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Parnassus Classical Compact Discs and Records
Parnassus Records closed our mail-order LP and CD operations on September 30th 2008
We will continue to sell Our Own CDs
You can visit our amazon.com store
Customers can still reach us at parnassus@parnassusrecords.com and at
Box 493, Woodstock NY 12498-0493 USA

Search the Site

Please Note: We hope this Site Search helps you to find what you're looking for, but we recognize that it's usefulness is, for the moment, limited. If you do not find the information you need we may still be able to help you. Please email us or try the Wantlist page.

In August 2001 we added a search function to the website. Because of the nature of the site (comparatively few pages of which many are large catalogs on one page), search results can appear non-standard and may require additional work on the users' part. This gateway page is a brief attempt to explain.

  • When you enter a search term, the engine scans indexed pages, opens a new browser window, and returns a list of hits ranked in order of the frequency of the search term found on the page.

  • The hits are shown to you using the title of the page and then the first few lines of text. Because of the way our pages are structured, these details may appear similar from hit to hit. For instance, if a search term appears in several old catalogs hits will be distiguishable from each other only through the catalog number stated in the title. (We hope to be able to change this structure soon.)

  • Choosing a hit and clicking on it will take to that page. If it is a catalog is may take a little while to load.

  • Once the page is loaded, you can search for your term using the "Find In Page" function of your browser. You invoke this function by pressing "<Ctrl + F>" in PCs and "<Command + F>" in Macs. To find the next occurrence in a page simply press "F3" in PCs and "<Command + G>" in Macs.

  • If you find an item of interest in an old catalog, you can use the information to submit a Wantlist request with us.
  • TIP: When searching catalogs, keep in mind that we list performers in UPPERCASE. If you use the "Match Case" funtion in your "Find In Page" dialogue, and type in the term using all uppercase, you will get more accurate results withing the page. Unfortunately, there is no similar option in the global site search.

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