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Parnassus Classical Compact Discs and Records

Parnassus Records closed our mail-order LP and CD operations on September 30th 2008
We will continue to sell Our Own CDs
You can visit our store
Customers can still reach us at and at
Box 493, Woodstock NY 12498-0493 USA
about parnassus classical and jazz compact discs and vinyl lp records About Parnassus Records
Parnassus Records was founded in 1969 to publish reissues of classical recordings on LPs. Within a couple of years, we had taken on what has become our main activity: mail order sales of classical recordings. Our specialty has been classical LPs, but we have recently been focussing on compact discs. We issue regular catalogs, and we search for wanted recordings. We publish our own classical CDs aimed at specialist collectors. We also offer a small custom line of classical videos.
While classical music is still our specialty, we have expanded to offer other forms of what we call "civilized music," including popular music, musical shows, film music, and jazz.

Leslie Gerber is The Boss, overseer of all our various activities. Our fearless leader writes:

I am Leslie Gerber, the owner of Parnassus Records. I began the business because I was a record collector myself. I am also a critic, writing mostly for Fanfare and for I also write and record occasional historical reviews for NPR's "Performance Today." From 1980 to 1991 I broadcast classical music programs over WDST in Woodstock, New York, and I now do occasional programs over WMHT/WRHV-FM in Schenectady / Poughkeepsie New York. Where I produce an ongoing series called "The Grand Piano". Because I'm a collector and music lover, I have done my best to arrange Parnassus's services to suit others like myself.

Mark Zip is our Lord High Everything Else. Promo, grading, strategy, shipping, Webmaster and anything else we can think of. Zip has been involved in the radio and music retail world for most of his life. Stints at shopping mall chain stores and at Rhino records have had their impact, as have his many years of Midnight to 6am radio. These days, in addition to his duties at Parnassus, Zip hosts "Woodstock World Beat" on WDST-FM and sells records for his own Zip's Ziggurat.

Nancy Coager is our Office Manager. She keeps us all in line and is the voice of reason and sanity. The extent of her patience is often tested and rarely exceeded. (If you do test it too much though...look out!)

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