Pooplist 2003

John Stewart

John Stewartís Favorites and Stuff

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Fave Albums
Radiohead-Hail to The Thief
The Mars Volta-Delousing in the Comatorium
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Fever to Tell
White Stripes-Elephant
The Strokes-Room on Fire
The Darkness-Permission To Land
Warren Zevon-The Wind
Led Zeppelin-How The West Was Won
Love-The Forever Changes Concert
The Yardbirds-Birdland
Richard Thompson-The Old Kit Bag
Hot Hot Heat-Makeup The Breakdown
Soundtrack-Lost in Translation
Blur-Think Tank
Ramones-Live NYC 1978
Outkast-Speakerboxx/The Love Below
Paul Weller-Illumination

Moby Grape-Legendary Grape
The Undertones-Catalogue
Jackson C. Frank- Blues Run The Game
Fairport Convention- Island Years Catalogue
Sonic Youth-Dirty (Deluxe Edition)
Various Artists-No Thanks! 70ís Punk Rebellion ( To all the kids who think Avril is punk? Do yourself a BIG favour and buy this box set and listen to it for a long while, this is the real deal!)

Fave Singles
Outkast-Hey Ya
Johnny Cash-Hurt
Paul Weller-Itís Written in The Stars
The Roots/Cody Chestnutt-The Seed 2.0
White Stripes-7 Nation Army
Radiohead-There, There
Pherell Williams-Frontin
Transplantz-Diamonds and Guns
Outkast-The Way You Move
Hot Hot Heat-Bandages
The Strokes-12: 51
The Darkness-I Believe In a Thing Called Love
Blur-Crazy Beat
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog-I Keed

Movies of The Year
Kill Bill Volume 1
Bad Santa
Lost In Translation

DVDís of The Year
Led Zeppelin-2 DVD Set (Inspired me to go out and get a DVD Player)
The Jam-The Complete Jam

Best New TV Show
Arrested Development (Best Television Show since South Park)

Video of The Year
Johnny Cash- HurtĒ

Worst Band of The Year
Metallica (Enough Said)

Matrix- The Sequels! (Ho Hum! Whatever!)

Bummer of The Year
Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, Elliot Smith and Others Dying.

Graceful Exit of The Year
Warren Zevon

Putz of The Year
Tie! George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Ariel Sharon and John Ashcroft!

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Kent Benziger
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Paul Cangelosi
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Brennan Cavanaugh
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Duncan Clark
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Damian Cleary*
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Johnny D
Kevin Ferris
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Jim Finnigan
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Eric Fine
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Bob Fino
RoseAnn Fino
Michael Fix
John Greak
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J.T. Habersaat
Bruce Handschuh
Kathena M. Hasbrouck
Kevin Hodgkiss
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Michael Hodgkiss
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Andy Jacknick
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Mike Jurkovic
Rick Lange*
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John Lefsky
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Susan Lyne
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Andrew Martin
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Rich McBride
Jim Meyers
Mike Miller
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Matt Nerney
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Irv Rosen
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Kerri Rosen
Mark Rosen
´01  ´02  ´03
Raissa St. Pierre
´01  ´02  ´03
Jeff Schwartz
´01  ´02  ´03
Praveen Sharma
´01  ´03
Dave Squillante
John Stewart
´01  ´02  ´03
Bill Still*
Dan Wilmer
´02  ´03
Mark Zip
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