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PoOPlist '04

Having a best of list in the age of ipod is hard to do. The mini holds 1000 tunes, so each week is like my own BEST OF, with some not making the cut while others hold on for at least another week. It is truly the audio equivalent of AMERICAN IDOL. Sorry RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS , you didn't make the cut, too passé, nothing new or original, where is REAL MEN/ COYOTES , sorry you got to go to make room for (fill in artist of the day). As usual I digress…. Here it is THE ONLY LIST you need to read. Some are old 2003 early 2004 but still make the grade. Enjoy.

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BLACK KEYS - Rubber Factory
What a great collection. Some times, eyes and imagine it is being played on my brother’s old battery operated turn table and the batteries are dying out. Then the guitar blasts, the cymbals burst and I am not in Kansas any mo’. Cool stuff.

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ALICE COLTRANE - Translinear Light
After quite some time (away from) recording, Alice brings this collection, which many have not heard but it is a gem. Get past the chant (first tune) and you are home.

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LORETTA LYNN - Van Lear Rose
This is my first Loretta Lynn record I don’t have a 45, ep, lp, 8 track or cassette. I wonder who Loretta Lynn really is, or where have I been is more like it. Maybe they should make a movie about her.

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I always dug the band MORPHINE and missed what could have been. Death sometimes does that to a band. This will have to do. It certainly hit the spot for me. Most songs make the ipod cut regularly.

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FRANZ FERDINAND - Franz Ferdinand
What a great band. Probably will last another year or so, which is a life time on an ipod. Dance with me Michael. I bought this the same time as Modest Mouse, and they were deleted almost immediately.

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OUTKAST - Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below
Saw them on Saturday Night Live the same weekend I got this, and so what if it was released last year. This double cd is worth editing and remixing. Tunes are outrageous, romantic, and down right funky.

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GREEN DAY - American Idiot
Yes I am.

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THE HIVES - Tyrannosaurus Hives
Got a chance to see these guys in NYC a few months ago. What a great show. The Dolls, Stones, Strokes and Iggy all rolled into one. With matching suits and guitars. Funny as hell and entertaining to say the least and so is this.

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FATBOY SLIM - Palookaville
This, plus the "Praise You" ep makes the cut each week. Slash Dot Com me to death, baby.

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STEVE EARLE - The Revolution Starts …Now
Speaki(?) , slimmed down Steve really kicked this one out. I thought he said he was retiring. Go Condee.

That's all you get. Ten. No extras, singles, triples, or homeruns. No reissues, or compilations. Just the facts….those that make the ipod week. Until we meet again…..download me baby,

Johnny Jah, mc

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