD WEBBER, BENSON. A
1558 Lieder of Loewe, Franz, Brahms (2), Brull, Wolf (2), Mahler (2), Strauss (2), Graener, Reger (2), Marx, & Weill (song from "3-Penny Opera"). PECHNER. A, FOT; 1/8" X
1598 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 31. PETRI. A, FOT. Jacket corner damaged
AL 85 Beethoven: Sonatas #7 & 31. HAMBRO. A-, FOT. Jacket water-damaged
DB 138 C S Caix d'Hervelois: Suite #3, in d; Forqueray: Suite #4, in g. HSU, MUESER (gamba), AUSTIN (hpsi). MHS recording. A
Amon Ra
SAR 2 S Delius: Violin Sonatas #2 & 3; Legende. STONE, SCHILLER. FS
CL 2149 S Schumann: 3 Romances, Op. 94; Weber: Grand Duo Concertante. T. SCHULZE (ob), R. SCHULZE (clar), B. JACKSON (pf). A
35008 Falla: 3-Cornered Hat--Suite; Ravel: La Valse; Prokofiev: Classical Symphony; Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice. MARKEVICH, Philharmonia O. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine
35026 Debussy: 15 piano pieces. GIESEKING. A, FOT. Jacket taped EP, dowel spine
35065 Debussy: Pour le Piano; Estampes; Images I & II. GIESEKING. A. Jacket repaired. EP, dowel spine
3507 (2) Lehar: Das Land des Lachelns. SCHWARZKOPF, LOOSE, GEDDA, KUNZ, KRAUS; ACKERMANN, Philharmonia. A. EP. Libretto
3508- (2) Puccini: Tosca. CALLAS, DI STEFANO, GOBBI; DE SABATA, La Scala. A. U.S. red label. Libretto
35126 Bartok: For Children, Vol. 1; Sonatina. ANDA. A/A-, FOT. EP. No dowel spine
35128 Chausson: Poeme (DOBROWEN, Philharmonia O.); Ravel: Tzigane; Debussy:Violin Sonata (J. NEVEU). NEVEU. A. Jacket repaired. EP, dowel spine
35180 Mahler: Symphony #1. KLETZKI, Israel PO. A. EP, dowel spine, insert
35228T Dallapiccola: Canti di Prigonia. MARKEVICH. Delage: 4 Poemes Hindous;Berceuse Phoque. ANGELICI (s); CLUYTENS, St. Cecilia Cho. & O. Guarnieri: Quartet #2. PASCAL QT. A. TE, EP
35247 Schumann: Carnaval; Kreisleriana. ANDA. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine
35350 Beethoven: Symphony #6. CLUYTENS, Berlin PO. Very scarce disc! A, LSM. EP, dowel spine
35356 Tartini-Kreisler: "Devil's Trill" Sonata; Mozart: Sonata in Bb, K. 454. OISTRAKH, YAMPOLSKY. A. EP, dowel spine. PB not on grooves
35440 Turina: Canto a Sevilla. DE LOS ANGELES; FISTOULARI, London SO. A. Text. EP, dowel spine
35447T Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel; Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. MARKEVICH, French Nat'l Radio O. A. TE, EP
35450 Grieg: Lyric Pieces (Album 1). GIESEKING. A. EP. Booklet
35451 Grieg: Lyric Pieces (Album 2). GIESEKING. A. Booklet
35534 Schubert: Impromptus, Op. 142, #3 & 4; 3 Klavierstucke. GIESEKING. A, LSM. EP, dowel spine
35539 Mozart: Concerto #22. ITURBI (piano & cond.), Paris Cons. O. A, FOT. EP, dowel spine
3554 (3, 5 sides) Verdi: Il Trovatore. CALLAS, BARBIERI, DI STEFANO, PANERAI; KARAJAN, La Scala. A. EP. Libretto
35569T Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 21. A. FISCHER. A. TE, EP
35652T Beethoven: Sonatas #9, 10, 13, & 14. GIESEKING. A. TE, EP
35791 Beethoven: Sonatas #14, 24, & 30. A. FISCHER. A. U.S. red label. AS
3591 (2) Liszt: Transcendental Etudes. CZIFFRA. A. EP. Booklet
3786 (3) Bach: Suites for Solo Cello. CASALS. FS
37925 Kreisler: Violin works & arrangements. KREISLER, RAUCHEISEN, RUPP (1930-38). A
AVC 34010 S (3) Massenet: Manon. SILLS, GEDDA, SOUZAY, BACQUIER; RUDEL, New Philharmonia O. Digitally remastered. A. Libretto
AVC 34011 S (3) Offenbach: Tales of Hoffmann. SILLS, MARSEE, CASTEL, BURROWS, TREIGLE; RUDEL, London SO. Digitally remastered. A. Libretto
AVC 34033 S (3) Donizetti: Roberto Devereux. SILLS, WOLFF, ILOSFALVY, GLOSSOP; MACKERRAS. Digitally remastered. FS. COH. Libretto
COLH 117 Tito SCHIPA opera & song recital. A. Booklet
DS 37669 D Chopin: 4 Ballades; Sonata #2. GAVRILOV. DMM pressing. FS. COH
DS 38039 D Leclair: Violin Concertos, Op. 7, #1 & 5; Tartini: Concertos, D. 12 &36. MENUHIN; MAKSYMIUK, Polish CO. Scarce late recording. FS
DS 38263 D Roussel: Bacchus et Ariane; The Spider's Feast--Suite. PRETRE, French Nat'l O. DMM pressing. FS. COH
DS 38276 D Mozart: Concertos #17 & 20. EGOROV; SAWALLISCH, Philharmonia O. FS
DSB 3936 D (2) Bruckner: Symphony #8. TENNSTEDT, London PO. FS
DSB 3993 D (2) Verdi: Otello. RICCIARELLI, DOMINGO, DIAZ; MAAZEL, La Scala. A. Libretto
DSBX 3922 D (2) Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice. BALTSA, MARSHALL, GRUBEROVA; MUTI, Ambrosian Cho., Philharmonia O. FS. Libretto
DSBX 3964 D (2) Monteverdi: L'Orfeo. KWELLA, KIRKBY, ROGERS; ROGERS, Chiaroscuro,London Cornett & Sackbut Ens., London Baroque. German DMM pressing. A. Libretto
DSC 3989 D (3) Bizet: La Jolie Fille de Perth. ANDERSON, ZIMMERMANN. A. KRAUS, VAN DAM, BACQUIER; PRETRE, Radio-France Cho. & New PO. DMM pressings. A. Libretto
DSCX 3946 D (3) Massenet: Manon. COTRUBAS, KRAUS, QUILICO, VAN DAM; PLASSON, Toulouse Cho. & O. A. Spine repaired. Libretto
DSCX 3951 D (3) Donizetti: Lucia di Lammermoor. GRUBEROVA, KRAUS, BRUSON, LLOYD; RESCIGNO, Ambrosian Cho., Royal PO. DMM pressing. A. Libretto
DSCX 3953 D (3) Mozart: Don Giovanni. VANESS, EWING, GALE, RAWNSLEY, VAN ALLAN, ALLEN, LEWIS, KAVRAKOS; HAITINK, Glyndebourne Cho., London PO. DMM pressing. FS. Libretto
RLC 3206 D (3) Beethoven: Symphonies #5-7; Coriolan & Prometheus Overtures. SANDERLING, Philharmonia O. A
S 35641 S Franck: Symphony; Psyche et Eros. GIULINI, Philharmonia O. FS. Blue label
S 35679 S Beethoven: Sonata #17; Schumann: Fantasia in c. RICHTER. A. Blue label
S 35725 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in D; Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb. STARKER; GIULINI, Philharmonia O. A. U.S. red label
S 35736 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (SARGENT, Royal PO); 3 Preludes. LYMPANY. A/A-, LSM. Blue label
S 35795 S Arias of Wagner (2), Massenet, Verdi (2), Mascagni, St.-Saens (2), & Gluck (2). GORR; CLUYTENS. A. Blue label. Texts
S 35835 S Brahms: Symphony #1. GIULINI, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label
S 35975 S Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite; Gotovak: Kolo; Tchaikovsky: Suite #3--Theme & Variations (BARYLLI, vln). KEMPE, Vienna PO. A, LSM. Blue label
S 35995 S "Famous Classics for the Piano." LYMPANY. A. Blue label
S 36002 S "Music of Old Russia." MILSTEIN; IRVING, o. A, LSM. Blue label
S 36008 S "Salve Regina: Choral Music of the Spanish New World, 1550-1750." WAGNER, Roger Wagner Chorale. A. Blue label
S 36079 S "The Duel between Liszt & Thalberg." LEWENTHAL. FS
S 36126 S "Memories of Naples" (Neapolitan songs). CORELLI; Ferraris, o. A, LSM. COH
S 36152 S Mozart: Violin Concertos #4 & "#6". MENUHIN, Bath Festival O. A, LSM. Blue label
S 36360 S Bartok: Violin Concerto [#2]. MENUHIN; DORATI, New Phil. O. 44 Duos--6exc. MENUHIN, GOTKOVSKY. FS
S 36438 S Bartok: Violin Concerto #1; Viola Concerto. MENUHIN; DORATI, New Phil.O. FS
S 36552 S Schumann: Carnaval; Sonata in g, Op. 22. WEISSENBERG. A. Blue label
S 36627 S Chabrier: Pieces pittoresques; Espana; Bourree Fantasque. CICCOLINI. A. COH. Blue label
S 36698 S Vaughan Williams: Serenade to Music; Symphony #5. BOULT, London PO. A
S 37001 S Walton: Symphony #2; Portsmouth Point & Scapino Overtures; Lambert: The Rio Grande (TEMPERLEY, ms; ORTIZ, pf; London Madrigal Singers). PREVIN, London SO. FS
S 37086 S Strauss: Cello Sonata; Beethoven: Variations (2). ROSTROPOVICH, DEVETZI. FS. COH
S 37105 S Rameau: Les Fetes d'Hebe--ballet music. CONNORS (s); LEPPARD, Ambrosian Singers, English CO. FS. COH. Texts
S 37140 Q Delius: North Country Sketches; A Song of Summer; Life's Dance. GROVES, Royal PO. FS
S 37262 Q Delius: Violin Concerto; Concerto for Violin & Cello (TORTELIER). MENUHIN; DAVIES, Royal PO. FS. COH
S 37660 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, & 23. WEISSENBERG. A. COH
S 38044 D Machaut: Messe de Notre Dame. PARROTT, Taverner Consort & Choir. A. Text
SB 3602 S (2) Chopin: Nocturnes. LYMPANY. Extremely scarce! FS
SB 3607 S (2) Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (DICKIE, FISCHER-DIESKAU); Symphony#5--Adagietto. KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. A. Blue label. Text. Spine taped
SB 3649 S (2) Verdi: Requiem. SCHWARZKOPF, LUDWIG, GEDDA, GHIAUROV; GIULINI, Philharmonia Cho. & O. FS. Text
SB 3704 S (2) Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde; Lieder. LUDWIG, WUNDERLICH; KLEMPERER, Philharmonia O. FS. Blue label. Texts
SB 3760 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #5; 5 Ruckert Lieder (BAKER). BARBIROLLI, Philharmonia O. FS. Texts
SBL 3609 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: Pirates of Penzance. MORISON, THOMAS, SINCLAIR, LEWIS, BAKER, MILLIGAN, CAMERON, BRANNIGAN; SARGENT. A. Blue label. Libretto
SBLX 3877 S (2) Massenet: Le Jongleur de Notre-Dame. VANZO, BASTIN, VENTO; BOUTRY, Monte-Carlo Opera. A. Libretto
SC 3741 S (3) Mozart: Abduction from the Seraglio (in English). DOBBS, EDDY, GEDDA, FRYATT, MANGIN; MENUHIN, Ambrosian Singers, Bath Festival O. FS. Summary, no libretto
SDL 3622 S (4) Gounod: Faust. DE LOS ANGELES, BERTON, GEDDA, CHRISTOFF; CLUYTENS. A. Box repaired. Libretto
SDL 3631 S (4) Mozart: Cosi fan Tutte. SCHWARZKOPF, LUDWIG, STEFFEK, KRAUS, TADDEI, BERRY; BOHM, Philharmonia Cho. & O. A. Blue label. Libretto
SDLX 3970 (4) Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier. SCHWARZKOPF, STICH-RANDALL, LUDWIG, MEYER, WELITSCH, GEDDA, UNGER, EDELMANN, WAECHTER; KARAJAN, Philharmonia O. Digitally remastered DMM pressing. A. Libretto
SFO 36962 S Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf (Mia FARROW, narr); Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra (PREVIN, narr). PREVIN, London SO. A
SZ 37668 S Moszkowski: Suite for 2 Violins; Shostakovich: 3 Duets; Prokofiev: Sonata for 2 Violins. PERLMAN, ZUKERMAN, SANDERS. FS
SZBX 3906 S (2) Lehar: The Merry Widow. MOSER, DONATH, JERUSALEM, PREY, KUSCHE; WALLBERG, Bavarian Radio Cho., Munich Radio O. A. Libretto
ZBX 3910 (2) Verdi: La Traviata. CALLAS, KRAUS, SERENI; GHIONE, Lisbon Opera (1958). A. Libretto
Angel (Japan)
ASC 5167 S Prokofiev: Love for 3 Oranges--Suite; Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol; Khachaturian: Gayne--exc. SILVESTRI, Vienna PO. A, LSM. COH. Red vinyl
EAC 70242 S Debussy: Preludes (Book 1); Images (Books 1 & 2). FRANCOIS. A
GR 2043 Schubert: Trio #2, Op. 100. SERKIN, A. & H. BUSCH. Earlier version, from 78s. A. Spine repaired
Angel Melodiya
SR 40145 S Schubert: Sonata in D, Op. 53; 2 Impromptus. NASEDKIN. FS
SR 40213 S Shostakovich: Symphony #15. M. SHOSTAKOVICH, Moscow Radio SO. A, LSM
SR 40254 S Schubert: Sonata in c, D. 958; Impromptu, Op. 142, #2. RICHTER. FS
SRB 4101 S (2) Kabalevsky: Requiem. LEVKO (c), VALAITIS (b); KABALEVSKY, Moscow Cho. & PO. FS. Text
SRBO 4110 S (2) Bach-Busoni: Prelude & Fugue in d; Beethoven: 32 Variations in c; Sonata #14; Medtner: Sonata reminiscenza; works of Prokofiev, Ravel (2), Chopin (2), & Bach-Siloti. GILELS (Carnegie Hall, 1969). A
Angel Seraphim
60011 Brahms: Viola Sonatas. PRIMROSE, FIRKUSNY. FS
IC 6084 (3) Donizetti: Don Pasquale. SARACENI, SCHIPA, BADINI, POLI, CALLEGARI; SABAJNO, La Scala (1932). Arias of A. Scarlatti, Gluck, Donizetti, Massenet, & Mascagni. SCHIPA. A. No libretto issued
S 60088 S Busoni: Sonatina No. 6, on Bizet's Carmen; Variations on a Chopin Prelude; Turandot's Boudoir; Liszt: Reminiscences of "Don Giovanni" & "Simon Boccanegra." OGDON. FS
S 60199 S "Michael RABIN in Memoriam" (reissue of "The Magic Bow"). RABIN; F. SLATKIN, Hollywood Bowl SO. A
1005 Jussi BJOERLING recital, 1933-46. A. BJ
1006 Jussi BJOERLING recital, 1920-40. A. BJ
1016 Arias of Wagner (3) & Strauss (1952); Schubert: 5 Lieder (1948-52). FLAGSTAD. A. BJ, as issued
1025 Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--exc.; Purcell: Dido & Aeneas--finale; songs of Beethoven (3) & Grieg. FLAGSTAD. Live, 1947-53. A. BJ
198 466 S Flute Concertos of A. Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Sammartini, & Albinoni. LINDE; SACHER, Zurich Collegium Musicum. A
2533 049 S Bach: Cantata #21. MATHIS, HAEFLIGER, FISCHER-DIESKAU; K. RICHTER, Munich Bach Cho. & O. FS
2533 462 S A. Marcello: 6 Concerti. HOLLIGER, Camerata Bern. FS
2534 004 D Handel: Silete venti; Cecilia, volgi un sguardo. SMITH (s), ELWES (t);PINNOCK, English Concert. FS
2534 005 D Handel: Coronation Anthems. PRESTON, Westminster Abbey Choir, English Concert. FS. Texts
410 647 1 D Handel: Dettingen Te Deum; Dettingen Anthem. TIPPING, CHRISTOPHERS, VARCOE, PEARCE; PINNOCK, Westminster Abbey Choir, English Concert (period inst.) FS
ARC 3017 Bach: Preludes & Fugues, BWV 541 & 543; Fantasia & Fugue in g, BWV 542; Fantasia in c, BWV 562. WALCHA, Schnitger organ, Cappel. A
ARC 3033 Oswald von Wolkenstein: 9 Lieder. WOLF-MATTHAEUS (a), MICHALIS (t), ens. Anon: Glogauer Liederbuch--exc. GERSTEIN (s), BRUCKNER-RUGGEBERG (t), ens. FS
ZRG 585 S Trumpet Concertos of Telemann, Albinoni, Hertel, & Fasch. WILBRAHAM; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. A
ZRG 655 S Arnold: Brass Quintet; Dodgson: Suite; Salzedo: Divertimento; Ewald:Symphony for Brass. PHILIP JONES BRASS ENS. FS
ZRG 707 S Tchaikovsky: Songs. TEAR, LEDGER. FS. Texts
ZRG 731 S Schuller: Symphony for Brass & Percussion; works of Strauss, Grieg, Bozza, Dukas, Jolivet, Poulenc. HOWARTH, Philip Jones Brass Ens. FS
ZRG 810 S Crosse: Purgatory (1 act opera). BODENHAM (t), HARGREAVES (b); LANKESTER, Royal Northern College of Music Cho. & O. A. Libretto
ZRG 823 S "Renaissance Brass." PHILIP JONES BRASS ENS. FS. EP
ZRG 895 S "Easy Winners" (encore recital). PHILIP JONES Brass Ens. FS
30 A 070 S "The Art of the Flute, Vol. 1: The Recorder from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century." COTTE, Ancient Instrument Group of Paris. FS
30 A 071 S Tcherepnin: Flute Quartet; works of Mersenne, Loeillet, Blavet, C.P.E.Bach, Mozart, Kuhlau, Berlioz, Debussy, Varese, Jolivet, Ibert, Bourdin, & Casterede. ROGER BOURDIN FLUTE QT., et al. FS
Ars Nova/Ars Antiqua
AN 1008 S Stalvey: Points-Lines-Circles. STALVEY, ens. Erb: Kyrie. APPLING, cho. Summermusic. SMOLKO (pf). Trio for 2. B. & N. TURETZKY. Rochberg: La Bocca della Verita. ROSEMAN (oboe), KALISH (pf). A
ALP 164 Beethoven: String Trios, Op. 9, #1 & 3. KOGAN, BARSHAI, ROSTROPOVICH. A
ALPOS 82 S (3) Smetana: The Bartered Bride. DOBRA, TIKALOVA, STEPANOVA, KOVAR, ZIDEK, BEDNAR, HORACEK; CHALABALA, Prague Opera. A. Libretto
YT 3005/7 (3) Beethoven: Leonore Overture #3; Symphonies #5, 6, & 8; Schubert: Symphony #8. SCHALK, Vienna PO, Berlin St. Opera O. A
Arturo Toscanini Society
ATS 1042 Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #2; Haydn: Symphony #31 (Oct. 19, 1938); Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso in d, Op. 3, #11 (March 14, 1954). TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
ATS 1043 Mozart: Magic Flute Overture; Divertimento in Bb, K. 287; Symphony #35, "Haffner." TOSCANINI, NBC SO (Nov. 3, 1946). A
ATS 1047 Mussorgsky: Khovantchina--Prelude; Franck: Les Eolides; Weber-Berlioz: Invitation to the Dance; Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet. TOSCANINI, NBC SO (1953). A
AS 58 S Debussy: Songs (1904-15). KRUYSEN, LEE. A. French texts
SD 1606 S Brubeck: Truth Is Fallen. PETERSON (s), BRUBECK (pf), NEW HEAVENLY BLUE (rock group); KUNZEL, St. John's Assembly, Cincinnati SO. A
Audio Collector
501 Schubert: Symphony #8; Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Schumann: Manfred Overture. GUI, Florence May Festival O. A/A-, FOT. AS, later editions
Audio Fidelity
FCS 50,024 S Beethoven: Concerto #5. PERLEMUTER; VOECHTING, Vienna SO. Sonata #14. ENTREMONT. FS
FCS 50,029 S Boccherini: Flute Concerto in D (ROSADA); Bach: Sonata in g; Debussy:Syrinx; Prokofiev: Flute Sonata. GAZZELLONI, CANINO. FS
AP 22 Mozart: Adagio, K. 617; Divertimento, K. 205; Quartet in C, K. 157. MUSART STRING QT., et al. A, LSM. Red vinyl
AUR 5061/2 S (2) Szymanowski: King Roger. RUMOWSKA (s), MALEWICZ-MADEY (a), NIKODEM, PUSTELAK (b), HIOLSKI (b), DABROWSKI (bs); MIERZEJEWSKI, Warsaw Opera. A. English libretto
Please note that this catalog is NOT ACTIVE.
Parnassus does not have any of these items in stock.
These listings are provided for discographical purposes only.
If you wish to obtain any of these items, we suggest you copy down our citation and then try www.gemm.com

KHF 21955 S (2) Bach: Violin Sonatas. S. KUIJKEN, LEONHARDT (period inst.) FS. U.S. pressings
HB 20341 S Handel: Water Music. COLLEGIUM AUREUM (period inst.) FS
KBF 21486 (2) Georg HANN aria recital, from broadcasts, 1938-45. FS
KBL 21644 S (3) Verdi: La Traviata. FRENI, BONISOLLI, BRUSCANTINI; GARDELLI, Berlin St. O. A. Libretto
KH 20330 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #202, 209, 211, & 212. AMELING (in all), NIMSGERN (#212), Collegeum Aureum (period inst.) FS
KHB 21509 S Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 132. COLLEGIUM AUREUM QT. First Beethoven Quartet ever recorded on period instruments. FS
KHF 20332 S (2) Bach: 4 Suites. COLLEGIUM AUREUM (period inst.) FS
REB 175 Brahms: Horn Trio (SALPETER, PREEDY); Mozart: Horn Quintet (CARTER STRING TRIO); Marais: Le Basque (PARRY). D. BRAIN. From broadcasts, 1956-7. A
Besenville Symphonic Wind Ensemble
BMB 1001 S Sullivan-Mackerras-Duthoit: Pineapple Poll; Bennett: Symphonic Songs;Giannini: Symphony #3. LEWIS, Bensenville Symphonic Wind Ens. A
BJR 136 (2) Catalani: Loreley. SULIOTIS, CECCHELE, CAPPUCCILLI; GAVAZZENI, LaScala (1968). A. Libretto
BJRS 135 S (3) Donizetti: Maria Padilla. J. PRICE, ELKINS, DU PLESSIS, KING; MONTGOMERY, Opera Rara Cho., Bournemouth Sinfonietta. A. Libretto
B 401 Mozart: 4 Horn Concertos. STAGLIANO, Zimbler Sinfonietta. A. AS
BR 14015 "Music of Spain" (encores). OISTRAKH, KOGAN, SHAFRAN. A, LSM
Please note that this catalog is NOT ACTIVE.
Parnassus does not have any of these items in stock.
These listings are provided for discographical purposes only.
If you wish to obtain any of these items, we suggest you copy down our citation and then try www.gemm.com

CC 2772 S Bach: Cantata #202; Handel: Silete, venti. BOGARD (s); MORIARTY, Copenhagen Chamber O. A. Texts
CRS 2530 S Duphly: Pieces de Clavecin, Book 1--exc.; C.P.E. Bach: Wurttemberg Sonatas #1 & 2. GIBBONS (hpsi). FS
CRS 2826 S Sonatas of Lavigne, Boismortier, Loeillet, Telemann, Bertoli, & Handel.McCRAW (recorder & bsn), FIFER (cello), MICHNO (hpsi). FS
GCR 7126 (3) Verdi: Simon Boccanegra. DE LOS ANGELES, CAMPORA, GOBBI, CHRISTOFF; SANTINI, Rome Opera. A. Libretto
P18011 Beethoven: Sonatas #3, 10, & 25. SOLCHANY. A
P18046 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 32. SCHIOLER (Schnabel pupil, distinguished Danish pianist-psychiatrist). A
P8152 Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit; Miroirs. PENNARIO. A-, FOT
P8333 "On Wings of Song." WARENSKJOLD, Crossan. A
P8428 Chopin: Piano music. FIRKUSNY. A, FOT
P8528 Works of Mozart (2), Beethoven, Wieniawski, Novacek, Stravinsky, & St.-Saens. MILSTEIN; SUSSKIND, Concert Arts O. A, FOT; 1/2" X. AS
SGBR 7252 S (2) Bach: Suites. MENUHIN, Bath Festival O. FS
SP 8490 S Beethoven: Sonata #23, "Appassionata;" Bach: Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Prelude & Fugue in a (arr. Liszt). BROWNING. Extremely scarce in stereo. A
SP 8688 S "WUNDERLICH Sings Lehar & other masters of Viennese operetta." FS
T10337 "Italy's Immortal Tito SCHIPA" (Italian pop songs). Olivieri, o. A, FOT
CAP 2003 S (2) Pergament: The Jewish Song. NORDIN (s), ELIASSON (t); DePRIEST, Musikaliska Sallskapet, Stockholm PO. A. Swedish text
RIKS LP 19 S Blomdahl: Suite for Cello & Piano (HELMERSON); Berg: Piano Sonata, Op. 1. NEGRO. Frumerie: Songs of the Heart (BOSTROM, s); Liszt: Petrarch Sonnets #104 & 123. HINDART. A. Swedish texts
32 21 0002 S (2) Berg: Wozzeck. STRAUSS, BERRY, UHL, DONCH; BOULEZ, Paris Opera. A. Libretto
51212 S Mozart: Symphony #29; C.P.E. Bach: Symphonies, Wq. 193. #1 & 4. RIEU,Amsterdam CO (KREBBERS prominently listed as concertmaster). A
79325 S (3) Handel: Serse. WATKINSON, HENDRICKS, ESSWOOD, WENKEL, RODDE, COLD, STUDER; MALGOIRE, Grande Ecurie et la Chambre du Roy. A. Libretto
IM 35839 S Haydn: Mass #10, "Theresienmesse." POPP, ELIAS, TEAR, HUDSON; BERNSTEIN, London SO & Cho. FS
IM 37299 D Canteloube: Songs of the Auvergne, Vol. 1. VON STADE; DE ALMEIDA, Royal PO. FS. Texts
IM 37792 D Scarlatti: 2 Sonatas; Haydn: Sonata #58; Brahms: 2 Intermezzos; Ravel: Oiseaux tristes; Debussy: Children's Corner. WATTS (live Tokyo recital, 1980). FS
IM 37814 D Chausson: Concerto for Violin, Piano, & String Quartet. PERLMAN, BOLET, JUILLIARD QT. FS
IM 39133 D Falla: Suite Populaire Espagnol; works of Kreisler (3), Mozart, Schumann, Falla, Rachmaninov, Wieniawski, & Sarasate. LIN (vln), Rivers (pf). Most items not issued on CD. FS
IM 39558 D Haydn: Divertimento in Bb; Danzi: Quintet, Op. 51, #1; Bozza: Scherzo; Ibert: 3 Pieces Breves; Villa-Lobos: Quintette en Forme de Choros. ENSEMBLE WIEN-BERLIN. A
M 39053 S Varese: Ecuatorial; Deserts; Integrales; Hyperprism; Octandre; Offrandes (YAKAR, s). BOULEZ, Ensemble InterContemporain. Density 21.5. BEAUREGARD (fl). FS
M 39114 S Enesco: Violin Sonata #3; Dvorak: 4 Romantic Pieces; sonata movementsof Schumann & Brahms. STERN, ZAKIN. Short-lived 1983 releaase. A
MP 39128 Handel: Suites #1-4. GOULD (harpsichord). A
CBS (Israel)
81421 S Richard TUCKER: Rozhinkes Mit Mandlin (Yiddish songs). A
CBS Sony
SOCU 13 Beethoven: Quartet #13, Op. 130. BUSCH QT. Grosse Fuge (arr. Weingartner). A. BUSCH, Busch Chamber Players
35359 S Calabro: Latitude 15.09oN. Frank BAKER (narr), K. WHEELER ("soloist"),Bennington Community Cho. & O. (conductor uncredited). Live performance, 1970. A
LPC 1268 (3) Mascagni: Il Piccolo Marat. ZEANI, POLI, ROSSI-LEMENI; ZIINO, Sanremo SO. A. No libretto
LPC 55050 Arias of Verdi, Puccini (2), & Cilea. OLIVERO, var. accomp. Arias of Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, Bizet, & Mascagni. SCOTTO; Basile, Benvenuti. A
LPO 3 2050 (3) Donizetti: L'Elisir d'Amore. NONI, RIZZOLI, VALLETTI, POLI, BRUSCANTINI; GAVAZZENI, RAI Rome. A. Italian libretto
Chamber Music Society
CM 5 Schubert: Sonata in A. KAUFMAN, POZZI. Arpeggione Sonata. G. RICCI, MITTMAN. A. Red vinyl
CM 9 Brahms: Violin Sonata #1. KAUFMAN, PIGNARI. Cello Sonata #1. STARKER, BOGIN. A. Red vinyl
SLC 13 S Works of Cabezon, Arauxo, Cabanilles, A. Gabrieli, Frescobaldi, & Zipoli. LITAIZE, St.-Merry organ ("Les Sommets de l'Orgue"). A
Church of the Intercession
8091N8 S D. Hurd: Mass 1974; Miserere Mei, Deus; Music for Celebration (+ organimprovisations). HURD, Choir of the Church of the Intercession, N.Y. FS
CR 1205 Piston: Flute Sonata; Dahl: Variations on a Swedish Folktune; Avshalomov: Lullaby. ANTHONY (DWYER) (fl), B. KORN (pf). A; 1/8" X
GSE 601 S Stephenson: Oboe Concerto (BOHR); Concertino for Piccolo (GRUJON). I MUSICANTI. FS. COH
Classic Editions
CE 2 Mozart (?): Violin Concerto in D, K. 271i (KONDRASHIN); Vainberg: Moldavian Rhapsody (VAINBERG, pf); Vladigerov: Fantasy on a Bulgarian Dance Theme (YAMPOLSKY). OISTRAKH. A, LSM
Classical Excellence
CE 11004 S Debussy: La Mer; Iberia. HORVAT, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11011 S Mendelssohn: Symphony #5, "Reformation." HORVAT, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11012 S Schubert: Symphony #5. MELLES, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11016 S Stravinsky: Mass; Symphony of Psalms. HORVAT, Austrian Radio Cho. & O. FS
CE 11022 S Bruckner: Symphony "#0," in d. MAERZENDORFER, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11024 S Bruckner: Mass #2, in e (1882). MELLES, Austrian Radio Cho. & O. FS
CE 11027 S Prokofiev: Romeo & Juliet--exc.; Ravel: La Valse. HORVAT, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11028 S Lutoslawski: Concerto for Orchestra; Schoenberg: Variations, Op. 31. HORVAT, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11029 S Brahms: Haydn Variations; Apostel: Requiem. HORVAT, Austrian Radio Cho. & O. FS
CE 11032 S Dvorak: Symphony #5. SWAROWSKY, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11033 S Schmidt: Symphony #3. MELLES, Austrian Radio SO. FS
CE 11034 S Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante, K. 297b. KUTTNER (ob), LORCH (bsn), DRAPAL (clar), NITSCH (horn); SWAROWSKY, Austrian RSO. FS
CE 11044 S Schmidt: Symphony #2. HORVAT, Austrian Radio SO. A
Classics for Pleasure
CFP 167 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (SARGENT, Royal PO); 3 Preludes. LYMPANY. A
CFP 40239 S Chopin: Etudes, Opp. 10 & 25. KERSENBAUM. FS
P 610 S Mieg: Chamber works. GRAF (fl), HOLLIGER (harp), VARSI (pf), FURI (vln), et al. FS. COH
CRLP 193 Bach: Violin Sonata #5, in F. OISTRAKH, OBORIN. Sonata #1 for unaccompanied violin; Vitali: Chaconne (MAKAROV). I. OISTRAKH. A, FOT
CRLP 246 Bach: Trio Sonata. D. & I. OISTRAKH, YAMPOLSKY. Mozart: Violin Concerto #4. OISTRAKH; KONDRASHIN. A, LSM
SM 4002 S Wagner: Die Feen--exc. RUMOVSKA, KORFF, GOMEZ (s), MARTIN (ms), FRYDLEWICZ (t), SCHWARZBECK (bs); BELL. A. German text
SM 618 S "Haydn" (Pleyel): Divertimento; Klughardt: Wind Quintet; Reicha: Quintet in Eb, Op. 88; Mozart: Divertimento, K. 213. NURNBERG SO WIND QUINTET. FS
10" ML 2111 Bach: Violin Sonatas #5 & 6. KIRKPATRICK, SCHNEIDER. A-, FOT; minor PBs
10" ML 2140 Schoenberg: Guerrelieder--Lied der Waldtaube. LIPTON; STOKOWSKI, N.Y. Phil. Berg: Wozzeck--3 exc. RIBLA; ORMANDY, Philadelphia O. A, FOT
10" ML 2143 Chopin: 5 Nocturnes. JONAS. A-/B, FOT; 1/8" X
AML 4842 Harris: Violin Sonata. GINGOLD, J. HARRIS. Palmer: Piano Quartet. J. KIRKPATRICK, WALDEN QT. Late reprint pressing. FS
AML 4843 Fine: String Quartet. JUILLIARD QT. Kirchner: Quartet #1. AMERICAN ART QT. Late reprint edition. FS
AML 5104 Carter: Quartet #1. WALDEN QT. (premiere recording). Reprint edition. FS
AML 5476 Foss: Quartet #1. AMERICAN ART QT. Bergsma: Quartet #3. JUILLIARD QT.Reprint edition. FS
AMS 6114 S Barber: Summer Music; Nielsen: Wind Quintet. PHILADELPHIA Wind Quintet. Late reprint edition. FS
AMS 6444 S Prokofiev: Sonatas #2 & 3; Rachmaninov: Piano music. GRAFFMAN. Reprint edition. FS
CL 773 Rossellini: Songs from the Bay of Naples; Ninna Nanna; Revueltas: Janitzio; works of Albeniz, Granados, Lecuona, & J. White. KURTZ, o. A
CML 4846 Berger: Wind Quartet. FAIRFIELD WIND ENS. (Bennett, Shulman, Weber, Carmen). Duo for Cello & Piano. GREENHOUSE, MAKAS. Hill: Sextet for Winds & Piano. KALLIR, N.Y. WIND QUINTET. FS. TE
CML 4859 Foss: Parable of Death (ZORINA, narr; STEVENS, t); Martinu: Intermezzo; Milhaud: Kentuckiana. WHITNEY, Louisville O. FS. TE
CML 4956 Antheil: Ballet Mecanique. SURINACH, N.Y. Percussion Group. Brant: Signs & Alarms; Galaxy 2. BRANT, chamber ens. FS. TE
CML 4986 Ruggles: Lilacs; Portals. PRAUSNITZ, Juilliard O. Evocations. J. KIRKPATRICK (pf). Cowell: Toccanta. SMITH (fl), BOATWRIGHT (s), PARISOT, KIRKPATRICK. FS. TE
CMS 6114 S Barber: Summer Music; Nielsen: Wind Quintet. PHILADELPHIA Wind Quintet. A. TE
CMS 6142 S Finney: Piano Quintet. WEBSTER, STANLEY QT. R.C. Seeger: String Quartet. AMATI QT. FS. TE
CMS 6176 S Carter: Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello & Harpsichord. BRIEFF, MARX, BERNSOHN, CONANT. Shapero: String Quartet #1. KOFF, BELLAM, TRAMPLER, McCRACKEN. FS. TE
KL 5039 Creston: Invocation & Dance; Ibert: Louisville Concerto; Cowell: Symphony #11. WHITNEY, Louisville O. A
M 30113 S Lalo: Cello Concerto; St.-Saens: Concerto #1; Faure: Elegie. ROSE; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A
M 32299 S Schumann: Davidsbundlertanze; Fantasiestucke, Op. 12. PERAHIA. Debut recording. A
M 34539 S Schumann: Etudes Symphoniques; Papillons. PERAHIA. Great program notes! FS
M 35144 S Bach: Toccatas, BWV 910, 912, 913. GOULD. A. Promo label
M 35159 S Works of Paganini, Kreisler, Ernst, Zito, Bach-Brahms-Ricci, Wieniawski, Tarrega-Ricci, & St.-Lubin ("Virtuoso Music for Violin"). RICCI. FS
M2 34578 S (2) Bach: English Suites. GOULD. Great program notes! A
M2S 611 S (2) Handel: Organ Concertos (Vol. 3). BIGGS; BOULT, London PO. A. 6 eye labels
M3 34581 S (3) Schoenberg: 5 String Quartets. VALENTE (s, #2), JUILLIARD QT. A. Promo stickers. Booklet
ML 4142 Prokofiev: Scythian Suite; Respighi: Feste Romane. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A, LSM. Gray label
ML 4228 Beethoven: Symphony #3. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A/A-, LSM. Blue label. Jacket taped
ML 4229 Gordon: The Rake's Progress. LAMBERT. Prokofiev: Cinderella--exc. BRAITHWAITE, Royal Opera O., Covent Garden. A, LSM. Blue label
ML 4296 Brahms: Piano Quartet #1. SERKIN, BUSCH QUARTET. A-/B, FOT; 1/2", 1/4 " X's
ML 4352 Bach: Concerto in a (HORSZOWSKI, SCHNEIDER, WUMMER); Violin Concerto in d (SZIGETI). CASALS, Prades Festival O. A-, LSM. Blue label
ML 4370 Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Adagio & Fugue, K. 546; Symphony #33. KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A/A-, FOT
