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The Kipnis/Kushner Duo - Piano Four Hands

PACD 96030 Reviews of Kipnis / Kushner - Piano Four Hands American Record Guide Review

The Kipnis / Kushner piano duo was formed in 1995 and made its debut at a meeting of The Bohemians, a New York music club. Since then it has performed wisely and has appeared over many radio stations. These selections were compiled from several sources - including two radio broadcasts that were not intended to be released commercially and are therefore unedited. The Gershwin was an encore at a concert in California. Edited or not, the playing could hardly be better. Kipnes and Kushner are thouroughly immersed in the music, but they obviously love working together.
;;;;;All of the playing is on the highest level: the highest of the highest, perhaps, is Brhams´s Liebeslieder waltzes. They are lovely, lilting andsound like they came straight from the heart.

BEVERSLUIS American Record Guide September / October 2000

PACD 96030 Reviews of Kipnis / Kushner - Piano Four Hands After distinguished recording careers as a harpsichordist and fortepianist, Igor Kipnis adds to his laurels, as a duo-pianinst with Karen Kushner. Their first disc, devoted to works for four hands on a single piano, firmly establishes the team as one of the best (PACD 96030).
Brahms´s Liebeslieder Waltzes, Op. 52a and Shubert´s Divertissment à l´Hongoise, Op. 54 are played with a sensitive musicianship. Ravel´s Mother Goose recieves a brillian, colorful reading, enhanced by inclusion of Luscien Garban´s 1919 transcription of the opening movements of the orchestral ballet Ravel made of the score. The remainder of the disc is devoted to delightful miniatures: the deliciously irreverent quadrille Faur´ and Messager made of themes from Wagner´s "Ring", Calimerio Soares´s Batucata and Gershwin´s Rialto Ripples. Fine sound.
Parnassus CDs are distributed exclusively in the USA by Qualiton. In the UK by Regis Records Records , in Italy by Fenice, in Germany by Geberhardt Musikvertrieb, and in Japan by Tobu Land Trading. If you cannot find them at your favourite record store, please ask for them and please take a moment to tell us

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