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THE SONGS OF OTTO LUENING AND ROBERT STARER OTTO LUENING: Selected Songs She Walks in Beauty (1951) (2.25) Venilia (1922) (1:34) At Christmas Time (1917) (1 :32) with Sylvia Buccelli, piano

Letter to a Composer (1995) (8:34)
Danielle Woerner with Marcia Gates, flute; Jean Kopperud, clarinet, Hudson Valley Philharmonic String Quartet (HVPSQ)

OTTO LUENING: Selections from Nine Songs to Poems of Emily Dickinson (1938-51) Our share of night to bear (.58) Hope is the thing with feathers (1.35) I felt a cleavage in my mind (.37) with Sylvia Buccelli, piano ROBERT STARER Images of Man (1994) The Universal Man (1.58) Behold Eternal Death (2:45) Compell the Poor (2:14) I am Weary (3:02) O Prince of Light (2:32) It Is an Easy Thing (3:03) Male and Female (3:08) Rise from the Dews of Death (4:19) with Marcia Gates, flute; Susan Seligman, cello; Robert Starer, piano OTTO LUENING Suite for Soprano and Flute (1936-37) + Night Song (4:03) Dawn Piece (1:02) Morning Song (2:34) Evening Song (2:12) with Patricia Spencer, flute ROBERT STARER The Ideal Self (1981) (4:05) with Marcia Gates, flute; Robert Starer, piano OTTO LUENING Selected songs to poems of William Blake Love's Secret (1949) (1:52) Ah! Sunflower (1984) (1.57) The Little Vagabond (1980) (2:07) with Sylvia Buccelli, piano OTTO LUENING The Soundless Song (1923) String Quartet (6:08) Moonlight (1:31) String Quartet (1:55) The Silent Voice (1:47) Flute and Clarinet (:23) The Soundless Song (2.09) with Marcia Gates, flute; Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Sylvia Buccelli, piano; HVPSQ Transience (1922) (1.58) with Sylvia Buccelli, piano Recorded Nov. 1997 & Jan 1998 at the Make-Believe Ballroom, W. Shokan, NY Exec. Producer: Danielle Woerner Producer: Baikida Carroll Engineer: Tom Mark PARNASSUS PACD96012 [77:14]

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PACD96012 -

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