ML 4518 Ravel: Miroirs; piano music. CASADESUS. A, LSM. Blue label
ML 4542 Berlioz: Harold in Italy. PRIMROSE; BEECHAM, Royal PO. A-, FOT
ML 4569 Mozart: Concerto #22. SERKIN; CASALS, Perpignan Festival O. A, LSM. Gray label
ML 4620 Beethoven: Sonatas #21 & 30. SERKIN. A. Gray label
ML 4746 Bach: French Suites. AHLGRIMM. A, LSM
ML 4785 Smetana: From Bohemia's Meadows & Forests; The Moldau. SZELL, N.Y. Phil. Dvorak: 5 Slavonic Dances. SZELL, Cleveland O. A-, FOT
ML 4791 Mozart: Concerto #21 (MUNCH); Concerto #27 (BARBIROLLI). CASADESUS, N.Y. Phil. B, FOT. Blue label
ML 4862- Bach: Partita in E; Sonatas in g & E. STERN, ZAKIN. A/A-, FOT; 1/4" X
ML 4912 Brahms: Violin Sonatas #1 & 3. STERN, ZAKIN. A
ML 4913 Brahms: Violin Sonata #2; Dietrich/Schumann/Brahms: "F.A.E." Sonata. STERN, ZAKIN. A
ML 4924- Haydn: String Quartets, Op. 76, #5 & 6. BUDAPEST STRING QT. A. Blue label. Jacket top taped
ML 5039 Creston: Invocation & Dance; Ibert: Louisville Concerto; Cowell: Symphony #11. WHITNEY, Louisville O. A/A-, FOT
ML 5149 Mozart: Sonatas, K. 332, 333, 457, & 576. CASADESUS. A, FOT
ML 5236 Schubert: Symphony #8--rehearsal exc. CASALS. Bach: Capriccio on the Departure of His Beloved Brother. SERKIN. Suite #1. SCHNEIDER, Casals Fest. O. A
ML 5258 "Sorrento" (Italian songs). TUCKER; Antonini, o. FS
ML 5259 Schmitt: Une Semaine du Petite Elfe Ferme-l'Oeil; 3 Rapsodies. R. & G.CASADESUS. A
ML 5335 Skalkottas: Greek Dances; Tchaikovsky: Marche Slav; Capriccio Italien; Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain. MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil. Skalkottas item not on stereo edition. A
MS 6158- S Brahms: Double Concerto (FRANCESCATTI, FOURNIER); Tragic Overture. WALTER, Columbia SO. A. Late pressing
MS 6194 S Mozart: Concertos #22 & 23. CASADESUS; SZELL, Columbia SO. A. Late label
MS 6195 S Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. BRUSILOW; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. 2 eye label
MS 6278 S Mozart: Concerto #22 (ORMANDY, Phila. O.); Sonata in Eb, K. 282. ENTREMONT. A. 6 eye label
MS 6392 S Shostakovich: Piano Concerto #1. PREVIN. Poulenc: Concerto for 2 Pianos. GOLD, FIZDALE; BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. Late label
MS 6403 S Mozart: Concertos #26 & 27. CASADESUS; SZELL, o. A. 2 eye label
MS 6405 S Bartok: Piano Concerto #1 (SZELL); Prokofiev: Concerto #4 (ORMANDY). R. SERKIN. FS
MS 6442 S Wagner: Orchestral exc. ORMANDY, Phila. O. FS
MS 6458 S Liszt: Concerto #1 (WATTS) (debut); Les Preludes. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. FS
MS 6465 S Chopin: Mazurkas (Vol. 3); 3 Polonaises; Chopin-Liszt: 2 songs. BRAILOWSKY. A. 2 eye label
MS 6516 S Bach: Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue; Toccata in D; 6 Little Preludes; Praeludium, Fugue & Allegro; Fantasia in c. VALENTI. JACKET INSCRIBED BY VALENTI. A
MS 6565 S Poulenc: Fiancailles pour Rire; Rossini: 5 Songs. TOUREL, Rogers. A. Texts. 2 eye label
MS 6604 S Verdi & Puccini duets. FARRELL, TUCKER. FS
MS 6638 S Barber: Piano Concerto (BROWNING); Schuman: A Song of Orpheus (ROSE).SZELL, Cleveland O. A. 2 eye label
MS 6641 S Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion (J.C. CASADESUS, DROUET); Debussy: En blanc et noir; 6 Epigraphes antiques. R. & G. CASADESUS. FS
MS 6695 S Mozart: Concertos #21 & 24. CASADESUS; SZELL, Cleveland O. A, LSM. 2 eye label
MS 6733 S Ligeti: Atmospheres; Feldman: Out of "Last Pieces;" Austin: Improvisations for Orchestra & Jazz Soloists (ELLIS, PHILLIPS, COCUZZO). BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. A. 2 eye label
MS 6737 S Janacek: Slavonic Mass. PILARCZYK, MARTIN, GEDDA, GAYNES; BERNSTEIN, Westminster Choir, N.Y. Phil. FS. Text
MS 6831 S "Treasury of French Opera Arias." TUCKER; DERVAUX, Vienna St. Opera O. A. 2 eye label. Texts
MS 6919 S Stravinsky: Persephone. ZORINA, MOLESE; STRAVINSKY. A. 2 eye label. Text
MS 6925 S Prokofiev: Piano Concertos #1 & 3 (SZELL, Cleveland O.); Sonata #3. GRAFFMAN. A. Late label
MS 6931 S Beethoven: Symphony #8; Mendelssohn: Symphony #4. CASALS, Marlboro Festival O. Gorgeous performances! A. Late label
MS 6941 S Works of Brade, Bonelli, Pezel, Lassus, Reiche, & Holborne. PHILA. BRASS ENS. ("The Glorious Sound of Brass"). FS
MS 6956 S Bartok: Concerto for 2 Pianos, Percussion & Orchestra (GOLD, FIZDALE);Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. FS
MS 6957 S "World's Favorite Tenor Arias." TUCKER. FS
MS 7098 S Schoenberg: Piano music. GOULD. Op. 11 fake stereo. A. Late label
MS 7111 S Ives: Symphony #1; 3 Places in New England. ORMANDY, Phila. O. A
MS 7145 S Bartok: Piano Concertos #2 & 3. ENTREMONT; BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil. FS
MS 7179 S Berg: Chamber Concerto (BARENBOIM, GAWRILOFF); 3 Pieces; Altenberg Lieder (LUKOMSKA). BOULEZ, BBC SO. FS
MS 7192 S Ives: Piano Sonata #2, "Concord." J. KIRKPATRICK. A, LSM
MS 7207 S Partch: Daphne of the Dunes; Castor & Pollux; Barstow. PARTCH, Gate 5 Ensemble. A. Late label
MS 7276 S Brahms: Handel & Paganini Variations. GRAFFMAN. A
MS 7277 S Billings: Choral works ("The Continental Harmony"). SMITH, Gregg SmithSingers. A. 2 eye label
MS 7387 S Menotti: The Medium. RESNIK, BLEGEN, DERR, PATRICK, CARLSON; MESTER, Washington Opera Soc. A
MS 7432 S Jolivet: Piano Concerto (JOLIVET); Milhaud: Concerto #1 (MILHAUD); LaCreation du Monde (FRENCH STRING TRIO). ENTREMONT. A. Corner clipped
MX 35173 S Bach-Casals: Adagio; Brahms: Violin Sonata #1; Cassado: Requiebros; Breval: Sonata in G; Schumann: 3 Fantasiestucke, Op. 73; Faure: Apres un Reve. MOYE (cello), VETRANO (pf). Debut recital of black cellist. A. Promo sticker. White promo label
SL 218 Mahler: Symphony #1. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. A, LSM. Inner jacket
SL 223 (3) Bach: Organ works (Vols. 4-6). SCHWEITZER, Gunsbach Parish Churchorgan. A, FOT
WM 2 "Bruno WALTER rehearsing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony." A
WZ 3 "Bruno WALTER Rehearses Beethoven." A, FOT. Minor damage to sleeve
Columbia (France)
SAXF 1044 S Gretry: Flute Concerto in C; Gluck: Concerto in G; Devienne: Concerto in D. DEBOST; AURIACOMBE, Toulouse CO. A. Dowel spine
Columbia Entre
RL 3024 Mendelssohn: Symphony #5. BARLOW, CBS SO. A
Columbia Harmony
HL 7063 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #3 & 4. REINER, o. A, LSM
Columbia Odyssey
32 16 0152 S Miyoshi: Concerto for Orchestra; Takemitsu: Textures; Mayuzumi: Mandala Symphony. IWAKI, NHK SO. A
32 16 0312 S Strauss: Violin Concerto. GLENN. Burleske. LIST; K. LIST, Vienna St. Opera O. FS
Y 34611 Glazounov: Sonata #2; Medtner: Sonata in g, Op. 22. GILELS. A
Y3 35236 S (3) Blitzstein: Regina. B. LEWIS, CARRON, BRICE, HECHT; KRACHMALNICK,N.Y. City Opera. A. Promo labels. Libretto
Columbia Special Products
CSS 677 S Hovhaness/Creston/Cowell: Images in Flight. KOSTELANETZ, N.Y. Phil. Side 2 Kostelanetz pops. Private Eastern Air Lines release. A
Concert Hall
AM 2319 Mozart: Concertos #21 & 27 (with pianist's embellishments). GULDA; SWAROWSKY, Vienna St. Opera O. A. AS
SMS 2268 S Brahms: Symphony #1. KRIPS, Vienna SO ("Festival O") (1963). A. COH
CS 215 S Mozart: Flute Quartets. BARON, FINE ARTS QT. members. FS
Connoisseur Society
CS 2092 S Liszt: Todtentanz; Hungarian Fantasia (CZIFFRA, Jr., O. de Paris); La Campanella; Faust Waltz (after Gounod). CZIFFRA (magnificent virtuoso). FS
CS 2109 S Schumann: Symphonic Etudes (complete); Liszt: 3 Petrarch Sonnets. WEISSENBERG. A
CS 2114 S Stravinsky: 3 Movements from "Petrouchka;" Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin. WEISSENBERG. The Stravinsky is one of the most spectacular virtuoso performances ever recorded. FS. Corner clipped
CRS 4000 S Songs of Secchi, Cimara, Poulenc (2), Schumann, Strauss (2), Williams, Bridge, Sacco, Copland (+ 3 from musicals). TENNENT (t), FREITAS (pf). A
CRD 1035 S Granados: Piano Quintet in g (ALBERNI QT.); Escenas Poeticas (2nd Series); piano music. RAJNA. FS
107 McBride: Punch & the Judy; Claflin: Fishhouse Punch. ADLER, Vienna SO. Moore: Cotillion Suite. ANTONINI, Oslo PO. A
212 Works of Riegger, Mamlok, Kupferman, Perle, Wigglesworth, Martino, & Hovhaness. BARON (solo flute). FS
SD 114 F Cowell: Persian Set; Harrison: Suite for Violin, Piano & Small Orchestra (A. & M. AJEMIAN). STOKOWSKI, o. FS
SD 192 (78) S Husa: Landscapes. WESTERN BRASS QUINTET. Haufrecht: Symphony for Brass & Timpani. KARSICK, Brass Ens. Soc. of N.Y. Mourant: Aria for Orchestra, "Harper's Ferry, W. Va." BALASZ, Hamburg SO. A
SD 265 S Griffith: One String Quartet; G. Edwards: Quartet; Pollock: Movement& Variations; Thimmig: 7 Profiles. COMPOSERS STRING QT. FS
SD 441 S Schwantner: Wind, Willow, Whisper...; Ran: Private Game; Tower: Petrouchskates; Wuorinen: Joan's; Perle: Scherzo; Glass: Modern Love Waltz. DA CAPO CHAMBER PLAYERS. FS
SD 529 S Costinescu: Jubilus (WEBBER, s; HYATT, tpt); Trecut-Au Anii... (ROBERTS, t). COSTINESCU, ensembles. Cantec Apelor Tsarii. PALADE (ms); LITVIN, Romanian RSO. A. Texts
SD 534 S Brief: Cantares. KIM (s); SPANJAARD, Netherlands RPO. Concert Etude. DEWART (pf). Moments. JOLLES (harp). Canto. ZWAANENBURG (fl). A
SD 536 S Bresnick: String Quartet #2, "Bucephalus." ALEXANDER QT. Wir Weben, Wir Weben. ASIA, Musical Elements. FS
SD 539 S Consoli: String Quartet. TREMONT QT. 6 Ancient Greek Lyrics. B. MARTIN(s), ens. Saxlodie. KLOCK (sax), SHANK (pf). A
22 16 0206 S Haydn: Violin Concertos #1, in C, & #4, in G. KREBBERS; RIEU, Amsterdam CO. A
22 26 0012 S (2) Bartok: Violin Concertos; Rhapsodies. GERTLER; ANCERL, Czech PO; FERENCSIK, Brno PO. FS
S120 S Bach-Cooley: Sonata in Eb; Brahms-Williams: 4 ernste Gesange; Zindars: Trigon; A. Russell: Suite Concertante (wind quintet). F. COOLEY (tuba), N. COOLEY (hpsi & pf). FS
S647 S Sapieyevski: Concerto for Viola & Winds; Plog: 4 Miniatures (WESTWOODWIND QUINTET); Holst: Terzetto (CRIST, ob; BARCELLONA, fl). DUNHAM (vla, in all). FS
S702 S Telemann: Heldenmusik; Albonini: Sonata in C; works of Gounod, Bach (2), & Malotte. HICKMAN (tpt), Baroque Consort. FS
S730 D St.-Saens: Clarinet Sonata; works of Gaubert, Jeanjean (2), & Messager. HARMAN, YORK. FS
CY 713 S Merlet: Trio, Op. 34; Violin Sonata. DEVOYON (pf), KANTOROW (vln), MULLER (cello). FS. COH
9.033 S Caldara: Il Giuoco del Quadriglio; vocal works. RIZZIERI, RETCHITZKA, FERRACINI, MINETTO (s); LOEHRER, Lugano Chamber Society. A. French-Italian texts
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DACO 209 S J.P.E. Hartmann: Suite in a, Op. 66; Fantasie-Allegro; Hartmann Album (arr. Rontgen). I. TELMANYI (vln & vla), A. TELMANYI (pf, Hartmann's own piano). Character Pieces, Op. 81, #1-3. E. TELMANYI, o. FS
Dansk Musik Antologi
DMA 007 S Heise: Songs. MOLLER, GURTLER (pf); NORUP, VETO (pf). Lange-Muller: Songs. GUILLEAUME (s), HEDEGAARD, MADSEN (pf). FS. COH
DMA 054 S Bentzon: Sonata for 2 Pianos; Concerto for 2 Pianos. BENTZON, BLYME. Flute Concerto #2. CHRISTIANSEN; SCHMIDT. Quartet #3 for 4 flutes. KUHLAU QT. FS. Corner clipped
DMA 063 S Bentzon: Piano Concerto #4. BLYME; SCHMIDT, Aarhus SO. FS. COH
DMA 074 S Koppel: Variations; Olsen: String Trio, "A Dream in Violet;" Weis: Trio; Thybo: Trio. COPENHAGEN CHAMBER TRIO. FS. COH
10" DL 4004 Beethoven: 2 Romances. FUCHS; SCHERMAN, Little O. Soc. A, FOT; tiny PB
DL 4351 Haydn-Mendez: Trumpet Concerto; Anderson: Bugler's Holiday; Mendez: 5 pieces. MENDEZ; GRAUNKE, o. A
DL 710061 S Bach: Capriccio on the Departure of His Beloved Brother; Toccata, Adagio & Fugue; 4 Duets; Adagio in G. TURECK (pf). A. Corner clipped
DL 710100 S Busoni: Indian Fantasy; Bortkievich: Piano Concerto in Bb. MITCHELL; STRICKLAND, Vienna St. Opera O. A
DL 710168 S Schuman: New England Triptych; Mennin: Canto; Webern: Passacaglia; Dallapiccola: Variazioni. RUDOLF, Cincinnati SO. A. Promo label
DL 710172 S Works of Locatelli, Paganini (3), Ernst (2), Vecsey, & Wieniawski. RICCI, Pommers ("Bravura!"). FS
DL 710177 S Villa-Lobos: Suite for Voice & Violin (VENORA); St.-Saens: Fantasy forViolin & Harp (AGOSTI); Vivaldi: Violin Sonata, Op. 2, #2 (COOPER); Paganini: Sonata in e, Op. 3, #6 (VALDES-BLAIN, gtr); Prokofiev: Sonata for 2 Violins (NADIEN). RICCI (in all). A
DL 79432 S Songs of Verdi (7) & Wagner (6). KONYA, Guth. M. COH. Texts
DL 9743 Wolf: Italienisches Liederbuch--22 Lieder; Brahms: 6 Lieder & Folk Songs. SEEFRIED, WERBA. A/A-, FOT
DL 9748 Bartok: Divertimento for Strings; 2 Portraits. FRICSAY, RIAS SO. A, FOT
DL 9789 Works of Gimenez (2), Granados (2), Torroba (2), Serrano, Soriano, Albeniz, Vives, & Luna. TORROBA, Madrid Zarzuela O. ("The Joys & Sorrows of Spain"). A, LSM
DL 9832 Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Guitar Quintet (CHIGI QT.); works of Haug, Llobet, Scriabin, & Villa-Lobos. SEGOVIA. A
DL 9903 Strauss: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme. LEITNER, Berlin PO. A, FOT
DL 9912 Beethoven: Symphony #3. MARKEVICH, Symphony of the Air. A. Jacket water-damaged
DXA 168 (2) Bach: Violin Sonatas. GERLE, FULLER. A. AS
Decca (Eng.)
SET 456 S Bellini: Norma--exc.; Rossini: Semiramide--exc. SUTHERLAND, HORNE; BONYNGE, London SO. A. Texts
Decca (France)
592117 Mahler: 3 Ruckert Lieder (WALTER, Vienna PO); Brahms: Alto Rhapsody (KRAUSS, London SO & Cho). FERRIER. A
Decca (Germany)
KD 11000 S (2) Wagner: Die Walkure--Act 1 (FLAGSTAD, SVANHOLM, VAN MILL); Gotterdammerung--exc. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Vienna PO. A
DEL 15322 S Handel: Suites #3 & 7; Chaconne in G. HAMILTON (harpsichord). Fine performances with embellished repeats. FS
TQD 3035 "Masters of the Violin." Items by SARASATE (7), KUBELIK (2), VECSEY, & JOACHIM (2). A, LSM
DSM 1003 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #8, 9, 10, 11, & 13. ARRAU (1951/2, first publication). FS
DC 6466 S Luening & Ussachevsky: Sonic Contours; Low Speed; Fantasy in Space; Incantation; Invention; Moonflight. Electronic music (first played 1952). Luening: Lyric Scene (OIEN, fl); Legend (LARSEN, ob). SEREBRIER, Oslo PO. A
DC 7117 S Gideon: The Seasons of Time. MANDAC (s), ens. J. Smith: String Quartet. KOHON QT. Talma: 6 Etudes for Piano. WEBSTER. Daniels: 3 Observations. RABBAY (clar), ROSEMAN (ob), McCORD (bsn). FS. COH
DC 7149 S Czerny: Concerto in C for piano 4 hands (J. & K. WENTWORTH); Mennin: Symphony #4. KAPLAN, Camerata O. & Singers. FS
DC 7218 S Mabarak: Balada del Venado y La Luna; Moncayo: Huapango; Revueltas: Sensemaya; Chavez: Sinfonia India. LOZANO, Mexico City PO. A
Deutsche Grammophon
136 258 S Liszt: Sonata; Polonaise #2; Don Juan Fantasia. VASARY. A. Tulip label
138 115 S Debussy: 3 Ballades de Francois Villon; 2 songs; Syrinx (NICOLET); Ravel: Chansons Madecasses; 5 melodies populaires grecques; Don Quichotte a Dulcinee. FISCHER-DIESKAU, ENGEL, POPPEN (cello). FS. French texts
138 673 S Khachaturian: Gayaneh--Suite; Tchaikovsky: Francesca da Rimini. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Leningrad PO. A. Tulip label
138 676 S Schubert: German Mass; Kyrie; Salve Regina. SCHREMS, Regensberg Cathedral Choir & O. A. Tulip label
138 695 S Mozart: Symphonies #26 & 30; 2 arias (STREICH); Divertimento, K. 136. PAUMGARTNER, Salzburg Camerata Academica. M. COH. Tulip label. Thick jacket
138 890 S Bach: Partita, BWV 1006a; Handel: Theme & Variations in g; Corelli: Sonata in d; Spohr: Variations, Op. 36; works of Faure, M. & I. Albeniz. ZABALETA (harp). A. Tulip label
138 941 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, 15, & 24. KEMPFF. A. Tulip label
138 954 S Janacek: Slavonic Mass. LEAR, ROSSEL-MAJDAN, HAEFLIGER, CRASS; KUBELIK, Bavarian Radio Cho. & O. FS
139 386 S Wolf: Mignon Lieder; Harfenspieler; Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 39. LUDWIG, BERRY, WERBA. FS. Tulip label. Texts
139 420 S Chopin: 7 Polonaises. CHERKASSKY. A. Tulip label
18602 Beethoven: Cello Sonatas #3 & 4; "Bei Mannern" Variations. FOURNIER, GULDA. A. AS
2530 290 S Mozart: Serenade in D, K. 250, "Haffner." BRANDIS; BOHM, Berlin PO. M
2530 303 S Reger: Clarinet Quintet. LEISTER, DROLC QUARTET. A
2530 515 S Nielsen: Wind Quintet; Andante Lamentoso; The Mother--3 pieces; Serenata in Vano. VESTJYSK CHAMBER ENS. A
2530 516 S Beethoven: Symphony #5. C. KLEIBER, Vienna PO. A
2530 634 S Villa-Lobos: Rudepoema; piano music. SZIDON. A
2530 652 S Vivaldi: 4 Concertos. ISOIR (organ, in all), FRASCA-COLOMBIER (vln), GIBOUREAU (ob); KUENTZ, Kuentz CO. FS
2530 678 S Prokofiev: Sonata #8; Rachmaninov: Moments musicaux. BERMAN. FS
2530 696 S Ives: Songs. FISCHER-DIESKAU, PONTI. A. Texts
2530 792 S Trumpet Concertos of Vivaldi, Viviani, Torelli, Stoelzel, & Telemann. ANDRE; MACKERRAS, English CO. A
2530 880 S Stravinsky: Les Noces (ARGERICH, ZIMERMAN, KATSARIS, FRANCESCH, pf) ; Mass. BERNSTEIN, English Bach Festival Cho. & O. A. Texts
2530 988 S Schubert: Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, RICHTER (live, Tours, 1977). A. Spine repaired. Texts
2532 007 D Bruckner: Symphony #3. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. FS
2532 031 D Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Prokofiev: Classical Symphony; Grieg:Holberg Suite. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. FS
2532 046 D Rossini: Stabat Mater. RICCIARELLI, TERRANI, GONZALEZ, RAIMONDI; GIULINI, Philharmonia Cho. & O. FS. Text
2532 063 D Bruckner: Symphony #2. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. FS
2532 103 D Beethoven: Concerto #1. POLLINI; JOCHUM, Vienna PO. Live perf. FS
2535 013 S Prokofiev: Sonata #6; Brahms: Paganini Variations. FAERMAN (live, 1980). FS
2535 224 S Schumann: Kinderszenen; Abegg Variations; Intermezzi, Op. 4; Waldszenen--4 exc. ESCHENBACH. A. COH
2535 297 S Bizet: Carmen--exc. (in German). STADER, DOMINGUEZ, SIMANDI, METTERNICH; FRICSAY, Bavarian St. Opera. A
2535 802 Verdi: 12 arias. SCHLUSNUS, var. accomp (1927-37). A
2543 813 S Debussy: Songs. SOUZAY, Baldwin. A. Texts
2707 112 S (2) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. FS. Booklet
2709 083 S (3) Bizet: Carmen. BERGANZA, COTRUBAS, DOMINGO, MILNES; ABBADO, London SO. A. Libretto
2709 095 S (3) St.-Saens: Samson et Dalila. OBRAZTSOVA, DOMINGO, BRUSON, LLOYD; BARENBOIM, O. & Cho. de Paris. FS. Libretto
2720 031 S (7) Mozart: Piano Sonatas; 3 Rondos. ESCHENBACH. FS
2720 033 S (14) Mahler: 10 Symphonies. KUBELIK, Bavarian RSO. A. Box repaired
2721 087 S (3) Bach: Sonatas & Partitas. MILSTEIN. M. Italian pressing
2721 125 S (2) Strauss: Daphne. GUEDEN, STREICH, LITTLE, WUNDERLICH, KING, BRAUN, SCHOEFFLER; BOHM, Vienna SO & St. Opera Cho. Live perf., 1964. A. German summary
2726 051 S (2) Mozart: Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail. KOTH, SCHADE, WUNDERLICH, LENZ, BOHME; JOCHUM, Bavarian St. Opera. A. Libretto
2726 072 S (2) Auber: Fra Diavolo. SIMONCINI, SUSCA, FUSCO, CAMPORA, STECCHI; BASILE. Overtures of Thomas, Adam, & Boieldieu. FREMAUX. A. Libretto
2740 228 (10) Beethoven: Piano Sonatas. KEMPFF. Mono recordings, 1951-6. FS. COH
2740 271 S (3) Lortzing: Der Wildschutz. MATHIS, SOFFEL, RESICK, SOTIN, SCHREIER, HORNIK; KLEE, Staatskapelle Berlin. FS. Libretto
2741 003 D (3) Works of Johann & Josef Strauss. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. FS
415 121 1 D Beethoven: Symphonies #4 & 7. KARAJAN, Berlin PO (1983). FS
Deutsche Grammophon (U.S.)
DGS 712030 S Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (GEUSER); Lieder. STREICH, WERBA. A, LSM. Texts on jacket
338 (3) Weber: Der Freischutz. GRUMMER, STREICH, HOPF, POELL, CZERWENKA, EDELMANN, BOHME; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera (Salzburg, 1951). A
390 Beethoven: Symphony #9. SCHWARZKOPF, CAVELTI, HAEFLIGER, EDELMANN; FURTWAENGLER, Lucerne Festival Cho., Philharmonia O. (Aug. 22, 1954). A
503 Brahms: Concerto #2 (H. MUNCH, Basel SO, 1943); Variations on an Original Theme, Op. 21, #1 (1953). E. FISCHER. A
MB 1040 Oscar SHUMSKY recital, from 78s & airchecks, 1940-51. FS
MB 1044 Schumann: Cello Concerto; Vieru: Concerto. ORLOFF; CRISTESCU, o's. FS
WRC1 1596 Eckhardt-Gramatte: Piano Concerto #1 (KUNWALD, Berlin SO) (1932); Sonata #3 (1936); Sonata #2--exc (1957). ECKHARDT-GRAMATTE (pf). FS
DIS OAA 100 Haydn: Symphony #100; Borodin: Symphony #2. ACKERMANN, Cologne RSO (live, 1955/54). A
97256 S Beethoven: Sonata #29, "Hammerklavier." WEBSTER (fine performance!) FS
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833 307 1 D Holliger: Studie uber Mehrklange. HOLLIGER (oboe). Duo for Violin & Cello (C. DEMENGA); Trema; Bach: Suite #4. T. DEMENGA (cello). FS
Editions EG
EGED 45 S Gurdjieff/De Hartmann: Journey to Inaccessible Places; piano music. SICROFF. A. COH
ECE 061 Chopin: Ballades #1 & 2; Haydn: Sonata #62. RICHTER (Bucharest, 1960). A
ECE 092 Arias of Rossini, Verdi (5), Giordano, & Leoncavallo. HERLEA; J. & C. BOBESCU, o's. A
10" E 60069 Schubert: 5 Lieder. ERB, ALTMANN. Short-lived late LP recording, 1951. A
E 90048 Beethoven: Concerto #5. FISCHER; FURTWAENGLER, Philharmonia O. A
STE 80503 S Strauss: Ariadne auf Naxos--esc. DELLA CASA, OTTO, PUTTAR, SCHOCK; EREDE, Berlin PO. A
00651 S Schubert: Symphonies #4 & 8. KUBELIK, Vienna PO. A
01028 Debussy: Etudes. GIESEKING. FS
01230 Schubert: Impromptus, Opp. 90 & 142. FISCHER. A. Spine repaired
01458 Liszt: Concertos #1 & 2. SAUER; WEINGARTNER, Paris Conservatory O. A
01553 Beethoven: Sonatas #31 & 32. SOLOMON. (No. 31 was the pianist's favorite among his recordings.) FS
01628/9 S (2) Mirella FRENI aria recital, from sets. A
10901 Honegger: La Danse des Morts (BARRAULT, narr; TURBA-RABIER, SCHENNEBERG, PANZERA; Gouverne Cho.); Symphony #2. MUNCH, Paris Conservatory O (1941/4). A
10959 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, & 23. FRANCOIS. A. Jacket top damaged
12076 S Milhaud: Scaramouche; Le Bal Martiniquais; L'Automne; Paris; Le Printemps. LEE, IVALDI, BEROFF, COLLARD. A
12165 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, & 15. FRANCOIS. A
1289581 S Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht; Mahler: Symphony #10--Adagio. SEBASTIAN,Leipzig Gewandhaus O. FS
14086 S Chausson: Symphony; Soir de Fete, Op. 32. PLASSON, Toulouse O. A
28833 Q Schubert: Die Zwillingsbruder. DONATH, GEDDA, FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOLL, GALLUS; SAWALLISCH, Bavarian St. Opera (1975). FS. Summary
29041/2 S (2) O. Straus: Ein Walzertraum. ROTHENBERGER, MOSER, FASSBAENDER, GEDDA, BROKMEIER, ANHEISSER; MATTES, Bavarian St. Opera Cho., Graunke SO. FS. Summary, no libretto
29149 Loewe: Ballades. FRANTZ, ALTMANN. A
30743 Q Schubert: Die Verschworenen, D. 787. MOSER, FUCHS, SCHARY, MOLL, DALLAPOZZA, FINKE; WALLBERG, Bavarian Radio Cho., Munich Radio O (1977). FS
30816/8 Q (3) Schubert: Alfonso und Estrella, D. 732. MATHIS, SCHREIER, FISCHER-DIESKAU, PREY, ADAM; SUITNER, Berlin St. Opera. FS. Libretto
35455 S Peterson-Berger: Symphony #2. WESTERBERG, Swedish RSO. A
47604 8 S (2) Lehar: Das Land des Lachelns. DONATH, LINDNER, JERUSALEM, FINKE, HIRTE; BOSKOVSKY, Bavarian Radio Cho., Munich Radio O. German libretto
54095/9 (5) Beethoven: Symphony #5. NIKISCH. Prokofiev: Classical Symphony. CELIBIDACHE. Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6; Wagner: Good Friday Spell. FURTWAENGLER. Mozart: Symphony #29; Schumann: Symphony #4; Bruckner: Symphony #4. KARAJAN. Other items with LEHMANN, L. BLECH, BOHM (2), ABENDROTH, KNAPPERTSBUSCH, & WALTER (2), all w. Berlin PO. A
93534/5 (2) Brahms: German Requiem. LINDBERG-TORLUND, SOMMERSTEDT; FURTWAENGLER, Stockholm PO & Cho. (1948). A. German pressing
DUO 121 S (2) German: Merrie England. BRONHILL, SINCLAIR, KERN, McALPINE, GLOSSOP, GLYNNE; M. Collins. A
F 665 923 Bach: Toccata & Fugue in d; 2 Chorales; Walther: Partita, "Jesu, meine Freude;" works of Stanley & Heuser (improv). HEUSER, Wersi Classica electronic organ
QSOX 36/7 (2) Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia. CAPSIR, FERRARI, BORGIOLI, BACCALONI, STRACCIARI, BETTONI; MOLAJOLI, La Scala (1929). A. Italian libretto
EN81 002 S Heiden: Partita for Orchestra. LANE. Euphorion. MULDER, Indiana U. o's. Violin Sonata. GULLI, CAVALLI. FS
B2C 167 S (2) Janacek: The Makropulos Case. PRYLOVA, TATTERMUSCHOVA, ZIDEK, VONASEK; GREGOR, Prague Opera. FS. Libretto
BC 1060 S Chopin: Concerto #1. HARASIEWICZ; HOLLREISER, Vienna SO. A
BC 1287 S Mendelssohn: Quartets, Op. 13, Op. 44 #1. JUILLIARD QT. A
BC 1293 S Flute Concertos of Vivaldi, Pergolesi, Tartini, & Sammartini. RAMPAL; RISTENPART, Saar Radio CO. A, LSM
BC 1307 S Diamond: Quartet #4; Barber: String Quartet. BEAUX-ARTS QT. A
BC 1334 S "Operatic Saints and Sinners." HINES; SANTI, Vienna St. Opera O. A
BC 1344 S Vivaldi: 4 Concertos; 2 Sonatas. PARIS BAROQUE ENS. (Rampal, Pierlot, Gendre, Hongne, Veyron-Lacroix). FS
LC 3116 Brahms: Serenade #2, Op. 16. ZECCHI, Concertgebouw O. A
LC 3304 Mahler: Symphony #4. STICH-RANDALL; VAN OTTERLOO, Hague PO. A
LC 3332 Bach: Suites #3 & 4. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A; tiny PB
LC 3400 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #1, 4, & 5. GRUMIAUX, HASKIL. A/A-, FOT
LC 3411 Brahms: Symphony #3; Mendelssohn: Symphony #4. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A
LC 3444 Granados: Goyescas. DEL PUEYO. A. Promo label
LC 3480 Works of Frescobaldi (3), Rossi, Pasquini (2), & A. Scarlatti (2) ("Harpsichord Masters of the 17th Century"). SARTORI. A
LC 3620 Works of Liszt, Grieg (2), Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin, Brahms, Schubert, & Beethoven (2). RICHTER-HAASER ("Romance of the Piano"). A, FOT
CP 921 M. Kalomiris: Symphonic Concerto. K. KALOMIRIS (pf); M. KALOMIRIS, Greek Radio Foundation O. 1953 broadcast performance. A. Minor jacket damage
NUM 75050 D Boulez: Pli Selon Pli. BRYN-JULSON; BOULEZ, BBC SO. FS
NUM 75181 D Vivaldi: Il Furore; Motetto per la Solennita di S. Antonio; Canta in Prato; Longe Mala Umbrae Terrores. GASCIA (s); SCIMONE, I Solisti Veneti. A. COH
NUM 75198 D Berio: Sinfonia (New Swingle Singers); Eindrucke. BOULEZ, French Nat'lO. FS
NUM 75210 D Poulenc: Organ Concerto. ALAIN. Concert Champetre. KOOPMAN (hpsi); CONLON, Rotterdam PO. FS
NUM 75283 D Roussel: Symphonies #1 & 3. DUTOIT, French Nat'l Radio O. FS. COH
NUM 75285 D Berlioz-Liszt: Harold in Italy; Hummel: Viola Sonata. CAUSSE, DUCHABLE. FS
ES 72001 S H.K. Jones: Eastmontage. Musique concrete (+ live Eastman School performances by HUNSBERGER, BECK, McARTHUR, Chuck MANGIONE, et al). A
ES 505 Taffanel: Wind Quintet; Ibert: 3 Pieces Breves; Bozza: Variations; Milhaud: 2 Sketches. N.Y. WOODWIND QUINTET. A
ETC 1029 D Songs of Arne, Schubert, Strauss, Poulenc, Rodrigo, & Copland. KENNY (s), SKROBACS (pf). FS
Eterna (Japan)
ET 1507 Mozart: Symphonies #33 & 35. ABENDROTH, Leipzig RSO, Berlin RSO. A
ET 1518 Bruckner: Symphony #4. ABENDROTH, Leipzig RSO (Nov. 16, 1949). FS
E 2111 S J.C. Bach: Sinfonia, Op. 18, #2; Viola Concerto in c (NEUMAYR); Sinfonia Concertante (KORNER, vln; KLOSE, cello). G. TAUBER, Domicile Sailsburgo. FS
E 2118 S Haydn: Symphony #55. LAMONT, Camerata Romana. Symphony #59. PITAMIC, Camerata Academia Salzburg. FS
E 2150 S Verdi: Rigoletto--exc. NADEC, A. MAHLER, CASSAI; ADOLPH, Munich Opera. FS
25065 Q Chopin: Concerto #1. SOKOLOV; ROWICKI, Munich PO. A
80604 S Fux: Capriccio in g; Poglietti: Suite "sopra la ribellione di Ungheria;" Muffat: Suite #3; works of Froberger & Wagenseil. AHLGRIMM ("Austrian Harpsichord Music"). FS
87120 S (2) Cavalli: Egisto. SUKIS, SCHMIDT, WOHLERS, HILLEBRAND; HIRSCH, Bavarian St. O. Chamber Ens. A. Summary
S 70663 S (3) Bach: St. Matthew Passion--exc. Handel: Messiah--exc.; Kempter: Pastoralmesse in G; works of Mendelssohn, Haydn, Brahms, & Beethoven. FORSTER, St. Hedwig's Cathedral Cho., Berlin SO, et al (Forster memorial album). A. German texts. Spine repaired
EV Productions
EV 100 S Schubert: Arpeggione Sonata. VARDI, F. WEINSTOCK. Also viola documentary with narration by Paul Stern & 12 music excerpts. FS
3221 S Satie: 3 Pieces in the Form of a Pear (AURIC); piano music. FEVRIER. A
3222 F "Romantic Cello Music of Spain." STARKER, Pommers. FS
6140 Debussy: Violin Sonata; Faure: Sonata #1. FERRAS, BARBIZET. A
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90460 1 E S Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 29. BIRET. FS
SR 9015 S B. Schaffer: Project; Free Form #2/Evocazioni; works of Mingus, J. Julian, Turetzky, & Erb. TURETZKY (bass), et al. A
SR 9029 S Miaskovsky: Sonatas #2 & 3; Scriabin: 5 Preludes, Op. 74; Rachmaninov: Prelude in c#. BIRET. FS
FMS 3652 S Works of Anon., G. Gabrieli, Pezel, Isaac, Scheidt, Finck, Susato, & Dowland ("Music of the Renaissance & Baroque"). AMERICAN BRASS QUINTET. FS. Corner clipped
FSM 63903 PAN S Sweelinck: Cantone #9; works of Walond, Schein, & Hellendaal. EASTMAN BRASS QUINTET. FS
GFC 016/7 (2) Montserrat CABALLE in Concert (Verona, Aug. 11, 1969, w. ZANETTI, pf; Zurich, June 6, 1973, w. SANTI, o.) A
