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PoOPlist '04

bob dylan - live 1964
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1. Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol. 6, Live 1964 - Bob Dylan’s legendary performance Halloween night 1964. Some of the greatest folk music ever performed and the first hint of what was to come. Can you imagine being in the audience and hearing Gates of Eden and It’s All Right, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) for the first time!

michael franti + spearhead - everybody deserves music
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2. Michael Franti and Spearhead - Everyone Loves Music Songs from The Front Porch: An Acoustic Collection
Everyone Love Music actually came out in the fall of 2003 but I wasn’t paying attention until 2004. Franti writes uplifting songs, healing songs, dancing songs and songs that carry a strong message. Here’s where you can find the great new protest music. The problem is only independent radio stations like WDST have the guts to play this music. “You can bomb the world to pieces but you can’t bomb it into peace. Power to the Peaceful”.

drive by truckers - dirty south
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3. Drive by Truckers - The Deep South
The Truckers get stronger with each release. Foot stompin’, heart wrenchin’ 70’s style rock and roll, just the way I like it. Their music is influenced as much by Neil Young as it is by Skynyrd.

laura nyro - spread your wings
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4. Laura Nyro - Spread Your Wings &  Fly: Fillmore East May 30 1971
It doesn’t get much better then this. A magical solo recording of Laura when she was so very young and electrifying. She blazed the trail for everyone from Joni Mitchell to Alicia Keys to Rachel Yamagata .

michael mcdermott - ashes
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5. Michael McDermott - Ashes/Beneath the Ashes
McDermott is living proof that nothing is fair in the music business. There is no way in a just world, a person could make music this good and continue to live in obscurity.

buddy miller - united universal house of prayer
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6. Buddy Miller - Universal United House of Prayer
Miller does a beautiful job of combining country, folk and gospel music. His version of “With God on Our Side” is a beauty. As always great guitar playing and vocals throughout.

lucy kaplansky - red thread
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7. Lucy Kaplansky - The Red Thread
The best of New York City’s current crop of singer songwriters. I know there are a million songs out there inspired by 9/11 but Kaplansky’s “Land of the Living”is truly something special.

steve earle - the revolution starts now
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8. Steve Earle - The Revolution Starts.....
Now - When I compare this record to El Corazon or Transcendental Blues I find it disapointing. With that said, it’s still better then almost everything else coming out.

ollabelle - ollabelle
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9. Ollabelle - Ollabelle
American roots music and strong group singing mixing traditional and original material. One of the group members is Amy Helm, Levon’s daughter. A great singer in her own right, she does an amazing version of “Soul of a Man”.

paul westerberg - folker
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10. Paul Westerberg - Folker
This is my favorite Westerberg solo record. For the first time in several years, I can believe this is the same guy who wrote “Here Comes a Regular”.

sonia dada - test pattern
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11. Sonia dada - Test Pattern
This group consist of 3 great Gospel, R&B singers backed by a great rock band. A match made in heaven. More music you probably can only hear on WDST.

wilco - a ghost is born
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12.Wilco - A Ghost in Born
Wilco is a great band, but with each new release, I find I play it less and less. I loved everything on Being There and A.M., while the last few records I have mixed feelings about. Songs like "Theologians" and "Handshake Drugs" are great but I can do without the extended wasted minutes of noise.

old 97s - drag it up
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13.Old 97s - Drag it Up There are some great songs on this like "won't be home" and "The New Kid". There is also some filler which could be the result of having to share songs with Rhett Miller's solo releases.

v.a. enjoy every sandwich
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14. V.A. - Enjoy Every Sandwich - A Tribute to Warren Zevon
Most of the time these type of things fall apart but this one is a true labor of love. Some of the  greatest songwriters in the world paying tribute to one of their own.

indigo girls - all that we let in
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15. Indigo Girls - All That We Let In
It’s easy to respect the Indigo Girls on so many levels. They’ve created a genre of music that their still the master of. With this record they continue to fight the good fight with beautiful song writing, harmonies and musicianship.

1. The Faces - Five Guys Walk Into A Bar - In the early  1970’s The Faces meant so much. This box set fulfills all the promise.
2. The Waterboy’s - This is the Sea One of my all time favorites.The bonus cd of unreleased material from this time period is of the same high standard.
3. John Lennon - Rock and Roll "Stand by Me". Enough said.

Favorite Concerts:
1. Bob Dylan - The Chance Theater
2. Carly Simon - Bard College
3. Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival - Randall's Island
4. Indigo Girls - The Bardavon
5. Wilco - The Chance Theater
6. Sonia dada - The Bearsville Theater

Great Read:
Bob Dylan: Chronicles, Vol. 1  - It's like your sitting around a fireplace with the great man while he reminisces. Beautifully written.

MVP 2004 - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

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