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      our own line of classical historical re-issue and contemporary classical compact discs

Colorado Quartet - Beethoven Late Quartets - Contents Click Disc Image to see Complete Contents of PACD96042/4

Colorado Quartet - Beethoven Late Quartets

The Colorado Quartet celebrates its 25th anniversary with newly-recorded performances of the late Beethoven String Quartets. The three-disc set is the second release in a cycle of Beethoven Quartets, to be completed with release of the Op. 18 Quartets in 2009.

These performances, like all Beethoven Quartet performances by the Colorado Quartet include all repeats marked by Beethoven in his scores. The performance of Op. 130 follows Beethoven's wishes by using the Grosse Fuge as its finale, adding Beethoven's second finale as an encore.

The Colorado Quartet's members are violinists Julie Rosenfeld and Deborah Lydia Redding, violins; Marka Gustavsson, viola; and Diane Chaplin, cello.

Since 2000 the Colorado Quartet has been Quartet-in-Residence at Bard College, where it gave frequent performances in addition to its touring schedule. The Quartet is also a regular ensemble at the Mostly Mozart Festival. It has often performed complete cycles of the Beethoven Quartets, including one in Berlin in the Fall of 2001.

Previous recordings of the Colorado Quartet have drawn such comments as:

"The quartet pays meticulous attention to Beethoven's markings while interpreting them in ways that I have never heard before. I know these pieces extremely well; I have played them, analyzed them, and listened to many excellent performances and recordings of them; yet these readings reveal elements in the music that I have never noticed before." --Elaine Fine, The American Record Guide (on PACD 96034/5, Beethoven Quartets Opp. 59 & 74)

"String quartet lovers will be baffled that this group isn't better known. It's not just their fine sense of ensemble; each member also presents an absorbing individuality that never taxes overall cohesion." --David Patrick Stearns, USA Today (on PACD 96007, Brahms Quartets Op. 51)

PACD 96024, Quartets of Schubert and Mendelssohn, was named Record of the Year in 2001 by Chamber Music America/WQXR

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