GC 102 S Swann: Sing Round the Year (18 carols). JUNGE, Westminster School BoysCho., Mayfield School Girls Cho., SWANN (pf). A
GS 104 S Parris: Fantasy & Fugue; Sydeman: Sonata. CHRISTENSEN (cello). K. Reiner: Zaznamy; Spisak: Duetto Concertante (V. CHRISTENSEN, vla). EIFERT (bassoon). FS
GM 2011 S Haydn: Sonata #9; Brahms: Variations on a Theme of Schumann, Op. 9; Prokofiev: Sonata #8. MOYER ("3 Centuries Live"). FS
GM 2012 S Rachmaninov: Cello Sonata; Tchaikovsky: Pezzo Capriccioso. GREEN, MOYER. FS
G 111 Beethoven: Concerto #4; Hofmann: Chromaticon (REINER, Curtis O.); Rubinstein: Concerto #4--first movement. HOFMANN. Early private release, as originally issued in blank jacket. A
Golden Age
1016 S Works of Debussy (7), Rachmaninov (4), Scriabin (2), & Dohnanyi. J.C. COOK (pf). FS
Golden Age of Opera
EJS 133 (2) Rossini: Elisabetta, Regina d'Inghilterra. VITALE, PAGLIUGHI, BERGIATTI, CAMPORA, PIRINO, CARLIN; SIMONETTO, RAI Milan (1953). A, FOT. BJ, as issued
Golden Crest
CR 4008 Pezel: Suites #1 & 2; works of Scheidt, Bach, & Reiche. CHAMBER BRASS PLAYERS (PERESS, tpt). M
CRS 4048 S (2) Faure: Piano music (Vol. 3). JOHANNESEN. A
CRS 4180 S Menotti: The Unicorn, the Gorgon & the Manticore. HILL, Paul Hill Chorale & O. A. Text
CRS4201 DIG D Faure: Ballade; Schumann: Fantasiestucke, Op. 111; Mozart: Duport Variations; Poulenc: Theme Varie. JOHANNESEN. FS
RE 7012 Eccles: Sonata; Paganini: "Moses" Fantasy; works of Koussevitzky, Bloch, Lorenziti, & Ravel. KARR (bass), SIEGEL (pf). A
RE 7032 S A.L. Couperin: Sonata #2, in D (premiere recording); Corelli: Sonata in A, Op. 5, #9; Handel: Sonata in D, Op. 1, #13. MOSS (vln), ROBERTS (hpsi). FS
Great Mozart Recordings of the Century
MJA 5001 Mozart: Concertos #13 (Nov. 15, 1946) & 22 (Dec. 12, 1945). LANDOWSKA;ROZDINSKI, N.Y. Phil. Early bootleg issue. A, LSM. BJ, as issued
GS 1060 S M.M. Cotel: The Fire & the Mountains. POLOCHICK, Peabody Concert Singers, Children's Cho. of Maryland, ens. Sonata for Piano 4 Hands. WAIT, COTEL. FS
GRS 1031 S Bryce: Promenade; Roman: Music for the Royal Nuptials; Maurer: 4 Fancies; Wright: Cornet Concerto (GAY). OHLSSON, Solna Brass. A
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Harmonia Mundi
HMO 350.509 S Works of Linek (8), Cernohorsky, Tuma, Zak, & Muslivecek. PRO ARTE ANTIQUA PRAGUE ("Fanfares & Viole d'Amour a Prague au XVIIIe Siecle"). A
Haydn Society
HSL 110 Beethoven: Sonatas #30-32. NAT. A, FOT
HSQ 38 Haydn: Quartets, Op. 77, #2; Op. 103. SCHNEIDER QT. A; tiny PB. Program notes
BAN 14979 S Sheriff: Psalms of Jerusalem; Until That I Deborah Arose. SHERIFF (synthesizers), cho's, brass ens. A
2548 024 Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto (FRICSAY, Berlin RSO); Bruch: Concerto #1 (LEITNER, Bamberg SO). SCHNEIDERHAN. A. Minor jacket repair
2548 720 Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte; 4 Lieder; Brahms: 10 Lieder. SCHLUSNUS, PESCHKO, RUPP. A
88007 Mozart: Symphony #39; Haydn: Symphony #88. FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO. A
R204 Works of Chopin, Falla, Debussy, Strauss, Liszt, & Rachmaninov. CARLSON("Carlson Plays the Classics"). A-, FOT
HHS 10 209 S Albeniz-Espla: Suite Espanola; 2 Piezas Espanolas. JORDA, Madrid Concerts O. A, LSM
ASD 3605 S Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange; 2 Songs, Op. 91 (ARONOWITZ, viola); 8 Lieder. BAKER, PREVIN. A. Texts
ASD 3621 S "The Late 14th Century Avant Garde." MUNROW, Early Music Consort of London. A. Small dog label. Texts
ASD 3642 S Arensky: Symphony #1. SEROV. Suite #1, Op. 7. IVANOV, Moscow Radio SO. M. Small dog label
ASD 3714 S Liszt: Tasso; Weber: Turandot Overture; Berlioz: Benvenuto Cellini &Le Corsaire Overtures. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow RSO. A
ASD 4104 S Byrd: Mass in 5 Parts; Tye: Mass in 6 Parts, "Euge bone." LEDGER, Choir of King's College, Cambridge. A. Text
ESD 7115 S Luigini: Ballet Egyptien. FISTOULARI, Royal PO. Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite. MALKO. Meyerbeer-Lambert: Les Patineurs; Ponchielli: Dance of the Hours. MACKERRAS, Philharmonia O. FS
HQS 1436721 S "Italian Opera Arias & Songs." GOBBI, var. accomp. A
HNH 4034 S Bax: The Garden of Fand; Tintagel; Northern Ballad #1; Mediterranean. BOULT, London PO. Lyrita recording. FS
HNH 4054 S Miaskovsky: Symphony #21; Kabalevsky: Symphony #2. MEASHAM, New Philharmonia O. A
LPH 113 "Famous Operatic Arias." DELLA CHIESA, C. TURNER, BROWNLEE, MARSHALL. A-, FOT. Jacket water damaged
HLX 90033 S Beethoven: Sonata #29, "Hammerklavier." ANTAL. A
LPX 12085/6 (2) Mozart: Sonata in A, K. 331; Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 14; works of Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, & Dohnanyi. DOHNANYI. From live performances, 1956-59. A
SHLX 90001 S Bartok: The Wooden Prince. FERENCSIK, Budapest PO. FS
SHLX 90011 S Stravinsky: Suite Italienne (SZUCS, pf); Hindemith: Sonata for Solo Cello, Op. 25, #3; Britten: Suite, Op. 72. MEZO. FS
SLPX 11412 S Bozay: String Quartet. BARTOK QT. Piano Variations. SZUCS. Paper Slips. SZIKLAY (s), DITTRICH (clar), MEZO (cello). Pezzo Concertato (NEMETH, vla); Pezzo Sinfonico. FERENCSIK. FS. Corner clipped
SLPX 11784 S I. Lang: In Memoriam N.N. KALMAR (s); J. SANDOR. Concerto Bucolico. TARJANI (horn); OBERFRANK, Budapest SO. 3 Sentences from Romeo & Juliet. F. SANDOR, Liszt CO. FS. Corner clipped. Texts
SLPX 12234 S Liszt: Choral works (Vol. 7). SOLYOM NAGY (b); UGRIN, Jeunesses Musicales Cho. A. Texts
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Int'l Alfred Lichtenstein Fan Club
DWR 7210 S Chaminade: Concertino; works of Mouquet, Molique, Lichtenstein, Gossec, & Catherine. LICHSTENSTEIN (fl), WEGH (pf). FS
International Gramophone Society
IGS 008/10 (3) Weber: Der Freischutz. GRUEMMER, STREICH, BOEHME, CZERWENKA, CLAUSEN, DOENCH, HOPF, POELL, EDELMANN; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna St. Opera. (Salzburg, 1954). First publication? A
517 S Holzbauer: 3 Notturni; Flute Quintet. WINTERTHUR BAROQUE QUINTET, et al. A. Minor jacket damage
1972 1 (2) "Simon BARERE: Complete Edition of His 78 RPM Releases." Includesscarce Japan Victor & Odeon sides. A
LPY V 94/6 S (3) Gotovac: Ero s Onoga Svijeta. RADEV, OBLAK-STILINOVIC, BERNARDIC,GOSTIC, RUZDJAK; GOTOVAC, Zagreb Opera. A. Croat libretto
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20B01 S Scarlatti: 7 Sonatas. NOTH (accordion) (excellent!). Woodwind encore recital. PHOENIX WIND QUINTET. FS
KCL 9060 Works of Wieniawski, Sarasate (3), Paganini (2), Veracini, Kreisler (2), Vieuxtemps, & Tartini ("The Virtuoso Violinist"). NADIEN, B. BARERE (Simon's son). A, LSM. AS
K 269 262 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. "SEIDLER; RUBAHN, Berlin SO." A, LSM
KS 556 S Krumpholtz: Sonata for Flute & Harp; Schaposhnikoff: Sonata; Damase: Sonata; Ibert: Entr'acte. DI TULLIO, McDONALD. FS
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LPI 108 S Bartok: Piano Quintet. GLICKMAN, ALARD QT. FS
LPI 110 S Rheinberger: Nonet, Op. 139; L. Farrenc: Nonetto. BRONX ARTS ENS. FS
LPI 114 S Souster: Sonata for Cello, Piano, 7 Winds & Percussion. MINSKY, Capricorn Players. Driftwood Cortege. Electronic music (computer-generated). FS
Library of Recorded Masterpieces
S 2523 S (2) Gay & Pepusch: The Beggar's Opera. THOMAS, MURRAY, ALLISTER, McALPINE, LEWIS, FROST; GOBERMAN. A. Text
LS 86055 S Badings: Capriccio (VERMEULEN, violin); Genese; Evolutions--Suite; Raaijmakers: Contrasts. A
CL 40009 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1; Grieg: Concerto. BIANCA; WALTHER, Hamburg PO. A
LS 8816 S Dupre: Vepres du Commun, Op. 18. ROBINSON, organ of St. Mary the Virgin, N.Y. A
LOD 771 S Berlioz: Roman Carnival; Beethoven: Leonore #3; Brahms: Academic Festival; Wagner: Rienzi (overtures). PAITA, Netherlands Radio PO. FS
LOD 774 S Beethoven: Symphony #3. PAITA, Scottish Nat'l O. FS
LOD 776 S Mahler: Symphony #1. PAITA, Royal PO. FS
10" LS 986 Works of Decruck, Tomasi, Bozza, Bonneau, Pascal, & Tcherepnine ("The Saxophone, Vol. 1.)" MULE, Lenom. A, FOT
417 236 1 D (2) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2. SCHIFF. FS
CM 9048 Beethoven: Sonata #30; Chopin: Sonata #2. BACKHAUS. A, FOT. EP
CM 9172 Chopin: 13 Etudes; Ballade #1; piano music. BACKHAUS. A, LSM. Spine repaired
CS 6092 S Beethoven: Symphony #5. SOLTI, Vienna PO. A. EP. FFRR label. White back jacket
CS 6549 S Brahms: 3 Violin Sonatas. SUK, KATCHEN. A. EP
CS 6554 S Stravinsky: Petrouchka; Circus Polka. MEHTA, L.A. PO. A. EP
CS 6615 S Magnard: Symphony #3; Lalo: Scherzo. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP
CS 6693 S Liszt: Sonata; Mazeppa; Vallee d'Obermann; Liebestraum #3. ROGE. FS
CS 6858 S "Virtuoso Overtures" of J. Strauss, Mozart, Rossini, Weber, & Wagner. MEHTA, L.A. PO. A. EP
CS 6967 S Haydn: Trumpet Concerto (STEVENS); Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in a (ZENTNER); Weber: Concertino (ZUKOVSKY, clar); Wieniawski: Polonaise; Scherzo-Tarantelle (DICTEROW). MEHTA, L.A. PO. A. EP
CS 7009 S Granados: Goyescas. DE LARROCHA. FS. EP
LDR 71053 D Hindemith: Concert Music for Strings & Brass; Concert Music for Piano,Brass & Harps (CROSSLEY, pf); Morgenmusik. HOWARTH, Philip Jones Brass Ens. FS
LDR 73004 D (3) Bellini: La Sonnambula. SUTHERLAND, PAVAROTTI, GHIAUROV; BONYNGE. FS. Libretto
LDR 73006 D (3) Tippett: King Priam. PALMER, MINTON, HARPER, TEAR, ALLEN, BAILEY,LANGRIDGE; ATHERTON, London Sinfonetta & Cho. FS. Libretto
LDR 74001 D (4) Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro. TE KANAWA, POPP, VON STADE, RAMEY, ALLEN, MOLL; SOLTI, London PO. FS. Libretto
LL 1074 Wagner: Tristan und Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod; Gotterdammerung--Siegfried's Rhine Journey & Funeral Music. SCHURICHT, Paris Conservatory O. A. EP
LL 1106 Dvorak: Cello Concerto. FOURNIER; KUBELIK, Vienna PO. A, LSM
LL 1158 Mozart: Concerto #14; Strauss: Burleske. GULDA; COLLINS, London SO. A
LL 1171 Kreisler: Violin works. CAMPOLI, Gritton. A, LSM
LL 1478 Strauss: Don Juan; Tod und Verklarung. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Paris Conservatory O. A-, FOT
LL 1640 Haydn: Symphonies #45 & 55. BRITTEN, Aldeburgh Festival O. A
LL 1682 Rimsky-Korsakov: Capriccio Espagnol; Granados: Andalusia; Chabrier: Espana; Moszkowski: Spanish Dances, Book I. ARGENTA, London SO. A; minor PBs. AS
LL 1701 Breton: Escenas Andaluzas; En la Alhambra; Bolero; La Dolores--Jota. ARGENTA, o. A, FOT; 1/8" X. AS
LL 1749 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue. ATWELL; HEATH, o. (+ ATWELL Quartet playing Gershwin songs). A
LL 265 Beethoven: Sonatas #12 & 21. BACKHAUS. A, LSM. Spine taped
LL 276 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. CURZON; SZELL, New SO. A
LL 320 Boccherini: Quartet in D, Op. 6, #1; Haydn: Quartet in Eb, Op. 64, #6. "NEW ITALIAN QT." (Quartetto Italiano). A, LSM; minor PB
LL 603 Beethoven: Sonatas #10, 22, & 24; Schumann: Warum?. BACKHAUS. A. Jacket taped
LL 625/6 (2) Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde; 3 Ruckert Lieder. FERRIER, PATZAK;WALTER, Vienna PO. A. EP. Text
LL 639 Debussy: La Damoiselle Elue; Chabrier: Ode a la Musique; Sextuor des Serves; Chanson Tzigane. MICHEAU; FOURNET, Paris Conservatory O. A
LL 652 Handel: 6 Sonatas, Op. 1. CAMPOLI, MALCOLM. A, FOT. Writing on jacket, top clipped
LL 673 Beethoven: Quartet in F, Op. 59, #1. QUARTETTO ITALIANO. A-/B, FOT; 1/2" X
OS 25320 S Honegger: Christmas Cantata (MOLLET); Symphony #2. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. EP
OS 25726 S "Spanish & Italian Songs." BERGANZA, LAVILLA. A. FFSS, white back. Texts
OS 26559 S Rachmaninov: Songs (Vol. 4). SODERSTROM, ASHKENAZY. A. COH. Texts
OS 26615 S Rachmaninov: Songs (Vol. 5). SODERSTROM, ASHKENAZY. FS. Texts
OSA 12100 S (2) Schumann: Faust. HARWOOD, VYVYAN, PEARS, FISCHER-DIESKAU, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BRITTEN, English CO., cho's. FS. Text
OSA 12104 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: Iolanthe (complete w. dialogue). FIELD, MERRI, HOLLAND, WILLIAMS, REED, RAYNOR, AYLDON, SANDFORD; NASH, D'Oyly Carte Opera Co. A. EP. Libretto
OSA 12107 S (2) Leoni: L'Oracolo. SUTHERLAND, DAVIES, GOBBI, VAN ALLEN. Prayer ofthe Sword--incidental music. BONYNGE. A. EP. Libretto
OSA 12117 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: The Yeomen of the Guard. RAYNER, SHOVELTON, AYLDON, REID, REED, SANDFORD, LILLEY, METCALF. Sullivan: Ballet Suite #1; Victoria & Merrie England. NASH, D'Oyly Carte Opera Co. A. EP. Libretto
OSA 1214 S (2) "The Art of the Prima Donna." SUTHERLAND; MOLINARI-PRADELLI, RoyalOpera, Covent Garden. A. Dutch pressing. Texts
OSA 1249 S (2) J. Strauss: Die Fledermaus (without ballroom guest additions). GUEDEN, KOTH, RESNIK, ZAMPIERI, KMENTT, BERRY, WAECHTER, KUNZ; KARAJAN, Vienna PO. A. EP. Libretto
OSA 1263 S (2) "Souvenir of a Golden Age." HORNE; LEWIS, Suisse Romande O. A. Texts
OSA 1277 S (2) Gilbert & Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance. MASTERSON, ALLISTER,WALES, MAISEY, REED, ADAMS, COOK, POTTER, BRANNIGAN; GODFREY, D'Oyly Carte Cho., Royal PO. A. EP. Libretto
OSA 1291 S (2) Britten: Owen Wingrave. BAKER, HARPER, PEARS, LUXON; BRITTEN. A. EP. Libretto
OSA 13118 S (3) Massenet: Esclarmonde. SUTHERLAND, TOURANGEAU, ARAGALL, QUILICO, GRANT; BONYNGE. A. EP. Libretto
OSA 13135 S (3) Strauss: Die Agyptische Helena. G. JONES, HENDRICKS, KASTU; DORATI, Detroit SO. A. Libretto
OSA 1433 S (4) Gounod: Faust. SUTHERLAND, CORELLI, MASSARD, GHIAUROV; BONYNGE, London SO. A. EP. Spine taped. Libretto
SPC 21087 S Works of Scheidt, Pezel, Bach, Zelenka, Bull-Howarth, C.P.E. Bach, & Locke. HOWARTH, CIVIL, London Festival Brass Ens. FS
SPC 21164 S Rossini: Overtures. PAITA, Royal PO. A
XLL 1616 Alonso: La Calesera. LORENGAR, BERGANZA, AUSENSI; CISNEROS, Madrid Singers Cho., o. A. Libretto
London (Japan)
K18C 8221 S Debussy: Le Martyre de St. Sebastien--exc. DANCO, WOUGH, DE GONTMOLLIN; ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O., Union Chorale. A. Obi strip. COH
London Richmond
B 19087 Prokofiev: "Classical" Symphony; Glinka: Russlan & Ludmilla Overture;Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia; Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain. ANSERMET, Paris Cons. O. Excellent! A
R 23188 Arias of Tchaikovsky (2), Verdi (2), Lehar (3), & Millocker. WELITSCH; MORALT, Vienna St. Opera O. FS. EP
R 23213 Brahms: 3 Violin Sonatas. KULENKAMPFF, SOLTI. From 78s, 1947. FS. EP. Corner clipped
SRS 63523 S (3) Glinka: A Life for the Tsar. GLAVACHEVICH, MILADINOVICH, STARTZ, CHANGALOVICH; DANON, Belgrade Opera. A. EP. Libretto
London Treasury
STS 15009 S Brahms: 8 Hungarian Dances; Dvorak: 5 Slavonic Dances. REINER, ViennaPO. A. EP
STS 15015 S Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto; Bruch: Scottish Fantasia. CAMPOLI; BOULT, London PO. FS. EP
STS 15049 S "Virtuoso Showpieces." RICCI, Lush. FS. EP
STS 15115 S Works of Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Liszt, Mendelssohn (2), Mozart, Chopin (2), Debussy, & Falla ("Encores.)" KATCHEN. A. EP
STS 15157 S Dvorak: Symphony #7. MONTEUX, London SO. FS. EP
STS 15164 S Songs of Rossini, Bellini, & Donizetti. MARIMPIETRI (s), BENELLI (t), FABBRO (pf). FS. EP. Texts
STS 15175 S Prokofiev: Violin Sonata #2; Milhaud: Sonata #2; Debussy: Sonata. VOICOU, M. HAAS. FS. EP
STS 15176 F Schumann: Piano Concerto (LIPATTI); Carnaval (arr. Glazounov) (genuinestereo). ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. A. COH. EP
STS 15203/6 S (4) Beethoven: Piano Concertos. GULDA; STEIN, Vienna PO. A. EP
STS 15447/52 S (6) Haydn: Quartets, Opp. 20 & 64 (Vol. 6). AEOLIAN QT. A. U.S. pressing
LOU 571 Nordoff: Winter Symphony; Muller-Zurich: Cello Concerto (G. WHITNEY).WHITNEY, Louisville O. A. Program notes
LOU 593 Elwell: Concert Suite (HARTH, violin); Stevens: Sinfonia Breve. WHITNEY, Louisville O. A. Program notes
LOU 641 Chou: Soliloquy of a Bhiksuni; Dallapiccola: 2 Pezzi; Serebrier: Partita. WHITNEY, Louisville O. A. Program notes
LS 713 S Chavez: Horsepower Suite; Granados: Dante. MESTER, Louisville O. A. Program notes
LL 41 (2) Strauss: Schlagobers, Op. 70 (ballet). KLOSS, Frankenland St. SO. A, LSM. Jacket repaired
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M 9006 Liszt: The Christmas Tree. SZEGEDI (pf). FS
MCS 9072 S Bach: French Suites #1-3. WALCHA (hpsi). A
MCS 9077 S Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb; Geminiani: Concerto Grosso, Op. 3, #2; Vivaldi: Concerto in c. MAINARDI (cello & cond), Vienna Volksoper O. A
MCS 9113 S St.-Saens: Bassoon Sonata; works of Boismortier, Chabrier, Gliere, & Ulehla. HINDELL (bsn), J. NYGAARD (pf) (in all), RASKIN (s, in Chabrier & Ulehla). A
MS 9045 S Enescu: Violin Sonata #3; Debussy: Violin Sonata; Ravel: Tzigane. FERRAS, BARBIZET. A
MS/5005 S Berio: Circles; Bussotti: Frammento (BERIO, pf); Cage: Aria with Fontana Mix (electronic music). BERBERIAN (in all). FS. COH
MS/5014 S Works of Evangelisti, Berio, Matsudaira, Castiglioni, Messiaen, & Maderna. GAZZELLONI (fl), Aloys KONTARSKY (pf). A, LSM
MS/5017 S Works of Gandini, Bolanos, Nobre, Bazan, Enriquez, & Lanza. LANZA, New Sound Ens. FS
Maxim Gershunoff
M 101 Paganini: Violin Concerto #2 (w. Markov cadenzas) (ROZHDESTVENSKY, Moscow RSO); works of Corelli, Paganini, Kreisler, & Falla. MARKOV (violin), no other credits. Private edition, in blank jacket, with signed letter from the violinist. A
MCA Classics
MCA 25171 D Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4; Marche Slave. ROZHDESTVENSKY, London SO. A
McIntosh Music
MM 113 Sarasate: Spanish Dances. S. WEINER, McClure. A, LSM; 1/4" X
MCLP 1001 S Works of Erb, Epstein, Sydeman, & Phillips. TURETZKY (bass), et al. Each recording composer-supervised. A; 1/8" X
D 06007/12 (3) Verdi: Aida. SOKOLOVA, MIKHAILOV, PETROV; MELIK-PASHAYEV, Bolshoi A
D 06271/6 (3) Verdi: La Traviata. SHUMSKAYA, KOZLOVSKY, LISITSIAN; ORLOV, Bolshoi Opera. A
M10 45921 Brahms: Concerto #2. AESCHBACHER; FURTWAENGLER, Berlin PO (1943). A. Minor jacket repair
S 01917/8 S Mozart: Violin Concertos #3 & 5. KAGAN (vln); D. OISTRAKH (cond), Moscow PO members. A
S 04329/30 F Scarlatti: 5 Sonatas; Beethoven: Sonata #3. GILELS (1955/52). A
S10 10501/4 S (2) Chopin: 17 Waltzes; 4 Impromptus. SHEBANOVA. FS
MEL 414 (2) Puccini: La Boheme. FRENI, GUEDEN, RAIMONDI, TADDEU, PANERAI; KARAJAN, Vienna St. Opera (Nov. 9, 1963)
MEL 451 (3) Bizet: Carmen. MADEIRA, BROGGINI, FERRARO, TADDEI; BEECHAM, Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires (1958). A. Italian libretto
MEL 582 (5) Wagner: Die Meistersinger. GRUMMER, WIENER, TRAXEL, BLANKENHEIM, HOTTER, STOLZE; CLUYTENS, Bayreuth Festival (1958). A
MEL 659 (2) Nicolai GEDDA aria & song recital, from broadcasts, 1953-63. A
MEL 664 (2) Liane SYNEK aria recital, from broadcasts, 1958-64. A. Corner clipped
MEL S 103 (3) Strauss: Feuersnot. CUNITZ, CORDES, HOPPE; KEMPE, Bavarian St. Opera (1958). Guntram--exc. WINDGASSEN; RISCHNER, S. German Radio SO (Stuttgart, 1958). A. Booklet
MG10015 Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik. HEGER, Bamberg SO. Wagner: Siegfried Idyll. ALBERT, Munich PO. B, FOT
MG10090 Brahms: Piano Quartet #2, in A, Op. 26. ALBENERI TRIO (Kahn, Ciompi, B. Heifetz), HILLYER (vla). A, LSM; 1/4" X
MG50442 Honegger: Violin Sonata #1; Webern: 4 Pieces, Op. 7; Debussy: Sonata; Ives: Sonata #4. SZIGETI, BOGAS. A. Promo label. AS
Mercury Golden Imports
SRI 75056 S Tchaikovsky: Symphony #5. DORATI, London SO. A
104 S Mozart: Exsultate, jubilate; 3 arias; Haydn: The Creation--2 exc. SILLS, anon. accomp. (1968). A
107 S Donizetti: Lucrezia Borgia--exc. SILLS, H. PRICE, FAZAH; RUDEL. A
1968 3 Liszt: Concerto #1 (RONALD, London SO); Hungarian Rhapsodies #12 & 13;Schumann: Sonata #2; works of Bach-Liszt & Chopin (2). LEVITZKI. A. BJ, as issued
1547 Brahms: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. I. OISTRAKH, A. GINSBURG. A
1566 Dargomyzhsky: Songs. GMYRYA, Ostrin. A
1568 Beethoven: Sonata #18; 32 Variations in c; piano music. GREENBERG. FS
1585 Beethoven: Sonata #8, "Pathetique;" 8 Bagatelles. RICHTER. Original Russian pressing. A
2 MMG 201X S (2) Chihara: The Tempest (ballet). LeROUX, Performing Arts O. of San Francisco. FS
MC 2035 Works of Rimsky-Korsakov, Dvorak, Prokofiev (2), Hristic, Ravel, Khachaturian, Glazunov, Vladigerov, & Paganini. REYENTOVICH, Bolshoi O. Strings. A, LSM
MCS 2106 S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet (PERLEMUTER); Quartettsatz. PASCAL QT. A. Ex-library
MCS 2120 S Bach: Flute Sonata in E; Falla: 5 Spanish Songs; B. Marcello: Sonatain g; Martin: Ballade. WATSON (fl), KAPP (hpsi & pf). FS
FM 124 S Alonso: Las Leandras--exc. REUBENS, AZNAR, MORO. Serrano: Alma de Dios--exc. MONTES, SIMON, MONREAL, RAMALLE; MONTORIO, NAVARRO, Spanish Radio Cho., Madrid CO. A
FM 209 S Beethoven: Sonata #23; Schumann: Carnaval. DE LA VARRE. FS
FM 68 Soutully y Vert: La Del Soto del Parral. PEREZ (Berchmann), SAGI-VELA,AGUIRRE, CORDOBA; ESTEVARENA, Spanish Radio Cho., Madrid CO. A
FMS 2090 S (2) Arrieta: Marina. ALVAREZ, A. KRAUS, F. KRAUS, YEBRA; OLMEDO, Madrid SO. A. Spanish libretto
LD 19 Caballero: Gigantes y Cabezudos. BERCHMAN, ESPINOSA, MONTES, BARTA, RAMALLE, CANO, LEON; MONTORIO, NAVARRO, Madrid CO. A; minor PBs. Summary, Spanish texts
MRF 196 (3) Alfano: Sakuntala. CASAPIETRA, GAMBARDELLA, MOLESE; ZIINO, RAI Rome (Feb. 15, 1979). A. Libretto
MRF 71 (3) Mozart: Die Zauberflote. NOVOTNA, OSVATH, THORBORG, KONETZNI, ROSWAENGE; TOSCANINI, Vienna St. Opera (Salzburg, 1937). A. Booklet
MCD 3007 Galindo: Sones de Mariachi; Moncayo: Huapango; Revueltas: Homenaje a Garcia Lorca; Ayala: Tribu. HERRERA DE LA FUENTE, Mexico Nat'l SO. A/A-, FOT. AS
Music Guild
MS 147 S Kraus: Sonata for viola & flute; Lorenziti: La Caccia; Telemann: 4 Sonatas in Canon; C.P.E. Bach: Sonata for solo flute. C. MONTEUX, TRAMPLER. FS
MS 6205 S (2) Handel: Israel in Egypt. CHRISTENSEN, BISCHOFF, BUMBRY, BLACKBURN, WATTS, WOOD; ABRAVANEL, U. of Utah Cho., Utah SO. FS
Music-Appreciation Records
MAR 575 (1 12", 1 10") Schumann: Symphony #2. BERNSTEIN, Stadium Concerts SO.Analysis by Bernstein. A, FOT
14039 Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf (in Spanish) (Santiago Gomez COU, narr); Lt. Kije Suite. ROSSI, Vienna Volksoper O. A
Musical Heritage Society
MHS 1219 S "Romantic Cello Encores." CATELL, Gold. One side somewhat off-center onsome copies. A
MHS 1387 S Fasch: Bassoon Concerto; Gopfert: Sonata for Bassoon & Guitar (MALEK); works of Devienne, Oubradous, Ibert, & Miroshnikov. HASSE (bsn, in all), LAUTNER (pf), et al ("The Art of the Bassoon"). A
MHS 1446 S Works of Pezel, M. Franck, Lully, Haines, Hindemith, & Barboteu. ARS NOVA BRASS QUINTET. A
MHS 1472 S Mussorgsky-Hampton: Pictures at an Exhibition. HAMPTON (organ). A
MHS 1473 S Brahms: Clarinet Sonata #1; Stravinsky: 3 Pieces; Berg: 4 Pieces, Op. 5; Lutoslawski: 5 Dance Preludes. MILOSOVICH, DRESDEN. A
MHS 1584 S Calixtine Codex; Mozarabic Antiphonary of Silos--5 exc.; Mozarabic Antiphonary of Leon--Gloria (7th century). CUESTA, Santo Domingo de Silos Benedictine Abbey Monks Choir. A. Texts
MHS 1841 S Chopin: Preludes (complete). SLENCZYNSKA. A
MHS 3026 S Furtwaengler: Violin Sonata. MULLER-NISHIO, DENNEMARCK. A
MHS 3038/9 S (2) Beethoven: Sonatas #11, 25, 26, 27, & 32; piano music. DEMUS (Broadwood & Graf fortepianos). A
MHS 3208 S "Spanish Vihuelists of the 16th Century." PERRET (ms), ZAYAS (vihuela). A. Texts
MHS 3236 S Works of Wieniawski, Dvorak, Kreisler, Blanchot, Bartok, Boutry, Bloch,Debussy, Paganini, F. Schubert, Ravel, & Brahms (2). POULET, Blanchot. Deesse recording. A
MHS 3240 S Popper: Cello works. J. BERNSTEIN (cello), BALSAM (pf), et al. A
MHS 3241 S Ben-Haim: Sonata for Solo Violin. MENUHIN. A Star Fell Down. MAYER-REINACH (c), BEN-HAIM (pf). Daus: The 12th Sonnet. PALM (cello). Paporisz: Florianata. NICOLET (fl). Touma: Taqsim. Aloys KONTARSKY (pf). A
MHS 3272 S Works of Frescobaldi, Chopin, d'Ambrosio, Paganini, Kreisler, Vardi, Tchaikovsky, & Davidoff. SILBERSTEIN (cello), HALL (pf) ("The Virtuoso Sound"). A
MHS 3287 S Devienne: 4 Flute Sonatas. DEBOST, HAUDEBOURG. A
MHS 3294 S "Violin Encores." S. WEINER, DEMOULIN. A
MHS 3296 S Beethoven: Sonatas #15 & 30. K.U. SCHNABEL. A
MHS 3313 S Strauss: Cello Sonata; Prokofiev: Sonata. LODEON, HOVORA. A
MHS 3450 S Martin: Ballade; Jolivet: Chant de Linos; Martinu: Flute Sonata #1. DINGFELDER, A. Gordon. A
MHS 3701 S Rubinstein: Cello Sonata #2, Op. 39. DOBOS, MARCIANO. A
MHS 3702 S Debussy: Preludes, Book 2. KRICHAF (live perf., Phillips Collection, Washington, 1977). A
MHS 3798 S Chopin: Etudes, Op. 25; Barcarolle; Tarantelle. SLENCZYNSKA. A
MHS 3825/6 S (2) Busoni: 6 Etudes, Op. 16; Sonatina #3; Chorale Prelude; Casella: 11 Children's Pieces; 6 Studies; 2 Ricercari on "BACH." CAVALLO (pf). A
MHS 3857 S D'Indy: Trio. MUNGER (clar), OLEFSKY (cello), RACE (pf). A
MHS 3884 S Beethoven: Sonatas #31 & 32. GULLER. Great performances! Program notesby Henri Sauguet. A
MHS 3886 S Sonatas of Buonamente, Castello, Uccellini, Bertali, Schmelzer, Kerll, & Becker. MUSICA ANTIQUA KOLN (early Aulos recording, c. 1978). A
MHS 4180 S Enesco: Cantabile e Presto; Gaubert: Sonata; Poulenc: Sonata; works of Honegger, Debussy, & Faure (2). WINCENC (fl), A. SCHIFF (pf). A
MHS 4286 S Works of Mendelssohn, Brahms, Liszt, Debussy, & Schumann. DEMUS ("claviharpe") ("The Romantic Claviharpe"). A
MHS 4423 S Messiaen: La fauvette des Jardins; piano music. LORIOD. A
MHS 611 S Bach: 2 & 3 Part Inventions. ECHANIZ (piano). A
MHS 824794 S (2) Handel: Harp Concerto; Debussy: Danses Sacree et Profane; Britten: Suite in C. ELLIS (harp), et al. Wolf-Adam: Morike Lieder (JUILLIARD QT.); Barber: 5 songs (WADSWORTH, pf). FISCHER-DIESKAU. Live performances. A. Texts
MHS 947 S Bach: 6 French Suites. AHLGRIMM (hpsi). A
MHS V/10 S Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons. BRONNE, MONOSOFF, KWALWASSER, N. KOUTZEN; GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/11 S Vivaldi: 4 Concertos, P. 231, 273, 342, & 433. BAKER (fl), GOLTZER, SMYLES (ob), SINGER, BERV (horn), CARMEN, SCHWARTZ (bsn), BOLOTINE (violin); GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/12 S Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 Mandolins, P. 133 (GOICHBERG, ZELNICK); Viola d'Amore Concerto in A, P. 189 (TRAMPLER); Concerto for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Bassoon & Continuo, P. 207 (BAKER); Sonata for Violin & Cello, P. 7 #1 (GALIMIR, McCRACKEN). GOBERMAN. A
MHS V/13 S Vivaldi: Flute Concerto in D, P. 436 (JONES); Bassoon Concerto in C, P. 50 (SHARROW); 2 Concertos, P. 127 & 135. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/14 S Vivaldi: Concertos, P. 77, 320, 402, & 427. JONES (fl), BARROWS, MIRANDA (horn), SCHOLZ (cello), GALIMIR (vln), et al; GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/15 S Vivaldi: Oboe Concerto in C, P. 43 (SHULMAN); Concertos, P. 191, 206, & 359. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/17 S Vivaldi: Concerto in Bb for oboe & violin, P. 406 (SHULMAN, GALIMIR); Suite in a, P. 7 #8 (JONES, fl); Concertos, P. 230, 279, & 404. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/2 S Vivaldi: Concertos, P. 82, 197, 286, & 436. BAKER (fl), SHULMAN (ob), ARNER (bsn), et al; GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta (& soloists). A
MHS V/3 S Vivaldi: Concerto in F for 2 horns, P. 321 (W.G. & K.A. WILBER); Concertos, P. 54, 301 & 383. BAKER, BENNETT (fl), ARNER, SMYLES (ob), et al; GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/4 S Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in a, P. 83 (BARON); Viola d'Amore Concerto in d, P. 288 (TRAMPLER); Concertos, P. 19 & 84. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/5 S Vivaldi: Concertos, P. 74, 209, & 235; Sonata a quattro in Eb, P. 441;Sonata in F, P. 7 #6. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/7 S Vivaldi: Violin Concerto in d, P. 310 (GERSHMAN); Concertos, P. 73 & 155; Trio in C, P. 7 #3. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/8 S Vivaldi: Bassoon Concerto in F, P. 305 (SHARROW); Concertos, P. 86 & 204; Sonata in Bb for 2 violins, P. 7 #7. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
MHS V/9 S Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in C, P. 79 (HEIM); Concertos, P. 323 & 404;Sonata for 2 Violins, P. 7 #4 (GOBERMAN, MANZELLA); Trio, P. 7 #2. GOBERMAN, N.Y. Sinfonietta. A
OR 188 S Beethoven: Sonatas, #8, 9, 10, & 22. RIEFLING. A
OR 189 S Beethoven: Sonatas #11, 14, & 23. RIEFLING. A
OR 190 S Beethoven: Sonatas #16, 17, & 27. RIEFLING. A
OR 191 S Beethoven: Sonatas #15 & 18. RIEFLING. A
OR 302 S Alfonso El Sabio: Las Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th century). OLZA, Santa Cruz Capilla Musical, Atrium Musicae, et al. A. Texts
