A quick note from an aid worker / epidemiologist in the far east

...lovely lovely to hear from you.
(personal details redacted)

my meeting is going very well but i have not had more than a few hours sleep for weeks and am all spotty and baggy eyed and it is once again well past midnight, so this won't be a long message. (my husband) is fine, very cheery indeed and enjoying his work. the much more difficult to deal with bit is the parochial bunch of beltway bandits that i work for. they are slapping on travel bans right left and centre, organising evacuations and all sorts of nonsense. my colleagues and i are standing firm against the hysteria, but i fear the worst. not because of ANY real risk, but because of the long term consequences. no one seems to see that the kind of self-centred arrogance that breeds evacuation plans at the drop of a hat with not a care or thought for local staff is exactly the thing that bred the attacks! best love, xx

(writer works in the far east and is employed by a washington-based NGO)