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Parnassus Classical Compact Discs and Records

Our Own CDs Bogard - American Songs Click on Disc Image to go back to Carole Bogard - PACD96021/22

Carole Bogard - A Collection Of American SongsPACD96021/22


JOHN ALDEN CARPENTER (John Moriarty, piano)
1-2 Two Poems by Siegfried Sassoon 8:25
3-8 Gitanjali (song offerings) by Rabindranath Tagore 21:45

JOHN DUKE (also accompanies)
9-13 Songs to portions of From the Sea by Sara Teasdale 10:29
14-19 Six Poems by Emily Dickinson 10:10
20-23 Four Poems by e.e. cummings 7:43

RICHARD CUMMING (also accompanies)
24 As Dew in April (anon. 14th c. English) (with Beth Orson. oboe) 2:45
25-26 Two Poems by William Blake 4:34
27 Heart, we will forget him by Emily Dickinson (with Theodore Mook, cello) 2:47
28-30 Three Poems by Philip Minor 6:30

Program Total CD I - 77:27


AARON COPLAND (John Moriarty, piano)
1-12 Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson 30:00

WILLIAM FLANAGAN (David Del Tredici, piano)
13-18 Cycle from Time's Long Ago! by Herman Melville 14:31
1921 Three Poems by Howard Moss 11:19
22 Good-bye My Fancy by Walt Whitman (with R. Sullivan, guitar) 6:20

NED ROREM (John Moriarty, piano)
25-26 Four Poems by Tennyson 2:34

Program Total CD II - 75:17

Parnassus CDs are distributed exclusively in the USA by Qualiton. In the UK by Regis Records Records , in Italy by Fenice, in Germany by Geberhardt Musikvertrieb and in Japan by Tobu Land Trading. If you cannot find them at your favourite record store, please ask for them and please take a moment to tell us

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