OR 358 Chopin: Ballade #2; piano music; Schubert: Sonata in a, D. 784. GROSCHEL (Erard & Graf fortepianos). A
OR 436 S Cabezon: Organ works. ORTIZ, Covarrubias & Daroca organs. A
OR B 116 S Beethoven: Sonatas #1, 2, & 12. GULDA. A
OR B 117 S Beethoven: Sonatas #3 & 4. GULDA. A
OR B 118 S Beethoven: Sonatas #5, 6, & 7. GULDA. A
OR B 119 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 9, 10, & 22. GULDA. A
OR B 120 S Beethoven: Sonatas #11, 14, & 23. GULDA. A
OR B 121 S Beethoven: Sonatas #16, 17, & 27. GULDA. A
OR B 122 S Beethoven: Sonatas #15 & 18. GULDA. A
OR B 123 S Beethoven: Sonatas #19, 20, 24, 25, & 28. GULDA. A
OR B 125 S Beethoven: Sonatas #29 & 30. GULDA. A
Musical Masterpiece Society
SMS 2364 S Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 20, & 23. GULDA. A
BM 30 SL 1412 S Myslivecek: Violin Concerto in D; J. Benda: Concerto in Bb; C. Stamitz: Concedrto. PROKOP; SADLO (cond), Prague CO. M
MM 20007 S Schumann: Spanische Liebeslieder, Op. 139. BATTLE, FORTUNATO, ALER, COSSA. Andante & Variations. PARNAS, LESSER (cello), BARROWS (horn); GOODE, WADSWORTH (pf, in both). FS. Texts
MMD 20085 D Telemann: Essercizii Musici--5 Sonatas. AULOS ENS. (period inst.) Excellent! FS
SX 1208 S A. Bloch: Dialogues (WILKOMIRSKA, vln); Gilgamesh. MARKOWSKI, Warsaw PO & Cho. FS. Corner clipped
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New World
NW 322/4 S (3) Barber: Antony & Cleopatra. HINDS, WELLS; BADEA, Spoleto Festival. A. Libretto
NHK Transcription Programme
TR 91 S (2) Bach: Partita #2; Mozart: Sonata, K. 310; Debussy: Pour le Piano; Schumann: Fantasia. H. NAKAMURU. Broadcast transcriptions, without announcements or cue sheets
71413 S Koechlin: Piano music. SHARON. FS
79061 D Busoni: Fantasia Contrappuntistica; Mozart: Fantasy, K. 608 (arr. Busoni); Beethoven: Grosse Fuge. JACOBS, OPPENS. FS
79078 D Janacek: Lachian Dances; Dvorak: Suite in A, Op. 98b. ZINMAN, Rochester PO. FS
D 79012 D Dvorak: Quintet in G, Op. 77; 2 Waltzes, Op. 54. SEQUOIA QT., LEVINE (bass). FS
H 71072 S Mozart: Concertos #20 & 24. BRUCHOLLERIE; PAUMGARTNER, Salzburg Mozarteum Camerata Academica. A
H 71207 S Mozart: Divertimenti, K. 136/8; Country Dances, K. 606. RISTENPART, Saar CO (final recording). A
H 71225 S Wuorinen: Time's Encomium. Electronic music. Pulitzer Prize winner. A
H 71285 S Maxwell Davies: 8 Songs for a Mad King. EASTMAN; MAXWELL DAVIES, Firesof London. FS. Texts
H 71289 S Korte: Remembrances; Davidovsky: Synchronisms #1; Kupferman: Superflute. BARON, electronics. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A
H 71350 S Janacek: Violin Sonata; Dvorak: 4 Romantic Pieces; Smetana: From My Homeland. LUCA, SCHOENFIELD. FS
H 71416 S Foss: Baroque Variations. FOSS, Buffalo PO (+ baroque works used as basis). FS
HB 73017 S (2) Bach: Violin Sonatas. SCHNEEBERGER, MULLER (hpsi). Beautiful set,highly recommended. A
HB 73028 S (2) Works of Varese, Wuorinen (2), Westergaard, B. Levy, Davidovsky, Berio, Trombly, Fukushima, Roussakis, & Reynolds. SOLLBERGER (fl), et al. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. A
HB 73032 S (2) Monteverdi: Christmas Vespers; 3 Motets. KENNARD, HARRISON, MINTY, HALL, FLEET, WILSON-JOHNSON, EARLE; STEVENS, Accademia Monteverdiana Cho. & O. A. COH. Texts
HQ 1276 Q "Early American Vocal Music: New England Anthems & Southern Folk Hymns." THE WESTERN WIND, et al. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. FS. COH. Texts
NR 215 S Zemlinsky: Trio, Op. 3. BREZNIAL (clar), SHER (cello), O'RILEY (pf). 12 Songs. MORGAN (s), O'RILEY. FS
Norwegian Composers
NC 3859 S Thommessen: Upside-Down; Persen: Orchestral Piece II; works of Soderlind, Hegdal, & Am. ANDERSEN, Bergen SO. FS. COH
NC 3860 S Kvandal: Antagonia. K. ANDERSEN, Youth SO. String Quartet #2. MONN QT.Sonata for Violin Solo. WENK-WOLFF. FS. COH
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Oberlin College
XSCV 1247468/9 S Bach: Cantata #4; works of Weelkes, Gibbons, Lotti, Gallus, & Britten.FOUNTAIN, Oberlin College Choir. A. Jacket damaged
XOC 800 Weber-Berlioz: Invitation to the Dance; Wagner: Tannhauser Overture; Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody #2; Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia; Brahms: Hungarian Dances #5 & 6. LINDENBERG, o's. A, FOT
417 502 1 D (2) Vivaldi: La Stravaganza, Op. 4. HUGGETT; HOGWOOD, Academy of Ancient Music. FS
DSLO 524 S Weber: Grand Duo Concertant; Schumann: Marchenerzahlungen; Glinka: Trio Pathetique. MUSIC PARTY (Hacker, Burnett, Druce, Lange) (period inst.) FS
DSLO 525 S J.C. Bach: 6 Overtures. HOGWOOD, Academy of Ancient Music. A
DSLO 574 S Lawes: "Dialogues, Psalmes & Elegies." ROOLEY, Consort of Musicke. FS. Texts
OL 50026 Wolf: Morike & Goethe Lieder. BOYCE, VEYRON-LACROIX. A
OL 50047 Canteloube: Chants de la France. DAULLENE (s), CANTELOUBE (pf). A/A-, FOT
SOL 316 S Martinu: Piano Quartet #1; Chausson: Quartet in A. RICHARDS PIANO QUARTET. FS
SOL 60018 S Flute Quartets of Viotti, Devienne, J.C. Bach, & Pleyel. RAMPAL, GENDRE, LEPAUW, BEX. A, LSM
SOL 60028 S Weber: Grand Duo Concertant; Benjamin: Le Tombeau de Ravel; Martinu: Sonatina; works of Schmitt, Debussy, & Horovitz. DE PEYER (clar), PREEDY (pf). FS
OML 1032 Ravel: Alborada del Gracioso; Ma Mere l'Oye; Pavane; Rapsodie Espagnole. ARGENTA, Cento Soli O. A
9111 0492 S Shostakovich: Viola Sonata. TELECKY, MAJLINGOVA. A
Opus One
6 S Kupferman: Evocation; Dennis: Improvisation & Variations (THOMAS, pf); Davidovsky: Synchronism 3 (electronics); Schubel: Omphaloskepsis; Persichetti: Sonata for Solo Cello. MOORE. FS
ORS 7019 S Medtner: Sonata-Ballade in F#; 3 Fantastic Improvisations; 4 Fairy Tales; 4 Pieces, Op. 4. PLESHAKOV. FS
ORS 7027 S (2) Works of Fiocco, Handel, Mozart, Schumann, Brahms, Paganini, Prokofiev, Falla, Szymanowski, Novacek, St.-Saens, Sarasate, Leclair, & Haydn. STARYK (violin), var. accomp. A
ORS 7147 S Strauss: Sonata in b; Stimmungsbilder. COLBURN (pf). FS
ORS 74145 S "The Unknown Beethoven." SWEM. FS. Minor jacket damage
ORS 76236 S Dohnanyi: Ruralia Hungarica; C. Scott: Sonata #3. TRENKNER (pf). A. LSM. Cover damage
ORS 76242 S Copland: Duo; Burton: Sonatina; Piston: Sonata; Van Vactor: Sonatina. BRYAN (fl), KEYS (pf). FS
ORS 76249 S Vivaldi: 6 Cello Sonatas. HANANI, PARTY (hpsi), GUMMERE (cello). A
ORS 76254 S Klughardt: Wind Quintet, Op. 79; Foerster: Quintet, Op. 95. BOEHM QUINTETTE. FS
ORS 77262 S D. Godfrey: String Quartet. ROWE QT. Progression. Electronic music. FS
ORS 77281 S Reger: Variations on a Theme by Beethoven, Op. 86; St.-Saens: Variations on a Theme by Beethoven. TRENKNER, PLESHAKOV (pf). FS
ORS 78324 S Works of Ibert, Giuliani, Miyagi, Ravel, Flagello, & M. White. KETCHUM (fl), SEGAL (gtr). FS
ORS 81414 S Schiffman: Cello Concerto (SPURGEON, Florida State U. PO); Sonata quasi una Fantasia. DRINKALL (cello). FS
OCL 16201 S Schubert: Symphony #8; Mozart: Symphony #39. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO. A
1721 S Schmoll: Sonatina in Eb; Mozart: Sonata in F, K. 30; Eichner: Sonatain A, Op. 2, #1; Lang: Sonata in A, Op. 6, #6; works of Vogler, Lachnith, & Dalberg. HAAG (vln), SCHLICKER (pf) ("Musick at Court: The Courts Twixt Rhine & Mosel"). A
1723 S S.A.S. Monseigneur le Prince de Conti: Sinfonies, Op. 9, #3; Op. 10, #1; Trio in Bb; Quartet in Eb. BERGMANN (pf), JAHN, KUSSMAUL (vln), OHEIM, WANDER (horn), TAUBE (cello). A
EXP 37 S Works of Esperanca, C. Seixas, & Cardoso. PARTRIDGE (t), STEVENS (org);DARLOW, Tilford Bach Festival Cho. ("Portuguese Baroque"). 2 organ solos. A
EXP 67 S Mozart: Sonata in C, K. 14; Bach: Sonata in g, BWV 1020; Quantz: Sonata in D; Handel: Sonata in b. GRAF (fl), DAHLER (hpsi). M
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PAN 102 S Czerny: Duo-Concertante, Op. 129; Bach: Partita in c. MURRAY ("Murrayflute), M. GOLDSTEIN (pf & hpsi). FS
8110 0026 S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto. HUDECEK; BELOHLAVEK, Prague SO. A
Paraclete Music Disc
101 Scriabin: Sonata #6. GAGLIARDI. Sonata #8. BOLOTINE. Piano music. YAFFE (7 items), RANDLETT, KREHM. Scarce LP issue from 78s, 1941-7. A
Past Masters
PM 18 Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1. HANSEN; MENGELBERG, Berlin PO. 1812 Overture. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. A
DTX 222 St.-Saens: Piano Concertos #1 & 3. DARRE; FOURESTIER, French Nat'l Radio O. A. Dowel spine. Booklet
CLA 1000 (9) "Pupils of Clara Schumann." Recordings of DAVIES, EIBENSCHUTZ (mostly unpub.), & DeLARA (+ BRAHMS cylinder). Not completely reissued on CD. A
GEM 102 "Great Virtuosi of the Golden Age, Vol. 2--Violinists." KUBELIK (4), THIBAUD (2, 1905), HALL (3), KREISLER (2, 1904/8), DRDLA, VECSEY. A, LSM. Insert
SHE 533 S Reinecke: Undine Sonata; works of Doppler, Paggi, Sullivan, & Kohler. BENNETT, WYE (fl), BENSON (pf). M
SPL 719 Schubert: "Wanderer" Fantasy; Moments musicaux. NADAS. A
TE 1042 (2) Marcello: 12 Flute Sonatas. TASSINARI, TORA. A. Program notes
Peters International
PLE 001 Q Chausson: Poeme; St.-Saens: Le Deluge--Prelude; Berlioz: Reverie & Caprice; Vieuxtemps: Fantasia Appassionata. FONTANAROSA; DE FROMENT, Luxembourg Radio O. FS
PLE 027 S Works of Viviani (2), Bach (2), Vivaldi, Krebs (2), & Gervaise. BERNARD(tpt), KRAPP (organ). A
PLE 056 S Froberger: Harpsichord works. TILNEY. FS
411 478 1 S "Canciones Espanolas." CARRERAS, Katz (pf). FS. Texts
412 624 1 D Vivaldi: 5 Concertos. LOS ROMEROS; BROWN, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS
416 158 1 D Dvorak: 4 Romantic Pieces; works of Falla, Ravel, Albeniz, Brahms, Paradis, Brockway, Elgar (2), & Kreisler (2). ZUKERMAN, NEIKRUG ("Salut d'amour"). FS
416 354 1 D Elgar: Cello Concerto (J. LLOYD WEBER); "Enigma" Variations. MENUHIN, Royal PO. FS
416 355 1 S Vivaldi: 6 Bassoon Concerti. THUNEMANN, I MUSICI. FS
416 357 1 D Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Guitar Concerto #1; Rodrigo: Sones en la Giralda; Villa-Lobos: Concerto. P. ROMERO; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS
416 359 1 D Salieri: Concerto for Flute & Oboe; Cimarosa: Concerto for Oboe & Flute. NICOLET, HOLLIGER; SILLITO, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS
416 368 1 D (2) Dvorak: Slavonic Dances; Slavonic Rhapsodies. MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. FS
416 369 1 D Sonatas of Bach, Schickhardt, Telemann, Handel, & Frederick the Great. PETRI (recorders), MALCOLM (hpsi). FS
6500 142 S Mozart: Quartets #1-4. QUARTETTO ITALIANO. A
6500 175 S Paganini: Concerto #3. SZERYNG; GIBSON, London SO. FS
6500 642 S Weill: Symphonies #1 & 2. DE WAART, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. FS
6500 959 S Sibelius: Symphonies #5 & 7. C. DAVIS, Boston SO. FS
6507 022 S Norgard: Piano Sonata #2; Nordheim: Listen; works of B. Nilsson (2), A. Janson, Bibalo. E. KLEIN. FS
6507 036 S Kielland: Villarkorn, Op. 13. BAEKKELUND (pf). FS
6514 072 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #16 & 13; Fantasy on the Waltz from Gounod's "Faust;" Vallee d'Obermann; Eglogue; Schumann-Liszt: Widmung. DICHTER. Short-lived release. FS
6514 115 D Grieg: Sonata, Op. 7; Lyric Pieces, Opp. 12 & 43. KOCSIS. FS
6514 319 D Mozart: Opera arias. TE KANAWA; C. DAVIS, London SO. A. Texts
6525 001 S Vinci: Sonata in D; Schultzen: Sonata #6, in F; Boscha: Introduction& March; Telemann: Sonata in G; Abel: 3 Sonatas. BOURDIN (fl), CHALLAN (harp). FS
6525 005 S St.-Saens: Variations on a Theme of Beethoven; Caprice Heroique; Polonaise; Scherzo. BILLARD, AZAIS (pf's). FS
6700 067 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #10 (2nd Cooke version). MORRIS, New Philharmonia O. FS
6700 100 S (2) Vivaldi: 12 Concerti, Op. 7. ACCARDO, HOLLIGER, I MUSICI. FS
6703 042 S (3) Berlioz: Damnation of Faust. VEASEY, GEDDA, BASTIN, VAN ALLAN; C.DAVIS, London SO & Cho. FS. Libretto
6707 019 S (4) Berlioz: Benvenuto Cellini. EDA-PIERRE, BERBIE, GEDDA, BASTIN, SOYER, MASSARD; C. DAVIS, Covent Garden Opera Cho., BBC SO. FS. Libretto
6747 412 S (2) Liszt: Transcendental Etudes; 3 Etudes de Concert. ARRAU. FS
6769 003 S (4) Haydn: Il Mondo della Luna. AUGER, MATHIS, VON STADE; DORATI, Lausanne CO. A. Libretto
6769 100 S (3) Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia. BALTSA, BURGESS, ALLEN, ARAIZA,LLOYD, TRIMARCHI; MARRINER, Ambrosian Cho., Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. FS. Libretto
6780 500 S (2) Bach: Toccatas, BWV 910-916; Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue. VERLET (hpsi). A
802 814 S Borodin: Quartet #2; Dvorak: Quartet #12, "American." QUARTETTO ITALIANO. A
802 906 S Liszt: Sonetti del Petrarca #104 & 123; Ballade #2; Vallee d'Obermann;Valse Oubliee #1; Les jeux d'eaux a la Villa d'Este. ARRAU. FS
820 052/3 S (2) Brahms: German Requiem (LIPP, CRASS); Alto Rhapsody (HEYNIS); Schicksalslied. SAWALLISCH, Vienna SO & Friends of Music Cho. A
835 001 S Debussy: La Mer; 3 Nocturnes. VAN BEINUM, Concertgebouw O. A. EAR
835 147 S Chopin: 14 Waltzes. CZIFFRA. A/A-, FOT. EAR. Minor jacket repairs
835 217 S Bruckner: Symphony #3 (2nd version). HAITINK, Concertgebouw O. FS
9500 043 S Bartok: Piano Concertos #1 & 3. BISHOP; C. DAVIS, London SO. FS
9500 100 S Vivaldi: 4 Seasons. AYO; NEGRI, Berlin CO. FS
9500 141 S Sibelius: Symphony #2. C. DAVIS, Boston SO. FS
9500 142 S Sibelius: Symphonies #3 & 6. C. DAVIS, Boston SO. FS
9500 143 S Sibelius: Symphony #4; Tapiola. C. DAVIS, Boston SO. FS
Philips (U.S.)
PHS900 021 S Mussorgsky: Songs & Dances of Death; Tchaikovsky: 3 Songs; Prokofiev:5 Poems of Anna Akhnatova. VISHNEVSKAYA, ROSTROPOVICH (pf). FS. Summaries
PHS900 046 S Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat. COCTEAU, USTINOV, FERTEY (narr., in French); MARKEVICH, ens. A. Text
Philips World Series
PHC 2 006 S (2) Rachmaninov: Preludes. KEENE. A
PHC 9099 S Beethoven: Cello Sonatas #2 & 5. CASALS, HORSZOWSKI. FS
SPR 3274 S Schubert: Die schone Mullerin. DERMOTA, H. Dermota (1976). A. German text
SPR 3319 S Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 24; Lieder of Loewe (2), Mendelssohn (3), Cornelius (2), & Liszt. DERMOTA, H. Dermota (1980). A
Pro Arte
PAL 1026 S Czerny: Fantasia Concertante; Ries: Clarinet Trio in Bb; Beethoven: "Kakadu" Variations. HOOGLAND (pf), VESTER (fl), BYLSMA (cello), HONINGH (clar), SCHRODER (violin) (all period inst.) FS
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SLPX 11312 S Arias of Donizetti, Erkel, Flotow, Leoncavallo, Mascagni, Ponchielli, Puccini, Verdi, & Wagner. ILOSFALVY (t); Erdelyi, Hungarian Opera O. A
SLPX 11322 S Kodaly: Quartets #1 & 2. TATRAI QT. A
SLPX 1165 S Dohnanyi: Violin Sonata; Strauss: Sonata. RICCI, RADOS. M
SLPX 1250/1 S (2) Bartok: Piano Concertos; Rhapsody. GABOS; LEHEL, Hungarian Radio SO. FS
Queen Elisabeth Int'l Music Competition
1980 024 S Chopin: Ballade #1; Rondo; Barcarolle; Scherzos #2 & 4. ALFIDI. A
1980 064 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1 (OCTORS, Belgian Nat'l O); Debussy: Estampes. BLUMENTHAL. A
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Radio Canada International
RCI 454 S Matton: Mouvement symphonique #1; Lekeu: Adagio, Op. 3; Milhaud: Suite provencale. DE PRIEST, Quebec SO. A
Radio Nederland
RN 507/13 (7) "Chamber Music by Dutch Artists." Performers include HENKEMANS, DEKLIJN, BARWAHSER, NETHERLANDS TRIO, ROGERI QT., SCHROEDER, BIJLSMA, DE LEEUW, LEONHARDT CONSORT, et al; numerous 20th century compositions. A. Box badly water-damaged
5931 1 RC D Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition; Liszt: Dante Sonata; Wagner-Liszt: Isoldes Liebestod. DOUGLAS. FS
RCA (Mexico)
MRS 014 S Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--Prelude & Liebestod; Meistersinger & Tannhauser Overtures. BATIZ, London PO. FS
RCA Camden
CAL 187 Beethoven: Symphony #6. STOKOWSKI, N.Y. City SO. A, LSM
CAL 275 "Maria JERITZA in Opera." A. Canadian pressing
CAL 282 Ravel: La Valse. MONTEUX. Strauss: Rosenkavalier Waltzes. ORMANDY. J. Strauss: Roses from the South. FIEDLER. Tales from the Vienna Woods; Weber: Invitation to the Dance. STOKOWSKI. Tchaikovsky: Serenade--Waltz. KOUSSEVITZKY. Stock: Symphonic Waltz.STOCK. A-, FOT
RCA Red Seal
ARC1 4356 D Chopin: Mazurkas, Op. 59; Impromptu #1; Ballade #3; Nocturne, Op. 55, #2; Andante Spianato & Grande Polonaise. P. SERKIN. FS. COH
ARD1 0026 Q "Bach's Greatest Fugues" (arr. Harris). ORMANDY, Phila. O. A. Df
ARL1 0082 S Dvorak: Quartet in C, Op. 61; Terzetto. GUARNERI QT. A. Df
ARL1 0485 S "My Favorite Spanish Encores." SEGOVIA. FS. Df
ARL1 0760 S Mozart: Quartets, K. 387 & 421. GUARNERI QUARTET. FS
ARL1 0762 S Mozart: Quartets, K. 428 & 458 ("Hunt"). GUARNERI QT. FS. Df. COH
ARL1 1262 S Prokofiev: Cello Sonata; Debussy: Sonata; Webern: 3 Kleine Stucke. HARRELL, LEVINE. FS. Df. COH
ARL1 1599 S Barber: String Quartet; Ives: Quartet #2; Scherzo. CLEVELAND QT. FS
ARL1 2243 S Joplin: 12 Rags. James LEVINE (pf). A
ARL1 2286 S Tchaikovsky: Souvenir of Florence. GUARNERI QT., KROYT, M. SCHNEIDER (both of Budapest Qt.) A. Writing on jacket
ARL1 2287 S Strauss: Don Quixote. MAYES; ORMANDY, Phila. O. A
ARL1 3003 S Schubert: Quartet #15, in G, D. 887. GUARNERI QT. A
ARL1 3988 S Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain (original version); orchestral works. ABBADO, London SO & Cho. A
ARL2 2241 S (2) Beethoven: Cello Sonatas. HARRELL, LEVINE. A
ARL2 4198 S (2) Rochberg: Quartets #4-6. CONCORD QT. FS
CRC2 4609 D (2) Arias & duets of Mozart (2), Handel (2), Verdi (3), Rossini, Bellini (2), Meyerbeer, & Puccini (2). L. PRICE, HORNE; LEVINE, Met. Opera O. Live performance, 1982. FS
CRL2 3242 S (2) Smetana: Ma Vlast. SAWALLISCH, Suisse Romande O. A
LRL1 5095 S Prokofiev: Flute Sonata; Franck: Violin Sonata (arr. flute). GALWAY, ARGERICH. FS. COH
LSB 4106 S "Italian Arias." VICKERS; SERAFIN, Rome Opera O. A. EP
RL 31462 S Dvorak: 4 Romantic Pieces; works of Paganini, Brahms (2), Ries, Mozart-Kreisler, & Sarasate. UGHI, MASI. FS. COH. Italian pressing
RCA Special Products
DPL1 0365 Schumann: Symphony #1. STOCK. Piano Concerto. JANIS; REINER, Chicago SO (STEREO). First publication of Reiner item. Marathon premium issue. A. Thick pressing
RCA Victor
LM 1119 Mendelssohn: Trio #1; Ravel: Trio. RUBINSTEIN, HEIFETZ, PIATIGORSKY. A, FOT. SD label
LM 1166 "Encores." HEIFETZ, BAY. Most items not reissued on LP. A, LSM. Jacket taped
LM 1702 Brahms: Symphony #1. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A. SD label
LM 1731 Brahms: Symphony #2. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A/A-, LSM. EAR
LM 1734- Liszt: Concerto #1; Mendelssohn: Concerto #1. ITURBI, RCA Victor O. A, FOT; 1/3" X
LM 1908 Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 23. RUBINSTEIN. A/A-, FOT
LM 1925 Granados: Goyescas. A. ITURBI. A, LSM
LM 2026 Strauss: Don Quixote. MILLER; TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A
LM 2059 Puccini: Manon Lescaut--exc. ALBANESE, BJOERLING, MERRILL; PERLEA, Rome Opera. A. Libretto
LM 2414 Brahms: Violin Sonata #3 (SOKOLOFF); Bach: Partita #3. LAREDO. A. AS
LM 2421 Vitali: Chaconne; Tartini: "Devil's Trill" Sonata; Variations on a Theme of Corelli; works of Gluck, Kreisler, Schumann, Halffter, & Wieniawski. SZERYNG, C. REINER. A. AS
LM 2597 Florence Foster JENKINS: The Glory (????) of the Human Voice. Also Gounod Faust parody by WILLIAMS & BURNS. FS
LM 3086 "The Art of Dorothy MAYNOR." Arias & songs, from 78s (2 cond. KOUSSEVITZKY). FS. Thick pressing. Corner clipped
LM 6073 (2) Haydn: 5 Sonatas; Andante & Variations. LANDOWSKA (harpsichord & piano). A. SD label
LM 9000 Liszt-Busoni: Rhapsodie Espagnole; Mozart: Concerto #26. BACHAUER; SHERMAN, New London O. A, FOT; 1/4" X
LM 9024 Wieniawski: Violin Concerto #2. ELMAN; HILSBERG, Robin Hood Dell O. Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto. ELMAN; DEFAUW, Chicago SO. A/A-, FOT. Jacket taped
LPM 1103 12 Spanish songs & Zarzuela arias. FLETA. A, LSM
LRY 9000 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite; Waldteufel: Skaters Waltz; Rossini: William Tell Overture. TOSCANINI, NBC SO. A; minor PBs
LSC 2640 S "Romantic Italian Songs." FRANCHI; Stott, cho. & o. A/A-, FOT
LSC 2685 S Verdi: Arias. MOFFO; Ferrara, RCA Italiana O. A. SD label
LSC 2729SD S Haydn: Trumpet Concerto; works of Gould, Anderson, et al ("Pops Goes the Trumpet.") HIRT; FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A
LSC 2785 S Menotti: Death of the Bishop of Brindisi; Schoenberg: Guerre-Lieder--Song of the Wood Dove. CHOOKASIAN, LONDON; LEINSDORF, Boston SO, cho's. A. WD label. Text
LSC 2896 S Bach: Lute Suites #1 & 2. BREAM (guitar). FS
LSC 2940 S Boccherini: Sonata in C; works of Tchaikovsky (2), Banshikov, Faure, Bach, Granados, & Foss. KATES, SANDERS. Very short-lived issue by Tchaikovsky Silver Medal cellist. A. WD label
LSC 3122- S Schubert: Sonata in B flat. RUBINSTEIN. This performance not reissued. FS. Df
LSC 3252 S Dvorak: Piano Quintet. RUBINSTEIN, GUARNIERI QT. A. Df
LSC 3285 S Schubert: Quartets, D. 703 ("Quartettsatz") & 804. GUARNERI QT. A. Df
LSC 3340 S Dvorak: Piano Quartet #2. RUBINSTEIN, GUARNERI QT. FS. Df
LSC 6096 S (2) Beethoven: Symphonies #1 & 9. REINER, Chicago SO. A. COH. No dog label
LSC 6160 S (3) Puccini: Madama Butterfly. L. PRICE, ELIAS, TUCKER, MAERO; LEINSDORF. A. German pressings. U.S. libretto
LSC 6179 S (3) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. PRICE, VERRETT, GRIST, BERGONZI, MERRILL, FLAGELLO; LEINSDORF. A. Libretto
RCA Victrola
AVM1 1410 Beethoven: Sonatas #30 & 32. SCHNABEL. Recorded 1942; first issue. FS. Df
VICS 1037 S Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (MUNCH, Boston SO); Tartini: "Devil's Trill" Sonata (C. REINER, pf). SZERYNG. A, LSM. EAR
R 199 1 Beethoven: Concerto #5. KARRER; WOSS, Austrian Tonkuenstler SO. A, FOT; minor PBs. EAR
R 199 121 Haydn: 7 Last Words--exc. GUEDEN, OLSCHLAGER, PATZAK, BRAUN. Rossini: Stabat Mater--exc. SEEFRIED, FEHENBERGER; MESSNER, Salzburg Mozarteum O. & Dome Cho. Verdi: Requiem--exc. STEINGRUBER; KOSLIK. A-, FOT
R 199 167 Works of Sibelius (2), Haapalainen, Kilpinen, Palmgren, Sonninen, Tornudd, Klemetti (2), Victoria, Palestrina, & Handel (+ folk songs). TURUNEN, Helsinki U. Cho. A/A-, FOT
R 199 174 Wagner: Tannhauser--2 exc.; Lohengrin--Prelude, Act 3; Meistersinger--exc. SEBASTIAN, RIAS SO. A, FOT; 1/4" X
R 199 177 Wagner: Lohengrin--Prelude; Meistersinger--Prelude; Tannhauser--Overture & Bacchanale. SEBASTIAN, RIAS SO. A. Late pressing
RPL 2473/4 (2) Mozart: "Duport" Variations; Beethoven: Sonata #18; Schumann: Kinderszenen; Schubert: Sonata in a, D. 845. HASKIL (Besancon Festival, 1956). A
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
DS 002 "50 Years of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra." Material from commercial recordings conducted by HANSON, ITURBI, LEINSDORF, BLOOMFIELD, & ZINMAN. A
1012 (2) Beethoven: Fidelio (missing 4 numbers). SCHLUTER, DELLA CASA, PATZAK, EDELMANN, FRANTZ; FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO (Salzburg, Aug. 1948). A
2001 "Famous Violinists." Recordings of KUBELIK (6), ELMAN, ROSE, PRIHODA, SZIGETI (2 G&Ts), HALL, PARLOW, & WILLEAUME (ST.-SAENS, piano). A, LSM
2043 Bloch: Schelomo; Elgar: Cello Concerto (ROZHDESTVENSKY, London SO); Bach: Suite in d--Sarabande. ROSTROPOVICH. A
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5414 S Works of H. & D. Purcell, Stanley, Poglietti, Matteis, B. Marcello, & Locatelli. LINDE (recorder & flute), RAPF (organ). FS
Schwann AMS Studio
AMS STUDIO 506 S Messiaen: Livre d'Orgue. ROSSLER, Rieger organ, Neanderkirche, Dusseldorf. A
AMS STUDIO 509 S Messiaen: Le Corps Glorieux. ROSSLER, Rieger organ, Neanderkirche, Dusseldorf. A, FOT
Schwann Musica Mundi
VMS 481 S Cello etudes of S. Lee, Mainardi, Franchomme, Duport, Popper, Piatti, &Cossmann. DORNER. FS
Schwann Musica Sacra
AMS 2517 S "Sacred Instrumental Music of Bohemia & Moravia." PRO ARTE ANTIQUA Ens., Prague. FS
Society for Forgotten Music
SFM 1003 Chausson: Piano Quartet in A, Op. 30. PREVIN, ROTH QT. members. FS. AS
SP 205 Beaumont: 20th Century Folk Mass. C. YOUNG (cantor); WEIR, Peter Knight Singers, o. A
SR 112 S Hindemith: 8 Pieces; C.P.E. Bach: Sonata in a; Dahl: Variations on aSwedish Folktune; works of Marais & Kuhlau. BOYD (solo flute). FS
SR 171 S Martin: Piano Quintet; Martinu: Quintet #1. ZURICH PIANO QUINTET. FS
SR 172 S Casella: Cello Sonatas #1 & 2. STEINBOCK, GARVEY. FS
SR 322 D Antheil: 4 Valentine Waltzes; Poulenc: Napoli; works of Gershwin (3),Fennimore, Satie (2), & Ravel. VERBIT. FS
St. Olaf
E 661/2 S (2) "Born a Child & Yet a King: Christmas at St. Olaf College, Vol. 2." JENNINGS, St. Olaf Choir; SCHOLZ, cho's; LARSEN, Manitou Singers; O'DELL, St. Olaf College O. FS
SR 9005 S McKuen: Symphony #1, "All Men Love Something." GREENSLADE, WestminsterSO. Orchestral music by pop poet. A
STR 606 Hindemith: Kleine Kammermusik; Milhaud: La Cheminee du Roi Rene; Ibert: 3 Pieces Breves. FAIRFIELD WIND ENS. (Bennett, Shulman, Weber, Sharrow, Klein). A, LSM. Jacket repaired
1 10 1120 S Milhaud: Violin Concerto #2; Malipiero: Violin Concerto. GERTLER; SMETACEK, Prague SO. A
1 10 1361/2 S (2) Bach: 4 Suites. MUNCLINGER, Ars Rediviva Ens. FS
1 11 1616 S Borkovec: Sonatina; Martinu: Intermezzo; Barta: Violin Sonata #2. SNITIL, ZICHOVA. A. Corner clipped
1116 8372/5 S (4) Smetana: Libuse. KNIPLOVA, ZIDEK, BEDNAR, BERMAN, KROUPA; KROMBHOLC, A. Czech libretto only
LPV 56 Brahms: Symphony #2. ABENDROTH, Leipzig RSO. A
SUAST 50390 S Mussorgsky: Songs & Dances of Death; 7 songs. BORG, var. accomp. FS
SUAST 50707 S Prokofiev: Sonata for Solo Violin; Britten: Suite, Op. 6; Dallapiccola: Tartiniana. JASEK, HALA. A
Symphony Foundation of America
G8 OP 2388/9 (1) Dvorak: Symphony #9. SYMPHONY OF THE AIR (former NBC SO, without conductor). Special fund-raising edition. A
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6.35606 D (2) Bach: Cantatas #128-131 (Vol. 32). HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al.DMM pressing. A. Texts, scores
6.35608 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #136-139. HARNONCOURT, et al (Vol. 34). DMM pressing. A. Texts, scores
6.35653 D (2) Bach: Cantatas #140, 143-6. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 35). DMM pressing. A. Texts, scores
6.43419 D Beethoven-Liszt: Symphonies #4 & 8. KATSARIS. A
6.35073 S (3) "10 Italian Composers." BRUGGEN (in all), BYLSMA, G. & M. LEONHARDT; HARNONCOURT, Concentus Musicus Wien. A
6.35559 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #107-110 (Vol. 27). ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, VAN EGMOND, et al; LEONHARDT, Leonhardt Consort; HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus Wien. A. Texts, miniature scores
6.35573 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #111-114. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 28). A. Miniature scores
6.35577 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #115-119. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 29). A. Miniature scores
6.35578 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #120-123 (Vol. 30). HUBER, RAMPF, SCHILLING, ESSWOOD, EQUILUZ, HUTTENLOCHER, HOLL; HARNONCOURT, Tolz Knabenchor, Concentus musicus Wien. A. Miniature scores
6.35602 S (2) Bach: Cantatas #124-127. HARNONCOURT, LEONHARDT, et al (Vol. 31).DMM pressing. A. Texts, scores
6.42123 S Sieur de Sainte Colombe (17th cent.): 5 Concerts a deux Violes esgales. W. KUIJKEN, SAVALL (gambas). FS
6.42156 S "Musica Barroca Espanola." FIGUERAS (s), KOOPMAN (hpsi), et al. FS
SAWT 9572/5 S (4) Bach: St. Matthew Passion. ESSWOOD, BOWMAN (a), EQUILUZ, ROGERS (t), RIDDERBUSCH, VAN EGMOND, SCHOPPER (bs); HARNONCOURT, Vienna Choir Boys, Regensburg Domchor, Choir of Kings's College, Cambridge. FS. Text
SAWT 9590 S Vivaldi: Stabat Mater (HEYNIS); Sinfona & Sonata, "Al Santo Sepolcro;"Miserere--2 introductions. EPHRIKIAN, I Solisti di Milano. FS
SLK 16465 S Lehar: Der Zarewitsch--exc.; Der Graf von Luxemburg--exc. GUEDEN, KMENTT; SCHOENHERR, Wiener Volksoper Cho. & O. A
SLT 43104 S "March Music at the Royal Prussian Court of Brandenburg." SCHADE, Musicians of the 6th Military Music Corps, Hamburg (period instruments). FS
SLT 43109 S Duport: Sonata in G; B. Romberg: Sonata in Bb; Spohr: Sonata in Ab. H. STORCK (harp), K. STORCK (cello). FS
S/2058 S Miyoshi: Ondine. MORI, cho. & ens. (+ electronic music). A
Ti 97 S "German Brass Music, 1500-1700." N.Y. CORNET & SACBUT ENS. FS
TS 7032 S Bartok: For Children, Book 1. NOVIK. Jacket inscribed by the pianist. A
S31 S Works of Chopin, Schifrin, Scarlatti, Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Liszt, & Brahms. MAYORGA (works included in film "The Competition"). Includes signed note from the pianist. A
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52 Arias of Puccini (3), Leoncavallo, Verdi (2), Bizet, Gounod, & Giordano. JAGEL; WALTHER, Hamburg PO. A
Unicorn (Eng.)
