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Paul Cangelosi

Paul Cangelosi - Poop 03

Knuckel Drager- S/T (?):

I purchased this cd used for $5. The best $51 have ever spent I don't think there is a disc that has come out in the past 5-10 years that sums up my "sound" better than this. A combination of early Man or Astroman? and the Bomboras. The absolute BEST b-movie samples ever mixed to music. It doesn't hurt that they sample one of my favorite Munsters episodes (Hot Rod Herman). Strictly instrumental, the farfisa rules but the surf guitar riffs are unreal. No label info on the cd, just a local band from Madison, Wisconson. They are "THE" band of 2003.

The Cramps - Fiends of Dope Island (Vengeance):

Oh yeah, they still kick major butt. Trash talking, floor stomping psychobiUy. Wearing the crown proudly. These 13 tracks took a bit too long to come out (5 years), but worth the wait. "Wrong Way Ticket" puts Poison lvy"s sexy guitar licks front and center and Lux Interior's vocals are as creepy as ever. They dug up some great covers too. I love their version of the Wailers' "Hang up".

The White Stripes - Elephant (Third Man):

This is the disc that took me from being someone who thought they put out some good stuff, to WOW they can really kick itf With the exception of a couple tracks this is a damn near perfect cd. Simple, straight-up rockin" tunes. Just the way I like it.

A Mighty Wind - Soundtrack (WB):
It's pretty hard for me explain why I love this cd so much. It goes against what my tastes usually are geared towards. All I can say is that this is one hell of a fun listen. The only downside is the songs sung by Levy and O'Hara aka Mitch and Mickey. Every social gathering that I've had the past year has had this disc playing. The movie was great but the songs are by far what stand out.

Girl Trouble - The Illusion of Excitement (Wig Out):
Their style hasn't changed much over the years, which I have no problem with. Straight-up garage with plenty of catchy hooks from the Big Kahuna. They never caught the wave that passed through along with the Hives and Mooney Suzuki, which is too bad. Still they are one of the best around.

from the Crypt- Hot Charity/Cut & Play (Swami):
It is two ep's on one disc... double the pleasure. These tracks are taken from the "Group Sounds" sessions. The smokin' horn section makes this band one of my favorites. Always adding that little extra to the bands' steamrolling sound. This may have come out in late 2002 but it should not beoverlooked.

Hatebombs - Hunt You Down (Dionysus):
Not a 2003 release but is better than most of what came out last year... actually, much better. SurflGarage straight-up rockin' tunes. The title track is the stand-out but the rest are worthy of some major toe-tappin'. Too bad they disbanded.

Dirtbombs - Dangerous Magical Noise (In the Red):
Their last release was all covers and they did a supreme job. This disc shows what Mick Collins and his crew can do when they put down their own material. The dual drummers really add to their sound. As with "Ultraglide", the tracks are very diverse which makes this a fun listen.

Holly Golightiv- Truly There is None Other (Damaged Goods):
I love her voice. A few of the tracks could have easily been on a Headcoatees release. Those are the standouts but even the laid back songs are pretty dam catchy. It gives my head a chance to relax from all the other great body flailing music Fve been listening to.

Marilyn Manson - Golden Age of Grotesque (Nothing):
The sicko is still sick as ever. Always has a few really good stand out tracks. It's a bit more consistent than his past few discs. No more Twiggy which changes the dynamics of the bands' sound. A screaming hell of a good time.

Best Live Shows:
Rocket from the Crypt at Bowery Ballroom
The Cramps at Warsaw
Pattern at Coney Island
Marilyn Manson at Roseland

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