Mike Miller  
PoOPlist '04

benjamin biolay/chiara mastroianni  home
helena  nee dans la nature
benjamin biolav  negatif
earl henry brueggen  idler  (ep)
earl henry brueggen  cinzano & cocaine (ep)
shank  do (burnt friedman project)
francoise hardy  tant de belles choses
luna  rendezvous
stereolab  margarine eclipse
difficult easy listening  (burnt friedman's label

04.. .the french save the day. moody, slightly electro-psychedelic, folk pop...massive attack without the attitude or the tindersticks in a better mood. burnt friedman continues to proove that it doesn't matter if adrian Sherwood is mailing it in.

soundtrack re-issues or finds

berto pisano  interrabang
ennio morncone  la cosa buffa
e. momcone  l'immoralita
piero piccioni  bello, onesto,...
p. piccioni  peccato mortale
splendido piccioni v.3 (Japanese compilation)
carlo savina  garden of the finzi-continis
john barry * petulia
vino rosso (compilation from japan)
man without a past

brazil/bossa finds

alaide costa
deodato/bonfa  todo a nada

other finds...

tommy guerrero
francoiz breut
helena * azul
hysear don walker  complete expressions voll & 2
vie chesnutt * silver lake
calexico eps

and.. .seeing calexico at the bowery ballroom was very cool

mm, cuba, ny

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