RHS 339 S L.J. Kauffmann: Music for Brass; works of Buxtehude, Haydn, Grieg, Tcherepnin, Barber, & G. Carr. STOBART, Locke Brass Consort. FS
DKP 9037 D Messiaen: 8 Preludes (Piano Music, Vol. 1). HILL. A
Unique Opera
UORC 150 Giuseppe DI STEFANO aria recital, 1949-61. A. BJ
UORC 178 (3) Bizet: Carmen. STIGNANI, R. & B. GIGLI, BECHI; BELLEZZA, Rome Opera (1949). Sound track from unissued film. A. BJ
UORC 228 Wagner: Tristan & Isolde--exc. FLAGSTAD, SHACKLOCK, SVANHOLM, SCHOEFFLER; RANKL, Covent Garden (1950). A. BJ
UORC 340 "Tenor Potpourri (1951-52)." BJOERLING, CONLEY, SVANHOLM, DEL MONACO (3each); 2 duets with SAYAO. A. BJ
UORC 350 Jussi BJOERLING aria recital (1937-54). A. BJ
UORC 374 Nicolai GEDDA aria & song recital, 1967-77. A. BJ
UORC 376 Jussi BJOERLING song & aria recital, 1955. A. BJ
UORC 377 Jussi BJOERLING recital, 1920-52, including 4 BJOERLING TRIO items. A. BJ
UORC 378 Wagner: Gotterdammerung--exc. HARSHAW, SVANHOLM; STIEDRY (1954), KEMPE(1955). A. BJ
University of Michigan
SM 0012 S Menotti: The Unicorn, the Gorgon & the Manticore. HILBISH, U. of Michigan Chamber Cho., inst ens. FS
URLP 7033 Beethoven: Sonata #13; Rondo; Variations. STEURER. A
URLP 7055 Beethoven: Sonatas #4 & 19; Polonaise. STEURER. A
URLP 7141 Meyerbeer: L'Africaine--Overture & Indian March; Huguenots & Dinorah Overtures; Le Prophete--4 exc. SEBASTIAN, Paris Opera O. A-, FOT
US 5134 S Antheil: Ballet Mecanique (opening measures missing on all stereo copies). CRAFT, L.A. Contemporary Music Ens. LoPresti: Sketch; Chavez: Toccata; Hovhaness: October Mountain. PRICE, Manhattan Percussion Ens. A, LSM
US 58031 S Beethoven: Sonata #23; Chopin: Ballade #4; 5 Etudes. FIDELMAN. FS
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10" VRS 7016 "Christmas Carols of the Nations." HAYES, Boardman. A
VA 25017 D Berg: Lyric Suite; String Quartet, Op. 3. GALIMIR QT. FS
VCS 10030 S Xenakis: Metastasis; Pithoprakta. LE ROUX, French Nat'l Radio O. Eonta. SIMONOVIC, Paris Ens. for Contemporary Music. FS
VCS 10035 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #2, 3, 8, 13, 15, & 17; Csardas obstine. BRENDEL. FS
VCS 10080/1 S (2) Bach: Violin Sonatas. BUSWELL, VALENTI. A. Corner clipped
VCS 10093/4 S (2) Paganini: 24 Caprices. ZUKOFSKY. A
VCS 10101/4 S (4) Beethoven: Quartets, Opp. 127, 130, 131, 132, & 135; Grosse Fuge.YALE QT. FS
VRS 1009 Brahms: 3 Violin Sonatas. SHAPIRO, BERKOWITZ. A
VRS 427 Schubert-Weingartner: Symphony in E. LITSCHAUER, Vienna St. Opera O. FS. COH
VRS 454 Haydn: Trumpet Concerto. ESKDALE (superb!). Harpsichord Concerto in D.E. HEILLER; LITSCHAUER, Vienna St. Opera O. One of the most musical brass solo performances ever recorded. A, LSM. COH
VRS 478 Mahler: Des Knaben Wunderhorn. SYDNEY, POELL; PROHASKA, Vienna St. Opera O. A. Texts
VRS 6024 Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer" (OBORIN); Leclair: Sonata in D, Op. 9, #3 (YAMPOLSKY); Ysaye: Sonata for Solo Violin #3. OISTRAKH. French recording made by Vanguard (not from Russian masters). A
VRS 6030/1 (2) Shostakovich: Symphony #1. KONDRASHIN, USSR St. O. Symphony #7. MRAVINSKY, Leningrad PO. A
VSD 2017 S Beethoven: Variations, Opp. 34 & 35 ("Eroica"); 32 Variations in c. MATTHEWS. A. Black label
VSD 2073- S Bach: Violin Concerto #2; Nardini: Concerto; Vivaldi: Concerto in g.ELMAN. A/A-, FOT. Black label. Jacket repaired
VSD 2111 S Chopin: Concerto #1. R. LHEVINNE. Schumann: Overture, Scherzo & Finale. BARNETT, Nat'l Orchestral Association Alumni. First edition of "Golden Age" pianist's exquisite recording. A. Black label
VSD 71270 S Rameau: Suites in D/d & G/g. PINNOCK. FS
VSD 71271 S Rameau: Suite in a; La Dauphine; Pieces in Concert. PINNOCK (hpsi). FS
Vanguard Everyman
SRV 253SD S Bach: Concertos #1 & 5 (NEWSTONE, o.); Italian Concerto. KATZ (piano). FS
SRV 304/5 (2) Beethoven: Sonata #9, "Kreutzer;" Debussy: Violin Sonata; Bartok: Rhapsody #1; Sonata #2. SZIGETI, BARTOK (1940). A
Varese Sarabande
VX 81062 S Moroi: Symphony #2. YAMAOKA, Yomiuri Nippon SO. FS
2001 Beethoven: Symphony #5. "National Opera O." A-/B, FOT
28.004 S Arias of Gounod, Berlioz, Massenet, Verdi, et al. MASSARD; ETCHEVERRY, o. A
Voix de Son Maitre
COLH 91 Chopin: 4 Ballades; Fantasy in f. CORTOT (from 78s, July 1933). A. Dowel spine
CVA 702 S Wagner: Wesendonck Lieder; Arias. CRESPIN; PRETRE, French Radio O. A. Dowel spine
DLP 6660 Mozart: Clarinet Concerto (ETIENNE); Ode Funebre in c, K. 477. HEWITT CO. A-/B; 1/2" X
PL 10090 Brahms: Violin Sonatas #1 & 2. ROSAND, FLISSLER. A
PL 10440 Dvorak: Trio, Op. 90, "Dumky;" Smetana: Trio, Op. 15. TRIO DI BOLZANO. A, LSM
PL 7730 Beethoven: "Diabelli" Variations. HORSZOWSKI. A. Late pressing
PL 9900 Beethoven: Sonatas #30-32. WUHRER. A, FOT
STPL 510700 S Beethoven: Symphony #3. HORENSTEIN, S.W. German Radio O., Baden-Baden. FS
STPL 512340 S Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #2, 3, 5, 6, 11, 13, & 17. VAZSONYI (Dohnanyi pupil). FS
STVX 426230 S "Songs from Viennese Operettas." SAILER, WUNDERLICH; Mareczek, Stuttgart PO. A. EAR
SVBX 5142 S (3) Works of L. & F. Couperin, Marais (2), Sieur de Sainte-Colombe (2), Barriere, Boismortier, & Rameau. OBERLIN BAROQUE ENS. FS
SVBX 5313 S (3) "A Survey of the World's Greatest Organ Music: France, Vol. 4." SAORGIN, DARASSE. FS. Booklet
SVBX 5314 S (3) "Survey of the World's Greatest Organ Music: France, Vol. 5, Romantic." DARASSE, LEHRNDORFER, RAYNAUD, SAORGIN. FS
SVBX 5322 S (3) "A Survey of the World's Greatest Organ Music--Italy, Vol. 1." TERNI. FS
SVBX 5323 S (3) "Survey of the World's Greatest Organ Music: Italy, Vol. 2, Venetian School." TERNI. FS
SVBX 5408 S (3) Prokofiev: Sonatas #1-5; Visions fugitives; piano music (Vol. 1).SANDOR. FS. Booklet
SVBX 5409 S (3) Prokofiev: Sonatas #6-9; piano music (Vol. 2). SANDOR. A
SVBX 5425 S (3) Bartok: Mikrokosmos. SANDOR (Bartok pupil). FS
SVBX 5427 S (3) Bartok: Piano music (Vol. 3). SANDOR. FS
VBX 15 (3) Bach: Suites for solo cello. CASSADO. A; 2/3" X on 1 disc. Insert sheet
VBX 36 (3) Corelli: Sonatas, Opp. 3 & 4. MUSICORUM ARCADIA. A
VBX 37 (3) Corelli: Trio Sonatas, Opp. 1 & 2. MUSICORUM ARCADIA (Poltronieri, Bachetta, violin; Gusella, cello; Giordani-Sartori, hpsi). A
VCL 9011 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #2. CHERKASSKY; SUSSKIND, Cincinnati SO. A
Vox Candide
CE 31092 S Medtner: Piano Concerto #3 (CAO); Sonata Tragica, Op. 39; Sonata in g,Op. 22. PONTI. FS
CE 31093 S "Musical Clocks." Priceless sound document of 30 Haydn musical clock pieces pinned under composer's direction with authentic embellishments (1 full side), with other mechanical instruments 1640-1880. FS
Vox Turnabout
QTV 34720 Q Wieniawski: Faust Fantasy; Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy; Ernst: Otello Fantasy; Paganini: I Palpiti. RICCI; DE FROMENT, Radio Luxembourg O. FS
QTV 34723 Q St.-Saens: Fantasy for Violin & Harp; Cypres et Lauries (KEMMER, org);La Muse et le Poete for Violin & Cello; Morceau de Concert; Romance. RICCI (violin), MILDONIAN (harp), MALLACH (cello), ORVAL (horn); DE FROMENT, Radio Luxembourg O. FS
TV 34044 S Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #1-3. LAUTENBACHER, SCHNEIDEWIND, PENZEL, et al; FAERBER, Wurttemberg CO. FS
TV 34045 S Bach: Brandenburg Concertos #4-6. LAUTENBACHER, et al; FAERBER, Wurttemberg CO. FS
TV 34228 S "Vivaldi" [Chedeville]: Il Pastor Fido. KOHON (vln), SUFFOLK CONSORT. FS
TV 34331 S Kabalevsky: The Nursery; 7 Nursery Rhymes; Prokofiev: 3 Children's Songs; The Ugly Duckling; songs of Stravinsky & Mussorgsky (2). WOOLF (boy soprano), BEDFORD (pf). FS
TV 34360 S Debussy: Preludes, Book 2. RICHTER (live, Spoleto Festival). FS
TV 34484 S Bartok: Violin Concerto #1. EGGER. Rhapsodies #1 & 2. LAUTENBACHER; SPRINGER, Radio Luxembourg O. FS
TV 34592 S Bartok: Songs, Opp. 15 & 16; Village Scenes; 8 Hungarian Folksongs. SUDERBERG (s), SIKI (pf). FS. English texts
TV 34615 S Mozart: Clarinet Trio; Bruch: 3 Pieces, from Op. 83; Schumann: Marchenerzahlungen. PERAHIA, KROYT, WRIGHT. Live performance, 1967. A
TV 34673 S Smetana: 10 Czech Dances. FIRKUSNY. Aubort/Nickrenz recording. FS
TV 4159 Bartok: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion. B. & D. BARTOK, BAKER, RUBSAN. For Children--10 Pieces; Evening in Transylvania; Bear Dance. B. BARTOK. FS
Voz de Su Amo
LALP 581 Rodrigo: 4 Danzas de Espana; piano music. RODRIGO. A
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9406 S Vivaldi: 4 Concertos. JENKINS, Milan CO. FS
WER 60112 D Ives: 5 Studies; 3-Page Sonata; 3 Quarter-Tone Pieces (RICHARDS). HENCK (pf). DMM pressing. FS
OPW 1402 (4) Tchaikovsky: The Sorceress. SOKOLOVA, BORISSENKO, NELEPP, KISSELEV, KOROLEV; SAMOSUD, Moscow Radio Cho., Moscow PO. A, FOT. Libretto
W 9021 Brahms: Sextet #1, Op. 18. VIENNA KONZERTHAUS QT., STANGLER, WEISS. FS
W 9053 Brahms: Viola Sonatas. DOKTOR, REISENBERG. A
W 9344 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #1-8. FARNADI. FS
W 9345 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #9-15. FARNADI. FS
W 9346 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #16-19; Rhapsodie Espagnole; 6 Consolations. FARNADI. FS
WL 4006 Schubert: transcriptions. BRIDGEWATER, o. A, LSM. Minor pressing flaw
WL 5004 Martinu: Concerto Grosso; Strauss: Macbeth. SWOBODA, Vienna SO. A-, FOT. EAR
WL 5184 Beethoven: Sonatas #8, 14, & 23. BADURA-SKODA. A-, FOT
WL 5187 Mozart: Violin Concertos #3 & 5. FOURNIER; HORVAT, Vienna St. Opera O. A, LSM; minor PBs
WL 5226 Beethoven: String Trio in Eb, Op. 3. POUGNET, RIDDLE, PINI. A, FOT
WL 5294 Piano pieces of Chabrier (7) & St.-Saens (5). G. DOYEN. A
WL 5357 Beethoven: Sonatas #28 & 30. BADURA-SKODA. A
WST 17092 S Handel: Preis der Tonkunst; Schubert: Salve Regina; Mozart: Exsultate, Jubilate; Laudamus Te. STICH-RANDALL; RISTENPART. A
WST 17137 S Britten: A Charm of Lullabies; songs of Severac, Milhaud, Dela, Rich, Scott, Stutschewsky, Ives, Coulthard, Falla, Cimara, Gretchaninov, Reger, Schubert, Wolf, & Brahms ("A Charm of Lullabies"). FORRESTER, Newmark. FS. Texts
XWN 18177 Chausson: Poeme; Glazounov: Mazurka-Oberek; Ravel: Tzigane; Kabalevsky: Violin Concerto (KABALEVSKY). OISTRAKH; KONDRASHIN, YUDIN, USSR St. O. A, FOT
XWN 18330 Scarlatti: Sonatas (Vol. 3). VALENTI. A. EAR
XWN 18337 Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsodies #9-15. FARNADI. A/A-, FOT
XWN 18403 Works of Debussy, Liszt, Chopin (4), Brahms, Beethoven, St.-Saens, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninov, Rubinstein, Massenet, Schubert, & Schumann ("Moonlight & Keyboard.") LEWENTHAL. A; 2/3" X
XWN 18414 Beethoven: Sonatas #7 & 11. APPELBAUM. A
XWN 18416 Beethoven: Sonatas #9 & 29. APPELBAUM. A
XWN 18533 Bartok: Quartets #5 & 6. PARRENIN QT. A, FOT
XWN 18581 Couperin: Lecons de Tenebres. CUENOD, SINIMBERGHI (t), HOLETSCHEK (hpsi & org), HARAND (cello). A, LSM. Texts
XWN 18870 Brahms: Handel & Paganini Variations. LATEINER. Stunning virtuosity! A
XWN 18871 Widor: Organ Symphonies #5 & 9. DUPRE, Cavaille-Coll organ, Saint-Sulpice, Paris. A
Westminster Gold
WG 8362 S Haydn: Cello Concerto in D (JARVI); Boccherini-Grutzmacher: Concerto in Bb (YANSONS). SHAFRAN. FS
WGS 8250 S Dohnanyi: Ruralia Hungarica; works of Kodaly & Bartok. GERLE, BENOIT. FS
WIMR 22 S Pillin: Concerto for Strings & Percussion. DUERR, Pasadena CO. Reicha:Quintet, Op. 88, #2. PASADENA CHAMBER O. members. FS
[Bruno Walter Society]
WSA 526 Works of Gounod, Brahms (2), Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Massenet, Mendelssohn, & Wagner. BEECHAM, London PO ("Concert for Radio Luxembourg"). Works of Thomas, Delius, Meyerbeer, Debussy, Duparc, & Respighi. PONS; BEECHAM, o ("Concert for the Armed Forces"). A
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"Audiophile" LPs

SB 3652 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #9. BARBIROLLI, Berlin PO. Valin TAS recommendation. A. Blue label
ASD 2740 S Vaughan Williamns: London Symphony. BOULT, London PO. A. Large dog label
CS 6044B S Vivaldi: The Seasons. KROTZINGER; MUNCHINGER, Stuttgart CO. A- FOT LSM. Blue back jacket
CSA 2203 S (2) Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker. ANSERMET, Suisse Romande O. FS. EP. FFRR label
SR90208 S Haydn: Symphonies #94 & 103. DORATI, Philharmonia Hungarica. A. CBFR matrix. Color back jacket
SR90444 S "Champagne, Roses, & Bonbons: Waltzes of J. Strauss, Dohnanyi, Lehar, & Waldteufel." DORATI, Minneapolis SO, Philharmonia Hungarica. A. RFR matrix
H 71293 S Crumb: Makrokosmos, Vol. 1. BURGE. HP Super Disc. FS
RCA Victor
LSC 2228SD S Berlioz: Harold in Italy. PRIMROSE; MUNCH, Boston SO. A, LSM. 5S/1S
LSC 2307SD S "Destination Stereo" (sampler). A, LSM. 2S/2S stampers
LSC 2345SD S Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture; Ravel: Bolero. GOULD, o. A. 12S/6S
LSC 2595SD S "Pops Roundup." FIEDLER, Boston Pops O. A. 2S/2S
LSC 2614SD S Beethoven: Symphony #6. REINER, Chicago SO. A, LSM. 15S/11S
RCA Victrola
VICS 1058 S Chausson: Poeme; St.-Saens: Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso. OISTRAKH; MUNCH, Boston SO. Sonatas of Leclair & Locatelli. OISTRAKH, YAMPOLSKY. First stereo editions. FS. EAR
SVBX 593 S (3) Bartok: String Quartets. NEW HUNGARIAN QT. FS. TAS recommendation
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Non-Classical LPs

1553 Kurt MAIER: Echoes of Broadway. A, LSM
1626 Kurt MAIER: Encores of Times Square. A/A-, FOT
American Heritage
P 11794 Will ROGERS: The Voice of Will Rogers (from 78s & broadcasts). A
65034 "Vienna's Favorite Songs." KUNZ, Schrammel o. A. EP
31712 (2) Zarah LEANDER: Erfolge von Gestern und Heute. A/A-, FOT. Booklet. Box worn
Audio Fidelity
AFLP 701 Myron COHEN: America's Funniest Storyteller. A, LSM
AFSD 1706 S George JESSEL: At His Best. FS
Audio Rarities
6063 S "The Jewish American Princess." Judy GRAUBART, Frank GALLOP, Anthony HOLLAND, Beatrice ARTHUR, Lou JACOBI (comedy). A
TC 1463 S F.H. Burnett: The Secret Garden--exc. Claire BLOOM (reader). FS
T416 Les PAUL & Mary FORD: The Hit Makers! A, LSM
10" CL 6128 Abe BURROWS Sings? (7 original songs). A, FOT
KCS 9913 S Janis JOPLIN: I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! A. 2 eye label
KOS 3020 S Bock: The Apple Tree. Barbara HARRIS, Larry BLYDEN, Allen ALDA (Broadway cast). A
OS 2810 S "Ben Bagley's The Decline & Fall of the Entire World as Seen through the Eyes of Cole Porter." Kaye BALLARD, Harold LANG, et al (original cast). A
506 Yeats: The Only Jealousy of Emer: A Poetic Play for Masked Dancers with original music by Lou Harrison." HARRISON, et al (cast includes Colleen DEWHURST). A
DL 74992 S "The Versatile Guitar of Vicente GOMEZ." FS
DXB 175 (2) The Best of Danny KAYE. A. COH
DLP 3058 Helen TRAUBEL: America's Favorite Songs (Rogers, cho. & o.) A-, FOT; 1/2" X
SL 5207 S Julie WILSON Sings the Kurt Weill Songbook. A
201 Ann SHERIDAN/Marlene DIETRICH (1 side of songs by each). Boris Rose bootleg edition. A, LSM
Musical Heritage Society
MHS 3094 S RADULESCO & His Gypsy Violins: The Roumanian Cimbalom. A
MHS 3111 S Julius PATZAK & Erich KUNZ: Songs of Old Vienna (TOTZAUER, o.) A
EXP 39 S "Salzburg Through the Seasons." RUPRECHT, Landa Choir; TOBI-REISER Quintet (mostly Christmas music). A
GSGL 10433 S Calum KENNEDY: Round at Calum's (Scottish songs). A
RCA Camden
CAL 707 HOMER & JETHRO Strike Back (hits). A
RCA Victor
LPM 1880 HOMER & JETHRO: Life Can Be Miserable. A, FOT
LPM 3357 HOMER & JETHRO Sing "Tenderly" & other great love ballads. A. AS
LPM 3433 "Funny You Don't Look It, or How Can You Say the Whole World Isn't Jewish when even the Sun's name is Sol." Al KELLY, Minerva PIOUS, Larry ALPERT, Rhoda BROWN, Rhoda MANN, Gilberg MACK. A. AS
LPM 3791 Myron COHEN: It's Not a Question! A, LSM. AS
LSP 1738 S "Jeanette MacDONALD & Nelson EDDY Favorites in Stereo." A
LSP 1956 S Mancini: Peter Gunn (TV music). MANCINI. A, LSM
LSP 3822 S HOMER & JETHRO: Nashville Cats. A
VDS 112 S (3) Congreve: Love for Love (spoken play). Anthony NICHOLLS, John STRIDE, Robert LANG, Laurence OLIVIER, Geraldine McEWAN, Madge RYAN, Joyce REDMAN, National Theatre of Great Britain. A. Text
Red Rooster
3029 S NRBQ: All Hopped Up (world's greatest rock & roll band!). FS
RLP 12 615 Paul CLAYTON: Bloody Ballads--Classic British & American Murder Ballads. A, LSM. Jacket repaired
Sandy Hook
S.H. 2020 Alice FAYE on the Air (broadcasts, 1932-4). A
Stolen Moments
SM 1939 S Steve ROSS: Live at the Algonquin. FS. COH
TC 201 "World War II: Hitler's March on Czechoslovakia/The United States First Week at War." A
TLP 1009 John LANGSTAFF: American & British Folksongs & Ballads (Nancy Woodbridge, pf). A
Warner Bros.
W 1417 Bob NEWHART: Behind the Button-Down Mind. A. AS
World Record Club
SH 284 Erich KUNZ: Songs of Vienna (1948-51). FS
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Jazz + Blues LPs

1312 Ray CHARLES: The Genius of Ray Charles. A, FOT
50 5255 (4) Fats WALLER: One Never Knows, Do One? A. Booklet
61 7650 (4) "52nd Street Swing: The Commodore Years." A. Booklet
Charlie Parker
PLP 813 D. Jordan: Les Liasons Dangereuses (film music). Duke JORDAN, Charlie ROUSE, Sonny COHN, Art TAYLOR, Eddie KAHN. FS. AS
Classic Jazz Masters
CJM 2/9 (8) Jelly Roll MORTON: The Library of Congress Recordings. Complete series, but 2 LPs replaced by equivalent Swaggie issues. A
10" CL 6026 Woody HERMAN & His Orchestra: Sequence in Jazz. A-, FOT
CL 1294 Tony BENNETT w. Count BASIE Orchestra: In Person! (live perf.)
10" C 2507 Mary Lou WILLIAMS [1953]. A-, FOT
CRL 57389 Presenting Pete FOUNTAIN & Al HIRT: Bourbon Street. A, LSM
MG36033 Phil NAPOLEON: Dixieland Classics. A-, FOT
SoN 18891/2 George LEWIS Plays Hymns (w. Joe Robichaux, Placide Adams). A
3054 1 N S Chet BAKER Sings & Plays from the film "Let's Get Lost." A
2310 834 S Louis BELLSON: Matterhorn. FS. Corner clipped
Personal Choice
PC 51002 S Stan GETZ: Midem Live '80 (w. Paul HORN, Mike GARSON). Live perf., Jan. 1980. FS
RCA Victor LSP 1678 S Ray McKINLEY & the New Glenn Miller Orchestra: Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue. A/A-, FOT
MGV 4024 Ella FITZGERALD: The George & Ira Gershwin Song Book, Vol. 1 (w. Nelson RIDDLE Orch.) Buffet cover. A. Black label. AS
MGV 4025 Ella FITZGERALD Sings the George & Ira Gershwin Song Book, Vol. 2. Buffet cover. A. AS
MGV 4026 Ella FITZGERALD Sings the George & Ira Gershwin Song Book, Vol. 3. Buffet cover. A. AS
MGV 4027 Ella FITZGERALD Sings the George & Ira Gershwin Song Book, Vol. 4. Buffet cover. A. AS
MGV 4028 Ella FITZGERALD: The George & Ira Gershwin Song Book, Vol. 5. A; 1/4" X. AS
Who's Who in Jazz
WWLP 21021 D Ahmad JAMAL: Live at Bubba's (live, 1980). FS
168 S Sam NOTO: Noto-Riety (w. Sam Most, Dolo Coker, Monty Budwig, Frank Butler). A, LSM
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Compact Discs

"Fachmann fur Klassischer Musik" Society
FKM CDR 124 S Brahms: Violin Concerto. OISTRAKH; ABBADO, Vienna PO (1972)
A Deranged Bat Collection
ADB 0001 S (2) Brahms: Academic Festival Overture; Violin Concerto (FRIED); Symphony #4. TENNSTEDT, Boston SO (Dec. 14, 1974)
ADB 0002 S (2) Mozart: Symphony #35; Mahler: Symphony #4. TENNSTEDT, Boston SO (Jan. 15, 1977)
ADB 0003 S (2) Beethoven: Creatures of Prometheus--exc.; Concerto #4 (P. SERKIN); Symphony #7. TENNSTEDT, Boston SO (July 29, 1977)
ADB 0004 S Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Symphony #3. TENNSTEDT, NDR SO (Oct. 3, 1979)
ADB 0008 S (2) Beethoven: Violin Concerto (FRIED); Prokofiev: Symphony #5. TENNSTEDT, N.Y. Phil. (March 1, 1977)
202932 S Poulenc: Melodies. BERNAC, POULENC (1958-60). OP
AG 0001 2 D Martinu: Concerto for 2 Pianos (SVAROVSKY, Pardubice Chamber PO); 3 Czech Dances; Fantasy. KOLAROVA, HRSEL (pf)
Aguava New Music Studio
2003 1 CD BT D C. Boyce: Dreams within a Dream (SWANEY, s); Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending (CEROVSEK, vln). G. SOUSA, Bloomington Chamber Singers. Texts
TROY 184 D Short: The Raven Speaks; McKay: Symphony for Seattle; Bergsma: Serenade, To Await the Moon. SPAIN, Northwest SO
TROY 812 D Handel: Agrippina condotta a morire; La Lucrezia; Armida abbandonata (FOGARTY, s); Trio Sonata, Op. 5, #4. GRIESBACH (hpsi), et al
TROY 849/50 D (2) Hagen: Bandanna. DeGROOT, DEMIER, KREIDER, THOMSEN, ZIMMER; HAGEN, UNLV Opera Cho. & Wind O. Libretto
DS 0125 D (2) Donizetti: Alahor in Granata. ALAIMO, PACE, GENAUX, FLOREZ; PONS,Granada SO. 3 language libretto
EA 6595 D Oswald: Airs for the Seasons. MURDOCH (vln), JACKSON (cello), CONSTABLE (hpsi), LAURENCE (bass)
Amadeus Press
TOUMA 1 "The Music of the Arabs, compiled, recorded & commented by Habib HassanTouma."
CDAPR 7011 (2) "GODOWSKY: The Pianists' Pianist" (American recordings, 1913-26). FS
Z6700 D Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 24; Frauenliebe und Leben; Dichterliebe. BRYN-JULSON, SHIRLEY-QUIRK, FLEISHER (pf). Texts
00289 477 6005 D Vivaldi: 5 Violin Concertos. CARMIGNOLA; MARCON, Venice Baroque O. Advance copy in promo package
419 221 2 D (2) Purcell: The Fairy Queen. HARRHY, J. SMITH, NELSON, PRIDAY, PENROSE, STAFFORD, EVANS, HILL, VARCOE, THOMAS; GARDINER, Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists. Text
419 632 2 D Scarlatti: Sonatas. PINNOCK. OP
423 405 2 D Schutz: Motets; Concertos; Musikalische Exequien--exc. STAFFORD, CHANCE (a), LANG (t); GARDINER, Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists. COH. OP. Texts
437 833 2 D Palestrina: Missa "Hodie Christus natus est;" works of Josquin, Frescobaldi, Victoria, Pasquini, Anerio, Mazzocchi, & Carissimi. McCREESH, Gabrieli Consort & Players. OP. Texts
B0006504 02 D Vivaldi: 5 Violin Concertos. CARMIGNOLA; MARCON, Venice Baroque O. FS
B0006506 02 D Mozart: Symphonies #40 & 41; Idomeneo--ballet. MINKOWSKI, Les Musiciens du Louvre (period inst.)
AAOC 93982 D Villa-Lobos: Suite Floral; Mignone: 6 Preludes; Ginastera: Sonata #1; Aguirre: Aires Nacionales Argentinos, Book 1. SALAS (pf)
414 042 2 D "O Come All Ye Faithful: Favourite Christmas Carols." CLEOBURY, King'sCollege Choir, Cambridge
ARN 68011 S St.-Saens: Polonaise; Variations on a Theme of Beethoven; works for 2 pianos. IVALDI, LEE. OP
2CD 78027 (2) Mozart: Die Zauberflote. LEMNITZ, BERGER, BEILKE, ROSWAENGE, STRIENZ, HUSCH; BEECHAM, Berlin PO (1937/8)
HP 605.2 S (2) Spontini: Fernando Cortez. GULIN, PREVEDI, BOTTION, RONI, STEFANOV; MATACIC, RAI Cho. & O., Turin (March 5, 1974). OP. Italian libretto
Arte Nova
74321 27766 2 D Brahms: Handel Variations; Klavierstucke, Opp. 76 & 118. PIAZZINI
AL 108 LE Beethoven: Concerto #3 (KARAJAN, Berlin PO); Sonata #30; Bach: 14 Sinfonias. GOULD (Berlin/Vienna, 1957/8)
CD 001 Stan KENTON: The Concert in Miniature Broadcasts, 1951-52. Writing on tray card
47501 2 D (2) D'Albert: Tiefland. MARTON, KOLLO, WEIKL, MOLL; JANOWSKI, Munich Radio O. FS
Arts Archives
43012 2 D Mozart: Concert arias. DONATH; K. DONATH, Suk CO. FS
43053 2 S (2) Rossini: La Cenerentola. CASONI, BRUSCANTINI, BENELLI, MARIOTTI; BELLUGI, Berlin St. Opera Cho. & RSO. Italian libretto
43063 2 S Mozart: Idomeneo. GIEBEL, STADLER, BERTOCCI, JELDEN; MAAG, RAI Cho. & O. Rome (1965). FS
43066 2 S (2) Cherubini: Les Abencerages. ORTIZ, RINALDI, MARS, DUPOUY, SNARSKI; MAAG, RAI Milan (1975). FS
E 8704 D Cererols: Missa Pro Defunctis; Missa de Batalla. SAVALL, La Capella Reial
E 8763 D "El Cancionero de la Colombina: Musica en el tiempo de Cristobal Colon. SAVALL, Hesperion XX. Texts
ES 9934 D Purcell: The Prophetess--Suite; The Fairy Queen--Suite. SAVALL, Le Concert des Nations
CD DCA 1082 D Martin: Ballade; Piano Concertos; Danse de la Peur. BADURA-SKODA, S. BENDA; C. BENDA, O. della Svizzera Italiana. FS
CD DCA 515 D Weber: Symphonies #1 & 2. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. OP. BMG club edition
CD DCA 699 D Glazunov: Symphony #6; 2 Serenades; Triumphal March. BUTT, London SO, Royal PO
CD DCA 897 D Martucci: 3 Romances; 3 Scherzos; Theme & Variations; piano music. CARAMIELLO
CD DCA 903 D Glazunov: Symphony #3; Stenka Razin; 2 Serenades. BUTT, London SO, Royal PO. OP
CD DCA 920 D Maw: Flute Quartet; Piano Trio. PEARCE (fl), P. COLETTI (vla), MONTICELLO TRIO
CD GAU 200 D Boyce: Ode for St. Cecilia's Day. LEA-COX, Choir of New College, Oxford, The Hanover Band (+ soloists). BMG edition. Texts
CD GAU 208 D Boyce: David's Lamentation Over Saul & Jonathan; Ode on St. Cecilia's Day. BURROWS, PUREFOY, WATTS, EDGAR-WILSON, GEORGE; LEA-COX, Choir of New College, Oxford, Hanover Band. Texts
CD GAU 216 D Erskine: Periodical Overture #17; Arne: Symphony #4; Collett: Symphony, Op. 2, #5; Smethergell: Symphony, Op. 5, #2; Abel: Symphony, Op. 10, #1; Marsh: Conversation Sinfonie. LEA-COX, Hanover Band ("18th Century English Symphonies"). BMG club edition
ACD2 2389 D (2) Works of Purcell, Blow, Dowland, Hume, & Cutting. TAYLOR (c-t), LES VOIX HUMAINES
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BBC Music Magazine
BBC 33D D Elgar: The Spanish Lady (incomplete opera). MANSON, BBC Scottish SO, Scottish Opera Cho. (+ soloists), + talk on Elgar 3rd Symphony by Anthony Payne
BBC MM110 S Haydn: Arias. NORMAN, AUGER, VON STADE, ROLFE JOHNSON, LUXON; DORATI, Lausanne CO (from Philips sets)
BBC MM58 D Arne: Alfred--exc. MONTAGUE, SEARS, PIERARD, PADMORE, WALLACE, HOLTON;KRAEMER, O. of the Age of Enlightenment
Bells of Saint Florian
AB 6/7 (2) Bruckner: Symphony #8. WAND, Bavarian Radio SO (1980s). FS
Berlin Classics
0033032BC Tiana LEMNITZ aria recital, from broadcasts
0090802BC S Wagner: Der fliegende Hollander--exc. SCHECH, S. WAGNER, SCHOCK, WUNDERLICH, FISCHER-DIESKAU, FRICK; KONWITSCHNY, Berlin St. Opera
BC 1107 2 D Mendelssohn: Lieder. SCHREIER, ENGEL. German texts
BIS CD 321 D Nielsen: Maskarade Overture; Symphony #3; Clarinet Concerto (SCHILL). CHUNG, Gothenburg SO
BIS CD 338 D Gade: Symphonies #3 & 4. JARVI, Stockholm Sinfonietta
BIS CD 339 D Gade: Symphonies #1 & 8. JARVI, Stockholm Sinfonietta
BIS CD 355 D Gade: Symphonies #2 & 7. JARVI, Stockholm Sinfonietta
BIS CD 356 D Gade: Symphonies #5 (PONTINEN, pf) & 6. JARVI, Stockholm Sinfonietta
BIS CD 385 S Alfven: Symphony #2; Swedish Rhapsody #1. JARVI, Stockholm PO
BIS CD 395 D Alfven: Symphony #1; Swedish Rhapsody #2; Drapa. JARVI, Stockholm PO
BIS CD 455 D Alfven: Swedish Rhapsody #3; Symphony #3; The Prodigal Son. JARVI, Stockholm PO
BIS CD 566 D Gubaidulina: Offertorium (DePREIST, Royal Stockholm PO); Rejoice! (THEDEEN, cello). KRYSA (vln, in all)
BIS CD 918 D Sibelius: Karelia Suite; King Christian II; Pelleas & Melisande ("original scoring"). VANSKA, Lahti SO
BIS SACD 1529 D (HYBRID SACD) Mozart: Arias. PERSSON (s); WEIGLE, Swedish CO. Texts
GB 2410/1 2 S (2) Donizetti: Caterina Cornaro. RINALDI, MAZZINI, GARAVENTA, MONTEFUSCO; BONCOMPAGNI, RAI Cho. & O. Turin (1974). Libretto
BR 1001 D Ballou: Sonata #2 for 2 Pianos; Botz: Capitol Trilogy; works of Postnikoff, J. Smith, Beach, & J. Butler. REES, STOYANOFF ("Music by American Women Composers"). OP
Brussels Philharmonic Society
590142 D Britten: Cello Sonata; Brahms: Sonata #2; Shostakovich: Sonata. SPANOGHE, A. DE GROOTE
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CACD 0528 Vaughan Williams: Symphony #4; Butterworth: A Shropshire Lad; Antheil: Symphony #4. STOKOWSKI, NBC SO (live, 1943-4). OP
CAL 50870 D Wolf: Lieder. ROOTERING, Lechler. German texts
97350 2 (4) Stan KENTON Retrospective
