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Parnassus Classical Compact Discs and Records


Sviatoslav Richter Classical Music Videos

Having been in the business of satisfying classical music collectors and fans since 1969, Parnassus has a good idea of the artist and repertory which will appeal to the classical music videophile. These videos are produced by Parnassus from the highest quality available sources. They are intended for serious fans and collectors of the artists represented.

The format is DVD-R, free of region encoding, playable on most DVD players. We guarantee any one item to play on your machine, so we suggest if you have any doubt about their playability that you place a sample order for a single item. We offer refund for any one unsatisfactory DVD or replacement for any discs that do not play properly. Art-work is limited and is in black and white.
Note: Double-DVD sets are indicated with a " (2) " after the cataloge number { eg. PDVD 16 (DVD) (2) ... }

PDVD 3 (DVD) (2) "Sviatoslav Richter #1." Beethoven: Piano Sonatas #7, 9, & 12 (1987, grainy Soviet film, some noise interference). RICHTER. Handel: Suite #3. RICHTER. Suite #7. GAVRILOV (each turning pages for the other) (excellent videotape original) $25

PDVD 4 (DVD) (2) "Sviatoslav Richter #2 (c. 120"). Bach: Concerto #1, in d; Brandenburg Concerto #5 (Nikolayevsky, Moscow Conservatory CO); Beethoven: Sonata #1; Schumann: Faschingsschwank aus Wien; works of Beethoven, Debussy (2), & Rachmaninov $25

PDVD 5 (DVD) (2) "Sviatoslav Richter #3: Richter in Performance" (c. 120"). Schumann: 4 Fugues, Op. 72; Toccata; piano music [BERLINSKAYA in 2]; works of Schubert (SCHREIER, KAGAN), Schumann (BASHMET, KAMISHEV, KAGAN, GUTMAN) & Chopin (GUTMAN) $25

PDVD 6 (DVD) (2) "Sviatoslav Richter #4" (c. 100"). Works of Tchaikovsky (6) & Rachmaninov (3) (1982); Prokofiev: Flute Sonata--exc. (VOROZHTSOVA); Britten: Lachrymae (incomplete) (BASHMET); Shostakovich: Trio (KAGAN, GUTMAN (1985) $25

PDVD 7 (DVD) (2) "Sviatoslav Richter #5" (c. 80"). Haydn: Concerto in D (TSIRYUK, Minsk CO) (1984); Tchaikovsky: Trio (KAGAN, GUTMAN) (1985) $25

PDVD 9 (DVD) "Young Richter on Soviet TV" (60"). Documentary, in Russian w. Japanese subtitles, including complete brief works of Rachmaninov, Chopin (4), & Debussy $20

PDVD 121 S (DVD) Chopin: Polonaise-Fantaisie; Waltzes, Op. 34, #3; Op. 70, #3; Mazurkas, Op. 63, #3; Op. 67, #3, Op. 68, #3; in a, Op. posth; Etude, Op. 25, #7; Scherzo #4. RICHTER (Moscow Conservatory, 1977). 47", color $20

PDVD 122 (DVD) Brahms: Violin Sonata #2; Beethoven: Sonata #3. OISTRAKH, RICHTER (1972). Triple Concerto. RICHTER, OISTRAKH, ROSTROPOVICH; KONDRASHIN, Moscow PO (1970). BLACK & WHITE; minor occasional audio sputters. 1:20 $20

PDVD 123 S (DVD) Haydn: Sonata #39; Brahms: Violin Sonata #1; Shostakovich: Violin Sonata. KAGAN, RICHTER (Freiburg, March 1985). 72", color $20

Parnassus Records, Box 493, Woodstock, NY 12498-0493, USA
T: (+) 845 246 3332 F: (+) 845 246 6584
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