Marcel Moyse In Person – Live Performances 1953 & Rare 78s – PACD 96069

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Marcel Moyse (1889-1984) was one of the most important instrumentalists of the 20th century. As a performer, he graced French orchestras until his solo career came to dominate his activities. His repertoire ranged from the baroque era well into the 20th century, including many works from major composers which he commissioned and premiered. As a teacher, Moyse had hundreds of successful students, including Paula Robison, whose essay on Moyse is included in the program notes for this CD. After moving to the United States, Moyse settled in Vermont, where he became one of the founders of the Marlboro Music Festival.

The bulk of the material in this CD comes from a previously unpublished 1952 recital for the Harvard Musical Association on Boston, performed by the Moyse Trio: Marcel, his son Louis (flute and piano), and Louis’s then-wife Blanche Honegger Moyse (violin). This short concert includes works of Bach, Schultze (formerly attributed to Handel), Haydn, Ibert, Debussy, Gennaro, Louis Moyse, and Rabaud. The
disc is filled with previously unreissued 78s of music by Cimarosa and Ibert.

Moyse’s playing and teaching are still revered by flutists. His influence continues through his recordings and through his many books of flute instruction.

PACD 96069 Tracklist

1953 Live Performance & rare 78s [77:53]
Concert recording, Harvard Musical Association Music Room, Feb. 22, 1952

1. J.S. BACH: Trio Sonata for flute, violin & continuo in G, BWV1038 [9:05]
2. J.C. SCHULTZE: Duo in E Minor for 2 flute (formerly attrib. Handel) [4:38]rib.
3. F.J. HAYDN: Trio No. 1 in C for 2 flutes & cello (arr. 2 flutes & viola) [5:17]
4. Jacques IBERT: Le Burlador–incidental music (arr. composer as Trio (1946) [7:52]
5. DEBUSSY: Syrinx (flute solo) [2:21]
6. Marcel GENNARO: La Chanson (2 flutes & viola) [2:45]
7. Louis MOYSE: Serenade for 2 flutes & viola [2:26]
8. Henri RABAUD: Andante et scherzo pour flûte, violon et piano, (from Op. 8) Scherzo, Presto [2:06]

Non-reissued commercial recordings:
9. Domenico CIMAROSA: Concerto in G for 2 flutes & orchestra (revised) [16:52]
Marcel Moyse, Louis Moyse, flutes; Lamoureux Orchestra / Eugène Bigot
10. IBERT: Concerto for flute and orchestra (1913) [17:15]
Marcel Moyse, flute; orchestra; Eugène Bigot, conductor
11. IBERT: Pièce pour flute seul Marcel Moyse, flute [3:06]
12. IBERT: Entr’acte for flute & guitar [3:11]

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