10 171 D Schubert: Lieder. SHIRAI, HOLL. German texts
10 360 D Mozart: Dances & Minuets. GRAF, Salzburg Mozarteum O
32 364 2 D Purcell: Dioclesian; The Fairy Queen; The Indian Queen; King Arthur (suites). MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
CAP 21364 S Atterburg: Symphony #3. EHRLING, Stockholm PO. Horn Concerto. LINDER; OSKAMP, Gothenburg SO
CAP 21368 D Olsson: Requiem in g. HAGGANDER, PAASKE, ANDERSSON, WEDIN; OHRWALL, Stockholm PO & Cho
Carlton Classics
30366 00132 D Vaughan Williams: 6 Studies in English Folk Song; The Lark Ascending; Violin Sonata; 2 Pieces; Fantasia on "Greensleeves." MORDKOVITCH, MILFORD. OP
RSR 6167 (2) Verdi: Un ballo in maschera. CASTELLANI, SIMIONATO, DEL MONACO, BIASINI; SANZOGNO, Geneva Opera Cho., Suisse Romande O. (May 8, 1946)
09026 61979 2 D Hersh: Tango Bittersweet. HERSCH (pf), FRIEDLANDER (cello). Oldham: Piano Concerto. HOBSON; McGLAUGHLIN. DeBlasio: God Is Our Righteousness; Gannon: Triad-O-Rama; Hampton: Variations on "Amazing Grace." Various performers ("Memento Bittersweet"). OP
09026 62672 2 S Revueltas: Homenaje a Garcia Lorca; Sensemaya. MATA, New Philharmonia O. Ocho X Radio; Toccata; Alcanias; Planos. ATHERTON, London Sinfonietta. La noche de los Mayas. DE LA FUENTE, Jalapa SO. OP
M2K 79217 S (2) Humperdinck: Hansel & Gretel. VON STADE, COTRUBAS, SODERSTROM, TEKANAWA, WELTING, LUDWIG, NIMSGERN; PRITCHARD, Cologne Opera Cho. & Gurzenich O. Libretto, no box
MK 36703 D Mozart: Symphonies #40 & 41. KUBELIK, Bavarian RSO. OP
MK 39541 D Elgar: Cello Concerto; Walton: Concerto. MA; PREVIN, London SO. FS
MK 42125 D Works of Bernstein (2), Ravel, Rodrigo, Copland, Prokofiev, Thomson, Faure, Ibert, Barber, & Gershwin ("Greatest Hits of the 1900s"). McGOVERN (s), JAMES (pf), BURGESS (gtr); KAPP, Philharmonia Virtuosi. OP
MK 44900 D Barber: Cello Concerto; Britten: Symphony for Cello & Orchestra. MA; ZINMAN, Baltimore SO
MK 7178 S Riley: In C. RILEY, ens. Pioneering "minimalist" work. OP
MPK 45698 Shostakovich: Symphony #10. MITROPOULOS. Symphony #9. KURTZ, N.Y. Phil. OP
MYK 37225 S Mahler: Symphony #4. RASKIN; SZELL, Cleveland O
CBS Sony
32DC 577 Mahler: Symphony #1. WALTER, N.Y. Phil. Early Japanese CD edition
CDR 90000 008 D Bridge: Cello Sonata; Blackwood: Sonata. SCHOLES, BLACKWOOD
CRC 2095 D Vaughan Williams: Concerto for 2 Pianos; Britten: Scottish Ballad (FREEMAN, Berlin RSO, Slovak RSO); Introduction & Rondo alla Burlesca. YARBROUGH, COWAN (pf)
CRC 2136 D Pfitzner: Lieder (Vol. 1). BUSCHING, CORDOVANA. Texts
CMC CD 3890 D Rideout: No Mean City; Music for a Young Prince; Cantiones Mysticae; Ballade #1 (DANN, vla); La Prima Ballerina. FELDBRILL, Toronto SO
CMC CD 6398 S Gluck: 2 Landscapes; Coulthard: 6 Medieval Love Songs; Naylor: Speaking from the Snow; works of Somers, Ridout, Beckwith, & Morawetz. VICKERS, Woitach
CHAN 0564 D Leclair: Violin Concertos, Op. 7, #3, 4, & 6; Op. 10, #2 (Vol. 2). STANDAGE (vln & cond), Collegium Musicum 90
CHAN 8307 D Bax: November Woods; The Garden of Fand; Summer Music; The Happy Forest. THOMSON, Ulster O
CHAN 8361 D Tchaikovsky: Symphony #4. JANSONS, Oslo PO
CHAN 8446 D Tchaikovsky: Symphony #6. JANSONS, Oslo PO
CHAN 8456 D Moeran: Cello Concerto (R. WALLFISCH); Sinfonietta. DEL MAR, Bournemouth Sinfonietta
CHAN 8466 D Shostakovich: Suite, Op. 6; Concertino; Arutyunian-Babajanian: Armenian Rhapsody; Khachaturian: Suite. BROWN, TANYEL
CHAN 8519 D Poulenc: Sonata for 4 hands; Sonata for 2 Pianos; piano music. S. TANYEL, J. BROWN
CHAN 8576 D Prokofiev: Symphony #5. JANSONS, Leningrad PO
CHAN 8600 D Handel: Chandos Anthems #1-3. DAWSON, PARTRIDGE, GEORGE; CHRISTOPHERS,The Sixteen. Texts
CHAN 8784 D Tippett: The Blue Guitar; Britten: Nocturnal; Schafer: Le Cri de Merlin. KRAFT (gtr). FS
CHAN 8803 D Prokofiev: Semyon Kotko; The Gambler (suites). JARVI, Scottish Nat'l O
CHAN 8936 D Finzi: 7 Partsongs, Op. 17; choral songs. SPICER, Finzi Singers. Texts
CHAN 8996 D Roussel: Symphony #3; Bacchus et Ariane--Suite #2; Ravel: La Valse; Bolero. JARVI, Detroit SO
CHAN 9317 D Korngold: Sursum Corda; Sinfonietta. BAMERT, BBC PO
CHAN 9342 D Franck: Le Chasseur Maudit; Psyche. OTAKA, BBC Welsh Cho. & Nat'l O
CHAN 9486 D Grechaninov: Symphony #2; Mass, "Et in terra pax" (OBRAZTSOV, bs). POLYANSKY, Russian St. Symphonic Cappella & SO
CHAN 9537 D Enescu: Romanian Rhapsody #2; Symphony #2. ROZHDESTVENSKY, BBC PO
CHAN 9633 D Enescu: Symphony #3; Romanian Rhapsody #1. ROZHDESTVENSKY, Leeds Festival Cho., BBC PO
CHAN 9757 D Bainton: Symphony #2; Gough: Serenade; Clifford: Symphony 1940. HANDLEY, BBC PO
CHAN 9843 D Britten: A Birthday Hansel; works of Caplet, Falla, Tournier, St.-Saens, Spohr, Donizetti, Ravel, Reissiger, & Rubbra. BETANSKI (s), MIRON (harp), et al. Texts
CHAN 9847 D Rubbra: Song of the Soul; 4 Mediaeval Latin Lyrics; Inscape; Veni, creator Spiritus; Advent Cantata. VARCOE (b); HICKOX, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Cho., City of London Sinfonia. COH. Texts
CHAN 9963 D Walton-Russ: 5 Bagatelles; Arnold: Serenade; Berkeley: Guitar Concerto; Arnold: Concerto. OGDEN; HICKOX, Northern Sinfonia
CHAN 9967 D (2) Arnold: Symphonies #7-9; Oboe Concerto (GALLOWAY). R. GAMBA, BBC PO
Channel Classics
CCS 4792 D "Henry Purcell & His Time: 17th century English Chamber Music." SCARAMOUCHE (Manze, et al)
CCS SA 24006 S (HYBRID SACD) Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri. GRIMM, ZOMER, DE GROOT, TORTISE, RAMSELAAR; VELDHOVEN, Netherlands Bach Society. Texts
Chant du Monde
LDC 278044/5 S (2) "Prize Winners of the 15th International Competition for Electroacoustic Music/Bourges, 1987." Works of Karpen, J. Berger, D'Escrivan, Kergomard, Katzer, Rimmer, Alvarez, J. Levine, Kaegi, & Guttman
LDC 278046/7 S (2) "Winners of the 16th International Electroacoustic Music Competition/Bourges 1988." Works of Dolden, Normandeau, Vaggione, Aikman/Tranquilino, Rudow, Parmerud, Poulard, Parmerud, Mandolini, & Voigtlaender
LDC 278048 S "1st Magisterium of the 16th Internaional Electroacoustic Music Competition/Bourges 1988." Works of D. Kaufmann, Dhomont, & Pongracz
LDC 278049/50 D (2) "Magisteres & Prizes of the 17th International Electroacoustic Music Competition/Bourges 1989." Works of Kupper, Kropfl, Karpen, Gobeil, D'Escrivan, Calon, Rai, MacDonald/Virgo, & A. Lewis
LDC 278051/2 S (2) "Prize Winners of the 18th Int'l Electroacoustic Music Competition/Bourges 1990." Works of K. Johnsen, Dolden, Rowe, F. White, Saitta, Valverde, Rudnik, Pongracz, Asuar, & Kusnir (last 4 from earlier competitions)
CLASSCD 244 D Vaughan Williams: Job; Prelude on an Old Carol Tune; Variations (orch.Jacob). BOSTOCK, Munich SO
CLASSCD 254 D Bax: Symphony #6; Tintagel; Overture to Adventure. BOSTOCK, Munich SO
CD 50 705 S Purcell: Songs. HUTTENLOCHER (b), DAHLER (hpsi). Texts
CD 50 8706 D Wolf: Lieder (Heine & Eichendorff). FISCHER-DIESKAU, HOLL. German texts
CD 50 9017 D Respighi: Concerto all'Antica; Concerto a Cinque; Vitali-Respighi: Chaconne; Tartini-Respighi: Pastorale. TURBAN (vln), et al; M. VIOTTI, English CO. OP
CD 50 9205 D Songs of Rodrigo, Obradors, Granados, Leoz, Nin, Turina, & Falla. BAYO (s), ALVAREZ-PAREJO (pf). Texts
Collins Classics
14952 D Strauss: An dem baum Daphne; Deutsche Motette; choral songs. CLEOBURY,BBC Singers, Choristers of King's College, Cambridge. OP. Texts
70372 D (2) Britten: 4 Chansons Francaises; Les Illuminations (LOTT); Our Hunting Fathers (BRYN-JULSON); Serenade; Nocturne (LANGRIDGE); Phaedra (MURRAY). BEDFORD, English CO, Northern Sinfonia. OP. Texts
CK 40648 Charles MINGUS: Mingus Ah Um. OP
CK 65240 Frank SINATRA: His Greatest Hits (1944-52)
CK 85397 D Joel: Fantasies & Delusions. R. JOO (pf). Classical compositions by pop star Billy Joel
Columna Music
1CM 0025 D Albeniz: Songs. COMAS (t), McCLURE (pf). Texts
Columna Musica
1CM 0084 D "Jaume ARAGALL Live" (arias & songs). Texts
1CM 0086 D E. Halffter: Songs (complete. GRAGERA (ms), CARDO (pf). Texts
CDCF 189 D Bartok: Viola Concerto; Serly: Concerto. GOLANI-ERDESZ; A. LIGETI, Hungarian RSO OP
Conifer Classics
CDCF 236 D Vasks: Cantabile; Cor anglais Concerto (SCHNEE); Message (NOVIK, JKHARAJANYAN, pf); Musica dolorosa; Lauda. RUMANIS, Riga PO. OP. BMG club edition
CCD 1045 D Bax: Sonata in Eb (later Symphony #1); Sonata #2. Legend. McCABE
999 073 2 D Volkmann: Lieder. JANICKE (ms), WINTER (pf). Texts
999 080 2 D Pfitzner: Kleine Sinfonie; Sinfonie, Op. 46; Das Fest auf Solhaug. ALBERT, Bamberg SO
999 265 2 D (3) Holzbauer: Gunther von Schwarzburg. McFADDEN, BARTHA, WORLE, SCHOPPER, PREGARDIEN; SCHNEIDER, La Stagione Vocal Ens. & O. Libretto
999 692 2 D (2) D'Albert: Die Toten Augen. SCHELLENBERGER, WELKER, ORTH, CHALKER;WEIKERT, Dresden Phil. Cho. & O. Libretto
CRD 3476 D Faure: Chansons (Vol. 1). WALKER, Martineau. Texts
CRD 3477 D Faure: Chansons (Vol. 2). WALKER, Martineau. Texts
CY 833/6 D (4) Messiaen: Saint Francois d'Assise. EDA-PIERRE, VAN DAM; OZAWA, Paris Opera. OP. English libretto
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8.224036/7 D (2) Kunzen (1761-1817): Holger Danske. NIELSEN, DAM-JENSEN, BONDE-HANSEN, RORHOLM, HENNING-JENSEN, MANNOV, REUTER, PAEVATALU; DAUSGAARD, Danish Nat'l RSO & Cho. Libretto
8.224063 D Holmboe: Chamber Concertos #4, 5 (FREDERIKSEN, vla), & 6 (FUTTRUP, vln). KOIVULA, Danish Radio Sinfonietta
8.226014 D Norgard: Borderlines (HIRSCH, vln); Dream Play; Voyage into the GoldenScreen. BELLINCAMPI, Copenhagen PO. FS
289 466 132 2 D Dowland: Songs. BONNEY (s), HERINGMAN (lute), et al. Texts
411 940 2 D Shostakovich: 2 Pieces for String Quartet; 7 Romances on Poems of Alexander Blok (SODERSTROM); Piano Quintet (ASHKENAZY). FITZWILLIAM QT. OP. Texts
414 456 2 D Stravinsky: Symphony in Eb, Op. 1; Scherzo fantastique. DORATI, Detroit SO. OP
414 543 2 D Mozart: Concertos #8 & 9. ASHKENAZY, Philharmonia O. OP
417 153 2 S Britten: Serenade (TUCKWELL); Les Illuminations; Nocturne. PEARS; BRITTEN, London SO, English CO. OP
417 242 2 D "Beautiful Dreamer: The Great American Songbook." HORNE; Carl DAVIS, English CO. OP
417 392 2 D (2) Shostakovich: Symphonies #7 & 12. HAITINK, London PO, Concertgebouw O. OP
417 428 2 S (3) Britten: Billy Budd. GLOSSOP, PEARS, LANGDON, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; BRITTEN, Ambrosian Opera Cho., London SO. Holy Sonnets of John Donne (PEARS); Songs & Proverbs of William Blake (FISCHER-DIESKAU). BRITTEN (pf). OP. Libretto & texts
417 753 2 S Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade; Capriccio espagnol; Borodin: Polovtsian Dances. STOKOWSKI, London SO, New Philharmonia O., Royal PO & Cho. OP
417 880 2 S Rachmaninov: Concerto #2; Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. KATCHEN; SOLTI, BOULT. FS
421 590 2 D (2) Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos. ASHKENAZY; HAITINK, Concertgebouw O. FS
421 627 2 S Haydn: Symphonies #6-8. DORATI, Philharmonia Hungarica
421 640 2 D (2) Bach: 6 English Suites. SCHIFF (pf)
421 884 2 S Lehar: The Merry Widow--exc. SUTHERLAND, RESNIK, KRENN; BONYNGE
425 153 2 S Britten; Spring Symphony. VYVYAN, PROCTER, PEARS; BRITTEN, Royal OperaCho. & O. Cantata Academica (VYVYAN, WATTS, PEARS, BRANNIGAN); Hymn to St. Cecilia. MALCOLM, London SO & Cho. OP
425 417 2 S (2) Catalani: Le Wally. TEBALDI, DEL MONACO, CAPPUCCILLI; CLEVA. OP. Libretto
425 663 2 S (2) Britten: Midsummer Night's Dream. HARPER, HARWOOD, VEASEY, WATTS,DELLER, PEARS, SHIRLEY-QUIRK, BRANNIGAN; BRITTEN. OP. Libretto
425 669 2 S (2) Britten: Death in Venice. PEARS, SHIRLEY-QUIRK, BOWMAN, BOWEN; BEDFORD, English Opera Group. OP. Libretto
425 672 2 (2) Britten: The Turn of the Screw. VYVYAN, CROSS, PEARS, MANDIKIAN, DYER, HEMMINGS; BRITTEN. OP. Libretto
425 675 2 D Shostakovich: Symphony #8. SOLTI, Chicago SO. OP
425 995 2 Mahler: Kindertotenlieder. FERRIER; KLEMPERER, Concertgebouw O. (live,1951). Brahms: Liebeslider Waltzes. SEEFRIED, FERRIER, PATZAK, GUNTER, CURZON, GAL (live, 1952). OP
430 065 2 S Works of Schutz, Purcell, Hammerschmidt, Bouzignac, G. Gabrieli, Monteverdi, Praetorius, & Hassler ("A Baroque Christmas"). NORRINGTON, Schutz Cho., et al. Texts
430 097 2 S Britten: A Ceremony of Carols; choral works. GUEST, St. John's Cathedral Choir OP
430 260 2 S Bach: Cantatas #82, 159, & 170. BAKER, TEAR, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, St. Anthony Singers. OP. Texts
433 210 2 D (2) Mozart: Die Zauberflote. ZIESAK, JO, LEITNER, HEILMANN, M. KRAUS,ZEDNIK; SOLTI, Vienna PO. Libretto
433 688 2 D Mozart: Requiem (ed. Robbins Landon). AUGER, BARTOLI, COLE, PAPE; SOLTI, Vienna St. Opera Cho. & PO. Text
436 394 2 S Britten: A Ceremony of Carols (MONO); A Boy was Born; Songs from "Friday Afternoons." BRITTEN, cho's. OP. Texts
436 636 2 D (3) Korngold: Das Wunder Heliane. TOMOWA-SINTOW, RUNKEL, DE HAAN, GEDDA, WELKER, PAPE; MAUCERI, Berlin RSO. Entartete Musik series. OP. Libretto
440 404 2 S Arias of Bellini (2), Verdi (3), & Donizetti (3). SUTHERLAND, var. accomp
443 376 2 D Harbison: Oboe Concerto (BENNETT); Symphony #2; Sessions: Symphony #2. BLOMSTEDT, San Francisco SO. OP
443 452 2 D Mozart: Exsultate, jubilate; arias. BARTOLI; G. FISCHER, Vienna CO. Texts
444 181 2 D Britten: 3 Cello Suites. COHEN. OP
444 811 2 D Brahms: Violin Concerto; Schumann: Concerto. BELL; DOHNANYI, Cleveland O. COH. OP
452 667 2 D "Chant d'Amour: Melodies Francaises." BARTOLI, M.-W. CHUNG (pf). Texts
455 513 2 D Songs of Bellini, Donizetti, & Rossini. BARTOLI, LEVINE (pf). Texts
475 6832 D (3) Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier. ASHKENAZY (pf). FS
476 2830 D Schubert: "Rendering;" Brahms: Clarinet Sonata #1 (GHIAZZA); works ofPurcell, Bach, Boccherini, & Mozart (all arr. Berio). CHAILLY, Verdi SO Milan
476 7460 D Mozart: Exsultate, jubilate; Regina coeli, K. 108 & 127; Ergo interest, K. 143. KIRKBY; HOGWOOD, Westminster Cathedral Boys Choir, Academy of Ancient Music Cho. & O
987 3257 D "Joie de Vivre!" (aria & song recital). FARRUGIA; BRIGER, BBC SO. Texts
B0005151 02 D Arias of Handel, A. Scarlatti, & Caldara ("Opera Proibita"). BARTOLI; MINKOWSKI, Les Musiciens du Louvre. Texts
B0006295 02 D "Sentimentao Latino." FLOREZ (t); HARTH-BEDOYA, Fort Worth SO, et al. FS. COH
D 100074 D Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites; Nielsen: Maskarade Overture; Aladdin Suite. BLOMSTEDT, San Francisco SO & Cho. OP. BMG pressing
D 115163 D "Ute LEMPER Sings Kurt Weill" (w. MAUCERI, RIAS Chamber Ens.) BMG club edition. Texts
DCD 34002 D Falla: 7 Popular Spanish Songs; Weir: Songs from the Exotic; Rodrigo:Madrigales Amatorios; Berio: 4 Canzoni Populari. MAY (ms), WALKER (pf). Texts
33C37 7537 D Mahler: Symphony #1. INBAL, Frankfurt RSO
CM 7236 D Bach: Concertos #1, 4, & 5. SCHIFF; MALCOLM, English CO. OP
Deutsche Grammophon
00289 477 5381 S Takemitsu: Quatrain (TASHI); A Flock Descneds into the Pentagonal Garden. OZAWA, Boston SO. Stanza I; Sacrifice; Ring; Valeria. WAKASUGI, ensembles
00289 477 5566 D (2) "2006 New Year's Concert." JANSONS, Vienna PO. FS. COH
00289 477 5719 D Schumann: Piano Concerto (SALONEN, Staatskapelle Dresden); C. Schumann: 3 Lieder (VON OTTER); Brahms: Cello Sonata #1 (MORK); 2 Rhapsodies. GRIMAUD. Advance copy in promo package
00289 477 6146 D Shostakovich: Quartets #3, 7, & 8. HAGEN QT. FS. COH
00289 477 6232 D Paganini: Violin Concerto #1; Spohr: Concerto #8. HAHN; OUE, Swedish RSO. Advance copy in promo package
00289 477 6273 D "Bel Canto" (aria recital). ALAGNA; PIDO, London PO (GHEORGHIU in 1). FS. COH
00289 477 6276 D "Nessun Dorma" (aria recital). ALAGNA; ELDER, Royal Opera O., Covent Garden. FS. COH
00289 477 6277 D Berlioz: Arias. ALGANA; DE BILLY, Royal Opera O., Covent Garden (Gerard DEPARDIEU, narr. in 2). FS
00289 477 6280 D "French Opera Arias." ALAGNA; DE BILLY, London Voices, Royal PO. FS. COH
00289 477 6318 D Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 302, 376, 379, & 454. MUTTER, ORKIS. First CD of new 4-disc set with DVD "Electronic Press Kit" videos
289 459 648 2 D (2) Stravinsky: The Rake's Progress. YORK, VON OTTER, BOSTRIDGE, TERFEL; GARDINER, Monteverdi Choir, London SO. Libretto
410 863 2 D Schumann: Symphony #2; Manfred Overture. SINOPOLI, Vienna PO. OP
413 785 2 D Arias of Verdi & Puccini. DOMINGO, var. accomp. OP
415 276 2 S Beethoven: Triple Concerto (ZELTSER, MUTTER, MA); Overtures--Egmont; Coriolan; Fidelio. KARAJAN, Berlin PO. OP
415 358 2 D Schumann: Piano Concerto (FRANTZ); Symphony #3. BERNSTEIN, Vienna PO. OP
415 366 2 S "The Best of DOMINGO" (aria recital)
415 683 2 D Franck: Violin Sonata; Debussy: Sonata; Ravel: Sonata. MINTZ, BRONFMAN. OP
415 983 2 D M. Neikrug: Through Roses. QUADFLIEG (speaker); ESCHENBACH, ens. (incl, Zukerman, Neikrug, et al). OP. 4 language text
419 083 2 S Bruckner: Symphony #9. KARAJAN, Berlin PO
419 858 2 S Bruckner: Symphony #7. BOHM, Vienna PO. OP
423 657 2 D (2) Bartok: String Quartets. EMERSON QT
427 215 2 S Schubert: "Trout" Quintet. ESCHENBACH, KOECKERT, RIEDL, MERZ, HORTNAGEL. Quartet #14, in d, "Death & the Maiden." AMADEUS QT
427 697 2 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #6; Kindertotenlieder (HAMPSON). BERNSTEIN, Vienna PO. OP
429 648 2 S (9) Bruckner: 9 Symphonies, KARAJAN, Berlin PO. #1-3 DIGITAL recordings
429 727 2 D Brahms: Zigeunerlieder; 2 Gesange, Op. 91 (SPARF, vla); Lieder. VON OTTER, FORSBERG. Texts
431 791 2 D Mozart: Mass in c, K. 427; Ave verum corpus; Exsultate, jubilate. AUGER, VON STADE, LOPARDO, HAUPTMANN; BERNSTEIN, Bavarian RSO & Cho. Texts
435 874 2 D Wagner: Overtures. LEVINE, Met. O
437 249 2 S Brahms: Piano pieces, Opp. 116/119. KEMPFF. OP
437 395 2 S (2) Schumann: Symphonies #1-4; Genoveva & Manfred Overtures. KUBELIK,Berlin PO
445 523 2 D Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet; Francesca da Rimini; Capricci italien; 1812 Overture. BARENBOIM, Chicago SO
445 835 2 D Mahler: Symphony #6. BOULEZ, Vienna PO
447 075 2 D (7) Beethoven: String Quartets. EMERSON QT
447 400 2 S Beethoven: Symphonies #5 & 7. C. KLEIBER, Vienna PO
447 438 2 S Prokofiev: Concerto #3; Ravel: Concerto in G (ABBADO, Berlin PO); Gaspard de la Nuit. ARGERICH
447 453 2 Sibelius: Finlandia; Valse triste; Swan of Tuonela; Festivo; Karelia Suite; Tapiola. ROSBAUD, Berlin PO
447 756 2 D Mahler: Symphony #7. BOULEZ, Cleveland O
449 093 2 S Liszt: Annees de Pelerinage--exc.; 2 Legends. KEMPFF. OP
471 569 2 D (2) Messiaen: La Transfiguration de Notre-Seigneur Jesus-Christ. CHUNG, Radio France Cho. & PO. BMG club edition
477 6233+ D Mozart: Concerto for Flute & Harp (FINCH); transcriptions. GALWAY (fl & cond), Sinfonia Varsovia. Advance promo edition
B0005318 02 D "Italia, ti amo." DOMINGO; KOHN, Budapest PO. COH. Texts
B0006383 02 S Arias of Mozart (2), Weber (2), Beethoven, Wagner (3). NILSSON, var. accomp. Strauss: Salome--finale. NILSSON; BOHM, Met. Opera (1972). COH
B0006507 02 D Shostakovich: The Tale of the Priest & his Worker, Balda, Op. 36 (BELOSELSKY, BAKANOV, BALASHOV, ULYANOV); Lady Macbeth of Mzensk--Suite. T. SANDERLING, Moscow St. Chamber Cho., Russian PO. COH. Text
B0006577 02 D (2) "Thomas QUASTHOFF: The Voice." Sampler w. 2 new items, 1 jazz improv! FS. COH
D 103306 D Berg: 7 Early Songs; Lieder of Strauss (7) & Korngold (8). VON OTTER, FORSBERG. BMG club edition. FS
G2 31768 D Britten: Peter Grimes--4 Sea Interludes; Beethoven: Symphony #7. BERNSTEIN, Boston SO (last concert, 1992). Columbia House edition
G2 47057 D Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe; La Valse. BOULEZ, Berlin PO. Columbia House edition
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi
05472 77277 2 D Vallis: Missa Scala Aretina; Biber: Requiem. LEONHARDT, Netherlands Bach Soc. Cho. & O. (+ soloists). OP. Texts
05472 77606 2 D "Century Classics VII, 1100-1200: Music of the Monasteries." Various performers
05472 77815 2 D "Mythomania: Of witches, fairies, aquarius, wizards & ghosts." BAREN GASSLIN. OP
82876 84996 2 D (2) Mozart: Zaide, K. 344. DAMRAU, SCHADE, SCHASCHING, BOESCH, SCHARINGER; HARNONCOURT, Concentus musicus Wien. FS. Libretto
PCCD 20200 D Bach: French Suites #2 & 4; Toccata in d, BWV 913; Fantasia in C, BWV 906. RICHTER (live performances, 1991). From scarce Stradivarius release
PCCD 20201 D Haydn: Sonata #33, in c; Andante & Variations (1992); Mozart: Fantasy& Sonata in c, K 475/457 (1991). RICHTER. From scarce Stradivarius release
PCCD 20202/3 D (2) Grieg: Lyric Pieces--24 exc.; Debussy: Preludes, Book 2--6 exc. RICHTER. 1993 live performances, from scarce Stradivarius release, not identical with Live Classics release
PCCD 20204 S Shostakovich: Violin Sonata. KAGAN, RICHTER (May 17, 1985). Viola Sonata. BASHMET, RICHTER (Sept. 26, 1982). Live performances from Moscow Conservatory
PCCD 20205 Beethoven: Sonata #7; Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien; Chopin: Scherzo #4; Polonaise-Fantaisie; 2 Waltzes; Mazurka. RICHTER ("Richter in Helsinki," Aug. 25, 1976)
PCCD 20206 Hahn: Sonatine; Piano Concerto (HAHN, o.); Mozart: Violin Sonata in Bb, K. 454 (SORIANO); Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien. TAGLIAFERRO (from 78s, 1934-37)
PCCD 20207 Faure: Ballade (COPPOLA); Impromptus #2 & 3; Debussy: Pour le Piano; works of Weber, Mendelssohn (2), Chopin (3), Albeniz (2), Mompou (2), Mozart, & Granados. TAGLIAFERRO (from 78s, 1928-36). CDR copy from Dante edition with booklet photocopy
PCCD 20208 D Chopin: Rondo a la Mazur, Op. 5; Ballade #1; Debussy: Preludes, Book 2. RICHTER (Prague Spring Festival, 1968). From scarce deleted Pyramid edition
PCCD 20209 Mozart: Sonata in G, K. 283 (Aldeburgh, 1966; Prague, 1968); Variations on "La belle Francoise" (Prague, 1968). RICHTER. From scarce deleted AS disc edition
PCCD 20210/1 (2) Smetana: Quartet #1, "From My Life;" Suk: Quartet #1; Dvorak: Quartet, Op. 96. BOHEMIAN QT. Quartets, Opp. 105 & 106. PRAGUE QT
PCCD 20212 S Copland: Inscape; Billy the Kid--Suite; Ives: The Unanswered Question; Stravinsky: Ode; Martinu: Half-time; Schuman: New England Triptych; Bernstein: Candide Overture. COPLAND, Czech PO (1973 broadcast)
PCCD 20213 Mozart: Concertos #16 & 25. SERKIN; MITROPOULOS, N.Y. Phil. (1955). From scarce AS disc issue
PCCD 20214 Mozart: Sonata, K. 330; Schubert: 2 Impromptus; Chopin: Ballade #1; works of Mendelssohn (2), Bartok (2), & Kodaly. A. FISCHER (from live Russian performances, 1949-51)
PCCD 20215 Beethoven: Sonata #21 (1954); Fur Elise; Handel: Chaconne; Chopin: Fantaisie-Impromptu; Schumann: Carnaval. A. FISCHER (1968)
PCCD 20216 Schumann: Fantasie, Op. 17 (Moscow, 1956); Piano Concerto (KEILBERTH, Cologne RSO, 1961). A. FISCHER
PCCD 20217/21 (5) Mozart: Sonatas, K. 296, 377-80, 404, 481 (KRAUS, pf); Concertos #3 & 4; 2 Duos (RIDDLE, HINDEMITH, vla); Beethoven: Serenade; Hindemith: String Trio (HINDEMITH, FEUERMANN); Bach: Concerto in E; Haydn: Concerto in C (SUSSKIND). GOLDBERG
PCCD 20222/4 (3) Handel: Violin Sonata in D (MOORE); Beethoven: Sonatas #2, 6, 9,& 10; Haydn: Trios #40, 43, & 45 (PINI). GOLDBERG, KRAUS
PCCD 20225/6 S (2) Bach: 6 Partitas. I. KIPNIS (hpsi). Magnificent performances withembellished repeats, from short-lived EMI reissues
PCCD 20227/8 S (2) Bach: Goldberg Variations; French Overture; Variations in the Italian Style; Italian Concerto. I. KIPNIS (hpsi). Magnificent performances with embellished repeats; from short-lived EMI reissue
PCCD 20229/30 D (2) Schubert: Sonata in Bb; Schubert-Liszt: 6 Lieder; Liszt: Mephisto Waltz #1; Chapelle de Guillaume Tell; Beethoven-Rachmaninov: Turkish March. L. BERMAN (live, 1992). CDR copy of short-lived Discover International edition
PCCD 20231 Liszt: Transcendental Etudes (1959 mono version); Hungarian Rhapsody #9. BERMAN. CDR copy of scarce CD reissue
PCCD 20232 S Liszt: Sonata in b; Beethoven: Sonata #23, "Appassionata." BERMAN. Recorded on 1959 visit to England. CDR transfer with original booklet copied
PCCD 20233 Liszt: Harmonies du Soir; Funerailles; Hungarian Rhapsody #9; Wilde Jagd; Rhapsodie espagnole; Prokofiev: Toccata; Concerto #1 (KORODI, Hungarian St. O.) BERMAN (Budapest, 1956). CDR transfer from deleted Hungaroton reissue
PCCD 20234 S L. Boulanger: Du Fond de l'Abime; Pie Jesu; Psalms 24 & 129; Vieille Priere Bouddhique. MARKEVICH, Brasseur Cho., Lamoureux O. 3 Violin pieces. MENUHIN, CURZON. CDR transfer from scarce EMI reissue
PCCD 20235 Prokofiev: Sonata #7; Shostakovich: Piano Quintet (SYMPHONIA QT.) GOULD (1962). From scarce Nuova Era edition
PCCD 20236 D Beethoven: Violin Sonata #9, "Kreutzer;" Franck: Violin Sonata. GITLIS, ARGERICH (live, 1999). CDR transfer from scarce Japanese-only issue
PCCD 20237 Brahms: Piano Quintet (MONTREAL QT.) (1957); Intermezzo, Op. 119, #1. GOULD. CDR copy from first publication of CBC broadcasts, suppressed by legal action
PCCD 20238 Scriabin: Sonatas #3, 5, 8, & 9; Preludes, Op. 74; 2 Poemes; 3 Etudes.SOFRONITSKY (live perf., June 8, 1958). CDR transfer from scarce Japanese edition
PCCD 20239 Scriabin: Sonata #3; 21 Preludes; piano music. SOFRONITSKY (1946-51). From scarce Japan-only CD reissue
PCCD 20240 Scriabin: Preludes; Etudes; piano music. SOFRONITSKY (1946-53). From scarce Japan-only CD reissue
PCCD 20241/2 S (2) Beethoven: Sonatas #13 & 14; Symphony #5 (arr. Liszt); Schumann: Etudes symphoniques; Liszt: Ballade #2; piano music. VILLA. CDR transfer from short-lived edition from 1987/89 live performances by magnificent short-lived pianist
PCCD 20243 Bach: English Suite #3 [1948]; 2 Violin Sonatas (BARINOVA) [1952]. RICHTER. CDR transfer from scarce Japanese reissue
PCCD 20244 S Scarlatti: 15 Sonatas. KIPNIS (hpsi & clav). Some of our favorite Scarlatti playing; CDR transfer from short-lived CD reissue
PCCD 20245 Schubert: Sonata in Bb (1947); Brahms: 3 Intermezzi, Op. 117 (1951); 6 Klavierstucke, Op. 118--4 exc.; Rhapsody #2, in g (1952). YUDINA. From short-lived Triton reissue (Melodiya originals)
PCCD 20246 Borodin: Petite Suite; Kabalevsky: Sonatina #1; Scriabin: 5 Mazurkas; works of Liadov (5) & Glazunov. SOFRONITSKY (Vol. 11) (1948-53). From scarce Dnon reissue
PCCD 20247 Chopin: Polonaise, Op. 26; 3 Etudes; 4 Preludes; 4 Waltzes; 8 Mazurkas; Ballade #3. SOFRONITSKY (1946-53). From Denon CD edition
PCCD 20248 S Tchaikovsky: Concerto #1; Schumann: Piano Concerto (KORD, Warsaw PO);works of Bach, Chopin, Scarlatti, & Ginastera. ARGERICH (1979/80). From scarce CD Accord issue
PCCD 20249 Vainberg: Sonata #4; Stravinsky-Gilels: Petrouchka Suite; Scriabin: Sonata #4; Prokofiev: Sonata #3; Medtner: Sonata Reminiscenza (1968). GILELS (1957). From scarce MK CD
PCCD 20250 Beethoven: Sonatas #30-32; works of Brahms (3) & Chopin. RICHTER ("Richter in Leipzig", Nov. 28, 1963). Audible flutter in Sonata #30. From suppressed Music & Arts disc
PCCD 20251 Beethoven: Andante favori; Schumann: Papillons (1952); works of Schubert (2) & Chopin (9). SOFRONITSKY (1946-53). From short-lived "Talents of Russia" CD
PCCD 20252 S Sean O'RIADA: O'Riada's Farewell: Traditional Irish Music on the Harpsichord (antique Irish instrument)
PCCD 20253/4 (2) Brahms: String Quartets; Clarinet Quintet (DRAPER). LENER QT. (1928-33)
PCCD 20255 Chopin: Etudes, Op. 25 (1952); 4 Impromptus (1958). G. GINZBURG
PCCD 20256 Franck: Violin Sonata (1959); Ravel: Sonata (1965). MARTZY, ANTONIETTI
PCCD 20257 Bach: Violin Concerto #2 (April 24, 1959); Mozart: Concerto #3 (June 19, 1955). MARTZY; JOCHUM, Bavarian RSO
