Pooplist 2002

Ken Beck

beck - sea change
1. Beck
Sea Change
DGC/Geffen Records

Once again, he's outdone himself. Even Jackson Browne should be suitably impressed with this gloom n' doom beauty. Take Mutations and remove any semblance of humor.

aimee mann - lost in space
2. Aimee Mann
Lost in Space
Superego Records

I don't understand how Bachelor No. 2 got raves and this one seems to fly under the radar for most. If she has more of these in her misery treasure trunk, by all means keep em comin!

super furry animals - rings around the world
3. Super Furry Animals
Rings Around the World
Beggars/XL Records

A real mish-mosh of Beatle-pop, electronica insanity and 70s cliché-isms. A real feast for the ears and a fun record period.

queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf
4. Queens of the Stone Age
Songs for the Deaf

My devil-horned fingers are back though they are also crossed in hopes that this will bring home the gold.

flaming lips - yoshimi battles the pink robots
5. The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
Warner Brothers

A perennial favorite of mine who continue to bring a big smile to my face. Wayne & Co. dazzle and amaze once again. The Beck/Lips show was quite a show to behold.

spoon - kill the moonlight
6. Spoon
Kill The Moonlight
Merge Records

Alright, what's all the fuss about here? Well actually quite a refreshingly good fuss. The use of space on this recording is truly delightful as is how concise and tight it is. Bob Pollard please take note!

rilo kiley - the execution of all things
7. Rilo Kiley
The Execution of All Things
Saddle Creek

For fans of Bettie Serveert's Palomine, Liz Phair and the powerful voice of Neko Case. Jenny Lewis' lyrics and delivery are truly inspired. Also worth checking out is their 1st on Barsuk (Take-Offs & Landings).

bigger lovers - honey in the hive
8. The Bigger Lovers
Honey in the Hive
Yep Roc Records

Produced by Pernice Brothers' Thom Monahan, his stamp is all over this plush pop plethora. Philadelphians oughta be proud to add the Lovers to their list along with The Nazz and The Hooters (well maybe just The Nazz).

wilco - yankee hotel foxtrol
9. Wilco
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Finally, it's legit to write about the "David and Goliath" album, and the little band that could. A Rhino "Handmade" series on the demos of this album is definitely in order.

soundtrack of our lives - behind the music
10. The Soundtrack of Our Lives Behind The Music

Good enough to be on my year end list 2 years in a row! Forget Vines and the Hives, get your rocks off right here. Rock hasn't sounded this inspired since Townshend stopped drinkin' and druggin'

Junior Class:
Sondre Lerche - Faces Down (Astralwerks)
The Doves - The Last Broadcast (Capitol)
George Harrison - Brainwashed (Capitol)
Tahiti 80 - Wallpaper for the Soul (Minty Fresh)

Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe & Redux (Matador)

Amon Tobin - Out From Out Where (Ninja Tune)
Doug Martcsh - Now You Know (Warner Brothers)

- Ken Beck kbeck@mtr.org

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