Erica Rosen
PoOPlist '04




the killer - hot fuss
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The Killers, hot fuss - “gotta, gotta be down”

jet - get born
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Jet, get born - “supersonic beats mixin up my Keds”

green day - american idiot
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Green Day, american idiot - no w

thrills - lets bottle bohemia
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The Thrills, let’s bottle bohemia

otis redding
Otis Redding (1963-1967), as compiled by mark rosen - “and when you sing this song it’ll make your whole body move”

garden state soundtrack
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Garden State Soundtrack

franz ferdinand
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Franz Ferdinand, franz ferdinand

modest mouse - good news
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Modest Mouse, good news for people who love bad news

SINGLES (don’t care if they’re not from this year)
Karma, Alicia Keys
Vertigo, U2
Daughters, John Mayer

THINGS I MISSED LAST YEAR - The Shins, The Stills, any other newer band starting with “The”


Movies - Garden State,    Closer

Person - Jon Stewart

Gadget - my iPod

Sports - games 4,5,6 & 7

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