PCCD 20258 Beethoven: Violin Sonatas #8 (1951) & 9 (1956). MARTZY, ANTONIETTI
PCCD 20259/60 D (2) Brahms: Theme & Variations, from Op. 18; Schumann: Kreisleriana;Schubert: Sonata in E, D. 157; 3 Songs (arr. Liszt); Liszt: Ballade #2; Hungarian Rhapsody #13; works of Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Moszkowski, & Sousa-Horowitz. VOLODOS (live, 2000).Broadcast transcription with narration, never issued commercially
PCCD 20261/2 (2) Brahms: Sonata #3; Handel Variations; works of Bach, Mendelssohn,Brahnms, Liszt, Kodaly, & Bartok. FREUND (Busoni pupil, friend of Brahms & Bartok) (from Remington LP & private recordings)
PCCD 20263 Schubert: Sonata #21; Lieder (arr. Liszt). SOFRONITSKY
PCCD 20264 Rachmaninov: Concerto #2 (IVANOV, Czech PO); Bach: French Suite #5. NIKOLAYEVA (1951). From scarce Japanese CD reissue
PCCD 20265/6 (2) Chopin: Polonaise, Op. 26, #1; Nocturnes, Op. 27; piano music (all 1960); Borodin: Petite Suite (1950); works of Liadov (5) (1949/51), Glazunov (2) (1952), & Scriabin (6) (1959). SOFRONITSKY. From scarce Agora release
PCCD 20267 D Milstein: Paganiniana; Schnittke: A Paganini; Ernst: The Last Rose of Summer; Rochberg: Caprice Variations. KREMER. CDR copy with photocopied booklet
PCCD 20268/9 S (2) Faure: Piano Quintets; Piano Quartet #1; Andante; Berceuse; Elegie; Dolly (PUIG ROGET, pf). THYSSENS VALENTIN (pf, in all), DUMONT, L. PERLEMUTTER (vln), CARLES (vla), SALLES (cello). From VERY short-lived French CD reissue
PCCD 20270 Prokofiev: Sonatas #6-8. RICHTER (1961-70). CDR copy from Russia Revelation editon, with program notes
PCCD 20271 Chopin: 12 Mazurkas; 3 Waltzes; Polonaise, Op. 53; piano music; Scriabin: Etudes, Op. 8--5 exc; Fantasia, Op. 28; 2 Poems, Op. 32. SOFRONITSKY (1949). From scarce Originals issue
PCCD 20272 S Schubert: Impromptus, D. 899 & 935; Am Meer (arr. Liszt). YUDINA (1964). From scarce Jimmy Classic reissue (Melodiya original)
PCCD 20273 Schumann: Kreisleriana (1961); Brahms: 6 Klavierstucke, from Opp. 76 & 119 (1947/51); Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1--5 exc. (1951). NEUHAUS
PCCD 20274 Liszt: Venezia e Napoli; Hungarian Rhapsody #10; Consolations #5 & 6; "Ruins of Athens" Fantasy (GAUK); Rhapsodie Espagnole (orch. Busoni) (SHERESHEVSKY); Schubert-Liszt: 3 Lieder. GINZBURG (1947-51)
PCCD 20275 Chopin: Sonata #3; works of Strauss-Rosenthal, Chopin (17), & Handel. ROSENTHAL ("Moritz Rosenthal: The Complete American Recordings"). Victor & Edison recordings, 1928-39, mostly unissued on 78s, from scarce Biddulph reissue. OP
PCCD 20276 Chopin: Concerto #1 (WEISSMANN, Berlin St. Opera O.); the same--2nd mvt. (BLACK, NBC SO, unissued broadcast); piano music. ROSENTHAL (1929-31). From long-deleted Biddulph reissue
PCCD 20277 Shostakovich: Preludes & Fugues #1-8, 12-14. SHOSTAKOVICH ("Shostakovich Plays Shostakovich, Vol. 1")
PCCD 20278 Shostakovich: Symphony #10 (M. VAINBERG, pf); 4 Preludes (KOGAN, vln);The Gadfly--Main Theme. SHOSTAKOVICH (pf, in all) ("Shostakovich Plays Shostakovich, Vol. 2"). From short-lived Russia Revelation edition
PCCD 20279 Shostakovich: Preludes & Fugues #16-18, 20-24; 3 Fantastic Dances. SHOSTAKOVICH "(Shostakovich Plays Shostakovich, Vol. 3"). From scarce Russia Revelation edition. OP
PCCD 20280 S Prokofiev: Piano Concerto #2. BOLET; STOKOWSKI, American SO (live performance, 1971)
PCCD 20281/2 S (2) Chopin: Mazurkas. FLIER. From Japanese CD reissue of Melodiya LPs, now out of print
PCCD 20283 D Schumann: Piano Concerto; Brahms: Concerto #1. MORAVEC; MATA, Dallas SO. Live performances, from deleted Dorian release
PCCD 20284 D Chopin: 4 Scherzos; 2 Etudes; 4 Mazurkas. MORAVEC. From deleted Dorianrelease
PCCD 20285 Beethoven: Sonatas #8 & 23; 8 Bagatelles; Choral Fantasy (SANDERLING).RICHTER. #23 from live Moscow performance, 1960
Discover International
DICD 920126 D Gilson: De Zee; De Boeck: Symphony in G. RICKENBACKER, Belgian Radio SO. OP
DOR 90122 D Smetana: Czech Dances (complete). KUBALEK. OP
DOR 93172 D "O Lusty May: Renaissance Songs of Spring." TORONTO CONSORT. OP. Texts
xCD 90297 D Bach: The Art of Fugue. LABADIE, Les Violons du Roy. OP
DRG CD 8486 S Brigitte BARDOT: The Best of Bardot (19 songs). BMG club edition
CDS 189 D (2) Spontini: Li Puntigli delle Donne. RUFFINI, ANSELMI, PALACIO, RUGGIERI, ULVIERI, ZEFFIRI, RIGACCI; ZEDDA, Spontini Classic O. Libretto
CDS 501 D (3) Rossini: Bianca e Falliero. BAYO, BARCELLONA, MELI, LEPORE; PALUMBO, Prague Chamber Cho., Galicia SO. Libretto
CDS 502 D (2) Marchetti (1831-1902): Romeo e Giulietta. CASSI, DAOLIO, COLETTA,SOLARI; YURKEVYCH, Bratislava Chamber Cho., O. Internazionale d'Italia. FS. Libretto
CDS 508 D (2) Massenet: Cherubin. BREEDT, CIOFI, REMIGIO, SURIAN; VILLAUME, Teatro Lirico di Caliari. Libretto
CDS 509 D (2) Philidor: Tom Jones. DREY, MARIN-DEGOR, BARRARD, ZANGANELLI; MALGOIRE, Lausanne Opera. Libretto
CDS 510 D (2) Donizetti: Maria Stuarda. REMIGIO, GANASSI, CALLEJA, ZANELLATO; CARMINATI, Teatro Donizetti, Bergamo. Libretto on-line
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ebs 6070 D Bloch: Schelomo; Voice in the Wilderness; Prayer. BERGER; WIT, Polish Nat'l RSO
CD 82276 S Alkan: Le Festin d'Esope; Barcarolle; Quasi-Faust; Symphonie; Liszt etal: Hexameron. LEWENTHAL
3 47212 2 D Vivaldi: 8 Flute Concertos. PAHUD; TOGNETTI, Australian CO. FS. COH
42256 2 D Wolf: Lieder. BOSTRIDGE (t), PAPPANO (pf). FS. COH
44438 2 D Purcell: Come, ye sons of Art; Funeral Sentences; Love's goddess sure;choral works. CLEOBURY, Choir of King's College, Cambridge, Academy of Ancient Music (+ soloists). Texts
47301 8 D (2) Mahler-Cooke: Symphony #10; Brahms-Schoenberg: Piano Quartet #1.RATTLE, Bournemouth SO, City of Birmingham SO. OP
47388 8 D (2) Bellini: I Capuleti e i Montecchi. BALTSA, GRUBEROVA, HOWELL, RAFFANTI, TOMLINSON; MUTI, Royal Opera Cho. & O., Covent Garden. Libretto
47116 2 S Respighi: Ancient Dances & Airs. MARRINER, L.A. CO
47612 2 S Sibelius: 4 Legends. ORMANDY, Phila. O. Tray card damaged OP
47962 8 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #2. AUGER, BAKER; RATTLE, City of Birmingham SO & Cho. OP
49044 2 D Mahler: Symphony #1. MEHTA, Israel PO. OP
49284 2 D (2) Auber: La Muette de Portici. ANDERSON, A. KRAUS, ALER, LAFONT; FULTON, Laforge Cho., Monte-Carlo PO. OP. Libretto
49534 2 D (4) Wagner: Die Walkure. MARTON, STUDER, MORRIS, GOLDBERG, SALMINEN, MEIER; HAITINK, Bavarian Radio. OP. Libretto
49628 2 D Walton: Violin Concerto; Viola Concerto. KENNEDY; PREVIN, Royal PO. OP
49846 2 D Schubert: Winterreise. FASSBAENDER, REIMANN. OP. Text
49912 2 D Moeran: Serenade in G; Sinfonietta; Finzi: The Fall of the Leaf; Nocturne. HICKOX, Northern Sinfonia. OP
49997 2 D Schubert: Schwanengesang. BAR, PARSONS. Texts
54015 2 D Magnard: Symphonies #1 & 3. PLASSON, Toulouse O. OP
54027 2 D Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 24; Kerner Lieder. BAR, PARSONS. Texts
54047 2 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #6. RATTLE, City of Birmingham SO
54051 2 D "An Old Song Re-Sung: American Concert Songs." HAMPSON, Guzelimian
54239 2 D Schubert: Lieder. HENDRICKS, LUPU, et al. OP. Texts
54248 2 D Berg: Violin Concerto; Stravinsky: Concerto; Ravel: Tzigane. ZIMMERMANN; GELMETTI, Stuttgart RSO
54277 2 D (2) Maw: Odyssey. RATTLE, City of Birmingham SO. Short-lived issue ofhighly acclaimed orchestral work. OP
54387 2 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #9 (live, Japan, 1991); Symphony #10--Adagio. BERTINI, Cologne RSO. OP
54466 2 D Brahms: Clarinet Sonatas; Clarinet Trio (PERGAMENSCHIKOW). PORTAL, RUDY
54468 2 D Liszt: Sonata; Annees de pelerinage--4 exc. COLLARD. OP
54529 2 D "The Christmas Album: Festive Music from Europe & America." PARROTT, Taverner Consort, Choir & Players. Texts
54572 2 D Walton: Cello Concerto (HARRELL); Symphony #1. RATTLE, City of Birmingham SO. OP
54577 2 D Prokofiev: Symphony #5; Scythian Suite. RATTLE, City of Birmingham SO
54762 2 D Henze: Barcarolle; Symphony #7. RATTLE, City of Birmingham SO. OP
54773 2 D Schubert: Lieder. BAR, PARSONS. Texts
54788 2 D Vaughan Williams: Dona nobis pacem (KENNY, TERFEL); Sancta Civitas (LANGRIDGE, TERFEL). HICKOX, London SO & Cho. OP. Texts
54819 2 D Rachmaninov: Cello Sonata; Chopin: Sonata. HOFFMAN, COLLARD. OP
54824 2 D Schumann: 5 Stucke im Volkston; Marchenerzahlungen; Fantasiestucke, Op. 73; Marchenbilder; 3 Romanzen, Op. 94. RUDY (pf), PORTAL (clar), CAUSSE (vla), PERGAMENSCHIKOW (cello)
54849 2 D Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. LIPOVSEK, HEPPNER; BERTINI, Cologne RSO(live, Tokyo, 1991). OP. Texts
54879 2 D Beethoven: Gellert Lieder, Op. 48; An die ferne Geliebte; Lieder. BAR,PARSONS. Texts
55007 2 D Schubert: 24 Lieder. PREGARDIEN, GEES. Texts
55111 2 D Haydn: Symphonies #101 & 102. NORRINGTON, London Classical Players. OP
56117 2 D "Duets & Arias." GHEORGHIU, ALAGNA; Armstrong, Covent Garden Opera O. Texts
55122 2 D Honegger: Symphonies #2 & 3; Pacific 231. JANSONS, Oslo PO
55292 2 D Vieuxtemps: Violin Concerto #5; Lalo: Symphonie espagnole. CHANG; DUTOIT, Philharmonia O., Royal Concertgebouw O
55345 2 D Lieder of Mozart, Weber, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf,& Strauss ("Liebeslieder"). BAR, PARSONS. Texts
55358 2 D Copland: Quiet City; 8 Poems of Emily Dickinson; Barber: Adagio; 2 Songs; Knoxville, Summer of 1915. HENDRICKS; THOMAS, London SO
55452 2 D Tippett: Divertimento on "Sellinger's Round;" Little Music; Concerto for Double String Orchestra. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Sonata for 4 Horns. MICHAEL THOMPSON HORN QT
55487 2 D Vaughan Williams: Symphony #5; Norfolk Rhapsody #1; The Lark Ascending(CHANG). HAITINK, London PO
55586 2 D Ravel: Piano Concertos; Debussy: Fantaisie. DUCHABLE; PLASSON, Toulose O
55598 2 D Schumann: Liederkreis, Op. 24; Lieder. HAMPSON, SAWALLISCH. Texts
55618 2 D Wolf: Italienisches Liederbuch. UPSHAW, BAR, Deutsch. Texts
56199 2 D Schumann: Lieder. BAR, DEUTSCH. Texts
56206 2 D "Sacred Songs." ALAGNA; PLASSON, Toulouse Choir & O. Texts
56230 2 D Mozart: Clarinet Concerto (basset clar); Sinfonia Concertante (JONAS, SCHNEIDER, AZZOLINI). MEYER; VONK, Staatskapelle Dresden. FS
56310 2 S (2) Rossini: Barber of Seville. CALLAS, ALVA, GOBBI; GALLIERA, Philharmonia Cho. & O. Libretto
56347 2 D Schubert: Lieder. BOSTRIDGE, DRAKE. Texts
56366 2 D Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange; Lieder, Opp. 63, 71, 72, & 94. BAR, DEUTSCH. Texts
56413 2 S Elgar: Violin Concerto; Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending. KENNEDY; RATTLE, City of Birmingham SO
56445 2 D Schubert: Winterreise. HAMPSON, SAWALLISCH (pf). Texts
56541 2 D Works of Grieg, Tveitt, Johansen, Valen, & Saeverud. ANDSNES (pf) ("Thelong, long winter night"). BMG club edition
56564 2 D Vaughan Williams: Symphonies #3 (ROOCROFT, s) & 4. HAITINK, London PO. OP
56579 2 D Schumann: Myrten; 12 Gedichte aus F. Ruckert's Liebesfruhling, Op. 37 (3 by C. Schumann). BANSE (s), BAR (b), DEUTSCH (pf). Texts
56828 2 D Kiri TE KANAWA: Maori Songs
57086 2 D Vaughan Williams: Symphonies #8 & 9. HAITINK, London PO
57141 2 D Schubert: Lieder (Vol. 2). BOSTRIDGE, DRAKE. Texts
57296 2 D Grieg: Lyric Pieces--exc. ANDSNES (on Grieg's piano). BMG club edition
57510 2 D Britten: Violin Concerto; Walton: Viola Concerto. VENGEROV; ROSTROPOVICH, London SO
57803 2 D Mozart: Concertos #9 & 18. ANDSNES, Norwegian CO
61011 2 Brahms: Violin Concerto; Sibelius: Concerto; NEVEU; DOBROWEN, SUSSKIND, Philharmonia O (1946/5). Hardwick transfers. OP
61043 2 (2) Songs of Mozart, Schubert, Gluck, Strauss, Wolf, Schumann, Brahms,& Handel. SCHWARZKOPF, Reeves (Carnegie Hall, 1956). OP
62539 2 S (2) Wagner: Overtures & Preludes. BOULT, New Philharmonia O., London PO & SO
62707 2 S (2) Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. DICKIE, FISCHER-DIESKAU; KLETZKI, Philharmonia O. Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; Kindertotenlieder; Ruckert Lieder. BAKER; BARBIROLLI. Des Knaben Wunderhorn--exc. POPP, WEIKL; TENNSTEDT
62745 2 S (2) Rachmaninov: Paganini Rhapsody (PLASSON); Corelli Variations; Sonata #2; Etudes-tableaux; 5 Preludes. COLLARD
62793 2 Smetana: The Moldau; Strauss: Don Juan; Till Eulenspiegel; Tod und Verklarung. FURTWAENGLER, Vienna PO
63167 2 S (3) Brahms: Die schone Magelone; songs of Busoni (4), Pfitzner (4), Strauss (9), Mahler (5), Schubert (21), & Brahms (4). FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE (Salzburg, 1962/4). OP. Texts
63185 2 S (2) Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius. BAKER, LEWIS, BORG; BARBIROLLI, Sheffield Phil. Cho., Ambrosian Singers, Halle Cho. & O. OP
63205 2 S (2) Lortzing: Der Wildschutz. LITZ, ROTHENBERGER, SCHADLE, OLLENDORFF, PREY, WUNDERLICH; HEGER, Bavarian St. Opera. German libretto
63341 2 Verdi: Requiem. CANIGLIA, STIGNANI, GIGLI, PINZA; SERAFIN, Rome Opera (1939). Text. OP
63372 2 S Howells: Hymnus Paradisi. HARPER, TEAR; WILLCOCKS, New Philharmonia O., cho's. Finzi: Dies natalis. BROWN (t); C. FINZI, English CO. OP. Texts
63655 2 Bach: Cantata #199 (DART); Mass in b--exc. (FERRIER; KARAJAN); Gieseking: Kinderlieder (GIESEKING, pf); Strauss: 4 Last Songs (KARAJAN). SCHWARZKOPF. Previously unpublished recordings, 1950-58. OP
64524 2 S (2) Granados: Goyescas; Escenas romanticas; Valses poeticos; 6 piezassobre cantos populares espanoles. DE LARROCHA. Early Hispavox recordings. OP
64905 2 Wolf: Lieder. SCHWARZKOPF, MOORE (Salzburg, 1958). OP. German texts
65109 2 S Ireland: London Overture; Vaughan Williams: London Symphony. BARBIROLLI, London SO, Halle O. OP
65114 2 D Britten: Phaedra; 5 French folksongs (PALMER, ms); Les Illuminations (GOMEZ, s). WHITFIELD, Endymion Ens. OP. Texts
67419 2 S (2) Rachmaninov: Piano Concertos. COLLARD; PLASSON, Toulouse O. OP
68354 2 S (2) Prokofiev: Peter & the Wolf; Britten: Young Person's Guide (MARKEVICH); Poulenc: L'histoire de Babar; Harsanyi: L'histoire du petit tailleur (USTINOV, narr, in French); St.-Saens: Carnival of the Animals. PRETRE, Paris Cons. O. Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice; Pierne: March. JACQUILLAT, O. de Paris. OP
68583 2 S (2) Berlioz: La Damnation de Faust. PERONNE, BAKER, GEDDA, BACQUIER, THAU; PRETRE, Paris Opera Cho. & O. La Mort de Cleopatre. BAKER; GIBSON, London SO. Summary
69370 2 D (2) Schumann: Symphonies #1-4. VONK, Cologne RSO
69502 2 S Montsalvatge: 5 Canciones Negras; Rodrigo: 4 Madrigales Amatorias; songs of Mendelssohn, Grieg, Brahms, Dvorak, Martini, Hahn, Delibes, Sodero, Yradier, Ovalle, Luna, & Chapi. DE LOS ANGELES; FRUHBECK DE BURGOS. OP
69635 2 (3) Mozart: Cosi fan Tutte. SCHWARZKOPF, MERRIMAN, OTTO, SIMONEAU, PANERAI, BRUSCANTINI; KARAJAN, Philharmonia. Libretto
69734 2 D (2) Kienzl: Der Evangelimann. DONATH, WENKEL, JERUSALEM, HERMANN, MOLL; ZAGROSEK, Bavarian Radio Cho., Munich Radio O. German libretto
78671 2 D (3) Works of Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Brahms, Schubert, Schumann (2), & Dvorak. ARGERICH, BRONFMAN, G. & R. CAPUCON, VENGEROV, et al ("Martha Argerich & Friends Live from the Lugano Festival"). FS
CDC 547523 S Mozart: Arias; Strauss: Daphne--exc.; songs. SILLS; CECCATO, London PO. Columbia House edition. OP. Texts
CDC 554091 D Rossini: 7 Overtures. NORRINGTON, London Classical Players (period inst.) Columbia House edition. OP
CDC 556753 D Bernstein: Wonderful Town. Kim CRISWELL, Audra McDONALD, Thomas HAMPSON, et al; RATTLE, London Voices, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. Columbia House edition. Text
D 100467 D Beethoven: Symphony #9. KENNY, WALKER, POWER, SALOMAA; NORRINGTON, Schutz Choir, London Classical Players (period inst.). BMG club pressing
EN 2006 D Victoria: Officium Defunctorum. MALLAVIBARRENA, Musica Ficta. Text
17074 2 D Mozart: Horn Concertos (MARRINER); Horn Quintet (SILLITO, SMISSEN, TEES, ORTON). PYATT (horn, in all)
21656 2 D "Douce Beaute: Pierre Guedron et l'Air de Cour." COHEN, Boston Camerata. Texts
45311 2 D (2) Puccini: La Boheme. HENDRICKS, BLASI, CARRERAS, QUILICO; CONLON, Radio France Cho., French Nat'l O. OP. Libretto
45468 2 D (2) Bach: Goldberg Variations. BARENBOIM (pf) (live, 1989)
45555 2 S Purcell: The Tempest. HARDY, SMITH (s), HALL (ms), ELWES (t), VARCOE (b), THOMAS, EARLE (bs); GARDINER, Monteverdi Cho. & O. (period inst.) Text
80223 2 D Desmarest: Usquequo Domine; Lauda Jerusalem; Domine, ne in furore. DANEMAN, OCKEDEN, AGNEW, STAARS, MARZORATI; CHRISTIE, Les Arts Florissants. Texts
96551 2 S Purcell: The Indian Queen. HARDY, HILL, ELWES, THOMAS, VARCOE; GARDINER, Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists. Text
ECD 75312 D Ravel: L'Enfant et les Sortileges. ALLIOT-LUCAZ, CHEDAL, VIDAL, et al;JORDAN, Suisse Romande Cho. & O. French libretto
ECD 75324 D Ravel: Sheherazade; 5 Melodies populaires grecques; 3 poemes de Mallarme; songs. AMELING, JANSEN (pf), et al. OP
ECD 75390 D (2) Messager: Fortuno. ALLIOT-LUGAZ, DRAN, CACHEMAILLE, TREMPONT, DUDZIAK; GARDINER, Lyon Opera. OP. Libretto
ECD 75473 D (2) Purcell: Timon of Athens; Dioclesian. DAWSON, FISHER (s), COVEY-CRUMP, ELLIOTT (t), GEORGE, VARCOE (bs); GARDINER, Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists. OP. Texts
ECD 88121 S Charpentier: Messe pour les Trepasses. ROSAT, SMITH, SCHAER, ELWES, SERAFIM, HUTTENLOCHER, BRODARD; CORBOZ, Gulbenkian Foundation Cho. & O. OP
KTC 1015 S Satie: Works for piano 4 hands. JORDANS, VAN DOESELAAR
KTC 1113 D Kandov: Crystals of the Zodiac. VODENICHAROV (pf, synthesizer), VAN SICE (marimba, vibraphone), tape
KTC 1221 D Denyer: Finding Refuge in the Remains; Archeology. BARRON WORKSHOP. Quartet. ALTHAMMER, ens. Frog. ROBERTSON (vla). Contained in a Strange Garden. CANTER (mey), WOOD (perc). The Tender Sadness of Tyrants as They Dance. IWAMOTO, ZWAANENBURG (flutes)
EVC 9001 S Vaughan Williams: Symphony #9. BOULT. Arnold: Symphony #3. ARNOLD, London PO. OP
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FACD 107 D (2) Pacius (1809-1891): The Hunt of King Charles. TORNQVIST, LINDROOS, KRAUSE, GRONROOS; SODERBLOM, Jubilate Cho., Finnish Nat'l Opera O. Libretto
FOCD 9022/3 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #6. WAKASUGI, Tokyo Metropolitan SO (live, 1989)
268052 D (2) Strauss: Capriccio. LOTT, VERMILLION, ALLEN, KUNDE, GENZ, VON KANNEN; PRETRE, SWR SO & Vocal Ens., Stuttgart (live perf., 2000). Libretto, booklet
UCD 16595 D Schumann: Kerner-Lieder; Dichterliebe. VAN DAM, BALDWIN. Texts
UCD 16622 D Schubert: Winterreise. VAN DAM, BALDWIN. OP. Texts
126.017 D Brahms: Sonata #3; Fantasien, Op. 116. A. DE GROOTE (Vol. 3)
Gloriae Dei Cantores
GDCD 024 D Rubbra: Tenebrae 3 Nocturnes; Missa in Honorem Sancti Dominici; choralworks. PATTERSON, Gloriae Dei Cantores
GCD 921608 D Purcell: King Arthur--exc. GENS, BAYODI, JARRIDGE, AUVITY, CORNWELL, HARVEY; NIQUET, Le Concert Spirituel. Text
Golden Melodram
Great Opera Performances
66.316 (2) Mussorgsky: Boris Godounov. CORSI, MODESTI, LOPATTO, CHRISTOFF; RODZINSKI, RAI Rome (1952)
66.334 (2) Verdi: La Forza del Destino. TEBALDI, DI STEFANO, PROTTI, MODESTI, CAPECCHI; VOTTO, La Scala (April, 1955)
GMCD 7296 D "Paradisi Portas: Music from 17th-Century Portugal." REES, Choir of Queen's College, Oxford. Texts
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Hanssler Classic
CD 98.311 D Penderecki: Credo. DANSE, M. SIMPSON, VARGAS, RANDLE, QUASTHOFF; RILLING, Oregon Bach Soc. Cho. & O. Text
Harmonia Mundi
HMA 1901278 S Bach: Italian Concerto; 4 Duets; Overture in the French Style. GILBERT(hpsi)
HMA 1951712 D Bach: Gamba Sonatas, BWV 1027/9; Sonata, BWV 1019. QUINTANA, FRISCH. FS. COH
HMA 1955248 D Marais: 4 Suites. QUINTANA (gamba), COSTOYAS (theorbo), CREMONESI (hpsi). FS
HMA 290060 S (6) "Historic Organs of Europe." CHAPELET, CHAPUIS, SAORGIN, WINTER
HMC 1635 D Bach: Brandenburg Concerti #2, 4, & 6. AKADEMIE FUR ALTE MUSIK BERLIN
HMC 901257/9 D (3) Lully: Atys. MEY, LAURENS, MELLON, GARDEIL; CHRISTIE, Les Arts Florissants. Libretto
HMC 901441 S Ockeghem: Requiem. PERES, Ensemble Organum. Texts
HMC 901462 S Purcell: My heart is inditing; Funeral Sentences; Te Deum; choral works. HERREWEGHE, Collegium Vocale Cho. & O. Texts
HMC 901498/9 S (2) Handel: Messiah. SCHLICK, PIAO, SCHOLL, PADMORE, BERG; CHRISTIE, Les Arts Florissants. Texts
HMC 901552 D "The 3 Countertenors." BERTIN, SCHOLL, VISSE; WAGNER, Camargue PO. Hilarious send-up!
HMC 901595 D Piazzolla: Concerto for Bandoneon; 3 movimenientos tanguisticos portenos; 5 Tangos. MAINETTI (bandoneon), VIDAL (pf); PONS, Teatre Lliure CO
HMC 901599 D Haydn: Cello Concertos; Pleyel: Concerto in C. MONIGHETTI, Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin
HMC 901831/2 D (2) Lassus: Psalmi Davidis poenitentiales. HERREWEGHE, Collegium Vocale Gent. FS. Texts
HMC 901875 D Vaughan Williams: Songs of Travel; Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; songs of Pizzetti (3) & Duparc (6). HENSCHEL (b), SCHWINGHAMMER (pf). Texts
HMC 901900 D O. Greif (1950-2000): Sonate de Requiem; Trio (WEITHAAS, vln). BERTRAND (cello), AMOYEL (pf). FS
HMC 901912 D Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri. JUNGHANEL, Cantus Colln. Texts
HMC 905171 S Loewe: Ballades. MOLL, GARBEN. Texts
HMI 987018 D "El Canto de Auroros: Vigilias y musica en la tradicion mediterranea."ALIA MUSICA. Texts
HMU 907167 S Works of Purcell & Blow ("With Charming Notes"). BRANDES (s); McGEGAN, Arcadian Academy. Texts
HMU 907214 D "Cries of London." HILLIER, Theatre of Voices, Fretwork. 3 language texts
HMU 907297 D "The Call of the Phoenix: Rare 15th-century English Church music." ORLANDO CONSORT. Texts
HMU 907317 D Coincy: "The Miracles of Notre-Dame." LAWRENCE-KING, Harp Consort. Texts
HMU 907334 D Senfl: Songs; consort works. DANIELS (t), FRETWORK. Texts
HMU 907401 D Part: Salve Regina; choral works. HILLIER, Estonian Phil. Chamber Cho. FS. COH
HMU 907420 D G. Ives (1948- ): Missa Brevis; Edington Service; choral works. IVES, Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford. Texts
HMU 907421 D Agricola: Chansons; F. Fitch: Agricolics--2 exc. CHANCE (c-t), FRETWORK
HMX 2907293 D "Missa Mexicana." LAWRENCE-KING, Harp Consort. FS
HMX 2991683 D Purcell: Dido & Aeneas. DAWSON, JOSHUA, FINLEY; JACOBS, Clare College Chapel Choir, O. of the Age of Enlightenment. FS
CDH55215 D Tchaikovsky: Piano Sonatas #1-3. HOWARD. FS. COH
HCD 12569 2 S Stockhausen: Klavierstuck IX; Zsolt: Son et lumiere; Bozay: Piano Piece #7; Cage: Sonatas & Interludes--5 exc.; Xenakis: Mists. KORMENDI. OP
HCD 31077 D Saygun: Yunus Emre. VEREBICS, PANCZEL, KORONDY, BLAZSO; SIMSEK, Hungarian Radio Cho., Budapest SO. Turkish-French-Engl text
HCD 31135 D Kurtag: Kafka-Fragments, Op. 24. CSENGERY (s), KELLER (vln). OP. Texts
CDA66166 D Faure: 2 Piano Quartets. DOMUS. OP
CDA66259 D Sheppard: Choral works. CHRISTOPHERS, The Sixteen. Texts
CDA66260 D Howells: St. Paul Service; choral works. SCOTT, Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral
CDA66333 D Britten: Saint Nicolas; Hyumn to St. Cecilia. ROLFE JOHNSON (t); BEST,Corydon Singers, English CO, et al. Texts
CDA66418 D Sheppard: "Cantate" Mass; motets (Vol. 2). CHRISTOPHERS, The Sixteen. Texts
CDA66468 D Debussy: Works for 2 pianos. COOMBS, SCOTT
CDA66570 D Sheppard: Church Music (Vol. 3). CHRISTOPHERS, The Sixteen. Texts
CDA66630 D Bantock: Pagan Symphony; Fifine at the Fair; 2 Heroic Ballads. HANDLEY, Royal PO
CDA66646 D Blow: Songs; keyboard works. AINSLEY (t), ROBERTS (keyboards), CHATEAUNEUF (theorbo, baroque gtr) ("Fairest work of happy Nature.") Texts
CDA66734 D Philips: Keyboard works. NICHOLSON (hpsi & virginals)
CDA66856 D St.-Saens: Songs. LE ROUX (b), JOHNSON (pf), et al. Texts
CDA66889 D Litolff: Concertos Symphoniques #2 & 4. DONOHOE; LITTON, Bournemouth SO
CDA66897 D Massenet: Piano Concerto; Hahn: Concerto in E. COOMBS; OSSONCE, BBC Scottish SO
CDA66911/4 D (4) Faure: Piano works (complete). STOTT, ROSCOE
CDA66980 D Xenakis: A Colone; Knephas; Medea; choral works. WOOD, New London Chamber Cho., Critical Band. FS
CDA67065 D "English Orchestral Songs" of Parry, Stanford, Gurney, & Finzi. MALTMAN(b); BRABBINS, BBC Scottish SO. Texts
CDA67141/2 D (2) Hahn: Songs. LOTT, BICKLEY, BOSTRIDGE, VARCOE, JOHNSON (pf); LAYTON, London Schubert Chorale. Texts
CDA67155 D Shostakovich: Quartets #5, 7, & 9. ST. PETERSBURG QT. BMG club edition
CDA67311/2 D (2) Wolf: Morike Lieder. RODGERS (s), GENZ (b), VIGNOLES (pf). Texts
CDA67394 D Moscheles: Etudes, Opp. 95, 98, 105, 111, & 126. LANE
CDA67481/2 D (2) Bach-Rummel: Transcriptions (complete). J. PLOWRIGHT (pf). FS. COH
CDA67527 D Schubert: "Trout" Quintet (LEWIS, pf; MITCHELL, bass); String Trios. LEOPOLD STRING TRIO. FS. COH
CDA67539 D P. Villette (1926-1998): Choral works. LAYTON, Holst Singers. Texts
CDJ33004 D Schubert: Lieder (Vol. 4). LANGRIDGE (t), JOHNSON (pf). Texts
CDJ33051/3 D (3) Schubert: Lieder ("Songs by Schubert's Friends & Contemporaries"). GRITTON, MURRAY, DOUFEXIS, PADMORE, FINLEY, JOHNSON, THORSEN, COMBERTI. FS. COH
CDJ33102 D Schumann: Lieder (Vol. 2). KEENLYSIDE (b), JOHNSON (pf). Texts
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IMP Classics
PCD 1001 D Hindemith: 5 Pieces, Op. 44; Barber: Adagio; Britten: Simple Symphony; Warlock: Capriol Suite; works of Puccini & Bartok. AADLAND, European Community CO. OP
INCD 703 1 S L. Boulanger: Psalm 24; Pie Jesu (J. PRICE, s); Du fond de l'abime (GREEVY, PARTRIDGE); Faure: Requiem (J. PRICE, CASE). N. BOULANGER, BBC Cho. & SO. (1968). OP
INCD 7131 S Brahms: Violin Concerto. PERLMAN; CARVALHO, St. Louis SO (1968). Double Concerto. PERLMAN, ROSTROPOVICH; ROZHDESTVENSKY, London SO (1967, both Carnegie Hall). OP
INCD 7231 S Walton: Symphony #1. HORENSTEIN, Royal PO (1971). Wagner: Faust Overture. HORENSTEIN, BBC Northern SO. OP
INCD 7311 S Rubbra: Symphony #6. BOULT, Royal PO (1971). Symphony #8. GROVES, Royal Liverpool PO (1971, world premiere). OP
INCD 7351 Elgar: Cello Concerto. DU PRE; SARGENT, BBC SO (1963). The Music Makers. THOMAS (c); SARGENT, London SO, cho's (1965). Blank box. OP
INT 860.952 D Schubert: Goethe-Lieder. PREY, Deutsch. German text
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3 7002 2 D Gould: Dance Variations; Piston: Concerto for 2 Pianos (AMOS, Royal PO); Copland: Danzon Cubano; Rodeo--2 exc.; El Salon Mexico. PIERCE, JONAS (pf). OP
3 7010 2 D Barber: Fadograph of a Yestern Scene; Medea Suite; Essay #3. SCHENCK, New Zealand SO. OP
3 7013 2 D St.-Saens: Danse Macabre; Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances; Britten: Introduction & Rondo; Mazurka; works of Bax, Benjamin, Debussy-Ravel, & Lutoslawski. PIERCE, JONAS (pf). OP
3 7168 2 D Vaughan Williams: Songs. GOLDEN (s), WOODMAN (b), ROTHFUSS (pf), N. Bean (vln). Texts
Koch Schwann
3 1057 2 D "Pretty Piano" (jazzed-up arrangements of classics). MAURER, SCHAPPE (pf)
3 1261 2 D "Mother Tongue: Music of the 19th Century Klezmorim on Original Instruments." BUDOWITZ
CD 3 1030 2 D (3) Franchetti: Cristoforo Colombo. RAGATZU, PASINO, BRUSON, SCANDIUZZI, BERTI; VIOTTI, Hungarian Radio Cho., Frankfurt Radio SO. Libretto
Koch Schwann Musica Mundi
314 014 D (2) Szymanowski: King Roger. ZAGORZANKA, RACEWICZ, SKULSKI, KOWALSKIM, NIKODEM, OSTAPIUK; SATANOWSKI, Warsaw Opera. OP. German-English libr
