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Richter in Leipzig Click Disc Image to return to the PACD 96032 page

Sviatoslav Richter - The Legendary Leipzig Recital of 1963, In Improved Sound

Total timing: 78:52

Beethoven: Sonata No. 30, in E, Op. 109 [18:09]                 
[1] Vivace [3:02]
[2] Prestissimo [2:21]
[3] Andante molto cantabile ed espressivo [12:46]

Beethoven: Sonata No. 31, in A Flat, Op. 110 [20:33]
[4] Moderato cantabile molto espressivo [6:24]
[5] Allegro molto [2:28]
[6] Adagio ma non troppo; Fuga. Allegro, ma non troppo [11:41]

Beethoven: Sonata No. 32, in C Minor, Op. 111 [23:53]
[7] Maestoso; Allegro con brio ed appassionato [8:06]
[8] Arietta. Adagio molto semplice e cantabile [15:47]

[9] Brahms: Ballade in G Minor, Op. 118, No. 3 [3:29]
[10] Brahms: Intermezzo in E Flat Minor, Op. 118, No. 6 [5:16]
[11] Brahms: Intermezzo in C, Op. 119, No. 3 [2:19]
[12] Chopin: Nocturne in F, Op. 15, No. 1 [5:09]

       Recorded at the Leipzig Gewandhaus, November 28, 1963

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