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DVD Encoding: All Regions
Catalog number: PDVD 1203
Discs: 1
Running Time: 122 Minutes

Following the success of PDVD 1201 – Sviatoslav Richter Plays Beethoven and Chopin, Parnassus presents a second DVD with over two hours of prime Sviatoslav Richter performances on video.

The first program on the disc consists of a collection of Schumann performances, highlighted by a complete performance of Faschingsschwank aus Wien, a Richter specialty, from 1976. The remainder of this program presents shorter Schumann works, including another great Richter specialty, the Toccata, all from a 1985 concert.

The second program is almost all Russian music, works of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, from a concert of 1982. This program concludes with two Debussy Preludes and a Rachmaninov Prelude from the same 1976 concert as the Schumann Faschingsschwank. We know that Debussy was not Russian, but he did spend time in the country and these performances were simply too good to discard.

The video quality of the 1976 recordings is limited by the characteristics of Soviet film stock, resulting in a somewhat grainy image. The 1982/85 recordings come from excellent quality videotape originals. They have been carefully remastered from the best available sources. The sound quality is fine, in stereo throughout.

Few videos of Richter have been issued, and most of those available show Richter in his later years. This release is the only the second full-length program of Richter from the 1970s and ‘80s (after PDVD 1201) issued on DVD.

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Program One
Schumann: (December 13, 1985, except where noted)
Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Op. 26 (October 10, 1976)
[1] Allegro
[2] Romanza
[3] Scherzo
[4] Intermezzo
[5] Presto
[6] Blumenstuck, Op. 19
          Bilder aus Osten, Op. 66 (with Lyudmila Berlinskaya)
[7] No. 5, in F Minor
[8] No. 6, in B Flat Minor

Etudes after Paganini Caprices, Op. 10
[9] No. 4, in C Minor
[10] No. 5, in B Minor
[11] No. 6, in E Minor

4 Fugues, Op. 72
[12] No. 1, in D Minor
[13] No. 2, in D Minor
[14] No. 3, in F Minor
[15] No. 4, in F Major

[16] Toccata in C, Op. 7

Program 2:
Russians (January 4, 1982)
Tchaikovsky: The Months, Op. 37b
[1] May: Starlight Night
[2] June: Barcarolle

Tchaikovsky: 18 Morceaux, Op. 72
[3] No. 12, L’espiegle
[4] No. 15, Un poco di Chopin

Tchaikovsky: 6 Morceaux, Op. 51
[5] No. 3, Menuetto scherzo
[6] No. 1, Valse de salon

[7] Moment musical in C, Op. 16, No. 6

Rachmaninov: Morceaux de Fantaisie, Op. 3
[8] No. 3, Melodie
[9] No. 4, Polichinelle

(Remainder October 10, 1976)
Debussy: [honorary Russian]
[10] Book I, No. 3, Le vent dans la pleine
[11] Book 2, No. 8, Ondine

[12] Rachmaninov: Prelude in G Sharp Minor, Op. 32, No. 12

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Buy Sviatoslav Richter Plays Schumann & Russians DVD via Amazon
Buy Sviatoslav Richter Plays Schumann & Russians DVD via Archiv Music

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