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Parnassus Classical Compact Discs and Records

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The Stuyvesant Quartet Plays 20th Century Quartets - Complete Contents

  • Paul Hindemith(1895 - 1963)
    String Quartet i F minor, Opus 10 (1918) 28:59
       [1] Sehr lebhaft, straff im Rhythmus (5:22)
       [2] Thema mit variationen: Gemächlich (9:33)
       [3] Fianle (Sehr lebhaft) (13:41)
    Recorded 1 November 1950, Mannes School, New York City. Norman Pickering, engineer.

  • Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887 - 1959)
    String Qurstet no. 6 in E major (Quartetto Brasiliero, No. 2) (1938) 24:28
       [4] Poco Animato (6:32)
       [5] Allegretto (4:53)
       [6] Andante (7:03)
       [7] Allegro Vivace (6:24)
    Recorded 7 May 1947, Majestic Theatre, New York City

  • Quincy Porter (1897 - 2966)
    String Quartet No. 7 (1943) 15:32
       [8] Allegro moderato (6:17)
       [9]Adagio molto (4:56)
       [10]Allegro moderato (3:53)
    Broadcast Concert, 17 February 1948 Town Hall, New York City. Previosly Unreleased

The Stuyvesant String Quartet:
Sylvan Shulman and Bernard Robbins, violins; ralph hersh, viola; Alan Shulman cello.

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PACD96026 - Stuyvesant Quartet plays 20th Century Quartets

Parnassus CDs are distributed exclusively in the USA by Qualiton. In the UK by Regis Records Records , in Italy by Fenice, in Germany by Geberhardt Musikvertrieb, and in Japan by Tobu Land Trading. If you cannot find them at your favourite record store, please ask for them and please take a moment to tell us

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