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Lebendige Vergangenheit
89034 Giuseppe LUGO aria & song recital, from 78s, 1932-39
89076 Josef HERMANN aria recital, from 78s, 1941-43 (6 unpub.)
Legato Classics
LCD 143 2 (2) Verdi: Macbeth. LUDWIG, MILNES, RIDDERBUSCH, COSSUTTA; BOHM (1970). OP
Living Stage
LS 1061 (2) Verdi: La Forza del Destino. DE OSMA, COSSOTTO, LABO, CAPPUCCILLI, VINCO; ZIINO, Teatro Regio, Parma (1961)
LS 1131 (2) Massenet: Manon. PILOU, SPACAGNA, A. KRAUS, HOLLOWAY, TOZZI; GIOVANIETTI, Dallas Civic Opera (1977)
LS 4035125 (2) Wagner: Der fliegende Hollander. RYSANEK, BESSEL, CRASS, RIDDERBUSCH, HEATER; SAWALLISCH, La Scala (Feb. 2, 1966)
Lucky Ball
LB 0073 S Borodin: Quartet #2; Tchaikovsky: Quartet #1. BORODIN QT. (Jan. 1983)
SRCD 2218 S (2) Alwyn: Miss Julie. GOMEZ, D. JONES, MITCHINSON, LUXON; TAUSKY, Philharmonia O. OP. Libretto
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CD MANU 1522 D Beethoven: Sonata #29, "Hammerklavier;" Sibelius: Sonata in F, Op. 12. ALBULESCU
Marco Polo
8.220391 D Zemlinsky: Symphony in Bb. SIEPENBUSCH, Slovak PO
8.220392 D Schreker: 4 Overtures. SEIPENBUSCH, Slovak PO
8.220452 D Delius: On the Heights; Spring Morning; Norwegian Suite; American Rhapsody. HOPKINS, Slovak PO
8.223103 D Bloch: Symphony in c#. GUNZENHAUSER, Slovak PO
8.223660 D Schillings: Kassandra; Das Eleusische Fest (M. NEUBAUER, narr); S. Wagner: Sehnsucht; C. Harris (1871-1897): Paradise Lost; Festival March. K. BACH, Thuringian SO. German texts
8.223711 D Berners: The Triumph of Neptune (complete); L'uomo dai baffi; Valses bourgeoises; Polka. LLOYD-JONES, English Northern Philharmonia, Royal Ballet Sinfonia
8.223849 D Garcia Abril (1933- ): 3 Sonatas for Orchestra; Hemeroscopium; Piano Concerto (GONZALEZ). ASENSIO, Madrid SO
MCA Classics
MCAD 6202 D Tippett: A Child of Our Time. ARMSTRONG, PALMER, LANGRIDGE, SHIRLEY-QUIRK; PREVIN, Brighton Festival Cho., Royal PO. OP. Texts
SUCD 10 00234 D Vaughan Williams: Symphony #1, "Sea." SMORYAKOVA (s), VASILIEV (b); ROZHDESTVENSKY, Rimsky-Korsakov Music School Cho., USSR Ministry of Culture SO. OP
MEL 18028 Songs of Wolf, Debussy, Milhaud, Rosenthal, Berlioz, & Poulenc. CRESPIN, Wustman (New York, Nov. 11, 1967)
MEL 27074 (2) Rossini: La Donna del Lago. CABALLE, HAMARI, BONISOLLI, BOTTAZZO,WASHINGTON; BELLUGI, RAI Turin (May 19, 1970). Italian libretto
CDE 84133 D Rossini: Petite Messe Solenelle. MASON, Combattimento. OP
CDE 84158 D Vaughan Williams: 10 Blake Songs; songs of Howells, Ridout, Vaughan Williams, Warlock, & Steptoe. BOWMAN (c-t); ASH, Downshire Players
MET CD 1006 D "O Sweet Woods: The Delight of Solitarinesse--Lovesongs & Sonnets of Donne & Sidney." AGNEW (t), WILSON (lute). Texts
Millennium Classics
MCD 80356 S (3) Bellini: I Puritani. SILLS, GEDDA, QUILICO, PLISHKA; RUDEL, Ambrosian Opera Cho., Royal PO. Summary
MCD 10002 D Chavez: Symphonies #1-3. MATA, London SO. OP
Music & Arts
CD 901 Britten: The Rape of Lucretia--exc. FERRIER, CROSS, RITCHIE, PEARS, KRAUS, BRANNIGAN; BRITTEN (?), English Opera Group (Holland, 1946). OP
Musical Heritage Society
545397 D (4) Debussy: Orchestral works. Y.P. TORTELIER, Ulster O. Chandos recordings
MHS 11247 S Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik; Serenata notturna; Sinfonia Concertante (LOVEDAY, SHINGLES). MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
MHS 512078 D Stravinsky: Le Baiser de la Fee; Tchaikovsky-Stravinsky: Sleeping Beauty--Bluebird Pas de deux. JARVI, Scottish Nat'l O
MHS 522054 D (2) Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker. LANCHBERY, Philharmonia O
67151 2 S "The Best of Eliot FISK." OP
MMD 60128 D Songs of Wolf, Strauss, Rachmaninov, Ives, & Weill. UPSHAW, GARRETT. OP. Texts
063.H117 (2) Verdi: Un Ballo in Maschera. STELLA, STIGNANI, DI STEFANO, BASTIANINI; GAVAZZENI, La Scala (1956)
MCD 001.216 (3) Rossini: Guglielmo Tell. CERQUETTI, BORELLI, JAIA, FISCHER-DIESKAU, MODESTI; ROSSI, RAI Milan (1956). The same--exc. MARTON, GEDDA, MITTELMANN; MUTI (1972). Italian libretto
MCD 055.320 (3) Verdi: Don Carlo. FRENI, COSSOTTO, ARAGALL, CAPPUCCILLI, GHIAUROV; SANTI, Vienna St. Opera O. (1976). Massenet: Manon--exc. PILOU, ARAGALL, M ASTROMEI; BAUDO, Vienna St. Opera (1971)
MCD 080.329 (3) Rossini: uglielmo Tell. ZYLIS GARA, NAFE, TADDEI, BONISOLLI, STAMM; DELACOTE, Hamburg St. Opera (Oct. 5, 1974)
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E 8905 S (6) Mozart: Sonatas; piano music. BADURA-SKODA (Schantz fp c. 1790). FS
8.550937 D Tye: Missa Euge bone; Peccavimu; Omnes gentes; Mundy: Kyrie; Magnificat. SUMMERLY, Oxford Camerata
8.553326 D Dowland: Consort Music. ROSE CONSORT. Songs. C. KING (ms), HERINGMAN (lute). FS
8.555039 D Balada: Piano Concerto #3 (TORRES-PARDO); Concierto Magico (FISK, gtr); Music for Flute & Orchestra (MARTINEZ). SEREBRIER, Barcelona SO
8.557846 D Liszt: Festklange; Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne; Hunnenschlacht. HALASZ, New Zealand SO
8.559117 D Chadwick: Euterpe; Angel of Death; Aphrodite; Melpomene; Thalia. SCHERMERHORN, Nashville SO
8.660037/8 D (2) Rossini: Tancredi. PODLES, JO, OLSEN, SPAGNOLI; ZEDDA, Capella & Collegium Instrumentale Brugense. Italian libretto
New Albion
NA 015 CD S Harrison: Lo Koro Sutro. BRETT, cho. & ens. Varied Trio. ABEL (vln), STEINBERG (pf), WINANT (perc). Suite for Violin & American Gamelan. ABEL; BERGAMO, American Gamelan
New Mexico Brass Quintet
NMBQ CD 001 D Plog: 4 Sketches; T. Moore: Brass Quintet; Stevens: Seasons; Anon.: 3 Villancicos. NEW MEXICO BRASS QUINTET. FS
New World
NW 328/9 2 D Carpenter: Sonata in g; Diversions; piano music. OLDHAM. COH
NW 348 2 D Schuman: Symphony #7; Balada: Steel Symphony. MAAZEL, Pittsburgh SO
Newport Classic
NPD 85622 D (2) Cherubini: Medee. P. TREIGLE, FORTUNATO, ST. JULIEN, HALVORSON, ARNOLD, OSTENDORF; FOLSE, Chorus Quotannis, Brewer CO (period inst). Libretto
Nightingale Classics
NC 00072 2 D (3) Strauss: Orchestral Lieder. PIECZONKA, GRUBEROVA, HOWARTH, PETROVA, STRAKA, SKOVHUS, MOLL; HAIDER, Nice PO. Texts
NC 040269 2 D Songs & duets of Schumann, Dvorak, & Brahms. GRUBEROVA, PALEY, HAIDER (pf). Texts
NC 070561 2 D (3) Donizetti: Linda di Chamounix. GRUBEROVA, GROOP, BERNARDI, KIM; HAIDER, Mikaeli Chamber Choir, Swedish RSO. Libretto
NC 110560 2 D Arias & scenes of Rimsky-Korsakov, Thomas, Bellini (2), & Donizetti. GRUBEROVA; LUISI, Bavarian Radio Cho., Munich RSO (et al). 4 language texts
NC 130560 2 D Bach: Cantata #51; Handel: 5 arias; Mozart: Exsultate, jubilate. GRUBEROVA, AGNAS (tpt); SJOKVIST, Stockholm CO
NC 70560 2 D (2) Bellini: Beatrice di Tenda. GRUBEROVA, KASAROVA, MOROSOW, BERNARDI; P. STEINBERG, ORF SO, cho. Libretto
NC 825416 2 D "Siente Me: Popular Avenues" (arias & songs). GRUBEROVA, var. accomp
Nightinggale Classics
NC 190216 2 D "Adagio" (classical arias & songs). GRUBEROVA (in all), KASAROVA, NICOLI, var. accomp
HRM 6005 "Lawrence TIBBETT: From Broadway to Hollywood" ("Porgy & Bess," "MerryMount," etc.) FS
NI 5369 D Hoddinott: Piano Sonatas #1-5. M. JONES. OP
NI 7929/30 (2) Alessandro BONCI: The Fonotipia recordings, 1905-07
NI 7931 John Charles THOMAS: Victor Recordings, 1934-1942
NI 7932/3 (2) Lucrezia BORI: The Victor Recordings, 1925-37
79155 2 D (2) Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 296, 376-80 (Vol. 2). LUCA, BILSON (period inst.) OP
79158 2 S Foster: Songs (Vol. 1 complete, Vol. 2 exc.) DeGAETANI, GUINN, KALISH,et al
79257 2 D Gorecki: Already It Is Dusk. KRONOS QT. Lerchenmusik. COLLINS (clar), VAN KAMPEN (cello), CONSTABLE (pf)
79439 2 D Mozart: Piano Concertos #18 & 20. GOODE, ORPHEUS
79489 2 D Mozart: Concertos #23 & 24. GOODE, ORPHEUS
NR 235 CD S Chadwick: String Quartet #3; Piano Quintet (ESKIN). PORTLAND QT
150 026 2 D Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (K. WEBER, clar); Lieder. MATHIS, K.Engel. Texts
Nuova Era
6982/3 D (2) Bellini: Zaira. RICCIARELLI, ALAIMO, VARGAS, PAPADJAKOU; OLMI, Bellini Theater, Catania. Libretto
7122 D Menotti: The Telephone. BANKS, RICCI; VAGLIERI, Milan CO. Canti della Iontananza (BANKS, s); Ricercare & Toccata. COSTANZO (pf)
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414 330 2 D Haydn: Symphonies #94 & 96. HOGWOOD, Academy of Ancient Music. OP
414 423 2 D (2) Handel: Esther. KIRKBY, KWELLA, MINTER, ROLFE-JOHNSON, ELLIOTT, KING, PARTRIDGE, THOMAS; HOGWOOD, Westminster Cathedral Boys Choir, Academy of Ancient Music Cho. & O. OP. Libretto
417 126 2 D (2) Handel: Athalia. SUTHERLAND, KIRKBY, BOWMAN, A. JONES, ROLFE JOHNSON, THOMAS; HOGWOOD, Academy of Ancient Music. Libretto
425 891 2 D "Venice Preserv'd." HOGWOOD, Academy of Ancient Music. OP
433 148 2 D (2) "The Pilgrimage to Santiago: A musical journey along the medievalpilgrim road to the shrine of St. James at Santiago de Compostela." PICKETT, New London Consort. COH. OP. Texts
OCD 452 D Milhaud: Symphony #3; The Bells; Saudades do Brasil--4 exc.; ROZHDESTVENSKY, Russian St. Symphony Cappella. OP
OCD 454 D Bax: Fantasy Sonata; 2 Russian Tone Pictures; piano & viola works. CRABTREE, C. MATTHEWS. OP
OCD 520 D Sviridov: Snow Storm; 3 Choral Pieces; Miniature Triptych; Snow Is Falling. GOLUBEVA, ODINTSOVA; FEDOSEYEV, Yurlov Cho., Ostianko RSO. OP
OCD 671 D Schubert: Music for piano duet (Vol. 1). GLADSTONE, CLEMMOW. OP
OCD 672 D Schubert: Music for piano duet (Vol. 2). GLADSTONE, CLEMMOW. OP
OCD 673 D Schubert: Music for piano duet (Vol. 3). GLADSTONE, CLEMMOW. OP
OCD 674 D Schubert: Music for piano duet (Vol. 4). GLADSTONE, CLEMMOW. OP
OCD 675 D Schubert: Works for piano duet (Vol. 5). GOLDSTONE, CLEMMOW. OP
OCD 676 D Schubert: Works for piano duet (Vol. 6). GOLDSTONE, CLEMMOW. OP
OCD 677 D Schubert: Works for piano duet (Vol. 7); Schumann: 2 Polonaises. GOLDSTONE, CLEMMOW. OP
ODE 1079 2D D (2) Rautavaara: "Angels & Visitations" sampler, mostly excerpts)
ONYX 4009 D Berg: 4 Lieder, Op. 2; Lieder of Schubert (8) & Wolf (6). STOTIJN (ms), BREINL (pf). FS
Opera d'Oro
OPD 1405 (2) St.-Saens: Samson et Dalila. DOMINGUEZ, VICKERS, BLANC; FOURNET (Amsterdam, Feb. 29, 1964)
Opus 111
OPS 30 220 D "Hortus Deliciarum" (chants of Hildegard von Bingen & H. von Landsberg). LESNE, Discantus. Texts
OPS 30 309 D "Codice di Ivrea (fine del XIV secolo)." MALETTO, Cantica Symphonia. FS. Texts
C 078 831 A D "Die schonsten deutschen Kinder- und Wiegenlieder." POPP; Seifried, ens. German texts
C 140 201 A Brahms: 4 ernste Gesange; Lieder. FISCHER-DIESKAU, MOORE (Salzburg, 1958)
C 257 921 A D Killmayer: Yolimba. TITUS, VENUTI; SCHNEIDER, Bavarian Radio Cho., Munich RSO. Libretto
CD 108 S Ravi SHANKAR: The Genius of Pandit Ravi Shankar (w. Alla RAKHA)
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ADW 7406 S Schubert: Winterreise. BASTIN (bs), Kniehs
GEM 0107 Vaughan Williams: Symphony #6. BOULT. Scott of the Antarctic; The Loves of Joanna Godden--exc. E. IRVING. Coastal Command; 49th Parallel; Story of a Flemish Farm--exc. MATHIESON
GEMM CD 9342 Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem. FLYNN (s), HENDERSON (b); VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, BBC Cho. & O. (1936 broadcast). Te Deum. Coronation Choir & O. Serenade to Music. WOOD, BBC SO (w. 16 original soloists)
PentaTone Classics
PTC 5186 089 D (HYBRID SACD) Arias of Glinka, Dargomyzhski, Rachmaninov, & Borodin. VEDERNIKOV, Bolshoi soloists, Cho. & O
289 462 158 2 D (2) Verdi: Rigoletto. GRUBEROVA, FASSBAENDER, SHICOFF, BRUSON; SINOPOLI, St. Cecilia Academy
411 052 2 D Strauss: 4 Last Songs; 6 Lieder. NORMAN; MASUR, Leipzig Gewandhaus O. OP. Texts
412 176 2 D (7) Schubert: 10 Symphonies. MARRINER, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. OP
412 619 2 D St.-Saens: Symphony #3. GUILLOU; DE WAART, San Francisco SO. Widor: Organ Symphony #6--Allegro. GUILLOU. OP
416 201 2 Beethoven: Symphony #3 (live, 1940). MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. OP
416 204 2 Beethoven: Symphonies #7 & 8. MENGELBERG, Concertgebouw O. OP
416 606 2 S Bach: Cello Suites #1-3. STARKER (Mercury recordings). OP
420 190 2 D (3) Halevy: La Juive. VARADY, ANDERSON, CARRERAS, GONZALEZ, FURLANETTO; ALMEIDA, Philharmonia O., Ambrosian Cho. OP
420 714 2 S Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez; Fantasia para un gentilhombre. LAGOYA.Concierto Serenata. MICHEL (harp); ALMEIDA, Monte-Carlo Opera O. OP
422 514 2 S (5) Mozart: Piano Quintets; Quartets; Trios (Vol. 14). BEAUX ARTS TRIO, BRENDEL, KOVACEVICH, HOFFMANN, NICOLET, HOLLIGER, BRUNNER, BRYMER, et al. OP
434 077 2 D Haydn: Symphonies #99 & 102. BRUGGEN, O. of the 18th Century (period inst.) OP
446 657 2 D Grainger: Choral works. GARDINER, Monteverdi Choir, o. Texts
475 7551 S Reich: Variations for Winds, Strings & Keyboards; Adam: Shaker Loops.DE WAART, San Francisco SO. FS. COH
PHCD 111 S Barber: Souvenirs; Canzonetta (GIRDWOOD, ob); Britten: Les Illuminations (FARLEY); Young Apollo. SEREBRIER, Scottish CO, London SO. OP
PH 5066/7 (2) Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana. BRUNA-RASA, SIMIONATO, GIGLI, BECHI, MARCUCCI; MASCAGNI, La Scala (1940). Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci. PAMPANINI, MERLI, GALEFFI, VANELLI, NESSI; MOLAJOLI, La Scala (1930). OP
Pierre Verany
PV 794091 D Dowland: Ayres (Book 1). ELWES (c-t), SPAETER (lute). Texts
PV.786031 D Chabrier: Espana; Cortege Burlesque; 3 Valses Romantiques; Infante: Musiques d'Espagne; Danses Andalouses. CORRE, EXERJEAN (pf)
160 241 D Schumann: Symphonies #1 & 3. SCHOLZ, Philharmonia Slavonica
Point Music
432 967 2 D John MORAN: The Manson Family--An Opera (w. Iggy POP, Terre ROCHE, et al. OP
314 547 222 2 D Andrea BOCELLI: Sogno
PO 1039 (4) Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier (in English). BAKER, DERNESCH, HEMSLEY; GIBSON, Scottish Opera (1971). Ariadne auf Naxos--Prelude (in English). BAKER, DERNESCH, CHRISTIE, WOOLLAM; DEL MAR (1977). Schumann: Frauenliebe und Leben. BAKER, JOHNSON (1979)
93316 S Schubert: 10 Lieder. HOLL, K. Richter (1980). German texts
93331 D Pfitzner: Lieder. HOLL, K. Richter. OP. German texts
93446 Todor MASAROFF aria recital
D18320 D Vaughan Williams: Sea Symphony. BICKERS (s), BLOODING (b); NOLL, Choral Guild of Atlanta, Belgian French Community Youth O. OP
PRCD 480 D Howells: Psalm Preludes, Sets 1 & 2; 4 Rhapsodies. CLEOBURY, organ of King's College, Cambridge (Vol. 1)
PRCD 524 D Howells: Organ Sonata; 6 Pieces. BARBER (Vol. 2)
PRCD 745 D Howells: Morning & Evening Canticles (Vol. 1). MILLINGER, Collegiate Singers
PRCD 759 D Howells: Morning & Evening Canticles (Vol. 2). MILLINGER, Collegiate Singers
PRCD 782 D Howells: Morning & Evening Canticles (Vol. 3). MILLINGER, Collegiate Singers
Pro Arte
CDD 499 D Mozart: Sonatas, K. 330-332 & 576. ENTREMONT (Bosendorfer SE reproducing piano). OP
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Radio 3
R3 98030 D Ensor: La gamme d'amour; piano works. DE NEVE. Music by famous painter
Raum Klang
RK 9802 D Works of Hidegard von Bingen & Birgitta von Schweden. LES FLAMBOYANTS. Latin-German texts
09026 60797 2 D Haydn: Violin Concertos #1 & 4; Symphony #22. ZUKERMAN, Nat'l Arts Centre O. OP
09026 60899 2 D Debussy: Ariettes oubliees; 5 Poemes de Baudelaire; Chansons de bilitis; Ravel: Histoires naturelles. STUTZMANN, Collard. OP. Texts
09026 60963 2 Q Rodgers: Victory at Sea. BENNETT, o. Dolby surround
09026 61798 2 D Schumann: 12 Kerner Lider, Op. 35; Minnespiele, Op. 101; C. Schumann: Liebesfruhling. STUTZMANN, SODERGREN. Texts
09026 61883 2 Grieg: Piano Concerto (ORMANDY, Phila. O.) (1942); Ballade; Lyric Pieces--exc. RUBINSTEIN
09026 63080 2 S Beethoven: Sonata #23; Schumann: Fantasiestucke, Op. 12; works of Debussy (3), Chopin (6), & Mendelssohn. RUBINSTEIN (live, 1975) ("Recital for Israel"). FS
09026 63292 2 D Walton: Viola Concerto; Bruch: Concerto for Violin & Viola (TRETYAKOV); Romance; Kol nidrei. BASHMET; PREVIN, JARVI, London SO
09026 63518 2 D St.-Saens: Cello Concerto #2; La Muse et le Poete (BELL, vln); Romance(ESCHENBACH, NDR SO); Cello Sonata #2 (DEVOYON). ISSERLIS (in all)
09026 68017 2 S Bach: Christmas Oratorio--exc. BUCHHIERL, STEIN, ALTMEYER, McDANIEL; SCHMIDT-GADEN, Tolz Boys' Choir, Collegium Aureum. Texts
09026 68114 2 D Piston: Sonatina; Copland: Violin Sonata; Nocturne; Ives: Sonata #4;Baker: Blues. MEYERS (vln), SCHUB (pf). OP
09026 68349 2 D (3) Rossini: Tancredi. KARASOVA, MEI, VARGAS, PEETERS; R. ABBADO, Munich Radio Cho., Bavarian Radio SO. Libretto
09026 68671 2 (2) "LECUONA Plays Lecuona: The Ultimate Collection" (from 78s & LPs)
4265 2 RG S Placido DOMINGO: Con Amore (aria & song recital)
60047 2 RG Chopin: Preludes; Sonata #2; Berceuse; Barcarolle. RUBINSTEIN (1946)
74321 67667 2 D "Love Enhanced: French Opera Arias." KASAROVA; CHASLIN, Munich RSO. Texts
7801 2 RC D "Fantasies, Ayres & Dances: Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort Music." BREAM CONSORT. OP
7830 2 RG S Walton: Symphony #1; Vaughan Williams: Wasps Overture. PREVIN, LondonSO. OP
82876 61244 2 D (2) (HYBRID SACD) Verdi: Requiem. MEI, FINK, SCHADE, D'ARCHANGELO, HARNONCOURT, Schoenberg Cho., Vienna PO
82876 76228 2 S Wagner: Arias & scenes. MEIER, HEPPNER, FARRELL, FLAGSTAD, MELCHIOR, ADAM (some mono)
82876 78719 2 D The 5 BROWNS: No Boundaries (piano solos & ensembles)
RCD2 3213 S (2) Mahler: Symphony #6. LEVINE, London SO. OP
RCD2 4581 D (2) Mahler: Symphony #7. LEVINE, Chicago SO. OP
RCA Red Seal
7780 1 RC D Brahms: Concerto #1. DOUGLAS; SKROWACZEWSKI, London SO. FS
RED 148 S Schubert: Symphony #9. TENNSTEDT, Berlin PO (April 19, 1983)
RED 18 Schumann: Symphony #4; Brahms: Symphony #3. KNAPPERTSBUSCH, Vienna PO(Dec. 16, 1962), SDR SO (Nov. 15, 1963)
Reference Recordings
RR 67CD D Strauss: Die Tageseiten; works of Bruckner (3), Schubert, Brahms, Biebl, & Mendelssohn. SEELIG, Turtle Creek Chorale, Fort Worth CO
RR 74CD D Chadwick: Suite symphonique; Aphrodite; Elegie. SEREBRIER, Brno PO
Rene Gailly
CD 87 092 D Gould: 2 Pianos; Bolcom: Recuerdos; Stravinsky: Concerto for 2 Pianos; Rachmaninov: Suite #2. MOT SISTERS. OP
CD 88 904 D "The Belfry Bells of Bruges: 4 Centuries of Chimes Music" (incl. Bach,Handel, Fiocco, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Satie, Algeniz, et al). LOMBAERT
RIT 5010 Schubert: Symphony #9. ROSBAUD, SWR SO Baden-Baden (1954)
7250 D Wagner: Arias. STOTTLER (s); STEINLUCHT, St. Petersburg PO. Texts
CD RPO 8020 D Elgar: Serenade; Britten: Variations on a Theme of Bridge; Vaughan Williams: Tallis Fantasia; Tippett: Fantasia Concertante. GROVES, Royal PO. OP
Russian Disc
RD CD 11 006 S Vainberg: Symphony #5; Trumpet Concerto (DOKSHITSER). KONDRASHIN, ZHURAITIS, Moscow PO. OP
RCD 10105 S GOLDEN GATE GYPSY ORCHESTRA: The Travelling Jewish Wedding
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Saga Classics
EC 3336 2 S Works of Purcell, Humfrey, Butterworth, & Moeran ("A Recital of EnglishSongs"). SHIRLEY-QUIRK, et al. OP
SCD 2317 D "A Christmas Celebration." ROBERTS, Cwmbach Male Choir
SCD 2366 D "The Edge of the Moon" (English art songs). R.M. LEWIS (s), var. accomp
CD00051 D Kennedy: One Body. RAMEKER (c-t & b); KENNEDY, Essential Music. Texts
SIGCD 048 D Gesualdo: Tenebrae Responsories for Maundy Thursday. KING'S SINGERS. COH. Texts
PSC 1021 D Brahms: Sonata #1; Fantasien, Op. 116; 3 Intermezzi, Op. 117. KNARDAHL
5034022 D (SK 62256) "Tears of Lisbon: Fado & Ancient Music of Portugal." DA CONCEICAO, ROCHA (vocals); VAN NEVEL, Huelgas Ens., et al. Texts
82876 78852 2 D "Forbidden Love" (aria & song recital). LICITRA; BRIGNOLI, Verdi SO & Cho., Milan. Advance promo copy in thin box with only contents listing
82876737162 D Dvorak: Cello Concerto. VOGLER; ROBERTSON, N.Y. Phil. Zigeunerlieder; Foster: 2 songs. KIRCHSCHLAGER (ms), DEUTSCH (pf). FS
MHK 62869 S Weill: Lady in the Dark. ELLIOTT, R. STEVENS, A. GREEN, CURSIT, REARDON, S. AUGUSTINE; ENGEL (+ exc. w. Danny KAYE)
MHK 62876 Dvorak: Cello Concerto (ORMANDY); Bruch: Kol Nidrei; St.-Saens: Concerto in a (STOCK). PIATIGORSKY. OP
S2K 47290 D (2) Cherubini: Lodoiska. DEVIA, LOMBARDO, T. MOSER, CORBELLI, SHIMELL, LUPERI; MUTI, La Scala (live, 1991). Libretto
S2K 53967 D (2) Chopin: Polonaises; Marche funebre (3 versions). KATSARIS. OP
S2K 89936 S (2) Mozart: Violin Sonatas, K. 301, 306, 378/9; Schubert: Trio #1 (ISTOMIN, ROSE); Brahms: String Quintet #2 (LIN, TREE, LAREDO, MA); Bach: Partita #1. STERN (in all). All but Schubert first publications. FS
SB2K 53531 S (2) Beethoven: Sonatas #27-32. C. ROSEN. OP
SK 46700 D Mozart: Sonatas, K, 283 & 311; Rondo, K. 485; Adagio, K. 540; Duport Variations. VLADAR (pf). OP
SK 48066 D Faure: Piano Quartets. AX, STERN, LAREDO, MA
SK 53112 D Chopin: Trio (P. FRANK, vln); Polonaise brillante; Cello Sonata. MA, AX. Polonaise brillante (piano solo version). OSINSKA
SK 53117 D "The Art of the Motet in the 17th Century." RUHLAND, Niederaltaicher Scholaren. Texts
SK 53271 D Schnittke: Quasi una sonata. LUBOTSKY (vln); ROSTROPOVICH, English CO.Piano Sonata #2. I. SCHNITTKE. Trio. LUBOTSKY, ROSTROPOVICH, I. SCHNITTKE. OP
SK 53273 D Prokofiev: Sonatas #2, 3, 5, & 9. BRONFMAN. OP
SK 53339 D Beethoven: Piano Quartet, Op. 16; Schumann: Quartet, Op. 47. AX, STERN, LAREDO, MA
SK 53973 D Debussy: Suite bergamasque; Pour le piano; piano music (Vol. 4). CROSSLEY. OP
SK 58966 D Prokofiev: Piano Concertos #2 & 4 (MEHTA, Israel PO); Overture on Hebrew Themes (FELDMAN, clar, JUILLIARD QT.) BRONFMAN
SK 60771 D Chopin: Concerto #1; Variations on "La ci darem la mano" (MACKERRAS, O. of the Age of Enlightenment); Waltz, Op. 34, #2. AX (Erard fortepiano)
SK 62007 D "The Mantis & the Moon: Guitar Duets from Around the World." WILLIAMS,KAIN
SK 67173 D Dvorak: Cello Concerto; Herbert: Concerto #2. MA; MASUR, N.Y. Phil. OP
SK 67190 D Debussy: Songs. UPSHAW, LEVINE (pf). OP. Texts
SK 90401 S Bach: Inventions; Sinfonias; English Suite #1. GOULD (pf)
SK 97749 D Mozart: Concerto #3; Rondo in C; Schubert: Rondo in A; M. Haydn: Concerto in Bb. SKRIDE; HAENCHEN, CPE Bach CO. FS
SM2K 46743 S (2) "Concert of the Century" (Carnegie Hall, 1976). BERNSTEIN, FISCHER-DIESKAU, HOROWITZ, MENUHIN, ROSTROPOVICH, STERN. Texts
SMK 52596 S Bach: Inventions; Sinfonias. GOULD (pf)
SMK 60594 S Harris: Symphony #3; Thompson: Symphony #2; Diamond: Symphony #4. BERNSTEIN, N.Y. Phil
SMK 64485 Haydn: Symphonies #88, 100, & 102. WALTER, Columbia SO, N.Y. Phil
SMK 68447 Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Symphony #3. SZELL, Czech PO (Salzburg Festival, 1963). OP
SN 93699 D (DUAL-DISC) "The Romance of the Violin." BELL; M. STERN, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Complete program in CD & DVD-Audio formats + DVD video. FS. COH
Standing Room Only
SRO 811 S (3) Gounod: Faust. SCOTTO, A. KRAUS, GHIAUROV; ETHUIN (Toyko, Sept. 9, 1973). OP
Stradivari Classics
SCD 8012 D Barber: Symphony #2; School for Scandal; Music for a Scene from Shelley; Essay #1. SCHENCK, New Zealand SO. OP
10 4140 2 D Martinu: Parables; Estampes; Overture; Rhapsody. BELOHLAVEK, Czech PO. OP
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CD 80096 D Jongen: Symphonie Concertante (DE WAART, San Francisco SO); Franck: Fantaisie in A; Pastorale. MURRAY
CD 80105 D Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms; Poulenc: Gloria (McNAIR). SHAW, Atlanta SO & Cho. OP. Texts
CD 80148 D Mozart: Symphonies #36 & 38. MACKERRAS, Prague CO
CD 80181 D Walton: Belshazzar's Feast (STONE, b); Bernstein: Chichester Psalms; Missa brevis. SHAW, Atlanta SO & Cho. Texts
CD 80182 D Schumann: Symphonies #2 & 3. ZINMAN, Baltimore SO. BMG club edition
CD 80312 D Rachmaninov: Symphony #2; Vocalise (McNAIR, s). ZINMAN, Baltimore SO
CD 80343 D Bruckner: Symphony #8. LOPEZ-COBOS, Cincinnati SO
CD 80396 D Rossini-Respighi: La Boutique Fantasque; Rachmaninov-Respighi: 5 Etudes Tableaux. LOPEZ-COBOS, Cincinnati SO
CD 80479 Q Barber: Prayers of Kierkegaard; Bartok: Cantata profana; Vaughan Williams: Dona nobis pacem. PELTON (s), CLEMENT (t), GUNN (b); SHAW, Atlanta SO & Cho. Texts
CD 80565 D Mahler: Symphony #10 (Mazzetti ed.) LOPEZ-COBOS, Cincinnati SO
CD 80651 D Vivaldi: Gloria; Bach: Magnificat. MATTHEWS, MEEK, PYHILLIPS, FRAZURE, POWELL; PEARLMAN, Boston Baroque
CD 80654 D Vaughan Williams: Mass in g; Durufle: 4 Motets; Copland: 4 Motets; works of Messiaen, Tavener, & Tallis. MACKENZIE, Atlanta Symphony Chamber Cho. Texts
CD 80659 D "Renaissance Favorites for Guitar." RUSSELL
CD 80667 D The CELTIC TENORS: Remember Me
10201 2 D "Lest We Forget: A collection of poetry & music dedicated to the memory of those who fell in two world wars." Phyllis CALVERT, John GIELGUD, Derek JACOBI, Peter ORR (narr); A. DAVIS, BBC SO
13139 2 D Vaughan Williams: Symphonies #3 ("Pastorale") & 7 ("Antarctica"). ROZARIO (s); A. DAVIS, BBC SO & Cho
13156 2 D (3) Strauss: Die Frau ohne Schatten. VOIGT, HEPPNER, SCHWARZ, GRUNDHEBER, HASS; SINOPOLI, Dresden St. Opera. Libretto
13161 2 D Sibelius: Violin Concerto; Nielsen: Concerto. VENGEROV; BARENBOIM, Chicago SO
17146 2 D Schubert: 3 marches militaires; 8 Variations, D. 813; Sonata, D. 812 ("Grand Duo"). BARENBOIM, LUPU
44935 2 D Schumann: Kerner Lieder; 5 Lieder, Op. 40. HAMPSON, PARSONS. OP. Texts
46276 2 D Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. FASSBAENDER, MOSER, KATSARIS (pf). OP. Text
76989 2 D Vivaldi: Gloria; Pergolesi: Stabat mater. McNAIR, MEI, VON MAGNUS, LIPOVSEK; HARNONCOURT, Schoenberg Cho., Concentus musicus Wien. Texts
90858 2 D Vaughan Williams: Symphonies #2 ("London") & 8. A. DAVIS, BBC SO
92256 2 D Prokofiev: Violin Concerto #1; Shostakovich: Concerto #1. VENGEROV; ROSTROPOVICH, London SO
93856 2 D Bortniansky: 7 Concertos. CHERNOUSCHENKO, Glinka State Choir of St. Petersburg
97457 2 D Songs of Gounod, Franck, St.-Saens, Bizet, Chabrier, Massenet, Faure, D'Indy, Chausson, Pierne, & Hahn. FISCHER-DIESKAU, HOLL. OP. Texts
97460 2 D Shostakovich: Suite on Verses of Michelangelo; Reimann: 3 Poems of Michelangelo. FISCHER-DIESKAU, REIMANN. Texts
97684 2 D (2) Purcell: The Fairy Queen. BONNEY, VON MAGNUS, McNAIR, CHANCE, DALE, HALL, MICHAELS-MOORE; HARNONCOURT, Schoenberg Choir, Concentus musicus Wien. Libretto
98463 2 D Vaughan Williams: Symphony #9; Job. A. DAVIS, BBC SO
99175 2 D (2) Strauss: Elektra. POLASKI, MEIER, MARC, BOTHA, STRUCKMANN; BARENBOIM, Berlin German Opera Cho., Staatskapelle Berlin. Libretto
SBT 1318 Mozart: Symphonies #29 & 34; Serenade in D, K. 320, "Posthorn." MAAG, Suisse Romande O. (1951-2)
The Symphonica
Mahler D (2) Mahler: Symphony #2. [IMAMURA?], The Symphonica (Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Aug. 10, 1996). No other credits. CDRs with printed insert
Trax Classique
TRXCD 114 S Lloyd: Symphony #10; Josephs: Concerto for Brass. STOBART, London Collegiate Brass
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DKP(CD)9046 D Holst: Hymn to Dionysus; Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda; 2 Eastern Pictures. WILLCOCKS, Royal College of Music Chamber Cho., Royal PO. OP. Texts
DKP(CD)9076 D Vaughan Williams: Phantasy Quintet (BLUME, vla); String Quartets #1 & 2. ENGLISH STRING QT. OP
DKP(CD)9080 D Maconchy: String Quartets #1-4 (Vol. 1). MISTRY QT. OP
DKP(CD)9137 D Dvorak: Theme & Variations; Poetic Tone Pictures. KVAPIL. OP
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VAI Audio
VAIA 1080 Strauss: Lieder. LEAR, Werba (1964/5). English texts
V 6112 S Ingegneri: Responsoria Hebdomadae Sanctae. TETU, Lyon Nat'l O. Cho., Les Saqueboutiers. French texts
Vanguard Classics
99124 D Grieg: 8 songs; Schumann: Dichterliebe; 4 Lieder. BJORKOY (t), BRATLIE. German texts
OVC 4016 S Barber: Second Essay; Music for a Scene from Shelley; A Stopwatch & anOrdnance Map; A Hand of Bridge (NEWAY, ALBERTS, LEWIS, MAERO); Serenade, Op. 1. GOLSCHMANN, Symphony of the Air. Adagio for Strings. JANIGRO, I Solisti di Zagreb. OP
27023/4 (2) Donizetti: Don Pasquale. D'ANGELO, A. KRAUS, CORENA, CAPECCHI; EREDE, Edinburgh Festival Cho. & O. (Sept. 7, 1963). Libretto
VRS 2019 D (2) Arbos: The Center of the Earth. MARTIN, SANCHEZ, ALVAREZ, ALCEDO,FRANCO, MARCHANTE, GALINDO; TEMES, Madrid SO & Cho. Spanish libretto
821 581 2 S Mel TORME Swings Shubert Alley
Virgin Classics
44706 2 D Mozart: Violin Concertos #1-3. BIONDI, Europa Galante. FS. COH
45033 2 D Barber: Dover Beach (ENDELLION QT); Songs. ALLEN (b), VIGNOLES. OP. Texts
59300 2 D Grieg: Piano Sonata; Lyric Pieces, Opp, 43 & 54; piano music. ANDSNES
59305 2 D (2) Britten: A Midsummer Night's Dream. WATSON, GOMEZ, JONES, BOWMAN,GRAHAM-HALL, HERFORD, MAXWELL; HICKOX, City of London Sinfonia. Libretto
61105 2 D Vaughan Williams: Symphony #5; Concerto for 2 Pianos (MARKHAM, BROADWAY). MENUHIN, Royal PO. OP
61498 2 D (2) "The Piano Album" (encores). HOUGH. FS
62040 2 D Nielsen: Chaconne; Suite, Op. 45; 3 Pieces, Op. 59; piano music. ANDSNES
90728 2 D Britten: A Boy Was Born; Hymn to St. Cecilia; A.M.D.G.; Shepherd's Carol. EDWARDS, London Sinfonietta Cho., et al. OP. Texts
91084 2 D (2) Prokofiev: Love for 3 Oranges. DUBOSC, BACQUIER, BASTIN, GAUTIER,VIALA; NAGANO, Lyon Opera. OP. Libretto
91499 2 D Haydn: Symphonies #88, 89, & 92. S. KUIJKEN, La Petite Bande. OP
Virgin Veritas
61561 2 D (2) Dowland: Lachrimae; Byrd: Consort Music. FRETWORK, et al
ACD 8027 S Chopin: 17 Waltzes. HAEBLER. OP
CD3X 3028 S (3) St.-Saens: Piano Concertos; works for piano & orchestra (TACCHINO); Cypres et Lauiers (KEMMER, org); Morceau de Concert; Romance (ORVAL, horn). DE FROMENT, Luxembourg RSO. Fantasy (MILDONIAN, harp); La muse et le poete (MALLOCH). RICCI. OP
CDX2 5515 (2) Mozart: Concertos #21 & 25 (PERLEA, Vienna SO); Scarlatti: 12 Sonatas. TIPO. COH. OP
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WLCD 0044 (3) Wagner: Tristan & Isolde. BRAUN, KLOSE, TREPTOW, FRANTZ, GROSSMANN; E. KLEIBER, Munich St. Opera (July 20, 1952)
SSS 0049 2 (2) Strauss: Elektra. KLOSE, EKKEHARD, BUTOW, TREPTOW, NIESE, WILLUMSEN (Oct. 3, 1957). Tod und Verklarung (Jan. 18, 1958). MATACIC, Staatskapelle Berlin. Great program notes!
SSS 0052 2 S Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde. SOUKUPOVA, GOLDBERG; KEGEL, Leipzig RSO(April 5, 1977). Great program notes!
SSS 0055 2 S Beethoven: Egmont Overture; Handel: Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, #3; Strauss: Ein Heldenleben. SANDERLING, Leipzig RSO (1969/72). Great program notes!
SSS 0056 2 S Beethoven: Symphony #1 (Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin, 1968); Symphony #5; Egmont Overture (Keil PO, 1980). TENNSTEDT
SSS 0057 2 S Bruckner: Symphony #7. LEITNER, Hague Residentie O. Great program notes!
SSS 0058 2 S Beethoven: Symphony #7; Shostakovich: Violin Concerto #2 (TRETYAKOV) (MONO). KEGEL, Staatskapelle Dresden. Great program notes!
SSS 0059 2 S Shostakovich: Symphony #5; Janacek: 4 Lach Dances. TENNSTEDT, Munich PO (1975). Great program notes!
WER 60503 50 S Muller-Siemens: Variationen uber einen Landler von Schubert. REICHERT,Ensemble 13. Under. CAREWE, Basle Radio SO OP
WER 6645 2 S Kegel: Heterophonie. GIELEN, Frankfurt RSO. Improvisation Ajoutee. ZACHER (org)
Windham Chamber Music Festival
Bach D Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #5. FINK (fl), WALDMAN (vln), VYNNYTSKY (pf), et al. Ravel: String Quartet. MERIDIAN QT. Joplin-Manno: 3 Rags. Windham Ens. Professionally produced CDR for private distribution
Manno D Manno: Petit Voyage en Nostalgie. ASIN (fl), HOFFMAN (harp), string qt. 7 Quiet Pieces. MERIDIAN STRING QT., BOREALIS WIND QT. Professionally produced CDR for private distribution
CD2 1421 D "The Beatles Gregorian Songbook." DAGENAIS, Schola Musica
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Classical Music Videos and DVDs

Arthaus Musik
102 091 D (DVD) Sallinen: The Palace. VARPIO, MANTYNEN, TILLIKAINEN, SILVASTI, KRAUSE; KAMU, Savonlinna Opera Festival Cho. & O. 129" + 30" documentary, subtitles, all regions. FS
Bel Canto
2372 S (VHS) (2) Mozart: Idomeneo. COTRUBAS, BEHRENS, VON STADE, PAVAROTTI, ALEXANDER; LEVINE, Met. Opera (Nov. 6, 1982). 185", English subtitles
B0005847 09 D (DVD) "The Essential PAVAROTTI" (live concert, Royal Albert Hall, 1982). FS. COH
B0006297 09 D (DVD) "Sacred Songs." FLEMING; Pinnock, Mainzer Domchor, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. 70". FS. COH. Texts included
Deutsche Grammophon
00440 073 4142 D (DVD) (2) "2006 New Year's Concert." JANSONS, Vienna PO. All regions. FS. COH
072 516 3 S (VHS) Verdi: Aida. MILLO, ZAJICK, DOMINGO, BURCHULADZE, MILNES; LEVINE, Met. Opera (1989). 158"
B0004767 09 S (DVD) Puccini: La Boheme. FRENI, RAIMONDI, MARTINO, PANERAI; KARAJAN,La Scala. 103", subtitles, all regions. FS. COH
B0005908 09 S (DVD) Bach: Mass in b. JANOWITZ, TOPPER, LAUBENTHAL, PREY; K. RICHTER, Munich Bach Cho. & O. 129", subtitles, all regions. FS. COH
B0005914 09 S (DVD) Bach: Brandenburg Concertos. K. RICHTER, Munich Bach O. 99", all regions. FS. COH
B0005915 09 S (DVD) Bach: St. John Passion. DONATH, HAMARI, SCHREIER, LAUBENTHAL, SCHRAMM, NIMSGERN, ENGEN; K. RICHTER, Munich Bach Cho. & O. 129", subtitles, all regions. FS. COH
B0006258 09 D (DVD) "Amadeus: Mozart DVD Collection." Opera highlights & bonus previews from 2006 Mozart DVD releases. 90", subtitles, all regions. FS. COH
B0006580 09 D (DVD) (2) Wagner: Tannhauser. MARTON, TROYANOS, MACURDY, CASSILLY, WEIKL, NAGY; LEVINE, Met. Opera. 189", subtitles, all regions. FS. COH
33493 D (DVD) (2) Bellini: Norma. THEODOSSIOU, PALACIOS, VENTRE, ZENATELLO,; CARELLA, Teatro Massimo Bellini. 164", subtitles, all regions
2055108 D (DVD) Verdi: Un ballo in maschera. PISAPIA, VASSALLO, TAIGI, CHIURI, VOU; CHAILLY, Leipzig Gewandhaus O (2005). 137", subtitles, all regions
2055298 D (DVD) Schreker: Die Gezeichneten. SCHWANENWILMS, BRUBAKER, VOLLE, HALE, SCHONE; NAGANO, Berlin German SO (Salzburg, 2005). 245", subtitles, all regions. FS
Home Vision
CEN 03 S (VHS) Rossini: La Cenerentola. MURRAY, DENNING, ARAIZA, QUILICO, BERRY; CHAILLY, Vienna St. Opera (1988). 160"
Ideale Audience International
DVD9DS16 D (DVD) The Matchstick Man/The Seventh Door. Documentaries on Gyorgy Kurtag & Peter Eotvos, w. 24" Kurtag music. 137", subtitles, all regions. FS
0047 S (VHS) Strauss: Elektra. MARTON, FASSBAENDER, STUDER, GRUNDHEBER, KING; ABBADO, Vienna St. Opera (1989). 108"
071 501 3 S (VHS) Verdi: Rigoletto. GRUBEROVA, PAVAROTTI, WIXELL; CHAILLEY, Vienna St. Opera. 116"
Opus Arte
OA 0907 D D (DVD) Britten: The Turn of the Screw. PADMORE, MILNE, DAVIES, MONTAGUE, JOHNSON, WISE; HICKOX, City of London Sinfonia. 117", subtitles, all regions. FS
OA 0921 D D (DVD) (2) Mozart: Don Giovanni. DRABOWICZ, YOUN, SCHORG, GENS, REIJANS, KOCHERGA; DE BILLY, Gran Teatre del Liceu (2002). 156", subtitles, all regions
Parnassus Custom Video
PDVD 127 S (DVD) Bartok: Duke Bluebeard's Castle. LAURENCE, LLOYD; A. FISCHER, London PO. English subtitles
PDVD 128 D (DVD) Mozart: Serenade in Bb, K. 361. BRUGGEN, O. of the 18th Century(period inst.) 52"
PDVD 129 D (DVD) Sandstrom: Drums; Jolivet: Suite en Concert (WIESLER, fl); Taira: Hierophonie V. KROUMATA PERCUSSION ENS. 55"
PDVD 130 S (DVD) Brahms: Piano Concertos #1 & 2. ZIMERMAN; BERNSTEIN, Vienna PO
PDVD 131 D (DVD) Janacek: Glagolitic Mass (BENACKOVA, DROBKOVA, KUNDLAK, KOPCAK); Taras Bulba. NEUMANN, Czech PO & Cho
PDVD 132 S (DVD) Beethoven: Violin Concerto. PERLMAN; GIULINI, Philharmonia O
PDVD 140 S (DVD) Beethoven: Sonatas Nos. 21 & 23; Chopin: Scherzo #1; works of Debussy & Liszt (2). ARRAU (live perf., 1983)
074 3131 D (DVD) Mahler: Symphonies #1 & 2 (McNAIR, VAN NES). HAITINK, Berlin PO, Senff Cho. 152", all regions. FS. COH
074 3132 D (DVD) Mahler: Symphony #3. QUIVAR; HAITINK, Berlin PO, cho's. 106", all regions. FS. COH
074 3133 D (DVD) Mahler: Symphonies #4 (McNAIR) & 7. HAITINK, Berlin PO. 140", all regions. FS. COH
DVUS OPBARB D (DVD) Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia. DiDONATO, SACCA, JENIS, CHAUSSON, SIGMUNDSSON; CAMPANELLA, Paris Opera. 152", subtitles, all regions
DVWW OPCFTSF D (DVD) (2) Mozart: Cosi fan tutte. MARSHALL, MURRAY, BATTLE, MORRIS, ARAIZA, BRUSCANTINI; MUTI, Vienna St. Opera (Salzburg, 1983). 188", subtitles, all regions. FS
73828 3 S (VHS) Rossini: La Scala di Seta. SERRA, RINALDI, KUEBLER, CORBELLI; GELMETTI, Stuttgart RSO (+ "Schwetzingen Portrait") (1990). 100"
69069 S (VHS) Verdi: La Traviata. MOFFO, BECHI, BONISOLLI; PATANE, Rome Opera(1968). 113"
69705 (VHS) "First Ladies of the Opera." NILSSON, L. PRICE, SUTHERLAND, TEBALDI (2 each, from Bell Telephone Hour). 53", color
Virgin Classics
359257 9 D (DVD) (2) Massenet: Werther. GRAHAM, PIAO, HAMPSON, DEGOUT, SCHIRRER;PLASSON, Toulouse O. 137", subtitles, all regions

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