Parnassus Records started selling rare classical LPs by mail in 1970. We later added CDs to our mail order catalogs. While may have stopped the mail-order side of the business in 2008, the intervening years saw us build up a database of over 200,000 items.

The database consists largely of classical vinyl LP records and classical CDs. There is also a significant number of non-classical and jazz LPs and CDs. This unique experience and body of work enables us to provide unparalleled appraisal services to individuals and institutions wanting to know the value of collections proposed for donation or disposal.

We can provide many different suggestions for how to go about getting the most our of your donation or collection. We can travel to see the collection or we can work from written catalogs, provided that they have the required discographical information.

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Writing – Leslie Gerber, writing about classical music
Parnassus Records’ owner, Leslie Gerber, is a long-time music critic. He has written for many publications, including Fanfare Magazine and The American Record Guide. His column runs in every issue of Classic Record Collector.

In addition to regular criticism, Leslie has written liner notes for classical record releases and concert programs. His ongoing contributions to the Hudson Valley Philharmonic are a signature of that acclaimed institution.

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Leslie Gerber was a long time classical radio programmer on WDST-FM from its debut. His program “The Grand Piano” aired over public radio WMHT-FM and was a long-time listener favorite on that upstate New York powerhouse. The show was later aired on KBPS-FM, Portland Oregon. Recently, contributions to Adult Ongoing Education programs have opened a new avenue for Leslie to stretch his teaching talents.

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